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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 12, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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the system worked his way for the east was on monday so again heavy rain across into q sure and harsh. this is al-jazeera. you're watching the news our ally from london i'm sorry coming up. the u.s. sees an upturn in coronavirus deaths driven by the worsening situation in states in the south and west doctors in panama beg the government for a nationwide lockdown after an explosion uncovered $1000.00 cases these hospitals overwhelmed us.
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25 years since the massacre some 8000 muslim men and boys in. the far east of russia thousands march over the arrest of their popular regional governor for involvement in multiple murders. and i'm santa how much now have all the sporting puting f one reigning world champion lewis hamilton topped the time she thing called fine and will start in port sunday's at concrete in austria. welcome to the news hour the u.s. is now seeing an upturn in corona virus deaths as the number of infections continues to surge around the country the number of deaths had been falling for months but a new daily high of almost $69000.00 covered $1000.00 cases were reported on friday
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and fatalities are also on the rise it's even affecting americans abroad dozens of marines have been infected with the coronavirus at 2 bases on the japanese island of okinawa so let's take a look at how the outbreak is spreading in the u.s. take a look at those 42 states and the district of columbia which are seen here in orange recorded more new cases last week than the week before while those in gray saw numbers level off or fall 24 states have seen the number of deaths rise over the same periods and there are fears the rising cases means a spike in deaths will follow most noticeably texas saw nearly twice as many deaths last week as the 7 days before. florida is one of the worst affected states from the new surge in cases reporting 10000 new cases of corona virus and 95 deaths in just the past 24 hours but that hasn't stopped disney world in orlando reopening
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nearly 4 months after shutting down due to the pandemic but strict new health measures are in place but that didn't stop thousands of workers signing a petition calling for the park to stay shut saying that welcoming visitors is risking their health let's talk about all these developments with political hay and she's joining us from just outside a hospital in maryland patty to tell us what you're hearing about that uptick in the number of deaths. this virus has really shown that what matters is where you live when it comes to this virus here in the state of maryland the republican governor took it very seriously he shut the economy down was slow to reopen it so hospitals like this one are not overwhelmed now the states that opened up the earliest now that's where you're seeing these cases just skyrocket just to give you an example a month ago in the state of florida on june 10th there were 1230 new cases july 10th 9365 cases so we know how this virus multiplies if nothing changes could the
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numbers will be astronomical we're already seeing hospitals in these states that have been so hard hit simply overwhelmed there are no more beds everything that they feared would happen in new york in april and march is now happening and wide swaths of the country and what you're seeing in these states these are many of them republican governors simply refusing to make the changes that health experts say are necessary for example and governor of texas he said ok fine he was a skeptic but he said wear a mask everyone and what we're seeing now is counties coming out and saying that they're going to defy the governor somehow in this country the act of wearing a mask which health experts say is the only safe inexpensive way to stop the spread of the virus has become a political statement so in these states that are so hard hit you may be thinking well they're going to shut down the economy again just to get it under control they're not doing that in many of these states you can still sit in restaurants even if they're not as full in most of the states the bars are closed down but you
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can go to gyms you can go to nail salons you can go to church and that person or where we're seeing super spreader events so these states are seeing dramatic increases and the political leaders are not taking the dramatic steps that health experts say are necessary to stop these numbers from increasing dramatically in the days weeks and months ahead yeah and patty interesting the florida of course seeing it's one of the worst affected states in fact and it's not stopping disney from reopening. no and a lot of people as you mentioned the workers are critical of that but we're going to have to wait and see if people show up obviously does he says that they're taking the necessary precautions that they need to to try to keep people safe not clear how you can do that i mean if you go in and you used and park ride you might scream or you might try not to scream i don't know who could possibly do that but you know they're reopening and they have plans to reopen more of their theme parks in the coming days and that's happening in parks really across the country i think
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today could be a critical day though in the u.s. fight against the coronavirus as i mentioned the simple act of worry to mask has become a political statement where you see republicans especially a lot of person donald trump supporters saying that they're not going to wear a mask they have rallies to talk about it and they go on social media to say that this is tyranny to make me wear a mask the president has not really been a big advocate of masks we're starting to see a slight change in tone from him he went on his favorite. republican channel news channel and said he will wear a mask while we're going to see he is about to take off the helicopter for walter reed to visit with injured troops he said he might wear a mask if the president came out and told his supporters do this just put it up that could dramatically impact the spread so we're going to be waiting to see in just a couple of minutes if the president follows through to his word you know ok we will wait and thank you very much for that reporting from outside a hospital in maryland let's speak to laurie garrett she's a global health specialist and author of the coming plague joining us from new york
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thanks for your time on the al-jazeera news hour just to pick up on what a reporter political hay was saying about the president potentially wearing a mask in just a couple of minutes time do you think that seeing the president at a mosque will encourage other people to do so. well it's one of the last possible resorts we have i mean he his refusal to wear a mask has become a sort of political statement as patty was just telling everybody right and what do you make of this a rise in the death toll because the daily death toll in the u.s. increased this week after months of decline as you know reports coming through reporting the death toll at more than 4200 deaths that's just in the past 7 days what is going wrong here everything absolutely everything if a stupid decision could be made it has been made if it 80 arctic political obstinate behavior that would block all possible rational public health precautions
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could be done it's been done in the united states in at least one of the many states it's now seeing a search all right we have a lot of our if i think the governors of the states what would your advice me well it's obvious listen to the science to act as if you really gave a damn about whether or not your people lived or died and take appropriate precautions and we don't we we have irrational policies lack of policy chaos reigns all over the united states was completely fragmented response no consistency from county to county we have mayors disagreeing with governors governors disagreeing with the federal government nobody providing consistent advice and the public making decisions based on politics this is completely the wrong way to go about fighting a viral disease of this nature what what would be the right way i mean for you what are the top priorities right now. well unfortunately all the easy things we could have done it's too late we have way too much virus into far too many places around
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the country it's managed to saturate even remote rural areas so that we really can't go for the easy solutions the hard ball solutions now involve setting up really tough infrastructures of contact tracing raising the legitimacy of your epidemiologists your public health specialists and wherever there's an outbreak you send in a team like a swat team except it's a public health swat team you trace and contact every single person connected to the 1st case and you put all of them in quarantine and then there's no if you're answer or buts about it you can't save quarantine as oh maybe or i'm a republican so i refused to be quarantined or it's my right my liberty to not do this you have to protect the public and if you're not willing to take steps aggressively of this nature then just roll over and play dead because that's that's
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what the virus wants and what is your reaction to the news that this is the world for one is now reopening even though we are hearing that there will be stricter house measures in place i mean is there a fear that resorts like me is could spread the pandemic even further. i'm less concerned about a place like disney world opening than i am about bars opening and about what's going on inside the jails in the prisons what's going on inside nursing homes about people holding big parties and barbecues and festivals of various kinds without precautions about huge church gatherings with choir singing without mass and by virtue of singing you're pushing your air out pulse of lead towards the audience i'm i think there are so many things that have gone wrong i'm prepared to allow a corporation to try and have an ultra clean disney world compared to what's going
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on with bars i mean we have one bar in michigan that's responsible for 130 infections in 2 days this is completely nuts and this whole question about where is the death toll and why were people dying and so on you had governors saying oh you know we don't really have a problem even though the case rates are going up the death toll is it going up so she maybe we're going to sneak by without a huge death toll well of course the idiocy of that is obvious it takes about 3 weeks time from the 1st big increase in cases before you start to see the deaths right now you're seeing the death toll and we've been through it here in new york we know what they're all in for giant refrigerator trucks that will hold davers because the morgues will be full this is where they're all headed all right ok fred we'll have to leave it there but we thank you very much laurie garrett for giving us your thoughts on the al-jazeera news hour thank you. now let's get the latest on
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the situation over in latin america from our lot america editor of the sea a new man who's joining us and shows capital of santiago and specifically let's look at panama for a moment because it is struggling to cope. yes you're absolutely right and it's rather surprising because until now central america had been fairing far better than north and south america in this pandemic but countries like panama our specific lead panama did what we've just heard has happened in the united states and with similar consequences that began easing restrictions and they have they are now very very sorry they did so in fact the government has just reinstated extremely severe. quarantines and other measures to try to roll back the inspections but they are now
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really struggling. panamanians appearing a high price for having relaxed confinement measures that in 23 weeks ago seem to have corona virus infections under control and now the infection rate in the small central american country of just over 4000000 people has become the highest per capita in all of latin america hospitals are on the verge of collapse. in the 1000 cases but that means that in the next few weeks we will have about intensive admissions on a sustained basis there is no cost to that can sustain such a number. there around 44000 infections and more than 860 deaths in panama a huge number for such a small country by comparison neighboring costa rica with a similar population has fewer than 7000 pieces and less than 30 deaths.
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now joins the atlantic and pacific. oceans prides itself as a country open to the world. but residents can now barely leave their homes in panama province which includes the capital. under new lock down rules men and women can go out on alternate days for just 2 hours a curfew is in place from 7 pm to 5 am and all day and night on sundays if the curve of infections continues on it's a vertical rise. day that i get but i know what i've been queuing for 2 hours waiting to be tested but the queue is too young and his son is really strong that's why i'm like this with my coat over my head the sun is intense and i'm really not feeling well. the president has replaced the health minister but doctors say that's not enough they're inching the government to impose a nationwide lockdown immediately before the infection spread to every corner of the country including remote indigenous communities where health services are even
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less equipped to save lives and bolivia also overwhelmed the cia with the presidents and other ministers having the virus and now there's also video emerging of bodies lying in the streets. exactly there is another case of a government that had apparently thought that it had the virus under control but it didn't and relaxed measures and so as you said the president is infected the minister of interior and police is also the and the vice minister i'm sorry of interior and police is also infected and in quotes which is a very hot very troubled part of bolivia hospitals are absolutely overflowing at this stage they can't cope with the a number of infections and people are dying anywhere and the cemeteries tool can no longer cope in fact right now they are closed the the grave diggers have gone on a sort of a temporary strike saying that their lives are in danger they don't have the
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sufficient protection a quick meant and that they need to have more space and more time to dig sufficient tools so there you have it in bolivia. to see a new and thank you for that update iran's leader says the country can't afford to go back into lockdown despite a sharp rise in new coronavirus infections a number of cases in iran has now topped a quarter of a 1000000. the idealisation a kid tatty be cast because we cannot hold tell it cannot make activities any longer that there is no country in the world capable of doing so the only way to break through this tough time is to observe the social distancing recommendations a lockdown is the easiest measure that can be taken against the virus but the economic repercussions of the lock down and resulting resentment among the public we have to ban gathering in this includes weddings funerals and conferences any similar groupings are not necessary we also have to urge our people to adjust their way of life during this period of time as the number of infected cases has risen over the past weeks thousands of people have protested in the israeli city of tel
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aviv angry at the government's handling of the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic demonstrators say the government's aid packages have been delayed and insufficient israel reimpose strict restrictions earlier this week after cases surge across the nation at least 354 people have died very fast that explains why people are protesting in such large numbers. it's an issue of what they say is not enough government support to the people hit worst by the economic fallout of the pandemic the self-employed small businesses creative industries the hospitality industry the kinds of jobs which perhaps don't have the same kind of regularity and safety of other forms of employment and i've been looking to the government for more support in the 1st wave of the pandemic there were complaints. people that felt they were entitle under the rules to certain levels of aid it just didn't come through and now they say that not enough enough is being done given the
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fact that we are in the midst of a 2nd wave in israel 1200 new cases reported during the course of the last day on friday benjamin netanyahu sat down with some of the groups being represented in this big protest trying to hear from them saying that he had listened to them in support would be on the way here. just come from announcing a new round of measures including some $1700.00 every 2 months the small business is up to a total of $144000.00 in aid to larger businesses it's saying that people who applied in the past i'm haven't got the money would do so with no checks it would come through straight away but as you can see in the midst of this pandemic this 2nd wave people are just cramming into that square to say that not enough is being done one of bollywood's biggest stars has been taken to hospital after testing positive for corona virus a meetup a child has tweeted asking anybody who's been in close proximity to him in the last
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10 days to get tested his son abhishek who's also a famous actor says he's contract with the virus as well. has started hundreds of films since he rose to fame in the 1970 s. his roles earned 10 the nickname of india's angry young man he's regarded as one of the most influential actors to ever come out of indian cinema i mean up on the news hour tensions run high in mali 3 protest leaders are arrested after thousands of people demand the president step down. 5 dead after attackers storm a south african church taking men women and children hostage and last year is fading title hopes are for a major blow italian football action is coming up in sport. but 1st it's 25 years since the massacre which saw more than $8000.00 muslim men
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and boys murdered by bosnian serb troops in the town of srebrenica at a ceremony commemorating the killings some of the victims were finally laid to rest but the remains of more than a 1000 others are still missing so you're going to go reports. they came to grief. but in a pandemic far few away able to gather together to remember the dead. several meets. once just a regular municipality in eastern bosnia now a town scarred by the very worst of what humanity is capable of and still trauma normality scorched by the horror of what came to pass here 25 years ago. on saturday the bodies of recently identified remains of 9 victims were laid to rest in the memorial cemetery. dignitaries gabaa to hear words from international
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leaders now and then remembering the lives lost of what was termed ethnic cleansing and acknowledging how the international community allowed this genocide to happen almost a quarter century ago the united nations and international community fav the people of. this former secretary general kofi annan said this failure on toller history for ever confronting that past is a vital step towards rebuilding trust more than 8000 bosnian muslim men and boys were massacred by bosnian serb forces fathers and sons forcibly taken from their families. one of those are the women and girls subjected to torture and rape. while the bosnian serb leader is responsible for the massacre of spending the rest of their lives in prison many still deny what took place mr lederach the government of the bosnian serb enclave. has repeatedly questioned the number of
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bosnian muslims killed in stripping the. team is to indoctrinate schoolchildren with its rejections of the 1995 genocide. do we have survived and many experienced genocide we are the only country in the region which does not have the law which prevents general denial genocide your denial full cost so we are becoming . really. country in which the extremists can flourish and with their statements in the hate speech the massacre that happened in $78.00 so was ruled to be the only want to have taken place on european soil since world war 2 the recognition of that vitally important for the survivors and their families. and for the international community for whom the phrase never again has been outed to often and to little effect. al-jazeera.
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mollies opposition is calling on supporters to stay out on the streets after 3 protest leaders were detained security forces have raided the headquarters of the influential. was part of the opposition alliance its followers block major roads around the capital bamako in response prime minister says at least 4 people died and 50 others injured during violence on friday thousands of protesters occupied the parliament in the state television building demanding the president to bring bakari kate us that down. from repression reinforces our determination and we will continue with our watch until the end of the regime if i became a which today is a cancer for mali the prime minister says the government will restore peace. it is you know intention to quickly put in place an executive to restore order you know the country and reflect on challenges we face and that will be viewed in all
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of our countries vital forces. in a move which could worsen instability in the democratic republic of congo the justice minister has resigned 2 weeks after he was briefly detained over a political crisis that follows a dispute with presidents. over proposed laws to give politicians more power over criminal prosecutions there have been violent protests in the country in recent weeks mainly against the appointment of a new election administrator. at least 5 people have been killed in a violent hostage taking at a church in south africa 4 of the victims were shot before being burned in a car the incident on the southern outskirts of johannesburg is thought to have been triggered by a dispute over the leadership of the church 3 factions have fought for control of it since the death of its nadir and 2016 more than 40 people including off duty police officers were arrested and dozens of firearms seized. money may have been the root cause. oh go 40 people have been a risk to the seems to have been
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a shooting and then a hostage situation at the church just behind us just south of johannesburg it seems that there was a factional battle or least 3 factions all this church and their members with a least 3000000 members across southern africa so it back till really was about leadership of the church in the previous leader passed away in about 2016 at the time of day it seems that he had left behind in a state of at least $26000000.00 so i wonder standing at this point much of the tensions around leadership of the church is related to income of the church membership of the church and it's resulted in a hostage situation that's already $200.00 people who look on the plane with the kids in the church while these factions battled it out at least 5 people were
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killed and in fact. all of them were killed in a vehicle just outside the church and it seems that they were done. to death it's not quite certain given what the police have said so far but their bodies were found in this but. we also know there's one other person who's been killed and all of the people the reason they're also members of the police the national defense force as well as metropolitan police which really is quite bizarre given extent of the violent scene at this church during the course of the day the u.n. security council still trying to reach agreements on the future of cross border fence into syria the results are due to be announced shortly from a vote on another draft resolution the deadline to use to existing crossings from turkey passed on friday an attempt to keep them open was vetoed by russia and china a further proposal by russia to maintain just one crossing was also defeated aid
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agencies say it's crucial to keep aid for millions of displaced people moving across the 2 crossings especially with northwest syria recording its 1st cluster of coronavirus cases including a doctor. to be with no out of now we have nothing left we have left our homes our land and our livelihood and all they have left is the receive if they stop conditions worsen if the medicines are no longer get into the camps will be finished and the coronavirus was finished and. displaced from the south of it and in addition to the criminal russians bombings now they have started to punish those on a humanitarian level or only resource is the united nations and foreign aid they have used the veto and killing and starving in this way is more. and. much more to come on the al-jazeera news hour including president trump's decision to save his former advisor from prison has branded on precedented
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historical rupture by a high profile republican. and in sports basketball's biggest star arrives in florida head of the n.b.a. is restart. hello there finally a bit of an improving picture across the northwest of europe by an improving paycheck i mean there is less rain and less cloud it is slightly milder than it was this some pretty good sunshine across much of the west riding down into the southwest so it's got the thunderstorms across most central and eastern areas not reaching hungry people enjoying the warm sunshine here this is across in the west of the country however this is a central spain not far from madrid now what you're looking at is i'm trying to pull that actually overflowed the storm drainage system and this is what was left
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all this floodwater in the streets now there's actually some more rain in the forecast 3 much of northern and central spain some heavy downpours at times as i say to the north of that through france it is very nice indeed some good sunshine touches on the increase the system doing its best to push into the u.k. but it is being stopped is it a ridge of high pressure hence the dry conditions and slightly better temperature in london is still a few showers across much of and the line of heavy rain and thunderstorms on the tail end of this working its way in through more eastern areas that will continue to push east as we go through monday it leave a fairly year cloudy picture really through much of central and eastern europe some more showers across the alps and maybe just wanted to show as in central regions of the u.k. but london is better for the next few days cloudy but a bit milder and paris should be warm and sunny. in the off to mark of the 2011 quake and tsunami a remarkable portrayed of
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a remote japanese village. that is later how has the community of me arko been able to move on and rebuild their lives. rewind to japan after the catastrophe. on al-jazeera. in the us civil war slavery to. date it there is a strong possibility that the very thrilled that you're eating could have spared the proxy your table by in his brave individuals right here in the land of the free thousands of foreign workers tricked into emigrating and trapped by un scrupulous profiteers to change slaves because of slavery a 21st century evil on al-jazeera. order or.
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on the top stories on the news hour the us has reported almost 69000 new coronavirus cases in just. 24 states with california. 91 deaths. there is concern that hospitals are being overwhelmed by an increase in cases of virus. left in the streets. which is recorded more than 45. 25. the 2nd world. war the genocide remains
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a stain on the history of the dutch military the thousands of men and boys killed were under the protection of u.n. troops in the netherlands when they were handed over to the serbs but reports most young men in the netherlands have no idea what happens. it's a monument to the victims of a genocide that's missing from dutch history books these photos of young bostonians now living in the netherlands at an exhibition in front of the dutch ministry of defense should give a face and a story to the thousands who were killed after the dutch troops handed them over to serbian forces like the father of most of it she was 14 years old when she was separated from him at the compound guarded by dutch troops the stage but what is really painful to me is that until now they say they did not think we were in danger that's a blunt line and that hurts me maybe even more than the genocide back then but. don't create awareness has told her story in a podcast made by 2 young journalists who themselves had no idea of this
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a brain needs are killings researchers say nearly 60 percent of young people between 16 and 29 have no idea of what happened and somebody needs to change that young bosnian women have started this campaign to ask corporate monument and to give the genocide a more prominent role in that history books for 25 years after the largest massacre since world war 2 so vital say they're still struggling to be heard for to do last year after a long legal battle the dutch supreme court found the state partially responsible for the death of hundreds of buses young men to prime minister margaret and the former members of the dutch battalion has this message i think that the best what they should do is to travel to srebrenica together and be respected the victims only then they will show that they don't look away anymore how powerful would that image be we don't want to continue to put the blame but we want to be seen and heard former dutch soldier elise bed burka bomb was 19 years old during the fall of
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her brain eater she says a collective visit to the graves of the victims could help members of the battalion to deal with their trauma they have faced accusations of cowardice for their role in the massacre she also urges to un and dutch government to admit that they send the dutch through. still an impossible mission itself of acres of us if i was the prime minister i would be much more open about what happened just admit it a lot would change after this but in the netherlands it is so difficult to self reflect i know other soldiers are still struggling with this but i never had the feeling that i could have done more maybe no we sometimes wonder what we could have done but at that time we were totally overwhelmed it was total chaos the. brody events in taipei needs our people in the netherlands and in boston yeah our for rafa connected only with that shared responsibility we can together prevent that genocide ever happens again on the european continent just like we promised
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after the 2nd world war a shared history that needs to be remembered together to make the dark chapter of subway need to more bearable for everyone who saw for it step fuss and al-jazeera the hake. at least $10000.00 people have marched in a rare protest in the cover off 6 that's in russia's far east demanding the release of their governor. demonstrators one surrogate for god to be flown back from moscow where he's being held in jail he's accused of ordering the murders of several business men 15 years ago before his political career even began for denies the charges and his supporters say he's being punished for a landslide electoral victory over the ruling united russia party in 2018 that they feel it's the listeners who did it well i'm sick of it how much more can we take we chose our government scale it's now he'll imprison any opponent to his old dorothy
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he's reset everything i'll tell you this on a free person in my own country and we have the right to be hurt. moscow get out of here we choose our governor here must go go away. not to come on talking to you i support the government he did everything for us including all from the g.'s on here's a disabled person he proved the roads everything he did was for us i think the poutine moved him lets a speak to samuel greene who's the director of the russia institute at king's college london he's joining us from farnham that's in southern england thanks very much for your time on the news hour what is your understanding as to why these charges will be brought up now 15 years later. well i think look i mean you we've been looking at all of political news recently in russia starting with the constitutional law of something like a referendum held on the 1st fly that allowed it to extend its role up until his rule up until 2036 and. some of that it looks like
12:37 am
a victory for we have seen a number of the are these sorts of arrests for all this is the most prominent but we've seen other opposition activists journalists. senior directors other is your sense or or arrested in in the last week to 10 days or so really i think secondly a degree of nervousness art from the kremlin that despite the vote to support who can are the reality is that most people in russia are hurting economically and they are interesting looking to their leaders to provide some kind of of welfare and and not really trust they certainly united russia there were to do that and so there does seem to be attempt to search through the bed maybe clear up the political field ahead of what may turn out to be the parliamentary elections later
12:38 am
this year but how rare as a to see a protest of that size and and rush i mean clearly people in that particular region feel like they can come out and chant and to put in slogans. well you know oddly enough it's becoming a little bit less rare actually some protests a little bit like this in not in moscow just last summer when the government was trying to prevent opposition and candidates from running for the city council out in the capital city we do periodically see protests like this out in russia's far east when people feel like a moscow is a sort of overstretching and then reaching into the local affairs in a way that people really don't appreciate. the fact is a sort of a temperature or a few politics have been has been raised over the last year year and a half or so. which it has tried to sort of pushes regime into some degree of
12:39 am
maturity will these protests actually make a difference what does the kremlin do next i mean doesn't doesn't that take it up a notch now he's been jailed but can he actually be removed from power. well i think it's very unlikely that he will ever return to office i think the question is going to be you know are they going to have to push forward put him in jail or the how are they you're one of the places where i mean there was clearly a vote in no in the who are asleep in 2018 against the ruling party our program has been actually pretty popular as you heard in your report he gets a lot of credit for a for what he's done in the region and so if they were now to send in sort of appoint a governor from united russia that would probably only make things worse there are the realities that are of career is probably over at least for the time being the question is are you know what what's next on the cards in terms of of the kind of
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those relationships with people in this part of the country all right so when they get there samuel green thank you for your time on the news hour. now in the last few minutes the u.n. security council has passed a resolution to extend authorization for cross border age shipments into syria let's listen in to the security council the virtual security council meeting that is the belgium ambassador speaking on this resolution let's listen in predictability to the many engineers which under difficult circumstances guarantee the survival of the people suffering in and around easily this is the only good news that is why germany and most of them afford for what is draft resolution we would like to say although when the majority of constant members for their active support truelove the process finally
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we once again it is context urged the syrian the term of those to cooperate fully with the un and its implementation partners each rest of the syrian people for the crossed line going to every of it fully learn we did on the ground i thank you i think the best growth but a very poor is statement and they give the floor to going to ask your office the dominican republic. thank you for the. idea let's not bring in our diplomatic get our 3 days raise he's joining us from the united nations so after a lot of wrangling james back in for this resolution has now passed just talk us through what was finally decided. a much watered down resolution has
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passed and there is a really bitter atmosphere among those at bassett as in the security council your seeing the ambassador of the dominican republic speaking now there one of the countries that abstained along with russia and china to this latest version of a resolution dominican republic abstained i understand not for the same reasons and russia and china dominican republic abstained to protest the actions of russia and china let me explain the background to this they used to be for border crossings that were authorized by the un till the end of last year to get aid into syria vital aid for syria and particularly for northern syria particularly for those that are trapped in it lead that was reduced at the end of last year by russia casting a veto force them to only have 2 border crossings operational for 6 months so we came to the 6 month renewal which was friday 24 hours ago and we've been trying to
12:43 am
get the security council all week to come up with a renewal and there's been this problem again because russia and china have pushed to reduce the border crossings from $2.00 to $1.00 the rest of the security council have finally had to go along with that and they really are very very unhappy the belgian ambassador said we had no choice but to come up with another it is that decision and come up with another resolution that does not meet the humanitarian needs of the syrian people so frustration in the security council anger i think in the way that russia and china have acted although they say that the aid can very successfully be delivered through this one crossing and also by the syrian government and from i'm from the bases of the various aid organizations that are based in damascus they also are making the point that sanctions particularly unilateral u.s. sanction. it's causing real problems for the syrian people giving the current 6
12:44 am
economic situation in syria and lebanon right now and that is causing some of the humanitarian hardship but very differing views on the security council pretty clear that all of the council with the exception of china and russia would have supported 2 or 3 checkpoints into syria bringing aid in and now we're going to have restricted day just coming through the one border crossing from now on the u.n. itself in a difficult position here because the u.n. never likes to speak out angrily against its permanent members but the u.n. humanitarian workers and all the other aid agencies that deliver aid in syria have got to find a way to make this work ok james bass thank you for that update from the u.n. there's been widespread criticism of president trump's the citizen to commute the prison sentence for his long time friend and advisor roger stone from the
12:45 am
president's own party republican senator mitt romney said it was unprecedented historic corruption an american president commutes the sentence of a person convicted by a jury of lying to shield that very presidents while the democrat house of representatives speaker nancy pelosi warrant legislation is needed to ensure that no president can pardon or commute the sentence of an individual who was engaged in a cover up campaign to shield that president from criminal prosecution roger stone had been set to go to prison on tuesday for a 40 month sentence before the president's commuted it he'd been convicted of lying under oath about russian interference in the election which delivered trump to the white house stone claimed he'd been the victim of a witch hunt. richard goodstein is a democratic party political consultant and former adviser to bill clinton he thinks the decision is the act of a president who believes he may be on the way out it's. under the constitution the president does have this already it's unchecked frankly the check now will be to
12:46 am
voters. pure and simple and i actually think that the commutation of the stone sentence to me demonstrates that donald trump knows he's going to lose something he wouldn't be able to do obviously not as president and i think he realizes some level or certainly is advisors too because this is so offensive to so many people that to do something like this only makes sense if you know you're going down so you might as well use every possible power you have but for the last day u.s. citizens in china have been warned they could be detained then banned from leaving the country as tensions rise between beijing and washington the state department says americans could face prolonged interrogations and extend the detention for state security reasons they were also warned they could be deported for sending private tronic messages critical of china's government u.s.
12:47 am
and china have recently cost over several issues including the coronavirus pandemic and hong kong's new security law primary elections are being held in hong kong to choose candidates for upcoming legislative elections the voting this weekend will narrow the field of pro-democracy candidates for us a temporist poll of the campaign is being held in the shadow of the new national security law china's imposing on the city which curbs criticism of the chinese government's. now the dramatic events of the last year have inspired a number of young people to run in hong kong's election sarah clarke reports. these images of a mob indiscriminately attacking protesters journalists and civilians in uniform last july marked a turning point in the hong kong demonstrations journalist with hope was live streaming when she was targeted i know that the prague cast a live broadcast of me being beaten up by gangs and lobsters if terrible to watch
12:48 am
but the thing is i do know like that so many people they went to you long after that because they watched a park and it was this incident and last year's months of anti-government protests that inspired going at home to enter the political arena for the 1st time she'll run as an independent candidate in the new territories at the legislative council elections in september despite china's newly imposed national security law she's prepared to take the risk and fight for greater democratic reform in hong kong of course i'm concerned by a future of course the people here are concerned about the future we also know that if we do not do something if we do not resist other terror and or even to authoritarian rule there is no future at all for us to concern about. in last year's local council elections the pro-democracy camp secured 17 of the 18 districts and that's put greater competition in the pro-democracy bloc more young
12:49 am
independent candidates are now standing for election to the city's legislature the probation camp which holds the majority acknowledges it might lose some seats but it's confident voters will support the central policy to restore order in a city rocked by months of political unrest. good or the upcoming election will be a tough one we will focus on issues such as restoring social stability because of last year's social unrest people hope the city can go back to. will the soon as possible china's new national security looms over its campaign analysts say it effectively empowers authorities to disqualify candidates from local and pro-democracy camps who are critical of the chinese government this year i think china is taking a much stronger position against the opposition so i guess quite a number of the opposition candidates make out this qualifies the national security law has already seen some parties withdraw from this election because some members
12:50 am
fear the risk of imprisonment should the pro-democracy kept secure the majority that would leave than the power to enact laws and reject or approve the budget and in extreme circumstances they could even try and force the resignation of the chief executive order over the final results on september 6th the coming months are unlikely to narrow hong kong's political divide sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong at least 40 people have died in thousands have been displaced by flooding and landslides in western nepal heavy rain is slowing down rescue and recovery efforts dozens are still missing with crews searching remote areas for people who were swept away by floodwaters but now cross over to sanaa with an update on all the sports news. thank you very much there in our reigning formula one world champion lewis hamilton will star in pole position sunday's call in austria diversity this driver has said in the past how brains always been a friend to him and he served in wet conditions in qualifying for his display was
12:51 am
a massive recovery from being just 6 quickest in friday's practice red bulls max 1st up and no will line up but in 2nd with mclaren scoreless stance in 3rd. quarter tricky day the weather is overseeing incredibly difficult out there for all of us a lot of the time you can even see where you're going and had one big moment i think before the loss you got the plane which. had my heart in my mouth. or to christian or nod or goals from the penalty spot help you ventus salvage a 22 draw against atalanta on saturday it means they leave syria by 8 points 2nd place lads you're flattered earlier they were beaten by star salo for their 3rd defeat in a row francesco foods is injury time header grabbing solo's 21 victory at the start you in fickle. barcelona beat via their lead one nil on saturday to cut real
12:52 am
madrid's advantage to the top of likely get to just one point barsa have 2 games a left over takes in a d.m.z. the side who have played one game at less and 3rd place chelsea lost 3 nil to sheffield united titans at the top 4 races in the english premier league for automatic champions league qualification chelsea sit one point above leicester and 4th and 2 above 5th place man united are japan's major sporting leagues are now starting to allow limited numbers of fans into stadium e.j. league is the latest competition to permit reduced capacity crowds the maximum number is 5000 or 50 percent of the stadium capacity whichever is smaller. they were kids on a day for have set up an enthralling a final day in the 1st test between england and the west indies he windies bowlers had a destructive final session in southampton in which they took 5 wickets it means england
12:53 am
lead by 170 runs it would just to its remaining going into day 5. bron james and the l.a. lakers are now inside a bucket was quarantine bubble the biggest name in the sport has arrived in florida ahead of the n.b.a. restart later this month james has a back the league's plan to resume action at venues within the disney world resort says returning negative covert 19 results are back training back to training after 4 months layoff of social issues and the united states also had the players debating whether the league should resume. you know it was a roller coaster of whether we should play or not as a goal to believe us. we have a number we've got to use our voices. i don't necessarily take away
12:54 am
by start to leave i don't think it's taken away of what's important issues in our world i think we can still address those. more so that we don't get up that's. all players health is the other key concern basketball writer brendan robinson says the players have been far from united about the recent plans. at the temple near us i sat down in the team's uncaught with you on the beat of the philadelphia 76 ers only this week he expressed. these on long walks the subtle not to play and then there's an uncertainty on his part. he doesn't know what it's like and if you paid attention to the news cycle the other day he showed up. i would have met my whole body heat on naslund love them all you know there are because of who you asked in the n.b.a. there are some players who have expressed to me that they are solvent they can't
12:55 am
make the plug. on the fence and there are some of the players have made mention of effect they don't like the food in the bottle but i think that's the least they were going to. put a product on the floor because that they don't play and they don't fulfill 70 games the n.b.a. will move $2000000000.00 i think from a crime james i'd be pretty motivated i'm in the family that the key to be up to date when he flew out on learning will be going to be necessary for some time and i think that's something that's very understated some of these guys will now do have families and they've got to leave their families to move for months while they're here that it's their husbands to the problem so from the bron james abby is that as bad as the private where it's got a lot of things considered you know awfully in the likeness it's safe and they want they can compete in the quarter chris baseball league witnessed its tightest game all of the season all saturday turns faced off against the table top in time
12:56 am
to start the strongly with 3 runs in the 1st inning the twins that battled back though and would even build a $63.00 lead a horse for them they couldn't a pull off at the upset. rallied with came song walk home or ring in the 8th to level the game it went on to finish 6 or. a 7 rivalry between 2 nascar drivers that reached a fairly ugly conclusion on friday no a craigs and harrison perch in the through punches at each other after a race in kentucky the 2 collided in the final laps with both cars brushing the wall brace organizes a spoke to both drivers but no penalties all suspensions are expected and that's it for me back to derry. thank you very much for that and before we go we'll
12:57 am
just leave you with pictures from srebrenica and the commemoration to remember the victims of the 1995 genocide when more than 8000 bosnian muslim men and boys were murdered take a look at this. the
12:58 am
ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis wedo as illegally migrant joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have devoted our nation what has happened to the ranger that's one of the biggest stains on the country as
12:59 am
a whole. as another religion this is the politics me and more an unholy alliance on al-jazeera. i'm allowing an orphan. raised in a chinese buddhist orphanage. faces a momentous life decision. a personal story of competing identities. the chad light on a growing cultural tice the border in africa a witness documentary on al-jazeera. the way disease outbreaks have impacted dense urban areas like during the flu pandemic in the early 1900 has played a role in how our cities look and run urban planners reacted to that flu and other outbreaks changing how cities were zoned and led to updated infrastructure like ventilation and improved sanitation but after what's been learned from pandemics
1:00 am
and there includes designer skylines and way of life we also need to keep pace and adapt it's easy to assume that cities are fertile ground for spreading viruses and diseases millions living working at commuting in such tight conditions but one expert says it's about much more than just density it's about how all this was put together and how it's run. a lifeline for millions of days of deadlock the u.n. security council agrees on a humanitarian aid deal for syria. watching al-jazeera live from london i'm also ahead president donald trump wears a mask in public for the 1st time as the coronavirus death rate starts to rise in the u.s. once again. doctors in panama government for
1:01 am
a nationwide lockdown after an explosion uncovered $1000.00 cases leaves hospitals overwhelmed plus.


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