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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 21, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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from around the world about those who won't give up their fight for justice. al-jazeera selects justice. context these are the face storytelling around the biggest issues. have to do usually do with the. world. the u.k. government under fire for not doing enough to stop russian interference in its democratic institutions. the rommany watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha also coming up after days of acrimonious negotiations european leaders come up with
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a coronavirus recovery deal worth nearly $860000000000.00. elucidations and a feeling of being abducted one mines long battle to overcome covert 19. understanding to courtney like yeah. you just don't report it later as. u.s. secretary of state by his british counterpart and calls for the building of a coalition that understands what he calls the chinese threat. to turkey with this welcome to the program an intelligence report has found the british government actively avoided looking into evidence of russian interference in u.k. politics it says the government failed to take action even after evidence a merger of moscow trying to influence the 2014 scottish independence referendum the authors say it's hard to prove the kremlin meddled in the later breck's it
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referendum but the u.k. was slow to recognize the threat and the report warns that russia's cyber capability poses what it calls an immediate threat to britain's national security. now members of the parliamentary committee also accuse the government being complacent about the flow of illegal russian money into the country what we do know about russian influence in the u.k. is that is the new normal successive governments of welcome russian oligarchs and their money with out in homes and there is a lot of russians with very close links to. putin who are now very well integrated into but both u.k. business political and social see what's referred to as lending as it london grad yet few if any questions of the national guard the province of considerable wealth . this open door approach has provided an ideal mechanism by which
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illicit finance could be recycled through the london laundromat the u.k. foreign secretary dominic rob says the government categorically rejects any allegations that underestimated russia. i think if you look. we've got a long period recognizing the enduring significant threat by russia to the u.k. feeding information cyber russia is a top national security priority we call out russia when it's necessary sharing information to the cyber attacks on research and development to cities in the u.s. and u.k. and kind of ever coming together to go and we are not for a 2nd. complacent about for russia purposes when it comes to cyber. so it has more from london. it is really quite damning and very critical over lax and complacent the way that the government's excessive government's going going
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back a few years now have dealt with this issue of russian influence through social means as well as economic means as well and the cottage industry of lawyers and estate agents and and accountants that welcomed high profile russians into the country and dedicated themselves to their services as was put there as a kind of functioning as a kind of laundromat as well and also there's a very serious question mark being put over certain members of the house of lords the upper house in the palace of westminster in parliament over their ties to russian businesses and russian financial institutions as well the british government has already said that retrospective assessment of the of the vote is not necessary as there was no attempt of any successful interference well that we
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cannot know at all considering that there was all the micro targeting and the focus that was put on social media platforms to provide misinformation which is really a stall treatment of what russian interference has been able to do. the actions has been raised the white house news conference a short time ago let's get more details from our correspondent kimberly how could it seems that the united kingdom has had an impact where you are. or hasn't i mean that was the question that i pose to the press secretary kelly mcenaney given the fact that we've had this revelation of the kremlin once again interfering in elections outside the united states what is the u.s. president doing to protect election integrity here in the united states we heard from him tweeting today saying that he's very concerned about mail in ballots and voter fraud so he's very focused on what he says could be a potentially
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a corrupt election a rigged election if there's internal sabotage but he's done nothing as of late to protect the integrity of elections from x. turn to sabotage and this is remarkable given the fact that we know the 2016 u.s. election was interfered by not just russia but also other state actors including china and the u.s. president has also been very fixated on china when it comes to cope with 19 and how it's decimated the u.s. economy he's been very forceful about china calling it the chinese virus instead of coronavirus but we're not hearing the same level of force when it comes to russia again this was the question i asked the press secretary she really refused to answer other than highlighting some past efforts to protect the integrity of u.s. elections by the administration early on and then pivoting to blame the obama administration for not doing more in 2016 so the bottom line is it appears that there really is no concrete answer did attempt to try and get
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a follow up in with regard to the vaccine research of the fact that last week we heard there was a theft by the kremlin potentially some hacking going on canada confirming this the u.k. confirming this the united states confirming this when it comes to finding the vaccine for covert 19 again no forceful response from the u.s. president we're hoping we might get one when he has his briefing here at the white house at 21 g.m.t. we're still waiting it will come back to you when that happens could be how it will shoot in d.c. thank you. now it's being held a pivotal moment for europe a rescue deal worth nearly $860000000000.00 to help economies ravaged by coronavirus the agreement between even leaders was reached after days of tough negotiations start vassal reports in the netherlands it was a test of an insurance for e.u. leaders in their longest block summit in decades 4 days of tough negotiations with tempers often freight finally on the 5th
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a deal 859000000000 dollars in non repayable grants and loans to countries worst affected by the coronavirus can that make cuts. in we we spent 4 long days and nights of negotiation more than 90 hours but it was worth it this agreement is a signal that europe is able to act after all people often accused europe of being too little too late for us here we're demonstrating that the opposite is the case dawned in masks it was the leaders 1st face to face meeting since government imposed lockdown restrictions in march lockdowns that also meant the biggest economic downturn since the great depression. german chancellor angela merkel was among leaders from france spain and italy who led the way in convincing the block to consider the amount evenly into loans and grants. we've laid the financial foundations for the e.u. for the next 7 years and at the same time came up with
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a response to the biggest crisis in the history of the european union with the recovery fund. the south proclaimed frugal for sweden denmark austria and the netherlands initially stood opposed to the deal. the group led by the dutch prime minister mark hurd worried about debt but in the end they were also convinced. this is of course difficult in the decisions in very difficult times for all your appearance. which ended in success for all 27 member states with especially for the people this is a good deal this is a strong view and most importantly this is the right deal for europe writes no it's an unprecedented aid package an unprecedented times with so many european countries suffering from the covert $1000.00 crisis the european union did not have much choice but to show solidarity and unity otherwise its relevance would have
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been seriously questioned now it's up to the individual leaders to sell this expensive deal at home while the e.u. bloc has been faced with rising unemployment as large industries including airlines and car manufacturers lay off workers inside these walls in brussels many are hailing this as a historic deal and a big step forward in suffering the economic blow the liver by dependent make steps al-jazeera amsterdam. a potential crony virus vaccine developed by china brazilian scientists has been flown from beijing to sam paolo for phase 3 trials 900 volunteer doctors and paramedics will be the 1st to receive the drug onto a vaccine has developed or been developed doctors are testing existing drugs to see what works journal has been given access to scottish hospitals taking part in a huge experiment that could save thousands of lives in the 1st of a 3 part series he travelled to east kilbride to hear one man's story of survival.
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a simple household ritual tea with his daughters that eddie hughes will never take for granted. 7 points and long pipe than what i was packing in that shoes was put on a necessary thing to liters dialysis machines whether was to a body was a functioning so those machines were basically for 1st percent to keep me alive aged 56 and the contracted code 19 after 2 previous pouts of sepsis had weakened his immune system and flashbacks to call it and flashbacks but you don't know if there really were not at the very computer. the various the lariam. was a jake and feeling of being abducted trapped daughter stacey
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fills in some of the blanks and saw few times you were told what don't overbuy ever know him keep your feelings on him and we may have to thank you both when pearson believe we come up to seek it by only one person below it's simply the next year you can do with 14 caesar salad a little fat like it's starting to need lasik surgeons only have one point if 100 percent oxygen requirement which means basically the machines do nothing for them and then the next they are members of these we lose people but we are 1st master of lives. and then we're not really used to you high dependency you among that was probably water if it had been an i.c.u. because i was a week. you could move troops everywhere or. could control new strain for tall you know a lot of boat kuhlmann was probably new on trucks and stuff a lot of stuff really very hard to. shoot or not used could we see the parking.
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at the hospital in scotland where eddie was treated i spoke to critical care nurse laura ferguson he was quite slow to wake up but when he did he was very pleasant and in many ways a pleasure to look after him and i very clearly remember taking pictures to send to his family and he has a big snail and thumbs up but his family and to us that is my lasting memory of him . approvals as every finally left intensive care after weeks on ventilation in an induced coma a long road to full recovery lies ahead but says he'll make every day count but god has to do with what. sports people do from something that's happened. understand which more importantly life yeah. and understand how important life was journal al-jazeera east kilbride scotland. john i hope for the next part in our
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code 19 series as we go beyond eddie to survival to look at the experimental drug that he believes saved his life. still ahead here on al-jazeera rights groups demand information after a problem in pakistani journalists goes missing. i'm going hey reporting from thailand which used to be the largest exporter of rice in the world we'll tell you why the numbers are continuing to pour. hello there are still plenty of rain through more central areas of china also some heavy downpours on the way into western areas of japan a brief rest fight across the korean peninsula but it really is only brief there is some rain is to go through wednesday and then you'll see this massive yellow and dark blue that work its way through shandong and eventually pushing across into the
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korean peninsula but some heavier downpours as well into western areas of home she's certainly on wednesday by thursday that rain again working its way across much of japan and there are those very heavy rains pushing across the korean peninsula this could well lead to some localized flooding but at the same time back across the china the rains a little bit lighter but of course they will continue over the coming days and weeks till the season rains and some very heavy rain still in the forecast across areas of india but of course to the northeast as well and bangladesh of course as we know more than a 3rd of the country under water the rain coming down and the flood waters remain very high they're not going to receive particularly the next few days ago some very heavy rain on wednesday you can see these yellow and dark blue areas very widespread throughout much of india some heavier downpours around into new delhi as well certainly on wednesday by thursday a little bit dry there but plenty of rain elsewhere and against the very heavy rains into bangladesh and up into nepal.
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but. what is the relationship between culture religion and a deeply divided city everything here is overshadowed by politics even the most basic of things food in 2008 al-jazeera traveled to jerusalem to see a food could cross deep lines of division jewish history in it together and we cook together because of the people that the love history. rewind street food jerusalem on al-jazeera. order.
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talk about what your visit with me said the reminder of our top stories an intelligence report has found the british government actively avoided looking into russian interference in u.k. politics it says the government failed to take action even after evidence emerged of moscow trying to influence the 2014 scottish independence referendum. e.u. nations have agreed a multi-billion dollar quota virus recovery package after a 4th night of talks intends to go she the majority of the deal is being offered as grounds to hardest hit member states. the issues surrounding china have topped the agenda during a meeting between the u.s. secretary of state my pump air and the u.k. prime minister boris johnson in london now the talks come as both countries increased pressure on beijing over allegations of human rights violations and national security issues the u.k. has banned arms sales to hong kong and suspended its extradition treaty with the territory while the u.s. has imposed visa restrictions on employees of chinese tech giant weiwei. we think
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that the entire world needs to work together to assure that every country including china behaves in the international system in ways that are appropriate consistent with the international order that you make claims for maritime which is that you have no lawful claim to you can't threaten countries avoid them in the himalayas you can't engage in cover ups in international institutions like the world health organization we hope we can build out a coalition that understands this work will work collectively to convey to the chinese communist party that in their best interest to engage in this kind of behavior. now the challenge lies in london with more on pump a is visit. the 2 men took a markedly different approach dominic robb with his diplomatic hat on talking about their shared security concerns talking about iran plans for the middle east.
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as you heard there really going into china talking about their crackdown on hong kong their treatment of the weaker muslims and their mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak saying it wants every nation to now work together to create a coalition. to push back against the china chinese communist party and he used that word communist party about 8 times wanting to build this coalition he also did thank the u.k. government for their decision to ban the chinese telecoms company huawei from building out this country's 5 g. infrastructure he called that a sovereign decision again using that word sovereign again and again possibly to dispel concerns here that the decision from boris johnson came after pressure from the united states earlier pompei or before meeting the prime minister and the foreign minister decided to meet 20 parliamentarian 2 don't hold positions in this government but what they have in common is that they have all in the past pushed
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back against china and voiced their concerns and he really sees them as allies and i think he was meeting with them to hear what what else they would like to do to express their displeasure with beijing and that ranges from banning tick-tock to barring china from investing in nuclear power stations here germany's foreign minister has called on turkey to stop drilling in the eastern mediterranean if it hopes for any progress in talks with the e.u. . also says that egypt's decision to send troops to military intervention in libya could escalate the conflict gyptian the for the o.c.c. has previously pledged support from forces loyal to ward cleaver hafter knots of tripoli's government. the area is controlled by have to fall says and is a gateway to libya's oil rich region. in athens he says the german foreign minister has delivered a very clear message it was really of the same mindset as the 2 statements
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on on what turkey is doing in the eastern mediterranean in waters close to be a g. and what it's doing in libya of course germany wants to avoid escalation in libya the statement of the foreign minister was the decisions on military operations are not to be welcomed but always run the risk of contributing to an escalation rather than having turkey in egypt face off over libya the german minister said he would like to see a demilitarized zone around it and the base city of joy for further south and to deescalate the tension surrounding those 2 areas that seems highly unlikely because the libyan parliament a week ago invited egyptian assistance apparently the libyan national army is unable to face the onslaught of the government of national called based in tripoli
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on its own especially given that the g.n.a.t. now has turkish backing so all the events of the past few days and weeks have been leading to a build up for other than a deescalation. another terms being made to break the deadlock over africa's largest hydroelectric leaders from ethiopia sudan and egypt have started a virtual summit the last round of talks on the ground ended a week ago with very little progress the sticking points include how many future disputes will be resolved and how ethiopia will respond to droughts in the region sudan and egypt say the down will affect their water supplies and don't want it operating until a binding agreement is reached. opposition has called for a pause in protests ahead of the upcoming either 1st of all they've been demanding the president. steps down international mediators are heading back to bamako later this week to try to find a solution the opposition has already rejected
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a proposal from the regional bloc echo us calling for a unity government. a trial for sudan's ousted president omar al bashir has been adjourned until next month because of a shortage of courtroom space bashir is accused of plotting to overthrow the democratically elected government of prime minister. in 1809 the military coup allowed him to take power until he was forced from government during the uprising last year by the 76 year old is currently serving time in prison for corruption. in guinea protesters a return to the streets of the capital after 3 months of relative calm because of coronavirus restrictions they fought with police in conakry on monday they're angry about a potential reelection bid by the 82 year old of president alpha condé and his 2nd 5 year term ends in october he made changes to the constitution this year and opposition groups are concerned that he'll run for a 3rd term if the birth i think that we achieve the goal to show that in guinea
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they are people who suffer injustice and that the people of guinea do not support this 3rd mandate of president alpha condé us federal officers have broken up a long running protest against police brutality in the city of portal. and. the video captured multiple explosions near the city courthouse where the demonstration was being held president trump sent federal agents there to try to control the ongoing rallies over the death of a black american george floor now on monday trying to criticize city is run by what he called liberal democrats we're sending a law enforcement. portland was totally out of control the democrat or liberal democrats running the place had no idea what they were doing they were ripping down for $51.00 days ripping down their destroyed the city learning it but the presence of the federal police in portland has caused outrage even from within trump's own
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party several court cases have been launched against the deployment to clean one oregon state which accuses the forces of unlawfully detaining protesters the american civil liberties union describes it as a constitutional crisis. a prominent pakistani journalist critical of the country's military has gone missing in the capital islamabad police say janet was last seen outside a school on the car or in the capital on choose to morning footage from a surveillance camera shows men dragging a driver out of his car and into another vehicle rights groups are demanding more information on his whereabouts or has more from islamabad. john should be remembered. for several. and recently one of. the judiciary to move. courting contempt of court charges against a proceeding on going by however had wife.
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missing. was discovered outside. and a closed circuit t.v. . which would of course put in place after that tended to school in august on record. to be security forces personnel from the police. uniform taking him away however the government had not yet commented on a nation on the other hand. coming out with criticism against the government. against the freedom of the press the opposition is now getting together to try to move against the government after the ied holidays. about john kerry in iraq's prime minister has made his 1st foreign trip since taking
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office in may was the time to me is in town hall meeting president hassan rouhani the 2 leaders discussed several issues including boosting trade and supporting each other in the fight against terrorism. thank you. to our brothers in iran i see our people hold positive sentiments to yours and the iraqi people always ask prior to exceptional bilateral cooperation based on mutual respect and without any intervention in domestic affairs we fought against isis and other terrorist groups and iran was the 1st to stand by our side and this cannot be forgotten now a record 229 people have died in iran from covert 19 in a single day it's the hardest hit country in the middle east but started relaxing it's not done in april an official who is part of the mt coronavirus task force says hospitals are facing acute shortages of medical staff and beds at least 22
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provinces are considering are considered high risk zones now thailand has been relatively successful at handling the pandemic but its economy is struggling and is expected to be the worst affected in asia and that's largely because of its reliance on tourism and exports the agriculture sector many rice is facing a particularly tough time as wayne hay explains from bangkok. farming has never been an easy way to make a living but in thailand these are particularly tough times this year growers of rice and other crops have been hit hard on multiple fronts all beyond their control but. there's not enough water to grow rice probably the rainy season arrived late this year and the water in the canal is to salty the farmer be in trouble if there's not enough rain soon because the drought was really bad this year. thailand is the world's 2nd largest exporter of rice but is likely to drop down the list this year the coronavirus pandemic slow demand to tie rice as other produces such
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as vietnam stockpiled their own product to protect domestic food stocks in case of a shortage now there are freeing up supply flooding the international market which is pushing prices down but not the thai exporters who can't compete on price even though thailand's rice farmers have had a difficult year with drought which is affected production warehouses and mills like this are expected the fill up in the months ahead as exports continue to decline they'll have the product to sell but the strong tie currency makes it the most expensive rice in southeast asia exports may fall by 30 percent this year and industry leaders worry about the long term future of the sector we are less competitive now you know why because our labor costs is increasing our land prices increasing and our farmers. you know it's more than 55 years old most of them are next generation they don't want to go into farming so any more growers who've
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been working the fields their whole lives are also concerned they say a government subsidy in the form of a price guarantee won't be enough but walking away from farming isn't an option for them how many. are continue to grow rice i don't know what else i can do i'm getting old and i can't work in the factory and know that i'm not. and i make a lot of money but i have to carry on with around a 3rd of thailand 70000000 people working in agriculture that's a sentiment that will be echoed around the country wayne hay al jazeera bangkok. means the whole robin remind of our top stories an intelligence report has found the british government actively avoided looking into russian interference in u.k. politics it says the government failed to take action even after evidence emerged
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of moscow trying to influence the 2014 scottish independence referendum but the u.k. foreign secretary dominic rob says the government rejects allegations that underestimated russia. i think if you look at we've got a long period recognizing the enduring significant threat posed by russia to u.k. looting in relation to cyber russia is a top national security priority we call out russia when it's necessary to share information to the cyber attacks on research and development for cities in the u.s. and u.k. and canada ever done that go to the harness and we are not for a 2nd. complacent about russia is when it comes to cyber e.u. nations have agreed to a multi-billion dollar krone virus recovery package after a 4th night of talks and intense negotiations the majority of the deal is being offered as grounds to hardest hit member states issues surrounding china have tops the agenda during a meeting between the u.s.
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secretary of state mike pompei of the u.k. prime minister boris johnson in london the talks commerce both countries increase pressure on beijing over allegations of human rights violations and national security issues. germany's foreign minister has called on turkey to stop drilling in the eastern mediterranean if it hopes for any progress in talks with the e.u. also says that egypt's decision to send troops abroad for potential military intervention in libya could escalate the conflict and other terms being made to break the deadlock over africa's largest hydroelectric dam leaders from ethiopia sudan and egypt have started a virtual summit sudan and egypt say the dam will affect their water supplies in the trial of sudan's ousted prime minister president omar bashir has been adjourned until next month because of a shortage of court room space but she was accused of plotting to overthrow the democratically elected government of the prime minister. in 1989 those were the headlines and back with more news in half an hour here on al-jazeera next it's 3
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wanted to stay with us. hello and welcome again to rewind i'm richelle carey and there since al jazeera english launched back in 2006 built
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a huge library of insightful and entertaining documentaries and here on rewind we're revisiting some of the best of them well the most popular series over the last decade. which travel the world in search of.


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