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the lack of the new ship here i said to my people slow the testing down please that is criminally negligent that i was there and i thought it was hilarious head to head on algis iraq. if you want to help save the world. into your own. budget that lock in brussels deep divisions remain as leaders try to find common ground on a massive pandemic recovery plan. lower barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up. coronavirus cases climb in colombia is the capital but without enters the peak of
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its outbreak doctors call for a strict lockdown to be reimposed mali's opposition dismisses the latest offering from international mediators calling for demonstrators to return to the streets challenged on his claims on crime and the coronavirus the fox news interview that didn't go as planned for the us president. start the program in brussels where negotiations over the european union's long term budget and coronavirus recovery fund are continuing but hopes of an agreement appears to be faltering after 3 full days of talks leaders are at loggerheads over the unprecedented spending proposal which is aimed at holding europe out of it's the past recession since world war 2 on the table is a budget of $2.00 trillion dollars to be spread out over the next 7 years it includes an $800.00. 57000000000 dollar fund to help countries recover from the
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pandemic but members cannot agree on how the money should be distributed reports. how to share $857000000000.00 the questions confounded e.u. leaders for days and deepened all divisions within the bloc in one camp nations known as the frugal for austria denmark sweden and the netherlands the wealthy northern states pay the most per capita into the e.u. shared reserves they want strict controls on how the recovery fund is shared prefer ing to loan countries money the positions at odds with spain and italy both economies were hit hard by the pandemic they want generous grants from the bloc that don't need to be repaid the german chancellor angela merkel and french president emmanuel mccrone have been trying to broker a compromise by offering e.u. countries a combination of loans and grants but the latest can't agree on how to do this.
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these compromises and i say this very clearly will not be made at the cost of european goals not out of principle but that we made because we are facing an unprecedented health economic and social crisis and because our countries need it european unity needs is the mission of fierce arguments also erupted between the dutch prime minister mark rotter and his hung garion counterpart viktor orban over whether money should be withheld from countries that fail to live up to the e.u.'s core values in recent years victor or bans governments been accused of attacks on the media minorities and the rule of law charges which he denies i don't know what is the person all reason for the dutch prime minister to hate me or hungary but he's attacking saul harshly and making very clear that because hungary is opinion does not respect the rule of law must be punished china. that's his position which
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is not acceptable you have places its deepest recession since the 2nd world war the road to recovery is on solidarity. hong kong has recorded its highest one day increase in virus cases since the pandemic began chief executive kerry lam announced new restrictions to contain the spread after 100 inmates new infections were confirmed on sunday she described the situation as critical and says there is no sign that it's coming under control on essential workers have been ordered to work from home and testing will be increased . south africa's government mean i meanwhile has confirmed the country has just passed the 5000 coronavirus related deaths more than 364000 people have been infected the health minister is urging people to follow the recommended hygiene measures. supporters of brazil's president jay you both so that you are back on the
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streets rallying against virus restrictions the president has that positive for covert 1000 last week and is still sick with the virus but he continues to criticize lockdown measures also that are says restrictions will lead to even more deaths with unemployed people dying of hunger brazil is reported more than $2000000.00 infections it's the 2nd worst affected country after the united states . and the surge of infections a seen authorities impose new restrictions in several cities across colombia more than 190000 cases have been confirmed that hospitals are becoming increasingly overwhelmed and the capital book that many of the city's poorest neighborhoods are suffering as businesses are forced to close a listener amputee explains. soldiers and city workers this infect the streets after bogo time poses a new coronavirus lockdown it's the 1st of a series of rolling measures restricting almost
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a 3rd of the city's $8000000.00 residents for 2 weeks at a time but it's a more important thing i think that it is very important that people are aware and keep washing their hands the front of the house clean the shoes before entering the home we need to stop the virus together. as entered what experts believe will be the worst phase of the pandemic and the outbreak is hitting the poorest neighborhoods the hardest where few people can afford to stay home from a nobody like street vendor. who had just started recovering financially after 4 months of restrictions were eased bookcase i think you know i make it is accepted by the landlord wants to kick us out i live with my mother my mother in law too young brother in laws my pregnant wife i don't have anything to pay her weight except what i managed to make on the streets across these neighborhood small businesses including here salons that had reopened a few weeks ago have closed their shutters once again. the mayor says the new
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restrictions have been planned to minimize direct konami impact in pledged government aid to 700000 people living in the newly quarantined areas. the mayor hopes to avoid stretching hospitals to the limit but intensive care units are already more than 90 percent full. doctors associations have repeatedly sounded the alarm saying that the health system could collapse any day at this point and after call down all tory does to reimpose a strict lockdown in the entire city for a least 2 weeks c c. we know that various hospitals in the south of the city are already facing the limit of who to save who gets a ventilator and who doesn't partial lockdown will not be enough to stop the spread of the spirit. returning to a total lockdown is a tough choice in a city with so many people in need but it might become unavoidable if you fictions
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continue to rise and listen to them. mollies political opposition has rejected a plan that would see the from nation of a unity government time called on its supporters to return to the streets the proposal put forward by a delegation from the west african bloc recommend that half the government be made up from the current governing coalition 30 percent from members of the opposition and 20 percent from civil society groups ekla sucker's more now on the opposition's demands from back in neighboring senegal. well members of the opposition have dismissed it some leaders of the 5 movement this coalition members of civil society and trade unionists and opposition political opposition have described it as
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a failure from the get go we've seen that some of them some of these leaders wouldn't even step in into the negotiation room they said that 1st there needed to be an investigation on why the government deployed a commando trained by the e.u. meant to fight armed groups such as al qaeda and the stomach state greater affiliates in northern mali well why were those troops used to deployed against protesters last weekend number of them were killed shot in the head or in the stomach so in order for a discussion to happen there needs to be an investigation 1st which which then the prime minister reassured would happen. they say. the offers made by the echo was was more about trying to solve an electoral crisis but what they're saying here is it's a crisis of government that's happening in a crisis of trust that's happening in mali they they want to see the dissolution of
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the national assembly they want to see. resign or be stripped of his powers down just just now we've heard that there is discussion about what they're going to do next so they say that they will continue their movement of a civil disobedience and they describe what they will do as a day in french. which means a day of ghost town will they will they will block the capital bamako bring it down still. hundreds of protesters are demanding that the solution of parliament in the democratic republic of congo that them astray. are organized by the catholic church its supporters say parliament is blocking meaningful reforms reports. the catholic church and its supporters say parliament in the democratic republic of congo is not the cheeta meant. hundreds marched to the parliament building in the capital kinshasa. we are the owners of parliament we have noticed that m.p.'s are
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not playing by the rules simply because they were not elected by us in the last election they are serving the interests of individuals this is why we are marching to demand the dissolution of this parliament and calling for deep electoral reform . the protesters say the last elections were rigged by an electoral commission that favors former president joseph kabila they demanding electoral reforms before the next election in 3 years time. could be listed down in the last election about 18 months ago. but he's widely seen to still be the most powerful person in congo. felix's a kerry took over he was announced the winner who the leaked documents show he lost to opposition to the kerry's power depends on a fragile alliance with kabila and his party. the protests are happening is the alliance is increasingly strained by factions want to control the electoral
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commission notice any i'm not sure if the 2nd is only coalition will really like to have fully independent electoral commission one thing to. remember with this is that the results. was very short. please stop the demonstration when it reached the road leading to parliament this time it ended peacefully catholic church is influential in congo have millions of supporters who call them to the street it's promised weekly protest. the dissolution of parliament looks on likely for now bill is party still firmly in control malcolm webb al-jazeera. hundreds of refugees have been relocated by the u.n.h.c.r. after violence in a settlement in northwestern uganda 3 people were killed when fighting between nesting groups broke out last week hundreds of families have been forced to flee
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their hollerin your camp and seek refuge elsewhere uganda hosts more than 1400000 refugees with south sudanese nationals making up more than 65 percent of the migrant population. tribal leaders in libya have shown their support for the country's un backed government the council of elders representing the most prominent tribes rejected a meeting held in egypt with some of its members and gyptian president that the fattah el-sisi met supporters of warlord telephone have tar last week in cairo sisi threatened to arm tribesmen against the government in tripoli if they don't stop military action against have tied the council of elders says they only recognize the sovereignty of the tripoli government. a car bombing syria has killed at least 5 people and injured more than 25 others the explosion happened near a border crossing point in the northwest town of azaz trucks heading to turkey were
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parked near the gate the area has suffered several similar incidents in recent weeks. still to come here on al-jazeera. was the. it's the chilean and same against a sexual assault that went to a local now the women behind it are being sued by police we'll tell you why in a few minutes and there's no business like show business and thanks to the pandemic there is no business right now out of hollywood is coping with the koran a virus. hello this well off the coast of new south wales is finally receding the winds changing direction the next storm system comes through tasmania so it's further south and it
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won't stay still this is unusual this characters come through from westminster you don't so normally see rain this time be doing this but there is also not much of it but something the winter storm that's coming through tasmania is going to cool down towards new zealand really is to be the one that gets wet on its northern shores the next cold front on its way towards perth good couple days still so you've got sunshine and $21.00 degrees on tuesday. the station monsoon spit into the rain that was in japan has gone off shore on this next that emanates from china's more techniques $45.00 degree angle is taking right into the yellow sea towards the korean peninsula northeastern china and eastern siberia where it will be welcome there is a bit of a break for the next develops and it's going to be of a sichuan probably developing a movie in the same direction south of the yankees tom it may well be largely dry this is no exception one represents a cold the yangtze it raining on tuesday but on wednesday and thursday it looks
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fairly dry. capturing a moment in time. lapse shots of all the lives. other stories why people are pretty calm when there isn't one chatting and providing a glimpse into someone else is what you are pursuing in the dream or off your life inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. witness on al-jazeera. the way the the in.
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the back years a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera e.u. leaders are meeting for a 3rd day in brussels to the scots the blocks long term budget members are divided over a multi-billion dollar coronavirus recovery fund designed to pull europe out of its deepest recession in decades a surge of coronavirus infections a single source he's imposing new restrictions in several cities across colombia more than $190000.00 cases of be confirmed that hospitals are becoming increasingly overwhelmed. mollies political opposition has rejected a plan that would see the formation of a unity government and called on its supporters to return to the streets. u.s. president donald trump has blamed the democrats for a recent surge in violent crime across many american cities trump made the comments on the fox news sunday program it was his 1st the sunday show interview since june
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of last year you've seen deaths up in new york down stop in chicago shooting lists how do you explain it and what do you. explain it very simply by saying it's the democrat run cities there liberally run their stupidly run liberal democrats have been running cities in this country for decades surely the. why is it so bad right now they've run a poorly it was always bad but now it's gotten totally out of control and it's really because they wanted to fund the police and biden wants to fund. a daughter with bernie sanders i do nothing about the funding well really it's as abolish it says a let's go all right well you get me that you're out of. earlier i spoke to us media research our dylan macklemore he explains why the interview was particularly significant because of the network it aired on i think it's
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a very significant event because of where it happened because it aired on the fox news channel this is conservatives as far as television goes this is where conservatives in america go for news pew research study found overwhelmingly that it's the only broadcast or cable television network that conservatives trust they watch it in large numbers and so to hear chris wallace challenge donald trump in a way that he has not been challenged on that network previously that could come as a bit of a shock and we'll see how they react to it in addition to the traffic it's getting it through other media outlets that might find people more critical of trump to begin with the journalists working there people like chris wallace play such a significant role in american media they are kind of the one opportunity to voice this what could be seen as liberal bias to their viewers but to a lot of the rest of us who look like objective journalism hard hitting interview questions wallace following up on and making donald trump find support for some of
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these claims that he's been making you know all over the country and he's trouble to do it at times and that's that's important for those conservative viewers to c.n.n. as you pointed out not just conservatives but the largest news audience on cable television in the u.s. . it's going to chill in our a group called that last speak a mud global sensation when they're choreographed chant the now sing violence against women went viral it's being used by activists around the world and has been translated into several different languages alas this cease is now being sued by chilean police for allegedly instigating violence the same police force that they accuse of committing abuses and human reports from some people. last november no one had heard of us they cease until the chilean groups before minutes of a rapist in your path turned into the feminist and worldwide. 2
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words denouncing violence and sexual abuse against women including by police have been translated into almost every language. it was performed again in paris just last week during protests against the interior minister accused of rape. while the chant has become a battle cry for the rights of abused women here in chile the 4 members of last this is are being accused of abusing the police with their words in their new manifesto they're being sued for allegedly threatening and inciting violence against police in this video released on social media in late may their game we see this not only as an attack against us and art but the right to freedom of expression against all the women who have taken part in our performances it's clear censorship and a threat to everyone who wants to use art as a way to denounce abuses. the manifesto was filmed in front of
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a police station and was done in collaboration with the latin american branch of russia's feminist group pussy riot it denounces increased domestic violence during the pandemic but it also says police are all rapists assassins and inhumane but are they not the only one as a scene or not of course you can say that individually not all cops are assassins or rapists prose we're referring to the is to choose one that's forms to carry out violence it's not literal. the rest as she says they and their legal counsel haven't yet been given access to the investigation or even presented formally with the charges we asked the police for clarification on a number of occasions the response has been the because this is a traditional matter there will be no comment which is rather unusual for the lawsuit has hit a sensitive chord some see it as a reprisal for a rapist in your path which went viral during widespread demonstrations here last
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year they gave really it's pathetic that after all the well documented human rights violations that chile's police have committed they now play the victim at our expense they blame our work which is artistic of being the cause of violence against them when that is not true. with demonstrations now severely curtailed because of a nationwide curfew and lockdowns the group is warning that civil liberties and artistic expressions like theirs could be even further limited after the pandemic is all. you see in human al-jazeera santiago. israeli police have arrested the palestinian governor of jerusalem. was the tang of a what police described only as illegal activities face was arrested 7 times by israeli police last year harry for such has more from west jerusalem. you know from his lawyer that he has been arrested his lawyer believes it once again to do with.
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allegations of political activities in occupied east jerusalem the israeli police and authorities say that any such activities. legal under the oslo accords from $9.00 to $93.00 onwards and that activities olding israeli that is something that his lawyer does reject saying that these are attempts to humiliate and harass his client this is something that is very frequent in terms of mr gates since his appointment as the p.a.'s governor of jerusalem since. 2018 in the 1st year. his occupying not really he was arrested some 7 times he's been arrested several times since then he was arrested back in april for instance when he was accused of carrying out political activities on behalf of the palestinian authority for his activities in trying to. coordinate and he coronavirus measures
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in occupied east jerusalem of course is jerusalem under international law is occupied israel sees it as sovereign territory having annexed it in 1907 and that is the logic of the area here between the p.a. and israel and mr gates is the one who often gets arrested usually these arrests last 24 hours these detentions last 24 hours judges tend to release him pretty quickly off to asking for any evidence from the police. to substantiate along going to touch. turkey's president has paid a surprise visit to the high field just days before the 1st muslim prayers are due to be held there that of taipei to the one spent about an hour at the historic site learning about the preparations last weekend on the glared at the highest of a mosque after a top court ruled that its conversion into a museum in the 1930 s. was illegal the highest of fear had the service one of the largest churches in the
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world for hundreds of years before being converted into a mosque in the 15th century. for millions of people television and streaming services have been an important the scape from the stress and boredom of 5 us locked outs but the pandemic has stopped the entertainment industry in its tracks with many films and programs force the late releases thousands of actors and film crews have found themselves out of work while directors try to find the target of ways to continue production brunell's has more from los angeles. veteran actor re-approved so has had a long career on stage in movies and television including the acclaimed series the sopranos and i know my old man could be a tough nut to crack and i want to know he says with the pandemic work has dried up it's basically nonexistent covert 19 put in abrupt end to movie making which is
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uniquely unsuited to social distancing the nature of filming and such and such an intimate thing and you have the wardrobe people addressing you have hair people you have makeup people you have sound guys wiring you everybody and then there are the scenes that you play with another rock there where you're always in close proximity it's just the nature of what we do. before the pandemic the u.s. film and sound recording industry employed 456000 people now producers in locations scouts are scrambling to find relatively safe places where they can film global but at the moment is almost completely shut down that's some things are opening up so you see some places. iceland some places in europe they're starting to be opened most of it at the moment is still local production producer jogia near runs capital arts productions a vast space with 20 standing sets where movie and t.v. production companies shoot scenes there be full crews are departments you know grip
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aleck trick coming and cameras going this way that way all production things that would happen in t.v. and film happen out stage and now it's all quiet. it's very quiet now he says the industry and its unions have been developing new safety protocols you need to outline you know where p.p. is being distributed the testing and testing is a big part of all of it you know your disinfectant protocol your cleaning protocol where is your when does your hygiene crew come in still to be worked out are issues including how to shoot romantic scenes with social distancing all of these new safety protocols are absolutely necessary for the movie business to revive but they will also mean that film productions will take longer and become much more expensive there's going to be a big line item in pretty much everyone's budget about what has to be spent for people to feel safe going back to work well it's definitely going to be different
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and everything's going to be different i do think eventually it will come back it may take some time but to paraphrase hollywood's favorite saying the show must go on even in a pandemic robert oulds al-jazeera los angeles italy's coast guard is racing to free a sperm whale entangled in a fishing net off the iowa leanne islands divers have been slashing some of the netting at save the whales a state of agitation is making the operation difficult authorities were cold enough to boaters spotted the struggling mammal off italy's west coast on saturday another sperm whale was freed from a similar situation 3 weeks ago the coast guard has seized more than 100 kilometers of illegal fishing nets since january. the u.a.e. has launched its 1st mission to mars the hope a probe launched from japan's to nigga shima space center about half an hour ago
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hope is expected to reach mars in february 2021 the year the u.a.e. celebrates half a century since its formation the u.a.e. says it will provide a complete view of the martian atmosphere during different seasons for the 1st time the country has an ambitious plan for a marse settlement in tucson at 2117 more on the web site al jazeera dot com. and i reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera e.u. leaders are meeting for a 3rd day in brussels to discuss the blocks long term budget members are divided over the distribution of the multi-billion dollar coronavirus recovery fund which will be raised on capital markets and given out to the hardest hit nations leaders are trying to find a compromise between how much of the money will be distributed as grants or as
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loans. these compromises and i say this very clearly will not be made at the cost of the european goal not to not it will. be made because we are facing an unprecedented health economic and social crisis and because our country's needed european unity needs. hong kong has recorded its highest one day increase in virus cases since the pandemic began chief executive kerry lam announced new restrictions to contain the spread after 180 new infections were confirmed on sunday she described the situation is critical and says there is no sign that it's coming under control non-essential workers have been ordered to work from home and testing will be increased supporters of brazil's president are back on the streets rallying against virus restrictions jaipal sonata tested positive for covert 1000 last week and is still sick but he continues to criticize
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lockdown measures also that are says restrictions will lead to even more deaths with unemployed people dying of hunger brazil has reported more than 2000000 infections mali's political opposition has rejected a plan that would see the formation of a unity government i'm called on its supporters to return to the streets regional block eco waltz made the recommendation to try to ease tensions between opposing parties. a car bomb in syria has killed at least 5 people and injured more than 25 others the explosion happened near a border crossing point in the northwest town of azaz trucks heading to turkey were parked near the baba salaam a gate the area has suffered similar similar incidents in recent weeks coming up next it's witness mad on the ground looking at creative expression in madagascar and my colleagues and though how we'll have more news for you in half an hour thanks for watching i'll see you soon bye bye. on counting the costs cold war true
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could the u.s. break hong kong spread to the dollar on the verge of another currency shot turkey at war in libya and syria and president putin hope to kick start the economy this year but i want to pay for his big plan. counting the cost on al-jazeera. she laughs at least for a skewed view would be. good school no song. wait only clip. could no have a ness on this one the pope or the monkey bless i go to not would you feel bad to
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complain that you don't have any i almost can't say i do for the bulk of the guests nor. diskette i defer to fellow.


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