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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 13, 2020 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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al jazeera. with. donald trump's aide seek to undermine the country's top infectious disease specialist antony felt she i made a worsening coronavirus pandemic. i'm above us and this is officer real live from doha also coming up and 3 duda is now only reelected as poland's president in a race reflecting the deep social and cultural divisions in eastern europe. thousands protest in the democratic republic of congo against plans to appoint an ally of former president joseph kabila as electoral chief. washington's n.f.l.
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team drops the redskins name and logo bowing to criticism that offensive to native americans. more than a quarter of the world's recorded covered 1000 cases are in the u.s. over the weekend 7 states set to daily case records in florida added more infections in a day than any state had previously but if the case is month the trumpet ministration seems to be targeting its own infectious disease experts logical hain begins our coverage. a new tragic record the largest number of coronavirus cases diagnosed in a single day in a single state of florida more than 15000 confirmed cases and the death toll is rising this is a state that was one of the 1st to reopen its economy and its republican governor
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was defiant at 1st a lot of people in your profession who wax poetic leak for weeks and weeks about out florida was going to be just like new york wait 2 weeks florida's going to be next just like it only wait 2 weeks well hell we're 8 weeks away from that and it hasn't happened it took a few more weeks but it has happened and it's actually worse than it ever was in new york but unlike there the florida governor has not issued a state wide mandate to where mass. protests in one county tried to shoot down an over the weekend another protest yet a restaurant offering free food to people who refused to cover their faces he's selfish for not one of them asked i want to say to you that all the people calling the selfish you're the one who's trying to force me a medical procedure so that you can feel more safe on the risks are very very loud this is a virus that has a 99.6 percent recovery rate this is a virus that is very well contained this is a virus that the c.d.c.
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is removing epidemic status from none of that is true and wearing a mask is not a medical procedure still it has become a political statement for many in the u.s. the entire reason for the shutdown was so hospitals like the one behind me do not become overwhelmed when the states that are seeing the biggest increases like florida arizona texas the hospitals are close to capacity and given what we know about how this virus spreads it is likely that that is going to continue stretching the hospitals beyond capacity. the president spent much of the weekend golfing but officials in his administration made clear they are gearing up for a fight against the lead infectious disease expert in the government dr anthony fauci i respect dr a lot but dr fox he is not 100 percent right and he also doesn't necessarily he admits that have the whole national interest in mind he looks at it from a very narrow public health point of view questions now about whether the man who
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has led every national health emergency under 6 presidents will be fired by president trump in the midst of a growing pandemic patti called al-jazeera america ok let's get more on the fallout between dr anthony fauci and president trump but white house correspondent kelly holcomb is live for us now in washington d.c. kimberly there's a sense of deja vu about this we're seeing dr foote she go through the same sort of parabola relationship with the job administration that other experts and people in the administration have had give us some of the background to this. yeah well this spat between the 2 has really been going on since april of patty's writing a report she alluded to the fact that dr anthony found she served under 6 presidents so he is well respected in the united states by both democrats and republicans in fact his approval rating is higher than the u.s. president's right now it's about 67 percent according to some polls now why is the
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white house doing this why are they putting out this message saying that in the words of president dr anthony found she has quote made a lot of mistakes well because corona virus is spreading in the united states and this is an election year and it appears that there's a cordon a good strategy to blame someone and that person is dr anthony found she and of course joe biden has been repeatedly criticizing the u.s. president for the coronavirus response of course the democratic presidential nominee running to replace donald trump in the white house and so in the midst of all of this you have this sort of cordon a tactic it appears to keep dr anthony found out of the spotlight what we're told is that the 2 really haven't sat down face to face for any sort of briefing in more than a month and this is because dr fox he has felt quite comfortable speaking what he believes to be the facts that things like hydroxy clore clinton chloroquine and anti-malaria drug that the president has touted for treating covert 19 that he's
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not convinced of its effectiveness he's also criticized the state of where the united states is right now in terms of coronavirus that compared to other countries it's not doing well in the in the words of dr anthony found she has a lot to do with the divisiveness something the u.s. president has been criticized repeatedly for so these are things that don't sit well with president trump particularly in an election year and that's what we're seeing less and less of dr foushee but there are tough questions being asked about why the top infectious disease specialist is not available to the american public at a time when he is needed he's known as america's doctor expect that we could hear this question once again when the white house press secretary holds her briefing coming up at 17 g.m.t. so white house correspondent kimberly hall could i know we're going to be checking in with you later as we get closer to that but for now the company thank you very much indeed. anya's reported a surge in cases for the 6th consecutive day it had nearly 29000 infections over the past day local officials in indian in the search kashmir are expected to impose
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a lockdown after a surge in cases there several indian states impose weekend curfews and shut areas considered to be high risk hong kong is reinstating strict safety measures for at least one week to help combat a sudden spike in corona virus infections chief executive carol lam says jim's beauty salons and nightclubs who are close again from white in state will be restricted to take away orders only social distancing and a 4 person limit on gatherings will also be enforced hong kong has one of the world's lowest infection and death rates but it's reported a further $52.00 cases on monday. well the political shift towards the white in eastern europe has got yet another boost with poland's incumbent on jury duty not only when in the presidential runoff he secured just over 51 percent of the vote in a close race against the liberal warsaw mayor rob ford has called ski it as party
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already controls polland this result means it can press ahead with its conservative agenda alexei o'brien reports yes. it was a vote seen as a battle for poland's future and the results show a country divided a tiny margin keeping andrzej due to an office for a 2nd 5 year term. propped up by the right wing law and justice party due to the is calling for unity and studies in my stash of student i saw it fall and is one it belongs to all of us and we have to do everything we can to make life you're the best it can possibly be i promise to try to do exactly that the presidential palace will continue to be open for people with a range of views and beliefs that's not exactly what dude is known for his conservative agenda includes strong opposition to gay and abortion rights and his constitutional reforms that weaken the independence of the judiciary put him at odds with the e.u. . his ally in hungary president viktor orban has posted this congratulatory message
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on facebook with the one word bravo they have worked together to block sanctions from the e.u. do does wyvill in the election with the centrist warsaw rough ultra scoff ski had warned their parliament democracy was under attack he launched his campaign at the last minute with a more progressive platform which taps into cost their relations with the e.u. you know that you know yes that's. so it's only the beginning i am convinced we will change poland now that we have woken up no one will put us to sleep and what's most important we will continue fighting you respective of the result the clash between the 2 radically different candidates so voters turn out in record numbers of ski's narrowly lost to do to and his allies in the p.i.a.'s is seen by some as a long term win for the opposition it captivates a lot of political emotions around not only one candidate but also around the party
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. hopes that in the future especially the younger generation bodes well. against. the potential for change. analysts say the cost result could see the election contested in court the opposition is already highlighting what it says weekly of voter irregularities elixir brian al jazeera yemen has the rebels say they have killed and injured dozens of high ranking military officers in saudi arabia according to their spokesman they have multiple military sites and a large oil facility just across the border that is claimed this is part of a major new offensive saudi arabia hasn't said whether anyone was killed or injured in the attacks however the saudi u.a.e. coalition in yemen announced it intercepted 4 missiles and 6 expose of drones over night. what was already a pin about is the opinion i left with my position ballistic missiles not disclosed
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before and large numbers of drones are armed forces destroyed warplanes and pilot barracks and their defense patriot system and jaime some shit other military positions and is on an edge wrong were destroyed also the joint oil installation in the industrial area of design was targeted targets were hit with high position our armed forces successfully targeted the military campaign matta province where saudi officials were meeting as a result dozens were killed and injured and the taliban has claimed responsibility for an attack in the northern afghan province of some one gun 11 people have been killed and at least 63 people including children have been injured authorities say a suicide bomber targeting the provincial intelligence office set off the explosion . for the. moment i was coming from the marketplace to my home i was close to home when i heard the explosion but when the explosion took place everything was shaking all these windows glasses were broken here and there till 3 people were injured by
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the glass it was a lot of dust the people were running everywhere hard as it is and here is a scene has the latest from kabul. explosion happened around noon a taliban suicide bomber ride in a car bomb attack headquarters of the national directorate of security in a big city the capital of some one province explosion was big at least 10 people were killed and 50 other people were wounded and rushed to local hospitals taliban has claimed responsibility on this attack and its spokesman to be a phenomenon it said that at least 70 person were either killed or wounded during the attack and this happened on the same day when the government has announced that they have released 180 taliban frozen prisoners most of them were released from the political prison here in kabul and taliban also during the last 3 days they keep they are now is that they released 42 security members from their prisons and why
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the prison swap continues the clashes and confrontations between taliban and the government continues as well in the northern province of condos last night at least 18 member of the security forces were killed and 4 taliban members were killed during clashes that lasted almost all night if european media is reporting the country has begun filling the reservoirs of a controversial mega dam on the nile egypt and sudan had asked that the ground when its own stand should not be filled until an agreement is reached there's been nearly a decade of contentious negotiation over concerns that could drastically reduce water supply to the country's downstream ethiopia has repeatedly said it would begin filling the dam at the start of july's rainy season. still ahead on al-jazeera a firm but fair approach that some of the u.k. is describing its new immigration system and post drags it reasonable as.
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we do still have some write in the forecast for japan but i'm hopeful that it won't be quite as heavy as it has been recently for q sure we got this area of low pressure which has been developing across c.l.o. say that's going to push across the korean peninsula running into honshu it does slide down across a key issue for a time jerry chews david prices guys come back in behind with some showers of course we could do without any rain atoll here but i'm afraid there are still a few showers in the forecast to stand in the going on into weather stay the wetter weather will start to pull away from japan by that stage but this cold back to cloud will bring some wet weather into northern parts of honshu for a time bright skies for turned in their into the korean peninsula what it is showers up towards beijing the west the weather well in my front still producing some very heavy rain across
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a good part of central china yet again heavy rain making its way towards lose all northern part of the philippines could see a developing storm just pushing in here over the next day you see that will gradually punch through ease off a little further north as towards the south china sea scattering of showers as usual across a good part of southeast asia always sit still seeing some very heavy rains northeastern parts of india and the rank continues for a good part of nepal. but . there is no channel that covers world news like we do we revisit places in the state and says here are really invests in that and that's a privilege as a journalist. to al-jazeera we ask is the government not taking the necessary action to really address some of the structural issues we listen i still think that travel is the safest mode of travel and the spend that we meet with global
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newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter on the phone to 0. we're watching al-jazeera minder of the top stories this hour there's been another record day rise in the number of coronavirus cases around the world more than a quarter of those are in the u.s. over the weekend 7 states set daily case records and florida added more than factions in a day than any state had previously. poland's conservative president andre duda has returned to office after a one off vote with the now only one with just over half the votes his rival ruffle to scoff state received nearly 49 percent. if you open media claims the country's
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begun filling the reservoirs of a controversial mega down on the nile egypt and sudan 100 quested it shouldn't be filled until an agreement has been reached it's been nearly a decade of dispute over concerns that will drastically reduce the water supply. dozens of protesting in democratic republic of congo against the appointment of a new electoral commission chief malone does position has angered many people opposition politicians have accused him of being complicit in rigging previous elections they say malone was biased towards former president joseph kabila ok for more on this speech to catherine sawyer she's in nairobi for us catherine just tell us 1st of all about the protests that we've seen today and if this is likely to lead to further protests. let me just start by telling you that police in kinshasa the capital of d r c have managed to contain and to disperse the thousands of protesters who are on
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the streets most of the afternoon and gauging police it's running battles 2 days process was organized by a coalition of the positions parties calling the mocha and in kinshasa. 0 very influential politician with a huge following the lead the protests that the protesters were trying to get to parliament where they say that they reject the nomination of this. who is was nominated as the president of the electoral commission so they say they do not want that but also beyond that rob they say that they are angry with the leadership of president kennedy and he's correlation with former president joseph kabila they say that this coalition has led to a police you call an economic crisis they talk about the cost of living being too high they say that the government workers for example have not been paid for 2
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months and they want this to change so they want the president to be more decisive the one the president you know break that quote leash and that they say is not working dissolve parliament or just make things right to improve their quality of life and catherine just as you were talking we were seeing some of the pictures of the protests there and as you were suggesting if the protests to continue there is a risk of course we're going to see more violence what options are open to the government now to try to contain this situation. well 1st let me just start with parliament i mean we've been talking to parliamentarians who are saying that this portis does directing their anger to the wrong body because constitutionally it's religious bodies that are mandated to nominate the president of the electoral commission so the parliamentarians are saying that this name. was forwarded to parliament and the parliamentarians just
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ando's that name and they were just doing their job within the timeline of the electoral of the electoral calendar but the thousands of people who've been on the streets are saying that parliamentarians knew that the population would reject this name so perhaps they'd have delayed this decision perhaps of going back to their religious leaders and seeing whether they could be a compromise of consensus and of me been made or perhaps a different name would have been for would have been fronted and i think the president just that katie now has that window of opportunity because he is the final approval he makes the final approval and he says that he is going to go back to the religious leaders and see whether a compromise can be made to sort of deescalate tensions because if this doesn't happen as you mentioned before this thing things are just going to get worse because already we've had from civil society groups who've had from the catholic church and we've also had from the f.c.c. which is a coalition led by former president joseph kabila all saying that they're going in
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the in the coming week they're going to go to the streets again to protest in the gads to this same issue so the situation very tense in the president a lot of people are saying needs to act quickly that's conference or bring us the latest in nairobi conference thank you very much. since the mandela the daughter of nelson and winnie mandela has died at a hospital in johannesburg at the age of 59 she was serving the south africa's ambassador to denmark at the time of her death since the mandela came to prominence in 1985 when the white minority government offered to release her father from prison but that was on condition that nelson mandela denounced his movements on struggle against the apartheid regime since he mandela read his letter rejecting the offer at a public meeting broadcast around the world. britain's home secretary has unveiled the u.k.'s new points based immigration system and post brags that visa rules that comes into force in january next year and it was described by pretty patel as firm
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but fair let's get more on this from me of bach and he's live for us in london just give us an outline of what pretty patel has been talking about. with home secretaries outlined in 120 page document all the ins and outs of this you point space immigration system is being sold to business is this being a grand opportunity for them to be able to pull the brightest and best from anywhere in the world so for the 1st of january next year whether you're from the e.u. all from further afield you will in theory have an equal chance of being able to apply for a visa to live and work here in the u.k. so in short you need to get 70 points you need to have a decent level of english to gain a basic level of points you also have to have a job offer from a recognised employer you need to be earning over a certain financial threshold when it comes to salaries around $35000.00 if you are nurse or doctor of course much needed him and britain's national health service you
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can apply to live and work here by a parallel scheme and if you are foreign student graduating from a british university you'll be allowed to stay in the country for up to 2 years because like gives you a chance to be able to look for a job and potentially stay here even longer let's not forget when people voted to leave the e.u. back in 2016 of the referendum tightening immigration was at the forefront of many many people's minds and several conservative governments have put immigration and tightening britain's borders in the forefront of that policy so that's why pretty bit sell on the government of boris johnson's are now prioritizing this pulling the narrative back home breaks it and what the u.k. will look like at the start of next year steve barker live for us from london many thanks love. china's imposing retaliator is sanctions against 3 u.s. politicians and the envoy for religious freedom after washington blacklisted a number of chinese politicians alleging human rights abuses of the weaker minority
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those targeted included senators ted cruz and marco rubio both supported the legislation president donald trump signed in june calling for sanctions over the repression of the u.n. says about 1000000 readers have been detained in reeducation camps in jang china's foreign minister is warning the u.s. to stay out of china's internal affairs. members of the hong kong pro-democracy group charged with organizing an illegal vigil to commemorate the $989.00 chinaman square massacre have appeared in court the case is adjourned until september organizers accuse the police of using coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to ban the annual event center clark has more from hong kong this is the 1st hearing for these high profile pro-democracy activists charged with inciting and. candlelight vigil on june the 4th. chanting slogans like no to political persecution and political crimes including the founder of the media group. as well as the founder
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of the organization that hosts the annual vigil to remember their lives. but the group says these charges. because. we have. a right. right. and we will fight this because. everyone in sight by the crime of. the crime to. incite people to come out. thousands of people joined this is june 4th candlelight vigil despite. being put in place and a ban on any public gatherings of more than 8 people a number of people in the other criminal hearings. found guilty on these charges they could face up to 5 years in. the pro-democracy activists to fight hong kong
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after beijing imposed a national security law in the city hasn't arrived safely in london nathan law left after testifying in a u.s. congressional hearing about the legislation said that activists like himself could now face a rest just for speaking to foreign journalists or politicians the u.k. is easing visa restrictions and opening a route to british citizenship for millions of hong kong. and hong kong is among the issues being discussed as e.u. foreign ministers meet in person for the 1st time since coronavirus pandemic began and also on the agenda the situation in syria as well as libya and turkey tensions have increased between paris and uncover in recent weeks over their role in the libyan conflict and actions in the eastern mediterranean kosovo's president is at the hague to face questions about his suspected role in the killings that took place during the conflict and the late 1990 s.
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a special prosecutor has filed a 10 count indictment accusing. vice president cutting vassily and others of crimes against humanity and war crimes prosecutor saying he and others are criminally responsible for the murders of nearly 100 people some of them with their political opponents the crimes include inforce disappearances persecution and torture carried out during kosovo's war of independence against sarah bia between 19981999 they've also accused ashley and vassily of a campaign to obstruct and undermine their investigation. he says he's complied with the prosecutor's request for the interview because he believes in dialogue and good relations with all nations. the fair is the new challenge. and succeed. or might. my family my be my company. nobody. only. this is.
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4 soldiers have been killed as border fighting between us about jan and armenian soldiers continues as about john's defense ministry says both sides have been clashing and since sunday they have destroyed armenian military positions tensions between the 2 former soviet republics of simmered for years over disputed breakaway territory. several protest as in jerusalem have been injured by police after demanding prime minister benjamin netanyahu resigns over corruption charges police removed barricades and tents outside the residence of benjamin netanyahu the demonstrators have been holding a one month long sit in benjamin netanyahu faces charges of accepting bribes fraud and breach of trust in 3 separate cases the long serving prime minister denies any wrongdoing in the media of a witch hunt washington d.c.'s n.f.l. team have dropped their redskins nickname and logo after pressure from social
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justice groups the redskins names caused a lot of controversy over the years for its racial insensitivity towards native americans pressure increased after the death of george floyd in may the sponsors have since asked the team to change its name nike stop selling the team's merchandise on its online platforms a new name hasn't yet been chosen and it will likely take some time because it involves trademarking and other administrative procedures a funeral service has been held for the former mayor of seoul who was found dead last week after being accused of sexual harassment pachmann sunni's body was found on a mountain last week after his former secretary filed a police complaint against him the sole city government has been criticized for organizing a 5 day state funeral despite the controversy an online petition opposing the 70 garnered more than 500000 signatures the man who admitted to killing $51.00 people the 2 new zealand mosques last year has fired his lawyers which means he's
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going to represent himself and he's sentenced next month brenton talent pleaded guilty to dozens of murder attempted murder and terrorism charges is streamed his attack in the city of christchurch live on facebook is likely to get life in prison without parole. this is all ages even these are the top stories there's been another record daily rise in the number of coronavirus cases around the world more than a quarter of those are in the u.s. over the weekend 7 states they'll be case records and florida added more infections in a day than any state had previously. white house correspondent kimberly hauck it has more from washington d.c. you have this sort of cord needed tactic it appears to keep dr anthony found out of the spotlight what we're told is that the 2 really haven't sat down face to face
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for any sort of briefing in more than a month and this is because dr 5 she has felt quite comfortable speaking what he believes to be the facts that things like hydroxy chlorophyll and chloroquine and anti-malaria drug that the president has touted for treating covert 19 that he's not convinced of it's a fact of this he's also criticize the state of where the united states is right now in terms of coronavirus that compared to other countries it's not doing well in the words of dr anthony found she has a lot to do with the divisiveness something the u.s. president has been criticized repeatedly for india has a record number of new coronavirus cases for the 6th straight day with only 29000 confirmed on sunday a week long locked on will be imposed and bangalore to spike there more than 23000 people have died poland's conservative president andre do the has returned to office after a runoff vote due to not really won with just over half the votes his rival ruffle
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to school ski received 49 percent. china is imposing retaliator his sanctions against 3 u.s. politicians and a religious freedom envoy after washington blacklisted senior chinese politicians alleged human rights abuses of the reagan minority was targeted included republican senators ted cruz. members of the pro-democracy groups charged for organizing and in the eagle vigil in hong kong to commemorate the $989.00 chen among moscow have appeared in court the defendants include high profile opposition figures like jimmy lie and lead track beyond that accuse of inciting and participating in an assembly last month so fisons of people defy a police baton and those are the headlines news continues off to talk to all just here by a global pandemic mass protests demanding change economic recession and geo political tensions not to mention the small matter of
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a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. the world to. the. december 24th 1979 soviet troops invaded going to stun leaders of the soviet union said they'd been invited by a gun of common defeated. the soviet invasion set up on the front on the part of decades of conflict. from the soviet of gone before the most was complete withdrawal in the 1980 s. and the eventual collapse of the communist government and. civil war followed. leading to the taliban's right to power. once backed by the cia the movement through most of a lot of fun until 2001. that's been the you.


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