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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 22, 2020 11:00am-11:34am +03

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child labor is working in a $100000000000.00 industry of a heart of the country's cocoa produces live below the poverty line on al-jazeera. violence in west jerusalem as thousands of protesters call on the israeli prime minister to resign over corruption charges and his handling of the pandemic. i'm about to sin and this is all just there a live from doha also coming up. it will probably unfortunately get worse before it gets better something i don't like saying things but that's the way it is now reluctant reassessment of the outbreak in the u.s. as president donald trump holds his 1st covered 19 briefing and months. ethiopia
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says heavy rain has begun filling its controversial blue nile day as the government continues to negotiate with its neighbors egypt and sudan. the movie earthlings 2005 everyone should watch. and the bizarre endorsement from ukraine's president that helped end the hostage situation. dozens of israelis are protesting in west jerusalem calling on prime minister benjamin netanyahu to step down 34 people were arrested outside parliament netanyahu has come under growing criticism for staying in office while facing trial on corruption charges is also being accused of mismanaging the pandemic and the deepening economic crisis the faucet has more from tel aviv. benjamin
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netanyahu is where the protest before so called black flag activists have waged a years long campaign against what they call his anti democratic rule but in the last 2 weeks the protests have changed and grown as israelis buckling under a 2nd wave of coronavirus turn their anger on the government. netanyahu has admitted to reopening the economy too quickly allowing gatherings of too many people others point to the government's failure to expand the system of testing and tracing is the 1st wave leaving it ill equipped to stop the 2nd author and journalist roden bergman has investigated that decision making he says the health ministry went against expert advice you need to know as soon as possible if their purse is not there. that person immediately after he is they the fight is suspicion so is the suspect so if if you do not been sharing of infection he goes on and on if you are not able to cut it the government itself said it needed
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a 48 hour turnaround from suspected case to test results even now it's taking $6.00 to $8.00 days the concern now is that it's simply too late in terms of testing to catch up with the sheer scale of this 2nd wave israel's missed opportunity on testing and tracing is now being seen as part of a wider political failure to tackle the pandemic under pressure the prime minister has been announcing measures only to announce them from a $1750000000.00 package of cash handouts 1st universal now means tested too in order to close restaurants postponed within hours to weekend closures of beaches and pools reversed within days the one constant is insistence on avoiding a 2nd full lockdown because. i've requested each ministries plan for a safe exit from the current virus restrictions meaning that if we straighten the coven reach the goals that we see it for the determine number of cases per day that we can work with over time in the coronavirus routine. but the head spinning policy
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shifts have undermined belief in a prime minister also on trial in 3 separate corruption cases one survey this month put public trust in him at just 29 percent and the problem that. there's really this back and that it's not creating trust and trust is groucho. in order to move ahead because it's a long term situation where they're talking about trustees both thrust of the public and trust of experts just weeks ago netanyahu had squashed the 1st wave of coded 19 and neutralized his most serious political rival benny gantz inside an emergency coalition now he's fighting to beat down a resurgent virus and restore his diminishing political capital are a force at al-jazeera television. u.s. president ronald trump has warned that the corona virus outbreak is likely to get worse before it gets better it's a mark departure from the optimistic picture he's projected so far even as cases
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continue to rise in many of the u.s. states mike hanna has more from washington d.c. in the past president himself as america's cheerleader making rosy predictions about the course of the pandemic that were often at odds with the facts but this was a more subdued president than on previous occasions it will probably unfortunately get worse before it gets better something i don't like saying about things but that's the way it is and a complete reversal on the use of mosques something that in the 1st few months of the pandemic the president often derided at one stage even expressing support for anti mosque protests in a number of states this too it seems a thing of the past i have no problem with the masks i view it this way anything that potentially can help and that certainly can potentially help is a good thing i have no problem i carry it i wear it you saw me wearing it a number of times and i'll continue if there were some familiar claims that the
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u.s. is leading the world in testing and that it's mortality rate is lower than anywhere both assertions declared false by most health experts and little comment about a startling report from the centers for disease control it says the official figure of some $3600000.00 cases of coronavirus in the u.s. is dramatically less than what it now is to mates could be as many as 38000000 cases. it's not clear whether the president's new embrace of reality rests in recognition not because such as these or whether he's seeking to reverse what are politically damaging polling figures about the public's view of the way he's handled the crisis. al-jazeera washington a.t.o. peres says it's reached its yearly filling target for the grander nestles down after weeks of heavy rain that says the government's been holding virtual meetings
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with its downstream neighbors promising to continue talks to find a solution to the dispute over the megaproject charles traffic reports on the complex regional politics surrounding the dam. it's taken 10 years to build and cost close to $5000000000.00 ethiopia's flagship infrastructure project is a great source of national pride. but a grand ethiopian renaissance dam on the blue nile has caused tension with downstream countries sudan and egypt from the start be coping government says the hydroelectric dam is vital for the development of this immense landlocked country which has a population of around 108000000 the country plans to expulsion electricity across the region and says the dam will stop seasonal flooding in neighboring sudan. but egypt says there are a number of outstanding legal issues that need resolving and filling the reservoir too quickly could reduce its water supply and may pose an existential threat egypt
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does have legitimate concerns i mean that egypt relies on the nile for $0.90 of its fresh water needs and the largest share of the river runs through each 3 different territory and what we have has had in egypt is a situation where they have a significant gap between the amounts of water they produce and the amount of water they can shoot. and with a rapidly growing population of over 100000000. to this problem only getting worse ethiopia also has strong claims because it's the source of the blue nile the largest of the river gnarls tributaries if you appeal was never included in a colonial era agreement between egypt and sudan the gives the lion's share of water to egypt there are many finally balance calculations including internal political ones that reply you know if you don't really need the other big you have i'd be out madhav uncomment power in 2018 he wants to secure his position and you
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know be reelected in future elections in europe yeah in egypt you have president sisi with you know an economy that has had been struggling but also he needs to ensure that he has the continued backing of the military establishment country which of course has an important role in the. economy. in late june ethiopia rejected a u.n. security council meeting requested by egypt saying the council should not be involved at all ethiopia's u.n. ambassador said the dispute should be solved at a regional level african union talks hosted by science africa failed to food you agree much earlier that months in february the u.s. and the world bank mediated what it hoped would be a road map on how to proceed with final technical and legal issues which concerned egypt in particular but he v.o.p. did not sign the final document ethiopia always said that it would have preferred agreement before it begins to fill the reservoir but if that wasn't possible it
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would go ahead anyway it just potential huge security implications for the entire region ethiopia accuses egypt of repeatedly dragging its feet over the issue of filling the reservoir something it says egypt knew would be inevitable one day charles stratford. somebody as president has announced a dusk till dawn curfew in an effort to contain the spread of covert 19 emmerson one guy was says it all began on wednesday and it will be enforced by security forces critics say the measure is aimed at stopping anti-government protests planned for next week zimbabwe has reported just over 1700 infections and 26 deaths or how taxes joining us live from the capital. how do as far as i can tell they population in zimbabwe is over 14000000 so these numbers do seem somewhat small what's the public reaction to the new lockdown measures.
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well in harare to get to the city center one has to go through a number of checkpoints at the checkpoints are manned by the police and soldiers when you get to the checkpoint if you're walking you on the bus you're writing your bicycle you're in a car you stop the police or the soldiers that ask you where are you going if you say you're going to work they need to see a letter from your company then they decide whether your work is deemed as an essential service or not it is not then you are sent back home and this is happening to many other parts of the country as well as the measures introduced means that businesses have to open from 8 am until 3 pm in the afternoon they must close people must make sure they are home by 6 pm local time as well because of the curfew anyone who is not formally employed is not allowed to be out of their homes only if they need to guard and get food and go and get medical services so if it's race of mixed feelings here in zimbabwe those who are concerned about the current virus are democrats saying that maybe this is
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a good move but critics and opposition supporters and the leaders are saying this is a tame by the government to stop a planned act the government protests on the 31st of july i do understand that there were 2 men arrested on monday allegedly for insulting public violence can you tell us a little bit more about what was happening around that. well opposition the. roommate transforms the bobby a small opposition party and a free lunch and is hopeful john warner will raise it on monday for allegedly infighting public violence on monday and tuesday the police raided their homes they say they were looking for documents paperwork mobile phones computers even video camera equipment as they collected the evidence investigate the 2 accused of inciting violence the opposition leader has been calling for this protest of 31st of july and the judge in the hope what's been going on here in the past is being
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corrupt. corrupt corruption dealing with his supporters say that this an attack on media freedom an attack on people trying to criticize the government right now there inside that building there behind me the magistrate's court they're going to apply for a bail now the government say is that this is not an attack on media freedom is on attack on people's right to express themselves they say they don't believe that march which is the 31st of july is about corruption is the biden quote me saying these individuals and the supporters are trying to undermine the authority of the government also reporting for us from harare heart of thank you very much of the story had an al-jazeera chinese made corona virus vaccine is being tested in brazil which has the world's 2nd worst. iraq's new prime minister is welcome to iran by the supreme leader his 1st face to face meeting in.
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alice in a heat wave a montenegro today most of europe is warming up to some degree at the moment as a cold front still stretched across the high ground which would generate a few sandstorms or showers right back to southern france however in general since it quietened down and warming up virtually everywhere as a clear exception around scotland and parts of scandinavia but hey that's always been the case and few showers elsewhere are no more than that and you see from the color overlay that oranges and reds prevail except where you've got high ground the forecast for geneva suggests a thunderstorm or 2 from the trailing frontal system otherwise fine weather temp is about the average or a bit above the average it also of course if you shout recently go across morocco algeria particularly the atlas mountains the sas is pretty obvious where the shells
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are forming we should watch what builds in the hull and sometimes you get a good clump a which goes slowly west woods and becomes something in the atlantic ocean of the time being that just pretty well scattered showers and they are concentrating in west africa called the trees one place of course you come just down the coast a little bit look at the forecast for a moment provia and it's showers shows shows a steady temperature. jump into the street and julian on global community this generation will have to create its own democracy with social media and will online be part of the debate let me put some you keep coming when no topic is off the table is taking on all the systemic islands that people of color have suffered not only now but for decades we are going to need to transform lives the way we could see it business if we're going to adapt to climate break down this street on out is there.
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you want your knowledge is either a reminder of our top stories this hour more than 30 people have been arrested following protests in west jerusalem calling on israel's prime minister to step down benjamin netanyahu is being criticized for how he's handled the coronavirus outbreak as well as staying in office while he's facing corruption charges. if you're here says it's reached its yearly filling target for the ground when a souls die after weeks of heavy rain that says the government held virtual meetings with its downstream neighbors promising to continue talks. u.s. president donald trump has warned the corona virus outbreak is likely to get worse
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before it gets better he's now urging the public to wear masks and he's promised to deliver the vaccine as soon as possible. nearly 2 dozen potential vaccines for corona virus around the various stages of human testing worldwide at least 2 are being conducted in brazil country where the world's 2nd worst outbreak one is a chinese made drug that's being tested on $9000.00 volunteers the other one is being developed by oxford university and it's also begun testing and sao paulo there is a poll reports. beneath have branches was one of the 1st brazilians to receive the oxford vaccine against 19 she's a dentist in a hospital in her exposure to the virus and they need to prevent the spread of the disease is what made her want to become a volunteer for the clinical trials this case would be of us since receiving this vaccine i have had no adverse effects no symptoms or reactions i keep
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a clinical diary for the researchers and inform them of my temperature i continue working with the same level of exposure to the virus and working full time providing full assistance to this covert patient. last month the oxford trials got underway in 3 faces and the brazilian government has signed a letter of intention to have access to around $100000000.00 doses but it's not the only vaccine that is being tested on monday the gov of so powerful an ounce 20000 seen a vaccine from china had arrived in brazil sparky testing is now underway and is expected to last for 3 months this is to the control up of moore's this study is controlled by the institute of brew turn turn we're not just participating it will become an open study since we have the 1st evidence on the efficacy of this vaccine amat will allow us to bring the vaccine to the brazilian people quick 3 we have the possibility to become the 1st country in the world to use this vaccine on a large scale so this is
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a historical moment. more than 2000000 people are infected with the virus in brazil and it has killed at least 80000 others while the testing could one day prove promising some consumer groups awarded to brazil could be left out and that's why there are calls to vote on a law on compulsory licensing only licenses and believe that a large scale access and pursue should adopt a license and especially the love you. first. congress which is. to. change which is i love you that says that each and every technology use. to depend demick. i should check it to. compulsory license in other words it's nice that no technology should be under monopoly but many say it's unlikely that government on the night i would support
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the law because he has downplayed the threat of covert 19 brazil is a country of over 200000000 people at that scene is crucial to help save lives. and to see. police in bolivia have recovered the bodies of more than 400 people thought to have died from corona virus the bodies were picked up from streets vehicles and homes over the past 5 days more than 60000 people have tested positive for the virus since the outbreak was identified in bolivia and more than 2000 have died the government's been advised to delay presidential elections due in september and bolivia is health ministries opposing a controversial plan to allow the use of a bleach like substance to treat the virus the senate passed the measure last week people are lining up to buy bottles of chlorine dioxide despite a warning from the health ministry that it's not fit for human consumption health
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authorities including the u.s. food and drug administration say the bleaching agent is dangerous and people who've taken it experienced serious side effects iran's supreme leader says teheran won't interfere in relations between iraq and the u.s. it was speaking after meeting iraq's prime minister most of all to me in the iranian capital but ayatollah ali khamenei has warned the u.s. is an enemy and does not want an independent iraq alexy o'brian reports. iraqi prime minister to me is the 1st official iran's supreme leader has welcomed face to face and 5 months ayatollah ali how many's matings have been called off until now because of the coronavirus pandemic these talks a privilege reserved to one of iran's most important allies how many using the occasion to warn about the influence of the united states saying it's against an independent iraq and the rivalry between tehran and washington came close to open conflict on iraqi soil area this year when the u.s.
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launched air strikes in baghdad killing iranian military commander. must offer them a way into tehran a gets a point out that iraq would not be a battlefield for iran and the u.s. but also aware that iran is crucial to iraq's security as well as its financial recovery from the pandemic. from the iraqi people always aspired to exceptional bilateral cooperation based on mutual respect and without any intervention in domestic affairs we fought against isis and other terrorist groups and iran was the 1st to stand by our side and this cannot be forgotten. while the coronavirus means the visit was socially distant both sides wanted to emphasize the closeness in their relationship more to my own house i am confident that this visit
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will prove to be a turning point in expanding ties between the 2 countries of iran and iraq that are 2 friends and your brothers was. how to me chose regional rivals iran and saudi arabia for his 1st trip since taking power in may another one of the careful balancing act in office a former intelligence chief became laid it with the support of both washington and tehran after months of political. angling but his teen years being mocked with a government crackdown on probably rainy and paramilitary groups this prime minister is trying to kind of begin to move iraq out of its battleground out of iraq as a country where you have an experience from iran from the gulf from us and trying to almost begin to formulate an independent foreign policy for iraq one that works for iraq but of course that's a very big task for him to do. rance president hassan rouhani says his country will
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work with iraq to ensure the region's security and stability but with the iranian supreme leader vowing to retaliate against the u.s. over silly manny's day that stability is far from certain and example on al jazeera . protesters in portland oregon are demanding that u.s. federal agents should be banned from the city. for 55 nights black lives matter supporters have been marching their protests have picked up momentum after the federal agents sent to stop the rallies forced people into unmarked vans and drove them away a group of women has been forming what they call a wall of moms to protect the demonstrators. china says the u.s. has violated international law after the justice department ordered it to close its consulate in houston texas a foreign ministry spokesman didn't give a reason for the order and denied media reports the consulate had begun burning documents. sure on july 21st the u.s.
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abruptly demanded we close our consulate general this was unilaterally initiated by the u.s. side we demand the u.s. withdrawal this decision or we will respond. the u.s. has charged 2 chinese men for hacking hundreds of companies including firms developing coronavirus vaccines prosecutors say the pair acted on behalf of chinese intelligence as part of a long espionage campaign targeting global defense and energy industries actors are also accused of stealing trade secrets and wire fraud conspiracy now legations count a week after the u.s. u.k. and canada accused russia of trying to steal covert 19 data. u.s. secretary of state my pompei oh has just arrived in denmark with china expected to be high on the agenda had been in london very praise the u.k. for taking a stance against china after beijing's crackdown on hong kong johnny i'm sure
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reports. britain is having a change of heart of the china and the u.s. is here to hold its hand on his visit to london secretary of state mike pompei a applauded prime minister boris johnson agreeing to ban chinese telecoms company while away from its 5 g. infrastructure and ending its extradition treaty with hong kong to move the u.s. is also making later he spelt out the dangers of the us his geo political rival and the chinese communist party the c.c.p. sexploitation this disaster to further its own interest has been disgraceful rather than helping the world general secretary she has shown the world the parties to face we talked about how we seen hong kong's freedoms crushed to watch the c.c.p. bully its neighbors will try speech in the south china sea and instigate a deadly confrontation with india. i want to take this opportunity to congratulate the british government for its principles the sponsors of these challenges foreign
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secretary dominic robb was keen to extol the special relationship with the u.k. it is really clear that we need to work with all american friends and also with other parties together in the international system to protect our freedoms and interests and stand up as we've shared i think senate from violence we're more influential we have more in power when we work together only 5 years ago another conservative government rolled out the red carpet for president xi jinping his state visit heralded a golden era of economic ties a closer relationship than ever before but now those ties are badly frayed and china is growing increasingly angry. china urges the british side to abandon the illusion of continuing colonial influence in hong kong immediately correct its mistakes and stop interfering so as to avoid further damage to china britain relations the list of concerns over china's behavior is long
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a crackdown on hong kong treatment of the weak and muslims their handling of the current virus outbreak but there is increasing pressure from key trade partner the us to turn its back on the aging and the u.k. is finding itself caught between 2 superpowers. al-jazeera and. south korean company neighbor has become the 1st large foreign tech group to retreat from hong kong it's moving its back up service continues as personal data to singapore the firm says it deleted all of its information stored in hong kong shortly after china imposed a new national security law several u.s. tech giants including facebook and google said they won't process hong kong government requests for user data 13 hostages held on a bus in ukraine have been freed unharmed after a personal intervention by the president vladimir the linsky agreed to endorse an
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animal rights documentary to end the standoff and ensued reports. the freed unharmed after a 12 hour long siege these travellers turned hostages were on the bus in the western city of lutes when it was seized by a russian gunman. police sealed off the area where the suspect began throwing explosives and firing shots at a drone nobody was injured the hostage taker was identified as 44 year old maxime creevy wash officials say he wanted to speak with ukrainian president flawed amir selenski his demand that the president and doors an animal rights documentary released 15 years ago selenski obliged posting this video to show the movie earthlings 2005 month everyone should watch. earthlings is an award winning documentary about the mistreatment of animals for profit now rated by hollywood actor joaquin phoenix selenski said he convinced a suspect to release 3 of the hostages when they spoke on the phone and the rest
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after he posted the video. we did it was obvious for me these were obvious steps for me as if we can do anything without launching assault we can avoid putting at least one person's life at risk these are principles i live with lived with and will live with. some local media reports say the suspect is an animal rights activist who helped protect stray dogs the standoff ended when he released all the hostages and surrendered police are now determining why he planned such an extreme act at least to al jazeera. this is our jazeera these are the top stories there's been another mass demonstration calling for israel's prime minister to step down but netanyahu is being criticized for staying in office while he faces corruption charges his handling of the coronavirus and the country's economic crisis. u.s. president donald trump has warned the corona virus outbreak there is likely to get
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worse before it gets better he is now urging the public to wear masks and has promised to deliver the vaccine as soon as possible mike hanna has more from washington d.c. it was a somewhat measured president compared to news previous performances at these briefings the 1st one in a number of months but once again the president book believing the role for the most part that he describes himself as america's cheerleader tempting to pay those picture of a pandemic that continues to rip through the majority of us states still climbing cases of coronavirus recorded and certainly the great well police in bolivia have recovered the bodies of more than 400 people thought to have died from coronavirus the bodies were picked up from streets vehicles and homes over the past 5 days more than 60000 people have tested positive for the virus since the outbreak
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was identified in the libya and more than 2000 have died the government's been advised to delay presidential elections due in september. zimbabwe's president has announced a dusk till dawn curfew in an effort to contain the spread of coverage 19. says it'll begin on biden's day and be enforced by security forces critics say the measures aimed at stopping anti-government protests planned for next week zimbabwe as reported just over 1700 infections and 26 deaths if you're here says it's reached its yearly felling target for the ground when a soldier after weeks of heavy rain that says the government held virtual meetings with its done stream neighbors promising to continue talks to find a solution to the dispute and those are the headlines coming up next on al-jazeera it's the stream but for not. 0. is the government not taking the necessary action to really address some of the structural issues we
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listen i still think that travel is the safest mode of travel and to spend that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter which is their own. hey they're welcome to my home in fairfax virginia i'm josh rushing sitting in for the irreplaceable phemie ok and this is the stream today we're asking is sudan on
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the path to democracy still now look if you're watching this on you tube you see that box over there yet right there that is the live you tube chat help me out get in the conversation we have a producer in there that's going to get your comments or questions to me and i'm going to try to get them in the show now let me catch you up on what's been happening in sudan we're just over a year from omar bashir is government being toppled the new government set a goal of elections in 2022 so that's what everyone's watching some of the problems as they were then lines along the way like establishing a legislative council but they are already missed those deadlines so concerns are rising particularly as the economy seems to be in dire shape which shortages of food fuel electricity and inflation on.


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