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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 30, 2020 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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head on algis iraq. and die from range of stories from across the gloom from the perspective of the networks journalists announces era. the end. hong kong disqualifies 12 opposition candidates from september's legislative council election and uses a new law to arrest who wouldn't s'posed in content on. the air. play watching al-jazeera live from doha with me for the bad people also ahead bella rule says is tightening border controls after detaining suspected russian mercenaries accused of attempting to disrupt next month's election the united states records more than 150000 goby $1000.00 deaths as
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a global infection society tops $17000000.00 and more trouble for the airline industry the world's biggest plane maker airbus polls the net loss of $2200000000.00 in the 1st half of this year. the end. we begin in hong kong way 12 opposition politicians have been disqualified from running in september's legislative council election leading pro-democracy activist joshua wang is one of those disqualified he says it shows a total disregard for the people of hong kong electoral authorities have asked the candidates about their views on beijing's national security law and u.s. sanctions the move has been denounced by the opposition as a political witch hunt and for the 1st time in hong kong police have used a new national security law to crackdown on pro-democracy activists online 4 students have been a rest said there a key is
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a posting content that calls for hong kong's independence from china beijing impose its controversial law 4 weeks ago david palin has more from hong kong. hong kong is particularly sensitive issue for the u.k. as hong kong used to be a british colony in the u.k. signed a joint declaration with beijing before it was handed over in 1907 and the ambassador had mentioned that to saying it hadn't violated the joint declaration but the u.k. and the rest of the international community see this national security laws imposing restrictions on the hong kong that wasn't within the agreements to safeguard hong kong's autonomy and now we're seeing the hong kong government using that national security law as a way of what its opponents are saying influencing elections these legislative council elections the only even minor democratic process there is in hong kong that are to take place in september about 12 of the candidates the pro-democracy
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candidates including activists joshua while warring the more radical i would say activists that were pushing for far more anti government action along with even more moderate established democratic candidates have been now disqualified and the government says it's because partially because they gave they listed a number of reasons but one of the main reasons underlying it is because they did not support this national security law so although we're seeing beijing saying that this national security law should not affect the political sphere spiritual not affect people's freedom of expressions it should not affect hong kong's autonomy the actions that we're seeing and according particularly to the critics of hong kong's government and the opposition camp is that it is he being used very much to limits hong kong's expression and particularly any anti government dissenter activity. meanwhile china's ambassador to the u.k. leaves shall maying has accused the u.k.
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of being responsible for the deterioration in relations between the 2 countries uses a ukase condemnation of hong kong's news national security law and moves to grant people in the city a pathway to british citizenship constitute blatant interference in china's domestic affairs. on hong kong they have been blunted us interference from the u.k. in hong kong. which are in terms of those of china including wrong close accusations against the national security mall or hong kong as they are change to the policy involving you know past or hold as vention of a tradition treaty with hong kong these moves are seriously interrupted ability and prosperity are well as spring in al-jazeera as rory challenge those outside the chinese embassy in london rory the chinese ambassador
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a very defensive of china's policies and also extremely critical of the u.k. because of its size to hong kong tell us more about what he said in his statement 1st. yeah there are basically 3 main notes i suppose that the ambassador was trying to hit in this video conference that he gave just a short while ago the 1st is to betray china as a peaceful act on the world stage saying that china is committed to the path of peaceful developments around the world it's not invading other countries it's not trying to export it's model of governance so when the other countries it's laura biding it it hears 2 international treaties and norms the 2nd was to say that the national security law that's been brought in for hong kong is is knots and the contravention of the agreements that china had with the u.k. when the u.k. hand is hong kong back to china and in essence it's the u.k.
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that is the bad actor here. doing things like suspending the the extradition agreement with hong kong so again another defense of what china is doing and the 3rd note that he was saying was to make a plea for good relations. but he said that there are a 1000 reasons why the u.k. and china should be working together and not one reason why they should be working against each other he criticizes this. of trying to cut of it exclude china or decouple international trade from china he pointed to the fact that the u.k. in its exit from the european union is trying to reestablish itself as a global player of these says that you can't do that unless you have some sort of good relationship with china he also called on the u.k.
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to stop their interfering in hong kong affairs that basically these are china's own internal dealings and. not for the u.k. anymore to be involved in hard to imagine the u.k. as a global player without trying to read it again and that the u.k. should try and keep its independence and not basically listen to what the u.s. is telling it to do some of describe the current tensions as perhaps the end of the u.k. china golden era what's been the response from the british government to you know china's you know what the chinese ambassador has said and also china's use on this issue. well as the ambassador's finished talking a short while ago we haven't yet had any response to it from the british government that we will get anything in particular response a specific response to what he's said. but clearly if you look at what's been going
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on recent weeks and recent months the the path of travel the direction of travel is quite clear the u.k. together with its allies in the 5. intelligence sharing scheme so that is australia australia the united states canada and new zealand. are taking an increasingly tough stance when it comes to china. the countries that have suspended. extradition treaties with with hong kong as. britain new zealand canada and australia and we are expecting in coming days the u.s. to do the same the u.k. is also trying to rollback its agreements to have who are way the chinese tech giants involved in the u.k. 5 g.
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system telecommunications systems it has said that. 2027 it wants to have who are a completely out of 5 g. networks and from next year 2021 it's going to be banning the purchase of new equipment so clearly the u.k. thinks that chinese involvement in the in the u.k. in chinese involvement around the world is right and it wants to try and find a way of putting pressure on beijing and limiting beijing's international activity as much as it can. thank you for that rory laurie chalons live for us in london there russia's ambassador to bella rule says he has been summoned to the foreign ministry in a sign of escalating tensions between the 2 neighbors this is after security forces detained more than 30 suspected russian mess in areas near minsk state media
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reporting that authorities had been told 200 private contractors fighters had entered the country to destabilize it ahead of its presidential election in august russia has denied the allegations and asked to clarify the situation. has been one of russia's most reliable allies since the fall of the soviet union but relations have strained in recent years moscow wants bella rooster implemented a union agreement signed in 1909 that would create a single currency constitution parliament and court system between them but president alexander look at shango blames moscow for domestic discontent and is accused of plotting to overthrow him meanwhile relations between bella bruce and the west have improved in february mike became the 1st became the 1st us secretary of state to visit minsk since the early 1990 s. after that washington appointed its 1st ambassador in over a decade and then in may better rules ordered oil from the u.s.
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for the 1st time after failing to agree a price to buy it's from russia we are asked the pena is a fellow at the russia and eurasia program at chatham house the british foreign affairs same time he says this is part of a wider attempt to hold on to power by look. actually not so many people on balor believe that these people came to belarus to destabilize many people in belarus i jailed on the freight charges and previously blocks north or several times used for simple terrorists attacks as a tool to surprise them a graphic activists during the election campaigns so what most people believe is that this mess the wrists were going to do that middle east all africa through balor is because of the problems with connections caused by the pandemic so presently i do not see much point for russia to into fragments of this presidential
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election and to send 10 messages here we can imagine that gramley become the measure of what graham and swarms to see as a result of the selection that belarus will destroy links with the as that well last will introduce sanctions against dollars that bill or sims society will be in depression and the political system will be the bush demise and that the bill or some economy will be very weak and dependent on russia so actually question is delivering during this presidential election after seeing what's coming towards because he's repressed everyone now in the country and the west will have no other trees better to do some sanctions against. still ahead on al-jazeera titans of technology accused of abuse of power the heads of facebook google amazon and apple face a grilling at a u.s. congressional hearing and it's guys as pete gray promising season but despite a good rainfall and for a time soil business has left a sour taste for farmers. hello
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there has been more flooding rain in japan this time not in q. she would further north more than one shooter actual fact but he never got a key to his province just perfect it just to the north of it not many people affected it was a river that burst its banks for a while there's more rain coming to the same area this is your ng friday but beyond that it's just a scattering of shout the same is true for the korean peninsula and back in china it's not hard to see the prophecies no razor bit broken up there's another development a bit of pulse running up to the north east and again towards north korea i think it a catch saw as well japan's dry in this time much of charters see scattered thunderstorms the monsoon rain in bangladesh and pakistan looks like this focus again is going to
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be up in the foothills of the himalayas bhutan back through the pole not feeds into the rivers for bangladesh which is not a good thing of course western side of india than they were estan gets it's wet which you might expect from the southwest monsoon and the eastern suburb a bangle is focusing once again in myanmar as to me i'm alex particularly when you ask the middle east yes there's quite a few showers around thunderstorms around in saudi arabia but the heat is intense in iraq. but. a curious reproaching to the wound though i did hear one journalist documents life beyond the headlines. that certain stories can change us in the easiest please use to it well we know the history. germany was a unique journey into what it means to be human the things we keep
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a witness documentary on al-jazeera. the on. watching al-jazeera recap of our top stories of opposition politicians have been disqualified from wanting in hong kong's legislative council election in september meeting pro-democracy activists joshua long is one of them it comes as 4 students were detained under the new national security law that russia has denied trying to destabilize bella ruse after more than 30 suspected russian mass navvies were detained me in minsk but i will say this it suspects the group was plotting acts of
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terrorism ahead of its presidential election in 10 days. now the us has the highest number of coronavirus fatalities of any nation by far more than 150000 people have died that's nearly a quarter of the entire global tally and it's 3 most populous states california texas and florida have recorded their narges single day death toll mike hanna reports from washington with more than 150000 deaths in the country the wearing of mosques is finally made it mandatory in the house of representatives members and staff will be required to wear masks at all times in the whole of the house on tuesday texas representative louie gohmert had arrived with the attorney general for a house hearing with a mosque. he was then admonished for not keeping his makeshift mosque on during the hearing early wednesday he tested positive on arrival at the white house he'd been
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due to accompany president trump on the crypt to his home state but is now in self quarantine president trump appeared with no mosque during a number of the events in texas seen here in close proximity to his former secretary of energy rick perry also masculists and he continue to hype a vaccine that he is the claims has entered final clinical trials this is the fastest a vaccine has ever been developed together we will end the plague from john we will defeat the virus the president also continued to defend the video he had retreated earlier in the week from a controversial doctor who claimed there is a fork over 1000 and that face masks are necessary for protection. thank god we are. once again he was publicly contradicted by
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a member of his coronavirus task force citing multiple studies cumulative data on on trials clinical trials that were valid namely clinical trials that were randomized and controlled in the proper way all of those trials show consistently that hydroxy chloroquine is not effective in the treatment of coronavirus disease or cold 19 and in congress republicans and democrats are nowhere near agreement on a new coronavirus relief bill. while millions of american families continue to struggle with the physical and economic effects of the virus a leading medical organization has issued an urgent warning the american association of medical colleges says and i quote decisive coordinated action is urgently needed to save lives it continues if the nation does not change its course and soon deaths in the united states could be well into the multiple hundreds of
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thousands. my kind of al-jazeera washington authorities in the australian state of victoria tightening lockdown measures after a record day of infections and debts they have reported 723 new covered 1000 cases in 13 deaths the states is the epicenter of australia's 2nd wave of the virus nearly 10000 people have tested positive with more than 300 treated in hospital masks are now mandatory the world's biggest plane maker has posted a net loss of $2200000000.00 in the 1st half of this year seen a fall in demand because of the global pandemic it says its cut production of its most popular jet the a $350.00 to $5.00 a month rival boeing area posted a $2400000000.00 quarterly loss and announced significant job cuts andrus whitmer is managing director at the center for aviation competence he thinks the airline
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industry will take years to recover. based on the newest data also i the publishes be no doubt. to go back to a normal level of transport like we had in 2019 with probably taken plea until 202324 maybe even 25 as we don't know how long it takes and to be can magically control their drivers and i think you're in this period of time it's very dynamic and probably. let's say you're forecasting they are forecasting they're looking at the market but you're not sure what to really forecast as we have changes all over 'd so i assume that they were to land until 2025 which significant to use to capacities that they needed 2 years used to mount. to their lines and probably dry found business to a smaller business during this time with your options to scale up quickly again
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after that. the u.s. congress has question the heads of some of the world's biggest tech giants google amazon and apple are accused of stifling competition and monopolizing the industry it's the end of a year on congressional investigation which wants to outline how current laws allow the companies to avoid liabilities alan fischer reports he now is the ranking member of fittingly the tech giants appeared virtually to face questions the subcommittee chairman making clear he sees a problem their dominance is killing the small businesses and you factoring in the overall dynamism of the engines of the american economy their ability to dictate terms call the shots up and entire sectors and inspire fear represent the powers of a private government this was meant to be an inquiry into business practices do the 4 companies google amazon apple and facebook stifle rivals and kill competition one republican immediately made clear he also wanted to talk about bias online we love
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the fact that these are american companies but what's not great is censoring people censoring conserves and trying to impact elections and if it doesn't end there has to be consequences from each of the 4 bosses a common theme they were innovators job creators the definition of american excellence there's room in retail for multiple winners we compete against large established players like target costco kroger and of course wal-mart a company more than twice amazon size our goal is the best not the most in fact we don't have a dominant share in any market or in any product category where we do business facebook boss mark zuckerberg face questions about the parties of another social media platform instagram this said one congressman went to the heart of the inquiry basic story is the game is a threat that it could potentially side in business away from baseball and so rather than compete with it basic good this is exactly the type of in the
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competitive acquisition at the end they chose those. designed to prevent mark zuckerberg was asked about hate speech appearing on his site he insisted he was committed to intercepting it before most users saw it he said that this excess weight was company running it 89 percent but he wanted to get that up to 99 percent zuckerberg also talked about the recent removal of misleading content around covert 19 and treatments dangerous he said we do prohibit content that will lead to imminent risk of harm and stating that there is a proven cure for coke and when there is in fact none might encourage them to go take something that could have some adverse effect so we do take that down the subcommittee says it will hold new hearings is to temper this is not the end for the tech giants it's the start and it puts them on notice if they don't look at their operations legislators will alan fischer al-jazeera capitol hill. and the annual muslim pilgrimage to mecca known as the how is in its 2nd day and
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pilgrims on their way to mt. but this year is unlike any seen before last year 2000000 people climb the sacred hill this time the pandemic means worshippers from abroad have been banned only a 1000 people will be allowed to perform hajj all of them even nationals or residents of saudi arabia and it's not just the high on a virus is changing the way muslims around the world celebrate. traina visit at the libyan city of misrata where residents and traders are trying to keep a positive outlook. as is known burns is even selling handmade traditional items he says during a deal in previous years business was good but this year it's different. i don't think that i'll ever going to start moving at the moment people aren't really buying the market is slow maybe some people on my products to show their kids how their grandparents used to live. he'd known as the festival of the sacrifice
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is the holiest of the 2 main islamic holidays for muslims on as the willingness of abraham to sacrifice his son is my do as an act of obedience to god's command. muslims believe god replaced with a lamb. the holidays usually spent with families and friends gathering and spending the day. even together but the cold with 19th and then that has forced many to spend the holiday alone. but it got to work hard this year isn't like every year as we will have to take precautions and evan is worried instead of extended family who would be spending it with our immediate family. abdulhamid else there is a sheep farmer and seller with rising prices and the health crisis he says the market has changed to the 75 they get that he has before buying a sheep was
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a family occasion now the father comes by himself because of covered 19 it's harder to import wheat and food so it's more expensive that's also had an impact on the market. in any other year this market would have been busy crowded with customers trying to find that perfect cheap for their families but the covert 19 pandemic and libya's years long conflict have made that difficult which means this year's eve holiday will be significantly less best. prices of basic commodities have also gone up making it even more difficult for libyan families to send i did here have done most of this year residents are in a difficult position many fathers are going to be embarrassed in front of their families because they can't afford a sheep and he displaced because of the fighting we are dealing with coronavirus and the prices are really expensive for many the sheep cost them 3 to 4 months
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salary so. back at the roundabout is determined to keep a positive outlook and says people need to find happiness through the hardships but for some here that may not be as easy as it sounds now the trainer al-jazeera misrata. grape harvest ing season in gaza trama say they're barely covering their expenses this has been particularly difficult because of the pandemic and the economic hardship caused by the israeli blockade it is a brain reports. this year offered good rainfall and a fertile soil but green farmers in the gaza strip are feeling the heat more than a decade of an israeli egyptian blockade has limited people's ability to buy one of gaza's most famous crops farmers hope to sell 7000 tonnes of grapes during the season from july until september but the supply is higher than demand also been out
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of a lot of evidence it's a great season in terms of the output of grapes but not many people are buying them so we try to bring the prices down and you can also see the nominee people are selling great sear. bad your garden grapes have a special taste but i can't buy as much as i used to still i'm one of the lucky ones many people in gaza a poor which means they can't afford to buy grapes and opt for more essential purchases instead like chicken before the blockade goes the economy florist on exporting fruit vegetables and flowers the siege has made exports rare israel's 3 wars on gaza has devastated its economy and them ridged hundreds of hectares of agricultural land. farmers say they will continue to work even if their revenues are low the current prices in the market are way below the cost of production. we hope that. the quality the quality of our grapes and the the cost of all grapes can at least make make up for the loss or the
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loss of prices and in the great market this bargain is not guaranteed grapes imported to gaza from egypt and the occupied west bank are often cheaper than the local produce this is why gaza's agriculture ministry says it's trying to help the farmers by banning the import of grapes during the harvest season. the israeli occupation restricts our ability to source the needed materials for example we can't import pesticides and fertilizers and israel prevents us from exporting our produce outside of gaza which limits the sector's development. in addition to all of these challenges this year added another burden many sectors have had to shut down for months because of coronavirus restrictions the closures have stifled an already fundable economy and made these groups
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a luxury many can't afford media abrahim al-jazeera. and more on that and other stories we're covering on al-jazeera on our website at al-jazeera dot com the very latest on all of our top stories on their al-jazeera dot com. program fully battle with the headlines on al-jazeera opposition politicians have been disqualified from running in hong kong legislative election in september leading pro-democracy activists joshua wang is one of them and this comes as 4 students were detained under the new national security law to figure palin has more from uncle. and now we're seeing the hong kong government using that national security law as a way of what its opponents are saying influencing elections these legislative council elections the only even minor democratic process there is in hong kong that
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are to take place in september about 12 of the candidates the pro-democracy candidates including activists joshua wong the more radical i would say activists that were pushing for far more anti government action along with even more moderate established democratic candidates have been now disqualified russia has denied trying to destabilize bella rule softer more than 30 suspected russian mess neris were detained near minsk bellerose says it suspects the group was plotting acts of terrorism i had of his presidential election in 10 days. the death toll from the corona virus pandemic is now more than 150000 in the united states the highest number of fatalities in any country so far it accounts for nearly a quarter of virus related deaths around the world your assertions are being imposed in the australian state of victoria after
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a record daily rise in corona virus cases prime minister scott morrison warns the new measures will have an impact on the economy. the world's biggest plane maker has posted a net loss of $2200000000.00 in the 1st half of this year has seen a fall in demand because of the pandemic it's got production of its most popular jet the a $350.00 to $5.00 a month and germany's economy has shrunk by more than 10 percent in the 2nd quarter of 2025 to as a result of a nationwide coronavirus shutdown the national statistics office says it's the sharpest decline had seen since the 1970 s. experts believe it will take at least 2 years to return to preplan demi clavell that's the update with headlines on al-jazeera will have more news for you after a nice story.
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but it for defending the environment the rights group global witness says a record number of activists well killed last year so while an environmentalist being protected this is a pledge to. hello welcome to the program on the wrong call and around the world environmental activists of being arrested jailed even killed for trying to protect our planet the u.k. based group global witness has recorded the highest number of murders since it began its annual survey a decade ago 212 people killed in 2.


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