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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 31, 2020 3:00am-3:33am +03

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from. donald trump retreats from his suggestion that elections could be delayed after a bipartisan pushback but continues to attack mail in ballots but no do i want to see a date but i don't want to see a group election. and i'm the star in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. economy suffers its largest decline on record as a resurgence of the current virus pandemic forces businesses to close for a 2nd time. opposition supporters and batteries hold it biggest rally in years
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ahead of next month's election they say president bush and his claim of aggression subversion as a sham. and hundreds of chinese fishing vessels near the galapagos islands raise environmental concerns and diplomatic tensions. donald trump has ignited another political firestorm by suggesting that november's presidential election be delayed on the same day that new figures show the u.s. economy had a record shattering decline due to the coronavirus pandemic nearly 152000 people have died from the virus and what's the wild west affected nation and many states want to make postal voting easier to the health concerns that trump insists without evidence that mail in voting is vulnerable to fraud so he retreated from an election to lay off the pushback from both democrats and prominent republicans. i
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just feel i don't want to delay i want to have the election but i also don't want to have to wait for 3 months and then find out that the ballots are all missing and the election doesn't mean anything that's was going to happen see if it's common sense so we're asking for a lot of trouble and no do i want to see a day change no but i don't want to see a crooked election this election will be the most rigged election in history if that happens. white house correspondent candy out that says many are concerned by trump's suggestion including senior republicans. the president for his part is masterful kind of redirecting the news cycle and almost as soon as these gloomy economic numbers came out the u.s. president sent out this tweet that really redirected the news cycle but what is concerning to so many in the united states is the fact that we're really about 95 days from voting day and what the president has done essentially is set up least
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for his supporters the possibility of rejecting the results of the november presidential poll many are pretty concerned about it and had some rather sharp words that includes members of the president's own republican party on capitol hill you know top ally lindsey graham in the u.s. senate has said look this isn't a good idea nother top congressman saying that this might be about trying to get press attention but isn't likely to get any traction but the strongest words came from the top republican in the u.s. senate mitch mcconnell here's what he had to say well never in the history of the country through wars depressions and the civil war if we ever have to really. look. at the way to do that again this show or 3rd we will cope with whatever the situation is and they're looking all over but there are already scheduled now we should point out that the president himself has also said he may not accept the results of the november poll and now former u.s.
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president barack obama has taken aim at donald trump over his response to recent protests and voting rights he referenced trump's efforts to discourage malan voting during this pandemic without mentioning him by name but obama says the same forces that opposed civil rights are now working to restrict black americans from versing he was speaking at the funeral service of civil rights icon john. even knowing. just the number of jelly beans in a joe in order to cast a ballot. even as we sit here. there are those in power who are doing their darndest. to discourage people from voting by closing polling locations and toting minorities and students with restrictive id lho and attacking our voting rights the soon to go 1st says it even undermining the test case service in the lead up to look should. that's going to be dependent on
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mail in ballots so people don't get sick well as i mentioned earlier the u.s. economy has recorded its sharpest downturn since the 1940 s. as on there has more from new york. to see how badly the u.s. economy is doing all you have to do is look at this parking lot full of empty new york city taxis because of the pandemic and slow economic recovery ridership was down over 90 percent last month. there are 15000 taxis in new york city 4 out of every 5 of them are parked because of a lack of passengers leaving thousands of drivers without a livelihood nobody is working because nobody in the road. is not a normal life in april congress pumped trillions of dollars into the u.s.
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economy with the expectation that come july coronavirus would be over and there'd be a major upswing in economic activity that as it turns out was a miscalculation and didn't happen even in new york city the normally bustling streets remain mostly quiet with economic activity way below it's prepared to make levels this even after new york wants to cope with epicenter but no more unlike much of the rest of america the virus is mostly contained in new york with a one percent infection rate the lowest anywhere in the u.s. still for ashok kumar even though his flour store reopened after being closed for months during the shutdown things are not back to normal far from it still bad i have. got to put 30 to 40. 60 percent of the loss the business because all of that stuff that everything is for now few people have money to spend and
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those who can choosing not to and an economy still in deep recession. new york. well europe's biggest economy has officially plunged into recession nearly a decade of growth in general has been wiped out by the pandemic its economy is shrinking more than 10 percent just in the past few months john mccain has more from alan this is the worst quarterly performance for 50 years for the the german economy that refers back to the west german economy rather than to the east german economy but nonetheless it is very bad news but as was alluded to this is needed this needs to be seeing through the prism of what had already been predicted for the quarter and several months ago once the 2nd quarter was underway once the pandemic was really here taking hold of the economy of the country the
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predictions had been that they would be expected that the economy would shrink by almost 10 percent in the event it's a bit more than 10 percent but not much more than that and so there's very much the sense coming from ministerial circles that they feel that they've kept a lid on it that they've prevented it from being much worse than they possibly imagined and indeed there are elements certain sectors in the economy that's are rebounding already from the worst. problems caused by the pandemic and the economy minister several weeks ago was talking about his hope that the economy would rebound in 2021 but obviously all of that optimism is predicated on there being no 2nd wave of corona in this country that's why over the course of the past few days and indeed over the course of the past few weeks we've seen a succession of state prime ministers of federal ministers trying to urge caution trying to urge people around the country for not doing things that might cause
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corona to come back. well fronts has reported nearly 1400 new coronavirus cases for the 2nd day in a row now there's also been a rise in the number of patients admitted to intensive care for the 1st time in 4 months health officials say the virus is spreading faster than ever since france eased its lockdown back in may and spain has seen its highest daily jump in new cases since lifting its lockdown in june more than 1000 infections were confirmed for a 2nd day in a row 1200 new cases were reported on thursday mostly from the catalunya american regions in the northeast and the u.s. state of florida is also reporting yet another record number of carbon 19 deaths for the 3rd straight day 253 more deaths were confirmed on thursday with nearly 10000 new cases it's one of the worst hit states in the u.s. but it's republican governor has refused to impose widespread lockdowns the state has also shut down some testing centers due to
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a looming tropical storm expected to make landfall in the coming days former u.s. republican presidential contender herman cain has died from complications related to the coronavirus at the age of 74 ken was a supporter of president all trump and also co-chair of black voices for trump his twitter account says he'd been ill with the virus for many weeks now it's not clear when or where he was infected came attended trumps reelection rally in tulsa oklahoma last month and was taken to hospital less than 2 weeks later bellerose has detained a 32 russian citizens who it says a mercenary is sent by moscow to incite riots and destabilize the upcoming presidential election the kremlin has denied that allegation andrew symonds has more. the allegations were raised to the meeting of the better route security council and the head of the state security agency said 32 russian citizens have been detained and they were members of
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a private security company indicating they were mercenaries president alexander lukashenko said he was demanding an immediate explanation from russia if you just want to marry our children these are so young i'm already seeing the reaction by the russians they're already making excuses saying things such as we invited them here it is obvious dirty intentions have to be justified. the ruse media reports say up to 200 mercenaries were in the country suspected of planning to destabilize the country ahead of presidential elections on august the 9th and the security sources reported as saying 14 of the suspects had fought in the donbass region of ukraine since 2014 ukraine's military has been in conflict with russian backed forces that the allegations against russia have been dismissed by the kremlin. spokesman dmitri peskov said we don't know of any illegal activity that
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would be grounds for detention. an ice hockey fan has caused widespread protests in better ruse by dismissing curve it 19 as a threat he is however still the favorite to win the election having had quarter of a century in power. but many observers believe the president seen here with not a mere putin at a military parade in moscow in june can ill afford a spat with the russian president and to simmons' al-jazeera. bellerose has been one of russia's most reliable allies since the fall of the soviet union but relations have been strained in recent years moscow wants belarus to implement a union agreement signed in 1999 that would create a single currency constitution parliament and court system but there is resistance president lukashenko blames moscow for domestic discontent and has also accused russia of plotting to overthrow him at the same time relations between batteries in the west have improved in serbia unlike pompei it became the 1st u.s.
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secretary of state to visit minsk since the early 1990 s. after that washington the pointed its 1st ambassador in more than a decade and an maybelle reuss ordered oil from the u.s. for the 1st time after failing to agree on a price to buy it from russia. well an opposition political rally in batteries described as the biggest since independence from the soviet union has been held in the capital minsk thousands turned out in support of spec on the ticket of the guy who is challenging alexander new. for a 6th in next month's elections the government has accused the opposition of collaborating with last go to cause civil unrest ahead of the opposition says the claims of russian subversion are a sham. well still ahead here on al-jazeera it's gaza's great harvesting season despite good rainfall and fast house oil business has left a sour taste of funds.
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hello there the rains across china very well scattered over the next couple of days not as heavy but still certainly very much in the fore calls meanwhile we've got more very heavy rain on its way to northern areas of honshu the has been some flooding here and the rains pushing on a friday will so you know it's helping of course they could lead to further flooding in of course the danger of mudslides or landslides but it's a better day across the korean peninsula there are those scattered rains across much of central and southern areas of china by saturday that rain once again perhaps works its way across across the sea and this is where we expect very heavy downpours across much of the korean peninsula but a better day generally across into japan southern china is going to see some very heavy rain in the next couple days and the reason for the last is that this is an area of low pressure which possibly could develop into a tropical cycle but even if it doesn't you can see the direction of these winds
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just pulling up all this moisture so the philippines picking up some very heavy amounts over the next couple of days and as the system cools pulls its way northward you can see the yellow in the dark blue that is where we can see the very heavy rain so cross into high not southerners the china but the same time across much of it and also cambodia so again of course this could produce some very heavy amounts of rain and the chance of a some flooding but as it does alas it keeps conditions must draw a rickles borneo some archer and down to the south in java. for. a career reporting to the world though i did hear one journalist documents life beyond the headlines. but certain stories can change us in the easiest cleaves used to it when you know your history . in any way a unique journey into what it means to be human the things we keep
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a witness documentary on al-jazeera. hello again my mistake and that's remind you of our top stories here this hour u.s. president donald trump has retreated from his suggestion that november's presidential election be delayed after pushback from both democrats and prominent republicans but he came to get it without evidence that expanded version by mail will lead to widespread forward. selection remarks come on the day that new figures reveal the u.s. economy shrank 9.5 percent in the 2nd quarter that's a record shattering for another 1400000 americans filed jobless claims last week.
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france and spain have seen launch jumps and new coronavirus cases for 2 days in a row now both countries have seen the virus spread since easing blocked on destruction. says it's looking to diplomatic channels to address a possible threat facing the nearby islands around 260 fishing boats have been circling in the vicinity of the ecologically sensitive archipelago most of those ships carrying the chinese flag ecuador has been on alert fearing the ships might be there to fish in the marine reserve or china says the vessels are there legally and mean no harm in 2017 a chinese crew was arrested after officials found large numbers of sharks on board well let's not speak to all or have a poll he's a senior oceans campaign at greenpeace usa he joins us now from baltimore all over by my understanding these tour is a sitting in international waters so they technically not doing anything illegal but they're trying to bait wildlife out of that marines are. exactly most of the
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the animals that the galapagos is famous for the large sharks the whales the sea turtles are highly migratory animals so they don't live just in the reserve but rather they base they cross huge swaths of the ocean within the ranges so they're constantly moving in and out so even having a fleet of this size right at the edge of the reserve is a major threat to this wildlife so on all of this isn't the festive at the says happening right there a troll is there every year but i say that this year the faces logic than most other what's driving us right so there's always fishing in the region this is a highly productive research region of the ocean one of the most productive in the world but disappeared there's there's a lot more. that in previous years and we don't know exactly why this is happening but we're seeing this in many parts of the world since the coded shutdowns and part of it may just be that there's that there is less monitoring and less other in
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forcing boats out all out on the water to to slow this down but we've seen the same thing off a certain air same thing off of argentina this year and i'm curious about what these toys as a fishing that have back in 2017 they found something like 300 tons of the critically endangered had a head shot is this about shocks fan or even tugging special species that might then fetch more of the price that. as i haven't been on the on the ships directly i can't say for certain but this is a this is a very important area for tuna and as you point out sharks was the target of the 2017 case but the $300.00 tons that was actually found in arm ecuadorian waters and so i would i would suspect that sharks are on their ships yes or mentioned monitoring that there we know just how much chinese told as a pulling out of the water there any kind of reliable monitoring mechanism for those. no and and illegal fleets and they come from a number of flag states often from from east asia they have
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a number of tricks that they do to kind of skirt. the monitoring processes that are in place so what will we will often happen is something called transshipment where they will fish until their their ship is full another ship that is just for the purpose of this comes along takes the catch moves away and then the and then the fishing begins again with it with an empty vessel and so you never really get a clear picture of how much they are taking from the oceans. but my understanding as independent as right that they are way from home how much of this is state sponsored and what are ecuador as options here randall. it is it would be hard to to pinpoint a state involvement these are distant water fleets there they're operated out of a number of countries and the their country when you call them of a certain country that means their flag state that means where they're where they're registered not that they're owned by the country country itself and
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basically to answer your question about what ecuador could do the only thing that can stop this is a new global ocean treaty that would allow protection of wildlife in international waters a treaty like this is currently under negotiation in the united nations but at this point there's a major gap in international governance there are 0 international laws that protect wildlife and ecosystems once you're in international waters and this new treaty would would allow that kind of measure to be put in place so that you could say hey this area between galapagos and mainland south america is so important for wildlife that let's make it a reserve just like we made the glock a series or i'm sure there's a lot of political pushback to that as a. front thanks so much for joining us here on out of there thank you for having me . well china has warned the u.k. you're either with us or against us the country's ambassador in london said the disagreements over hong kong and huawei had poisoned relations but he didn't
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specify how china might make life difficult for britain for a challenge reports from london. a cold war mentality poisoning relations interfering in chinese internal affairs those were a few of the accusations leveled at the u.k. by china's ambassador in london on thursday i think they called my remarks. as. china i want to be you france or you're a china want to be. if you do not want to be our. and our friends you want to treat china as a hostile and. you know i a price that simply is very clear that means you are a loss your laws about us in china as our friends in recent weeks the u.k. government has taken several steps against perceived chinese threats and
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transgressions. because of beijing's new security law for hong kong the u.k. has suspended an extradition treaty with its former territory it's also offered $3000000.00 hong kong as a path to u.k. citizenship tech security concerns have prompted prime minister boris johnson to promise her war way will be a victim from britain's 5 g. networks by 2027 china is mulling how to respond so this analyst i think what the chinese government tries to do is to found ways that will be hurtful to the u.k. that were harmed ok now do not china is sell the since the most important part of the u.k. china relationship is economic it is very difficult for the chinese to find ways to punish the u.k. economically without also punishing them so a proportionate response might be tolerable for london steve told me and i think harsha might push the u.k.
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to take further steps in row economic times the importance of chinese trade gives it superior power but the ability of the united kingdom to coordinate with the united states and other parts of the anglo-saxon world and with europe means that it does still have relievers that it can poll if it feels the need for each allan's al-jazeera london all 12 opposition politicians in hong kong have now been disqualified from running in september's legislative council election and for the 1st time the police is the near last not security law to crack down on opposition activities on live t.v. reports. taken from their homes and arrested late at night before students aged between 16 and 21 are accused of violating hong kong's newly imposed national security law the father touch up fish. all right aisha pros. in the united so show media about their stuff usually and often over the edge of
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a note card that we need to hold at the independence of the home they are from a disbanded political group student localism which advocated for hong kong's independence on june 30th just hours before the law took effect the group seized all their operations in hong kong but continued to call for support from abroad police here said the arrests were carried out by a newly formed national security department they also confiscated phones computers and documents all without a warrant they arrest marked the 1st time the new law has been used against activity on the internet there are now many questions of what kind of a precedent it sets and how much it will affect freedom of speech and political rights and hong kong opposition to the national security law was also used as a basis to disqualify at least a dozen pro-democracy candidates including activist joshua long from the legislative council elections in september earlier this month hundreds of thousands
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of people voted in an unprecedented but unofficial primary election organized by the democratic camp to consolidate their support they said the turnout indicated their chances of winning a majority of the legislative council seats a prospect that won't be welcomed in beijing. authorities say more candidates could be disqualified and i think today we are seeing the results of the relentless oppression that this regime is starting. not only just to take away the basic fundamental rights and freedom that was formless and joy to my own people hong kong has political freedoms and rights not seen in mainland china but activists say the national security law is rapidly eroding its status and taking away the very qualities which set it apart from the rest of the country in. hong
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kong. it's the peak harvesting season in gaza that fall in the say they're barely covering their expenses this has been particularly difficult because of the crying a virus pandemic and the economic hardship caused by the israeli blockade the agriculture ministry is trying to encourage people to buy local produce instead of imported grapes and abraham has the story. this year offered good rainfall and a fertile soil but grieved farmers in the gaza strip are feeling the heat more than a decade of an israeli egyptian blockade has limited people's ability to buy one of gaza's most famous crops farmers hope to sell 7000 tonnes of grapes during the season from july until september but the supply is higher the demand also been out of some of the novelist it's a great season in terms of the output of grapes but not many people are buying them so we try to bring the prices down and you can also see the nominee people are selling great sear. grapes have
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a special taste but i can't buy as much as i used to still i'm one of the lucky ones many people in gaza a poor which means they can't afford to buy grapes and opt for more essential purchases instead like chicken before the blockade gaza's economy florist on exporting fruit vegetables and flowers the siege has made exports rare israel's 3 wars on gaza has devastated its economy and them ridged hundreds of hectares of agricultural land. farmers say they will continue to work even if their revenues are low the current prices in the market are way below the cost of production. we hope that. the quality the quality of our grapes and the cost of all grapes can at least make make up for the loss or the loss of prices and the great market this bargain is not guaranteed grapes imported
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to gaza from egypt and your viewpoint west bank are often cheaper than the local produce this is why gaza's agriculture ministry says it's trying to help the farmers by banning the import of grapes during the harvest season. the israeli occupation restricts our ability to source the needed materials for example we can't import pesticides and fertilizers and israel prevents us from exporting our produce outside of gaza which limits the sector's development in addition to all of these challenges this year added another burden many sectors have had to shut down for months because of coronavirus restrictions the closures have stifled and already fundable economy and made these groups a look sharee many can't afford. al-jazeera now the saudi backed consortium trying to buy english premier league football club newcastle
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united has withdrawn its bid the group included saudi arabia's sovereign wealth fund and made a $319000000.00 offer to buy new castle from british businessman mike ashley the premier league has spent months considering piracy and human rights concerns around that bet. i know that this is al jazeera and these are the headlines president trump has said again that melon ballots would lead to inaccurate results i just feel i don't want to delay i want to have the election but i also don't want to have to wait for 3 months and then find out that the ballots are missing and the election doesn't mean anything this is going to happen see this common sense so we're asking for a lot of trouble and no do i want to see a day change but i don't want to see
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a group that election this election will be the most rigged election in history if that happens. well the u.s. state of florida is reporting yet another record number of new coven 1000 deaths for the 3rd straight day 253 more deaths were confirmed on thursday with nearly 10000 new cases it's one of the west hit states in the u.s. but officials have avoided reinstating widespread lockdowns and fronts has reported nearly 4500 new cases for a 2nd day in a row there's also been a rise in the number of patients admitted to intensive care for the 1st time now in 4 months health officials say the virus is spreading faster than ever since france eased its lockdown and they and spain too has seen its highest daily jump a new cases since lifting its lockdown back in june more than 1000 infections were confirmed in a single day for the 2nd day in a row 1200 new cases were recorded on thursday mostly from catalonia and arrogant regions in the northeast former u.s.
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republican presidential candidate herman cain has diet from complications related to the coronavirus at the age of $74.00 cain was a supporter of president ronald trump and also co-chair of black voices for trump his twitter account says he's been ill with the virus for many weeks it's not clear when or where he was infected. 12 opposition politicians in hong kong have been disqualified from running in september's legislative council election leading pro-democracy activist long is one of those disqualified he says it shows a total disregard for the people of hong kong the move has been denounced by the opposition as a political witch hunt well those are the headlines and i will have another news update for you on al-jazeera the inside story stay with us.
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big mistrust of big tech the u.s. congress questions the heads of apple amazon google and facebook and he competitive behavior how the internet giants become too powerful and is there any need for a new laws to regulate this is inside story. hello welcome to the program on. google and facebook for company.


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