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in akra people are grabbing social and political issues by the horns. and time to sing creativity. and protest to challenge and change i.d.'s. gun a controversial witness documentary on al-jazeera. pubs restaurants and hair salons they're reopening across england as the government eases its coronavirus restrictions. again on canal santamaria here in doha with the world news from al-jazeera spain has ordered more than 200000 people to stay at home after a localized spike in coronavirus case it's angry mobs are trying to tear down
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statues of our founders to face our most sacred mario's donald trump threatens anti-racism protesters during an independence day celebration with no signs of social distancing. and stuck at sea a state of emergency is declared on board a mediterranean rescue ship carrying migrants and refugees. set of a often known in england where for the 1st time in more than 3 months bars restaurants and has are opening their tolls it's been called super saturday but there are concerns it could lead to reckless behavior or a spike in cases as prime minister johnson has urged people to act responsibly england has reported more than 242019 infections challenges in london for us seeing what challenges business owners are now facing. from today if you like to
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drink you can go out and get a pint in a pub he's going to have you can go to their head dresses and getting cards it's a big experiment though and the government knows that. this is the biggest step yet certainly when it comes to people's leisure time and how they spend it in getting the country back moving again but it's riding that very delicate balance isn't it between the wrists fear inflaming the infections and also trying to save a crippled economy and says chris witty the chief medical officer said that he wants people to be very disciplined extremely disciplined about social distancing when they're out in pubs and restaurants sick etc later but let's be frank some discipline and cull coal consumption are not natural bedfellows so there could yet
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be infection outbreaks down the line the government's hoping that those who could be managed though by local lock downs not returning to another national lock down but it's not easy easy for businesses and we can talk now to ross curtain who is the head of u.k. leisure agency colleagues international. ross when boris johnson called a lot and he said that he was taking away british person's ancient inalienable right to go to the pub and buy a drink that's come back again along with other inalienable rights but this is still a weird world isn't it for businesses he said i think there's a lot of work being done behind the scenes to make these venues covert safe both in the consumer facing parts of the spacing of tables and chairs but also behind the scenes in the kitchens where stuff needs work and i think we're going to say perhaps some reduced menus to begin with but i think the measures which we've put in place have been very well prepared and i know but a lot of afraid to stay open today or this is. normality is size come back yet but
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it's not quite as we knew it before. conversely a strict lockdown has been imposed in an area of spain home to more than 200000 people following a surgeon coronavirus cases part of the catalonia region is being closed off with no one allowed to enter would leave the move comes as spain's hospitality sector was hoping to salvage what remains of the summer season there have been 62000 confirmed cases in catalonia since the outbreak began with around 5600 related deaths. following this story from a european broadcast center that didn't bring us up to date on this one the fact that it's a localized situation and the numbers involved. that's right kamal is very localized that the area that you're talking about home to 200000 people roughly around a town called later in catalonia in northeastern spain now the health authorities
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there on friday said they wouldn't be imposing a lockdown but they did set up a makeshift field hospital just in case it would need it now that has been imposed which means that as of saturday afternoon people can't enter or leave the entire area around late and that's after on friday health officials said there had been a doubling almost of cases in one week from 167 cases of covered 192325 now some of those cases have been linked to fruit picking operations in this area which is a rural area but others have been linked to care homes and in fact 2 care homes near the regional capital of barcelona have now been closed for the time being this is against the background of spain opening up for tourism over the summer on june the 21st the country allowed in people from the schengen area the free travel
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area as well as from britain on friday britain issued its own list of so-called safe countries spain was one of the notable ones on it because there are there is a large number of british tourists expected in the coming weeks and months vital to many areas of spain in terms of tourism now this area in particular is not a place that many people from outside spain visit but this is this is the background that the or thirty's in madrid will be very aware of that in baba keeping across developments in spain today thank you nadine. it is the 4th of july that means independence day in the united states but on a day that's typically marked by displays of national unity the country does seem more divided than ever july 4th is when americans celebrate their independence from colonial britain so large gatherings parades fireworks displays this is standard over the holiday weekend this year however many have been canceled due to the
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coronavirus pandemic on friday the u.s. recorded more than 52000 new infections in a week which saw record numbers of new cases every day but that hasn't stopped people from venturing out of that includes the president this was an address he was holding at mt rushmore flouting the social distancing recommendation there's a crowd of $7000.00 there but there is not a lot of social distancing going on roslyn jordan has more on that event. donald trump kicked off the long independence day weekend with a trip to mt rushmore but instead of making a claim for national unity at a monument honoring for us president trump attacked protesters who want to take down monuments honoring slave traders and confederate general so. angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our founders defaced our most sacred memorials and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities many of these people have no idea why they're
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doing this but some know exactly what they are doing. they think the american people are weak and soft and submissive. but know the american people are strong and prout trumps tone was angry he accused anti-racism protesters of engaging in quote far left fascism and he vowed to not just prosecute statue talk lawyers but to also build a new monument on during the people he called true american heroes they want to silence says. but we will not be silenced. except for a reference to health care workers at the start of his speech trump said nothing about the covert $1000.00 pandemic he's already been criticized for bringing together in a tight space $7500.00 spectators with no physical distancing or required
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face mask keeps public health officials say the event could accelerate the spread of covert 19 states such as florida texas arizona and california are recording thousands of new cases each day and the national death toll it's near 130008 top administration official is urging people to be extra careful stay fixed feet from others when we can and when we can stay 6 feet from others please i'm begging you where a face covering some florida resident piled into a public hearing to say the government had no right to tell them what to do no matter what you want to believe this is a very political issue it is patriots versus communists i don't care how you feel i will not be wearing a mask i will not go to jail and i won't pay a $500.00 fine that's against the law for you and even threaten us with that since when do i not get to either my body. back at mount rushmore
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a small group of native americans tried and failed to keep the event from going forward and the fireworks donald trump wanted lit up the sky a rush of explosions mimicking the tense climate in the u.s. on its birthday rosalyn jordan al-jazeera alexandria virginia. scholar because the co-founder of america unfiltered professor of political science and international studies at the university of birmingham he told us trump is deliberately using the country's division as a campaign technique. certainly a donald trump statement in front of mt rushmore south dakota there was almost no mention of coronavirus as the death toll is likely to pass 130000 today and as the virus is not decreasing but is actually surging rising in 42 of 50 states there was no mention of the issues that have been raised by the anti-racism the black lives matter marches instead what trump tried to do is to stigmatize those marches
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justice equality about relations with the police as big leftist fascism and certainly there was nothing there about bringing america together at this very critical time instead he's gone back to his 2016 tactics which is his base versus america's enemies gambling that he can get a 2nd term by this very aggressive and some might say even hateful politics donald trump does not know. conciliatory he certainly doesn't know i'm sorry donald trump only knows one way forward and that's being aggressive and secondly in 2016 there was very little attention to issues it was really all about spectacle and that spectacle helped trump win the electoral college if not the popular vote so his advisors had a critical decision amidst the pandemic and the black last night of march is back at the end of may they could either have a speech of unity or trump could continue to say we've got extremist we've got
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enemies we've got radicals who are trying to tear us down. the humanitarian rescue ship in the mediterranean has declared a state of emergency and its crew say they can no longer guarantee the safety of those on board the ocean viking vessel carrying 180 migrants and refugees has repeatedly been denied entry by italian and maltese authorities the ide ship says many are in acute mental distress the full story was shot alice. volunteers chased after migrants who have jumped from the ship the ocean viking after being stuck on board for a week the 2 men made a disparate attempt to swim to europe the rescue ship has now declared a state of emergency. it says more migrants are threatening to jump commit suicide. we can't accept this people can't jump you can't he creates problems won't solve anything we've been doing this for for 4 and a half years now bringing people always to a safe place but this is the 1st time there's been anything like this because there
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are a good. market thanks everyone the ocean viking is waiting to be given a port of entry to disembark $180.00 migrants at risk youth them during 4 operations and italian and multisection risky zones on the 25th and 30th of june the migrants head south of italy from libya. in the last week the ship has made 7 requests to italian and maltese with dorothy's for a port of entry or will have been ignored or denied italy has tightened border controls in response to cover 19 migrants have been told to wear personal protective equipment and then transferred to ferries off italy's coast to wait out a coronation period 28 migrants who transferred from this rescue ship to a ferry known as the moby zaza tested covered positive 10 days ago risk usa the
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taking precautions but argued the migrants mental health must take priority it's very unprecedented just because it's the 1st time in more than 4 years of operation that we reach such a such a level of anxiety and. such a situation and war at the moment we are left without any solution with that kind of emergency situation on board because it is a situation that we cannot guarantee we can control at any moment. and some relief for rescue is a few migrants are attempting the sea crossing according to the international organization for migration this time last year 29000 migrants had arrived in europe via the mediterranean sea this year it's fewer than 24000 of that greece italy and spain roughly share the arrivals or their italy has seen a recent surge shallop ballasts al-jazeera. we will have a check of the world weather in just a moment and then dying to get treatment ecuador struggles with
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a growing number of coronavirus cases. on iran accuses the e.u. of failing to all of the 2050 nuclear deal and when the activates the dispute mechanism. at the still more rain in the fall calls through central and southern areas of china because it is not just that you can see this long line of cloud is old tied to same system and also it has been producing very heavy amounts of rain across into japan in particular and sick you should just look at this raging flood waters and you can see just how widespread the al but not just out of course these torrential rains caused scenes such as this is dramatic and deadly landslide least 2 people dead over a dozen people are missing or caused by these very torrential downpours over 75000 people were evacuated from area and unfortunately through sunday there is more
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heavy rain particular rolls into q she's scattered rain showers across much of central japan the front trading back again into more central and eastern areas of china and again these rays becoming heavier as we go through the start of the work week but again pulsing out across into western japan so unfortunately we're likely to see more scenes such as those of the flooding and then across into ended the rains the monsoon rains been very active the last few days that take you through the west this means again mumbai the city is inundated with water through sunday the rains once again very heavy in this whole region across much of maharashtra and then also into monday the rains the to clearly heavy into southern areas of good giraffe. a global pandemic mass protests demanding change economic recession and geopolitical tensions not to mention the small matter of
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a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. a diverse range of stories from across the globe from the perspective of our networks journalists on al-jazeera. like. you with al jazeera and these are the top stories bars restaurants and hairdressers are reopening across england for the 1st time in 3 months u.k. prime minister boris johnson urging people to act responsibly as coronavirus restrictions are leads to. spain's lockdown an area home to more than 200000 people
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following a surge in corona virus infections residents in the city of the region will only be allowed to leave the area from work. and u.s. president donald trump's used in independence day address to attack protesters and its critics he's trying to punish those who deface statues of slave traders and learned most of the lengthy prison sentence. the european union says iran has triggered a dispute mechanism that's part of the 2015 nuclear deal tehran's accusing european powers of failing to live up to their side of the agreements foreign minister zarif sent a letter to britain france and germany didn't actually provide any details though on where the countries fell short of their obligations the deal's been on raveling ever since the u.s. withdrew 2 years ago there are also threatening retaliation after a fire at one of its nuclear sites and officials suspect it may have been the result of a cyber attack and say they will respond if that is verified the natanz site is
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monitored by international nuclear inspectors they say the fire didn't threaten any of the nuclear materials here's more from assad in teheran on the friction between iran and europe. the reef has written to the foreign policy chief joseph again complaining about the noncompliance in regards to 2015 nuclear deal now this comes after spoke at the united nations condemning the european countries france germany and the u.k. for what he called complacency and not standing up to the united states now this isn't the 1st time that iran has complained to the e.u. back in 2018 when the united states pulled out of that 2015 nuclear deal iran gave the european countries those 3 european countries one year to come up with a way around u.s. sanctions so the deal could be maintained that the europeans were able to do that. satisfactory standards iran started back in its commitments that deal
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what has angered and frustrated. other than what they see as noncompliance and these 3 european countries put forward a motion to the international atomic energy agency asking for access asking for access for a number of sites inside iran and iran considers those sites not part of the 2015. or those on military sites but it has questions about those sites and activity that took place before the 2015 nuclear deal now iran maintains that its nuclear program is for peaceful means and already has access to all nuclear sites in iran and 24 seventh's online monitoring but iran has warned that any interference between the iran by foreign countries could have a negative impact on that relationship. 5 police officers in the end instead of tamil nadu have been arrested in connection with the deaths of a father and son in custody the 2 had been detained for leaving their just minutes
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longer than was allowed coronavirus lockdown rolls. around and reports it is causing outrage across. these 5 men who are in charge of up hold in the law as police officers in india's state instead they're being investigated for murder. and hassan bennett's died after being arrested on june 19th sparking protests police have detained the father and son for keeping their mobile phone shop open just minutes beyond what was allowed under lockdown restrictions. they died in hospital 4 days later. the case has now become a murder inquiry in which one sub inspector are conducting further investigations into the offices in the case. a female police officer who testified that the men were beaten and sexually assaulted has been given witness protection and. has taken
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over the case after allegations local police destroyed evidence including security camera footage. say the victim's deaths are surprising. since she has been documenting cases like these involving police for the past 30 years it's not only normalization of this practice. but also just completed you're going to nothing really happens because the inquiry for it's often lost linger on. suspensions of not punishment transfers. and non-governmental groups says 1730 people died either in police custody or jails last year. in delhi the son the family is still waiting for a hearing into their nephew's death at a local police station 2 years ago. when he was detained accused of theft and sexual harassment. a day later police told the family he hung himself but 3 other
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detainees at the station told them beaten all night. we need justice what's happened to us happened to many others and they don't speak out we've been threatened multiple times the police even came here and offered money to the case but we said no. charm saunders says he wasn't allowed to see his nephew's body human rights groups say india must ratify the convention against torture and implement police reforms to prevent such deaths occurring elizabeth for al-jazeera new delhi. there have been protests in the philippines against a controversial antiterrorism law signed by the president on friday around 200 activists in manila denounced the legislation as a threat to civil liberties and give security forces sweeping powers and allows for people to remain in detention without any charge rights groups so the local be used to stamp out legitimate dissent. health workers in ecuador's capital say hospitals
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are overwhelmed because of the number of new coronavirus infections doctors say that sick people are just waiting on the streets for medical help the infection rate has increased rapidly since lockdown restrictions were raised this report from . the world it wallowed was one of the 1st latin american countries to report covert $1000.00 cases the country's economic engine the port city. was the worst affected with reports of bodies piling up on the streets but while the numbers of infections has come down there it's the capital keep where the health services are on the verge of collapse doctors some. people are dying while waiting to be treated in a hospital. people are waiting on the streets in tents people are desperate to get help they're dying while they wait in the ambulance in tents there aren't enough beds supplies or ventilators opening up is what got us here. in the past
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month the city has allowed some businesses to open up after estrich knocked down and that's one of the reasons for a normal 70 percent increase in new coal with 1000 cases mayor says they're trying to get the health care system ready. we're getting ready to prevent the painful situations we have seen around the world and in our country we are trying to get ready for everything the city has installed street cameras using artificial intelligence to check if people are following social distancing officials hope that knology will help stem the tide of new cases these cameras track the distance between people out on the street and. to warn people of health risks. some 90 percent of citizens use a face mask we don't know if they're being used correctly as we see nails on the streets in many areas social distancing is not practiced by people distancing is not being done human rights groups say the use of must. surveillance technology
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could violate privacy rights but for now it's saving lives that takes priority doctors more testing is needed to identify anyone who may have the iris or come into contact with an infected person. and. while most australian states are preparing to open their borders and further ease restrictions parts of victoria are now locking down again due to a surge in covert 19 cases the state capital melbourne recorded 190 new infections on saturday 3000 people living in public housing buildings have been forced into total lockdown one of spain's most famous landmarks though has opened its doors for the 1st time in 3 months exclusive access only at this stage to barcelona's sagrada familia. that was given to workers on the front lines of the corona virus pandemic residents of the city will be allowed to visit in the coming weeks and israeli municipal government is planning to turn an industrial neighborhood in occupied
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east jerusalem into a technology but opponents say the project's just another attempt to illegally solidify its ready control over what is occupied palestinian land the full story with a false. for decades if you wanted to fix a tire. discount groceries in occupied east jerusalem what did jos has been the place to come but a new israeli project would see this neighborhood a short walk from the old city remade as a hub for tourism and high tech. rents the land on which he operates his garage he and dozens of others have recently been issued eviction notices accusing them of breaking zoning laws instructing them to move out before the end of the year i know in the heart of what is it that we have been here for the last 60 years the municipality sent us evacuation orders without negotiating without giving us alternatives or compensation the silicon wadi neighborhood. the west jerusalem in a simple government along with israel's interior ministry want to rename what he
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jos silicon wadi with office space for high tech businesses as well as hotels all part of a more than 600000000 dollar development master plan in the occupied east but a project on this scale in occupied east jerusalem isn't just an issue of business and investment and jobs it's also an issue of politics and control throughout 53 years of occupation palestinians have been regularly denied building permits had homes demolished while israeli projects have sought to solidify israel's claim to unified city the municipality says the intention with silicon wadi is to improve employment and living standards we would love it if we had investment from the arab community themselves we don't want to take this and own it we want to do it in order for easter some to continue developing the way that it deserves to develop. the municipality says gary's units will be compensated but a lawyer acting on their behalf so the eviction notices suggest no such thing and
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that the entire project fails to meet the needs of residents. if you ask people here they'll tell you they want housing before high take the municipalities unfortunately fantasizing outside the palestinian vision it violates the 4th geneva convention to me and see this decision as internationally illegal has no long term plan and on the plans to manage the daily lives of the people there someone who owns land and businesses here hasn't heard has been in talks about partnering in the project but he'd rather have permits to build apartments it's all before us what they're asking and we don't want to think invested people and. it's very important thing was we want to make violence that elusive balance is at the heart of the issue not the pieties jerusalem the dying need for investment in infrastructure set against the cost of accepting increasing israeli control or a force that al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem a couple more stories in brief 3 u.s. police officers involved in the staging and sharing of photos reenacting the
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killing of an unarmed black man and fired a large and pains death in august received new attention after nationwide protests over police brutality and racial injustice he died after police stopped him walking down a street in denver colorado when was placed in a choke hold and receipt dated with ketamine he died 3 years 3 days later i'm sorry . meanwhile thousands of people have marched in australia in support of the black lives math a movement protesters gathered in brisbane perth and darwin to highlight the mistreatment of indigenous people the rallies were held despite all thor he's urging the protest to be called off to limit the spread of coronavirus. the hour here on al-jazeera these are the headlines bars restaurants and hairdressers are reopening across england for the 1st time in 3 months the u.k. prime minister paris johnson is urging people to act responsibly though as the
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coronavirus for stricter. conversely those spain locking down an area that is home to more than 200000 people following a surge in corona virus infections residents in the secular region will only be allowed to leave the area for work and it's unclear how long that will last for u.s. president donald trump has used an independence day address to attack protesters and his critics. has threatened to punish those who deface statues of slave traders and colonialists mentee prison sentences. angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our founders defaced our most sacred memorials and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities many of these people have no idea why they're doing this but some know exactly what they. they think the american people are
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weak and soft and ship mission. but no the american people are strong and proud and they will not allow our country. and all of its value history and culture to be taken from them. a humanitarian rescue ship in the mediterranean has declared a state of emergency the ocean viking vessel carrying 180 migrants and refugees is repeatedly been denied entry by italian and maltese authorities rescuers say some of those on board are in acute mental distress and the european union says iran has triggered a dispute mechanism as part of its 2050 nuclear deal. is accusing european powers of failing to live up to their side of the agreement the deals been on rattling ever since the u.s. withdrew from 2 years ago. that's my lot for today thank you for your company campanella got the news on about 25 minutes time next it's the bottom line with
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steve clemons. al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how rivalries influence the course of history much better marketeers than bill gates was going to reinvent bill made software what is. too high tech visionaries whose breakthroughs inspired the digital revolution jobs and gates face to face on al-jazeera. because just morale day is a magnet for the rich and famous it highlights the most beautiful beaches in all of europe but i've come here to investigate a dock aside sardinia plays host to some of the world's most elaborate war games for decades dust from explosions and tastes has right down on the towns and the grazing fields of the firing range exactly what was in the no one knows in nearly
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2000 local doctors or a spike in the number of unusual cancers in their patients in a country 90 days defense contracts are a source of income but also quite possibly the cause of untold misery after all the inquiries and with military brass now on trial for the people of this on land paradise there is a glimmer of hope but the truth might finally see the light of day hi i'm steve clements and i have a question what is racism and is there really any way to get rid of it in any society let's get to the bottom line. and we have a special guest with us today at a young age he's turned black american academic studies on their head arguing that racism is about bad policies not about bad people not about bad ideas he says that the only way to beat racism is for each and every one of us.


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