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tv   The Stream 2020 Ep 110  Al Jazeera  July 15, 2020 11:32am-12:00pm +03

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publics have been in conflict over an enclave inside as advised on controlled by ethnic armenians japan is calling on the united states to better manage the spread of the corona virus at its military bases after more than 100 fashion soldiers tested positive in okinawa the local governor says he was shocked by the cost of infections and once a virus prevention measures at the camps to be further scrutinized and corona virus infections in india heading now towards $1000000.00 after another record or day of new cases more than $29000.00 people tested positive for the fires just in the past 24 hours and at least a $500.00 people have died local authorities in 12 states are now reimposing lockdowns and high risk areas well those are the headlines i'll have more news after the strain. as protests rage over police brutality and coronavirus grips the nation campaigning on the election trail has been forced to take
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a back seat will the presidential candidates ever hit the road and so their brand of politics to americans before the vote follow the u.s. elections on a. very welcome to the stream home edition i am josh rushing and you are in my home edition today. with the owner might you run up the top this is out going out on you tube live and i hope you're going to join us in that discussion box over there and i'm going to get some of your comments into the show or try my best listen would you believe me if i told you i had an inside source with a trumpet ministration and they're planning to arrest hillary clinton bill gates tom hanks because they're all part of the kim a ballistic pedophile rig. you know who doesn't believe who do it who does believe
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that michael flynn former national security advisor to the united states check out this video he put out around july 4th. ah you're playing a man do solemnly swear do solemnly swear that i will support and defend supporting the constitution of the united states because usually. all enemies foreign and domestic against all enemies foreign and domestic i will bear true faith and allegiance to the same leader true 3 believing that i take this obligation freely that it is the teaching freely that any mental reservation without having already a solution purpose of evasion or her is the asia that i will well and faithfully and that all well and a fully discharge and doing dishes are duties of the office on which i am about to enter of the oz does it wasn't about to enter so help you god. where we go one we go where you go i know all about last part where we go one we go
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all that is pacific reference to q. anon but what is q when none this is alice kaplan for media matters you know to see far i could spears the theory that originated a message board sites tied to white nationalists for chandan a chant now remarks it's been warned about by the f.b.i. it has multiple times the violence it's been spreading in multiple social media platforms where they can organize and facebook groups and hashtags on twitter right where we go on we go all and you too charles and what you need to read is that's been dorsai multiple congressional candidates this cycle in some aspect more than 60 congressional candidates and it's been both are supported out in some aspects and multiple figures in the orbit of president donald trump trump himself his retreat or amplified mulcher not twitter accounts. ok joining me today to talk about q. anon is a really exciting panel of guests 1st we have i'm going to introduce themselves but kelly has a book coming out she's written about flatter 3rd and associated conspiracies kelly
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who you are and maybe a just a touch about your book sure i'm kelli while i'm a reporter at the daily beast where i cover the far right i cover weird internet culture and increasingly there overlap my forthcoming book is about the flat earth movement but also other conspiracy movements and format and history of conspiratorial thinking around the mid 18 hundreds in. flat earth words because back that far well yeah yeah. i mean that's a whole other topic. but i had no idea that it went back that far what the talk about that i'm going to tell jared. are moving on to gerrard and i'm actually i'm about more than halfway through jerry's book that he has coming out called american rule and i tell you it is a fantastic look kind of a howard zinn type look at american history from
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a different perspective than we normally get the mythologized perspective jerde give us a touch on who you are why you're here today sure my name is charity exception i'm a political analyst and the author of the forthcoming book american role how mission of the world that failed it's people and it's it's a look at american mythology and all that is unable to america to become a major supermarket also how it has drowned out democratic movements and personal freedoms great things started and then if you do any research on conspiracy theory in the us like those who are researching it talk about experts innit. every article quotes one person and that person is joseph who is down at the university of miami please don't associate who you are but other than being the man on conspiracy right now. hi i'm joe use in ski i'm an associate professor of political science here at the university of miami and i have been studying conspiracy theories for about a decade and am co-author of american conspiracy theories. and other book that i
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have on the shelf american express there is an excellent let's begin with kelly kelly so we talked a bit about who q. anon is but what are they really do they believe. human number leaver is subscribed to a nexus of loosely defined beliefs but i think their core is that virtually all of president donald trump's foes are involved in a ring of satanic at ophelia and cannibalism and they believe offshoots in different variations on it they believe that the mahler investigation was not actually an investigation of president trump but about trump going after his pedophile it shows they can believe certain things like john f. kennedy jr is still alive and he's trying to bring down the path to file ratings and they are increasingly networked with high profile people in congress in the white house and self-worth trump retreating several cuarón
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supporters so this is a large and growing movement so here and i'm curious you mentioned the part about j.f.k. jr being actually alive in going to come back and bring down this ring so he would be from the left right and i think most people associate is it fair to say q anon is a right wing movement or is it something else. it certainly is there's an interesting sort of a harsher situation happening with that where the mythology of turin on actually holds that the j.f.k. assassination in the 1960 s. was actually part of this giant conspiracy by what they call the couple and you know we have these presidents particularly j.f.k. ronald reagan and ol trumpet all in this mythology that they are you know these iconoclasts who have trouble the cabal they fought it all the way kennedy of course lost his life because of it and it sort of brings this sort of you know bipartisan flavor to the conspiracy but it's definitely by nature
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a right wing conspiracy. and we would term you if you actually was you had a twitter thread go to my screen i'm going to show people here and you can check out jared twitter it's at j y sexton and you kind of give a history of this this is this is not new in it's rooted in kind of the green conspiracy of all can you walk us through that relatively quickly. sure there's a history unfortunately in america of all these right wing conspiracy is where basically people are told that there are traitors and there met usually the liberals and there are people outside of america usually you know this goes back to the protocols of the elders of zion on the idea of jewish puppet masters or anti zionist conspiracies but then they are manipulating people with an american particularly people of color and trying to destabilize america and you know taking over for their own nefarious means but this is been a long and really dangerous history of the united states joe what
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makes one. willing to believe some of these things is seem so fantastical. well there's a lot of reasons so one of the biggest questions i get asked is why do people believe conspiracy theories and if you think about it a little bit what the question really devolves into is why do people believe anything. and the answer is for a lot of reasons there are top down reasons so for example you might be listening to leaders of the group that you belong to there's bottom up reasons like you have your face in queens of uncertainty and powerlessness that might lead you to believe certain things. but the answer that i would give that i think has the most explanatory power is that people buy into conspiracy theories generally because they have a worldview in which the most likely explanation of events and circumstances is
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a conspiracy so what we tend to find is that people who have this worldview very strongly will believe lots of conspiracy theories as long as those conspiracy theories match their other dispositions so for example if you're a republican you think the democrats are up to no good if you're a democrat then you believe the republicans are no good. but if as long as the theories are exposed to match the dispositions you have then then you're likely to buy in. so how do you have how do you set your moral compass between being naive or being conspiratorial like let's say you told me that the cia was using l.s.d. on people without their knowledge to practice mind control and i'm like that's that that i just can't be true turns out it was actually true as part of in k. altria so i'm naive to not believe that right but if you tell me that tom hanks is
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part of a cannibalistic pedophile ring that seems to be on the pill to me without really some serious evidence how do you keep yourself between being naive and maybe over conspiratorial. well democratic societies or hire people to be vigilant so we need it to as a citizen walk to the government interest groups whatever and make sure they're not abusing whatever power they have and undermining our bedrock ground rules against for fraud. so it's healthy to engage with conspiracy theories sometimes it can go overboard as you point out and just the same you know we find that people who have very high levels of conspiracy thinking will believe almost any conspiracy theory that they come across but people with very very low levels of it will reject conspiracies that are true like m.k. ultra so being at the extremes isn't very good it's much better to be somewhere in
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the middle where you're willing to consider these ideas but perhaps wait until there's better evidence that jared is there some need to believe a conspiracy for societies to congeal and work. you know there's a lot of ancient thought in this idea we go back to the idea of the noble why which is of course this idea that we have to talk about our nations and who we are and sort of you know our own mythologies about how society works and this is going on the organizing principles for a very long time but you also take a look and i. just mention in terms of saying that choice a lot of this conspiracy theory mongering comes from a place where people feel as if they're shut out from politics and places of power and as a result they start working up these new mythologies to explain why they're shut out and particularly what people of our are doing and so a lot of times you see these conspiracy theories and conspiracy theory movements as
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sort of symptomatic of. our in particular and you see people who feel again powerless as if they need to come up with some sort of a story about why they're powerless and what the power of doing in closed doors some comments from our you tube chat here's one from someone awake and now says i make you an honor just because someone says it's a conspiracy theory does not mean it's not true there must be the whole thing just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you. you have some other people a lot of people are saying stuff like 2 q 2 q trump 2020 pizza gate is real let me put that one to bed. kelly why does q. not matter. cuma matters because it's a really a it hijacks a discourse for a lot of otherwise well meaning people and that's on the left and the right people on the right can have legitimate convictions real political conservatism but what
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you're in on is doing is redirecting those ideals into just fraud and it's telling people that you don't have to engage with trump's political ideals or his policy agenda all you need to do is buy into this idea that he's part of this black and white good and evil battle between this heroic champion and this evil cabal so it's who are real darrelle mince of any kind of meaningful political discourse one of the things to me about this conspiracy is it may have started on the furniture something that is it's not there when the president early states has tweeted or reach we did more than 70 times different account to show you on line here this is alex who we heard from earlier in the release not on twitter he's a d.c. if you want to call him a twitter but he's just showing how many times trump has reach we did the q one on conspiracy guys if you want to jump in here what does it mean when the president
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united states is pushing out this. well i would just say that the deep state conspiracy theory that term used for its own political purposes sits right into this she went on to unity and whether or not he understands human element or whether it's people around him who does that sort of mindset is perfect for him weaponize and distrust and paranoia so i mean that you're in on it's not i don't think you could have possibly reach this point and for us if it wasn't for it all trumps reliance on conspiracy theory and weaponized paranoia ok grace i want to go to another sound byte from our community this is from joe in miller she's an associate professor at university of delaware soon on doesn't have isn't busy assoc affirming as it may seem in a recent nationally representative survey bribes you i'm 76 percent are adults in the us and they did not write anything after only 3 percent said they knew a lot of that here and you know the 3 percent what percentage of them has favorable
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opinions so you the reason why some candidates political candidates in the ras may be making some overtures towards you is probably to see more and i stab instant news to people who know something about you they've probably been emboldened to do so by president john treatment he uses anti-establishment and rhetoric so if he hears the polls he's talking about if we can go to my computer 76 percent americans have heard nothing at all but i've also seen that q. has about 3000000 followers arak aggregated through different social media so we have a question from you tube about who actually believes in and maybe joe your you might be best chance that this what age groups are subjected to believing conspiracy theories and disregard history that is from america marie. all age
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groups believe conspiracy theories and i will 2nd what joanne said they're. not only that poll the polls that i've done myself show that a lot of people don't know what human on is and despite you know things you hear in the media that it's going mainstream and it's taking over or something like that it's just it's just not so i told on this in the late summer of 2018 in florida after a few people are trying to support his work you were gallia to a trump rally in tampa and it became major news for about a month so i polled on it and it was one of the least well known things that we polled on and it was rated about as highly as fidel castro in our poll if you know anything about florida you know we don't like castro very much i repeated this poll just last month and found that support for cuban on has not increased.
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at all in 2 years and we've also done this nationwide and i've seen revolts results of other polls. too and it's not a big thing out there and i would say that it's support or is deeper than it is wide and i would also say if we're defining far right as the political dispositions of the people who support it it's not far right in any sense at all it's it's equal numbers of republicans and democrats and republicans and democrats rate it equally poorly so it's much as we like to think of it as far right the evidence for for that if we're talking about the followers just isn't there. you know if you go back to that pew poll i don't have it on the computer this other part of it but it was. democrats were more likely to have heard of it than republicans actually i believe in this poll and i can maybe pull that up later in the show it's good to if if i
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can if i can say something really fast i think one of the things that we've actually seen with q. and a and is that i think democrats are more likely to understand what human on is or having a working understanding of what is necessarily happening or how the philosophy works but meanwhile during the pandemic particularly with a lot of radicalization on social media you're starting to find a lot of people who are sharing to you and me and to and on documentaries and soon on information who may not even interest understand what you're in on is that they understand the basic philosophy so while it might not be widely known about were totally understood it's starting to sink into the social media communities particularly with trump supporters who may not understand where it came from or particularly what it's saying but it's anti-establishment conspiracists conspiratorial themes are definitely catching on with a lot of people who might not even know what it means to kelly maybe you know
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a whole bunch of don't know what it means but aren't we bout to see our 1st member of congress be a q a non believer coming out of georgia. that's very likely and i do agree with the sentiment that a lot of these congressional candidates are signaling pure nonsupport to reach out to this more friend nj population or to indicate an anti establishment this position one thing i will say about q popularity sort of to jared's point isn't that there is a increasing i think saturation of language of q. means of q. ideas into a republican space that is not necessarily knowledgeable or even receptive to the core claims but if i might just use an anecdote i was reading news from my hometown there was a dispute about me asking and somebody in the comments was sharing a mean. name but i have a q. and a slogan on there i will bet you $50.00 that i did not know what your own arm was but it's becoming more late in in the republican discourse interesting so it's kind
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of seeping in in a way. another question from are our audience here is this is from chris jones in says are there common themes to conspiracy theories and how do you add to defy what joe. well a conspiracy theory is a small group working in secret against the common good for their own benefit and in a way that undermines our bedrock ground rules and. you know tries to institute force and fraud against people. some people say there's nothing new under the sun and having been studying this for 10 years i could tell you that the conspiracy theories is wacky as they sound they're just boring and they're rehashed and there's really nothing new and as goofy as cumin on comes off it's just the plot of oliver stone's j.f.k. a pedophile deep state working against the. working against the government and.
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so so the themes here are as strange as they sound are not new and they're not solely you know held by the right because the j.f.k. movie was by oliver stone a far left fella. but you bring up stone i would equally believe if you told me he was a target if you anon or he was a deep believe or of q $19.00 i would like either one what were you going to say jared well i was just going to say the new feature about you and on that is particularly startling its popularity and influence is it is the same old story as he was talking about but it now has this interactive element to it that the online culture brings to it which means that all the so-called digital soldiers are coming through all these clues and old pieces of media and you know finding these revelations and sharing so it's actually an interactive conspiracy theory that dance when the reasons why this this cult if you're not is growing the way it is is because people who feel powerless can now feel like they are somehow or another
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exciting the so-called deep state income all by finding these clues and then by providing their own revelations so this is one of the reasons why it's becoming more popular more powerful is because it's the same old narrative but it's actually bringing in sort of crowdsourcing elements. going to bring in an nother reporting source here on it that i've enjoyed is that land that has a special can we go to my computer so we can show those that have a special website a lot of reporting done is called shadow land here i'm going to kind of scroll through and show you some of the graphics are very interesting but one of the things one has articles talks about if you know which one it was but that this is becoming kind of a new american religion is can someone talk to me about that like how does conspiracy theory become a religion was the it religious aspects of it in our their current religions to like compare that to. i think q. and i'm is increasingly taking on the weight of a religious text with some followers and you'll see that with people who print out
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q drops the key posts in almost bible form they can cite certain posts isn't there scripture i don't think that is representative of most nonbelievers but with some of the diehards you will see them using these clues almost like bible verses where they will apply them to daily life and they'll adapt to them and use them as a lens through which they interpret the things going on. but which would seem to be basically religious ceremonies where there blending. christianity and here they're quoting the bible and they're quoting to you and it's very much just like you would watch a you know that some other christian ceremony except for there's a lot of this q. stuff woven into it it's a question from our audience again this is. part day do you think you anon is a manifestation of if you stablish missed symptom and brought about by trump what do you think you and i will live on beyond chance presidency. well better because i
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guess what you think of the answer i bet it lives on is some kind of malleable form right as you're saying joe it's all the same it just gets recycled right. yeah i mean we'll see what happens in the future of trump wins the presidency or loses how how we'll adapt to that my guess is that if he loses and cumin on we'll just say that trump has decided to fight the deep state from some other position. to cover up his loss. it is very anti-establishment so we can measure these views on surveys so journalists often think of our politics in one dimension you have left right far right are left people in the center but that's sort of squishing people's opinions into one dimension and people aren't unidimensional so well some people see themselves and gauge the battle against the other side many people to one degree or another see themselves in gauged in a battle against the establishment written large. av their view they
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are you're being crushed by the establishment those are the ones who tend to get into. so i want to pull up we've got about a minute left to show him to pull more tweet this is bin collins you can find him on twitter a talks about how to talk to somebody about you and on who is a believer the very 1st crumb dropped by q was hillary clinton will be arrested between 7 45 am and 8 30 am eastern time on monday the morning of october 30th 2017 so the question to a q. nonbeliever as did that happen. and if it didn't what does that tell you someone think all of you guys for being with us joe i know you're under great demand these days as conspiracies are of a popular story in jared i know your prayer for your book to come out america roll to great book i recommend people look at it i've enjoyed it and i'm really looking for to your book keli about flat earth as you know it could go there after this let me know where i get a copy of that think all your guests for being here the conversation continues on
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you tube through until next time be well. there is no chat on the cover of world news like we do the scale of this camp is like nothing you've ever seen. but we want to know is how do these things affect people we revisit places stay even when there are no international headlines. al-jazeera really invests in that and that's a privilege as a job. raised in a chinese buddhist orphanage. facing a momentous life decision. a personal story of competing identities. the chad light on a growing cultural types. africa
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a witness documentary on al-jazeera. china threatens to retaliate after president trump imposes new american sanctions and ends hong kong special status. hello again i'm the star and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up stranded in yemen the dangers it for tens of thousands of ethiopian migrants and why they can't return.


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