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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 25, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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it's working conditions in the industry is equivalent to modern slavery slavery a 21st century evil continues with bonded sleeps on out is there. a diverse range of stories from across the globe from the perspective of our networks journalists on al-jazeera. 'd packed up and leaving china u.s. diplomats depart their closed consulate in chengdu as relations deteriorate. hello i'm adrian forget this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up shutting down my flight from barcelona spanish authorities reimpose restrictions as the corona virus infection rate that triples. the u.s. military says that it has proof that russia is violating a u.n.
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arms embargo in libya. and too old to compete or delayed at the youth olympics means that some young athletes and so the goal will get a chance to shine. signs of the increasingly fraught relationship between the u.s. and china are playing out in the chinese city of chengdu staff at the u.s. consulate there have been leaving with their bags packed after it was ordered to be closed by china's government it was in response to washington's closure of the chinese consulate in houston texas a live update from the u.s. in just a few moments but 1st al-jazeera katrina you reports. in chengdu work has begun dismantling the u.s. consulate 1st founded in the southwestern chinese city in 1985 chinese state media says stop have until monday morning today kate the premises beijing blames the u.s.
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for the escalating tensions and has accused the trumpet ministration of stirring up trouble and anti china sentiment around the world they've waited 2 days to do this they're trying to appear very measured and they've also extended a number all branches of the last few days indicating that they were for talks rather than this kind of unilateral action remember they're doing this because they need to look like they are willing to defend themselves on the other side of the globe a group of men reportedly federal agents forced open a back door of the chinese consulate in houston workers left the building on friday after appearing to been documents earlier in the week there victualling ordered by american officials who say the consulate was a hub of chinese espionage and accusation beijing denies china ripped off our rice intellectual property and trey zwicker is causing millions of jobs all across
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america for washington the list of issues is long the u.s. has arrested for chinese scientists accusing them of working secretly for the chinese military. special trade status with the u.s. has been revoked after china imposed a new security rule and washington has imposed sanctions on chinese officials over the alleged persecution of ethnic muslims as the coronavirus president trump has increasingly pointed to china as being responsible a tactic seen as shifting blame away from what critics say has been his own failed response to the pandemic and finally while way the chinese telecoms giant accused of posing security threats now banned in the u.s. and person. we are slipping it appears into a new cold war and it's this strange combination that we have right now in our american politics which is a domestic political pressure combined with longstanding grievances and concerns
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between the united states and china once the u.s. consulate here in town to close is there will be 4 main on china's mainland but beijing says it won't hesitate to shutdown another should washington to retaliate against chinese missions in the u.s. between e.u. al-jazeera. let's go live now to the u.s. i was there was at a gala is live for us in miami and he wants the latest on the consulate close here in houston and to what extent we have to look at this move by the u.s. in the context of november election. yeah well pretty dramatic scenes in diplomatic terms on friday in texas as that deadline approached there were several viands seeing leaving that facility earlier in the week staff from the consulate was seeing reportedly burning documents and dumping more shredded documents in bins outside 40 minutes after that deadline expired state department officials. broke
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into that building to take it over of course the wider issue here is that breakdown in diplomatic relations between china and u.s. perhaps reaching the lowest point since the late seventy's when diplomatic relations were restored and now might pompei or the secretary of state made a wide ranging speech at the nixon library earlier this week and that was really a window into the trumpet ministrations of procida wall days he frames this as a bottle of ideologies between the chinese communist party in the free democracies of the world there were many hints in that speech that other freedom loving nations should join america and persecuting the chinese also making it clear that any claims the chinese have in the south china sea are not valid and in fact the u.s. has deployed 2 cruise ships to that region a pretty rare move in this case but as for the presidential election i think this will play a pretty big role coming into november's presidential election it's one of the woods that president donald trump likes to say over and over again at china of
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course he's blamed the pandemic on the chinese calling it the chinese flu so that will factor in to this november's presidential election i think but i think for people in the business community in the united states there are a great deal of concerns because it isn't that the moves the trumpet ministration are making are wrong it's do they have the diplomacy to try and fix it so going forward with it we're heading into pretty uncertain times between these 2 countries as this test for tat continues out 0 as i began to go live in miami and the many thanks. nearly 40 countries have reported record daily numbers of corona virus infections in the past week a strain belgium and israel are among nations seeing what they fear is a 2nd wave unprecedented dany increases were seen in 37 countries that's up from 20 last week and 13 the week before the us has confirmed the highest number of cases more than 4000000 infections now and 145000 deaths nightclubs
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discos and event holes are being closed down to get it past a load up of elsewhere across the spanish region of catalonia a bit more than 280 new outbreaks of covert 19 across the country with infections tripling in the past 2 weeks the world health organization says that europe needs to better coordinate its response. we're really trying to get here is moved from as i said before using a very big hammer to trying to be more precise and what we're doing instead of restricting everyone we try and go after the virus and we try and identify where the virus is and then specifically and surgically in a sense excised the virus from the community by minimizing the impact on the lives and livelihoods of the community by focusing in on cases and contacts and investigation so countries coming out of lockdown even countries with lower levels of disease will experience potential cases and clusters of disease i'm sure
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a sunny day go in london says the outbreaks are beginning to restrict freedom of movement between spain and other european nations. we even had belgium banning. travelers from going belgian travelers from going to westgate out i go on and yea there the city that was primarily the 1st eruption of the of of the reemergence of cove it in the region alongside with that you have norway also now imposing a 10 day quarantine on people who have traveled back from spain and also france now urging people not to travel there and has requested the spanish government to try drastically reduce the amount of traffic going between its orders course france there are many tourists from france who do travel to spain and with also a slightly rising uptick in cases in france there as well the worry is of course that they're going to be more brutal waves of code that could follow if it's not
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contained and if it's not really kept down with that in mind of course that the it's the summer season in spain and really the lockdowns have come down people have resumed practically normal activities there in terms of socialising one of the major causes of concern is what is the way in which people have done the informal sort of parties and gatherings that are allowed there where mainly young people sort of gather with drinks that they bought and congregate there and that's also sort of a cause of consent trying to clamp down on that brazil's president says that he's recovered from covert dive team after testing negative for the virus dryer ball so narrow has consistently downplayed the pandemic and dismissed coronavirus as a little shrew brazil has the world's 2nd worst outbreak after the u.s. . libya's prime minister fires also is in turkey meeting with president juan
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sarraj is the leader of the un backed government based in tripoli turkey is its main backer in its fight against warlord khalifa haftar since ankara increased its support of earlier this year how fast forces have been driven out of the capital to the east the u.s. military has released what it says is proof that russia is violating a u.n. arms embargo in libya the pentagon claims that these satellite pictures show russian military equipment being used on the frontlines of the conflict these include fighter jets air defense systems and armored vehicles the u.s. says that russia is boosting support for hoffa al jazeera as a trainer reports now from misrata. we've been seeing recently after his forces building up reinforcing their positions in sirte and the jinn a military has been saying all along that mercenaries belonging to the russian wagner group are position in the city of sirte the u.s. africa command also in may pointed out that orders or posted images of fighter jets
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russian fighter jets moving to just brought that south central libya and the idea is that these are russian state jets obviously regular group or mercenary groups don't really have their own air force so this is and saying that the russians are building up their influence in libya and we also saw the russian and the turks suggesting that there's a work in there creating a working group to sort of deescalate the situation. and at the same time on monday president donald trump and president sisi discussed in a phone call about the escalating the situation but at the same time the egyptian parliament unanimously approved sending troops abroad now many people here think that if president sisi was to deploy troops it would further escalate the situation it would further destabilize the country and have to say the feeling here is that
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libyans are increasingly being taken out of the decision making process whether up take on al-jazeera then zimbabwean officials in court to defend the arrest and imprisonment of a prominent journalist will have the latest plus. protests and russia's far east of a bad public challenge to president vladimir putin. and that. more heavy rain through all central areas of china and plenty of cloud bringing the same across into japan and still the lingering across the korean peninsula but the rain has been such a bunch in china we have seen many many images like this and has another coming out of shaanxi province you can see this massive rock slides it all took place of course it was triggered by those very heavy rains that cut off the main road for
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quite a while now sunday unfortunately more very heavy rain back in the fall calls through central eastern as a china little bit of a break across the korean peninsula there is some rain but not as heavy as we've seen but here you should pick up some very heavy downpours as we go through the day and not really any break on monday that is when the heavy rain that beginning to push across into south korean particular and still those widespread shonen thunderstorms across much of japan but it will be a little bit lighter across the central and eastern areas of china and then into inducing a bit of a break here as well and then also as across the northeast you can see clear skies here on the satellite and as we go through sunday there will be some showers across the region but nothing like the heavy downpours we have seen over the last week still some heavy downpours across into nepal but really the rains are heaviest out towards the west up into rock just dropped whole way down into kara and all the while to the north we'll see areas of brain scan to thunderstorms will see some of those certainly to new delhi with the hive 33.
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coveted beyond well. taken without hesitation. bolton died from. power defines how we should not have to trade our culture for oil and gas here we make the rules people in power investigates exposes and question the use and abuse of power around the globe. on al-jazeera. well again this is al jazeera let's talk about
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a reminder of the main news this hour staff of the u.s. consulate in chengdu in china apparently leave after beijing ordered its closure it's a response to the u.s. ordering china's consulate in houston texas to be shot. by clubs discos and event holes being closed down again in catalonia the more than 280 new outbreaks across spain and the number of corona virus infections there tripled in the past 2 weeks and libya's prime minister fires also losses in turkey meeting with the president heard of one such as the leader of the un backed government based tripoli turkey is its main backer its fight against the walls of the front of the. first hurrican of the atlantic season is bearing down on the southern coast of texas hanna a strengthened to a category one hurricane and is expected to make landfall in a few hours there corpus christi it will be the 1st top level storm to hit texas during july in 12 years. u.s. federal agents sent to portland by president donald trump again fired tear gas
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a protest as a made arrests demonstrations of each night for 8 weeks about a racial equality and police reform leaders in oregon state said the agents are making matters worse reports the. federal agents again firing tear gas at black lives matter demonstrators in downtown portland. the protesters have spent weeks demanding racial equality in america while others are calling for police reforms and an end to brutality by officers the city center court house is the focus of the anger in portland. that anger increased when president donald trump ordered federal agents to be sent to the city to protect the port 18 arrests have been made this week fireworks were aimed at the building and several fires lit was the federal agents who responded to tear gas was the was like it was it
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was there was. organ state officials opposed federal law enforcement in portland they say federal agents in riot gear only making the situation worse. than. the reverse of the. guard for the protests across the u.s. began in may after the police killing of unarmed black american george floyd. trump has promised to back the police and stop the protests in a speech this week he said he will be sending hundreds of federal troops to cities all across america americans was hold their city leaders accountable they must insist that community officials fully support fully back and fully fund their local police departments there is simply no substitute for a police department that has the strong backing of city leaders. as well as
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the tear gas fired during the latest unrest in portland peaceful protesters released balloons and bubbles that there was. more protests are expected the a hearty al-jazeera. in russia some of the largest anti-government protests and you are into the 3rd week the arrest of the governor of cut off region of the far east spot. which shows no sign of abating. reports the these protests are a problem for president vladimir putin demonstrators in the city of confidence have marched every day for more than 2 weeks to mending the governor of the region serger for go his release from prison the businessman turned politician was arrested on july the 9th and flown to moscow he is accused in the murder of business right last 15 years ago charges he denies.
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this city in russia's far east near the border with china is more than 6000 kilometers from moscow but now it's turned into an unexpected hub of anti-government protests was. was because people often i think people are marching out on the streets because they vote to elect the governor in the 2018 election has been taken away for gold supporters say the accusations are politically motivated and of a yellow russia we've had enough we let. the governor we want to be heard and decide our selves what to do with him bring him here for a fair and open trial and we'll decide whether to convict him or not so each year. putin officially fired for go on monday and appointed of replacement fueling further mistrust in the region the president's united russia party isn't popular here the protests reflect anger above many see as out of touch politicians imposing
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policies from moscow. the timing of the arrest is also raising questions earlier this month president putin oversaw a controversial vote potentially allowing him to remain in power for another 16 years critics say putin waited until he'd won the vote before sacking the governor from the opposing liberal democratic party. protests are relatively rare and putin's tightly controlled russia and the coronavirus pandemic is further complicating the kremlin's response it's not the type of attention putin is looking for but protesters in the city of $600000.00 people say the marches will continue until the governor is released. al jazeera. of course in bangladesh a bangladeshi migrant i'm sorry is facing deportation from malaysia after criticizing the government's treatment of workers during the current virus crisis. was detained on saturday he was interviewed in al-jazeera as one i want
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a stock eventually called locked up in malaysia is locked down 0 says his arrest is disturbing and reaffirms its support for freedom of expression as a fundamental human rights without fear of being criminalized. the 2nd of the editor of the leading news website in hungary has provoked a mass march by anti-government protesters it follows the mass walkout of journalists in support of the editor is warning that government interference is endangering media freedom of zeros car leg reports. out. they came out in their thousands to voice their anger at what they say is the latest silencing of hungry suppress more than 80 journalists from the country's most read news site called index have resigned from their jobs after their editor in chief was sacked last month he publicly raised the alarm over political interference in the outlets operations the many the dismissal was seen as
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a government directive and the last straw for me fellow feeling for you to put this telephone on the list we called him on the phone and said we would like to initiate the end that we no longer want to work at index after those about 60 members of the 90 people on the stuff that the say they also resigned and not ending their work at index. index has long been regarded as hungary's key independent media outlet but it has also been a target of this man hungary's prime minister viktor orban who once branded a fake news factory one of his allies recently took charge of its sales are perhaps a sign of things to come and critics say the government is trying to bring as many independent media outlets under its control. we are of the editorial staff which today probably made one of the biggest sacrifices and risks to shine a spotlight on what's happening on how a newsroom can be destroyed how even the strongest and most read news portals can
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be ruined in hungary. one popular columnist reminded the crowds of the 2800 quote in defense of free speech from mr orban himself me sure. we would never have the adult city persona. those who don't agree with us here. across central europe it's not only hungry that seen the steady decline of independent news outlets and steer toward autocratic rule a major sticking point in the debate over the e.u. spend demick recovery fund last week was where the poland and hungary should be penalized financially for their behavior but in the end the money came through and viktor orban claimed what he called a huge victory many say the latest developments at home look like yet another win for the hungary and leader curry leg al-jazeera gunmen have killed 15 farmers in the south stuff for region and sudan the rapid support forces paramilitary group is
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being blamed for the attack in the village of greater armed groups killed 13 people at a camp in north star 4 last week in zimbabwe a protest against the state of the economy and corruption a planned an opposition leader as well as a journalist charged with inciting violence but denied bail the government is denying persecuting its critics are serious how to turn reports from. a day after the united nations urges the barbi government not to use the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to clamp down on freedom of expression and the right to peaceful assembly officials here responded for the op whedon's of doubt what we're seeing more noise not of doctored he was lawfully obvious and by this in baba of the public police and he was not arrested for exposing corruption he was arrested for using social media problems to infight zimbabweans to violently overthrow the government. even though operating one of the rights abroad corruption is not unique
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in this regard all the newspapers in zimbabwe including independent publications their fleet and extensively about corruption in government and private sector. none of the journalists really written are all the subject of corruption has been arrested for publishing with them government officials also say some individuals are working with western embassies mainly the united states to try and destabilize the country lawyers representing freelance journalists hopeless in war and an opposition leader jake may say they're going to go to the high court to apply for bail the way they insist their clients are being persecuted for speaking out against corruption the government says the planned active government protests meant for next week are to violently remove prison emerson agogo from power and they say security forces will not let that happen somalia's president has appointed an interim leader after parliament voted to remove prime minister. from office it's
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been growing criticism of because handling of security comes during a dispute with regional leaders over the timing of a national election that's to take place early next year is to. muhammad goulet will take over as acting prime minister. is a political analyst at the university of birmingham in the u.k. and a specialist on security in somalia he says today's development is not that surprising . for the last couple of weeks but the president. the prime minister go into different directions. the reason for that was there was 2 ways. and of holding elections next year one was a universal suffrage it was. the way the parliament someone once and that one was a selection based on elders. which in accordance for from the
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electoral. commission and the federal member states and the prime minister i say ones to go for so that was the 2 ways that they went and would fall for the following and how the dynamics lead to some of the politics the youth olympic games for should take place in senegal in 2022 but have been moved to 2026 because of the coronavirus pandemic postponement of the 1st olympic event to be held in africa is a big setback for many young athletes as the reports now from dhaka. for swimming coach to do gate there is no easy way to break the news the youth olympics meant to take place in 2022 will be delayed by 4 years he explains because of the coronavirus pandemic 13 year old swimmer sally about to somebody who has
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pre-selected to take part in the 5100 metres backstroke will be told to take part in the games in 2026 i'm so disappointed i've been training day and night for this moment and this opportunity to represent my country right here in dakar more than 4000 athletes aged between 14 and 800 from around 180 nations were expected to take part in the youth olympics for the 1st time it's being held in africa in some countries who normally can't afford to send competitors were looking forward to having the event close is a hope so thank you so of course for these young athletes it's heartbreaking it's earth shattering news but i try to encourage them to continue training for other competitions to prepare for the future sin again because the end is in issues and i think the limpid committee says deckard was selected as host city because of its young population and the country's infrastructure plan in the absence of a functioning olympic pool the young athletes are training on the ocean and while
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the government is referrer singh swimming pools and sports facilities bill that all has stalled they say because of the economic fallout of the global coronavirus pandemic. senegal is deep in debt its once booming economy struggling president mikey cell has called for international creditors to cancel african debt altogether and with many senegalese relying on food aid the state cannot afford to invest in the olympics right now and by their own problem see in adversity an opportunity it allows more time to prepare and today's games just is in order to welcome all the athletes many of whom will discover senegal for the 1st time i realized this is a disappointment to those. but there will be a next time. has now set her eyes on the african championships in 2021 she's overcoming her disappointment with determination and. represent at 28 summer olympics. it seems there's
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no stopping her limbic dreams. a memorial for the late u.s. congressman john lewis is on the way in his home state alabama. lewis is remembered for his role in politics and as of all rights leader of the 6 days of ceremonies he'll lie and stays in the u.s. capitol before being buried in georgia. it is good to have you with us hello adrian figure here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera signs of the increasingly for relationship between the u.s. and china have been playing out in the chinese city of chengdu staff the u.s. consulate there have been leaving with their bags packed after it was ordered to be
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closed by china's government both sides accuse each other of endangering national security it was in response to washington's closure of the chinese consumers in houston texas was a serious and a gallica reports. well the deadline given by the u.s. to close that consulate came and went on friday afternoon and 40 minutes after that deadline passed state department officials were seen moving in prising open locks to get inside but before all that happened there were reports that chinese consulate staff were burning documents in the courtyard of that building placing other shredded bags of documents in bins outside before 3 consulate vans was seen leaving spain is bringing back local looked on measures as it fights a 2nd wave of coronavirus nightclubs discos and the vent holes are being closed down again in catalonia the more than $218.00 new outbreaks of covert 19 across the
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country with infections tripling in the past 2 weeks brazil's president says that he's recovered from the coronavirus of the testing negative jiah boss now has consistently downplayed the pandemic brazil has the world's 2nd worst outbreak after the u.s. . libya's prime minister fires also is in turkey meeting with president heard of one so russia is the leader of the un backed government based in tripoli turkey is its main backer and its fight against the war califano after gunmen have killed 15 farmers in the south are for region in sudan the rapid support forces probably military group is being blamed for the attack in the village of greater armed groups killed 13 people of the camp in north tower for last week and the 1st hurricane of the atlantic season is bearing down on the southern coast of texas as expected to make landfall in a few of the a corpus christi those are the headlines these continue to 0 after people in power next.
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california is progressive stance on issues from climate change to immigration has long come to appear to my eyes political opposition to president on trump in return to trace the state as dominated by liberal elites absent touch with the u.s. heartland so what does this picture raji logical battle reveal about the choices facing americans in the coming presidential election earlier this year the 1st of 2 special reports of its house went to find out.


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