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tv   Sudans Forgotten Films  Al Jazeera  July 29, 2020 7:32pm-8:00pm +03

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congressional hearing they're expected to be questioned about antitrust practices. being virus free for months vietnam is bracing for a wave of cave in 1000 infections dozens of cases have been reported in the central city of denying meanwhile hong kong's lead to carry lamb says its hospital system could face collapse as it deals with shop rise in cases. the world food program is warning at least 14000000 people could get hungry and lots of america this year as the region reels from the impact of the creative us pandemic that's more than 4 times the number of people who experience of it food insecurity last year and many of those at risk are in full workers who make up a large part of latin america support force. there today we had lines here and out there it got more news coming up right after witness after.
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we got off on the. go on since the. audition with. much of the country i want. unless you've been looking into that.
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and if you. do that although i don't know how it a bad guy night you have a problem area or sorry if you're in charge of. themes 1969 i've been working with this with and in production. but now i'm walking in the cars.
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i benjamin my friends. with people who are men the guardians of the archives. where you view all these freedoms and i have that feeling that they are all assumed. would be in danger of not.
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and after the years about my model yes and so on now your man and i are both in it often already busy housing. guy and usually. as an hour to a day or 0. why should it really be there if you live there fusion. i really i don't how you are really savvy for my side of him and what number of men here are my guys you know they're my guys you know come so they let me also but i said i'm really limited to that area here yes but it did more good outside of. the problem by the right because of the. heart attack. on.
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the well not now that middle of the cinemalaya part of the tell of. what. you've done in a while. here. and then for. their mother plaguy tunnel yeah that. about the idea that you don't kind of diet even when and. if you want beetle feed and yard and musard. for. the breed when.
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well. and. how i would have a little bit at the actual thoughts and i am in a lot of little safa before. but either way i can also know she had asked me if i. recall though ali i'll admit. that i have even. i don't read them and now i. know you know sudan he. russian is some sort of freedom and i live in a for the chief. war gambit the 3 year old should know when i'm i don't want.
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that little directly met after. a long week i just give up without a little bit of a little time off. you know. what your bill a way to let yourself of the people. and i've been the sound i've got the money to have the little feet yet in one day less than i can and i might have on the business knowledge level to sort and to be able to land a house and so laudanum and then left. so that any doubt passport or doubt you see as ending that it's probably via. the congress the last 5 of how we get to eat and how much money are so when the going to take no. more you mean the dinin
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can mean the fremen. out such a few more of them when i send them a couple of them i get emails they are not there and don't let you know who are more who don't. mean. oh i should have the thing about negative or positive. people you go. i look to my behalf of the. element of sort of iran and we're out of it for instance. a saffir all sunni. who did. a new have to do she. have the holy spirit a mere mortal. goal is to give you 00 for. an elephant was a loud and clear. rationale
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and she had the. laughable for the foreign woman who were for. we should not move these claims or these children of this and that to see their history which as being recorded in our archives. because there was a lot of development in the sedan which as being destroyed. the long history in the way lying in africa was made in the sudan it is beneath the late it. that.
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we had a lot of cotton. which is not here any longer now. than it always. did it used to fly from khartoum to london. and was run down the complete. played a very important role. in medical services free. but now if you have the money you can be treated in a quick time. frame when you go and. do your grip. on that album that i know that but.
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when you don't have a history of yourself all of your country then you are not a personality not a country. looking to listen to him so. if you sold your soul to the now be up with the mom of one of these.
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i tried to show some of the claims in the article right to senior personnel in the nation so bad. see the importance of. my project into them important for names not announcing the independent of this event. then was 19 kids 6 they're mostly good at the other but going to the moon with nothing to do or to want to. look at him in the police don't want to get the money . i was born in southern sudan during the blitz usual. and their day we had a bomb what a joy actually. we don't know we're going to get what it would.
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it means to us coming together of different people from the north souls was wherever they sent you all sudanese and being sudanese this is what actually interested. not. not not not not the model of the writers mind and that's really all you might do yeah be diplomatic get up let me through them. i was there post southern sudanese to door in cinema production. one has a feeling that you are of importance interested in the society. what the job is you're going to mom you look at me i look you talk about when i look in mommy to see them easier to keep look at. night anyway i would definitely understand why. because
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the people around well like to be. or you would be. i mean if you might. have to wrong. murphy to. also learn. how to shift our laws our ability to study on the given the holes. on them to fit how they are with their families to help.
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a law on a yellow card military. issue for i'm going to find i'm getting. my work they're not paying for it they say we don't have money. before i added little groups in every now i have almost nothing. i do a problem the higher position to know his position. well. damn. little call me. in my fuel our car what are you wearing i mean.
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my view of what might sound good and there's a number of even a month for the moment they neuer. 2nd into nice you know this and then. the beginning medical other women have a part of the day in the little that miscellany my child so if we do know. and to
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pass we're going to my reviews have been little when you know a year as you might overlook in the most money that you know you move in early they will have a mark on our name danny then i love how the love of the durable. vessel that may have them as well as real as in the man she lays are. part of the cold war i don't want to know as i want to go live again you know be one of the like among going to. mind my mass with danny she will little dogs and ornaments and so will see all of their new style and imagine all of the new mysel analysis ansible so when i listen. well have called us back.
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a lot in history. so i'm. just. pissed off. at a lot of. passengers that. are not 13 years and have. their . i can own cadaver dogs have. now going on if i didn't.
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like him mom you want to say yeah they were looking as i. did a study guide. us on the subscribing i mean. there is some it is known mom little mom and i'm a mom i on the the my and in the i that they want anymore i missed my letter about in the hobby if you are there my god time you know me. godzilla you know b. i. just. want you there you want to know you were. just. just. just.
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our although a slept the archives. i remain the only guardian for over 13000 films. i am using my effort to do what i can do. because i know if i live these 1000000000 is going to have nobody will do it. this is not for my benefit not for the minister not for the government. doing this for the benefit of sudan people.
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'd this is a dream that i have in my mind. that when. i read certain group men will say. the man has done a very beautiful job give me the courage to go this will benjamin and we will take care of you we will take care of these our ships all the important of the history of our people.
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i am. i am. i am. i am. i am. i am. a part of a good. lover this is you know the place where you can. do this make me. come and get me but one. of the one of the going through this is all these motherfuckers on the phone. i think about because of the from. going up and on the dentist office and i don't
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get that that's a. fair share our. years or so don't you get. a loan of the american money for the * way you guys are. and you. were there. when the.
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door. of people don't. make. it out of the media center i. don't know what it meant a lot of money to help. the mama who might be a machine. gun assault vehicle to get me here and we had to get me here or let you have this trio minute i shut off you know i had. and could i had about 100 or one. well. is a lot how does it matter what.
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of those things i was doing i. was hurting a lot easier. than i was there were no murder. oh i know a man took a. 3rd of the entire world it. was. a career reporting to the won't ruin it here one journalist documents life beyond
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the headlines. that certain stories can change us in the easiest please use to it will you know the history. in any way a unique journey into what it means to be human the things we keep a witness documentary on al-jazeera. the us is the richest country in the world yet it still doesn't have a universal health care system all the all scream why not to influential republican lani chan on top democrats say it in a special edition of head to head in 68500 miles
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a year we would save under medical solemne study this doesn't happen in canada all from all spain of australia people don't die because the confidential well they die because they can't get access to care head to head on algis iraq. they came from the countryside to cairo and became part of a new life. they say just as different from being the daughter of al-jazeera world meets the man you've been keeping a close eye on residential life in the big cities for decades but who may now be passing into history. both sci fi movie he wasn't dormant but he's now managed by a security company the doorman of egypt on al-jazeera.
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americans retreat from a nato ally president trump ordered $12000.00 troops out of germany and a european headquarters moved. around the clock this is out 0 live from doha also coming up scaling back the hud shake coronavirus concerns for saudi arabia to slash numbers on the pilgrimage and bomb muslims from outside. of a.


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