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tv   NZ Trapped In The Volcano  Al Jazeera  July 10, 2020 1:32am-2:01am +03

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party were marching through the capitol when they say police opened fire the appointment of an election administrator who's accused of rigging previous elections has infuriated protesters. the un's special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings says the world has entered a 2nd drone age in our annual report and for the to the human rights council agnes kalamata labeled the u.s. drone killing of iran's top military commander kasim sulaimani a violation of international law that report says most the drone targeted killings receive little public scrutiny kalam ard says drones pose a major international security issue with state and non-state actors the ploy in ever more advanced technologies those are the headlines coming up next it's one on one east. true tensions could cut global economic growth by in $700000000000.00 we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly
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changing the world we live in the government has shifted focus from saving lives to save the economy. counting the cost on al-jazeera. it was meant to be the cruise of a lifetime a luxury trip around new zealand to soak up the country's natural beauty. but then disaster struck. ah cruise ship passengers were trapped in the middle of a volcanic eruption on wife island. scenes of death and suffering confronted witnesses that something there that i never thought i'd ever see and something i had thought i'd have to see again what i want to east investigates how a dream holiday turned into a deadly nightmare. on
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december 4th last year the ovation of the city's set sail from sydney for new zealand. it was paid crew season and thousands of australians had bought tickets for one of the last trips before christmas. on board the royal caribbean cruise was adelaide lawyer gavin dello his wife lisa and her 15 year old daughter zoe hosking. a really long toward took care of a preacher all the above regarding sure it should be. a boss trial airline usually on. also on the ovation of the seas was sydney family the langford's mom and dad christine an anthony and. teenage children jacey and when. there were lots of families taking i suppose an early christmas or a lead into their christmas holidays and paid
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a lot of money they planned for which they can leave from work their mindset is i can let them look after me. one of the highlights offered to passengers was a day trip to visit volcano. they were provided with a bright show but was branded with royal caribbean branding they would have been provided with a ticket also branded with royal caribbean branding and they were told in the brochure that all they needed to do if they're attending this show was to wear enclosures. the brochure promised tourists could get close to the drama gas masks help you get new boring steam vents bubbling pits of mud hot volcanic streams and the amazing like of steaming acid.
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they were told to think about whether they were a carrier with doing a strenuous walk people in wheelchairs that it probably wasn't a good idea for them to go on the island but generally or there were told is this was an adventurous fun thing to do and just a way enclosures what i told about the reese and the risk of an eruption nothing. absolutely nothing. tourism new zealand promoted white island to a strand in travel agents as one of the countries he didn't james. what island is an active volcano it's a cone volcano it's the top of all kind that kid would draw at school it's a typical regularly erupting active volcano the different thing about what arlen is most of it's under water so the tip of the island only was poking out through the ocean.
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more than $18000.00 people visited the island each year. it would be something like a few pictures going to mars the landscapes say the colors are really recent and different such a harsh looking war and its effect of you know things are always changing gears always sound all vain and stuff you know it was just surreal really awesome awesome but. when you actually land on the island and you walk into the crater that of the volcano you're actually walking right into the throat of an active volcano that is a ruptured frequently in the last several decades. in 2016 scientists got a warning of just how dangerous an eruption on white island could be. so there was an eruption in 2016 it was at night. it was a similar option and that it had
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a column up in the air it produced a surge out across the ground probably through quite a lot of rock and ballistics but there was nobody on the island that's the big difference. it was very clear that if people had been on that island at that time in 2016 it would have been very hard to survive and we put that on our bulletins as our main communication. mechanism afterwards to make that really clear. my personal point of view is they should've stopped tourist activities particularly in terms of landing on the island. might last year the volcanic activity on the island increased on december 3 the government body that monitors white island said the volcano maybe entering a period where eruptive activity is more likely than normal. we have raised the alert level to level 2 that's the highest level it can be at but it's not erupting
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. that's because we could see tremor in the volcano increasing over those those months and we could also see some increases in that gas that we're monitoring at the volcano indicating that the rest was was up do you think if we haven't heard now and that there was a level 2 reese he wouldn't have gone on for. one it's true. because he when one of the reasons so. the roomie dodger owes a lot of. courtrooms of this railroad to die in jail. on the morning of december 9 several to a groups were heading to what island new zealand residence jeff hopkins and his daughter little army drove to phuket thailand a been launched point for 2 is to the volcano. something i've always been interested in and dad went when he was younger so it was amazing it was
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a faster together. the trip due to leave it 10 am was run by a well known group called white island to it which was the only operated taking people to the island by boat. we checked in. this crime or signed in mexican dittos etc received a boarding. ass which was a metal cone and then from there just across the road and whited by the boat for the crew to start loading. jeff on the line it can be seen here on the wharf whiting to get on the white island to his boat the feigning the video was filmed by brazilian tourist alice sandro calif mn. yeah we just think of the camera and just feel me everything you know like a blog or blog and like these. things.
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alexander was on the 2 with his wife eileen e. . yeah it was like just excitement to get there and to see how like heidi. when we 1st scar on the island there was a brief safety briefing and it world was very very brief it was just you know don't touch anything and take anything stay on the path and stay in between the tour guides that was kind of about it. i was sun dried kept filming is the 2 a god warned about getting too close to the steam that would be great if we're
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going to ask you for your own oh here here's one of your actions here it really is a bit of both i was like i don't think i should because i don't know what you're going to be you're a very very neat you should know if they're going to go before this thing right here in your victory if you need to give back. the walking track crossed a shallow creek. the group hiked towards the crater like the highlight of the 2 are right in the center of the island. while they were there laurie photographed a helicopter run by volcanic landing on the island with a pilot and 4 passengers. for a few minutes as allison drew headed back to the jetty he filmed another white
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island to his boat anchored in the bag. it had brought $38.00 passengers from the ovation of the sea including gavin della his wife lisa and her daughter zoe among their 2 a guides would typically monkey kill sea where corn and hide in marshall inman. as the group from the phoenix left the island they took some final photos looking up towards the crater like. at one point the captain said if you look in the distance right against the steam cloud of the credit like you can see some dots those dots were the other top party so he pointed them out there were people up there on the credit like. at 11 minutes past to the phoenix and its passengers were about to head back to the mainland when the volcano erupted.
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as i turned around i could see over the top of the canopy as i looked up just this enormous cloud of black and bright white stayman ash. instantly i knew it was up to. these 1st pitches were filmed by the passengers as they bite headed away from the island. the eruption was short it only lasted a minute or 2 it was a steam eruption it generated a column of ash and hot water and steam straight up and then led into a surge of hot steam and ash moving outwards across the ground it also looks like it had some flying rocks some of what we call ballistics coming through the air as well. the system that exploded the 100th also would have been
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a 2 or $300.00 degrees or more. on the fame ics or quickly turned to horror. there was a rolling ash cloud that came up to the top of a cliff and as it tumbled over the cliff and as it tumbled down to the cliff kind of came out and started to come out to the city that completely obscured the whole island i never seen anything anything like a. 1000000. dollar . man. i'm sure how long.
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the 47 papal including 38 passengers from the invasion of the cities was still on the island after escaping the ash cloud the captain of the phoenix turned back to the jetty to help i know a little more. on. my. young. boy. the 1st thing i could see was one person in the water swimming out to that boat then i could see others that were gathered around the jetty where we'd gone on and off from where we landed on the island. looking for any hauling all right. the next thing they saw was the mangled volcanic a helicopter that had been blown off its landing pad. at that stage the
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crew who'd lowered them flight aboard and started a rescue mission to pick people up. one of its that i had spoken quite closely with she came in to get some 1st aid kits and me and dad went up and asked to help us have office. it's difficult it's and she said that she had all the help she can get she's got multiple back but don't. as injured survivors are brought onto the phoenix the crew asked passengers not to film. when the 1st people got aboard like most of them was really really hard. we started to help them to clean that. they were feeling pain like. so people was quiet very quiet some people was screaming. some people's crying.
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the. first thing that i saw was a survivor came on the back of a boat. and she was just. like i've never seen. her for. some just into shorts so they're our. legs were burnt and really all we could do was just trying to call them with fresh water. it was a case of keeping people from going out of consciousness people going in shock. one of the 1st people brought on board was kelsey waghorn the white island to his god who survived with terrible. she had severe burns to hair hands her legs church i guess her clothing quite a few people that had very i guess protective clothing on were mostly just ban on
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their faces and their hands which were not as severe as those that had burns over their whole body the most severe burns were ones that had no skin left it was just kind of tripped off them like wax. and that's something i never i never thought i'd ever see and something i hope i never have to see again. with more than 20 victims loaded on board the phoenix quickly became crowded. jeff was on the front of the boat with american lauren yuri she was on her honeymoon with her husband matthew they were both seriously injured but survived she was in so much pain she was burned pretty much across most of her body she was then started to drift in and out of consciousness she really became my myself focus she asked me not to leave her and i promised i wouldn't. and that became i was
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going to break that promise as well as stayed. there are the moments that everyone asked me so-called so that they could do was hug their. trying to. wire up with. arms and nobody. it could get. to make them. i mean. people on the mainland saw the eruption but they had no idea of the horror that was unfolding. as news of the eruption spread a group of helicopter pilots who regularly took visitors to white island a remarkable rescue operation it was about quarter past home i phone rung in another part local mont. rang means it up on the block it was blown up.
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tom's pass mark lawler jumped in one helicopter. tom and another pilot jason hill got into another. in nearby road to ruin a pilot team was in his hangout when he heard about the eruption. faced a craft that was ready to fly a plane and one of my guys we got able. they didn't know it is they flew out there but they were 20 people still on the island some badly injured others already did. we landed behind the helicopter that was blown off the paper.
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so that was really when it uses this has been quite a serious of me so. we're going to got to the victims started helping them putting on gas mask giving them water putting them in the recovery position making those companies mccain district suring them that way. to help and we are going to get you off the wall and in you're not allowed. the conditions they were working in wood toxic. without a gas mask of those really hard to breath almost impossible to prove just rw rw shop. in a. sense you know you always would stop. and some places it was going of a foot deep of ish. that you're running through. in condor quite eerie is the volcanic could still see it was the way. the it was still raining ash on us. the pilots carried
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a total of 12 people on to 3 helicopters i know one person that i carried that was a log when i was carrying but by the time i got to the helicopter all i had a suspicion that they may have passed away or told mark in. just carry on just to put them in the. obviously i felt really concerned for the 2 survivors that we had on board they were in good shape. what condition that they may help off the top of one of their passengers sadly had passed away on the flight deck and the other one was. a bad way. despite the risk of another eruption tom stayed on the island to search for more survivors. finally search
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and rescue paramedics arrived by helicopter and landed near the jetty. talk to immediately explain to them we price the bodies that we had i victims that i knew of it on. the safe i don't know if anyone else was on the oil and it point i just could just add in the 4 that i that we'd come across. at that point that we had been instructed to levy on. was. on board the cruise ship the ovation of the seas families will waiting for their loved ones to return from the day trip to white island. hours pos before they found out what had happened. there are accounts of people here and he found out about this tragedy. from
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a family member back in australia saying turn on the table and look at what's happened on what island. council i've heard of that the staff members did not communicate and when they are confronted about it. the family members just sit in a room for an extended amount of time with no information and i stood precious albus that i could have been using to say their family members in hospital before a lot of some possible. his wife lisa and her daughter were among those who hadn't returned to the cruise ship. as we go to where tonight at least 27 people are missing after a volcano erupted off the coast of new zealand one person has been confirmed. we were treating me. and i say the new zealand's developed high you know explode and then wham
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a few. noory was all me all i saw. faced instinct was to marble far. we didn't cannot answer that's right sorry knew there was some really. hard to me not being a hospital. and i was. offering convey thanks. to someone who is really your own. sort of. official you know dinner for. and from there. for. they were bodies still left on the island. the effort to rescue them was to lie because of the use of another eruption. among the bodies recovered was given delos step daughter zoe hosking. wife lisa had survived but was badly
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injured. in new zealand work safe in the car in a both looking into the tragedy but their investigations could take more than a year. there's no way in this world that any of us would have put people on the island of would thought for a moment. not one millisecond that they would have thing. the result with us. 19 of the 21 people who died were from the ovation of the sea. sydney lawyer to use if is representing passengers and family members who believe the cruise operator royal caribbean didn't do enough to warn its guests this particular volcano was at a level. at the very least royal caribbean which held itself out to be responsible for this too i should have been monitoring and communicating with participants as
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to the risk and giving them the choice and informed choice to decide not to go because of this risk how much responsibility is on the participant in the 2 or to do their own research to find out how safe or unsafe something needs i would say none and that's because they are relying on this company to do that for them they're handing over money their hard earned money for somebody else to be responsible for that. for many families the grave is still very raw. from a large an iranian muslims who tried to bring our moms of kurdish childishly you. talk. so you know next scripture true coming out of 3. things you just dumped on the car wash room or your. sandwich or to a little time or
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which are all those. donald trump dismisses the supreme. court orders saying his tax records can be examined by prosecutors in new york. hello and welcome peter w. watching on his ear at live from our headquarters here. also coming up reports this hour that the u.a.e. blocked a deal pushed by the trumpet ministration to end the gulf crisis. 18000000 people are to lose their jobs 45.


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