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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 5, 2020 1:00am-1:35am +03

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if. the. if this continues they just will be the opportunity for the carriers to recover in between those major. scientists supporting full strong climate policy from the government to reduce emissions without the situation and they get worse. 2 and a half 1000000 infections and rising coronavirus cases in latin america overtake europe. watch al-jazeera live from london i'm sorry you navigate also and walked on again hundreds of thousands of catalonians have their freedoms restricted because of a surge in corona virus infections. sounds returned to england's paths little sign
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of social distancing as the bars reopened. and palestinians in the occupied east jerusalem say they're being sold out of a transforming and industrial neighborhood into high tech. hello we begin in latin america which has now overtaken europe in the number of corona virus cases the region has more than 2 and a half 1000000 infections and new cases are rapidly rising it's being driven up by brazil which has reported over one and a half 1000000 infections and almost 64000 people have died despite this president to europe also narrow has vetoed parts of the law that requires people to wear face masks in public chile and peru have also been reporting record new cases. and mexico recorded more than 6000 new cases for
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a 2nd straight day shops in parts of mexico city have been ordered to close just days after they reopened as part of an easing of lockdown measures city officials say some businesses have been too crowded to be safe mexican authorities are installing checkpoints along the border with the u.s. and there are fears crossings for the july 4th holiday weekend could lead to a rise in cases on a submarine pity's in the colombian capital bogota with more throughout the region there has been a reopening of the economies of important sectors of the economy. faster in some countries there and then another about it's clear that after more than 2 months in some cases even 3 months of stricter measures that it wasn't possible to continue doing this same more people as been going back to back to work more people are on the streets the other reason is that these are countries with
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a large corporation that works informally then needs to be out and about to make ends meet on a daily basis so these 2 things the formal the reopening of parts of the formal and the economy and the return to the streets of these large sections of the population that work informally might explain what we've been seeing happening not only in brazil that of course accounts for the largest portion of the cases but also in countries that have been quite successful until recently in trying to control the spread for example in chile or where we are here in colombia let's go to the u.s. now where infection rates in some parts of the country are still rising in record numbers let's bring in rob reynolds he's joining us from los angeles so what are the latest numbers in the u.s. . well there are in a very subdued 4th of july independence day celebration here in the united states
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kind of a holiday like none other in the 244 years since the declaration of independence the death toll in the u.s. has reached 129000 the number of positive cases are surging all over the country a new one day record was set on saturday with. 57497 new cases in states like florida there's an explosion of new positive cases 11000 in that state as of friday in texas another state that's been very hard hit there were 7000 new cases reported in a very alarming indication from the country's largest hospital complex that tests texas medical center in houston where officials there say that there i see you intensive care unit beds are at 100 percent of capacity and this is the
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backdrop against which president trump is holding another patriotic extravaganza today on the national mall in washington d.c. both the mayor of washington and various public health officials urged people not to gather in large numbers and most celebrations were canceled in towns large and small but the president was determined to go ahead with a 4th of july celebration on the national mall which he has a right to do because it is federal territory and not governed by the district of columbia and so several 1000 people are expected to gather there whether they will practice social distancing remains to be seen the president will give a speech there this following a rather dark and harsh speech he gave on friday before mount rushmore where he attacked his political rivals as bad and evil people.
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thank you for that update from. more than 200000 people in spain's catalonia region have been put under lockdown after a steep rise uncovered 1000 cases a number of corona virus infections there has almost doubled in a week the new measures were brought in as the rest of the country began easing restrictions and. opening up for the 1st time in months the archbishop of barcelona joining a group of health workers on a visit to the said ground are familiar cathedral soon it will welcome residents and eventually tourists spanish and foreign but nobody here is under any illusions that the coronavirus has disappeared they haven't been able to come to yet that's why i think that we have to raise awareness in society and perhaps we haven't done it well enough and should try harder it seems good to me that they had a lock down i think it's the only way to stop these outbreaks just elsewhere in the
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catalonia region they've imposed a mini lockdown in the rural district surrounding the city of later it's after the number of covered 1000 cases nearly doubled in a week to 325 on friday. some cases have been linked to fruit picking operations now the area's 200000 residents are banned from meeting in groups of more than 10 and they can't travel outside the zone. the measures come a day after the united kingdom announced its so-called safe travel list those heading to dozens of countries including spain won't have to go into quarantine when they return notably absent from the list is portugal which thanks to quick action of voided the exponential rates of infections and deaths that spain has suffered on friday portugal reported $374.00 new covered cases mostly in and around the capital lisbon while the city's a tourist destination most british holidaymakers head for the southern coast of the algarve region the portuguese government is calling the u.k. decision census the prime minister tweeted comparing covered 1000 cases per 100000
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people and stressing british visitors are still welcome the. new i will say that on the 1st of july the united kingdom 176 that of people from covert 19 and globally we are speaking of a country that has a population 6 times bigger than portugal and has until today 44000 deadly case least. for now regions across europe which rely on tourism trying to strike a balance between allowing visitors in and keeping the coronavirus at bay nadine barber al-jazeera. there have been queues in crowds across england as pubs restaurants hairdressers and cinemas reopened following a major relaxation of lockdown roles in london big crowds gathered in beer gardens and outdoor spaces but the atmosphere is very different inside but as we're a challenge reports from soho in london it comes with big risks. the ancient in
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alienable rights of free born people of the united kingdom to go to the pub is how boris johnson described it well here they are enthusiastic and enjoying that right again after more than 3 months of lockdown plus going to the cinema getting their hair cut eating in restaurants and staying in hotels for england at least something like normal life has returned it feels 2 really nice feels really nice we're going to go on a bit travel after this i think it's great. it's rather expensive by comparison with. by buying in. super saturday is the english press is called it was desperately needed by a struggling hospitality industry but business owners had to reduce capacity and make other changes to open a safety is possible we will take hold and fortunately can we put screens up between people you know wash your hands and everyone keep away from us don't stick places till you know we were watching it was against you that's not what.
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we're just hoping that there isn't a 2nd way that we. it is perhaps the most significant step yet in england's exit from lock down given the combustible mix of liberation and alcohol politicians both local and national have been urging responsibility well maybe we should call it so you decide to do them but i think it's a we've been it's been 3 or 4 months in which we've not been able to come to restaurants we not been able to come to bars you know been able to come to pumps or an englishman not to be able to go to a pub is a very bad thing so i think people are allowed to let their head end just a little but we want them to do that in a responsible way essentially this is a big experiments that carries with it a big risk. if this goes results in new flare ups of covert 19 the government is hoping that they'll be localized and could be dealt with with localized restrictions returning to another full national knockdown would finish off even
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more businesses than are expected to go under anyway. even if this reopening goes well for business and safety tough times are coming during the lockdown period we've seen many trust brands such as college years. sadly fall into administration such factors i think we're going to see a lot more of this is simply accelerated the decline of a lot of businesses as of today i think there is maybe 250 branded restaurants which will not reopen and that number is only going to get bigger. this may have some appearances of normal life but it's still far from the real thing. how does iraq london. still to come on al-jazeera we take it to a usually bustling mennella neighborhood in the philippines still in one of the world's longest coronavirus quarantines. and the deaths of a father and son in a study shocks india rights groups say police brutality is
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a growing problem. hello high pressure dominates the weather across much of a stretch of the moment so lots of fine and dry weather we have seen some plus to show us just around the southeast and colder through victoria southern areas of new south wales a little dusting of snow for some over the high ground as well things will calm down as our high just not is a little further race words over the next couple of days still a chance of want to see light showers just around melbourne that eastern side of victoria southern areas of new south wales some showers there still possible into tasmania but the better weather will be into southern parts of w. way we will see rang grassy making its way into perth is because through sunday to increase the wet for a monday some increasing wet weather also making its way into new zealand
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a lively old weekend coming through here will see some heavier showers across the south all and that will sweep through as we go on into monday some very heavy rain some very strong winds could well see as much as 150 millimeters of rain or more sunny over the high ground state a good deal more than that recently. southern and western parts of japan the my your front continued to pile some very heavy rain in across the region out of central china flooding here we have seen some wet weather pushing into q.c. and that's going to continue making its way further east from monday. capturing a moment in time. not shots of other lives. other stories why people are pretty calm. and providing a glimpse into someone else is what you are pursuing in the dream of your life
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inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. witness on al-jazeera. the and the the i. will be on the top stories on al-jazeera catalonia as regional government in spain has locked down an area that's home to more than 200000 people following a surge in corona virus infections people in the same region will only be allowed to leave the area for work. there have been queues in crowds across england this pubs restaurants hairdressers and cinemas reopened for the 1st time in 3 months. in
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america has now overtaken the europe in the number of coronavirus cases the region has more than 2 and a half 1000000 infections a new cases are rapidly rising brazil is a hotspot with almost 64000 deaths and in bolivia the family of a coven 1000 victim has used his cough and to send a message to all forty's the man's body had spent 6 days at home without being collected by funeral services after 4 hours of protests the body was finally transported to a cemetery because of a recent increase of virus related deaths in. burials and cremations have overwhelmed funeral services in the region bolivia has reported more than 1300 deaths. the philippines as opposed to 48 hour lockdowns in areas across minoa after a surge in infections there the most severe restrictions imposed on the country since it began over $1000.00 measures several weeks ago dogon has more from manila
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. this is what a total lockdown looks like in one of manila's busy areas more than $7000.00 people in this community have been ordered to stay at home for 48 hours more than 30 villages across manila were told days ago that they wouldn't be allowed to leave their homes starting on saturday and unless it's an emergency. in smaller alleys like this one residency they are finding different ways to cope but for many look this 48 hour door to lock down makes no difference to her family she says they've been on their quarantine for months like you when we couldn't earn enough so we had to open a small store just to sell to me worse thankfully we do get to receive some aid like food and sometimes cash from the local government but i hope this situation is in last long. but many businesses here remain closed which means thousands are
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unable to earn a living and are dependent on aid the philippines implemented one of the world's longest and strictest quarantine that's more than 50000000 people forced to say its home and the entire region of luzon for almost 3 months but corona virus cases been saying it's a go up over the last few weeks forcing cities like manila to implement its own mass testing program will fishel say the lockdown is bent not just as a restriction of movement but also to conduct a rapid test and the diddly isolate those who are test positive march 5th being the 1st they have known and. it's hard because of the sense of people the people don't have enough money jobs to. be slowly and. more than 300 people were tested on this day
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the philippines still has one of the highest growing cases in southeast asia but the government has been under intense pressure to reopen the economy which is now officially on their recession many other provinces have eased quarantine obstructions but in manila the situation remains uncertain the rabbit says results came back no one tested positive and all the residents here were great will they see the feel as though their lives really suspended they prayed for better days ahead. manila russia's death toll has surpassed 10000 and new infections are rising health officials have confirmed more than 674000 cases across the country that's the 3rd highest figure in the world restrictions were lifted in the capital moscow and many other regions a few weeks ago allowing people to spend time outdoors and move around the country
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but critics have accused russian author already is of under reporting cases to downplay the scale of the crisis. the greek government has extended lockdown measures in refugee camps because of the pandemic under the rules now in place until july 19 migrants can only leave the camps at certain hours and in small groups critics say the government is misusing the pandemic to limit their movement thousands of migrants are being transferred to the mainland as the country prepares for the tourist season. japan's health ministry has reported more than 200 new corona virus infections for the 1st time in 2 months cases in the capital tokyo made up of the new infections the city's governor has urged people to refrain from making unnecessary trips in order to contain the spread of the virus japan has recorded more than 19000 cases but deaths have stayed relatively low fewer than a 1000 people have died it's and 14 people from
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a nursing home in japan are feared dead after heavy rain triggered flooding and mudslides 10000 soldiers have been deployed to the southwestern region to help with the severe flooding buildings and cars have been submerged and several people scrambled on top of convenience stores to wait for rescuers tens of thousands of people into areas have been urged to leave but it's not known how many people floods. the. people in the area are required to continue to be on maximum alert with regards to self defense forces police prepared to dispatch 10000 personnel for further emergency support please do this so that you are able to respond swiftly and adequately. and is really municipal governments is planning to turn an industrial neighborhood an occupied east jerusalem into a technology hub but opponents say the project is another attempt to legally solidify israeli control over occupied palestinian lands harry faucet reports.
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for decades if you wanted to fix a tire by homeward discount groceries and occupied east jerusalem what he jos has been the place to come but a new israeli project would see this neighborhood a short walk from the old city remade as a hub for tourism and high tech. rents the land on which he operates his garage he and dozens of others have recently been issued eviction notices accusing them of breaking zoning laws instructing them to move out before the end of the year in order how is it we have been here for the last 60 years the municipality sent us evacuation orders without negotiating without giving us alternatives or compensation the silicon wadi neighborhood. the west jerusalem in a simple government along with israel's interior ministry want to rename what he jos silicon wadi with office space for high tech businesses as well as hotels all part of a more than 600000000 dollar development master plan in the occupied east but a project on this scale in occupied east jerusalem isn't just an issue of business
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and investment and jobs it's also an issue of politics and control throughout 53 years of occupation palestinians have been regularly denied building permits had homes demolished while israeli projects have sought to solidify israel's claim to unified city the municipality says the intention with silicon wadi is to improve employment and living standards we would love it if we had investment from the arab community themselves we don't want to take this and own it we want to do it in order for easter some to continue developing the way that it deserves to develop. give us a policy says garrels you news will be compensated but a lawyer acting on their behalf so the eviction notices suggest no such thing and that the entire project fails to meet the needs of residents. if you ask people here they'll tell you they want hell's him before he takes the municipality's unfortunately fantasizing outside the palestinian vision it violates the 4th geneva convention post i mean see this decision is internationally illegal you know cuba
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has no long term plan and on the plans to manage the daily lives of the people there someone who owns land and businesses here hasn't heard bowie has been in talks about partnering in the project but he'd rather have permits to build apartments it's too big for us what they're asking and we don't want to be invested people and there's in our lands it's very important thing was we want to make balance that elusive balance is at the heart of the issue not the party's jerusalem the dying need for investment in infrastructure set against the cost of accepting increasing israeli control are a force that al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem iraq's prime minister has made changes to the country's 2 top security posts mystified the me has chosen a new national security adviser and appointed to me is the head of national security card or me began forming his government back in may after months of political deadlock. egypt is planning to hold the 1st election for its recently
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revived senate next month 2 thirds of senators will be chosen by the public and the president will appoint the rest of the $300.00 member chamber was dropped from egypt's constitution and 2014 it was brought back under amendments approved in a referendum last year and those constitutional changes also allow the fact that his sisi to stay in power until 2030. because so far as the founder and chairman of the british arab network and author of egypt the elusive arab spring he says the political situation is not conducive for an election or if you've got $70000.00 people are locked. inside jails for a lot of many bloggers we know and i look in guide in prison there's no crowds not rows or columns many of them we just had it over last
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months about 3 weeks old and people were jailed just because. they had the bullets trying to diminish the nation in cairo so i you know i don't think the public would be left with such exercise of sham democracy i think it's a problem in egypt. there is no clear voice for the public there's no proper democracy in the military control all aspects of what i treat egypt as we know and the corruption he just tried in every aspect in life in egypt testers in the democratic republic of congo have marched on parliament to demand the removal of a new electoral commission chief they claimed they had of the body is not impartial and that the ruling coalition is not listening to demands for political reform dozens of demonstrators were arrested in the capital kinshasa as police blocked
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them from storming the parliament toll a sit in protest against a growing insecurity in sudan central dar for a state is now in its 7th day those involved want the heads of the police and military to be fired saying they're not protecting them or their properties in a recent attack 3 farmers were killed near the town of. prime minister abdullah hands out says he'll send a delegation to discuss the problems. 5 police officers in the indian state of tamil nadu have been arrested in connection with the deaths of a father and son in custody the 2 had been detained for leaving their shop open minutes longer than allowed under coronavirus lockdown rules and there's a list of parana reports it's causing outrage across the country. these 5 men who are in charge of holding the law as police officers and. state instead they are being investigated for murder. p.j. and arjun hassan bennett's died after being arrested on june 19th sparking protests
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police had detained the father and son for keeping their mobile phone shop open just minutes beyond what was allowed under lockdown restrictions. they died in hospital 4 days later. the. one sub-inspector conducting further investigations into the offices in the case. a female police officer who testified that the men were beaten and sexually assaulted has been given witness protection and the. rest has taken over the case after allegations of local police destroyed evidence including security camera footage. say the victim's death out surprising. says she has been documenting cases like these involving police for the past 30 years it's not only normalization of this practice. but also just completed you're going to
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nothing really happens because it might just suited my inquiry for it's often last thing that on. a non-governmental groups says 1730 people died either in police custody or jails last year. in delhi the son their family is still waiting for a hearing into their nephew's death at a local police station 2 years ago the 1000 years old when he was detained accused of theft and sexual harassment. a day later police told the family he hung himself but 3 other detainees at the station told them was beaten all night. because we need justice it's happened to us happened to many others in lagos and. threatened with multiple times came here and offered money on the case but we said no. chance and though since he wasn't allowed to see his nephew's body human rights groups say india must ratify the convention against torture and
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implement police reforms to prevent such deaths occurring elizabeth al-jazeera new delhi. heavy monsoon rains of the last parts of western india including the country's financial capital mumbai the downpour led to water logged streets and caused traffic jams people were seen wading through ankle deep waters owned by police have advised presidents not to leave their homes evidence of a 12000 year old mining operation has been discovered in underwater caves in mexico researchers spent more than 600 hours exploring the caves on the country's yucatan peninsula and they found the ancient digging tools and navigation markers used to mine the mineral red ochre scientists think the caves were filled with water roughly a 1000 years ago following the last ice age. and finally in
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a celebration of virus restrictions in china a symphony orchestra states an online concerts in a magnificent location. about $120.00 musicians from the german symphony orchestra came together on one of china's 5 sacred mountains the concert included a variety of renowned tracks which echoed the stunning scenery of montoya shot on and the concert marks the start of a return to performance following measurements. although again here's a check of the headlines on al jazeera latin america has now overtaken europe in the number of coronavirus cases the region has more than 2 and a half 1000000 infections a new cases are rapidly rising brazil is a hotspot with almost $64000.00 deaths and despite this presidential year both an
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error has vetoed parts of a law that requires people to wear face masks in public chile peru and mexico have also been reporting record new cases catalonians regional governments in spain has locked down an area that's home to more than 200000 people following a surge in corona virus infections people in the segregated region will only be allowed to leave the area for work become trees hospitality sector was hoping to salvage what remains of the all important summer season. there have been cues in crowds across england as pubs restaurants hairdressers and cinemas reopened for the 1st time in 3 months police say they're prepared to manage the crowds about health workers fear the changes could lead to a sharp rise in infections. it's really nice to be able to be back see people around to be able to drink and not feel like you're drinking at home which i'm sure a lot of you to do the last few months and i think the social side of this is. the
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united states is reporting more than 53000 new code with 1000 cases texas alabama alaska idaho mississippi north and south carolina as well as tennessee have all set single day records for new infections despite this the u.s. president thought trump says he believes the country is fighting its way out of the pandemic 14 people from a nursing home in japan are feared dead after heavy rain triggered flooding and mudslides 10000 soldiers have been deployed to the southwestern region to help with the severe flooding buildings and cars have been submerged and several people scrambled on top of convenience stores to wait for rescuers protesters in the democratic republic of congo have marched on parliament to demand the removal of a new electoral commission chief they claim the head of the body is not impartial but the ruling coalition is not listening to demands for political reform those are the headlines rewind is coming up next on al-jazeera by. as protests
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rage over police brutality and corona virus grips the nation campaigning on the election trail has been forced to take a back seat will the presidential candidates ever hit the road and so very brand of politics to americans before the fault follow the u.s. election on a. zone dismissed them to takers working here is a 7 days a week job that's grown with a community my father purchased a black ambulance man started to do the funerals in london and the family we saw stopping part of intuition and became business partners the stories we don't often hear told by the people who the family get is such a level that. east and undertakers this is europe and al-jazeera.
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hello and welcome again to rewind and fully back to. since the launch of al-jazeera english back in 2006 we've built up a library of award winning documentary and here on rewind with been delving into the vault to pull out some of the best of them today we're going back to 2007 to a poor south african neighborhood just outside cape town when using honor and tradition come together in an unusual annual competition. in recent years soph africa has seen huge political upheaval and corruption scandals and cape town south africa 2nd largest city has been feeling the impact of climate change and
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struggling with drastic water shortages a decade ago sapphire.


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