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tv   Sudans Forgotten Films  Al Jazeera  August 1, 2020 2:32am-3:01am +03

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a vaccine will be available within months 3 men including a teenager have been charged over a huge twitter hack the targeted high profile accounts a couple of weeks ago they took over accounts belonging to former u.s. president barack obama and tesla basilan musk before tweeting out a faked bitcoin deal a prominent author and an opposition spokeswoman are among dozens arrested in zimbabwe when police put a stop to anti-government protests opposition parties had called for demonstrations against food and fuel shortages as well as 700 percent inflation there's anger over corruption too with many targeting the ruling party online the government had banned that protest well those are the headlines i'll have another news update for you here on al-jazeera after witness sudan's forgotten films to stay with us. is the government not the necessary action to really address some of the structural issues we listen i still think that travel is the safest mode of travel in the span
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that we meet with global news makers and the stories that back to 0. these are the. heat of the day. seems to be. the. origin with. much of the corruption that i want. you to look into the.
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machine. well you that although i know that now it's a bad night here but let me work hard if you're in charge. here. since 1969 i've been working with this new deron williams production but now i'm working on the cars.
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i benjamin my friend i will go with 2 people who are men the guardians of the archives. where you view these freedoms. better training day out all of us human. would be in danger of not.
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and i plan to be asked about my model yes and jordan or your man and i have a i would be in it off i'd already busy housing. that's got any future no. i don't even know why seattle i thought i made it but why she wouldn't really care if you live there if you. already had a how you grew up really sad for you my side of him and what number of men here my gosh you know demographics you know come so also but i said i'm really limited to that area yeah yes but it's a deep more deep outside of. it. i'm not the problem by the rightness of the. thought. of it on the
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road yet. when that's not a person on the. bottom of the of. what. you've done in the wild. that's an idea. and one thing. and then. mother play got done and yeah that. kind of diet where when and i assume to live if you want me to feed and yard and musard. to breed one roof. well how to.
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do fee how many hours of. labor to tell us your thoughts and i am in a lot of. proof of. but either way i can also know she had asked me if i. was a little taller although i knew a little bit. we're going to have each. other we don't know i was 14 i said i you know sudan he. russian is some sort of freedom you know my life couldn't afford our chief. war going with a 3 year old should know when i'm i don't want.
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the little directly met after. a long time to give up without a little bit of a little time off big area you know you're already going what your bill a way to let it go for the money because. i've been the sound i got the money of now it could have been much better. yet in one day like this then i can minimize even the business knowledge level to sort of to be able to land a house and so laudanum and then left. so that an adult passport without you says ending that it's probably via. the congress the last 5 of how we get to eat you how much money are so when the going to take you know how about my look and said to
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them learn more you or they mean that the name can mean the fremen. out such a few more of them where has a limit of what they might get e-mail your money or not and don't let you know who are more who don't. i mean after. all i should have the thing about a negative or positive would feel pretty eager. to get out and move to my behalf of the. sort of iran and of if it in. a severe all sunni. who did poorly. in new hampshire. she. had. a mere mortal. goal was to give you 00 for. an elephant to zone out and.
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right said our leadership of the. laughable for the foreign woman they were for. we should not move these claims or these children of this and that to see their history which is being recorded in our archive. because there was a lot of development in the sedan which is being destroyed. the long history in the way lying in africa was made in the sudan it has been the blatant. that.
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we had a lot of cotton. which is not here any longer now. sudan at all east. it used to fly from khartoum to london. and was run down the complete. time played a very important role. in medical services free to admit. now if you have the money you can be treated in a quick time. frame when you go and. do your grip. on that album that i know that.
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when you don't have a history of yourself all of your country then you are not a personality not a country. all of the listen. if you will use all. you as i know be a mom of one of these. i
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tried to show some of the claims in the article right to senior personnel in the nation so bad they see the importance of. my projecting to them important for names announcing the independence of this event. then was 19 could 6 most people get that yes i'm not going to do with number 2 or do i want to. look at it i'm going to probably not want to give them any. i was born in southern sudan during the political world. and their daily we had a bubble of joy actually. we don't believe that we're going to get what it would.
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it means to us coming together different people from the north souls was wherever they sent you all sudanese and being sudanese this is what actually interested. not. not not one of the 3 raises money and it's really right to me to be diplomatic get up let me through them. i was there post southern sudanese to do aren't cinema production. one has a feeling that you are of importance interested in the society. what the job is you're going to mom you look at me i let you talk about a woman i am looking mom really feel or maybe you have to keep looking. neither any i would definitely not understand why.
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because the people around why did this remove. or you would be. gone. i mean if you might. have to wrong. i don't have a single. moment of government. had such a tower lazard a big. study on me given the holes. had . them to fill with the fellas to help.
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a law on a yellow card military. issue for i'm going to find a good in. my work they're not paying for it they say we don't have money. before i added little groups in every now i have almost nothing. i do put on the higher position to know his position. well. damn. little call me. in my fuel of what are you where i mean.
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my view of what might sound good and i was in a number of even months of the moment they neuer. 2nd into nice little you know this thing. that beginning with a lot of lynette did a little that miscellany might have not even you know and to ask where
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they're going to myra has added a little more in the way in a few minor look into my smiling now you know when i read they will have a mark on our name the irony that i love or the love of a doula. and that may have been miles but i see that as a man and she lay down. the spot. where i live only now as are going to go alive again you know we went on but i got a mom going at. the last minute marmaris with me if you will legs in order marjorie so will sol and then a telegram actually going to my soul and i little chance will so when i listen. well have called us back.
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a lot in history. so i'm. just. pissed. off. and we did our. best just passengers and. nothing leaves and have. a there. again known cadavid on was. how can on if i didn't.
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like him mom you want to say yeah they were looking as i am of you who did a study guide. us on a symptom. ya and mom had. some it is no mom little mom and. mom are on the the my in i that they want anymore i missed my letter about in the hobby if you are there my god time you know me. godzilla i know b. i. just. want to do you want to know if. just. just. just.
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our the slept the archives. i remain the only guardian for over 13000 williams. i am using my airport to do what i can do. because i know if i live these 1000000000 is going to have nobody will do it. i am doing this not for my benefit not for the minister not for the government. i am doing this for the benefit of sadam people.
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this is a dream that i have in my mind. that when. i read certain group ben wilson's benjamin has done a bit of beautiful job we give you the courage to go this will benjamin and we will take care of you we will take care of these our ships all the important of the history of our people. is a dream. my dream. i
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. i thought somebody did. well over this if you know of a place where you can. do this move. move in get people one. on one you know they're going to visit his mother fronts on the wall. i think about the size of the front. they're going up and the composition of this office and
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signed on to say. yes. yes. they are you know i was young and good. lady whom ordinary american men were done * when you guys were. i. was. still. there he was when you get a cut. of
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people don't. make. it out of to me said i. but i would find out more a lot of money has helped. well i mean yeah i mean you know my dumb momma who might be a machine. gun also the athlete give me all my beauty give me here or let you have this trio matter how young i should be no how. and could i had about 100 or one. well. is a lot how does it matter what.
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i. heard a lot. and not just her. little bit not good. not not good it. was. a korea reporting to the world oh i did hear one journalist documents life beyond
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the headlines. but certain stories can change us in the easiest coolies use to it when you need it is used. to change anyone a unique journey into what it means to be human the things we keep a witness documentary on al-jazeera. for the 1st time in recent history saudi arabia her habits overseas visitors from performing the hajj government. has covered 19 continues to disrupt people's lives we look at this decision and big impact on the saudi economy hodge 2020 on al-jazeera. japan is building a massive sea to protect against devastating tsunami one a one east investigative nature can be can time or if the will expose commuters to greater danger. on al-jazeera. every war leaves
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a devastating impact. earthrise explore some of the efforts to recover what was lost from the syrian scientists safeguarding one of our most valuable resources these are important samples that we have to make sure there are surviving to the refugees striving to co-exist with nature ok so what's going on there simulating what happens when an elephant life to conflict on al-jazeera. this underwater treasure is a risk of disappearing coral bleaching caused by rising temperatures. the great. strain the eric 'd eric. in the tourism industry. as we lose it instantly if we have another bleaching event of these magnitude if this continues they just will not be the opportunity for the corals to recover in between those major. scientists
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a calling for stronger climate policy from the government to reduce emissions without so this the situation on the get worse. hong kong police order the arrest of 6 pro-democracy activists living in exile they say the charges are trumped up. hello again i missed on this says al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. puts pressure on popular video outtake talk to separate itself from its chinese owner citing national security and censorship concerns. top u.s. health officials acknowledge it's taking too long to get 1000 test results but expressed hope about a vaccine.


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