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tv   Locked Up In Malaysias Lockdown  Al Jazeera  July 4, 2020 6:32am-7:01am +03

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after the united states health workers in ecuador's capital say hospitals are on the verge of collapse because of new cases there more than 59000 people are infected and over 4600 others have died the government has begun collecting personal data to ensure people are following quarantine rules the u.k. is considering joining the european union's drive to develop an acquire coronavirus vaccines despite formally quitting the block earlier this year the e.u. spending more than $2000000000.00 to finance research into a vaccine. 20 saudi nationals have gone on trial in absentia and to be accused of killing the journalist. the murder which took place inside the saudi concept of an outrage around the world well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera one o one it's such intense watching. al-jazeera
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. where every bit. as malaysia that's what's to contain the coded 19 barks coulthard she said been carrying out military style operations across the capital while i'm told. in the name of public health and safety they've rounded up illegal foreign workers. when you look at these rides you can't help but think is the practical reality of dealing with a pandemic or is it racism. we're treating them like animals this is not the way to treat a migrant worker he's a little weak. human. but you know they're living it up. but hot with them but i didn't go to get that i know my thoughts are on. when i
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want to east investigates why so many foreigners of being locked up in malaysia's locked down. while whom pools migrant neighborhoods around to say which any identified as areas with high infection rights have been locked in behind bob wire and barricades. this is part of malaysia's response to carded 19 across the city people are being taken from their homes fingerprinted tested for the disease and shit for valid documents those without them a swiftly taken a last. minute shot. to realize what's going on.
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we're not allowed inside they spent ferrets but phone footage from local residents gives us a glimpse inside the crackdown. shortly after one right i speak with true migrants from bangladesh. about gets out of the city one of them tells me he's afraid to leave his apartment because he doesn't have a valid work permit he managed to avoid arrest by hiding. we've been trying to get witness testimony from paypal but as you can say there's police there we can't get through the while i got my i day look this is my id on from the press yes this is
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an area ok and it is but but we're within our rights to report from here. but she stuck to it off. to avoid the oath or she's we made another migrant worker caught up in the raids at an underground compound. fearing reprisals from malaysia's government the pakistani man only agrees to speak with us anonymously he was arrested with his wife and 2 children there just shouting on us just said don't just get lost keep quiet and be silent we have no words to say and we don't have a viper ask any question found. the man was a policeman in pakistan and says the malaysian authorities asked the line come up often are very angry and they keep the mobile and they putting on the head like this like this. he says he's home family including his son and daughter
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west handcuffed and chained together with other children and the elderly under the hot sun they were only relates to hours later after both orosius verified their documents my daughter is still scared she is talking nothing. she said may be to come again even be have a village documentation did not respecting us as a woman i learn here we have 4 nears have a value just like a dog. malaysia's economy depends on 2200000 migrant workers but it's estimated another 4000000 i here illegally taking the dirty dangerous jobs. huge locals want. they often traffic but i did see these exploited and trapped in a cycle of deaths. like
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soon after the pet dimmick was declared malaysia's defense minister ismail sabri called off with the amnesty so they would come forward and be tested for the virus they did it for document padilla and then record that because the focus got by the summer i don't recall any but it. could be 19 a couple of years but if you need more what setting and that's right them will get binding by living by x 3 board. yeah kind of like that it is. malaysia's margaret say that promise now feels like a brutal betrayal. right hon kabir leaves in chowk years a district known for its bazaars and curry houses the bangladeshi migrant shows me footage of what happened after the area was locked down behind razor wire raihan
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says when he heard a knock on his apartment door he thought it was government workers coming to test the code 19 or deliver. instead over the next few days almost 600 residents were rounded up pushing trucks and taken away did make a trap for us to make good food they give medication all due to give. so no one expecting there are going to address the people they're not. they're not creamy no. they're just undocumented. right han has a valid work permits but his friends these are an expired breed doorway was swiftly taken away by immigration officials he also has been arrested in this time it was not his fault his companion ever he knew his be so. you know i don't i don't die musician and on the police station i cry in the gate police let me meet my friends
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. down the road rihanna and i mate for hard charging another bangladeshi detained in the raids he's been working in malaysia for over 20 years 1st in construction and hotels then he started his own business selling fabric. but his visa expired during the lock down when it was impossible to renew it but it didn't come up in the budget. it was alluding to the. poor hard says if the all forces i aim is to contain the bars cramming people together in immigration trucks is counterproductive. but didn't get. another tidbit in the loop in the last time i was there like a close eye on the bottom to the detriment of the way our struggle.
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to hard has since discovered that 3 people from the right and building have tested positive the courage of don t. he fears they could have infected him and many others. who have not especially in the. activity will diminish even. after they do this. for hard story makes right hon if he's friends help. he hasn't heard from ray doing since his arrest. today rihanna is meetings to meet that he's not a human rights lawyer who specializes in helping migrant workers so when did he become undocumented if you settled last year this company. okies company go bankrupt then boss old saw hiding his visa and he knew. he had to loan money everything so he demanded when did ok b
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t attempt to go to the labor department to file a case against his employer. mr pierce the people like them here labor here how do you. think they don't know you that anyway just want to meet my friend is there any way so there is no visitation to any of the. detention center this is not only for the nationals even the lawyers can point to the detention centers to see the yeah. it's all closed for now. there's little he can do to hold. that right hon drives to the detention center anyway hoping to at least catch a glimpse of his friend. he can't wait to see if he's ok because detainees aren't allowed phones when they come here i become emotional life. is unbearable for me i cannot meet him i don't know is eating or not i going to give him the food i'm very much worried about him ryan came to malaysia 6 years ago to
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study and now works in marketing he says he loves his job and living here but this crackdown has changed the way raihan sees the nation and made him think about leaving this is a total a clear act of racism doesn't think here act of humility people so the so i feel the scale of the future of the migrant people i don't think that the people will keep to trust again for the government because they were afraid. detention centers have now become hot spots because at 19 with more than 700 reported cases rights advocates say the recent influx of migrants into the already crowded facilities has created perfect conditions for the virus to spread but malaysia's defense minister rejects the criticism get they're going to record them by going to the. window rejected to set the record that he got the. budget but
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didn't the. only state media were allowed into government press conferences. several requests to interview the same minister one minister and his deputies who declined. lyin america that that the state the truth could got a party. then break that it up with them but i did need to go to get the kind of my sausage or her hair and then he can cut that get the i'm bigger some by the time assuming we're good be big a b d tank america didn't fill up with pretty. strong one health workers say the raids a creating fear and mistrust amongst vulnerable populations making it hard to contain the spread of coronavirus. the pentathlon long term for it. at this health clinic foreigners queue to be tested for covert military but the
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line used to be much longer. since the raids began there's been less demand for free testing the media apprehensive about coming forward because. of the possibility of them being exposed and then the possibility of perhaps being apprehended by the authorities for being unbecoming to. dr ahmed faisal put downs is the president of mercy malaysia which runs these health programs for migrants and refugees there definitely would be extra pressure now for those who are undocumented pleasure on them. to decide whether they should come out for testing or not to that micro job harder. well it makes our job bit more complicated i will say if there is someone or
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a group of people who are there not to be positive later and we miss them and then big on 3 fact others and then and then create another cluster or 2 which which then will create further problems. malaysia's coded 19 response has successfully contained the initial spread of the virus but dr put downs says foreigners have been unfairly blamed in the crisis one of the impacts of it maintain it brings out the best in us in any given time front like work there's a sense and people giving to charity. on the other hand has brought out also as you know for being racism is not accepted this year and they take the option of your boss to them with social media especially to take out their. prejudices. and racism on very vulnerable people.
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quantum pools biggest whole sell food market operates from early morning to like knox but it could be 19 outbreak group tried to an abrupt talks here for several days. now business is back but with one big change margaret's few have long kept these market stalls money can no longer work you. must i mean. get them but. yet getting the guy needs me down is me till i got to need it and i'm winning the fact that i never let anyone tell you that they're to live and i got you normally. see that. mohamed in sunny been your hero runs the local traders association he says hiring only locals who make a market site for. that put into. that at the make it
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into a company cost with that kind of back would be thank god that what the court had. and everything in it would. make me. think i might have gotten them 5 out. get anything on any. kind of cd you don't speak like that. i did and when i. got to none of that my mind how is this a fair program or not but probably because. it's an ongoing i had pool for coal mine. until i'm going to become one i went up you have to do is you i've got the answer i know up young you've got the thing that's got the nothing in it but that they have a coal mine registered a few nessie until. muhammad ran a recruitment drive to replace the foreign workers but locals $500.00 malaysians applied
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for just 60 positions. this man was one of the successful applicants oh do you. think. that you. would think you do. it with them but not everyone is happy. stallholders complained that they new employees can't handle the long hours and manual labor involved some who've already quit leaving them understand. that. some want the hard and but we're going to say call but with the name now more say we'll tell you. what they got. hired at that would. mean. the removal of foreign workers from the markers and from their neighborhoods ignatian social media. photos and videos of the riots which she had online.
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and she immigration facebook groups have been telling a legal margarets to go. mohamed thinks malaysia should not allow so many foreign workers. in the lockdown began. because. foreigners were the 1st to be stood down from construction sites shops office blocks and factories. to.
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move to malaysia 4 years ago. so she could provide for her family. but. she found a cleaning job at a restaurant but her employer didn't want to apply and pay for a visa on her behalf. i mean. before the pandemic she was. she. said. she.
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couldn't do it. and i. thought that. it would be. with a mega savings depleted rima is now one of the many thousands of migrants starving across the city all the people in her housing block are also out of work she lives in this cramped space with 9 other. so. yes. some days 6 month old baby goes hungry who took the heat up on her the hurting of a monkey if this was such a sad day the kind of bio mom don't knock on maybe not the item number not to lose
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. the balloon buy a puppy. make it out. on the park if they keep going and i must upon the city keep the saw. its image on the left of that but believe me my lady saw. put. it up limiting. the heat of the sun because you me. but this malaysian is determined to help the desperate like ream of. our wrongs the n.g.o.s margaret care at a supermarket he's working trucks to the brim with rice eggs and cooking oil. all the gentle creation to get all 51 percent of the knowledge of course. it's a difficult logistical operation but of. our existing deliveries across the city
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feeding margaret workers who lost their jobs during the crisis call a human being. desperate for food they are not asking for more so for the. mr so why 1st. this is one of 8 deliveries the team will make today more than 200 migrants who now get to eat i got that camera down for the film but the fact that. when people are desperate they can help clean up all of the social distancing. portion of what was taken out by the other but that is what matter. after studying in indonesia and seeing its workers exploited in other countries alexander the n.g.o.s and with fellow activists in 2003. they have never been busier receive some donation from somebody.
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of course they don't eat out a font come from my personal savings so you're doing this out of the goodwill of your own. alex does his best to allocate aid to the most needy today he's visiting indonesian migrant when the supporter she lives at a squatter settlement near the river. windy has a work permit but lost her job as a cleaner at a car showroom during the pandemic. when work dried up here the nepalese husband returned home to try and earn money so now it's just wendy and her son left in kuala lumpur barely surviving on fish their neighbors catch in the nearby pollution river when these communities desperately needs help. oh man i'm a man you know that i don't want the marriage going on i can't say i'm going to
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battle. that. someone you know it took a bit of. it out just to keep it actually to be by be happy you know. the age he's given. will last for 2 months but the future is uncertain when he doesn't know when she could work again and he's contemplating leaving malaysia i've got my number to 30 finally. pulls us exactly where she is if you don't have. to put this behind you that he did that. with travel restrictions in place she's stuck for now like many moderates she'll have to wait it out. after i'm. dead to get the high notes. but i've put it back.
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as demand for food increases team work around the clock we can go up to. 18 hours a day and sometimes we just sleep wake up in front of a computer you have. 2300. 2. 135 baby receiving it so the number is still growing. we believe me to human resources we have many of us out. it's draining but alex says malaysia owes margaret workers who've helped build this country instead of exploiting them and locking them up or ignoring their plight he wants malaysians to recognise them as a vital part of the community. decide and contribute konami.
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among the coming to see what i was see a lot of people like to be in pointing the government should be responsive the employer should be responsive the way i look at it he said he. meaning peace has to be accountable. we are leaving. malaysia is now preparing to deport thousands of undocumented workers arrested in the riots. but critics say this crackdown ignores some of the root causes driving the spread of the virus comedy and exploitation. the government is banning employers from hiring migrant workers until the end of the year. in a nation that struggles with rights relations it is foreigners who opposing the process in the pandemic.
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they signed up for a luxury cruise but some would never come hard cock oslo want to want to investigate new zealand's deadly vocoder option on al-jazeera. what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they are going through here and i just see it or we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. case
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of the best documentary films from across the net amount to 0. our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out our history. donald trump threatens onto racism protesters tearing down slavery or statues with tough prison sentences in his independence day speech. on down jordan this is the opposite of live from doha also coming up on the verge of collapse health workers in ecuador's capital say hospitals are struggling to cope with a surge in coated 19 cases. you cannot get away with this act killing a journalist and let's now.


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