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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 4, 2020 8:00am-8:35am +03

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al-jazeera selects. our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out our history donald trump threatens anti-racism protest has turned down slavery era statues with tough prison sentences in his independence day speech. alone down in jordan the saudis they are a lawyer from doha also coming up on the verge of collapse health workers in ecuador's capital say hospitals are struggling to cope with a surge and coated 19 cases. you cannot get away with. a joint at least and
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let's not forget that these is a state execution the murder trial of journalists alpha shockley begins in turkey without the 20 saudi defendants and greece's capital launches europe's biggest urban renewal project in a bid to boost the post i'm demick on. the us president donald trump has vowed to punish those who deface statues by sending them to prison for at least 10 years he referred to the people who are campaigning to remove statues of those associated with the slave trade and colonial exploitation as a mob a number of monuments were brought down in the wake of the anti racism protests last month trump addressed a crowd at mount rushmore to mark american independence day that's despite warnings from health experts about avoiding large gatherings due to the pandemic. angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our founders defaced our most sacred memorials
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and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities many of these people have no idea why they're doing this but some know exactly what they are doing. they think the american people are weak and soft and submissive. but know the american people are strong and proud and they will not allow our country. and all of its value it's history and culture to be taken from them. when jordan has been following events from virginia it was a political call to arms but i would imagine that as people wake up here in the united states in the next 6 to 8 hours they're going to hear what the president had to say and they're going to point out a couple of facts 1st that a lot of the statues that have been targeted by anti-racism protesters were in fact
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been removed by local governments and the other factor is that these statues in large part basically celebrated people who fought for the confederacy which sought to in shrines of slavery as a political and economic reality in the southern how of the united states and those statues were raised not in the 19th century but in the middle of the 20th century during the last prominent wave of civil rights activities in this country now that doesn't matter to donald trump he's running for reelection his numbers are down and certainly before a crowd of people who can only be described as some of his perhaps most ardent supporters the president had this to say about those who sit on the other side one of their political weapons is canceled culture driving people from their. shaming to sensors and demanding total submission from anyone who disagrees. this
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is the very definition of totalitarian. let's not forget it's the 4th of july but seemingly americans have very little to celebrate over the holidays you've got the coronavirus pandemic high unemployment mass protests over racial inequality so how is all of this playing out politically for trump with an election just about 5 months away. well certainly you would think that when you're marking the united states birthday independence day being july 4th that you would expect to hear u.s. president deliver a message of unity instead speech at mount rushmore us versus them there doesn't seem to have been any real attempt to try to bridge the differences between the various facets of the u.s. population when americans are less than 5 months away from a presidential election but many of them are unhappy with the state of the nation has been criticized for his handling of the pandemic after another day of a record rise the number of new cases the total number of people infected is close
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to 2800000 the highest in the world and 130000 people have died after an historic rise in unemployment figures things have improved over the past 2 months but 14700000 americans are still jobless and what it was during world war 2 america witnessed its biggest protest against racial injustice in societal rights movement in the 1960 s. that's often a black american george floyd died in police custody in minneapolis in may but james warren is executive editor of news god he says the president's speech showed a total disregard for the health crisis facing the country. this was very much as trumping as it gets and you took this iconic backdrop and you had the president clearly in a somewhat self-absorbed way likening himself to those who are great folks and doing it as you will notice without a mask everybody on that stage and most of the people seemingly in the audience
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mass on a day in which we have gan broken national records for folks testing positive and even we've learned in the last hour the girlfriend of one of the president's children one of his sons has herself tested positive so i think this was tended to be very much red meat for his supporters people in an area like this and it was you know by trompe and standards rather rhetorically bombastic as having you know like an protesters people who symbolize the values that those who are great presidents i do symbolized he's likely meant to fascism totalitarians brazil's president jaya both america has watered down and nor requiring the wearing of mosques in public places open are used his veto to remove the obligation for people to wear mosques in shops and churches he says the rule was unconstitutional brazil has more than one of the half 1000000 cases it's the 2nd worst affected country after the united states. health workers in ecuador's capital say hospitals are on the verge of
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collapse because of the number of new coronavirus cases more than 59000 are infected and over 4600 have died to reasonable reports. it wallowed was one of the 1st latin american countries to report $1000.00 cases the country's economic engine the port city. was the worst affected with reports of bodies piling up on the streets but while the numbers of infections has come down there it's the capital quito where the health services are on the verge of collapse doctors some. people are dying while waiting to be treated in a hospital. people are waiting on the streets in tents people are desperate to get help they're dying while they wait in the ambulance in tents there aren't enough beds supplies or ventilators opening up is what got us here. in the past month the city has allowed some businesses to open up after
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a strict lockdown and that's one of the reasons for a normal 70 percent increase in new code with 19 cases mayor jorge doing this as they're trying to get the health care system ready and. we're getting ready to prevent the painful situations we have seen around the world and in our country we are trying to get ready for everything the city has installed street cameras using artificial intelligence to check if people are following social distancing officials hope to knology will help stem the tide of new cases these cameras track the distance between people out on the street and issue audio alerts to warn people of health risks. some 90 percent of citizens use a face mask we don't know if they're being used correctly as we see mails on the streets in many areas social distancing is not practiced by people distancing is not being done human rights groups say the use of mass surveillance technology could violate privacy rights but for now it's saving lives that takes priority
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doctors say more testing is needed to identify anyone who may have the virus or come into contact with an infected person. and. more than 180 rescued migrants and refugees are waiting on board a charity ship after both malta and italy refused permission to dog rescue workers on the ocean viking say many of the people are in acute mental distress some expressing a desire to harm themselves or commit suicide they were rescued in 4 different operations in the past week while attempting the dangerous crossing from libya to its knees. but is director of operations for s.o.s. mediterranean which operates the ocean viking he says the charity can't be short to keep control of the situation on board. it's very unprecedented to us because it's the 1st time in more than 4 years of operation that we reach such a such
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a level of anxiety and and such a situation and all the station is very simple we've we've rescued people in the central mediterranean in the areas of responsibility of both malta and italy for some of them this was one week ago already more than one week ago they are now 180 people and they've come from libya where they said a lot they've been drifting at sea for 4 days and now they're left for days in a ship which is 60 meters long without nothing in perspective and. that mental health thing to do to be extremely extremely worrying that there are i mean we have psychological people which we talk psychological disorder that. stretching to suicide themselves so yes the tension is extremely high and this is the reason that led that led to the vessel to declare the state of emergency we haven't received yet any concrete proposal to to find a solution we requested earlier this morning the medical evacuation of of gravely
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these or the people which has not been granted so yes we are left in limbo to some extent. i should remind that since the 1st rescue more than a week ago we've been keeping an italian mountain very well informed at any step and asked for as maritime law demands as for all of safety which was not granted and was refusing to done so at the moment we are left without any solution with the kind of emergency situation on board because it is a situation that we cannot guarantee we can control at any moment. the trial of 20 saudi nationals accused of killing journalists has begun in turkey his fiance was among those who testified at the one day hearing which resumes in the venda none of the defendants will present the shelves his murder with the saudi consulate in istanbul drew widespread condemnation. of the court's. inside this courthouse in istanbul persecutors began their case against want to sell the citizens they accuse
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the men of killing saudi journalist to market at the saudi consulate here in the city in october 2018 saudi arabia has refused turkey's request to extradite the suspects so the trial is being held without their presence in the courtroom the judiciary a style that some come trees may not be familiar with it has limitations but the u.n. special report or agnes color might say is it's much better than the closed door trial held in saudi arabia late last year we have not moved the killing of german into a formal setting that the international community can recognize because the trial in saudi arabia could not be given a credibility and legitimacy it towards helping secret. and the key perpetrate to those. who commissioned the crimes were not indicted just
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turkish fiance how to judging its hopes the case will offer new clues to the whereabouts of his remains to be trust in turkish justice processes now because our search for justice will continue in turkey as well as everywhere else we can question because murder remains a horrific crime against a journalist if the suspects from saudi arabia are convicted they could face possible life sentences but without they were arrests and their physical presence here they are unlikely to serve any prison time in tricky call of mark points out. the fact that saudi crown prince mohammad been so mom has not been inducted in a previous report she released the u.n. special report or have called for an investigation into been someone suspected through in the killing the one country that has claimed to have the evidence about mohammed been salmen responsibility easy united states a t's the cia agent and so far the process.
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undertaken by the american congress to get to the bottom of the information as been hampered to a veto by the white house called i want to say is the power of this trial should not be underestimated but sees more countries need to show support for the legitimacy of the turkish court case because although al-jazeera stumble. most of the coming on al-jazeera including will take a close and custodial deaths in india the father and son beaten to death by police for breaking lockdown plus we're not out of the woods yet so the message in the u.k. prime minister was pubs prepared to reopen despite the virus to killing more than a 100 britons a day more nuts than. hello
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there the usual thing this time of year across much of the middle east and the arabian peninsula it is hot it is dry and of course also fairly dusty now the last few hours you can see what a bundle of work its way on to a central areas of oman we have of course in the last few days had some dust on se but also about some pretty strong thunderstorms from time to time not a great deal of that in the forecast over the next few days in a cold very hot generally but also holes into southern pakistan these boys actually making use of a broken pipe. so we're actually cooling off in the waters now as we go through saturday and a very warm saying harajuku have 39 degrees celsius because hot is still when you had back across it towards for example iraq 47 degrees the winds a fairly brisk coming through the interior and also that means a very hot day in kuwait a high the a 49 degrees the winds are quite brisk and falling further southwards although a little bit less what shall we say a whole on sunday with a high of 43 degrees maybe some showers across in the far west of yemen of the next
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couple of days and then into southern africa plenty of activity through most central areas particularly on the gulf of guinea there's a heavy downpours working their way west towards all the time no on saturday across much of a south africa could see a few shots into cape town on sunday but all the while showers st coast. right they were up to the coast of somalia. but. it's very difficult as a shop or restaurant or to buy shrimp with the confidence that what you're serving is going to be good seafood by nature is a high risk money sometimes trip is raised production drugs like that are not approved for us the f.d.a. simply isn't testing and not on the imported market to really find all of these violent residue take on al-jazeera.
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welcome back amount of the top stories here on the al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has vowed to punish those who deface statues by sending them to prison for at least 10 years he referred to the people who are campaigning to remove statues of those associated with slave trade and colonial exploitation as a modern. medicine ecuador's capital quito say hospitals on the verge of collapse more than 59000 are infected never 4600 others have died across the country. i'm over $180.00 rescued migrants and refugees are waiting on board a chartered ship after both malta and it's only refused permission to dock rescue workers on board say some migrants on acute mental distress and are threatening to
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commit suicide. now 5 police officers in the indian state of time on are do have been arrested after a father and son were killed in police custody the 2 had been detained for leaving their shop open longer than allowed under lockdown rules the case has caused outrage in india where 125 people died in police custody last year alone as it is apparent reports now from new delhi. these 5 men were in charge of up hold in the law as police officers in india's common not state instead they are being investigated for murder. p j and arjun hassan bennett's died after being arrested on june 19th sparking protests police have detained a father and son for keeping their mobile phone shop open just minutes beyond what was allowed under lockdown restrictions. they died in hospital 4 days later. the case has now become a murder inquiry in which we have arrested one sub inspector we are conducting
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further investigations into the involvement of other officers in the case. a female police officer who testified that the men were beaten and sexually assaulted has been given witness protection and. has taken over the case after allegations of local police destroyed evidence including security. say the victim's death. says she has been documenting cases like these involving police for the past 30 years it's not only normalization of this practice. but also the complete impunity nothing happens because. why do you force often linger on. a non-governmental groups says 1730 people died either in police custody or jailed last year. in delhi the son the family is still waiting for
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a hearing into their nephew's death at a local police station 2 years ago. when he was detained accused of theft and sexual harassment. a day later police told the family he hung himself but 3 other detainees at the station told them they beat him all night. because we need justice what's happened to us happened to many others and they don't speak out we've been threatened times the police even came here and offered money to the case but we said no. he wasn't allowed to see his nephew's body human rights groups say india must ratify the convention against torture and implement police reforms to prevent such deaths occurring elizabeth al-jazeera new delhi so let's bring in son joy hazarika he's international director of the commonwealth human rights initiative and joins us via skype from new delhi sanjoy this latest case in tamil nadu has caused outrage across india but it's very rare
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the police involved in the abuse in the killings at the face justice what is that do you think. really does believe the sense of impunity and protection that the injured from the system and their. memory is so. quick to faint or quick to judgment but also to create because the issues keep coming up and nothing seems to ever happen conclusively in the king de by leaders of justice who are content. only them to look on so you know critiques to see in the system is slow and the pretty please protect their own son joe is there a need for more broad reforms within police forces across india to stop these custody or killings i mean the indian human rights commission says 15 cases of torture and violence happen every day so what needs to be done then let think that
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1st of all. this is a terrible incident but it also will bind. the arrow as it were to the need for a national and law which rules. breaches must be reached must be a priority for on are fucked up against and for opposition parties or c s o's and so on because we can't get very far with including the system then being many several commissions of eastern province we know what needs to be done everybody knows what it's to be done the problem is that when police come into positions of leadership or even when they're inducted they're always looking at home to the shoulder. because as a supreme court justice it son and police stations are an auction to the highest bidder and he you know sensibly impunity in
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a military in our interest is sort of engraved in the cunt's. is something everybody here state this that there is a white spirit culture like that under under prime minister narendra modi do people feel that cost odium abuse and killings are perhaps used as a tool to target minority groups because these latest deaths in tamil nadu involve christians. well i think with. the similar deal in you know. many of these incident takes place take place at the state level if it's not up to and there is no question there is only one. of intimidation or various minority groups that is not question about that but the fact is that at the state level it is the local district and the local what we call the town at the police station. officers who are responsible for many of these.
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events of torture and custody and violence and sound tradition and just just one final thought to you very quickly i mean human rights groups say india must ratify the convention against torture it's a point you brought up earlier is that ever likely to happen do you think. well you really have to keep at it because apart from let it rain that convention we signed it and promised to do it rather be promising to do it in deep thinkers at the un human rights council in chile just a year now and probably says you know they're going to get at some point we have the situation in india in the world where $170.00 folks countries are read a great gap and india is going to 3 is. really and so don't believe in countries which have been predicated it's shameful and scandalous and i think this is a time to push for their change to gun but that's why they're directed to get
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should and a new law on end to torture sanjoy hazarika many things to get your thoughts thank you england is dropping coronavirus travel restrictions for visitors from dozens of nations from the 10th of july people arriving from 59 countries and 14 british overseas territories will no longer have to quarantine for 2 weeks holiday favorites like france spain italy are on the list but the u.s. and china are not only challenge reports of london. it's a much rarer a site than it used to be travelers arriving in the u.k. from abroad the covert pandemic reduced foreign tourism here to a trickle don't leave the country unless absolutely necessary was the advice to britain's and since early june arrivals from abroad have been required to self isolate for 2 weeks but from next friday coming from some countries at least will no longer mean quarantine which has gone down well at london's gatwick airport yeah i think it's a great thing coming because people are probably a bit of tired of being stuck at home you know
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a place to go to somewhere or freedom to throw whereas i want to see is a form of this or to take some rest or thirty's very confusing and we normally think not. just solve some so happy for now you know it's great this being lifted it's a really good the 59 countries list has some notable exceptions for us and it's too risky as are russia brazil and india china isn't on it either though hong kong is and sweden which controversially didn't lock itself down is also missing plus some countries on the list like new zealand have their own core insane rules for arrivals when the u.k. quarantine was brought in a month ago the travel industry howled coming so late in the crisis it would be nonsensical and pointless they said and it would kick an already crippled industry the measures were in cheesed at a time when our european neighbors much lower numbers not rates the weight it so
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all it was doing was actually acting as an economic barrier to recovery in the challenge. but scotland and wales won't be pressured into following england's lead and say they want more time to analyze the lists legal and health implications and when so much is at stake as it is right now we can all lower sales to be dragged along in the week or of another government to be quite frank about it shambolic decision making process boris johnson is playing down the rift by impression of the of of the way we've been working as a u.k. is that we generally speaking we we are following very very similar paths. if it's slightly different speeds. but for now lifting quarantine is in england only measure rory chalons al-jazeera london. now greece is launching what may be
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europe's biggest urban renewal project an effort to revive its economy with tourism at a standstill due to cope with 19 the country is forecast to suffer the continent's deepest recession this year john psaropoulos reports now from athens. 2 decades after it was shut down athens old airport is roaring back to life an international consortium is plowing $9000000000.00 over 10 years to create a model city in the southern suburbs and $80000.00 jobs it's music to the ears of a government that came to power promising growth and now faces europe's deepest coronavirus related recession of up to 10 percent. but is encouraging is that today when the whole world is facing kind of problems due to corona virus the country's most emblematic investment is finally beginning its not only greece's biggest investment at $620.00 hector's helicon is being billed as europe's biggest urban
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renewal project one that could increase the size of the national economy by 2 and a half percent with unemployment here at over 14 percent greeks welcome the news but wonder if they'll be the ones to benefit. this is perhaps they will be job openings and that will help but my rent will double in fact it's already started going up so even if i find a job at the development will make my life difficult because salaries a very low for years the helicon project has created winners and losers the original owners of the property expropriated to create the airport fought a legal battle to get it back and lost meanwhile luxury homes have sprung up at the ports fringes as property prices here have risen to the top of the greek market and many people wonder whether the government itself has won or lost this land. it's valued at over $3000000000.00 it was sold for a 3rd of that amount and only a 3rd of that was paid upfront in cash that's because 6 years ago when the
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government sold it greece was in the midst of the post 2008 global financial crisis which cost a quarter of its economy and a $1000000.00 jobs the priority at the time was to generate growth rather than fill state coffers. insists everyone will benefit their boy of yours neither rhino my voters can afford a lot of what will be on offer but the project isn't just the casino your saying marina and luxury hotel it's a park for everyone you can come down on the metro and wander around with your family the park will surely be welcome as it replaces acres of concrete slab but after the battering greece's economy has received a nearby playground for the rich may still create resentment jumps out opal us al-jazeera athens. time for quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera u.s.
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president donald trump has vowed to punish those who deface statues by sending them to prison for these 10 years he referred to the people who are campaigning to remove statues of those associated with the slave trade and colonial exploitation as a mob trump addressed a crowd at mount rushmore to mark the american independence day celebrations as despite warnings from health experts about avoiding large gatherings due to the pandemic. one of their political weapons is cancel culture driving people from their. shaming just centers and demanding total submission from anyone who disagrees this is the very definition of totalitarian. brazil's president j. bolton r o has watered down a law requiring the wearing of mosques in public places olsson are used his veto power to remove the obligation for people to wear mosques in shops and churches he says the rule was unconstitutional brazil has more than one of the half 1000000
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cases of medics in ecuador's capital quito say hospitals are on the verge of collapse more than 59000 people infected over 4600 have died across the country one of the highest per capita rates in the world economy is expected to shrink by up to 9.6 percent due to the pandemic full of $180.00 rescued migrants and refugees are waiting on board a charity ship after both malta and be refused the mission to dock rescue workers on board say some migrants are in acute mental distress and on threatening to commit suicide. 20 saudi nationals are going on trial in absentia in turkey accused of killing the journalism office of the murder which took place inside the saudi consulate provoked outrage around the world follows other headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera of the chocolate stage and that's a luncheon letter. to the ever so you've heard the fireproofing young man wrap things up. when an elite white fraternity build
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a house next door community spirit is tested to its limits. we were exactly welcomed with open arms into the neighborhood it's hard to just bury the history of hate the old south a witness documentary on al-jazeera. the health of humanity as its stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving to lose supplies and training to help the world's most vulnerable people uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatments and a vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the ward and in the lab now more than ever the world needs w.h.o. making a healthier world for you. to everyone. this
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is techno a show about innovations that can change lives the science of fighting the fire we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity and we're doing it in the unique way. this is a show about science blow not nice scientists. tonight techno investigates shrimp safety the seafood by nature is a high risk commodity for americans love their shrimp but most of it comes from countries that use expensive antibiotics that could make you ill now techno goes inside the federal testing program american food policy. that's supposed to protect the food supply doctors should be some are is mechanical engineer she will share the results of her investigation to how dangerous is that.


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