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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2020 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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on al-jazeera. a diverse range of stories from across the globe from the perspective of a net what's journalists on al-jazeera. ivory coast's prime minister collapses in a cabinet meeting and this pronounced said. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching out as they are live from london also coming up on the program as the u.s. marks new record coronavirus numbers it says the world is looking to it for leadership. of course the u.s. remains the world's leading to. the united nations warning on the libyan conflict foreign interference has reached on precedented levels and the building relations
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of while building a war mexico's president meets donald trump at the white house. thank you for joining us we begin the program with some breaking news the prime minister of ivory coast amadou gone coulibaly has died at the age of 61 the president says the nation is in mourning bally was taken to hospital after he fainted during a cabinet meeting he had to return to ivory coast last week after a prolonged stay in france for a heart exam let's speak to nicholas talk to now who is in senegal a force as some of us 1st of all what else do we know of around what happened. well the death was just announced moments ago but it happened around midday today
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he was just before he went into the company bidding he went on twitter to say that he's back into the country and he's back in action and on twitter he's working for the decades to come and for the future generation really setting the tone that he will be the next presidential candidate for the upcoming election in the vendor in iraq. coast just moments after that he entered the cabinet meeting suddenly starting to cough and then ministers around him got worried and he was taken to hospital where he died now we don't know the reasons of his death the way he died from but for 2 months he was taken to a friend's where we are told he was treated for a heart condition now his death comes at a time where ivory coast is studying to get ready for a presidential election and as you know barbara elections presidential elections in ivory coast have been stable for the past decade barbara insulin license that they
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make where does that leave the election and where does it leave i guess the potential future candidate. well no one really the last moment to announce who would be his replacement or his choice of candidate for this election and so in november when he announced that he was not himself going to run again for term and announce it took many of his supporters by surprise his foreign minister at the time resigned many people around his in his party moved away from him because expected it was that he was the former president of the national assembly he himself said that he would be the candidate of choice by ouattara but he was sidelined by want to just 2 years ago because he was said to believe to be behind him you to the that have been in the
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armed forces 2 years ago that really rocked ivory coast and the whole problem in ivory coast is that despite years of economic stability political grievances and the grievances that led to this civil war that led to more than 3000 people being killed were no address during watches time in at least that's the. put forward by opposition candidates and their number of opposition candidate that will run in this election nobody. can own b.g. who is the president of one of the main opposition party the p.c.i.-e. he was a former president of ivory coast also in the running is soros who formed his own political party but the announce the announcement of his death today. will send shock waves to the political system that's already rocky in ivory coast barbara with the latest from cynical most.
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days of heavy rain have swollen rivers and triggered mudslides across china and japan dozens of people have been killed in the flooding with millions told to leave their homes and it's falling slowly reports the extreme weather is showing no sign of these ngs. some of the heaviest rain in decades has batted who been a province in china on the outskirts of hong kong city rescue workers dig through landslide debris in central south west and east in china rescue teams have evacuated people trapped by rising floodwaters in cities towns and villages you need to see because the water is so deep we have asked the brigade to help transfer residents by rubber boats dams and river banks are being reinforced further to the east heavy rain has continued to pound japan causing flooding and landslides it's up rooted trees and downed electricity pylons making some roads impassable water
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levels in many areas remain high was a good even though it may have stopped raining there are many things to be worried about whether there could be months like happening here as well i was wondering along with this continue the worst hit areas of japan on the southwest island of. which has seen the highest number of casualties more than a 1000000 people on japan's 3rd largest island have been advised to seek temporary shelter and stay with friends or relatives where possible to avoid overcrowding at emergency centers health workers say basic measures to prevent corona virus from spreading in the crowded conditions seem to be working on you know the fact there have been no coronavirus patients in this area proves that we are doing the best we can whether experts are warning more heavy rain is expected over much of japan florence louis al-jazeera. italy's prime minister has warned the european
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single market could be at risk if the e.u. fails to deliver a coordinated response to the coronavirus pandemic just epic and there has been holding talks with the spanish counterpart in madrid before this month's leaders' meeting in brussels but along with the 2 of the little we are talking about the future of europe what is at stake here is the single market imagine what it would mean if we were incapable of providing a strong coordinated european response it would destroy the single market the european value chains would be destroyed our economies would be destroyed and all of europe would be less competitive global little. spain has been hit harder by the pandemic than most other european nations prime minister pedro sanchez says his country is better prepared for any future outbreak. what the spikes show is that codeine thing is still present and we should not let daniel god they also say autonomous regions have the instruments to detect any outbreak early we
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couldn't do that in monch we didn't know the virus we experienced an invasion now primary health care and the health system have been strengthened and therefore we can have an anticipated response. the u.k. government has announced a $37000000000.00 many budget including half price restaurant meals in a bid to save jobs and pump new life into a coronavirus battered economy it's launching what it calls the kickstarter scheme it's offering to pay 6 months wages to any employer who creates a high standard job for people aged between $16.00 to $24.00 the suresh told on tax paid when buying property has been raised to encourage people back into the housing market but the chancellor rhee she soon i can now nce the furlough scheme would end in october it's been in place since march and paid up to 80 percent of people salaries if employers promised to retain their jobs john howell reports now from
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beaumont regis in west sussex. the seaside town of reach is a faded 19th century resort town with fun times feel like a thing of the past a place counting the cost of coronavirus more keenly than most but most of my money is through from busking or finger that is my mind during the summer and so our computer will be of a cushion but this year we're not going to have anything like that although. we do see it's all very handsome a lockdown may have lifted in time for the summer holidays but growth and opportunity seem a long way off. people need to know that although hardship lies ahead no one will be left without hope. so today we with a plan for jobs our plan has a clear goal to protect support and create jobs it's the latest in a series of interventions to support the economy the government here the treasury
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hoping to put hundreds of thousands of under 20 five's into work by paying their salaries up to the minimum wage for the 1st 6 months of their employment it's intended to head off a looming crisis of unemployment with the economy predicted to suffer a 14 percent fall in g.d.p. this year. jobs are just one part of an economy feeling the heat measures announced by the chancellor to stimulate consumer spending include a sales tax cut in the troubled hospitality sector welcome news for restaurants but it'll take more than that to allay concerns about what lies ahead can't stand that they're helping people but it's not. obvious all it's not going to be any of this because i was. a lox and i'm no economist. so much bar called see how they can give away billions of pounds over these months and then have to say to somebody actually you know maybe 4 percent tax to pay back the coach will be in such a big such
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a mess of money that it's disappeared. and it's not just the jobs of the young at stake there are fears across the economy with consumer spending down and furloughed workers in their millions facing possible redundancy when the government's job retention scheme ends in the autumn if the money's not coming through the door i can't afford to pay it i never want to get rid of good staff i want to incentivizing he could staff but i can't afford to take on staff i want to be absent on and service staff that you need any sort of industry because the money is not there and people are not spending it the picture drome cinemas celebrated 100 years of continuous operation in january only for the lights to come down in march and 4 months since coming attractions are uncertain jonah hole al-jazeera bogner reaches. a record 60000 new coronavirus cases have been registered in the united states in a single day that's according to data from johns hopkins university the states of
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california and texas reported more than 10000 daily infections on tuesday and that's pushed the total number of confirmed cases to more than 3000000 the u.s. says the highest test haul of any nation more than 130000 people have now died from coal that 19 the spike that secretary of state like pompei also says the world is looking to the u.s. for guidance as a global leader in the fight against the pandemic well gabrielle is on the joins us live now from new york a gate good to see you when you look at the figures coming out of the u.s. especially the increasing numbers of contagion perhaps it's a little baffling as to why mike pompei would say the world is looking to the u.s. for guidance. that's right the u.s. is facing an increased crisis when it comes to coronavirus as you mentioned several states being hit particularly hard or over the over 50 us states more than
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$35.00 are seeing increases in corona virus infection rates only 3 of the 50 us states are seeing decreasing levels of infection rates just looking at a couple of the states hardest hit in a few anecdotes the state of florida there are $42.00 hospitals in the state there are at capacity on i.c.u. beds he simply don't have anymore ice you beds and there are 54 hospitals with less than 10 percent capacity nice you beds the state of texas as you said hit a record of more than 10000 infections of coronavirus confirmed cases on tuesday and 8000 hospitalizations in texas that's quadrupled just in the last 2 months and in the state of arizona only 145 i.c.u. beds are left of bailable in the entire state given all of this and given all these bad numbers that are coming in from so many states nevertheless secretary of state mike pompei o did say that the u.s.
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is a global leader in fighting chrono byron listen to a little bit more of what he had to say of course the u.s. remains the world leader in the pandemic. goes without saying. there are multiple dimensions that i've talked about each of them certainly the vice president has forced talks about them as well but whether that is the technical scientific solutions. both to how to stop the spread whether that's their puter vaccines the world turns its eyes to the best scientists and researchers and practitioners of the sciences that will ultimately bring resolutions probably it's the united states that the world looks to. now the new york times looked at all the countries around the world that have coronavirus in trying to figure out which countries have the highest infection rates in the last week given
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a population of 1000000 when they did that they realized that it wasn't actually country it was a state no place in the world has more crow virus cases in the last week per 1000000 residents than the state of arizona ranked number one number 2 on the list the state of florida number 3 was also a u.s. state south carolina number 4 was a country of bahrain and number 5 was the state of louisiana it just gives you an idea of how much corona virus is spreading in the u.s. in various states essentially what you have here is many states throughout the u.s. that have more higher infection rates in the last week than countries. gabriel is under with the latest from lynn or that overview of the situation in the states thank you. let's go to serbia now where the president has caved into the man's of protesters reversing his decision to reimpose coronavirus restrictions alexandr
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what church says a weekend curfew cannot be implemented without a state of emergency being enforced thousands turned up for the 2nd day of protests in belgrade to spite the u.-turn well church tried to reinforce measures after serbia as high as single day death toll from covert 19 protesters say he's partly responsible for the spike accusing him of lifting measures in june to hold elections which he wanted to show had seen an equal ha is live for us in belgrade so 1st of all what's it looking like when it comes to protests this evening many people turned out to get. yes many people turned out again and we could say that probably a little bit less than yesterday but still a few 1000 people appeared on this protest in front of the national assembly for the 1st 2 waters of the for the 1st part of the protest everything was called and it seemed like that nothing much will happen and that we won't see the same scenes
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as we saw last night when riots were quite big but some want more let's say about an hour ago the protesters started to throw flayers and stones and everything there headed towards the police which was blocking the entrance into the national assembly then out through the police started firing out here again and everything started to do to escalate to rev it very very very quickly after that it is obvious that police tonight is much more better prepared for this clashes with the demonstrators than they were last night because the police had better tactics than last night and try to disperse the demonstrators into a few groups and to push them away on each side of the national assembly to push them around to our surrounding streets all of the national assembly to push them push them away and the police pretty much managed to do that so at this point we could say that the situation in front of the national assembly is pretty much the same as it was last night somewhere around midnight or something like that because the riots were much longer a much bigger
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a last night police is obviously pretty better prepared than they were last night special police the. regular police the police cavalry every every single part of the police is on the streets of belgrade and they're still clashing wind with the demonstrators so we will see where will this go this evening for their own. can see live pictures there and you will of course be monitoring developments for us for the moment to show that's uniquely live for us in belgrade thank you. still ahead in this half hour why the u.s. denying is that release of a lebanese. businessman charged with financing hezbollah isn't a prisoner swap. hello
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on tuesday this thin line of cloud here with a lot of lightning strikes and it produced hail and he up to 5 centimeters in diameter in western russia ukraine and that was the black sea now it's more described the way it stationary now that side of it is still nice and hot this side that it's cool down it's not cold by any means it's disappointing for july that's almost the european plane it is still hot from romania south of through turkey and greece and back through italy spain and portugal least in part the blue suggests where it's raining in the construct rain once again runs for the british isles low countries germany and up to the baltic states the forecast for london is not particularly pretty for a mid summer one breezy sunny intervals but showers at least on friday we should be about $24.00 degrees who is on the cool side of where things ought to be north africa remains hot dusty in places this brian suggests where the dust has picked up the biggest showers and that comes through in phases where in nigeria but they're
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showing themselves rather more radically now in sierra leone those orange strikes often disappear into the atlantic to produce something more tangible with the time being quite widespread shares as far north as bamako or beyond. join our global community they call the crisis is just slapped isn't the place the blessing upon latin upon latin human hands equals global health keeping you up to date as was the voice situation where we have a human rights prices that persist beyond help prices on your questions is a dialogue just nothing we are now approaching across route this is an opportunity that we must go if the stream on al-jazeera.
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welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the prime minister of ivory coast amadou khan. has died at the age of 61 it was taken to hospital last week after fainting during a cabinet meeting he had just returned from a prolonged stay in france for a heart exam the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the united states as their pastor 3000000 more than 130000 people across the country have died the highest death toll of any nation and serbia's president has caved to to the demands of protesters at reversing his decision to reimpose coronavirus restrictions aleksandr which says a weekend curfew cannot be implemented without a state of emergency be in force. u.n.
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secretary general and tony good pettish says the conflict in libya has entered a new phase in a virtual session of the security council condemned foreign interference in the conflict saying it had reached unprecedented levels the u.n. says more than 100 civilians were killed in libya between april and june with warning of more bloodshed in the city of c. at the u.n. recognize government is supported by turkey while warlord telephone half that is backed by russia egypt and the u.a.e. cease fire talks are underway between turkey and russia through a telephone conversation a prime minister said ouch and the call i received from field marshal after i made a strong appeal for both reengage fully in ensuring that effective ceasefire and move swiftly to dancing the political process united nations the african union the league of arab states together and other key regional actors and organizations and the european union will continue to work closely together to support the people of
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libya as they seek to consolidate their economic security and political future. the u.s. president has welcomed his mexican counterpart to the white house making this the 1st face to face meeting between the leaders and their spawn away lopez obrador has been criticized for holding talks with donald trump who remains unsurprisingly divisive figure in mexico over his immigration policies and the border wall the leftist leader defended the trip as trade related some democrats say trump wants to use the occasion to drum up support among hispanic voters before the november election. our white house correspondent kimberly halkett joins us live well it's an unlikely alliance elvis a lot of sings have been said either way tell us a little bit more about what the meeting was about and how it seemed to have gone. yeah i know so far it seems to be fairly amicable it's as you point out it is an
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unlikely alliance because the mexican president has really been kind of the face of mexico's left he's a lifelong populist and it seems that almost on the sort of nationalist 10 c. this is where the 2 men seem to have struck a bit of a relationship at least there is some sort of mutual admiration particularly they both seem to demonstrate these kind of authoritarian tendencies they both have these nationalist stripes to them and so they seem to have forged a bond and that seems to be the foundation of the meeting that they are having right now as they celebrate the sort of implementation of a very significant trade deal one that has tremendous opportunity economic opportunity for not just the united states and mexico and also canada and that's what's so noticeable about the absence of the canadian prime minister in the midst of all of this justin trudeau he is not here to celebrate the implementation of the u.s. m.c.a.
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which for places the north american free trade agreement he says he's not coming not just because of concerns about covert 19 but also because of donald trump's tariffs when it comes to canadian aluminum so one of the 3 parties noticeably absent still they are celebrating the economic opportunities for all the countries involved with this trade deal and speaking both of this trade deal and i guess the optics of having the mexican leader at the white house how important is all of this for trying to win the election in november. it's critical for this u.s. president because in the face a very negative economic news as a result of covert 1000 this is really a signature achievement for his presidency one that isn't getting a lot of attention in the united states but there's also the accusation that president trump is essentially using the mexican president as a political prop as he tries to win reelection you have to remember some was very incendiary comments in 2016 he called mexican immigrants rapists he's also
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threatened mexico repeatedly with different sort of trade tariffs and and really tried to use a heavy hand with respect to that but the 2 leaders seem to have found a relationship that has a foundation and pragmatism in fact we've even seen the mexican president coming to president trump's aid with respect to illegal immigration deploying the national guard along the southern border so it appears that despite some of their differences they have found an alliance our marriage of convenience. can really help get with the latest on that meeting at the white house kimberly thank you a lebanese businessman who is accused of financing hezbollah has returned home after 3 years in a u.s. jail because you dean has been so have been sentenced for that to 5 years in prison but was released due to poor health and the risks of contracting covert 19 there the u.s. secretary of state on wednesday called on all countries to classify hezbollah as
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a terrorist organization so no hope of reports. course in persia dean is back home the lebanese businessman charged by a u.s. court for financing the iranian backed lebanese group hezbollah was released from prison on compassionate grounds. landed in beirut after completing 3 years of his 5 year sentence the us administration denied his freedom was part of the backroom deal and insists dean remains a designated global terrorist but his release increased speculation of a swap months after a naturalized american was released from a lebanese jail the release of tension comes within the context of prisoner swaps that we've seen in the past failures between the trumpet ministration on one hand and the iranian regime tozer dean's arrival coincided with a visit by the commander of the u.s. central command general canis mckenzie reaffirmed america's partnership with the lebanese army but not with the government the americans say is beholden to
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hezbollah the armed group along with its allies control lebanon's government and parliament this thing because of possible i believe the united states is going to. increase the pressure now thanks to the guests have very efficient but what is much more efficient will be would be or could be the thanks again hezbollah ally. lebanon is caught in a power struggle between the u.s. its arab allies and israel against iran as are the israelis does not signal improved relations between hezbollah and the us administration u.s. officials have said that does not diminish the severity of the crime and that there are still determined to go after the groups finances just last month u.s. secretary of state mike pompei also said hezbollah poses a threat to the u.s. its international partners and threatens lebanon's stability hezbollah and its
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allies say international powers are imposing a financial siege on lebanon on. the americans are exploiting the piled up political and economical failures to inside the lebanese against hezbollah the us decision to beseech hezbollah will not lead to any result we will not surrender the us has said aid is not flowing in because the hezbollah led ruling alliance is refusing to fight corruption and carry out reforms that would weaken their hold over the state's resources lebanon yet again is in a rino or regional international rivalries play out but the stakes are even higher this time with the country close to economic collapse senate leader beirut. in hong kong's government has banned an unofficial anthem often sung by pro-democracy protesters. education secretary kevin young says schools should stop students from singing
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glory to hong kong or any of the songs containing strong political messages the announcement was made just hours after beijing set up a national security bureau in hong kong the office will be a base for chinese intelligence agents to oversee the enforcement of new security laws. and now a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the prime minister of ivory coast amadou gone by lee has died at the age of $61.00 the president says the nation is in mourning balli was taken to hospital after he fainted it during a cabinet meeting he had returned to ivory coast last week after a prolonged stay in france for a heart exam it was chosen in march to be the governing party's candidate for the october presidential election. the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the
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united states is now past 3000000 a record 60000 new infections have been registered in a single day more than 130000 people across the us have now died that's the highest death toll of any nation despite that secretary of state payroll says the world is looking to the u.s. for guidance. of course the u.s. remains the world leader in the pandemic. goes without saying and there are multiple dimensions as i've talked about each of them certainly the vice president has forced talks about them as well but whether that is the technical scientific solutions. both to how to stop the spread whether that's their pyrex or vaccines the world turns its eyes to the best scientists and researchers and practitioners of the sciences that will ultimately bring resolutions probably it's the united states that the world looks to the u.n. secretary general and tony good pettish says the conflict in libya has entered
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a new phase in a virtual session of the united nations security council condemned foreign interference in the fighting saying it had reached unprecedented levels the un says more than 100 civilians were killed in libya between april and june. the us president has welcomed his mexican counterpart to the white house marking the 1st face to face meeting between the 2 leaders and the rest went away lopez over a dog has been criticized for holding talks with donald trump who remains a divisive figure in mexico over his immigration policies and the border wall those are the headlines this stream is next looking at how the coronavirus pandemic has been affected by homelessness and i'll have more news for you in half an hour thanks for watching but by.
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ok you are watching the stream on today show coverage 19 pandemic and homelessness in america one of the richest countries in the world now i am sure that wherever you're watching the world you have your own stories and your own experiences about homelessness and kovac 19 you know what to do if you're on you tube jumping to the charts and you tube can be part of the conversation. i'm going to say hello to this and maison panel and begun to introduce themselves to you dr chris shall great to have eaten everybody he. nice to be here.


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