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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 16, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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a series of short documentaries from around the world. that celebrate the human spirit against the odds. that someday someday. al-jazeera selects change makers. the coronavirus crisis gets worse across the united states conti a plea from the infectious disease expert who's been a dog's with president trump. we've got almost reset this in saying ok let's stop this nonsense and figure out how can we get control of this now. this is at 0 for our world headquarters in doha also coming up in the program egypt
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asked for clarification after ethiopia and mt is a controversial dam on the blue nile is being filled. a family celebration shattered by an airstrike in yemen who 3 rebel so at least 25 civilians killed in an attack by the saudi led coalition. a major attack of twitter fake messages appear on some of the most followed accounts including bill gates barack obama and iran miles. so then the coronavirus crisis in the u.s. is growing worse as the man leading the fight faces a political pressure over his warnings the u.s. set another record on tuesday with $67000.00 new infections and top infectious disease expert dr anthony fauci is urging the white house to try to stop trying to discredit him and focus on tackling the pandemic in latin america brazil's president jaya both scenarios says he's tested positive for a 2nd time as
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a country nears its 2000000 cases and 75000 deaths but in china where the outbreak was 1st detected at the end of last year only one new cases been reported beijing says its economy has rebounded more than 3 points in the 2nd quarter beating expectations mike hanna begins our coverage from washington d.c. with more on dr phil she's pleased to end a vision over the crisis. dr tartt she making that very clear in an interview with the atlantica news magazine stating that he just wanted to focus on combating the virus in particular finding a vaccine that will deal with it rather than this infighting that has emerged in recent weeks between elements in the white house and dr park himself now president trying to criticize dr pao she in the past however he has now backed his top model of just. his trade adviser peter navarro who wrote
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a blistering article about doctors in a daily newspaper president trance said he was only speaking for himself and peter navarro was in fact wrong to do this but this is a rare voice of word of support from president trump from dr they have differed over a number of elements the wearing of masks in public president really does so or has only done so on perhaps 2 occasions since the pandemic began the reopening of schools president wants all schools across the nation to reopen completely destructive fire she says it's got to be treated on a case by case basis and of course the whole element of opening up states too early dr pao she warned that a number of states had not met the criteria to open up while president trump was urging governors to do so in domestic travel has partially resumed as a government tries to jumpstart the economy there are long queues that lehman's main main airport reopened and then river transport is being allowed in 18 regions
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so in other areas where coronavirus cases are rising they remain under lock. well as tries to boost its damaged economy official data out of beijing shows that china is bouncing back let's get more from katrina are you in beijing and katrina these figures just released 2 and a half percent was for cause actual growth i think 3.2 percent so that's good news at least for. yes that's right that's higher than what was expected as you mentioned most analysts were predicting somewhere between 2 to one half the sense that we've got 3.2 percent and that's quite a shop rebound if we look at the 1st quarter where we saw a 6.8 percent contraction and that was the 1st contraction that china's g.d.p. rate has seen since for decades actually so the government is very happy with this people also will be very happy to see that things are recovering after the pandemic slowdown of course as with all figures in china we do have to take this with
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a grain of salt but it's true if you walk around the city of beijing it does look like things are back to normal morse businesses are open now restaurants are back. people are back to work generally and travel restrictions have also ease you no longer have to due to weeks of coron if you travel domestically most cases you just have to take a nucleic acid test so that is definitely good news and we did have this new beijing outbreak which happened at the end of may be getting of june which was very concerning very frustrating which so many neighborhoods plunged back into lockdown and many restrictions tightened again but the government did act quickly on that and more than 11000000 people were tested in the weeks following that new cluster and that seems to have worked because in the last few days we've had 0 local transmissions in beijing so we have this rebound but it's fair to say the still a great deal of uncertainty. absolutely i
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mean there we've heard from chinese officials and they say that judging from these figures they're very hopeful but in the next few quarters going to see about 5 percent g.d.p. growth which does seem very optimistic but we have to look at the figures in that but i we've seen of the last few weeks and months and that does seem to be heading in a positive direction in the month of may manufacturing figures were up we also had pretty good important export figures and in june we also saw pretty positive figures when it came to cars sales 2300000 cars were sold which is an 11.9 increase from may so people are getting back in their cars getting back on the road traveling around going back to work and also that it really indicates people are willing to open up their pockets and make some big spending a happening again so that was very different from what we saw at the beginning of the pandemic and the government of course has been very keen to get the chinese economy up and running it's been playing this balancing act between controlling the
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outbreak and getting the economy going but they batted so far to avoid any blanket stimulus measures instead focusing on targeted fiscal measures and such as learn rate cuts and other subsidies as well or had some kind of a return to normal katrina thanks very much katrina you there in beijing. now egypt is seeking clarification from ethiopia about whether it started to fill the reservoir of africa's largest dam of the blue nile if you can state t.v. reported on wednesday that the feeling of the ground relations have begun the $5000000000.00 project is the centerpiece of ethiopia's bid to become africa's biggest power exporter egypt and sudan fear reduced water supplies downstream and didn't want the river until they reached agreements with the last months egypt told the un it faces an existential threat from the. well the $4000000000.00 project has caused nearly a decade of tension between these you and downstream countries sudan and egypt
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still no final do. has been reached and the project is the centerpiece of ethiopia's bid to become africa's biggest power exporter the country is the source of the blue nile which flows through sudan and merges with the white nile through egypt the ethiopian government says at full capacity that it will be able to turn on the lights for $70000000.00 ethiopians who currently have no electricity but egypt relies on the knowledge for 90 percent of its water for a population of $100000000.00 sudan stands to gain from the project which will reduce flooding and provide access to cheap electricity but it's feared those benefits could be outweighed by the negative impact he promoted reports now from sudan's late nubia. filling of the dam is of great concern to both sudan and egypt because the dams capacity alone is twice the size or rather the capacity of the blue line which contributes more than 80 percent of the nile's water so dan has repeatedly expressed concern over the impact of the dam and its safety on sudanese
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dams and water resources says that it's worried about the safety of the operations of the ground if you bring in his own stem especially because if you get to provide any guarantees it's also worried about the impact it will have on water bodies downstream now one of those places where we will see an impact of the feeling is right here on lake newbie or as it's much more commonly known lake nasir this is a lake that is created by the reservoir of the aswan high dam in egypt and most of the body of this lake is on the egyptian territory but this park which is about 20 percent lies on sudanese territory lots of fishermen and lots of farmers rely on this water body to be able to make a living and they're saying that they're concerned because this leak is largely reliant on the amount of water that flows into it and into the amount of water that is released by the egyptian dam so should egypt release a lot of water by the from behind dam and should there be a reduction in the amount of water that is flowing into the lake the size of the
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lake is likely to significantly reduce and that would have an impact on the livelihoods of people who are living here in the health and fishing and farming on the on the shores of lake so lots of concerns by sudan of course and also concerns by egypt over how much water it would be receiving especially because more than 1000 percent of its population relies on the nile for fresh water to get any guarantees of from that feeling of the down will not will not affect the amount of water that is flowing downstream. yemen's northern provinces killed at least $25.00 civilians including children that's according to the rebel controlled ministry. it's a saudi u.a.e. coalition aircraft hit several homes in the district on a family celebrations taking place at least 7 other people were reported injured. is yemen. and he says the u.n. must do more to hold the saudis view a coalition accountable for civilian deaths in this area is not near any
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frontline. i didn't think that this is this should be an excuse for the saudi why they thought of this because from the beginning of the water they have killed by a strike more than 17000 yemeni civilians and it just hit in some media as they have always say that this attack came after it. has targeted saudi arabia would ballastic on monday and actually that attack on so you on monday it came as a retaliation i thought because on sunday the day before a saudi has killed 910 civilians including 5 children. but i believe that one main point that that actually given that's already a green light to continue this type of attack against civilians is that you insecurity. removal of the name for all children. the killers of children about 2 weeks ago they did this many times before that so i
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think if the united nation will not help the responsible for this killing i believe that that's all we can continue. still ahead celebrations for some prisoners of war in libya 60 minutes and go to the board signs. that. a warm welcome but an uncertain future how mexico's tourism industry is adapting to the reality of current of all. and there's some good news across southern regions of the united states it is still pretty warm but the severe heat wave really has begun to break down the warnings and not quite so what widespread or we have got those that you see in the last year as a some pretty hefty thunderstorms on can see more of those as we go through thursday
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that will what they're way eastwards across the great lakes pushing up into the northeast and then a scotching of rain further to the south very widespread these showers out across the 4 corners region as well no but they're really up into seattle right the way down the west coast which is a better 27 is the high it has a say 28 good sunshine but not the really high temperatures but again as we go through friday will see more rain developing through central canada that will push down to the northern plains and again we could how severe thunderstorms and sunny quite a few those working the way tools the carolinas some very warm moist in place then down into the caribbean and central america quite a few showers here as well some heaviest spells at times the to kill across into southern florida cuba and also quite widespread through much of haiti the dominican republic what we will see there for the next couple days is rain of course essential america but not as heavy as we have say much lighter rains across into panama meanwhile on in the southern mexico wanted to scattered showers heavier towards the coast but not about mexico city with a high of 23. in
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the next episode of techno the team travels to the heart of the amazon. where we are now should be trained for years to investigate illegal gold mining greggory had a very unique characteristic of finding the gold for a miner it's almost like magic and the technology being used to expose its devastating impact and so what we end up doing is imaging of course in very high fidelity streams techno on all just 0.
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but again you're watching out there a reminder of our top stories this and the u.s. records its biggest single day jump since start of the pandemic with $67000.00 new infections the country's top health expert is in the white house to stop attacks on him and focus on the virus. egypt says it's clarification from ethiopia about whether it started to fill the reservoir of africa's largest dam on the blue nile if the state t.v. reported on wednesday that the filling of the grand relations dam had begun egypt and sudan requested it not be filled until an agreement is reached. by strikes on yemen's northern oil to us province have killed at least $25.00 civilians including children that's according to a new theme rebel controlled ministry says a saudi u.a.e. coalition aircraft hit several homes in the al hudson district where a family celebration taking place. libya's warring sides have conducted a prisoner swap the un recognized government of national accord and forces loyal to
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the warlord who before have to each exchanged a prisoners in misrata with the hope of more to follow my lead trainer says. well wishers welcomed home for rows on the right he's one of the prisoners from misrata released by warlords for the for have to his forces in eastern libya. the men loyal to the internationally recognized government of national accord or ginnie in tripoli for exchange for aid of have to his prisoners. swap have been near elsewhere and is that south of the front lines with the help of tribal leaders. well the rot was taken prisoner in southern tripoli last december during have tears filled campaign to capture the capital he was then transported to a jail in benghazi in the eastern libya. after nearly 7 months in captivity he's among his family and friends again back home in this roster well. i'm
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so happy it feels like i'm reborn i can't explain how happy i am i wasn't expecting to make it back home i hope all the families of prisoners from both sides can feel this kind of happiness his uncle mohammed is a prominent jian a military leader also from misrata he says the exchange may be followed by more. than enough. this was the 1st exchange between misrata and the east since the fighting almost every family in eastern libya has a prisoner here in western libya and we have prisoners there these occasions bring us closer to each other and are signs of a possible reconciliation process officials in libya's 3rd largest city see up to 750 men from misrata have been killed in the fighting would have to forces so far but. the city of misrata suffered so much from death occasions like this fill our hearts with joy and happiness may god help all those who helped bring these people home but for family and friends of the 8 prisoners who have been able to make it
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back home here in misrata it's a joyous occasion it remains to be seen whether prisoner releases such as this one can help fuel a serious we conciliation process and bring about a peaceful solution to the libyan conflict traina al jazeera misrata. twitter is scrambling to fix a major hacking it system that has seen fake messages posted to some of the most followed accounts in the world they began appearing just a few hours ago asking followers to day nay to a bit coy an account with a promise their amount would be matched among those who write to former u.s. president barack obama where the message says that donations would go to those affected by covert 19 presidential nominee joe biden amazon boss jeff bezos microsoft founder bill gates apple they've all also been hit well to see jack dorsey has given a statement on the platform in it he says it was a tough day for everyone at twitter and they all feel terrible about what happened
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at diagnosing the cause of the problem will share more information when they have a better understanding of. what you know fried is a chief technology correspondent for access and she explains why some twitter users could have fallen for the. well i think you know this was an account all about opportunity and what you're seeing is you know very high profile people reach a lot of people very quickly bitcoin is something that can be turned into cash very quickly anonymously so i think somebody found a very clever way to extract a lot of money from people in a very quick amount of time i mean certainly more people don't fall for it than do but i think when it comes from twitter and twitter caused a little bit of this problem they verify certain high profile users and say this is who you think it is and so that added to the problem is these were for the most part verified account so you look at it you say oh this really is this person and is it a little unusual that barack obama is asking for money yes but in the context of
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cold relief maybe not so much now with bill gates and some of the others it seemed a little more out of character but you know you think of your typical e-mail scam and this is actually more plausible than that now again it does say you know you should be where you should think twice and you should never donate money indirectly you should always go to the charity you think you're going to. us 10 tied up old will no longer have to pay $15000000000.00 in back taxes off the winning an appeal at europe's high court the firm has been accused of benefiting from an illegal arrangement with the island's government to keep in touch bill officially live but judges decide the case has not been proven i think baba has more on the ruling. multinationals could often choose to pay tax on their revenues around the european union in $1.00 country where they have a regional headquarters in apple's case like other big companies that was in ireland so the commission back then ordered apple to pay back for a gross underpayment of tax on profits from 2003 to 2014
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it said that basically the company had created 2 shell companies to hire eat their profits now this is a big win for apple as it stands the company had really who the idea that they'd sort to avoid tax the i was short for it is have welcomed this decision they said ireland has always been clear there was no special treatment provided the opposition in ireland the main opposition shin fein has said it's a bad day for the taxpayer there as well as morally a terrible day and the european ringback commission itself hasn't necessarily given up the fight they're saying it they don't know how long it will take for them to make a decision on whether to continue this case but it could impact on others there are people looking into the tax affairs of companies like nike and ikea around the european union right now it's a very very important for the european commission to be seen to be taking
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a stand to make big companies pay their fair share of tax particularly given the huge numbers involved in this covered 19 recovery fund which they're trying to create right now. they approached european social democrats have declared victory in north macedonia as parliamentary elections 95 percent of votes counted the party was on course for a narrow win their rivals to fell short of gaining an outright majority raising the prospect of tough coalition towards the result has exposed deep divisions over the country's future as it prepares to start the membership because she's a sions. hundreds have been arrested in better use for rallying gates the exclusion of the 2 main opposition candidates for next month's election the president said it's alexander lukashenko is seeking a 6th term in office with most of his rivals in jail or under investigation let's hear broad as for. the summer of discontent and valerie is he said now. with hundreds on the streets of the capital minsk and several other cities clapping
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chanting demanding to be heard thank you because i just simply say that in my country i don't have a name word or a voice so i feel like i'm just not here so i decided to come out and show everyone that i exist i have a voice that these are all my people my neighbors brothers sisters and we exist. soon though they were more police than protesters and many were arrested. it's been a similar scene for months with anger against the government's response to the coronavirus the economy and the growing crackdown on dissent before next month's presidential election what are shooting at us for this we couldn't just stay at home i think the more people who come out to these marches in solidarity the better it is for everyone. on tuesday the electoral commission 2 of the main opposition candidates from standing why ms valery to carlow a former ambassador who was rejected after signatures supporting him would deigned
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invalid. the other is victim baba rico seen as the biggest rival to a sick turn by president alexander lukashenko the banker was detained last month accused of money laundering and makes an administration say that it's why he was excluded. today we were spat in the face and they tried to take away our future and our hope they're waiting for the end of the struggle but they don't understand that it's now that everything begins many of president lukashenko rivals are either in jail or under investigation but some have been allowed to run one is the wife of another at the time the opposition candidate who used to call a cockroach despite the insults the president's victory is almost certain he's already spent 26 years in power the u.s. once down 10 the last dictator in europe. got frightened and he wanted to prevent any single slightest change or. that's why you hear it
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so harshly did not register candidates and police just burst 'd across. has dismissed the protesters as criminal gangs but critics say he's never faced an race like this and many. makes afraid of detention in another 5 years of lucas shane kowloon alexia bryant al jazeera. donald trump's niece wants him to resign from the presidency married trump says it's dangerous for americans to let the united states sat down for an exclusive interview with a.b.c. news after releasing a book heavily critical of trump what's the single most important thing you think the country needs to know about your uncle he is utterly incapable of leading this country and it's dangerous to allow him to do so. based
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on what you see now or what you saw that. based on what i've seen my entire adult life. barbara perry is the director of presidential studies at the university of virginia's miller center and she says it's unlikely the book will impact trump's public image. she claims that he's as sociopath and that course would be someone who's not only anti social but very manipulative and uses the ball 'd for his own hands and i don't think that that comes as a shock to anyone who's been following donald trump's career and certainly his presidency but the fact that someone in the family again was some expertise in the mental health field would come forward to say that it is very important for certainly the american people and all of the world to know while what she has said she has seen from her entire adult life i think as they say these charges are already baked in to people's decision making so it doesn't come as a shock to the opponents of donald trump that he has sociopathic tendencies and is
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not capable of leaving the united states and we see that now because of the coronavirus but for those who support him and continue to support him and that's about 30 to 35 percent of the american people they don't only either don't care about his propensities mentally but they actually admire his i'm useful persona so i don't think this is the either this book or the bolton book is going to have much of the impact i think that was having the impact is the coronavirus the collapse of the economy and racial unrest in the united states mexico is beginning to reopen some of it biggest tourist destinations even as it struggles to contain the corona virus outbreak but industry experts predict it could take years for tourism to fully recover the model republic reports now from mexico city. this is how some hotels along mexico's caribbean coast have welcomed their 1st guests in months was the slow trickle of foreigners
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is a most welcome sign for the 4500000 workers who make a living from mexico's tourism industry where north america it's good to know that right now they have restarting jobs and that tourists will come and they see everything here and the hotel see it through of cancun is reopening and we seem to . general invitation to all the national and international tourists that they welcome. pinku was one of the 1st mexican cities to reopen to tourists while national and international flights to this ideally destination are operating at reduced capacity the city has already welcomed some 70000 visitors since reopening its doors on june 8th. still a far cry from the packed beaches and busy arrival terminals of the days before cope at 19 as part of. the recovery will not be fast the travel industry has been one of the warsaw hotel sector restaurants the whole change related to travel
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we don't expect there will be e.c. will we have to reinvent many things become more efficient more up to mistakes and creative and above everything always always place public safety as a top priority. mexico's travel industry is undergoing a safety overhaul efforts like the adoption of this thermal imaging system that can koons international airport our response to the demand for higher sanitation standards while many of mexico's top destinations like hank who in acapulco and mexico city have reopened mexico continues to struggle to mitigate contagion of coronavirus. he says of coronavirus are still on the rise such that mexico's government recently extended restrictions on travel across mexico's land borders through july 21st to resume officials however tell al jazeera the health crisis is improving but expect it will be years before the industry begins to bounce back. so that we leave all of us we've met the expectations set by the health secretary to
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control this pandemic based on europe's experience with their contagion curves we expect to see a recovery near the end of 2022 to reach the tourist numbers we had before the pandemic. every year more than $45000000.00 tourists visit mexico's beaches historic cities and world famous oracular logical sites ranking the country among the top 10 most visited on the planet and moved up a little al-jazeera mexico city. service is observed these are the top stories in the u.s. records it's the biggest single day jump since the start of the pandemic with $67000.00 new infections the country's top health expert is urging the white house to stop attacks on him and focus on the virus domestic travel has partially resumed in peru as the government tries to jumpstart the economy there were long queues is
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lima's main airport reopened land of river transport is being allowed in 18 regions 7 other areas where corona virus cases are rising remain under lockdown. egypt says it seeking urgent clarification from ethiopia about whether it started to fill the reservoir of africa's largest dam on the blue nile if european state t.v. reported on wednesday that the filling of the ground renascence dam had begun egypt and sudan had requested it not be filled until an agreement is reached. airstrikes on yemen's northern province have killed at least $25.00 civilians including children that's according to the rebel controlled ministry says a saudi u.a.e. coalition aircraft hit several homes in the al hudson district where a family celebration was taking place at least 7 other people were reported injured it is the 3rd such incident since june as violence resurges in the war damaged country. libya's warring sides service what prisoners the un recognized government of national accord and forces loyal to the war to leave for have to each exchanged
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8 men in misrata. twitter is scrambling to fix a major hacking of its system fate messages have been posted to some of its most followed accounts in the cryptocurrency scam former u.s. president barack obama and boss jeff bezos were among those targeted. u.s. tech giant apple will no longer have to pay $15000000000.00 in back taxes after winning an appeal at europe's high court the firm has been accused of benefiting from an illegal arrangement with ireland's government to keep its tax bill artificially low but judges decided the case had not been proven. the pro democracy pro european social democrats have declared victory in north macedonia's parliamentary elections close run contests expose deep divisions over the country's future as it prepares to start e.u. membership talks are you have stay with headline turn out to get more coming up right after. the u.s. is always open to people all around the world this has been going on for
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a number of hours with new gas being. reported through an international perspective to try to play your global audience how this could impact their life this is an important part of the world and. bringing the news to the world from here jump into the stream and julian global community this generation will have to create its own democracy social media. online be part of the debate let me put some teeth when no topic is off the table is taking on all the systemic islands that people suffer not only now but for decades we all banks need to transform lives the way he gets it business if we're going to adapt to climate breakdown this stream announces them. this is techno innovations that can change lives the science of fight fire we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity and
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we're doing. this is a show about science. by scientists. techno investigates gold at any cost. we travel deep into the rain force of these illegal mining operations except for miles and miles away from the main highway to uncover a gold rush that's turning lush jungle into utter devastation high pressure water hoses and blasted out and it's not just the land people are stepping in to marjorie i'm filled taurus i'm an entomologist i've conducted extensive research in this rainforest so this story is personal really pains me to see this breed today vicinities a biologist specializing in ecology and evolution now she shows us the high tech tools that are exposing what even though i can't see.


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