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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 5, 2020 3:00am-3:33am +03

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are discriminated and vulnerable than ever ready. 2 and a half 1000000 infections and rising latin america overtakes europe's number of coronavirus cases. alone welcoming peace a job you're watching al-jazeera live from also coming up amid protests and concerns over coronavirus the us president donald trump marks independence day with the mood of celebration at the white house. back under lockdown in spain restrictions are reimpose for hundreds of thousands of people in catalonia. also
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ahead the palestinians being forced to make way for a new high tech help in occupied east jerusalem. welcome to the program saturday seeing the highest number of coronavirus cases worldwide since the start of the pandemic a majority of new infections were recorded in latin america which is now supposed to europe in the number of covert $1000.00 cases the region has more than 2 and a half 1000000 and that figure is growing rapidly the statistics are being driven up by brazil which has reported more than one of a half 1000000 infections while more than 63000 people have died peru and chile are quickly approaching 300000 cases mexico has also been reporting record new infections it now has the 2nd highest death toll in latin america after brazil. go
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to other go is a senior associates in the americas program at the center for strategic and international studies he says the majority of people do not believe in the virus a lot don't require a team is a collective effort if you have part of the population respecting the law respecting that province in and social isolation while the other half or part of the population that's marked the efforts of those that are dedicated themselves to the problem team is inventing new clothes it's either a proactive effort or it doesn't work at all that in american countries they lack the discipline in several topics throughout the history of latin america but this particular situation is becoming more evident for everyone that's. the problem it's not something that they can actually see or 'd feel they disregarded they are hit with the crew in a fight and the the balance between
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a quantum and social hell is being presented in iran yes way inlets in america as a false equivalence in which by demanding. the problem 'd and seeing as things are just normal these will bring back to normality while staying in south america and the police in bolivia have fired tear gas at protesters calling for an end to the virus quarantine. local media is reporting demonstrators are detaining 15 people to raise the stakes around in their demands the authorities said they moved in to free those being held and to take down a blockade set up by the protesters security officials say the situation is still unfolding the government securing the former president. and his supporters being behind the unrest. meanwhile the world health organization is ending its trial into
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the use of hydroxy chloroquine as a treatment for coronavirus patients the us president had touted the drug as a game changer he also said a few weeks back that he was taking it the world health organization says interim results from the trial showed the drug produced little or no impact on the death rates of those hospitalized with covert 19. it's the 4th of july in the united states a day commemorating the declaration of independence from britain president trump has been hosting the annual salute to america event at the white house celebrations across the country and jutes of the virus pandemic with many states canceling their festivities the president reiterated parts of his speech from the mount rushmore event on friday. we will safeguard our values traditions customs and beliefs we will teach our children to cherish and adore their country so that they can build its future together we will fight for the american dream
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and we will defend to protect and preserve american way of life which began in 1492 when columbus discovered america rob reynolds is our correspondent following the story of america i guess today rob it would be fair to say the backdrop to yesterday at mount rushmore today at the white house of course it's the coronavirus pandemic what are the latest figures on that in the u.s. . well the total death toll in this country peter is climbing steadily towards 130000 the number of positive identified cases of covert 19 hit a record of over $57000.00 that was announced on saturday by public health officials and in various states the numbers are exploding in florida for example
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11000 new cases reported on friday in texas there were 7000 cases and a very. sort of worrisome note there in that state it has the largest medical complex in the country it's called the texas medical center it's in houston and the the doctors there say the i.c.u. the intensive care units there are overwhelmed they are at 100 percent capacity so that doesn't auger well. for people in texas now the crowd at the national mall in washington to hear the president speak and to watch the fly over of vintage warplanes and. fireworks heard a speech that was sort of veered from that sort of praising american exceptionalism
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that you heard in his comments about christopher columbus and also towards the this sort of divisive vision of a radical leftist mobs that are trying to tear down the country and tear down its heritage in the form of monuments as as you know there have been many monuments to slave holding. politicians and leaders of the 19th century as well as of confederate general from the u.s. civil war in the 19th century president trump announced plans for a vast garden of american heroes as he called it is what he had to say about that. to celebrate america's majestic and heritage yesterday i sided executive order to create a brand new monument to our most beloved icons the national guard
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of american heroes will be a vast outdoor park that will feature the statues of the greatest americans who have ever lived we will honor extraordinary citizens from every community and from every place rob is that garden of heroes i mean do we know any more details a person and do you think what 4 months away now from the election just over 4 months away is that an election issue because he's done a couple of big set piece interviews recently and he doesn't seem to know what his 2nd term if he gets a 2nd term will be all about. yes that's right peter he was asked in an interview in one of the american networks to explain what he wants to do in his 2nd term and he was not really able to come up with a very coherent response to that i think that given the state of the race now the
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president is kind of flailing around this garden of american heroes certainly appeals to patriotic people it may also appeal to people who. have. anger over the tearing down of confederate monuments as as i mentioned those are going down all over the country even in richmond virginia the former capital of the confederacy so in that context i guess this garden is is part of the appeal to the base. it's a dia the president apparently came up with quite suddenly over the past couple of days we don't know where it's going to be we don't know how big it's going to be we don't know whether it's going to require funding from the federal budget or would be done through private subscriptions it could be
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a way of sort of. a wedge issue if you will if for example the president says he wants a certain sum of money and ask the u.s. house which is dominated and controlled by the democrats to fund his garden of american heroes and the house doesn't want to do it then he can say well you see the democrats in the house they hate american heroes and so forth but i think you're seeing the president sort of throwing everything out there and seeing what's going to stick he hasn't really i think captured the spirit of the times with polls showing vast numbers of people in support of black lives matter and polls showing. vast numbers of americans believing the country is not heading in the right direction polls showing that people want a more unifying tone the president's coming up with this more divisive tone and he
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apparently believes that's best for him politically but at this stage with several months still to go before the election joe biden is well ahead of the president just by the way peter biden was also speaking today he had a video presentation on line because he's not doing these big public events and he said he wanted to focus on the quest for full racial justice and saying that americans should seize the opportunity to make a reality of the words in shrine in the declaration of independence that was signed 244 years ago today that all men are created equal in the eyes of god something that has been honored in in words but not in facts in the united states throughout its history ok rob many thanks for that rob reynolds our correspondent reporting live from l.a.
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a man has driven a car into a crowd of black lives massive protests in seattle in washington state 2 women were critically injured the driver fled but witnesses drove off to him he was arrested later one of the victims had been live streaming the protest before the video abruptly stopped also a blank lines meant a protest is taking place in san paolo demonstrators gathered in a poor neighborhood in the east of brazil's largest city to denounce police violence they marched through the streets with banners bearing the names of murdered black people. more than 200000 people in spain's catalonia region have been put back under lockdown after rising corbet 19 cases the number of infections there has almost doubled in a week the measures were brought in all the rest of the country eases restrictions 19 barber has more. opening up for the 1st time in months the archbishop of barcelona joining a group of health workers on a visit to the segro to familiar cathedral soon it will welcome residents and
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eventually tourists spanish and foreign but nobody here is under any illusions that the coronavirus has disappeared. other than with the company and yet i think that we have to raise awareness in society and perhaps we haven't done it well enough and should try harder it seems good to me that they had a lockdown i think it's the only way to stop these outbreaks. elsewhere in the catalonia region they've imposed a mini lockdown in the rural district surrounding the city of later it's after the number of covered 1000 cases nearly doubled in a week to 325 on friday and. some cases have been linked to fruit picking operations now the area's 200000 residents are banned from meeting in groups of more than 10 and they can't travel outside the zone. the new measures come a day after the united kingdom announced its so-called safe travel list those heading to dozens of countries including spain won't have to go into quarantine when they return notably absent from the list is portugal which thanks to quick
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action of voided the exponential rates of infections and deaths that spain has suffered on friday portugal reported $374.00 new covered cases mostly in and around the capital lisbon while the city's a tourist destination most british holidaymakers head for the southern coast of the algarve region and the portuguese government is calling the u.k. decision census the prime minister tweeted comparing covered 1000 cases per 100000 people and stressing british visitors a still welcome the. i will say that on the 1st of july the united kingdom had 170 think that of people from covert 19 and globally we are speaking of a country that has a population 6 times bigger than portugal and has until today 44000 deadly cases. for now regions across europe which rely on tourism trying to strike a balance between allowing visitors in and keeping the coronavirus at bay nadine barber al-jazeera there being queues and crowds across england as pubs restaurants
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hairdressers and cinemas reopened after a relaxation of lockdown rules hundreds of businesses open their doors for the 1st time in 3 months in london big crowds gathered in beer gardens an outdoor spaces for the atmosphere is very different inside numbers are being limited it's table service only and there is no live music police say they're prepared to manage the crowds but health workers feel the changes could lead to a sharp rise in virus infections or a challenge in soho in central london. well in any normal world this would be exactly the kind of scene the evie seeing at this sort of time in the evening on a saturday night in central london people are out people drinking on the streets getting a bit drunk perhaps beaver eating in restaurants today people have been getting their hair cuts in hairdressers they've been going to cinemas hotels are open but this sort of scene has been completely absent from from british life for 3 and
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a half months or so the government knows that this is a big risk it's a big it spare a moment and perhaps it could go wrong we have been hearing key figures boris johnson saying that people should be acting responsibly for swifty the chief medical officer saying that people should be very disciplined when it comes to social distancing as they go out and enjoy themselves well if you can see behind me going to face that much discipline going on with regards to a mosque wearing or social distancing but then of course discipline and alcohol hunt natural bedfellows really and the risk is that this does inflame kovi of 19 flare ups that you might get more of those in the weeks to come and i think the government is gambling that if that does happen they might be local ones and they could be handled with local restrictions rather than the returning to the kind of
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national total lockdown that we see over recent months in the u.k. still to come here on al-jazeera will report on how residents in the philippine capital are coping after nearly 3 months of lockdown there. was seen some extreme. ainley heavy rain into parts of japan recently that has led to the flood that we were talking about for some time now the my your front continues to pulse they have a downpours outs of central china running towards q.c. where we have seen an unprecedented amounts of rainfall i think sunday looks shall we say less wet but we are going to see the rain returning with a vengeance as we go on into monday more very heavy rain coming through here
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further flooding concerns western parts of japan also seeing some of that wetter weather will gradually make its way further raises some lively showers to just ignore that is in northeastern parts of china but he is showers meanwhile across southeast asia will see some heavy downpours for a time into the philippines still want to see showers there that eastern side of indonesia malaysia seeing the usual scattering of showers unusual scattering of showers to up towards the gulf of thailand joining up with a heavy showers that we have in myanmar pushing up into the northeast of india likely to see some river flooding here heaviest rain will be up the western ghats we have seen flooding recently into moment by seeing some very heavy downpours and heavy rain will complete can see to make its way further northward into southern areas good rats. in a 2 part series. 0 observes the lives of 2 children. over
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20 years. where insights into circumstances that shape lives. in a rapidly changing. 20 years of me continues with good morning groups on how to 0. i've. i've. come back you're watching al jazeera live from doha i'm peter davi your top stories latin america has overtaken europe in the number of coronavirus cases the region has more than 2 and a half 1000000 infections and you cases are rapidly rising brazil is
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a hotspot with almost $64000.00 deaths. u.s. president donald trump is hosting the annual salute to america event at the white house to mark the independence day celebrations across the country are muted due to the coronavirus pandemic with many states canceling their celebrations. spain has put part of catalonia back into lockdown after a sharp increase in cases of cope with 19 around 200000 people living in the town of later have been affected. a sit in protest against growing insecurity in sudan's central dol 4 states is now into its 7th day those involved want the heads of the police and military to be fired saying they're not protecting them or their properties in a recent attack 3 farmers were killed in the town of nativity the prime minister abdullah says he'll send a delegation to discuss the problems mara give is a dollar for an activist she says movement towards peace in the region will need to
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see local armed groups being dismantled. the city started in front of the minister approachability the coal they have been frequent and continuous attacks on civilians by armed militias in the area people many have been killed and these attacks actually i became more significant over the last 2 months where we still a lot of people attacked by the police lost their lives and lost their cattle and livelihood and many women to being as sexually assaulted any. movement would that person be issued but we think it is more count complicated than a delegation that can address it there the issue is that he's a white. you know use of the army and licensed out by the militia so that we do at school is a war. the peace process to be expedited now that is
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a negotiation so you got to take it for quite a while and we do hope that the peace agreement will take that will come to to light very soon so that can be transferred to the ground turkey is increasing naval cooperation with the un recognized government in libya the defense minister who see a call made the remarks whilst inspecting a turkish ship off the libyan coast last year he did sign a maritime deal with the tripoli government but there have been tensions with france and others in the mediterranean iraq's prime minister has made changes to the country's top sue security post some stuff i'll come to me as chosen a new national security adviser and appointed a new head of national security could be me became the head of government back in may after months of political deadlock. about 200 people have protested in manila a day after the philippines president roderigo to turn 18 signed a widely opposed anti terror law. critics fear
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the legislation will be used to silence dissent and give the government a new weapon to target opponents the law which congress sends the president to signing last month allows the detention of suspects for up to 24 days without being charged. we feel that. we have where one of us be wrong against critics of the administration and against anyone who stands in the way of their mean to speak our mind yet. the philippines has imposed 48 in areas of manila to deal with new coronavirus infections that the most severe restrictions put in place since measures began to be easy for weeks ago. reports from manila. this is what a total lockdown looks like in one of manila's busy areas more than $7000.00 people in this community have been ordered to stay at home for 48 hours more than 30
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villages across manila were told days ago that they wouldn't be allowed to leave their homes starting on saturday unless it's an emergency. in smaller alleys like this one residency they are finding different ways to cope. but for many look past this 48 hour door to lock down makes no difference to her family she says they've been on their quarantine for months even on the way we couldn't earn enough so we had to open a small store just to sell to me worse thankfully we do get to receive some aid like food and sometimes cash from the local government but i hope this situation isn't last long. but many businesses here remain closed which means thousands are unable to earn a living and are dependent on aid the philippines implemented one of the roads longest and strictest quarantine that's more than 50000000 people forced to say its home in the entire region the bizarre one for almost 3 months but coronavirus cases
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been saying it's a go up over the last few weeks forcing cities like manila to implement its own master sing program or fish will see the lockdown is bent not just as a restriction of movement. but also to conduct a rapid test and to be deeply isolate those who are test positive march 5th being the 1st they have known and. able it's hard because of the sense of people the people don't have enough money in jobs do. people really know. more than 300 people were tested on. the philippines still has one of the highest growing cases in southeast asia but the government has been under intense pressure to reopen the economy which is now officially on their recession many other provinces have eased quarantine
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restrictions but in manila the situation remains uncertain the rapid says results came back no one tested positive and all the residents here are grateful they say they feel as though their lives remain suspended they prayed for better days ahead . of manila 15 people from a nursing home and japan's the biggest island believed to be dead with 9 others missing after heavy rain triggered flooding and mudslides the areas of come. into being the worst affected japan's meteorological agency says the region has never seen so much rain 10000 soldiers have been deployed to help with the rescue efforts. heavy monsoon rains of last parts of western india including the country's financial capital mumbai the downpour led to water logged streets and caused traffic jams people were seen wading through ankle deep water the police of advise people not to leave their homes in the indian weather office has issued warnings
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for people to stay away from coastal areas. and it's really mean a simple government is planning to turn an industrial neighborhood in occupied east jerusalem into a tech hub but opponents say the project is another attempt to illegally solidifying israeli control of the occupied palestinian land is how to force it. for decades if you wanted to fix a tire by where or discount groceries in occupied east jerusalem what he jos has been the place to come but a new israeli project would see this neighborhood a short walk from the old city remade as a hub for tourism and high tech. rents the land on which he operates his garage he and dozens of others have recently been issued eviction notices accusing them of breaking zoning laws instructing them to move out before the end of the year in the order how is it we have been here for the last 60 years the municipality sent us evacuation orders without negotiating without giving us alternatives or
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compensation or the silicon wadi neighborhood. the west jerusalem in a simple government along with israel's interior ministry want to rename what he jos silicon wadi with office space for high tech businesses as well as hotels all part of a more than 600000000 dollar development master plan in the occupied east but a project on this scale in occupied east jerusalem isn't just an issue of business and investment and jobs it's also an issue of politics and control throughout 53 years of occupation palestinians have been regularly denied building permits had homes demolished while israeli projects have sought to solidify israel's claim to unified city the municipality says the intention with silicon wadi is to improve employment and living standards we would love it if we had investment from the arab community themselves we don't want to take this and own it we want to do it in order for easter some to continue developing the way that it deserves to develop.
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the municipality says gary's units will be compensated but a lawyer acting on their behalf says even notices suggest no such thing and that the entire project fails to meet the needs of residents. if you ask people here they'll tell you they want housing before high take the municipalities unfortunately fantasizing outside the palestinian vision it violates the 4th geneva convention to me and see this decision as internationally illegal the occupier has no long term plan and on the plans to manage the daily lives of the people as someone who owns land and businesses here hasn't heard bhai has been in talks about partnering in the project but he'd rather have permits to build apartments it was what the asking and we don't want to rule being invested people and we've been there. it's very important thing was we want to make balance that elusive balance is at the heart of the issue in occupied east jerusalem the dying need for investment in infrastructure set against the cost of accepting increasing israeli
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control our forces al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem a symphony orchestra in china has given a concert to mark the end of it's locked up. around $120.00 musicians from these young symphony orchestra gathered on one of china's 5 sacred mountains the event dubbed concert on the sea of cloud was streamed online from mt she's won an injunction province. recapping our top stories so far today latin america has now overtaken europe in the number of coronavirus cases the region has more than 2 and a half 1000000 infections a new cases are rapidly rising brazil is a hotspot with almost 64000 deaths. the u.s. president donald trump has been hosting the annual salute to america event at the
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white house to mark independence day celebrations across the country and muted due to the coronavirus pandemic with many states canceling their festivities mr trump did criticize the media during his speech at the event. let me also say a word to those in the media who falsely inconsistently label their opponents as racists who condemn patriotic citizens who offer a clear and truthful defense of american unity when you level these force charges you not only slander me you not only slander the american people but you slander generations of heroes who gave their lives for america a man's driven a car into a crowd of blank lines most of protesters in seattle 2 women were critically
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injured the driver fled but witnesses drove after him and he was then arrested one of the victims have been live streaming the process before the video abruptly stopped and a blank lines massive protest is taking place in polo demonstrators gathered in a poor neighborhood in the east of brazil's largest city to police violence they marched through the streets with banners bearing the names of murdered black people . spain has put parts of catalonia back into lockdown after a sharp increase in cases of covert 19 around 200000 people living near the turn or later were affected. turkey's increasing naval cooperation with the u.n. recognize government in libya the defense minister when you see a car made the remarks while inspecting a turkish ship off the libyan coast up next it's inside story of a quick news summary after that us either.
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days of violence in ethiopia have shown its growing ethnic divide follows the killing of a populist singer and activist the prime minister says he was appalled to be stabilised the country how to bridge the divide what's next for you theo get this is inside story. hello welcome to the show i'm.


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