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tv   Paris A Divided City  Al Jazeera  July 25, 2020 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the wildness on our little family take it we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. than. this is all just there i'm doubting obligato with a check on your world headlines a surge of coronavirus cases in spain is fueling fears of a 2nd wave in europe it's prompted the british government to make the abrupt decision to reimpose a 2 week orenstein for all travelers from spain from midnight's it's a devastating blow to spain's hopes to revive its tourism dependence economy as britons make up the vast majority of its visitors the spanish government insists the country is safe but infections have tripled in the past 2 weeks with catalonia emerging as a new hot spots so reports. a welcome break on
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a beach in catalonia after an unprecedented lockdown would be difficult for most people to resist but amid these relaxed scenes and uncomfortable question is being asked is this the start of a 2nd wave of the pandemic on saturday almost 1500 new cases were recorded in the region most of them in and around the city of barcelona many of the new cases are young people showing mild or no symptoms at all it prompted a swift shutdown of night clubs throughout the region as well as a curfew on bars and concern among other european countries of further outbreaks the u.k.'s government announced on saturday that a 14 day quarantine period would be introduced for travellers returning from spain and in france there were requests to avoid trouble to the country altogether says he saw the show on concerning the situation in catalonia which is displaying worsened indicators for infection there as you know those who are going to get is are deteriorating we strongly encourage french citizens to avoid going there until
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the health situation improves and these days this is the high season for tourism and many working in the sector are already feeling the drastic impact of the pandemic in both know you'd be able to keep it in all the years that i have been here at this is catastrophic things were good for a time over the past weeks but not now. even 2 weeks ago he collapsed but not now there is nothing nothing yeah all over the country towns and cities are once again closing up after a much awaited easing of restrictions the last couple proper track and trace system is prompting an increase in infections around the country it was hoped that the summer would deliver a pause in the pandemic but the contagious nature of the corona virus seems to once again trump optimism of a rest might any time soon sunny diagonal al-jazeera. the united states has reported more than a 1000 deaths from coronavirus for the 4th day in
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a row 74000 new infections were reported across the country on friday one of the worst hit states is florida where more than $12000.00 new infections have been detected in the last 24 hours nearly $49000.00 new coronavirus cases have been reported in india pushing the total there are more than $1300000.00 it's the 3rd day in a row that new infections have been above the 45000 mark the chief minister of madhya pradesh states is the latest high profile figure to test positive he's been taken to hospital the government has confirmed more than 31000 deaths china has accused the us of sending law enforcement officials into its consulates in houston after it was forced to shut it down on the other side of the world american staff have left the u.s. consulate in chengdu which china ordered closed in retaliation the diplomatic feud between the world's largest economies is escalating over a growing number of issues including the current virus pandemic hong kong and
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allegations of spying. protesters in west jerusalem have gathered outside the israeli prime minister's residence calling for him to step down for weeks protests have been growing louder against benjamin netanyahu over his handling of the pandemic and his corruption trial on thursday israeli police arrested dozens of protesters officials say 15 farmers have been killed by gunmen in southwest sudan that attack happening in the village of in south dar for displaced people have held protests across there for recently they're accusing officials of failing to protect them those are the headlines al jazeera world is up looking at racism identity and protests in paris thanks for watching.
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paris a major european capital known for its cosine its odd fashion famous landmarks and french culture. but behind the facade lies a complex multi ethnic city full of contradictions. i am up to me and i've come to the aid of longs to try and discover what it means to be french especially on the sometimes troubled outskirts of the capital.
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in 2015 former french prime minister manuel biled spoke of utter at oriel social and ethnic apartheid in france. so what does this mean for the ethnically diverse communities in the sea take in this abouts. boom also as a small town in the northern suburbs of paris. on the 19th of july 26th seen them at trial ray was with his brother maggie planning to celebrate his 24th best day. the police stopped bagi to question him a spot of an investigation but adam added in his id with him panic and run away. with the media who. come to work if you want
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in july 26th seen the p.c.n. newspaper ran the official version of the story that adam had been suffering from a serious infection and he may have had a drug addiction and coated the local persecutor saying that no violence had been used by the police. were. his family was concerned after he was taken to the police station so they inquired what was happening they were given conflicting reports but in fact. was already. you hear. her when i do the math in a death from people in the media. when they get up at people that. have been enough you know practice change and if they're but you know but if
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that if they can get but don't want to buy a thinner they could get but you wish if you don't have a beer you have a few men. if i was going up. to the morphine after your day i might have. enough you may. i ask adam assist assets for our re why she had accused the police of hiding the real cause of his death and what evidence she had do you or i put them on the move care. at a picture of the 7 point one. some problem. use
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a playfield to send something over as long as you man it grew. it sometime in the contacted the company f. course the whole process shall do good to look at them other parts of the lid on them or to treat. your. own views on this picture. or more you called into it. usable in the morning. during the part accepted to treats it constitutes even when jack and emma in the palm or jack knew the fix would have. been made to. 17 the parisienne carried the results of a 2nd autopsy that revealed that adam at trial ray had not died of the recurrence of a previous infection. the 2nd autopsy found that the cause of his death had been suffocation. honestly being in the.
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bag. for someone with. its ability. to be one of. them or. you can. use. race deaths in custody raises questions about french police in which i put to a former senior officer.
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related. the part in most ways about the. border between. the 2 free. people we. didn't see. your decision to who refuse to be with us to join the police or police and do this just because. it would also because. it was a very good look for the men. it was that it probably was some of these remote should be she didn't. visit community that it was a very. back to the men's it me no it is it's a beauty. but is it. because it is a horse thank you so the question of can can we do
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a vision. no one often can. buy them a trial raise death in custody is very high profile and the investigation is still ongoing. unrest on france above and states has been linked to the failing relationship between young people and the police for many as. in 2005 the worst rioting for 40 years took place in the suburb of clichy sous bois when 2 teenagers way electrocuted at the power plant after running away and hiding from police who wanted to stop and search them. it took 10 years and much legal wrangling for the case of the 2 teenagers even to reach the courts. but little seems to have changed in this rundown talib locked in
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place she said was no elevator intermittent electricity and angry graffiti after the 2 police officers accused of failing to help buena and ziad were cleared of any wrongdoing in may 2015. was born in france and was a child when the 2005 unrest took place. a macand i asked her if she felt safe in clichy sous bois. and then secure. loesser going to o.o. . cobol to see security is it m l m n n. b
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for them but for the problem of this level of limbs a layer. of you've sold their own luck salvation is on fire it's more softly saw you want to us all more with bottles and i am not going to. sit by your engine feeble it will come want give you. a bubble you see. what the president. pheno. to bitterness has been. one to punch was the fault. last in a mama he once lost to see vons a peer livin if. only the last one is old school. for me. the i am not fair so the one cup illusion to their eye if an impulse to
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acquire enough for. example and stuff to come tosser. on the indonesian muslim enough. also in the lonely island. to the northwest of central paris is the law. which sold as much on rest in 2005 as cle cheese while. a group of young men who've served prison sentences are now martial arts instructor and i went to our dante to meet them in. the shop. they see this is where the hero you know when we don't know something oh . so good. under that i'll see if yon if he was
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encouraging the kids to be violent acts of those. so tell me reveal. who. sort of a new movie. that's all going to spawn those who are going to the horror. of all the hope of all the. right. i'm all for the physic now from little rock who i want to hug on this one but that's awful they're going to stop reading their own off the wall if i tell that i do oh yes but they're going to follow your best but
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it'll be. more. from the sound of the villagers from the palm going to tell you if you do. not care if this is some more him out there progressive. any part of this is a party candidate if you don't oppose the party. the nazis it is city police it is gone it is a distant city with a 3rd city by the our city result. you have a book with an easy to see. why just to prove a piece of misogyny. we are not the sorts of the city the city source of course of the cities it is our bureaus all of that is amazing and i suppose contact your car country of business. is.
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sorted sport today wasn't valid don't just your caution pop imo out something with this one of us and quite a bit. every show here and there. is always on our we do not know. but not far from the sports center built with government money those who know john say have not succeeded in why this same way. it wasn't difficult to find a drug dealer. actually i was very senior because of him. i was like oh shit i don't i mean there . are superfluous if you have additional was more. because when you're on a. table and you know my beard i'm going. to
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have very little. like an old you're not going to take me he's accepted by. behind the deal is the nation as a whole subculture in which young people like him simply don't have the same educational and social a put unities as the a white middle class counterparts my view. in public when i put. it i mean. if you can stand around from 5 years jail on drawbridge and drug trafficking is impressive. but not far away when friends in our john tate who still feel completely marginalized from mainstream french society. i'm sure someone.
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close to the fishermen. come see the moon up and want to know this was you know they don't. exist in the got to fix your. district. i knew all of your precautions stuff today you're pretty sure that postal signal what you like but also that i think you just just about cell phone didn't know you because i. miss it up on the photo i could pop up by about a club since i lived in the open up like before me suppose sub sub was it produced or what was it like to still see thought about it see or does you see. you could
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you exclude of a debacle school struggled through to get a good man i asked if any of the group had been arrested on a piece of the court in received news ltd would you going to come see me my top question was who can judge who provoked were they able to see the. yard fuel. source as you poor yeah i do not beat us on a problem now for hunting never never all right we had no money left leave this r.v. in virtual live you thought it best love it you need to kill us for. my sump really sick when i won. in 2009 the french national center for scientific research published a report called the police and minorities. it found that police identity checks in paris were based mainly on appearance and that unsurprisingly people looked in
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blackall arab was searched more often than those looking white. blacks it said west stopped and searched twice as often as whites but arabs were 7 times more likely to be stopped than white people. these figures are not especially surprising but to look into them in more detail i talked to a former perry's chief of the police giudice oh that is criminal investigation. jermyn you can't. pull see these to. doso not the whole show. pulmo city power to do to keep.
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you posted don't sue for the daily mail also go to the mall talk. good egg. devotionals covers of the. show i did to. your media machine out of it don't need you to id numbers may blow good you blow to a blow job was. that i met. when i don't score points she can fix you want to call. simply can't usually do yes you do to me cause you me. sit up with us your measure i did this is. france prohibits statistics based on ethnic origin so rightwing claims that more muslims and the server been poor going to jail are difficult to prove.
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i met an recruited by the ministry of justice to give voluntary religious guidance in presence. that this means. almost weekly prison visits in suburban paris have enabled him to examine life their clothes. and basically. had a seizure. the. only means you have. had that much time but i feel.
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i know. but. he made that they're human and then. yes well you want to. eliminate that but if i don't stay up all. through my surgery would switch on the menu to join. an hour or hour and c.s.e. and. or feed an hour or. a furphy are equal and you somehow email me. and your pool and a certain c.n.n. kerner i'm as if you don't when you somehow know and you get a work in the top of. coming up i meet a member of the national front with ideas on a multi-ethnic society a very different from the people i've spoken to so far. as
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a system of unity can join all zoning sit in the victory they can join but can jamal agree to still say. it's idiotic i'm stuck on i vote for me through our view for god to more song we for expect elected children not. for the 1st time in the recent history of saudi arabia her head that overseas visitors from performing the hajj pilgrimage. as curve at 19 continues to disrupt people's lives we look at this decision and big impact on the saudi economy hides 2020 on al-jazeera. a team of chinese scientists in bob pointed gehring deep sea searching for rare is also a new species one i want to use for abuse china's underwater 0. incarcerated. in russia's toughest prisons stripped off their liberties.
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and unexpected creative opportunities. less young a singing contest like no other offers a chance of redemption and hope for the talented few. bisan lives inside and out a tale of fingers and murderers on al-jazeera. the way disease outbreaks have impacted dense urban areas like during the flu pandemic in the early 1900 has played a role in how our cities look in run urban planners reacted to that flu and other outbreaks changing how cities were zoned and led to updated infrastructure like ventilation and improved sanitation but after what's been learned from pandemics and their influences on our skylines and way of life we also need to keep pace and adapt it's easy to assume that cities are fertile ground for spreading viruses and diseases millions living working at commuting in such tight conditions but one
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expert says it's about much more than just density it's about how all this was put together and how it's run. this is al jazeera i'm telling you now big a deal with a check on your world headlines a spike in coronavirus cases has prompted the u.k. to take spain off the list of safe countries with just a few hours notice from 2300 hours g.m.t. everybody returning to the u.k. from spanish destinations will need to self isolate for 2 weeks it's a devastating blow to spain's hopes to revive its economy the spanish government insists the country is safe but infections have tripled in the past 2 weeks with catalonia emerging as a new hot spots the united states has reported more than a 1000 deaths from coronavirus for the 4th day in
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a row 74000 new infections were reported across the country on friday new hotspots of emerge in the south and west including the state of florida that's where more than 12000 new infections have been detected and gallagher has more from miami in fact here in florida we're hitting about 2 weeks now where we've had at least 10000 new cases every single day that peaked on july the 12th with almost 15000 new cases now if we state take this one state as an example and look at how the authorities are tackling it it's very much a different approach depending where you are in the state we've got a governor here on to scientists who point blank will not talk about requoting businesses is pushing much like donald trump to get children back into school and yet here in miami dade which is the worst affected county in the state of florida the mayor of miami is mandated mask wearing he's put a curfew back in place china has accused the u.s. a sending law enforcement officials into its consulate in houston after it was
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forced to shut it down meanwhile american staff have left the u.s. consulate in chengdu with china ordered closed in retaliation the diplomatic feud between the world's largest economies are still leading over a growing number of issues including the coronavirus pandemic hong kong and allegations of spying. protesters in west jerusalem have gathered outside the israeli prime minister's residence calling for him to step down for weeks protests have been growing louder against benjamin netanyahu over his handling of the pandemic and his corruption trial on thursday israeli police arrested dozens of protesters those are the headlines on al-jazeera it's back to al-jazeera world next then it's the news hour at the top of the hour i'll see you then thanks for watching by. me and i'm in paris investigating questions of french identity and in the nation on
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the underprivileged estates in the suburbs. although official figures don't exist it's estimated there are around 5 and a half 1000000 muslims in france and many live in the high rise developments on the outskirts of big cities. i visited the muslim community in one of these areas to see how they view claims that mosques are somehow connected to violence. now this was a p.c. . version. of if you. build a community. he says he and other animals in another i get a lot harder time with the hobby and hell it's a bit with him and with your i can't.
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sobbed. our lives a little less see them. through my home and the mission vehicle will hold. and others whom. she said in one issue know what my ambition is and what and. how. health i haven't measured up with everyone for the if you had to be a man not very much. shorter. had to bend tell your mother her wallet and toss out nervous mother and mother. and she would say our name to who they are she done with her heart was. there with her or more had never. seen me in must of thought when i met hazel had
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a magic help that i would you had criteria. a year do all about atmospheric. the 1000000 times you've had a 1000000 mostly in. control when i had a lot of energy and measured him food on a limb after the you know you know had really muscly and you were almost sorry. no one will go to a lesson must have. french muslims came under pressure when a truck drove into a crowd celebrating but still day in july 26th seen in the southern city of unease . it's an image noted in much route has worked hard to combat for the past 2 years. especially as his appearance can cause him problems on
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a daily basis. and that's the much of bin laden. before so when you are near such a train of armorial. it to somebody been a bit a bit but that's about me it's mother who know. me that they did not hear any that her defeated. but the buried bullet but i had to. look at having the thought of. others i mean is that the way that we. got time to china china's i mean a. fellow with a couple shows it is. very double that was an area that when you go ahead i'll show you men who have had the. look of hard. at them 300 at about
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a good year and a lot of them are in a can of enough talk a lot about me on a diet of. it's in the movie because you have. to put it because. of the mindset. of the show. and i didn't be looking down as of yet. been with him in malone he just threw that out that's really up. to the thought i. thought of who has it. and he said because when was going to have the love of a mother what is your name is a delicate. look at obama
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a lot of to thought of. a little sexy idea. as well you know there will be it would she really would use a journey. to the north east of central paris is the suburban town of nature. there are some residential and commercial areas have had a facelift but some local people worry that this fails to deal with an employment education and social integration i met. a former municipal employee who is the opposition to their innovation project got him arrested people
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who are going to go you know. because of budget. too soon as well as in you know. full access to beat up katie stajan if. you see a. lot of us who got you. not the dolly will do for love. but the my doesn't is here. to see you crushed it is about i was listening to ski hill because when president obama buckled i was on the capacity. just watching the. pull pull me through. alone just not enough given us a little bit how dumb i was talking about the national agency for urban renewal set
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up in 2004 and we launched 10 years later. it has billions of euro's of funds and aim to help cool 1000000 people in hundreds of deprived areas. but doesn't believe agency has helped the guy in every act of own aides who was at home. i asked him if all these shops had closed down wall oh oh you know for me to let go of one guy you see of his like most of my guys of. the male who's both to get your picks you have to show such a few things up if you have to sell some of those you see the myth of the mill complex the don't do force you see the just she also said she was a go go go. what did. you think of the mirror to see also such a do so is unfair to me.
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it's yours minus one of the planets as you. go on about so both up or to do something. a storm or going to go you know they've been up until it does the trick to this apollo marker don't look at it but about does a can is out there this. project additional they love the peace. council bust to triple dip up with this point in the book over the glass but had a missed local legal battle conflicted with his obligations as a mini simple employee report typical i differ because as. more i'll talk to folks so there. is always out to the to do event you know because when to give that a don't do miss a call to local popple folks when they come when is to produce a dollar bill is only because it was a judas priest. yeah. look i tell it to
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the photo so. you do go do the bill because it was a new doc but. he got the dismissal one official cause for situ. at the trent. i went to the town hall at all name. to get other perspectives on how to mis campaign from center right and left wing politicians. and ask the deputy mayor about how the most conflict of interest. are not a fact. and then let's call. it a national election do you think. by no other aspect of.
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the. d.c.u. travel city shows. a lot of his after subject to some prolonged was on play can only put. on trial legit mental of law the whole body called what i've said when i asked why french people of arab and african origin seem to live in much less affluent areas than the white middle class. families and this was. easily tickles with us plenty to almost demand ergo it going to levy booze why do people. provide tools as. a. sadistic ministry the work ethic leave us poor for dollars with shitty forces don't we bore you.
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have a clue superior beatrice or to tell you are doing a problem in reverse to tell you who will not get 2 pieces from feel. really men put pressure on him impressed with you through the last year if you go mental or social to school now and you want to be a model or is it a prescription i know where you want to see it is wrong because you but when she was born in poverty. he promised to close with you to. give me suck on a canoe and non-country that one and it's really only one of us will bend down leave it leave you in. a me sonny pastures all teaching of ready to discriminate you don't believe what you detest going to fear not teach him a thing good enough to truly be our bird remember the very 1st and i find it tastes similar civvy need to disclose your. in the up of talk of the plane were made in
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lima. in a paradox 61 made iranian president is not british community but gave up by the marker but aca. the most strident political voice on identity and immigration at the national front led by marrying look. she was beaten by 66 percent to 33 percent by emmanuel micron and the 27000 presidential elections before him the devonian prize in citizens is on the one. 10th of comp open economy. on the who are actual conference it was. you know security could see generals in a security center. which didn't cost river in a security. hole it was only of it yes it was on the home for your forces on the ferry respected and well respected fundamental civil society forces. of
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a doctor to sort of fell on one year for office. expecting the national front may have got to the presidential runoff but it still only has 8 m.p.'s elected on their platform of limited immigration and stop in the so-called islamisation of france. that's a sentiment give him a ticket to ride on and says it's a pretty cool feature and you can join in for a dramatic rates are still getting. into much for trickle down and. they are i mean i demolish it was a bicycle well i can just it was public record just before the option on the ground i can join as i am for a long lunch every except i think i'm 2nd i haven't well one v 4 going tomorrow and some we 4 expect elected children may not be. the friends city suburbs get
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quite negative coverage in many mainstream news outlets. these are from the long aleck's press. more and is a broadsheet newspaper. i met one of its senior journalists rafael back under former editor of its monthly diplomatic edition a land rush to get their views on media coverage of the suburbs. other folk are in the lamby lab s. what manila. at the division will will. say you look well will express but the lab door yani. the decile for the latter i look at my list. of yani which have does a walk in the face lem. my battlefield for the war he my b.s.l.
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flat out my b.s. and philistine. and why doesn't someone on here a combat colonel paul. hope because they don't in media while on the 1st get your heart. and moan the year i look is wrong they're bad for you this image only. they deserve it is in the show that if you. really want your keyboard. in this business. they surely. hustle if you can she intifada. when i built
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a bad feeling people feel. like it can be seen octomom in this whole feeling. i said to rafael that the media often criticised for stigmatising the sub reporting them in a very negative way they said we have. the fed said this with others at the top of the net effect you know the president barely ferric. the challenge yet here in new supportive in the top. 5. i've been pretty there are only the you. close. to 400 yards. of prosecutor committees that may only support that bill serial. yeah there is
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a bit of the. bone you. been . in front of me here. i don't really show me a bit willingness to meaningless you didn't show up to be sure. with joe wilson say yes. my darling have. almost anything. for them they are for. me with. food. is there a. lot of if you had i asked if you mormon would employ an arab from the suburbs or a woman wearing a headscarf but since he won an. angel minister i will have a convo. fast prospects i have a problem. the formula one to put that that's.
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their own children. will who sort of. let me look beautiful has it on to see it has a. pleasant because i would like us to be. the al-jazeera production team ask l'express for interviews but they both declined the request. picking up on what alan greste said it seemed to me that the legacy of colonialism place a big part in the debate about what it means to be french. what the relationship between mainstream french culture history and identity and the sections of the population descended from immigrants from the former french colonies in africa. this seem to me to be 2 separate francaise and that the
11:52 pm
one does not really want to accept the other. i decided to bring together a few young french people from different intellectual political and ethnic backgrounds to debate the key issues around french identity. some of the go back to gullible pointed out still. held up and. yet you have to get to know you know your issues only feel the love you both need to get to the month old. business because of the 50000000 of us through the experience it's a big coup for the next door we're going to see because of the public opinion for
11:53 pm
what was the mission of the supermoon real job orders that i was going to show you just going to the bathroom some schoolchild you are dumber how it. all felt. a closer. look when it's nearby community bus confidently of course depicts the tediousness number that we have up out there that is used to going up exactly the harmonic really like you make it look local government you don't go there you are most of the people who thinks it's going to be going to do to the market it visit but it will be the big city receive it. in the course of the night but some members of a business meeting to move a deal is done if it's on lost their refusal in olympia hearing there was a lot of them have to defect was it all can that when you really did the last act could do would you judge because one of us has kinda sort of equipment is used to
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keep looking men yeah it's a good mix to fit. and we don't want to know how many good men what it's really or if you don't it it defies a bit of them one never want to do and what is to fit to talk of pulling. good luck no option that is what you measure me took it to let me to the man because he said it was time to fix it to match. the circle best interest of i said he's going to. you. just. call part of the going to be up on the dojo he's our tax dollars and we are evil.
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he didn't lay down. and what are you seeing is with us i'm not just the government i said well it was about us without our political 21 i'm a citizen of a mockery of what i thought it was revealing of and look bad to his replies in. you don't you think that's all midpoint emetic conditioned of all. of that he had no secrets to be to because was it not really theft us. dear still said i'm not an aussie so to speak this would put that on board you know i ask mine and if she would accept as president. doesn't want to put up with me for a republican i don't know if that goes. with the. russians but maybe they don't resent it if you have a computer as a computer system. france has been looking at how to address the social and economic problems of its
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popularity and the city's suburbs since they were developed in the 1970s. the center i'd like to join louis bholu recently set out fresh proposals but the way rejected by president manuel micro in may 28th reportedly been to. costly. microbe also suggested that the future of these areas my book leave depend on the people who live there. what was clear to me in making this film was that although many in truong says good law is the need to address the problems of the suburbs this seems no real commitment in central government to find any lost in solutions.
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came from the countryside to cairo and became part of a new life. this a just as different from being the dormant al-jazeera world meets the man you've been keeping a close eye on residential life in the big cities for decades but who may now be passing into history. both sci fi movies he wasn't dormant but he's now managed by a security company the doman of egypt on al-jazeera.
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however i have some news which is not everybody is going to like 1st of all it looks pretty normal midwinter seen as a storm system going through the bite is going to drag its cold front through western australia which means a bit of rain a bit of a breeze then significant rate of new south wales which is unusual but look what's developing off the coast of new south wales a proper circulation with significant rain significant wind which will pick up the waves once more and create the potential for yet more version along the coast where we saw it only about 4 or 5 days ago potentially quite damaging useful rain inland but if you're on the coast you weren't think much of a rain gets into victoria as well you'll notice the seasonal rain on the other side of the great the summer rain is showing itself to be more active now in japan
11:59 pm
there's a big dip down through taiwan and back up through mainland china which is where it should be we've seen flooding in the yangtze still that is going to be topped up by this next mass i think which is now focusing a bit more on the full cost $1.00 is a wet one for the next 3 days the rain varying in intensity and surprisingly and then the line sort of goes up across the usa or the east china sea then catches south korea once again this is the time the year when south korea gets the wet weather. rewind continues i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry with updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries the struggle continues but from back to no use districts revisiting and for it free press. and money they didn't
12:00 am
talk we know from the public of what's happening in libraries or sites that have been some changes over what a years you know rewind on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from london i'm dare you navigate coming up in the next 60 minutes fears of a 2nd career and a virus wave in europe last catalonia closes all night clubs on the u.k. reimpose is a quarantine for travelers from spain. brazil's president heads straight out to greet his supporters after testing negative for cover 19 and posing with a box of hydroxy chloroquine and. another noisy.


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