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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 4, 2020 10:00am-10:33am +03

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during your questions is there a dialogue or is it just nothing we are now approaching a crossroads this is an opportunity that we must not miss the stream on al-jazeera . our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out our history down in the polls and failing to control a growing pandemic donald trump threatens to battle against what he calls a new far left fascism during a 4th of july speech. hello i'm adrian for the get this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up at the moment we are left without any solution with that kind of emergency station and will rescue us helping migrants of the mediterranean say that some of them are suffering from mental health issues after being tonight commissioned to reach land
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. dying to get treatment ecuador struggles with a growing number of coronavirus cases. that israel plans to give a neighborhood in occupied east jerusalem a high tech make over but some say it's another attempt at illegally grabbing palestinian land. u.s. president donald trump has threatened to punish those who deface statues by sending them to prison for at least 10 years he made the comments during an independence day address of mount rushmore a famous monument that features the faces of 4 previous american presidents in his speech trump said the people come fading to remove the statues of slave traders and colonialists are an angry mob a number of monuments have been brought down in the wake of anti racism protests in the past month the independence day event went ahead despite warnings from health
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experts about avoiding large gatherings due to the corona virus pandemic early in my colleague darren jordan spoke with roslyn jordan has been following events from virginia. it was a political call to arms but i would imagine that as people wake up here in the united states in the next 6 to 8 hours they're going to hear what the president had to say and they're going to point out a couple of facts 1st that a lot of the statues that have been targeted by anti-racism protesters were in fact been removed by local government and the other factor is that these statues in large part basically celebrated people who fought for the confederacy which sought to in shrines of slavery as a political and economic reality in the southern how of the united states and those statues were raised not in the 19th century but in the middle of the 20th century during the last prominent wave of civil rights activities in this country now that
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doesn't matter to donald trump he's running for reelection his numbers are down and certainly before a crowd of people who can only be described as some of his perhaps most ardent supporters the president had this to say about those who sit on the other side one of their political weapons is canceled culture driving people from their. shaming just sensors and demanding total submission from anyone who disagrees. this is the very definition of totalitarian. let's not forget it's the 4th of july but seemingly americans have very little to celebrate over the holidays you've got the coronavirus pandemic high unemployment mass protests over racial inequality so how is all of this playing out politically for trump with an election just about 5 months away. well certainly you would think that when you're marking the united states birthday independence day being july 4th that you would expect to hear u.s.
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president deliver a message of unity instead speech at mount rushmore us versus them there doesn't seem to have been any will attempt to try to bridge the differences between the various facets of the u.s. population while americans are less than 5 months away from a presidential election but many are unhappy with the state of the nation trumping criticised for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic for another daily record rise in new cases the total number of people infected is now close to $2800000.00 the highest in the world nearly 130000 people have died after a historic rise in unemployment figures things have improved over the past 2 months but 14700000 americans still jobless americans lately witnessed its biggest protests against racial injustice since the civil rights movement of the 1960 s.
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a black american george floyd died in police custody in minneapolis in may james warren is executive editor of news guardian was the chicago tribune's managing editor in charge of the washington bureau he says that trump speech shows a disregard for the health crisis facing the u.s. . this was very much as trumping as it gets and you took this iconic backdrop and you had the president clearly in a somewhat self-absorbed way likening himself to those who are great folks and doing it as you will notice without a mask everybody on that stage and most of the people seen in the audience mass on a day in which we have again broken national records for folks testing positive and even we've learned in the last hour the girlfriend of one of the president's children one of his sons has herself tested positive so i think this was tended to be very much red meat for his supporters people in an area like this and it was
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even by trump in standards rather rhetorically bombastic as having you know light and protesters people who symbolize the values that those 4 great presidents symbolized he's likely in them to fascists and totalitarians somehow and here is what is befuddling that he somehow going to attract to the many independents out there particularly suburban american women college educated women who did vote twice for barack obama then for trump and might have been seen a year or so ago on the fence and now most polling shows are very disturbed as much by issues of personality as they are by a 6 percent of trunks so he clearly for the moment is putting this astonishing health crisis sort of in a rearview mirror in a most curious and i think probably debatable fashion. the humanitarian rescue ship in the mediterranean has declared a state of emergency that its crew say they can no longer guarantee the safety of
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those on board the ocean viking vessel carrying 180 migrants and refugees as repeatedly been denied entry i talian a multi authorities the aid ship says that many are an acute mental distress al-jazeera charlotte reports. volunteers chasing after migrants who have jumped from the ship the ocean viking after being stuck on board for a week the 2 men made a disparate attempt to swim to europe the rescue ship has now declared a state of emergency. it says more migrants are threatening to jump all commit suicide. become except this people can't jump you can't he creates problems won't solve anything we've been doing this for for 4 and a half years now bringing people always to a safe place but this is the 1st time there's been anything like this very good.
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market thanks everyone the ocean viking is waiting to be given a port of entry to disembark 180 migrants and rescued them during for operations and italian and multisection rescue zones on the 25th and 30th of june the migrants head sea south of italy from libya. in the last week the ship has made 7 requests to italian and multis with dorothy's for a port of entry will have been ignored or denied italy has tightened border controls in response to covered 19 migrants have been told to wear personal protective equipment and then transferred to ferries off lease coast to wait hours a coronating period $28.00 migrants who transferred from this risky ship to a ferry known as the moby zaza tested covered positive 10 days ago risk usa be taking precautions but argue the migrants mental health must take priority it's
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very unprecedented just because it's the 1st time in more than 4 years of operation that we reach such a such a level of anxiety and and such a situation and war at the moment we are left without any solution with that kind of emergency situation on board because it is a situation that we cannot guarantee we can control at any moment. some relief or rescue is few migrants are attempting the sea crossing according to the international organization for migration this time last year 29000 migrants had arrived in europe via the mediterranean sea this year it's fewer than 24000 of that greece italy and spain roughly share the arrivals or there is only has seen a recent surge shallop ballasts al-jazeera iran has triggered a dispute mechanism as part of its 2050 nuclear deal accusing european powers of failing to live up to the side of the agreement foreign minister zarif sent
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a letter the britain france and germany but didn't provide specific details of where the countries fall short of their obligations the deal has been unraveling since the u.s. withdrew from it 2 years ago. more than a dozen people have been detained at a protest in russia they were demonstrating in support of a journalist who's been charged with justifying terrorism for atlanta for a copy of a is facing up to 7 years in prison after linking a 2018 bombing to the political climate on the president vladimir putin she's denied the charges calling them punishment for her work families in mexico are demanding justice for 26 people who were killed in an attack on a rehab facility on wednesday gunman entered the center of the city of europe want to reportedly only shooting the men the attack is one of the worst since president under as lopez obrador took office in 2018 the area has become a hub for gang violence something that obrador has promised to tackle. health
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workers in ecuador's capital say that hospitals are overwhelmed because of the number of new coronavirus infections doctors say that sick people are waiting on the streets for medical help infection rate has increased rapidly since lockdown restrictions were used or to 0 still is a bow reports. it was that it was one of the 1st latin american countries to report covert $1000.00 cases the country's economic engine the port city. was the worst affected with reports of bodies piling up on the streets but while the numbers of infections has come down there it's the capital keep where the health services are on the verge of collapse doctors some. people are dying while waiting to be treated in a hospital. people are waiting on the streets in tents people are desperate to get help they're dying while they wait in the ambulance in tents there aren't
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enough beds supplies or ventilators opening up is what got us here. in the past month the city has allowed some businesses to open up after a strict knock down and that's one of the reasons for a normal 70 percent increase in new code with 1000 cases mayor says they're trying to get the health care system ready. we're getting ready to prevent the painful situations we have seen around the world and in our country we are trying to get ready for everything the city has installed street cameras using artificial intelligence to check if people are following social distancing officials hope that knology will help stem the tide of new cases these cameras track the distance between people out on the street and issue audio alerts to warn people of health risks. some 90 percent of citizens use a face mask we don't know if they're being used correctly as we see mails on the streets in many areas social distancing is not practiced by people distancing is
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not being done human rights groups say. the use of mass surveillance technology could violate privacy rights but for now it's saving lives that takes priority doctors in quito say no testing is needed to identify anyone who may have the virus or come into contact with an infected person he said will. get a weather update next year on al-jazeera then we're in india where there's a movement against a wising number of deaths in police custody. and why france has dropped an investigation into a plane crash that sparked the 1904 rwandan genocide. i know there's still plenty of catty skies and some rain showers across more the northern areas of europe me one across southern and eastern areas where we are
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a of showers and thunderstorms the actual mediterranean is mostly fine and dry on the some very nice warm sunshine across the southwest and also across the southeast but not so in some area look at this the charles bridge people sheltering from some very heavy rain some very heavy downpours meanwhile across into more so than i was of germany it has been fine and dry as that butterfly will testify through saturday the right the rain showers are back in the forecast across much of the u.k. some pretty strong winds to come in from the southwest pushing the showers across towards denmark the low countries on through northern germany and also into all southern areas of the scandinavia we've still got some possibly heavier downpours this whole system may just linger across into romania some showers as well through most central and southern areas of italy as a shy pattern across the northwest as we go through sunday the area of low pressure responsible for this rain is working its way quite swiftly on towards norway taking with it some very heavy amounts of rain but still some blustery showers across the northwest and you see fairly cloudy conditions generally across much of you're going to showers all my way towards the southeast but for the next few days in
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athens it's mostly fine you got the chance a few those showers on. sunday but tom ridge is not fairing too badly and where it does stay warm and sunny for the next few days is book arrest 35 on tuesday. frank assessments tourism but the income stream is dead in the water what's been the result seen poaching go up quite significantly informed opinions there has been a very aggressive political rhetoric that has become very normal in israeli society in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines it's time for new policy to say countries not only disintegrating but he's threatening the lady of the ball continues inside story on al-jazeera.
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get this is officer on the serenity of the main news this hour u.s. president donald trump has used independence day address to attack protesters and his critics threaten to punish those who deface statues of slave traders colonialists with lengthy prison sentences. humanitarian rescue ship of the mediterranean has declared a state of emergency the ocean viking vessel carrying 180 migrants refugees has repeatedly been denied entry by talian and maltese of foursomes health workers in ecuador's capital so the hospitals are overwhelmed because of the number of new coronavirus infection still to say that sick people are waiting on the streets for medical help. 5 police officers in the indian state of tunnel now who have been arrested in connection with the deaths of
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a father and son in custody the 2 had been detained for leaving their shop open minutes longer than allowed on the coronavirus lockdown rules the case has caused outrage in india where rights groups say that 125 people died in police custody last year i was there as an as with 4 on i'm reports from new delhi. these 5 men who are in charge of up hold in the law as police officers and this state instead they're being investigated for murder. p.j. and arjun his son ben it's died after being arrested on june 19th sparking protests police have detained the father and son for keeping their mobile phone shop open just minutes beyond what was allowed under lockdown restrictions. they died in hospital 4 days later. the case has now become a murder inquiry in which we have arrested one sub inspector we are conducting further investigations into the involvement of other officers in the case. a female
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police officer who testified that the men were beaten and sexually assaulted has been given witness protection and. destroyed evidence including. the victim's death. she has been documenting cases like these involving police for the past 30 years. this practice. but also completed to nothing happens because. why do you. think there are. a non-governmental groups says 1730 people died either in police custody or jailed last year. in delhi the son the family is still waiting for a hearing into their nephew's death at a local police station 2 years ago. when he was detained accused effect in sexual
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harassment. a day later police told the family he hung himself but 3 other detainees at the station told them. all night. we need justice what's happened to us happened to many others and they don't speak out we've been threatened times the police even came here and offered money to the case but we said no. he wasn't allowed to see his nephew's body human rights groups say india must ratify the convention against torture and implement police reforms to prevent such deaths occurring elizabeth al-jazeera. in central mali at least 9 soldiers have been killed and 2 others injured in an ambush that happened in the region as the men made their way towards the size of a massacre where gunmen killed at least 30 people on thursday the area has seen ethnic violence over the past few years. paris appeals court has dismissed
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a bid to reopen and investigation into a plane crash that triggered the rwandan genocide president a juvenile hobby arima was killed when his plane was shot down over king gully in 1904 in 2018 french prosecutors dropped charges against 9 suspects with ties to current president paul kagame it due to a lack of evidence though he could mail is a political analyst and president of the african information club he says the court's ruling is an opportunity for diplomatic relations to begin moving forward. decision that he's following work french diplomacy and is looking the way the relationship should be. under there normalizing it is that it would pull us there was the and the thing is then i know my cronies following that we train to make good relationships between ronda and france because then they wear jeans 9094 in
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rwanda the authorities. used the 1st of them will not comment the decision really do we not going because they were expecting something like that issue of the case it is if you have to have the evidence in the because after the crash on the back of the plane all the evidence says that could have been used have disappeared though a belgian and there were french there are militaries and there were also randomly militaries but no one knows what happened in that way supposed to have been sent to the un but what i can see consenting to relationships again we trend is. trying its best now to have the best relationships we. an israeli missile government is planning to turn the industrial neighborhood in occupied east jerusalem into a technology hub opponents say the project is another attempt to in legally
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solidify israeli control of the occupied palestinian land. ari force reports. for decades if you wanted to fix a tire by where or discount groceries in occupied east jerusalem what he jos has been the place to come but a new israeli project would see this neighborhood a short walk from the old city remade as a hub for tourism and high tech. rents the land on which he operates his garage he and dozens of others have recently been issued eviction notices accusing them of breaking zoning laws instructing them to move out before the end of the year. we have been here for the last 60 years the municipality sent us evacuation orders without negotiating without giving us alternatives or compensation look on what the neighborhood. the west jerusalem in a simple government along with israel's interior ministry want to rename what he jos silicon wadi with office space for high tech businesses as well as hotels all
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part of a more than 600000000 dollar development master plan in the occupied east but a project on this scale in occupied east jerusalem isn't just an issue of business and investment and jobs it's also an issue of politics and control throughout 53 years of occupation palestinians have been regularly denied building permits had homes demolished while israeli projects have sought to solidify israel's claim to unified city the municipality says the intention with silicon wadi is to improve employment and living standards we would love it if we had investment from the arab community themselves we don't want to take this and own it we want to do it in order for easter some to continue developing the way that it deserves to develop. the municipality says gary's units will be compensated but a lawyer acting on their behalf says the eviction notices suggest no such thing and that the entire project fails to meet the needs of residents if you ask people here they'll tell you they want housing before high take the municipalities
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unfortunately fantasizing outside the palestinian vision it violates the 4th geneva convention to me and see this decision as internationally illegal has no long term plan and on the plans to manage the daily lives of the people as someone who owns land and businesses here has in her bio he has been in talks about partnering in the project but he'd rather have permits to build apartments it's not big for us what they're asking and we don't want. the being invested people and we've been there. it's very important thing was we want to make violence that elusive balance is at the heart of the issue not the party's jerusalem the dying need for investment in infrastructure set against the cost of accepting increasing israeli control or a force that al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem a turkish course has heard that a saudi consulates employee was asked to light some of them less than an hour after the journalist entered the building the testimony was given on the 1st day of the
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trial of 20 saudi nationals who are accused of killing 2018 reports from istanbul. inside this courthouse in istanbul persecutors began their case against want to sell the citizens they accuse the men of killing a saudi journalist damascus at the saudi consulate here in the city in october 2018 saudi arabia has refused turkey's request to extradite the suspects so the trial is being held without their presence in the courtroom judiciary a style that some countries may not be familiar with it has limitations but the u.n. special report or agnes color might say is it's much better than the closed door trial held in saudi arabia late last year we have not moved the killing of german into a formal setting that the international community can recognize because the
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trial in saudi arabia could not be given a credibility and legitimacy it towards helping secret. and key perpetrate toes to the boil who commissioned the crimes were not indicted just turkish fiance had to judging his hopes the case will offer new clues to the whereabouts of his remains 2 dogs we trust in turkish justice the process has now become our search for justice will continue in turkey as well as everywhere else we can question his murder remains a horrific crime against a journalist if the suspects from saudi arabia are convicted they could face possible life sentences but without they were arrests and their physical presence here they are unlikely to serve any prison time in tricky call of mark points out the fact that saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound man has not been inducted in a previous report cheer released the u.n. special report or have called for an investigation into when someone suspected in
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the killing of the one country that has claimed to have the evidence about mormon. bensalem and responsibility easy united states t's. i am and so far the process. undertaken by the american congress to get to the bottom of the information as been hampered to. by the white house call i want to say is the power of this trial should not be underestimated but sees more countries need to show support for the legitimacy of the turkish court case. al-jazeera istanbul. the former part of the convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein is facing up to 35 years in prison for her alleged past and abusing young girls john maxwell is accused of playing
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a critical role recruiting girls as young as 14 for epstein's sex trafficking ring . ports. there were rumors she was hiding out in paris or maybe her home in london and alleged sighting of her in los angeles in the in the lane maxwell was living in this raleigh and secluded home in new hampshire there is no cell phone service along the one kilometer long wooden road that leads to the home authorities said she paid cash for it under an assumed name to hide her whereabouts we've been discreetly keeping tabs on maxwells whereabouts as we work this investigation and more recently we learned should slithered away to a gorgeous property in new hampshire continuing to live a life of privilege while her victims live with the trauma inflicted upon them years ago neighbors in the town of bradford population 1500 say they were shocked when believe. of all places were in the middle of nowhere assuming maxwell fights
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these charges and the case goes to a trial it would happen here at this federal courthouse in manhattan the big question then would become how many of her alleged victims would be willing to testify for years doesn't this of alleged victims of jeffrey epstein the now deceased sex offender have said maxwell long time associate of epstein played a central role in recruiting and trafficking girls into sex until a trial prosecutors will fight to keep maxwell behind bars they say she's a flight risk in possession of 3 passports and access to millions of dollars in more than 12 banks that she's linked to but the mystery of her whereabouts now solved with her arrest in a place she certainly did not want to be found gabriel is on doe out is it a new york. evidence of a 12000 year old mining operation that's been discovered in underwater caves in
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mexico such as spent more than 600 hours exploring the caves on the yucatan peninsula they found ancient digging tools about a geisha mark hughes to my in the middle who read oka scientists think the caves were filled with water roughly 8000 years ago following the last ice ice age. so it's good to have you with us hello adrian figure here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has used an independence day address to attack protesters and his critics he threaten to punish those who deface statues of slave traders and colonialists with lengthy prison sentences. angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our founders deface our most sacred memorials and unleash
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a wave of violent crime in our cities many of these people have no idea why they're doing this but some know exactly what they are doing they think the american people are weak and soft and submissive. but know the american people are strong and proud and they will not allow our country. and all of its value history and culture to be taken from them. a humanitarian rescue ship in the mediterranean has declared a state of emergency the ocean viking vessel carrying 180 migrants and refugees as repeatedly been denied entry by italian abilities authorities rescuers say that some of those on board are in acute mental distress. health workers in ecuador's capital say that hospitals are overwhelmed due to the number of you corona virus infections that doctors say that sick people are waiting on the streets for medical
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help the infection rates in ecuador has increased rapidly since locked down restrictions with these families in mexico demanding justice for 26 people who were killed in an attack on a rehab facility on wednesday a gunman entered the center in the city of it a poor 2 reportedly only shooting the men the attack is one of the worst since president andras lopez obrador took office in 2018 iran has triggered a dispute mechanism as part of its 2050 nuclear deal accusing european powers of failing to live up to their side of the agreement foreign minister zarif sense a less of a britain france and germany but didn't provide specific details on where the countries fell short of the obligations those are the headlines the news continues here on out 0 after today's inside story next. night in america a region of the wonder of joy of tragedy and violence but it doesn't matter where you are you'll have to be able to relate to the.
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way. i'm covering all of latin america in my career but no it's not like and it's my job to lead light on and why. then the 2 years after the killing of. tookie put suspects on trial. well this proceeding shed more light on a gruesome execution and justice. this is inside story.


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