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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 5, 2020 8:00am-8:33am +03

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we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what you see al-jazeera will bring you the news and current fast that matter to you. al-jazeera. 2 half 1000000 infections and rising latin america overtakes europe's number of coronavirus cases. the whole romany watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha also coming up a display for independence day the us president goes ahead with a patriotic show despite coronavirus concerns and protests. holidaying at home
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south korea's most popular beaches open for the summer but with extra caution. and egypt is to hold elections for a new council of senators 6 years after the chamber was dissolved. welcome to the program saturday saw the highest number of krona virus cases worldwide since the start of the pandemic and the majority of those new infections were recorded in latin america the region has now surpassed europe in the number of covert 1000 cases some 2 and a half 1000000 and growing rapidly the figures are being driven up by brazil which is reported more than one and a half 1000000 infections while more than 64000 people have died peru and chile are quickly approaching with 300000 cases mexico has also been reporting record new infections as the 2nd highest death toll in latin america behind brazil understand
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rumpy ettie is monitoring developments for us in the region from bogota in neighboring colombia. to see 2 asian it's getting worse in other countries that had been successful at least at the beginning and trying to slow down the spread of contagion for example here in colombia that is seen quite an important increase in daily cases since says been reopening parts of its economy with the return of its large population of informal people who work out and about on the streets they work hand to mouth they can stay home a day been allowed to return to work and in the last couple of weeks we have seen quite a big increase here the same is true in she less pay to even argentina who was that was probably the most successful country in containing the virus together with wires seen an increase and the last days and
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weeks so very problematic pictures some officials here are calling for a return to a strict strict measures in countries like where we are in colombia and the government the national government here though is saying that's not possible because of how weak the economy is overall how big is the need for people to go out and work which means will probably continue to see these numbers a growing gap they're going to undergo is a senior associate of the americas program at the center for strategic and international studies and he says people's attitude to the virus is part of the problem. reporting team is a collective effort if you have parts of the population respecting the law respecting the crime scene and social isolation while the other half or parts of
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the population that's marked the efforts of those that are dedicated themselves to the current team has been. or it doesn't work at all and that's an american country they lack the discipline and several topics throughout the history of latin america but in this particular situation is becoming more evident for everyone. if the problem is not something they can actually see or feel they disregarded. with the coronavirus and the balance between the quantum and social hell is being presented. in latin america as opposed to quibble in which by denying. the problem 'd and things are just normal bring back normal. the family of a covert 900 victims in bolivia left his coffin in the street to protest against
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difficulties in getting a time we'd burial the man's body had spent 6 days at home in the region of cochabamba without being collected by funeral workers the body was finally transported to a cemetery after the coffin spent 4 hours on the street due to a recent increase of virus related deaths burials informations are being delayed and bodies accumulating. in the u.s. the states of florida and texas saw a record rise in daily infections other parts of the country also sold big jumps in the number of new cases now that's despite appeals by medical health experts to avoid large gatherings present all trouble hosted an event at the white house to mark independence day hundreds who later turned out in washington d.c. to watch a fireworks display rob reynolds reports. vintage warplanes filled the skies over the national mall in washington d.c. bombers and fighters from every war the u.s. has been in since the 1940 s. the 1st power president trump who avoided service in vietnam by claiming medical
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draft deferments for bone spurs presided over the spectacle at the white house. despite pleas from public health experts and the mayor of washington d.c. over the risks of people getting cold and 19 a crowd gathered many ignoring social distancing. thanks to the. courage of those patriots on july 4th 1776 the american republic stands today as the greatest most exceptional and most virtuous nation in the history of the world trump praised american exceptionalism and the u.s. military attacked the media in china and praised his own performance in the fight against colbert 19. appealing to his base trump invoked images of rampaging radicals intent on destroying the nation's heritage we are now in the process of
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defeating the radical left the marxists the n r kids the agitators the looters and people who in many instances have absolutely no clue what they are doing. around the country people protested peacefully against racial injustice and police brutality. in pittsburgh protesters and trump supporters chanted rival slogans injured at one another. here in washington black lives matter protesters marched for the 6th weekend in a row following the killing of george floyd by police in minneapolis we as a community especially in in our capital city of the of our country need to come together and protest unjust killings and get these murders to justice i just did
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what could be more american than protesting our president today you know. not really helping. an enormous fireworks display capped off the extravaganza in washington the glitter in the east were perhaps a momentary distraction at least for some as tens of thousands of new cases of coal but 19 were confirmed. and olds al-jazeera. the world health organization is ending its trial of a drug targeted by president trump as a game changer interim results. produced little or no fact on the death rates of people hospitalized with cave at 19 president trump and said that he was taking the drug. south korea is going ahead with its annual opening of its beaches full this summer but with special arrangements in place because of the pandemic well but broad reports from the 2nd city of be sun which is a favorite tourist destination. the beaches of busan or officially open and people
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love flocking to the south koreans are among the world's top spenders all overseas travel but most of this summer are looking to vacation a lot closer to home and still following strict rules to prevent the spread of covert 19 beach umbrella's are individually numbered so people hiring them can be traced in case they were close to someone found later to be infected but the leaf family this summer break is a new experience. we often go abroad in summer but we can't do that this time so we decided on booth. they've also decided to come earlier than normal a majority of people in south korea take their summer vacations in a narrow window from late july into early august but companies are now being encouraged to spread holidays out to avoid overcrowding in the most popular tourist destinations. and relies heavily on its summer season and local people are
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compensating for the lack of international visitors especially from neighboring china and japan. with only a handful of new cases of infections being reported to sound can also host festivals again. at the opening of this annual food and film event. frontline medical staff are honored for making it possible. the theme this year food as a source of healing you know your. cultural life has suffered in this pandemic if we don't revitalize it and people will face more alienation and depression we want to heal our audiences through culture. life is still far from normal but many here see this further careful reopening as a reward for south korea's steady progress against the virus. bride al-jazeera and south korea. still ahead here on al-jazeera people flock to bars as part of
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a relaxation of restrictions in the u.k. but it's being called risky business and we report on how residents in the philippine capital are coping that every 3 months of. how the weather stays hot and dry across the middle east no great changing conditions here still one or 2 little puffs of cloud across the far south of the arabian peninsula but not too much in the way of any wetter weather might catch a shower or 2 just around that western side of the gulf of aden maybe into yemen but elsewhere it's about the way in still quite a brisk wind driving out of iraq the wind continues to drive its way down to us here in qatar but the winds in the process of easing says shouldn't feel too dusty as we go on through the next couple days temperatures here around 45 celsius kuwait
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could well touch 50 degrees and the sunshine extends further north up towards the black sea the eastern side of the med sunshine and showers meanwhile across central africa we are going to see that along the way of cloud just driving its way in across ethiopian highlands notice a chance of some showers too just pushing up into that eastern side of somalia as we go through the next dial to have your showers slowly continue to make their way over towards the gulf of guinea little change here more of the same as we go on through monday and by monday they've got a chance of some more showers coming into southern parts of somalia to the south of that what is generally fine and try a cross southern africa largely clear skies plenty of sunshine but want to see showers the mozambique channel. grandson done with china jr was promised damaging information about you larry. allegation like to see an ongoing investigation seductress did the trump campaign
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colluding with russia did you at any time birch the former f.b.i. director james comey in any way shape or form the closer to back down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you well know next question battlefield washington on al-jazeera. league. player. of the backyard deservedly so rob a reminder of our top stories latin america has overtaken europe in the number of coronavirus cases the region has more than 2 and a half 1000000 infections a new cases are rapidly rising for sale is a hotspot with almost $64000.00 deaths. u.s.
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president donald trump has been hosting the annual salute to america event at the white house to mark independence day celebrations across the country all muted because of corona virus. the world health organization is ending its trial of a drug targeted by president trump as a game changer interim results show the hydroxy chloroquine produced little or no facts on the death rates of people hospitalized with covert 19. there being queues in crowds across england as pubs restaurants hairdressers and cinemas reopened following a relaxation of lockdown rules but businesses have had to reduce capacity and make other changes as well as who challenge reports. the ancient in alienable rights of free born people of the united kingdom to go to the pub is how boris johnson described it well here they are infusing yes tickly enjoying that right again after more than 3 months of lockdown plus going to the cinema getting their hair cut
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eating in restaurants and staying in hotels for england at least something like normal life has returned it feels really nice feels really nice we're going to go on a day of travel and it's rather expensive by comparison with the. high flying in. super saturday is the english press has called it was desperately needed by a struggling hospitality industry but business owners had to reduce capacity and make other changes to open a safety is possible we will take all the fortunes we can we put screens up between people you wash your hands and everyone keep way past and stick places till you know what you have to be so you know that's not where you were just hoping that there isn't a 2nd wave and that the reason for. it is perhaps the most significant step yet in england's exit from lock down given the combustible mix of liberation and alcohol politicians both local and national have been urging responsibility well maybe we
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should call it sowed the saturday then but i think it's a we've been it's been 3 or 4 months in which we've not been able to come to restaurants we not been able to come to bars you know been able to come to pubs for an englishman not to be able to go to a pub is a very bad thing so i think people are allowed to let their head on just a little but we want them to do that in a responsible way essentially this is a big experiments that carries with it a big risk. if this does result in a new flare ups of covert 19 the government is hoping that they'll be localized and could be dealt with with localized restrictions returning to another full national lockdown would finish off even more businesses than are expected to go under anyway . even if this reopening goes well for business and safety tough times are coming during the lockdown period we've seen many trusted brands such as college years cafe rouge sadly fall into administration sad fact is i think we're going to see
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a lot more of this lockdown has simply accelerated the decline of a lot of businesses as of today i think there is maybe 250 branded restaurants which will not reopen and that number is only going to get bigger. this may have some appearances of normal life but it's still far from the real thing or a challenge al-jazeera london. more than 200000 people in spain's catalonia region have been put back under lockdown after a number of infections doubled in the week that he has warlord. opening up for the 1st time in months the archbishop of barcelona joining a group of health workers on a visit to the segro to familiar cathedral soon it will welcome residents and eventually tourists spanish and foreign but nobody here is under any illusions that the coronavirus has disappeared. again in the country and yet i think that we have to raise awareness in society and perhaps we haven't done it well enough and should try harder it seems good to me that they had
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a lockdown i think it's the only way to stop these outbreaks just see elsewhere in the catalonia region they've imposed a mini lockdown in the rural district surrounding the city of later it's after the number of covered 1000 cases nearly doubled in a week to 325 on friday in. some cases have been linked to fruit picking operations now the area's 200000 residents are banned from meeting in groups of more than 10 and they can't travel outside the zone. the new measures come a day after the united kingdom announced its so-called safe travel list those heading to dozens of countries including spain won't have to go into quarantine when they return notably absent from the list is portugal which thanks to quick action of voided the exponential rates of infections and deaths that spain has suffered on friday portugal reported $374.00 new covered cases mostly in and around the capital lisbon while the city's a tourist destination most british holidaymakers head for the southern coast of the
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algarve region and the portuguese government is calling the u.k. decision census the prime minister tweeted comparing covered 1000 cases per 100000 people and stressing british visitors are still welcome the. new i will say that on the 1st of july the united kingdom had 176 that of people from covert 19 and globally we are speaking of a country that has a population 6 times bigger than portugal and has until today 44000 deadly cases. for now regions across europe which rely on tourism trying to strike a balance between allowing visitors in and keeping the coronavirus at bay nadine barber al jazeera look at the barone as a freelance journalist he updated us on the situation in later. there have been like 8 odd spots in this small county area around a year you and of these 8 spots by we're asked to see the agricultural sector and
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this is a sector just like this lottery houses sector where there are many workers who are in very precarious for missions so as in other countries the the slaughtering sector as been hit very hard by outbreaks here together with that we have had some cases in this area where there are a lot of workers some of them are from spain some of them are from obvious spain are going to spain who are in very difficult working conditions and many times it's very difficult to maintain the safe safety measures that are necessary wearing mask social this is saying and so forth the main worry of the government government is now to be able to track down all the contacts of people which seems to be the case in all the other places where there have been small hotspots in the in the past weeks in this case is the only case where at the transmission of that virus.
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has gone uncontrolled so to say but this situation is not as difficult as it was months ago and there have been just a couple of around 20 people have been ostrich allies and just 6 of them are in intensive care and that has nothing to do with the situation that we live here in spain and for example in march april well it does being extended in refugee camps in greece but the gulf was being accused of misusing the pandemic to limit the movement of goods there be no confirmed quota virus related deaths in any of the comes that hurls around $32000.00 people. now the polls are just open in croatia's parliamentary election people are choosing a new government at a time of rising corona virus infections at an economic slowdown the ruling a center right creation democratic union party has held a small lead in almost most opinion polls its main rival is the social democratic party neither of the 2 are expected to win a majority. heat wave in the region usually famous for cold weather has started
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fires across 3000000 hectares of land planes are being used to tackle the wildfires in a remote part of siberia officials believe the main cause of the fires is lightning strikes now the region is experiencing a severe heat wave and on june the 20th the town a very high notes recorded a temperature of 38 degrees celsius setting a record for the arctic circle. to push it up past the situation with the fire hazard in the crew screeching and it remains complicated weather conditions are extremely unfavorable we are having an extraordinary heat wave there is no rain every day 30 to 40 wildfires occur on the territory which we continue to extinguish the syrians say the euphrates river has fallen to record lows after turkey started operating a hydro electric dam just north of the border in may residents in the rule aleppo area say river levels of fallen drastically resulting in severe drought conditions
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for the last 6 weeks now some say they now have no electricity or fresh drinking water so he launched the 1st of 6 times a power turbines on the elite in may it's expected to be fully operational by the end of the year. the water dropped 50 metres from the site and it is contaminated with the people are affected by the water the sick cannot drink it and it has a stinking smell and it's clear that elegant and his forefathers have been enemies for hundreds of years. now turkey is increasing naval cooperation with the un recognized government in libya defense minister heard to see a car made the remarks while inspecting a turkish ship off libya's coast last year turkey signed a maritime deal with the tripoli government but there's been tension with france and others in the mediterranean. iraq's prime minister has made changes in the country's top 2 security posts most of the head to me has chosen
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a new national security adviser and appointed a new head of national security council me made at the head of the government back in may after months of political deadlock protesters in the democratic republic of congo have marched on parliament to demand the removal of a new electoral commission chief they claim he is not impartial and that the ruling coalition is not listening to the demands for political reform dozens of demonstrators were arrested in the capital kinshasa police blocked them from storming the parliament building egypt plans to hold the 1st election for its recently revive senate next month 2 thirds of senators will be chosen by the public and the president will appoint the rest of the $300.00 member chamber it was dropped from egypt's constitution in 2014 there was more back and amendments approved in the referendum last year that those constitutional changes also allowed the c.c. to stay in power as president until 2031 thickness the fire is the founder and
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chairman of the british arab network he says the political situation in egypt doesn't fit with the election. if you've got 70000 people are locked. down inside. the lot of many programs as we know and i look in guide in prison there's no crowds not rows or columns many of them we just had over the last 12 months about 3000 people were jailed just because. they had the planets trying to diminish station in cairo so i yet i don't think the public would be left with such exercise of sham democracy i think it's a problem in egypt. there is no clear voice for the public there's no proper democracy in the military control all aspects of life in egypt as we know and really corruption he just tried in every aspect in life in egypt
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egypt's top court has upheld a 15 year sentence for one of the leading activists behind the uprising of 2011 ever duma has also been fined $370000.00 as part of his conviction he was one of 230 people who've been sentenced to life in prison following the protests do my appeal to sentence and had a retrial ordered which led to his reduced time. but 200 people have been protesting in miller a day after philippine president were to go to turkey signed a widely opposed to terror law. critics fear the legislation will be used to silence dissent and give the government a new weapon to target opponents the law which congress sent to the president for siding last month allows the detention of suspects for up to $24.00 days without charge. with the one year one against critics of the administration and against anyone who stands in the way off. yet.
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the philippines has imposed a 48 hour long in part of the capital to deal with new krona virus cases the most severe restrictions since measured start and easing several weeks ago. this is what a total lockdown looks like in one of manila's busy areas more than $7000.00 people in this community have been ordered to stay at home for 48 hours more than 30 villages across manila were told days ago that they wouldn't be allowed to leave their homes starting on saturday and unless it's an emergency. in smaller alleys like this one residency they are finding different ways to cope. but for many look this 48 hour door to lock down makes no difference to her family she says they've been under quarantine for months like you we couldn't earn enough so we had to open
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a small store just to sell to neighbors thankfully we do get to receive some aid like food and sometimes cash from the local government but i hope this situation isn't last long. but many businesses here remain closed which means thousands are unable to earn a living and are dependent on aid the philippines implemented one of the world's longest and strictest quarantine that's more than 50000000 people forced to say its home and the entire region a bizarre one for almost 3 months but coronavirus cases been saying it's a go up over the last few weeks forcing cities like manila to implement its own mass testing program for fishel say the lockdown is bent not just as a restriction of movement but also to conduct a rapid test and the diddly isolate those who are test positive march 5th being the
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1st they have done and. it's hard because. this is tons of people the people don't have enough money and jobs to sustain their livelihood slowly. they use. more than 300 people were tested on this day the philippines still has one of the highest growing cases in southeast asia but the government has been under intense pressure to reopen the economy which is now officially on their recession many other provinces have eased quarantine restrictions but in manila the situation remains uncertain the rapid test results came back no one tested positive and all the residents here were grateful they say they feel as though their lives really suspended they prayed for better days ahead . al-jazeera manila. symphony orchestra in china has given a concert to mark the end of its lockdown in
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a spectacular setting. around $120.00 musicians from the shan symphony orchestra gathered on one of china's 5 sacred mountains the event dubbed the concert on the sea of cloud was streamed online online from mt washington in shanghai province. of course you can follow all of those stories on our website updated 24 hours a day al-jazeera dot com is where you need to go. what you all deserve it means a whole robin in doha a reminder of our top news stories latin america has overtaken europe in the number of coronavirus cases the region has more than 2 and a half 1000000 infections a new cases are rapidly rising brazil is a hotspot with almost 64000 cellars underground preeti is monitoring developments
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in the region from bogota in colombia. very problematic pictures some officials here are calling for a return to a strict to strict measures in countries like where we are in colombia the government the national government here though is saying that's not possible because of how weak the economy is overall how big is the need for people to go out and work which means you will probably continue to see these numbers there are a growing gap u.s. president donald trump has been hosting the annual salute to america event at the white house to mark independence day but many states cancel the festivities due to the pandemic florida and texas saw a record rise in daily infections on saturday and the world health organization is ending its trial of a drug targeted by president trump as a game changer interim results show that hydroxy chloroquine produces little or no
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effect on the death rate of people hospitalized with covert 19 trump also said that he was taking the drug and there have been queues and crossing the does pubs restaurants hairdressers and cinemas reopened following a relaxation of lockdown rules in london big crowds gathered in big gardens but the atmosphere was different inside numbers are being limited it's table service only and there's no life music spain has put part of catalonia back into lockdown after a sharp increase in cases of covert 19 around 200000 people living near the town of leader were affected and the lockdown has been extended in refugee camps in greece but the government's being accused of misusing the pandemic to limit the movement of migrants there have been no confirmed coronavirus related deaths in any of the camps that hands around $32000.00 people those weather headlines about with more news in half an hour here on al-jazeera next its people in power do stay with us.
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july 995 the summer that witnessed one of the worst crimes of the 20th century the massacre of thousands of post. special coverage of the 25th anniversary of the streb it needs a genocide on an. inmate 2019 massive protests against inequality chile forced the government promised changes to the constitution the dates back to the finishing of the 1978 that process was put on hold as the coronavirus pandemic it but chile's political divisions have to go in a way we've been to find out why.


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