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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 6, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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on the ground just because it's lawyer doesn't mean it cannot be crushed what about the guy that can get to bring you food with documentaries and life any. iran says thursday's fire at the natanz nuclear site cause significant damage but it sounds to rebuild. this is al jazeera life and also coming up india now has the 3rd largest cases of covert 19 in the world as it prepares to reopen some of its famous monuments. and indefinite closure for the border between australia's 2 most populous states after a sudden rise in corona virus cases plots. which still have to let the wealthy know that if it had just come apart. at the defined hong kong pro-democracy activist
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joshua warren appears in court accused of organizing an illegal protest last year. so iran is now admitting last thursday far that it said nuclear facility cause significant damage its atomic energy organization says the damage could slow development of centrifuges used to enrich uranium to iran says it's planning to update the facility with more advanced equipment sampras ravi has more. what exactly happened at the natanz nuclear facility last week it's a question people in iran and around the world have been asking since a fire was reported at iran's main uranium enrichment facility on thursday a fire incident like this at the centerpiece of the country's nuclear program is easily a cause for global concern but iranian leaders downplay the incident latest satellite
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imagery however seems to show the scale of the damage whatever the cause is bigger than initial reports seemed to suggest on sunday the spokesman of the atomic energy organization of iran confirmed the seriousness of the matter speaking to state news he said enrichment activities continue but the damage was significant enough to slow some work at the facility this incident may create delays in the medium term plan for the development and production of advanced machines god willing we will compensate in such a way that the capacities at the site will be greater than before the natanz nuclear plant has been the target of cyber attacks in the past at the time iran blamed various western nations and israel iranian investigators say they know what caused the latest incident but cannot release details due to security concerns but military leaders have promised to retaliate if sabotage is confirmed. the incident at natanz happened just days after another explosion at a military base where iran develops missiles on june 26th
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a gas tank explosion at the parchin military complex northeast of the capital caused a fireball so big some to her own residents could see it from their homes on june 30th a fire and explosion at a medical clinic in north to her own killed 19 people. on saturday a fire broke out at a power station in the western city of laws causing partial outages on the same day a chlorine gas leak at a petrochemical plant on the gulf coast injured 70 people these were likely just industrial accidents perhaps triggered by rising summer temperatures but the fire at the natanz nuclear complex happened in the backdrop of serious incidents that have rattled the country in recent weeks. well let's head now from trita parsi who's executive vice president of the washington's think tank at the quincy institute and he says that other forces may be behind the 5 incidence. it seems like the iranians may actually be coming out and explain the damage that has been
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done precisely to take the opportunity to on the one hand signal that they're going to double down on the nuclear program as a result of this but also perhaps to signal the europeans that once again the iranians are showing a degree of restraint in case it turns out that this actually was it an act of sabotage from a hostile power and i think they're building up their cards to put pressure on the europeans that the europeans have to do far more than they have done so far when it comes to keeping the nuclear deal alive there is an accusation that the rouhani government has been far too weak when it comes to protecting the nuclear program standing up to it and pushing back against the pressure that the trumpet instruction is opposing on them so signaling that they're going to replace it with a bigger with more advanced centrifuges is a way of signaling not only the outside world but also iran's would read the government's internal critics all right let's move on to these surging number of covert 1000 cases worldwide with nearly 11 and
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a half 1000000 people now confirmed to have the virus india has overtaken russia to become the 3rd worst country in the world it's reporting nearly 25000 new cases every day in australia the border between its 2 most populous states is due to close on tuesday there's been a rise in corona virus cases in victoria prompting the decision to shut the border with new south wales indefinitely and latin america now accounts for about half of all coronavirus related deaths cases that have tripled in just a month with brazil and mexico the worst affected nations let's speak now to elizabeth who's speaking to us from new delhi so that's with the india as i say the 3rd worst hit country globally now how is it on the streets and that the tourist sites how are people responding. hi nicole monuments opened in the country for the 1st time in more than 3 months but looking at the pictures of people flocking to the sites which have opened yet and judging
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by the number of people who want to go out who do go out to do non essential things we're not actually expecting big numbers having said that the government is restricting the number of people who can go to these tourist sites to maintain social distancing and of course the reason why people aren't 7 going out to other than other than to work and things like that because the number of cases continue to rise you mentioned that you get and now the single highest day rise the we're seeing those almost every other day and we are the india is the worst affected country now and the states are trying to deal with that situation by increasing testing the government has said that it's now tested more than 10000000 people it's testing about 300000 people across the country every day the worst hit states like maharashtra and delhi are increasing their coded facilities and we also had delhi's chief minister he just held a news conference and despite delhi reaching the 100000 mark of cases he was very
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positive because he said that only 5000 or a 3rd of the region's hospital beds of being used that most people are actually recovering at home but he did plead with those who recovered to donate their plasma which is being used to treat current patients right now and come true vaastu india every state must have a different story was nuts and has to respond in a different way. it is a very different picture both with the number of cases and the restrictions and health experts are saying that they're not expecting you know india to have the kind of peak that you saw in other countries european countries and that india is going to have different peaks at different times in the sort of a plateau that all of these peaks they going to add up to a plateau and we're seeing the capital of the southern state of catalyst for instance that have been on the poor in which and carola is the state that's best
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handled the outbreak it's gone into a full lockdown for one week. did the same thing 2 weeks ago with the worst affected districts including the major city of chad night starting to ease a few of those restrictions today the northeastern state of us on this in the strict lock down the east and city of course carter from today isn't accepting flights from the worst 6 worst cities for 2 weeks a very much a very mixed picture and states are just trying to figure out you know find that balance between trying to contain the spread of the virus but also not letting the economy collapse because the nation wide lockdown was an economic disaster mainly for the hundreds of millions of daily wage and as and that's why there's no. appetite from the central government to impose anything like that on the nation again with its purchase from india thanks very much but thank you. well as we mentioned the border between the strait is most populous states is closing on
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tuesday the new south wales permit says the controversial decision was not taken lightly. we have done mispriced on health advice and especially given the fact that when our nation had those high number of cases back in february and march the vast majority of those prices were from either face travelers or littering home towns what is happening in victoria is very different which is why the pressure to take these cases serious stands we would have taken the stand on this we absolutely had to but time now for mcconaughey to send this update from a straight a's capital of cumbria there have been some people speculating about what happened during quarantine there when people did return from the ses but it has happened as well as restrictions have been easing across the country is charlie has been very successful up until now really to suppress. tain which means that shops have started to reopen public gatherings have returned and this is when we
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have seen a huge but in cases in specific pockets of the city of melbourne and the victorian premier daniel andrews gave an update a short time ago and he said that they had been 127 new cases reported in the states over the notch on sunday now that he's like the biggest jump in cases that victoria has seen since the start of this hand to make which is why many different social distancing measures have now returned. dozens of suburbs now returning to strict social distancing measures but also 3000 papal stuff at least 5 days if not more in 9 public housing towers in melbourne that means like leave holmes for the next 5 days until the government makes another decision on
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what will happen. intensive care units are filling up in. cases doctors are worried many deaths reported. the reports now from. $1000.00 victims arrive for cremation. on the outskirts of. the recent increase in the number of deaths in the colombian capital has meant cremation service is tripled here in the last couple of weeks. it's a sad situation for the relatives who can't give their loved ones a proper goodbye. people are helpless. entering the hospital 20 days before and never see them again until they meet in the closed coffin. sectors of the economy in june following a strict quarantine seems to be responsible for a sharp rise in hospitalizations. intensive care units are now 80 percent full in
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the national government ventilators to increase availability but a lack of trained doctors means not all of them can be used at the same time and now authorities are worried by a sharp surge along caribbean coast soldiers and police in full protective gear or on the streets of the port city of. to enforce quarantine measures. the atlantic a province has registered almost double the number of deaths compared to with only one 3rd of the population. authorities say here people have been more openly flouting social distancing rules holding parties in other gatherings and doctors fear some could be the 1000 related deaths are not being reported. many patients dying at home or arriving at the hospital dead are not being included in the statistics but from feedback from families in clinics it is clear that the
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person died of corona virus and we are not reporting it. the sharp upturning pales in comparison with some neighboring countries like brazil it is very worrisome especially since health authorities say we're still weeks away from reaching the peak of infections and the government is excluding the return to stricter measures saying it's time to revive the country's battered economy leaving much of the responsibility in the hands of people wearing face masks and maintaining social distance a lesson that m.p.'s just. nearly 40 people are feared dead in japan after torrential rain triggered floods and mudslides roads and bridges on the island. have been washed away leaving many isolated communities caught off for it is avoided 200000 residents to evacuate their homes and the heavy rains are expected to last until tuesday afternoon. celeb here in algeria we look at how sweden urban
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farming operation is growing from strength to strength. formula one drivers joined together to protest against racism although not all of them took the knee. how i we've got plenty of warm sunshine continuing across much of the mediterranean but at the different story further north we have got kolarov which will sink its way across into central parts of europe as we go on through the next couple days behind this cold front this blue line or not shot here that's going to change drivers way for the south it's the winds coming in from all the northwesterly direction so a cooler direction temperatures follow struggle to get to around $21.00 celsius in berlin as we go through monday a similar temperature for london and also for paris still up around $29.00 in
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vienna that line of cloud and rain that will continue to drive its way from the south which in east was cooling off to about 22 in vienna some very heavy down bus on that cold front actually as it gradually make its way into that eastern side of europe so what's the weather coming back in the cross the northwest because scotland ireland and wales but piles of it should be largely dry at least as we go on through choose the elsewhere western posit she's seen some good spells of sunshine as is the case across northern africa more very hot sunshine coming through here could still get up around 38 celsius in cairo plenty of showers once again across the heart of africa into the gulf of guinea those showers a stand in the way across a good part of west africa and that's in the way towards the gambia. capturing a moment in time. not shocks about the lives. of the
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stories and why people are pretty calm when you're here you can stand providing a glimpse into someone else's what you are pursuing in the dream all your life inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmaker. witnesses on al-jazeera. org. are you watching i do not remind of our top stories this hour and iran's atomic energy organization has acknowledged that last week's fire at a major nuclear facility called significant damage this could slow production of advanced centrifuges which are used to enrich uranium to india has overtaken russia
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to become the 3rd worst hit country in the world in the coronavirus pandemic it's reporting nearly 25000 new cases every day with nearly 700000 infections now confirmed nationwide. and nearly 40 people if it dead in japan after trench will floods trying to rain i should say triggered floods and mudslides the authorities have ordered 200000 residents to evacuate their homes and heavy rain is expected to last until tuesday afternoon. now hong kong pro-democracy activists joshua was appearing in court charged with organizing an author an authorized protest last year while his political party disbanded last week after beijing imposed a controversial national security law on hong kong he said he and other activists would be prime targets of the law it bans any activity beijing considers of subversive outside court he said activists should not give up. with the race of our personal safety with the fret of life sentencing we might be worried and also
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been targeted by beijing but we also encourage the war global community to let our voice being heard in the world once we do have and the possibility we still have to live so well to know that now is the time this time of hong kong and now is the time for home home and keep our momentum so let's go to sarah clarke in hong kong and her on the stand the hearings now finished. it was only mentioned today but the 3 people who are charged this agnes child a juncture woman ivan lamb now these are all full up members even founders of the dipsy star group the pro-democracy group which you mentioned earlier has already disbanded due to the triple risks associated with the newly introduced national security laws out there 3 of them have been charged for taking part in a gathering of what was deemed legal assembly in june last year outside police
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headquarters now the charge is that inciting organizing and participating in what was called this illegal assembly at the place headquarters in one child during those anti tradition the government protests last year and i should state that i just how has pleaded guilty to 2 of those charges but the other 2 have pleaded not guilty to those charges now at the hearing has finished now it was a mention only it will be reviewed again in august but these are the 1st charges relating to these 3 with regards to the anti extradition movement last year joshua one agnes child have appeared or served time in jail before that's true of the occupy movement back in 2014 arrested in charge of that on a rival they did not know that they face an uphill battle but they said they will continue to fight for democracy in hong kong and they want to kowtow to beijing and so this comes in the context of the national security law doesn't that does the law in this case and potentially sentance.
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well these charges were laid before the national security laws were introduced on july 1st which was last week but it certainly shouldn't affect as a result should affect the sentence and shouldn't affect the hearing but given the high profile nature of joshua one he has long been a political target he was the face of the occupy movement back in 2014 and was also well known internationally he was nominated for a nobel peace prize in 2017 and he also played a key role in convincing the u.s. to pass the hong kong human rights democracy and human rights act i should say he's been disqualified in the past and no doubt as he acknowledged today he expects to be pursued under these national security laws as you mentioned earlier as well knight the boy with a demonstrator it disbanded already last week due to their concern about the risks of facing jail time at nights and one of the key founders of demister he's already left hong kong because he's acknowledged he could face jail for criticizing the introduction of beijing's national security laws in hong kong or that's the story from hong kong circuit thanks a lot. libya's u.n.
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recognize government to condemn day raids on a recount today based in the west of the country it says for an air force carried out the attack the loss of the facility in may was among a string of recent defeats for world only for have to push the amount of large parts of western libya after launched an offensive to seize the capital tripoli last year my food up wide has more now from tripoli. 5 strikes targeted by an identified warplanes but the government here in tripoli especially the defense minister just stated saying that. foreign fighter jets carried out the attacks on turkish military facilities in our. air base that includes an air defense system according to. media outlets we have not. reported any comment from the turkish military as of yet but only the approach. media outlets that reported that among the turkish military facilities in
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other words targeted by a poor health or fighter jet is an air defense system units no casualties have been reported but the ministry of defense at the government of national in tripoli here says that this attack by planes is trying to send a message to try to disrupt what it calls the victory that has been achieved by the government forces it helped by the military and specially taken control of western libya from forces loyal to the world really for have to they have been protests against turkey's intervention in libya crowds in regards to shout the slogans and kurds trying to talk to the turkish president received tarp or one piece of the city is the stronghold of forces loyal to her after her libya is divided between 2 rival administrations and several armed groups. at least $166.00
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people are now known to have died in ethiopia during protests over the killing of a popular singer and activist officials blame the dance on security forces response to the unrest into ethnic violence saying it. was a member of ethiopians largest ethnic group in the room shot dead and that is out of votes we. will always president elect. is due to be sworn into office he's ordered a small ceremony in response to a surge of coronavirus cases just a 100 people are expected to attend the inauguration day comes to barracks in the capital a long way instead of an event at the $20000.00 capacity national stadium where it won an election rerun after more than a year of political turmoil triggered by an old election. italy has authorized a charity vessel that rescued more than 100 migrants in the mediterranean to dog.
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as those on board the asian viking were picked up after fleeing libya and now heading to sicily where they will be transferred to a quarantine ship the migrants have been on the ocean viking for over a week and the charity had to declare a state of emergency on friday because of violence on board. the coronavirus crisis has disrupted the global food supply chain is leading to shortages in some countries and the world bank is warning 130000000 people could be at risk of starvation but an increasingly popular urban farming system could provide the solution reports now from sweden's capital stock. it's harvest time but not as we know it these very modern farm hands are bringing in the crops from a vertical farm plants growing from the walls instead of the ground no tractors required just a pair of scissors and artificial intelligence senses that feed information on factors like speed of growth and nutrition content into a central database so that on this farm the computer is in charge. the farm that
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you're seeing here everything is basically connected so all the part is that we have that have an influence on the growth of a plan you're controlling that you're building are basically food brain it controls everything by help of artificial intelligence and recreate the perth or. the mint basil kale and get everything they could ever desire light water humidity temperature tailored to their individual needs and without the risky business of growing out in nature anyone inside the farm has to wear a protective suit like this to stop bacteria coming in from outside it also means they don't need pesticides so you can eat the produce straight off the wall. they taste better than the average supermarket solids and they're already being sold in local stores and restaurants and stock. and local means local the sweet
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green farm hidden under this building in an old newspaper archive is part of a program called a neighbor food it seems to give all urban swedes access to produce grown within yards of the door. the global movement in urban farming could play a vital role in preventing food crises. as covert 19 exposes weaknesses in the supply chain that have left people hungry everywhere from zimbabwe to the u.s. the climate crisis the epidemic ongoing right now has shown us how vulnerable we are in the cities we become very passive consumers we want to turn that around and where people start producing in the spaces that are otherwise empty those spaces below our buildings can be used for food production this farms so-called food brain is available on subscription so any start ups can have their own environment controlled from here it could make vertical farming a growth industry that puts more food within easy reach at a time when it's most needed paul reese al-jazeera stock has. formula one has
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made its return after a 4 month delay due to the pandemic that he bought us narrowly beat lewis hamilton to win pole position in the austrian grand prix the world champion how alton missed out after being handed a time penalty and stokes has this. before the race in austria all 20 drivers took part in a protest against racism after reports of disagreements among the group is how best to do it they all wore end racism t. shirts and the majority took the neat 6 chose not to the world champion lewis hamilton f one's only black driver was the only one wearing a black lives matter shirt. then it was time to race for months after the original opener in melbourne was called off because of coronavirus the sadie's valtteri bottas was on pole and got away cleanly at the start to open up a healthy lead. his team mate hamilton started back in 5th but quickly worked his
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way up to 3rd and that soon became 2nd after red bulls much to stepan was forced out with engine problems on lap 14. despite numerous incidents and safety because miss eighty's managed to keep potus and hamilton safely out in front but they did warn them they needed to look after their cars. shall treat assist james ticket box issues is critical to the state should show then more drama followed kimmie reichen in lost his right wheel which meant another safety car had to come out while stewards recovered his alfre m a o that bunched up the pack and allowed others to put the miss a tease and the pressure alex albon in the red bull attempted to pass hamilton with 10 laps left hamilton blocked him in alvin spun off and ultimately out of the race but it was to cost hamilton did it even though he crossed the line 2nd behind but us he was handed a 5 2nd time penalty which dropped him down into 4th which meant it was ferrari chose the clerk who took 2nd mclaren's lando norris inferred at 20 years old he.
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the 3rd youngest driver ever to climb a podium finish in formula one there was no social distancing back in the mclaren garridge i'm just surviving the superstar to be on the podium in the 1st place yes it would be nice to share with the fans in. to have to have a few more people but yeah i'm just so happy i did not expect to be to finish peter today so yes we may debate the best out of it for me best way to start the season as a team i think we're leading of course we could have got more points i really feel particularly anyway right now i think it just the race is done and i just feel like moving forwards it wasn't to be for hamilton in the opening race but thanks to this season's makeshift calendar he'll get another chance at the same circuit in a week's time david stokes jazeera. well one of the world's most visited museums a piece doors again after the pandemic forced its closure it is the lever in paris
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home of the mona lisa and it was lost in the mid march right to say the 16 week closure has cost the museum about $45000000.00 in lost ticket sales during peak tourist season the museum draws up to $50000.00 visitors a day but manages expect those numbers to drop drastically with tourism at a standstill. let's have a quick check of the headlines here and al-jazeera and iran's atomic energy organization is acknowledge that last week's fart a major nuclear facility core significant damage this could slow production of advanced centrifuges which are used to enrich uranium. india has overtaken russia to become the 3rd worst hit country in the world in the corona virus pandemic is reporting nearly 25000 new cases every day with nearly 700000 infections now confirmed nationwide and as with burnham has more from india's capital new delhi.
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we get a single highest day raw is that we are seeing those almost every other day and. india is the 3rd worst affected country now and the states are trying to deal with that situation by increasing testing the government has said that it's now tested more than 10000000 people in testing about 300000 people across the country every day the worst hit states. are increasing. facilities nearly 40 people are feared dead in japan after torrential rains triggered floods and mudslides the authorities have ordered 200000 residents to evacuate their homes the heavy rains expected to last until tuesday afternoon. a pro-democracy activist joshua walker's appeared in court in hong kong charged with organizing an authorised protest last year well political party disbanded last week off a page you can post a controversial national security law on the territory he said he and other activists would be prime targets of the law. libya's un recognized government has
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condemned their raids on a recaptured air base in the west of the country it says a foreign force carried out the attack but most of the facility in may was among a string of recent defeats for the warlord leaf i have to push him out of large parts of western libya. it's only has authorized a charity vessel that rescued more than $100.00 migrants in the mediterranean to dog. yes those on board a viking were picked up off the fleeing libya and now heading to sicily where they'll be transferred to a quarantine ship migrants have been on board the ocean viking for over a week and the charity had to declare a state of emergency on friday because of violence that was taking place on board all right you're up to date with headlines but more news here on al-jazeera right off the inside story from.
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al jazeera. another setback for the iran nuclear deal to her own triggers a disputes mechanism saying european powers on doing their part to keep the agreement allied with the u.s. to turn into isolation iran is the deal with saving face is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm in wrong iran is expressing frustration.


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