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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 29, 2020 12:00am-1:00am +03

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al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara sara this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes spain's summer season under stress test coronavirus cases spike in some regions the british and german governments toughened their travel advice. malaysia's former prime minister najib razak is found guilty on corruption charges but stays out of jail for now livelihoods washed away in bangladesh where
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a 3rd of the entire country is now submerged by monsoon flooding and u.s. attorney general william barr defends the trumpet ministrations response to recent anti racism protests. and army welling's with the sport is for all coronavirus places place the major league baseball season in full of the doubt and following 280 and polish jails elite squad as his team in the test series against west indies . spanish prime minister pedro sanchez has reacted with outrage after the u.k. and germany warned of their citizens to think twice before travelling to spain in the coming weeks because of an increase in coronavirus cases their tourism accounts for a little over 12 percent of spain's g.d.p. and is seen as crucial to rebuilding its economy after months of lock down
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restrictions but the u.k. is concerned europe is entering a 2nd wave in the pandemic it's warned citizens against told by the essential travel to spain and imposed a 2 week quarantine on their return a move which could cost spain's tourism sector $11700000000.00 in lost revenue meanwhile the. german government has also warned against travel to 3 regions in spain but germany is also facing its own rise in infections with new cases doubling on tuesday to 633 spain's prime minister better sanchez is calling for exemptions in regions where the infection rate is low. or some of the time of the good we are at this moment talking to the british authorities to try to make them reconsider a measure that in our view is unsuitable particularly if we keep the epidemiological data of the spanish territory and in particular certain tourist destinations like for example the canary in the balearic islands the violence here
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and dilute sea in regions which i insist have a total accumulated level of virus that is lower than what's being registered in the u.k. in epidemiological terms it is safer to be in these regions than in the u.k. martha had always following reaction from barcelona one of the worst hit areas. these decision has a huge impact in the tourism sector that represents a 1212 percent of the spanish economy the situation is quite critical we see here in barcelona where we are right now the beaches are really empty bars there are no queues to to to visit like the the cathedral in the middle of the of the city no cute at all the words we were talking to the people at the cathedral saying that an ordinary day you would reduce 3660 people 60 visitors a year the same dates we are they will have 1000 so the situation is quite critical we know that the government is negotiation and pushing very hard especially to brand the idea that spain is
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a save the estimation that we've got the corner of ours under control that these are only isolated branches or as isolated clusters that are completely under control as we heard last night from prime minister presented in this television interview he insisted that spain is a safe destination all the government is aligned in this in this in this sense and saying that this being here is safer than being for example in the queue in the u.k. and france. or germany as we've heard is itself dealing with a steady rise in cases and it also wants to make virus tests mandatory for travelers returning from high risk areas dominic kane has more from berlin. for much of the last few days the concern in germany at a federal level but also amongst the individual states that make up this republic has been the fear of a 2nd wave of corona virus that's why the federal health minister announced earlier in the week that as of next week that all passengers returning from high risk areas
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to german airports will have to be tested for coronavirus now the german government saying that it doesn't want its citizens and people who are resident in this country to travel to 3 specific areas of spain out ago and got them one year and another doesn't want its citizens residents to travel there because of the risk that the government perceives that exists there right now and as i say the fear here is that people will be unwittingly bringing back coronavirus into this country and perhaps spawning a 2nd wave of corona virus infections here on the scientific side remember the science is something that the government says it has always been following the science well the man who regulates the agency that is collating data the man who leads at low tide from the robert cock institute that's an troubling thoughts for the german population to news conference earlier this is called one of your latest
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results show that people consider the coronavirus to be a low risk them before also the acceptance of measures such as social distancing has decreased at this point i would once again like to be very clear we ourselves are largely responsible for determining how the disease will develop in germany please help yourselves all of you continue to respect the rules and then finally there's the political perspective that informs all this leading conservative politicians from the federal level and specifically in bavaria are looking at what's happening and they are worried about the possibility of a repeat of what happened earlier in the pandemic in other words certainly in bavaria the prime minister there mark is that it's. he looks the situation that happened in austria where certain places became super spreading venue's here is very worried that that might happen again later during the course of this pandemic trying to stop them that's why he says he wants corona virus testing to take place very soon at airports train stations and at motorway areas that border his state
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and austria question will be what the federal government will do having heard from mr. well meanwhile the world health organization has warned against complacency in warmer months the agency says the pandemic is not seasonal and should be considered as one large wave not several so much is a problem it's virus like all with it but at what. is jumping from one to another when we come in close contact so let's not get that opportunity. let's say the 2nd wave idea we're in the 1st way it's going to be one big wave it's going to go up a bit now the best thing is to let off or more of this we can speak to chris smith is a consultant for all adjust and joins us live via skype from cambridge search thank you for joining us here on al-jazeera do you agree with boris johnson the u.k.
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prime minister when he says that there are signs of a 2nd wave in europe. well i think what the prime minister is getting at is that if you look at the figures for antibodies in the population the best estimates we have and it has been tricky to measure how immune everybody is is that about 95 percent of the world's population remain vulnerable to corona virus infection in other words they haven't been infected yet i know i'm one of them i tested my antibodies i haven't got any and that means that we're like a john wood pile which is just waiting to go up in smoke if given the opportunity in other words give the virus a chance it will come surging back so i do understand where he's coming from when he's pointing to the fact that we remain vulnerable the virus hasn't gone away we're rather like a public car sort of parked on a hill with the brake on and if we take the brake off because going to start rolling downhill again ok so we don't want to give the virus a chance but a lot of people are arguing well you need to give the economy
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a chance as well because of the sectors need to start again what do you make of the spanish prime minister's comments that actually the lockdown of the quarantine should be regional that it's not all parts of spain is just places like catalonia and that that should be the way to handle it. well i can see this from both sides of this argument on the one hand you've got a situation where if someone goes to a high risk parts of spain and then returns from a low risk part we wouldn't know that they've been in the high risk part and they could bring the virus with them and then take it where they're going on the other hand the numbers are really quite low here if you look at the worst affected bits of spain they're getting about $39.00 cases per 100000 in the population and that's maybe 18 cases more than we'd get in the u.k. for a person who's in the same sort of situation so in other words for all these quarantine measures we're possibly saving about 18 cases a day when we've already got maybe 500 to a 1000 cases
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a day so the point they're making is on a numbers basis that actually this doesn't really add up but on a kind of bigger picture of faces in terms of having an easy to interpret set of guidelines it does make sense but it's going to be crucifying spain's economy because there are millions of people from the u.k. who visit spain every year and bring much needed money into the economy the tourism industry very much dwells on people spending rich spending their pounds abroad and of course many brits actually want to go on holiday and want to go to warmer i climates germany is often for a slightly different answer to it all way of handling advice hopefully imposing at tests to anyone the virus test making them mandatory for travelers that are coming back could that not be a solution so instead of a 2 week quarantine actually testing people as they advised back from their holidays. there are again pros and cons to this argument on the one hand then you could argue great let's test everybody because then we'll know where we stand we
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don't need to put people off work needlessly because that cost the economy of the country that the people come from as well as the country that they might be deterred from visiting but then on the other hand you've got to think well if we test people once we might miss some cases because if a person picks up the virus the day before they get tested they may well have not enough virus in them that we would detect it so we're going to miss some so if we test everybody we've got to test them at least twice and now people can't agree on well how long should you leave it between the 2 to s. and should one test be done in the country or leaving and then another test be done in the country your returning to how do you marry up the 2 results etc etc so you can see why it hasn't been a simple one to resolve this but i think they are going to start doing doing some trials or doing double testing to see if we can shorten the duration of the quarantine for people and i think that might be one approach but don't forget these tests are expensive they're expensive in terms of people's time but they're also expensive in terms of resources and all the time we're testing holidaymakers we're
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not potentially testing people who need a test in the country that's affected so there are many many aspects to this it's important to look at all these different facets and of course and also look at many different countries i mean certainly in europe anywhere around the world there's a desperate desire to get back to some kind of normality when you look in that tent that make globally where do you think we are in right now. well it we're still a very much of the beginning in some respects as i mentioned the the best estimates we have or that about 95 percent of the world's population remain vulnerable and potentially intractable by this virus and that means this really is a vaccine then became available that. would make up for the 95 percent. well that would be wonderful wouldn't it but the problem is that the best estimates we have at the moment although there is going to be a vaccine at the earliest by perhaps next year and there are nearly 8000000000
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people on earth which means we're going to need a minimum 8000000 doses of this vaccine and probably based on the data we have so far we may have to vaccinate everyone twice that means we might need 16000000000 doses of vaccine where do we start where are we going to get that much vaccine and how long will the immunity last these are all the questions that are outstanding at the moment so it's not a given that we get a vaccine job done the problem goes away actually these things need to be found out and we just don't have all the answers yet but yes you're right it would be very nice if we had a vaccine we have a bank scene soon it works and works for a long time that will be the answer but those are all uncertainties at the moment they are in the christmas consultant for all a just so thank you so much for sharing your expertise and time with us thank you. let's go to lebanon now the country will reimpose lock down restrictions from saturday because of a surge in corona virus infections at least 132 new cases and 8 deaths were reported on tuesday places of worship nightclub sporting events and popular markets
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are to close under the latest measures the lockdown coincides with the muslim festival of either lad there and that will be difficult for many in lebanon to accept doctors though say hospitals will quickly be overwhelmed if the spike in infections is managed in a holder of reports from beirut. the number of daily infections in lebanon is now into 3 digits official say the corona virus has spread across the country there reimposing restrictions less than a months after the country and its only public airport reopened the numbers may be low when compared to other countries but this is a nation of only 6000000 people including a 1000000 refugees where the health care system is already in crisis private hospitals have started to turn away patients they make up 85 percent of the health sector and they are owed $1300000000.00 by the government a lot that lists the health sector is passing through
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a critical crisis that has been going on for 2 years we are crying for help the health sector is taking its last breath 10 days ago our hospital stopped receiving non-critical cases. staff are also being fired the country's leading medical facility the american university hospital laid off nearly 900 and administrators citing what it called the disastrous state of the economy since november up to 40 percent of lebannon 9000 nurses have lost their jobs what is happening is very serious and it's going to affect that they could be they had care system in lebanon if we don't have enough nurses this means that the number of patients who are currently at the hospital will be much higher burden or us hospitals funded by the public and left underfunded and ill equipped by successive governments for 3 decades are not just at the forefront of the battle against coronavirus what we
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have seen is with the economic crisis more and more patients cannot afford the private sector anymore and they are heading towards the public sector importing equipment and medicine is becoming harder and more expensive because of the sharp devaluation of the local currency and a lack of u.s. dollars in circulation. the surge in coronavirus cases couldn't have come at a more difficult time levanon is close to bankruptcy because of years of corruption and the health sector has long been neglected by successive governments and was collapsing before the pandemic. more than 200 medical staff have now been infected the number of patients hospitalized and admitted to intensive care more than doubled in the last 2 weeks if that rate continues lebanon's hospitals once among the best in the middle east will run out of the intensive care beds it needs by mid august. beirut. chillin meanwhile is beginning
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to ease its coronavirus restrictions after months of strict lockdown some areas in the capital santiago are allowing residents to leave their homes without police permission and gather in small groups medical officials say the number of new cases of continued to fall over successive days but the region still remains the worst the affected by the pandemic how latin america does have to see in human joins us now from santiago chile is now easing its law down how is it being rolled out. but one thing is what the government says and another thing is what the government does president have a stamping it has always insisted that they are in the government. really schol parameters but when you actually see what's happening that is not the case it's true that they are for example marking the footpads as you see here to try to ensure that people stay away from each other people stayed to the right
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a little bit further by the. stop sign or rather stop the light you can see that people are supposed to stand within that hectic zone in order to not get too close together but in actual fact we see that people are ignoring a lot of these things and still getting very very close together latin americans are not very big on respecting their own personal space but beyond that where we've spoken to appease them you only just to say that the indicators just are not there that the contagion rate is still much too high the w.h.o. says that in order to start to could. to to loosen the. the quarantines and the lockdowns you have to have less than 5 percent contagion or 3 hopefully in the case of chile it's at least 10 so apart from the fact that in neighborhoods like this one yes maybe the indicators are down here but people who come to work here come from areas that are still in total lockdown with. infection
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rate is extremely high and so the epidemiology just we've spoken to say that this is just a recipe for disaster and that there will be in a matter of days or weeks a new major surge in chile already has one of the largest the highest rather death tolls per 1000000 inhabitants in the world have it's quite worrying developments for chile meanwhile in neighboring peruvian we've learned that actually one in 4 people in the capital lima may be infected with kobe had 19 what else can you tell us about that. that's right improve they had very very strict lockdown measures and rules for social distancing they they gave that up because people started to ignore it massively mainly because 70 percent of the population works in the informal sector and they said they would rather take their chances with the virus and the starvation that basically had to go out so now we have 25 percent of the population of just me might be get infected or having been infected
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and now taking 1st place a very i'm very unhappy 1st place for that for that matter as the country in the region with the highest death toll per 1000000000 inhabitants hospitals are absolutely jam packed it can't cope with the longer and the we're seeing that the funeral parlors and the cemeteries are also having a problem dealing with the number or rather the surge of deaths you see a new man with the latest on that picture of how the 19 is hitting latin america. and coming up on al-jazeera this news hour the united nations security council hears a pessimistic account of the health situation in yemen one of the worst wildfire disasters in modern history the shocking cost of australia's bushfires on its unique creatures and we'll hear from the man in charge of major league baseball on their latest coronavirus air that's coming up with. in sports.
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but 1st the nation's former prime minister najib razak has been sentenced to 12 years in prison after being found guilty of corruption is not going to go straight to jail though and says he is appealing florence louis has the story. was guilty on all 7 counts and sentenced to prison for a maximum of 12 years and a fine of $50000000.00 but the judge has allowed a delay in carrying out the sentence. former prime minister of malaysia has been convicted of money laundering criminal breach of trust and abuse of power that's for illegally receiving nearly $10000000.00 from s.r.c international a former subsidiary of state investment fund one empty big yet that sums only a fraction of the 4 and a half $1000000000.00 that u.s. and malaysian authorities say have been stolen from one and be the judge rejected
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not just defense that he's been tricked by finances and he described the argument that not just was led to believe the money was part of a donation from saudi arabia as an elaborate but weak application. and his lawyers say they will appeal against the verdict a process that could take years this is. definitely not the end of the world. because there's a process of appeal. we hope that we would be successful that. there are outside court supporters greeted the verdict with anger and disbelief but there was also optimism elsewhere civil society groups and opposition politicians have fought for years to bring the corruption scandal to light here is. you know among the majority of. the mind of the majority of malaysians. change
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and don't want to be. damaged leaders reputation and they were. the verdict could strengthen the credibility of prime minister ghassan who took power in february but it may also weaken his coalition that relies on object party. biggest block in the alliance but slim parliamentary majority. still has strong political influence despite no longer leading the united malays national organization or some analysts say tuesday's conviction could strengthen the prosecution's case in other trials faces dozens of additional charges including charges over the alleged laundering of $550000000.00 from one and being one analyst cautioned it's too early to predict not political to mice.
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but for now a leader who once seemed untouchable has been held to account for his actions lawrence louis al-jazeera kuala lumpur. the un security council is calling on the parties to the war in yemen to support diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict there's a growing concern over the terri orating humanitarian and health situation in the country our diplomatic editor james bays reports now from u.n. headquarters in new york. this is the 1st time the u.n. special envoy martin gryphus has spoken in the security council in more than 2 months in may he said peace was within close reach and been significant progress in negotiations it's clear he now has a much less rosy view mr president. i continue to her i do that the joint
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declaration the goetia asians will turn the tide away from these more. but toward peace i don't want to show that. there is a real risk that these negotiations will slip away yemen were enter a new phase or prolonged escalation of the uncontrolled spread of covert 19 and a severe and threatening economic decline for humanitarian assessment is just as grim under secretary general mark low cock said the situation was worse than it has been it any time in the world people are hungry and there's the risk of a full scale famine coded $1000.00 cases are spreading across the country and an oil tanker anchored in the port of her data has not received the urgent repair work it needs raising the prospect of its cargo of over a 1000000 barrels of oil spilling into the red sea causing an environmental and
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economic disaster perhaps unsurprisingly the president of the security council told me ambassadors are increasingly frustrated yes the security council is impatient the situation for the people on the ground are. i just an acceptable and tweedle have today alter a close will have a close discussion where we really discuss. the fundamentals of this this cannot go on like this. diplomats have in the past repeatedly praise special envoy griffiths for his tireless work and his optimism in this difficult job that's perhaps why they're so. that he's now declared the window of opportunity for peace in yemen maybe post fading james bays al-jazeera at the united nations. with thousands of people in yemen could be dying from the tech to add cases of kolarov because covert
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19 has further overwhelmed health facilities according to a new new report from police people are scared to seek treatment for fear of contracting the virus the u.k. based charity says the start of the rainy season next month could worsen the color crisis more than 100000 suspected cases of resumes were recorded in the 1st 3 months of the year. u.s. attorney general william barr is the fending the trumpet ministrations response to the black lives matter protests barr is testifying in front of a congressional committee he says legitimate protests have been hijacked by anarchists who are instigating violence and vandalism is being questioned on the deployment of federal officers to quote anti racism demonstrations giving the time in a coordinated attack against the peace with demonstrators it's strange her duty that this was not planned for use of political purposes it just yesterday major demarco
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testified to another committee a congress that the protestors were peaceful and that's with them a most but jordie people said and the response was excessive when did you 1st learn that the president planned to walk through the park to go to st john's church 1st i'd like to respond which would you please answer my question my time is limited. i learned. some time in the afternoon that the president might come out of the white house and then later in the afternoon i heard michael richards so it was absolutely necessary the park be cleared for his for his that's that had nothing to do with that the plan to move mr mr atlanta mineral that it will remember is very this up park be cleared and it was done and you said get it done very strange they were on capitol horror on the wrong. there was another contentious exchange when one congresswoman suggested that william barr treats protesters differently that went on and 2nd amendment
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protesters went to the state house in detroit threatening to lynch the governor there because she wanted to bring forward a mask legislation to make sure that everyone more masks then there was no move there by the federal government bill barr made. the distinction that that was for the state to deal with what happened in washington was for him to deal with there has been exchanges too about the fact that there are federal officers currently guarding the courthouse in portland and although a number of democrats have raised the issue of a rest being made with no legal justification bill barr says it's important that they're there and without them then they would have the courthouse would have gone down so you can see that the democrats are setting william bar up because they believe that what he is doing is essentially providing food for donald trump and his reelection campaign where's the republicans have been very defensive of william
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barr saying he's taken decisions that have managed to be politicized this state department 2 examples of that michael flynn and roger stone 2 very close associates of donald trump who either had their sentence commuted or the charges dropped bill barr said look we did what anyone would do we took the politics out of it because the friends of donald trump should be treated no differently he shouldn't been punished more so this is covering a lot of groaned and it's really just a preview of the growing that will be covered as we run up to the election come november. so come on al-jazeera the songs our ferrous for them a room with her sister as a chinese national front was found just. sounds. iran's show of force against the united states missiles fired at you. u.s. aircraft carrier and then so forth the football team that is closing in on $100.00 goals that initially.
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when i'm pleased to say we've got a little more slight summer as we go on into the next couple of days more the way of sunshine coming back into northwestern parts of year up for the hair analysis still a little on the cool and breezy side because of this key northwesterly wind coming through but ahead of that these weather systems will gradually move out of the way allowing high pressure to just not just way in from the atlantic that's is always high that will bring some fine and sunny weather here to the british isles and also into northern parts of frontside london getting up to around 22 celsius or 26 there for paris where the system ahead of that that will bring some rather lively showers possibly some some very rain pushing over into eastern parts of year been continuing to move further east was as we go on through thursday and by thursday
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night is the temperature in london picking up to around $26.00 celsius friday could reach 30 degrees but it's going to be short lived we have got west of weather which will push its way back in across in discussion and then eventually ease across the u.k. as we go on into the weekend 32 celsius there for paris warm sunshine across a good part of a southern europe and warm sunshine see across northern areas of africa showers continuing through the central belt and they are not going away a little further. every war makes a devastating impact of news conference earthrise explores some of the efforts to recover what was lost from the syrian scientists safeguarding one of our most valuable resources these are important samples that we have to make sure they are surviving to the refugees striving to co-exist with nature ok so what's going on
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there simulating what happens when an elephant comes life up to conflict on al-jazeera. the u.s. is the richest country in the world yet it still doesn't have a universal health care system all we all scream why not to influential republican lonnie chan from top democrat bob dole say it in a special edition of head to head in 68500 miles a year we would say under medicare for all who studied this doesn't happen in canada all problems all spain over australia people don't die because they can't afford insulin well they die because they can't get access to care head to head on algis iraq.
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welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera spain has reacted with outrage at british and german travel advice against their citizens visiting during their summer tourist season because of an increase in corona virus cases spain reported more than 900 new infections on tuesday with madrid making face masks compulsory in public. relations former prime minister najib razak has been sentenced to 12 years in prison after being found guilty of corruption he will go straight to jail though and says he is appealing u.s. attorney general william barr has the friend of the trumpet ministrations response to the black lives matter protests testifying in front of a congressional committee he says legitimate protests have been hijacked by anarchists. monsoon flooding in southeast asia is posing an extra challenge this year as governments try to stop the spread of the coronavirus torrential rains caused chaos across the region between june and september every
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year and they also lead to hundreds of deaths flooding in india's eastern be hot and northeastern as some states has displaced more than 8000000 people this year officials in nepal say more than 130 people have been killed in flash floods since june and dozens more are feared missing and there on the 3rd of bangladesh has been affected by flooding that's left 2000000 people needing help convair chadri reports now from survivor. is desperate to save whatever few possessions she is left with before the flooding she used to live with a family of 6 in this modest. now she's not sure where our family and livestock will find shelter. with facing many problems there's no work here the authorities are supposed to distribute relief here but we have yet to receive any we're not even sure what to feed our life stuck under these conditions we may have to take
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shelter by a bridge nearby for now. the nation's largest river delta system many rivers which originate in the himalayas flow through india into the bay of bengal making the country highly vulnerable to flooding. following the recent torrential rain many areas on the outskirts of the dhaka are also under water such as here in cyber but the flood forecasting center says there is no chance of the floodwaters moving farther inland towards dhaka for now unicef say is more than 2000000 people including around a 1000000 children have been impacted and a half a 1000000 families displaced due to floods don joyride lost his home in korea graham not in bangladesh he's now living with his family in a temporary shelter many people came and visited the area even local government people but so far we have not received any assistance it's been almost 2 months
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since this area flooded health officials say if thousands of people in the flood affected areas have fallen victim to water borne diseases the government says it's prepared to deal with the situation where the market was and with the prime minister has instructed us to take a long term strategy to deal with the flood situation we are prepared and have adequate relief materials cash and food including special provisions for children dry foods and even hot cooked meals we had a cabinet meeting and decided where to distribute everything but despite the assurances the government has yet to assess the full impact of the flooding it's a challenging time for people like cocaine or whoever made a raging coronavirus pandemic knol to face the struggle to rebuild their lives 10 be childfree i'll just sirrah bangladesh. a large fleet of mostly chinese fishing vessels has been discovered near they collect local silence the ecuadorian navy has identified around 260 boats and
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a stepped up patrols to ensure they do not enter the ecologically sensitive area in 2017 a chinese boat was caught with 300 tonnes of marine life they go off to go silence are home to a large variety of species including turtles and hammer hammer had sharks which are threatened with extinction for more on this let's speak to your land about sea she's the former environment minister for ecuador and a former president for world wildlife fund international she joins us by skype from by here in ecuador madame thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera 1st of all tell us what is it that you fear the impact of this fleet will be or could be. well there aren't 2. potentially impacts one is on the fish of the galapagos silence and it's you have said that there are several sensitive species in that we invent a protected area and that is
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a jewel in the crown isn't it around the world in the sick and one is the depletion of the oceans just to fink of 250 ship trying to get as much as they can in the shortest time is possible if that just shows that there is no consideration for conservation for keeping those species that are under threat of extinction and for the resources of the sea it this moment to the ocean is that most deeply rated ecosystem around the world it has become the dumping side of the planet any of his become this source of if very aggressive system of. so. you know on both sides on the global in the local of galapagos it is
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a very big threat because obviously around they go up across as are incredibly delicate marine ecosystem and because of that there is actually an exclusion zone around the islands themselves but this is just beyond that so on an international level or what is it that you're trying to achieve so that perhaps the fleet at the very least could be monitored more closely. well the fish you know know they don't know any frontiers and so ring move in an out of the galapagos we surf and fall into the traps of this fleet but what we're working on at the moment is on 2 fronts one is in building a corridor of many serves from costa rica to panama colombia and a quitter that would help a lot because obviously one cannot fish in protected areas but the yaller one is building a front wheel it's all your other countries in the pacific of south america in
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order to address these together it could doura long cannot fight such a tremendous threat and we need to work together on a strategy to to him if these fleet end of the different nationalities represented there which is not only china but several other countries and respect exceed 15 protocols for the protection of marine life in these protocols basically. proposed promote and support a fishing that sustainable fishing bad does not threaten wide life in that needs with the furthest of providing food to humanity but not depleting such an important ecosystem there's been a lot of talk recently about the threats to wildlife around the world for example
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the wildfires in australia the terrible impact that that had on the wildlife there because of course when it happens on land it's visible you can see the fires you can see that that that adam was you can see the impact one of the challenges of dealing with that in the ocean where of course the impact isn't necessarily visible . absolutely you don't know it is depleted until they mix come empty in the limb it will be too late rebecca today than we are dealing with covering 19 which is. a result of the depletion of ecosystems in this planet we should even be more careful about protecting the ecosystem is is the most important health and life insurance. your land attack a bad said former environment minister for ecuador speaking to us from buy here the catechise in ecuador madame thank you so much for your time thanks.
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so to iran now the country is carrying out military exercises in the gulf using a mock u.s. aircraft carrier as target practice tehran's navy and their forces are taking part in the drills off the strait of hormuz which is a therof air for about one 3rd of the world's oil as a vague reports. from land and sea it's a show of military strength from iran in the gulf at a time when tensions remain high with the united states just days ago iran said one of its passenger planes was intercepted by u.s. fighter jets as it flew over syria iran's military leaders want to send a strong message to. the strategic purpose of exercises is defensive but at the level of operation and tactic we are widely of pensive. and there's nothing stronger than firing on and boarding
12:44 am
a mock aircraft carrier the country that has the most carriers in the world the united states in recent days satellite images have shown the mock vessel being moved from the port city of under a bus it resembles the nimitz class carrier the u.s. routinely sails into the gulf on this day the replica was used to train earing and forces gunships encircled them back carrier and attempt to show the dominance of iran's navy even with its smaller boats against a larger target. and forces of the islamic republic of iran will use all their power elements and potential such as defensive and offensive capabilities to respond to any moves to create instability at the right and appropriate time and place that the u.s. military's bahrain based 5th fleet said we cannot speak to what iran hopes to gain by building this mock up or what tactical value they would hope to gain by using such a mockup in a training or exercise scenario we do not see conflict but remain ready to defend
12:45 am
u.s. forces in interest from maritime threats in the region then just 33 of them. iran. and 20 percent of the world's oil passes through that strait up. the river here. to the united states iran is prepared for a possible conflict with the us i want but it's. wrong. the opposition in mali has rejected a mediation plan by the regional bloc ico also called for the president to step down the move is a day after president even. appointed a 6 person cabinet to form a unity government it was responding to an appeal from west african leaders who also called for new elections following at the sputum vote political tension has been rising in mali in recent weeks with protesters demanding kate his resignation they accuse him of corruption mismanaging the economy and failing to contain on the
12:46 am
. well the un says dozens of female prisoners in north korea have reported torture particularly those who fled the country and then were forced to return the report says the detainees are regularly abused and beaten by prison officials as punishment the information is based on firsthand accounts of 100 women who spent years inside north korean prisons and eventually fled following their detention. a statue in a south korean botanic garden is creating a diplomatic incident because it appears to show the japanese prime minister to a comfort woman comfort women were the korean women forced by the japanese to walk in wartime brussels whether the women were properly compensated or apologized to has long been a wedge between the country's japan's chief cabinet secretary says if the bowing figure is meant to be shinzo our day it would be among forgivable breach of
12:47 am
international protocol but a garden spokesman says the figure could be anybody. on. it represents a person in any position who is at fault or anyone who could be in the position to apologize people say it's a bit this doesn't refer to it all if that person is that would be good. scientists say nearly 3000000000 animals were killed or displaced during australia's the state english fire season the world wide fund for nature describes it as one of the worst wildlife disasters in modern history it's estimated about 11400000 hectares an area comparable in size to england was scorched from september to february that disaster affected nearly every species on the continent particularly koalas who are endangered any animals that survived the fires faced starvation dehydration and attacks by other animals well christopher dickman is
12:48 am
a professor of terrestrial ecology at the university of sydney he was involved in the research and is calling for better monitoring of forests the states to protect wildlife in future bush fires. this really has always been a fire prone cult followers a already part of the ecology that i think the sort of honors that we saw over the last season were so big so extensive that we've we really haven't seen anything that to them before and i think because not to the forest that we were it's been clear that there are developments and been fragmented to a degree it may well mean that some of the chunks of forest didn't it was very difficult for people to list mobile species to come back so we will be looking at a. pretty important for us to state as a consequence one of the things we we really need to take ways that and monitoring before the fires in the force the state wasn't very good and would like to see is
12:49 am
much more since it will trim through the forests of woodlands and of all regions of the continent so that we don't moral ideas of where. we are ecological communities and of the tracking of talent what the effects of different the incidence of. mother who is in the position they're in with with the violence in the future to be able to predict with we should go where an engine if it's to be most targeted perhaps in the wake of the 4 or 5 of the servants where recovery teams and recovery efforts should be most focused as well so the military think would be a critical lesson to learn from this. so terrible news from an ecological point of view coming out of australia but there's good news in thailand where wildlife conservationist groups have released rare video and still images of 3 male indochinese tiger is taken in the western forestry and at the pictures that were captured by camera traps and mostly show the animals roaming at night according to
12:50 am
the groups this is the 1st time the species as being seen in the region in 4 years there are only about 3900 wild tigers in the world with about 160 of them in thailand. beautiful. now virgin galactic has unveiled the design of its space ship 2 cabin a which the company says will ferry tourists and scientists the space 1000 years will sit in specially designed seats to coordinate with bespoke space suits they'll be able to float around the cabin and look back at earth through specially designed windows the company says more than $1000.00 people have expressed interest in a trip on space ship 2 it will likely cost more than $250000.00 a ticket. as though to come on the al-jazeera news hour in sports see how england's cricketer as it wraps things out against the west indies.
12:51 am
12:52 am
and now here is lee with the support of the thank you very much they miami marlins by sports have been temporarily shut out of the major league season as they try to get their corona virus outbreak under control there have been 4 more positive tests which means 17 cases among players and staff the marlins are stranded in philadelphia following a game with the phillies with 5 teams matches on monday june being postponed now the season has been suspended until at least sung by dr anthony found the u.s.
12:53 am
a top medical advisor in the fight against corona virus says the outbreak could endanger the end all be safe as a whole but the league commissioner has been trying to remain confident i don't put this in the nightmare category i mean obviously we don't want any player to get exposed. it's not a positive thing but i don't see it as a nightmare we built the protocols to allow us to continue to play that's why we have the expanded rosters that's why we have the poor of additional players and we think we can keep people safe and continue to play but news of the positive tests has rattled other teams among them world series champions the washington nationals whose manager says he's concerned for his players friends and family. you know his whole now that you know you know half a team you know it in fact. both wanted it to another so. you know i got
12:54 am
friends on a miami team and it really stands now i'm not going to. see those guys go down like that you know it's not good for their star good for anybody i don't like baseball the n.b.a. basketball season he said to restart inside a bubble that disney in florida in 2 days' time and players say they're feeling confident about the precautions being taken the new orleans pelicans will open play 'd on thursday against utah jazz and they're looking good going into their 1st competitive guy the pelicans were up against the leaders in the east the milwaukee bucks in their last practice game on monday and i sense it's a company called 30 but it was the pelicans who walked away with a 124 so 103 victory and i like his star le bron james that's how the final practice kind of gets the washington wizards alongside teammate and steve davis but i needed anyway veteran j.r. smith now for 3 pointers in the 1st off the you know like his to a 123 to 16 they win the like his face their lives the clippers in their opening
12:55 am
guy on 1st die. earlier this month kansas city chiefs super bowl winning quarterback patrick signed a deal worth more than half a $1000000.00 to die the 23 year old n.f.l. superstar announced he's investing in the kansas city royals baseball where he's to become part. of the pop the holmes is a forward by julie baseball player. england cricketer stuart borders joined an elite club reaching 500 test wickets as he helped his country win the series against the west indies when these opening batsman bruff white became boots 550 when tests only 6 other bowlers have achieved 500 test wickets or more t.v. ads and his team mates one of them that always kept a 129 allowed to take in the find a wicket as england won by 2 $169.00 runs out trafford to win the series $21.00 it was the 1st international test series played since the pandemic shut down in
12:56 am
a bio security bubble. a couple of weeks ago i was in a bit. less physical leaving pretty brown i've been left out you know where i'm not going. or staying strong. it's like. the italian football title vice may have been decided but there's still a lot to play for if you atalanta that chasing 100 goals for the season and i'm now just a while the kinds of guys i thought from a goal down to win 21 which lifts them up to 2nd place if i go on to achieve the century of goes with look it's up there with the 1st teams it's 1951 and 3 times managed in the same season interland i see milan and juventus. olympic qualification for the marathon by advice can start from september 13 months earlier than planned is because in june satellites can only produce a small number of high level performances each year and their opportunities are of
12:57 am
course drying up ahead of the perspire. so many top races called off because of the pandemic qualifying for all other track and field events for one suspended until the end of november and let us finish with some lovely shots from all clint in new zealand where next is america's cup is set to be staged in march the american magic team have begun preparations for the sport's most prestigious rice with a 5 hour session out of the water is the 1st time they've been out since march when the pandemic halted their operations at a trainee by sea in florida aptly their yacht is called defiant nice soothing sighting pictures and back to the opera. thank you so much thank you and that is it for this news hour ad this stay with us though i'm going to have more on all of the day's news in just a few minutes hope you're enjoying them in and thanks for watching about.
12:58 am
frank assessments what are you seeing in this in the 6 percent of the book local police you are facing life being through physical and in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al-jazeera this time the differences in the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter what we do to the news and kind of forums that matter to you japan is building a massive thing to protect against devastating tsunami one i want to investigate
12:59 am
that nature can be can tidy orica who will expose commuters to greater danger. on al-jazeera. afghanistan is on the cusp of a new chapter in its history. left in the us of the taliban signed an agreement to pave the way for the withdrawal of international troops. the high cost was paid to get to this point though. over the past few years the us has increasingly conducted its part of the war from the sky with more bombs dropped last year than any other year in the past decade. but with that came a rise in civilian casualties. this is all accidents to happen at mistakes do happen and that this is about owning our mistakes this is about things are in this about accountability in a in a largely unaccountable war for families we interviewed not receiving adult humans from the us left them without closure. they told us that they so like what happened
1:00 am
to their loved ones was a crime. and they want justice and answers something war too often denied. spain's summer season under threat as coronavirus cases spike in some regions the british and german governments toughened their travel advice. hello i'm barbara starr and you're watching out 0 live from london also coming up malaysia's former prime minister najib razak is found guilty on corruption charges .


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