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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 4, 2020 3:00am-3:34am +03

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u.s. president donald trump flies to mount rushmore to mark independence day as americans are told to scale back celebrations to avoid an even bigger coronavirus. going on peter w. watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here also coming up on the verge of collapse health workers in ecuador's capital say hospitals are struggling to cope with a surge in cases of covert 19. you cannot get away with this act killing
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a journalist and let's not forget that these eases state execution. the murder trial of the journalist jamal shoji has now begun in turkey without the 20 saudi defendants. and the indian prime minister makes an unannounced visit to a border region at the center of a tense disputes with china. let's kick off in the united states where the u.s. president donald trump has left the white house to attend july the 4th celebrations of mount rushmore it's in defiance of health experts recommend nations to avoid large crowds mr trump will watch a fireworks display with thousands of people have learned while concerts to kota mosques will be available but they won't be required the site has not had fireworks since 2009 because of environmental concerns. meanwhile health experts are warning
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the weekend could be the perfect storm for an explosion in an already soaring corona virus infection rate in some states where restrictions are being reimposed barzan beaches have been closed and fireworks and parades have been canceled the u.s. has reported another record rinds in virus cases on thursday with more than 53000 new infections. indigenous groups in south dakota protesting new mount rushmore ahead of the president's arrival demonstrates is blocking the road leading to the monument some carried signs saying make america. and chunk the slogan land back to my colleague outside washington in alexandria virginia rose welcome back. if somebody goes to the fireworks display at mt rushmore and they want to socially distance how easy will that be for them. it will be impossible peter and that's where
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a couple of reasons one you basically can only be in areas where the secret service deems it appropriate and secure the other part of the problem is that there are about $7500.00 folding chairs and they've all been lashed together a stance a plea for safety reasons that means you're going to be sitting shoulder to shoulder with people if you're attending this event at mount rushmore on friday evening so unless you are wearing a mask and unless the people surrounding you are also wearing masks chances are that you're going to be sharing the air and whatever else is in the air while you're attending this pre 4th of july celebration do we have any idea yet roles what we can hear from mr trump when he takes to the podium. there are reports peter suggesting that the president is going to focus on the importance of monuments and you might think well he's speaking at one of the most
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notable monuments in the united states that's appropriate but look at the context in the past 6 weeks or so the country has been riven by demonstrations and charges of racism against institutions in this country and one of the targets by race and racism activists has been the number of monuments that have been. corrected to those who fought for the confederacy or who otherwise supported the practice of enslaving people in the country's 1st 400 years so this is something that the president is expected to attack saying that the people who want these volume it's removed are trying to erase history it's a rather curious message to be issuing at a time when the country typically comes together to celebrate its independence from britain ok thanks very much correspondent in alexandria.
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brazil has more than one and a half 1000000 virus cases it is the 2nd worst affected country in the world after the united states but despite calls to increase personal protection measures the president has what to do a lot more requiring the wearing of mosques in public spaces the far right leader used his veto power to remove the op legations people to wear mosques in shops and churches. claims that is unconstitutional health workers in ecuador's capital say hospitals are on the verge of collapse because of new virus cases the more than 59000 people are infected over 4600 others diets the government has now begun collecting personal data from show people are following quarantine rules is the information is crucial to identifying anyone who may have the virus or come into contact with an infected person to be suppose covering that for us out of the argentine capital when osiris. it's important to know i was one of the 1st countries in latin america to be affected by covert 19 and now has around 60000
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people infected around 4700 have been confirmed deaths because of covert noncombat thousands of others especially and the city of why is a killer died and they had similar symptoms to cope with 19 but were not tested we can easily remembers the 1st images coming out of war exactly where the bodies piling up on the story where the funeral service is completely collapsed hospitals completely collapse well now with things that's happening in the capital earlier today i spoke with the mayor of key the way he said that he was extremely worried about the situation in the country from the barrier back in may it was already imposed a very severe lockdown in some of the main cities in the capital but in june they started opening up and that's what sparked it was an increase of around 70 percent in the capital keep others with lots of pressure mostly because. cornwall ecuador
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is a poor country struggling with an economic situation with the possibility of the fort and its all rain that others would not the president walking up to me well that's what happened and in a way that's what cost in cases in the capital. india's prime minister has made an unannounced visit to the border region at the center of a dispute with china narendra modi was accompanied by defense officials cheering the trip where he spoke with army personnel 20 indian soldiers were killed last month during fighting with chinese troops in the remote gul one valley both sides traded blame but they have since had a sit down for talks to deescalate the situation whatever. the world is made of their minds that against expansionism today the world is dedicated to development and his welcoming the open the competitiveness of development. we have increased expenditure on the development of border infrastructure but 3 times in the country through this border area development in the construction of roads
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and bridges at the border areas as also been sped up elizabeth purana has more from new delhi. it was a complete surprise that he made this trip because on thursday we were told that the defense minister and the chief of defense staff would be traveling but it wasn't until friday morning that we saw that the prime minister had made the trip himself he addressed forces and he said that the age of expansionism is over and also that india has been spending it has been increasing spending on its development and on its infrastructure in the border area by 3 times now he made the trip amid the worst tensions between india and china in nearly 50 years they had been as you mentioned 3 rounds of military talks talks between commanders on both sides that june 15th incident when 20 indian soldiers and unknown number of chinese
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soldiers were killed but there was a very little information official information from either side and what we have seen since a satellite imagery that appears to show a massive military build up on both sides of the border and we also had on thursday the defense ministry approving the purchase of more than $2000000000.00 worth of fighter jets from russia and also upgrading nearly 60 aircraft and a statement from them saying that referring to the current situation and the need to strengthen the armed forces they said for the defense of our borders a prime minister modi making this trip on what has been has been an eventful 2 weeks between india and china especially this week. china. things were holding hands to be a joint effort going. to. india and china in communication in the goetia
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actions on lowering the temperatures through diplomatic channels so no. reaction. at this point. the trial. nationals accused of killing the washington post columnist has now begun in turkey his fiance was among those who testified at the one day hearing it'll resume in november none of the defendants will present shock is murder of the saudi consulate in istanbul drew widespread condemnation. as more . inside this courthouse in istanbul persecutors began their case against want to sell the citizens they accuse the men of killing saudi journalist damascus after saudi consulate here in the city in october 2018 saudi arabia has refused turkey's request to extradite the suspects so the trial is being held without their presence in the courtroom the judiciary style that some countries may not be familiar with
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it has limitations but the u.n. special report or agnes color might say is it's much better than the closed door trial held in saudi arabia late last year we have not moved the killing of jamal khashoggi into a formal setting that the international community can recognize because the tribes in saudi arabia could not be given a credibility and legitimacy it towards helping secret. and the key perpetrate to those that the world who commissioned the crimes where not indicted just turkish fiance have to judging its hopes the case will offer new clues to the whereabouts of his remains to be trust in turkish justice processes now because our search for justice will continue in turkey as well as everywhere else we can question because murder remains a horrific crime against a journalist if the suspects from saudi arabia are convicted they could face
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possible life sentences but with out they were arrest and their physical presence here they are unlikely to serve any prison time in turkey. caller mark points out the fact that saudi crown prince mohammed bin so mom has not been in the active in a previous report she released the u.n. special report or have called for an investigation into been someone suspected in the killing the one country that as claimed to have the evidence about more amid been salmen responsibility easy united states it tease the cia and so far the process. undertaken by the american congress to get to the bottom of the information as been hampered to a veto by the white house called i want to say is the power of this trial should not be underestimated but says more countries need to show support for the
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legitimacy of the turkish court case. al-jazeera istanbul. still to come here on al-jazeera hiding in a luxury home in the woods and using a fake name until you more about killing maxwell's arrest. and a desperate response following a desperate journey migrants threatened suicide after their rescue vessel was refused permission to dawn. and there's still plenty of rain across all central and southern areas a chinaman not just that of course this fund has a long reach and it's also been producing some very heavy downpours into central and western areas of japan however in 3 more central areas we're also seeing this this is the benefit of all those rays waterfalls once again really just full of
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water people coming from miles around to actually witness what they call the golden falls now through saturday this plenty more rain throughout much of chinese central areas but also you can see it extending up towards harbin in the north 28 is the high in other words as well across much of japan so as you can see 27 degrees in tokyo not a cold day but there will be plenty of rain this more on the way as well as you had through sunday beginning to push in again to these areas towards the west and training right there back into central and southern as a bit of a break further to the south more in the way of isolated showers and maybe isolated thunderstorms as well and out of that india plenty of rain of course here all part and parcel of the southwest monsoon we've seen some good rains across into much of tamada so chennai a showing the results of that as we go through saturday on sunday particularly heavy rains all the way down the west the western gas there are some warning in place for this and then there's rains extending through central regions right there up into the northeast and on sunday heavy rain back in the forecast of bangladesh on across into myanmar.
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donald presence on donald trump jr was promised damaging information about hillary clinton not like a shock to see an investigation seductress did the trump campaign colluding with russia did you at any time birch the former f.b.i. director james comey in any way shape or form the closer the batten down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you will know. next question bottle field washington on al-jazeera. the earth or. you're watching al-jazeera pieces over here and quick reminder of your top stories
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latest pictures coming to us from mt rushmore president trump is to attend independence day celebrations there shortly that's in defiance of health experts recommendations to avoid large crowds masks will be available but they won't be required. medical staff in ecuador's capital quito see hospitals are on the verge of collapse more than 59000 people are infected and over 4600 others have died across the country. also the 20 saudi nationals have gone on trial in absentia in turkey accused of killing the journalist jamal the murder which took place inside the saudi consulate provoked outrage around the world. the former partner of the convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein is facing up to 35 years in prison for her alleged part in abusing young girls get lane maxwell is accused of playing a critical role recruiting girls as young as 14 for epstein's sex trafficking ring
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0 as gabriel elizondo has more now about her arrest. there were rumors she was hiding out in paris or maybe her home in london and alleged sighting of her in los angeles in the in the lane maxwell was living in this raleigh and secluded home in new hampshire there is no cell phone service along the one kilometer long wooden road that leads to the home authorities said she paid cash for it under an assumed name to hide her whereabouts we've been discreetly keeping tabs on maxwells whereabouts as we work this investigation and more recently we learned she had slithered away to a gorgeous property in new hampshire continuing to live a life of privilege while her victims live with the trauma inflicted upon them years ago neighbors in the town of bradford population 1500 say they were shocked when believe. of all places were in the middle of nowhere assuming maxwell fights
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these charges and the case goes to a trial it would happen here at this federal courthouse in manhattan the big question then would become how many of her alleged victims would be willing to testify 4 years doesn't this of alleged victims of jeffrey epstein the now deceased sex offender have said maxwell long time associate of epstein played a central role in recruiting and trafficking girls into sex until a trial prosecutors will fight to keep maxwell behind bars they say she's a flight risk in possession of 3 passports and access to millions of dollars in more than 12 banks that she's linked to but the mystery of her whereabouts now solved with her arrest in a place she certainly did not want to be found gabriel is on doe out new york. if you have here's prime minister has described days of violence as
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a coordinated attempt to start civil unrest a man held an emergency meeting with senior advisors more than 80 people died in protests in response to the killing of the prominent to remove singer. he was shot dead by unidentified gunman in the capital on monday night. in our country for a very long time some have been planning and plotting a scheme to start a civil war to pit people against one another and to derail the peace process and democratic reforms we've started and to stop our agendas using all means including weapons media and money as if it were a stage production around the country they've created over the last 3 days a problem that has its own writers and performance. the philippines president roderigo to has signed into law contentious counterterrorism measures the critics say could endangered civil liberties and result in an abuse of power mr says the legislation is needed to fight modern day terrorism police to bypass the court
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system and to arrest suspects without a warrant they can be held without charge for up to $24.00 days to experience it against his own opponents and the gun has more now from the capital manila. from the time it was passed by congress when it was certified as urgent a few weeks ago there has been major public outrage here because they basically the fear by many not even the critics of the administration but ordinary citizens is that it may be used against members of the opposition those who criticize the government and they say basically the priority but the bill at the law was for your ties as urgent by congress was also misplaced the priority and your time this was able to pass a head of the much needed economic reforms that congress needs to pass at a time of a global pandemic one of the major issues as mentioned really is 2 is is is this and to understeer law will allow state forces law enforcers to detain ordinary
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civilians without warrants for up to $24.00 days and rights groups say basically this is in direct contrast to what the constitution actually says it infringes on basic civil liberties and they have already. doubt that they're going to go to the supreme court to try to stop this from being implemented but the supporters of the of this bill of course the huge backing coming from the military says this has been much needed for many many years because they say the human security act from 10 of 27 has proven to be any effective they say they need a terror of all to go against terrorists as they described in the in the southern philippines and of course and what they describe as one of the longest communist insurgencies in the world against the new people's army but it remains to be seen how it will be used. the iranian foreign minister zarif sent a letter to the e.u. expressing his concerns over the implementation of the 2050 nuclear deal so the
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slessor warns that any interference in the relationship between iran and the international atomic energy agency would be contrary to provisions of the agreement in june the agency's board of governors voted for a resolution suggested by the e.u. calling on iran to fulfill its obligations. the u.n. security council has condemned monday's fatal attack on pakistan's financial hub a band separatist organization called the liberation army claimed responsibility leaders accuse the federal government of collecting the resources rich province here's are some a binge of aid. it was meant to be a siege of pakistan stock exchange in karachi but off the attackers were killed before they could enter the building they were armed with automatic weapons and grenades the group called the blow to liberation army would be away says its fighters carried out the attack the un security council condemned it and urged all
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states involved to work with pakistani authorities that really is abandoned by the u.s. state department has also labeled it a terrorist organization the group is seeking independence for baluchistan pakistan's largest province which has been plagued with violence for years. this is the remote our own district where soldiers routinely sleep lords reform made problems before point what it's going to go through in the last few years the insurgency has been pushed back resulting in fewer attacks but he does accuse foreign powers of continuing to create unrest and stability uncertainty instability and uncertainty was the plane we have no doubt it was planned in india like have knows for the last 2 months that our intelligence agencies thwarted attacks. when it was. pakistan has previously sentenced a former officer of the indian navy put allegedly spying in baluchistan in orchestrating terrorist attacks new delhi has rejected the accusations that prime
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minister narendra modi has repeatedly urged the government to stop what he calls atrocities in baluchistan the balut issue gained prominence with no other pakistan what report. this strategic border gives pakistan 812000 kilometer shorter route to reach the persian gulf and africa and could emerge as a competition for existing regional ports analysts say chinese investment and strategic partnership between china and pakistan is not acceptable for regional and international players not just india but some of the gulf states like you we have been supporting and financing some of the terrorist organizations and there is individuals operating inside look just one whose main aim is to undermine pakistan security and pakistan's economy but the baluch people say pakistan has neglected their rights for decades nationalist leaders say thousands of people have gone missing over the years believed to have been picked up by pakistan's intelligence agencies disgruntled bluetooth holder states heavy handedness responsible for their anger he also accused the federal government of stealing the provinces resources.
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the village population is small but we are rich in resources yet 70 percent of our people live below the poverty line resentment in hate is inevitable extremism is due to a lack of democratic institutions those in corridors of power do not represent the baluch people. it's hard to physically man this sparsely populated province which is almost the size of germany and many in baluchistan say the only way to end the insurgency for pakistan's political and military leaders who win the hearts and minds of the baluch people from a punjabi that is there. more than $180.00 rescued migrants and refugees awaiting on board a charity ship. and it's only refused permission to dock rescue workers on the ocean viking sea many of the people are in acute mental distress some expressing a desire to harm themselves and commit suicide they were rescued in 4 different operations in the past week trying to cross from libya to italy. frederick pena is
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director of operations for s.o.s. medicine ronny which operates the ocean viking he says the charity can't be sure it can help control the situation on board it's very unprecedented to us because it's the 1st time in more than 4 years of operation that we reach such a such a level of anxiety and and such a situation and all the station is very simple we've we've rescued people in the central mediterranean in the areas of responsibility of both malta and italy for some of them this was one week ago already more than one week ago they are now 180 people and they've come from libya where they said a lot they've been drifting at sea for 4 days and now they're left for days in a ship which is 60 meters long without nothing in perspective and that that mental health thing to do to be extremely extremely worrying that there are i mean we have
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psychological people which we talk psychological disorder that. stretching to suicide themselves so yes the tension is extremely high and this is the reason that led that led to the vessel to declare the state of emergency we haven't received yet any concrete proposal to to find a solution we requested earlier this morning the medical evacuation of of gravely these or the people which has not been granted so yes we are left in limbo to some extent. i should remind that since the 1st rescue more than a week ago we've been keeping them a storage unit in mt very well informed at any step and asked for as maritime law demands asked for for all of safety which was not granted and was refusing to die and so at the moment we are left without any solution with the kind of emergency situation on board because it is a situation that we cannot guarantee we can control at any moment. greece is launching what may be europe's biggest urban renewal projects in an effort to
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revive the economy there with tourism at a standstill because of corbett 19 countries forecast to suffer the consonance deepest recession this year john psaropoulos reports from athens. 2 decades after it was shut down athens old airport is roaring back to life an international consortium is plowing $9000000000.00 over 10 years to create a model city in the southern suburbs and $80000.00 jobs it's music to the is of a government that came to power promising growth and now faces europe's deepest coronavirus related recession of up to 10 percent. but is encouraging is that today when the whole world is facing kind of problems due to coron of virus countries most emblematic investment is finally beginning its not only greece's biggest investment at $620.00 hector's helicon is being billed as europe's biggest urban renewal project one that could increase the size of the national economy by 2 and
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a half percent with unemployment here at over 14 percent greeks welcome the news but wonder if they'll be the ones to benefit from this that they will be job openings and that will help but my rent will double in fact it's already started going up so even if i find a child with the development will make my life difficult because salaries a very low for years the helicon project has created winners and losers the original owners of the property expropriated to create the airport fort a legal battle to get it back and lost meanwhile luxury homes have sprung up at the ports fringes as property prices here have risen to the top of the greek market and many people wonder whether the government itself has won or lost this land is valued at over $3000000000.00 it was sold preferred of that amount and only a 3rd of that. it was paid upfront in cash that's because 6 years ago when the
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government sold it greece was in the midst of the post 2008 global financial crisis which cost a quarter of its economy and a 1000000 jobs the priority at the time was to generate growth rather than fill state coffers. insists everyone will benefit their boy of yours neither i nor my voters can afford a lot of what will be on offer but the project isn't just the casino your saying marina and luxury hotel it's a pot for everyone you can come down on the metro and wander around with your family the park will surely be welcome as it replaces acres of concrete slab but after the battering greece's economy has received a nearby playground for the rich may still create resentment jumps al-jazeera athens. these are the top stories president trump has to attend independence day
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celebrations of monk rushmore it's in defiance of health experts recommendations to avoid large crowds mosques will be available but they will not be required rose jordan has more because the people who are coming to this event are coming from all over the u.s. the fear according to health experts is that they can then take the virus back to their home communities and exacerbate the spread this is a situation where even the local officials say well this is an outdoor event we think the chances of transmission maybe going down we have seen now that we are in the middle of the summer here in the united states that being in close proximity is much more of a factor in the transmission of culbut 19 there whether or not it's hot outside. brazil has more than one and a half 1000000 virus cases it's the 2nd worst affected country in the world after the united states but despite calls to increase personal protection measures the
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president. was watered down a law requiring the wearing of mosques in public places medics in ecuador's capital quito say hospitals are on the verge of collapse more than 59000 people are infected and over 4600 others have died across the country. 2030 nationals have gone on trial in absentia in turkey accused of killing the journalist jamal khashoggi the murder which took place inside the consulate provoked outrage around the world at least $9000000.00 soldiers have been killed and 2 others injured in an ambush that happened in the mopti region as they made their way towards the site of a massacre at least $31.00 people were killed on thursday by unknown gunman the news continues after inside story of a summary in about 30 minutes of see that. they
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2 years after the killing of. tookie put suspects on trial is absent c.-a well this proceeding shed more light on a gruesome execution and justice. this is inside story. hello welcome to the show i'm sammy's a than the often noon of october the 2nd 2018 journalist jamal khashoggi walks into the saudi consulate in istanbul he was never seen alive again.


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