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tv   Paris A Divided City  Al Jazeera  July 24, 2020 9:00am-10:01am +03

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a singing contest like no other offers a chance of redemption and hope for the talented team on the prison life inside and out a tale of fingers and murderers on al-jazeera. hello there i'm the stasi a tape and the headlines here on al-jazeera china's foreign ministry has ordered the closure of the u.s. consulates in the southwestern city of chengdu it's in response to washington's decision to shutdown the chinese consulate in houston texas katrina is in. the way beijing saw it it had to respond to what it's called an unjustified act from the u.s. they've made no qualms about this this is in direct response to the u.s. decision to close the chinese consulate in houston texas has also said that it does
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not want to see this current situation but it puts the responsibility at the foot of washington saying it's also up to washington to now act to either withdraw its move to close the chinese consulate in texas old to create conditions from which this bilateral relationship can improve now we will waiting to hear which consulate would close there are 5 consulates located in mainland china and we also have the embassy of course in beijing there was some chance that it could have been the 2 which is quite a small quantity but chung do it is a much more significant consulate located in the southwest of china it was founded in 1985 a just a few stops about 6 american officials at the time and 29 local stuff now there about 200 staff working at the consulate in chengdu including about 50 u.s. officials there and they work in variety of areas commercial economic and it's also considered quite an important listening post for the u.s. when it comes to issues around that and what's happening in shin young so this is
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definitely a blow to biological relationships and once done this will be extremely difficult to reverse. the pentagon has confirmed that one of its fighter jets intercepted in a rainy and passenger plane over syria to ensure it wasn't a hostile aircraft the move was said to be aimed at protecting coalition troops in syria several passengers were injured when the commercial plane suddenly changed altitude during that incident the u.s. and the u.k. have accused russia of launching an anti satellite weapon into space they say moscow fired a project on july 15th britain's space directorate chief says the move poses a potential threat to satellites that the well depends on a moscow as defense ministry says it was part of an operation to inspect its own equipment. u.s. president donald trump has canceled the republican party convention due to be held in florida next month because of the corona virus threat that state has been one of the worst affected by the pandemic on thursday the number of infections nationwide
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passed 4000000 and gallagher has more from miami we do know the president loves these kinds of gatherings loves talking to people there are strong supporters of in just a couple of days ago i was reporting that sheriff of jacksonville said the city is past the point of no return and we cannot safely hold this type of event so there were also republican leaders saying they didn't want to turn up because of health and safety concerns so i think as you said this was a very difficult decision for the president to make it was interesting that he talked about keeping americans health and safety is a top priority given that he's only recently started wearing a mask himself in his home was held rallies over the past few months 5 west african heads of states who gathered in mali's capital have failed to reach a deal to end that country's deepening political crisis weeks of protest calling for the resignation of president abraham back a case of threatening to destabilize the region and tanzania's former president
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benjamin tupper has died while receiving hospital treatment for an unspecified illness he was 81 the couple was the country's 3rd president and served the 10 years from 1905 a kurdish iranian riser who fled iran fearing persecution has been granted refugee status in new zealand australia north already has detained berries but shiny on happy new guinea as man asylum to 6 years after he tried to reach australia charlie rose an award winning book while in detention documenting the lives of his fellow refugees he then went to new zealand for a literary festival when he was released last november and has never left. and the buxom mike tyson has set a date for his return to the ring the former heavyweight champion has been in training for weeks and is teased his fans with clips like this on social media he's agreed to fight roy jones jr in an 8 round exhibition bout on september 12th tyson's 54 years old and hasn't fought since 2005 well those are the headlines next it's al jazeera wild.
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paris a major european capital known for its cosine its art fashion famous landmarks and french culture. but behind the facade lies a complex multi ethnic city full of contradictions. i am up to me and i've come to the aid of longs to try and discover what it means
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to be french especially on the sometimes troubled outskirts of the capital. in 2015 former french prime minister manuel valve's spoke of the tourette oriel social and ethnic apartheid in france. so what does this mean for the ethnically diverse communities in the sea take in the suburbs. boom also was a small town in the northern suburbs of paris. on the 19th of july 26th seen a democrat ray was with his brother maggie planning to celebrate his 24th birthday . the police stopped bagi to question him a spot of an investigation but adam added in had his id with him panicked and ran away. with the media
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stuck with you was on there was a quick feel of. the movie could. be thought. in july 26th teen. newspaper ran the official version of the story that adam had been suffering from a serious infection and he may have had a drug addiction and coated the local persecutor saying that no violence had been used by the police. were. his family was concerned after he was taken to the police station so they inquired what was happening they were given conflicting reports but in fact. was already. that. is here. which is what i do.
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but. happen enough even. if they're but you know but if it if you. don't want it but if they're not great keep good but if you don't. you'll have a few men. if that within a. few me. i asked adam a sister asked us for our ray why she had accused the police of hiding the real cause of his death and what evidence she had do you or i put them on the move care to some adequate fiction on the 7 point one.
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problem. use a playfield to send some little man it grew. it some time into contacted the company. hope the horses shall do good to look at it i'm not a patch on the lid on them to treat. your. own just pick. them or you call them into. usable in the morning. even when jack and emma in the palm or jack need to fix one car maybe. in may 2017 the parisienne carried the results of a 2nd autopsy that revealed that adam at trial ray had not died of the recurrence of a previous infection. the 2nd autopsy found that the cause of his death
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had been suffocation. honestly is a shall no more indifferent question which on his own. cigar streets. yeah. you can by the. deaths in custody raises questions about french police and which i put to a former senior officer.
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is a. place about the. ability. to free. people we. didn't see. your decision to who refuse to be with us to join the police or police and then this last week. because. it was a very i don't feel. that we probably. should be she didn't. visit community that it was a very. back to the memes at me next it is the ability of hossa but is it. because it is
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a horse thank you so the question of can can we do a vision. no half off we can microbe. adam a trial raise death in custody is very high profile and the investigation is still ongoing. unrest on france above and states has been linked to the failing relationship between young people and the police for many as. in 2005 the worst rioting for 40 years took place in the suburb of clichy sous bois when 2 teenagers way electrocuted at the power plant after running away and hiding from police who wanted to stop and search them. but. it took 10 years and much legal wrangling for the case of the 2 teenagers even to
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reach the courts. but little seems to have changed in this rundown talib lock in place she said was no elevator intermittent electricity and angry graffiti after the 2 police officers accused of failing to help buena and ziad were cleared of any wrongdoing in may 2015. was born in france and was a child when the 2005 unrest took place. a macand i asked her if she felt safe in clichy sous bois. and then to secure. loesser going to o.o. . cobol to see security is it m l m and.
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don't think all over the globe this is. for them but for the problem of this level of limbs a layer. of you've told there on that salvation is on fire it's more softly saw you want some of that box and i am not going to. say so said my new engine feebly don't come want give you. a bubble. so what the president. no. to bitterness has been so well done shows the fault. less than a mama he will. see yvonne's if levin if. only this last one is old school. from. the i am
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a fair settlement kept initiative by if one impulse to acquire enough so. long will. examine and become tossed the. same people can only have one thing. on the indonesian muslim enough again except. one in the long island. to the northwest up sent through paris the large suburbs. which zone as much under arrest in 2005 as clichy sous bois. a group of young men who've served prison center. says the now martial arts instructor and i went to our dante to meet them in. the shop. casey says well i think you know when we
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don't have something oh. so good stuff and that i ask if yani if he was encouraging the kids to be violent look so good. so tell me do you feel. instructional. and sort of a new movie. that's all going to spawn on those who are going to the horror. of the home because. right now you know i'm all for the physic now from people who i want to hug want to see on the follicle the system for me to go off on this film
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oh if i feel that i do oh yes pretty good the phone really has been to the police. more for that they should. probably be thrown off the hearing but it's also my problem going to try to if you don't take on now to talk to the business someone in on top of this if. i tell you i soften it up i'll fix as opposed to going to quote him if you don't move to the funny. side the nazi is. gone that they did this on set that i thought that anybody else it is out. of it you have the book and then you see the scene. the budget to put up the film is i mean. so what's more the sun ok so we and then on to about the sorts of the city 6 of us are 2 cities with this one of your own is one of the things the mugsy and i suppose talk about our country
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of business you know. we. thought it would spoil today wasn't telethons just to walk up imo not something that is you know there's a lot of us and quite a bit that could be uk us every song here and very nice always to not only rock is always on here you. know. but not far from the sports center built with government money all those you know john terry who have not succeeded implied the same way. it wasn't difficult to find a drug dealer here. and i was very she had beaten philosophy one time. i was like oh shit i don't i mean there. are superfluous if you have additional was more. because when you're on a. number of. them
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have been people who are like i know you're not just going to take me he's accepted but. behind the deal is the nation as a whole subculture in which young people like him simply don't have the same educational and social opportunities as the a white middle class counterparts what would you punish them in public for happen here. i mean. if you can stand around from 5 years jail on drug brady and drug trafficking is impressive. but not far away when friends in our john tate was still feel completely marginalized from mainstream french society.
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should someone. suffer. loss to the fishermen. come see the moon up on the traditional day don't be full bore your. pictures then they got to fix your. district to open a new one of your precautions but you're pretty sure that postal signals what you like but i also think i think you just just about cell phone didn't know you because i. knew some up on the top could pop up and bob pick up since i moved in there are going up like you before me suppose sub sub was it produced or what was it like is to see the bottom but see what is you see. that
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little excludes of a debacle school struggled to do. any of the group had been arrested on a piece of the court in recent years limit they put you going to come see me who can judge in the public were able to see it is all they are viewing only the. kind who lobbied us on a problem now for a fountain of a never get the money monkey deserve you. in what. you call it best live if you take killers for. my sump really just to point out one. in 2009 the french national center for scientific research published the record called the police and minorities. it found that police identity checks in paris
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were based mainly on appearance and that unsurprisingly people look in blackall arab was searched far more often than those looking white. blacks it said west stopped and searched twice as often as whites but arabs were 7 times more likely to be stopped than white people. these figures are not especially surprising but to look into them in more detail i talked to a former perry's chief of the police giudice that is a criminal investigation. would you choose your means you can't go. and pull c c's to. doso let the whole show. pull the city of power to do good to.
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eat poop or dead don't sue for delia also go to the mall talk who. does good eg a player insults you mostly do photos was of a. good. short i did 2. more your media machine out of it don't need you to are the. nobody. will blow you off. school bush if you want to. simply. because you'll be. measuring. france prohibits statistics based on
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ethnic origin so rightwing claims that more muslims and the servant poor going to jail are difficult to prove. i met an recruited by the ministry of justice to give voluntary religious guidance in prisons. almost weekly prison visits in suburban paris have enabled him to examine life there. and basically. the. only means.
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that they're human and then. one minute to join. and i. see as. well or feet on are. equal and you some how do you mean. c.n.n. cannot be done when you somehow know you're going to work in a couple. coming up i meet a member of the national front whose ideas on a multi-ethnic society come very different from the people i've spoken to so far.
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as a sitting member to can join all zoning sit in a futile feature and if you're joining can join malik grayson still says. it's idiotic i'm stuck on i've been for me while very vocal octomom song 24 i speak to lecture children off. up above the hustle and bustle of cuba's capitol there is a secret world. a community of colorful characters who have made the rooftops their homes. from their unique perspective they reflect on the country's history and how it has shaped their lives and hopes for the future. have vanished from on high but it's on just. focused on al jazeera at the u.s.
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republican and democratic national convention stella gets officially nominate their party's presidential candidates for the 2020 elections in india with new spawn as a young conservationist tackling the deadly human and if and conflict with an unlikely strategy coexistence 10 years after the chilean mining disaster we revisit the victims of a story that captivated the world one on one east and has the violent arena of a mixed martial arts in russia and the former u.s.s.r. and the u.n. special tribunal delivers its verdict on the assassination of former lebanese prime minister rafiq hariri focused on al-jazeera. who's to blame for the mishandling of the coronavirus kunda making the united states i'll be putting the tough questions to trump sargon jack kingston i'm full of democratic party official just o'connell in a special edition of head to head we are not even through wave one as
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a result of the lack of a leadership here i said to my people slowed the testing down please that is criminally negligent and i will sit there and i thought it was hilarious head to head on algis iraq. route. hello again i missed all of your take and to hell with the headlines here on al-jazeera china's foreign ministry has ordered the closure of the us consulate in the southwest and city of chengdu it's in response to washington's decision to shut the chinese consulate in houston katrina you is in with more on china's decision. we expected that they were going to close a u.s. consulate we just weren't sure which one it was going to be there was some mumbles that it could have been rouhani where we are which is a smaller consulate but they've gone with the consulate in chengdu which is in the
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southwest of china which is a more important point to it with services a few provinces in that region in china they release quite a lengthy statement saying that this move to close this consulate the u.s. consulate there is in direct response to washington's decision to close the chinese consulate in texas in houston on july the 21st they say that this move was in violation of international relations environment violation of principles of international law the pentagon has confirmed one of its fighter jets intercepted in a rainy and passenger plane over syria to ensure it wasn't a hostile aircraft the move was said to be aimed at protecting coalition troops in syria several passengers were injured when the commercial plane suddenly changed altitude during the incident the u.s. and the u.k. have accused russia of launching an anti satellite weapon into space they say moscow fired a projectile on july 15th britain's space directorate chief says the move poses
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a potential threat to satellites that the world depends on defense ministry says it was all part of an operation to inspect its own equipment u.s. president donald trump has canceled the maine republican party convention event due to be held in florida next month because of the coronavirus threat the state's has been one of the worst affected by the pandemic on thursday the number of infections wild wide sorry nationwide passed 4000005 west african heads of state who gathered in mali's capital have failed to reach a deal to end the country's deepening political crisis weeks of protest calling for the resignation of president. threatening to destabilize the region. and tanzania's former president benjamin has died while receiving hospital treatment for an unspecified illness he was 81 was the country's 3rd president and suffered for 10 years from 1905 now those are the headlines and next up it's part 2 of al-jazeera well.
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i am of me and i'm in paris investigating questions of french identity and in the nation on the underprivileged estates in the suburbs. although official figures don't exist it's estimated there are around 5 and a half 1000000 muslims in france and many live in the high rise developments on the outskirts of big cities. i visited the muslim community in one of these areas to see how they view claims that mosques are somehow connected to violence. now this was a p.c. . version. of if you. build a community. he says he and other animals in another i get a lot harder time with the hobby and hell it's
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a bit with him and with your i can't can't come to a little. bit and the. sob asked well if. there's a suburb in the world as a lower lessee. to my home a share in the mission will help. and others who. might she said in one issue know what. is and what and. how he had to have a measured talk with everyone for the if you had to be a man not very much. shorter. had a bent tell him of the herd of elephants was nervous mother and mother. and she would say our names are who they are but he didn't with.
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them with her or more had never. sent me you know. when i met hazel had a magic help that i'm with you had criteria. a a dual about atmospheric. the marine miller muscling in i'm not sorry for letting control when i had a lot of energy and measured him off. and on and the methodology. really muscly in you were in a sorry. or a good lesson must have. french muslims came under pressure when a truck drove into a crowd celebrate industrial day in july 26th seen in the southern city of nice. laugh. it's an image no ridhima jute has
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worked hard to combat for the past 2 years. especially as appearance can cause him problems on a daily basis. and thus and much of below him. before so funny are near-sighted to hit a family on a pull the. example was it available because it was a blast of the made love a little bit at the the neck and it's a cliff in the dark a little but about boulevard. look at her there's a fellow for whom. i think i'm a adam is only a little it's another part that over the next. got xander china china. phelim ourselves our beloved sons it isn't.
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so the bit that was an area to the himalayas so is only our large human will have had to live on in the news as a little harder but at them $300.00 up is not a good year and a lot of them are in a can if enough talk a lot about me on a diet of. seeming them in the middle but simply because. i live and know your new album i send. you to. hell i know what caused a shock when i had some of that with that i learned a lot of how to hide when to completely i'd even been looking at the i was tentative. with him alone he says that so that others earlier. and that can help him and didn't get bought out and then there's a. lot of who has it.
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just because i'm with him to have the love of god and about what i see and even be . would you really would you say judy. to the northeast up central paris is the suburban town of. there some residential and commercial areas have had a facelift but some local people worry that this fails to deal with an employment education and social integration i met had
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a former municipal employee who is the opposition to their innovation project got him arrested going to go you. in you know. for lexus to beat up katie stajan if. you see a. lot of us who got you. not the dolly will do for love. but the my doesn't is here. to see you crushed it is about i was listening to ski hill just when president obama buckled i'm going to keep a bus to you but it's just watching this. book will be told to go.
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along with. the not giving us a little bit how dumb i was talking about the national agency for urban renewal set up in 2004 and we launched 10 years later. it has billions of euro's of funds and aim to help cool 1000000 people in hundreds of deprived areas. but doesn't believe agency has helped the guy in area of oh nice who was at home. i asked him if all these shops had closed down wall oh oh you know coming to live i guess the only one who got you is the abuse like most of my guys a. male who is both to get your pics. just as such if he's open if you have to sell some of those you see of the mill complex don't do force you see the just she also said she was
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a go go go. what did. you think of email to sue us for such a 2 thought his own family. one level. while out i called my girl ugly brannigan popular girl one of it's about love what you do with some guy you must know more than a guy you know what they've been up until it does the trick more that it's apollo motorboat acquitted by the by government is that there is. more project a visual they love the peace. council bust through triple dip would you up with this would you put in work booked up with all the clothes but had a must local legal battle conflicted with his obligations as a municipal employee reported when i proposed as. more to folks so there. is always our google do event you know because one of you that. do not suck up
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local paul paul folks when it. has to produce a dollar bill is only because it was a judas priest who thought you. look out to look through the filter so if. you do go to the loo because it was there but. you got the dismissal one of which will cause for situation. at the trend. of the country. i went to the town hall at all nice to watch to get other perspectives on how the most campaign from some to right and left wing politicians. and ask the deputy mayor about how the most conflict of interest. not a fact. of the matter called me.
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a national election. if i could by no other ever speak to. the. d.c. travel city issues. a lot of things have to septic try something that wasn't taken on purpose at all to a legit mental of law to hold on to cancer. when i asked why french people of arab and african. origin seem to leave in much less affluent areas than the white middle class of the early ninety's and this was an industry to. easily tickles alone demand ergo it can levy booze one doesn't. provide to use tools. suggests to me that's right no work kiddie conversion pool for dollars with shitty
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forces don't even own you. have a clue superior. to secretary tell you are doing a problem in reverse to tell your boss who will not settle to get 2 kisses from feel cool ditto really men put pressure on him impressed but today are you sure you lost your if you go mental or so showed up want to be a model or is it a prescription and no one will be going to see it is wrong because you but when she was born in poverty. he promised to close with you difference. give me some going to community and non creedal home and street is only one of us from the band's. leave leave him. me sonny pastors all teaching of any t.v. just community you don't believe what you detest going to see nazi germany thing
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good enough to truly be our bird remember the very 1st and i feel it tastes similar civvy need to do this clear show in the up of town called the plane was made in lima by some similar prophet uma in a paradox 61 made it on youtube. it is hot and bruises community but gave up i cannot go up but. the most strident political voice on identity and immigration at the national front led by my rain look pan. she was beaten by 66 percent to 33 percent by emmanuel micron and the 27000 presidential elections. when the devonian prize in citizens is on the one. hand the comp open economy is so short. on who are. you know security security. which didn't cost river in
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a security. hole. it was on the home for new forces on the fair respected and well respected fundamental civil society for this. sort of fell on one year it was . expected the national front may have got to the presidential runoff but it still only has 8 m.p.'s elected on their platform of limited immigration and stop in the so-called islamisation of france. that's a sentiment characteristic of john on and says it's a mythical feature and you can join a dramatic rates are still. open much for trickle down and. they are me i mean malicious if i think well i can just run from think reconciliation was before any option on the ground i can join as i and for a little mentioning except i think i'm 2nd i haven't well one view for quite
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a moment and some we form i suspect election children may not be. the friends city suburbs get quite negative coverage in many mainstream news outlets. these are from the long aleck's press. more and is a broadsheet newspaper. i met one of its senior journalists rafael back under former editor of its monthly diplomatic edition a land rush to get their views on media coverage of the suburbs. other folk are in the lamby lab s. what manila. at the division will will. look well will express but the lab door yani could. be tested for the latter i look at my list.
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of issues with yanni which have does a walk in the face lem. near my battlefield for the war he might be a self elavil but yes i'm for philistine. and why doesn't someone on here. colonel paul. because all they learn in media while on the 1st get your heart. and moan the year i look is wrong they're bad for you this image only. they deserve it isn't the show that if you. really want your keyboard. in this business. fickle of recruits and in addition only.
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hustle if you can she intifada. when i built a bad feeling to people feel. like it can be seen octomom in this whole feeling. i said to raphael that the media often criticised for stigmatising the sub reporting them in a very negative way they said we have. the fed said this with others at the top of the net effect you know the president barely ferric. the party challenge yet given the support of entirely frank the top. then you know i've been pretty there are only the you. close.
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to 400 yards. of course secure committees that may only support the bill serial. yeah there is a bit of the. bone you're. been . in front of me here. and i don't really show me a bit willingness to meaningless you didn't show up to be sure. with joe wilson say yes. my panel has. just issued yarn and tom morton in most telefilm in an oven for them they are for. me with the would that be are beyond the fee. is there. sort of a theme i asked if you mean one would employ an arab from the suburbs or a woman wearing a headscarf. enjoy minister or have
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a car while. fast prospects a horrible problem. and the families are all numb to put but that's part of what. will who. let me be if it has it on to see it has a. plausible cause i would like us to be. the al-jazeera production team on our l'express interviews but they both declined their request. picking up on what alan greste said it seems to me that the legacy of clooney elitism place a bit part in the debate about what it means to be french. what's the relationship between mainstream french culture history and identity and the sections of the population descended from immigrants from the former french
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colonies in africa. this seem to me to be 2 separate francaise and that the one does not really want to accept the other. i decided to bring together a few young french people from different intellectual political and ethnic backgrounds to debate the key issues around french identity. something to go back no doubt it will put it off to. the top and. you can only tell you the issues only feel good enough before you get to that i might go.
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coke business because of the $50000000.00 of us through this experience it will be good for the next dollar for to be good if the government can decide what is the mission of the supermoon real values that i was going to show you just going to the bottom so as to try to do them a cow those. are all folks. closer. luckless nippon crewmen of us confidently of course of exactly the business number that we have up of the bucket is used to going up exactly the harmonic really like you look local government you don't go there you are most of the people who thinks it's going to be going to get into the market a busy political deal with security. in the course of the move but some members of a business meeting with a deal is going to put on lost their grip going on and they're going to really was
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a lot of them have to defect was it all can that when you really did the laws act could do would you judge equal to all of us just kinda sort of pick on the pins lists a good looking man yeah it's a good mix to fit. and we don't want to know how many good men what history or if you don't it if there was a bit of them on the moment he joined what is to fit to totally just. to talk a lot ok that is what you measure me to get let me to dinner because he said it was time to fix it to match. the circle best interest of i said it on the ballot you're going about akio seen fast a famous woman clearly you don't want to shock to the hard.
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core part of the going to be. she didn't like. me as i'm not just that. it was about us would also end up with me sitting of a mockery of what i should feel know that. you don't think best. conditioned of all this is. revealed to you too because if not then if. she still said. this would it put that on board your model i ask mine and if she would accept as president. that's what i'm. about. to record but maybe you don't think the reason is that you have a. legacy. france
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has been looking at how to address the social and economic problems of its population and the city's suburbs since they were developed in the 1970s. the center i'd. join louis bolu recently set out fresh proposals but they were rejected by president manuel mccraw in may 28th reportedly been too costly. microbe also suggested that the future of these areas might partly depend on the people who live there. what was clear to me in making this film was that although many in trunks of noise the need to address the problems of the suburbs there seems no real commitment in central government to find any lost in solutions.
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to. came from the countryside to cairo and became part of a life. they say just as different from be in the former al-jazeera world meets the man you've been keeping a close eye on residential life in the big cities for decades but who may now be passing into history. both see for movies he wasn't dormant but he's now managed by a security company the doman of egypt on al-jazeera.
9:58 am
hello there mostly hot and dry throughout much of the middle east but at the same time we have had wanted to show some thunderstorms and some rather more persistent rain across the southwest of yemen but have a look at these images coming out of western areas of side you can see here the skies it fairly clear this was a passing shower with hail and some or all the heavy rain as you can see here in this particular region in fact the some flooding on of the road there and again that came down with some hail a fairly quick to clear these scattered thunderstorms but there are quite a few them possible again as we go through friday heavy rains the southwest society again those western areas of yemen so santa could actually pick up some flooding in the streets meanwhile the dust in the sun continues to blow the winds of change direction in fact being very humid pretty across into bahrain of the next couple of days a temperatures of 41 sells it fairly much warmer with the humidity meanwhile to the north it is hotter but it should be a bit drier 47 is the high in baghdad then down into southern africa we're still
9:59 am
watching this possible tropical cyclone which is to the north and getting closer to northern sections of madagascar some pretty strong winds with this will begin to impact that far north coast of madagascar the showers further to the south across more eastern areas wanted to scottish as is true this on shore flow through central areas of mozambique they'll continue through south a bit all the while across south africa it's fun enjoy a woman port elizabeth. jump into the stream. this generation will have to create its own democracy with social media and will online be part of the debate. when no topic is off the table is taking on all the systemic problems that people have suffered not only now but for decades we are going to need to transform lives the way we see which way to business if we're going to adapt to climate break down this street on out to 0. i joined al jazeera as part of the launch team in 2006 protesters have
10:00 am
called for a 1000000. in the time i've covered wars revolutions elections and military coups. from the favelas of caracas to the battlefields around also i would drop just to get to the truth and then power people through knowledge. china hits back at the united states shutting down the u.s. consulate in chengdu days after beijing was ordered to close its mission in houston . mathison and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up drama in the skies over syria passengers are heard on an iranian plane as it's tailed by a u.s. fighter jet. it's just not the right time for the donald trump cancels the
10:01 am
florida leg of the republican convention this.


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