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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 1, 2020 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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the risk of being exposed to greater danger. on al-jazeera. the arab. and the race to be the coronavirus russia's health minister says a country could begin mass vaccinations as soon as october. watching al jazeera live from doha with me fully back to bill also coming up. live . with the. president trump puts pressure on the chinese company behind a popular video app in the u.s. widening the net in the crackdown on hong kong activists china orders the arrest of 6 pro-democracy protesters in exile and answering protesters demands iraq's prime
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minister says an election will be held a year earlier than planned. thank you for joining as we begin with the latest developments on the coronavirus pandemic as a global number of infections continues to accelerate so does the global race to find a vaccine russia has announced that mass vaccinations could begin in october the health minister gave no details about the vaccine to be used and it's not clear if the treatment produces an immune response it comes as japan faces a resurgence in cases tokyo confirmed a record 472 corona virus infections on saturday and the capital's governor says a citywide state of emergency may have to be imposed as a step that's a ready been taken in okinawa where an outbreak is suspected to have originated at a u.s.
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military base and in greece 6 ports have been reopened for cruise ships the global cruise industry has been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic after the ships had major outbreaks early on. now derek gatherer is a virally just said director at lancaster university in the u.k. he says russia's vaccine candidate is likely to be similar to the one being developed in oxford the russian vaccine it's been reported by the task usage is the official news agency in russia is an advice based vaccine so that's a similar technology to the one that's been developed heater or switch university which is known as the child docs vaccine so a child or stands for chimpanzee and in a virus or expert the basic principle is that the chimpanzee had no vitus doesn't produce any pathology in humans or you can be infected with that and have no symptoms at all and then that's genetically engineered so that have protein from the virus that you want to me nice against is inserted into the chimpanzee
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identified as genome and then your immune system when it sees this recombinant vaccine virus will produce a lot sign to bodies to the protein that you want to immunize against and in the case of covert 19 that the child or the protein which is the protein on the surface of the of the covert 1000 virus in order to give the immune system a good chance to produce lots of antibodies against that and hopefully produce resistance and who is that see the vaccine so although we don't know anything about the details of the russian vaccine the fact that they've announced it is identified a species suggests to me at least that it's going to be a fairly similar technology to the ox would want to move probably work in the same way. an outbreak of the japanese island of okinawa is on the japanese island of offical canal is being blamed on us so upset by the force commander says there's no evidence of transmission to the local community the bottom line is that our procedures for u.s.
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forces japan are stringent they are effective and while we have seen a growth in cases in a couple of our bases those have been managed they have been contained and there has been absolutely no connection to that has been proven to show that there has been any spread from the the costers on the bases to the local community michael payne is the president of the gets a news agency in tokyo he says there's been an explosion in cases. the rise in covert making cases across the country has been kind of steady for some weeks and it just hasn't and that trend upward trend has just continued on and on and now we're getting into more crisis levels in the case of open now as specifically the there is concern that perhaps the reason why it's hitting that island particularly strongly is because u.s. forces particularly u.s. marines have been able to come in and out of japan without going through
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immigration controls until very recently without any covert 1000 tests under the status of forces agreement but this link is strongly suspected by both the local government and the residents and now they're going to have to go into a more sort of a soft lockdown stereo in that prefecture that's for the spike it's really been coming steadily so it isn't you know it isn't one thing it is sort of something which has been spiraling slowly out of control over weeks and weeks and one key thing to understand is that the national government has opposed any any sort of lockdown or any sort of restrictions on people's movements to even promoted a national tourism campaign in the midst of the pandemic so what you have going on here is a lot of local governors including governor yuriko toy quite kate of tokyo who are essentially acting against the will of the of the national government which doesn't want any sort of restrictions at all. the leader of
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a south korean church has been arrested accused of concealing and under reporting coronavirus cases prosecutors say lehman he hampers had the government's response the 88 year old denies the accusations and says he cooperated with the health department more than a 3rd of south korea's infections i've been linked to his church greece has lifted its ban on cruise ships which will now be able to dock with some restrictions they'll be allowed into 6 major ports including paris roads and corfu but only if all passengers on board have tested negative folk over 19 the industry has been one of the worst hit by the pandemic most companies counseled months of trips and many want we saw until next year several have declared bankruptcy governments including the u.s. and u.k. are still advise ing citizens against cruise travel but some people are afloat in norway passengers of the road oddments and ship are being told to self isolate
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after 4 crew members were admitted to hospital with the virus douglas ward spent 17 years at sea and is the author of their lives cruising and cruise ships 2020 he says the industry is well set up to introduce measures to make it safe the good thing about cruising is they can change the destination for you every single day so you can visit us reports troops who are. in a single cruise or you can visit for destinations so i think archery cruising is good and this show more than talk the moment danger i think a moment is where. companies with loans crews. try to enter the orient to the market to quickly. but you know i think there's so much to mow especially for cruising next year and it looks like looking at certain greece doesn't have a big cruise industry at the moment it's been it's been waning over the last few years there are less companies now operating out of doing the thing is that the
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crew. the protocols in place and all the in homs sanitation increased air conditioning and all the prescreening so it should be easy to trace. if anyone comes down with the virus. however just like any other place whether it's an ice skating rink or it's a goal or sort which if it's an environment where you have in detainment and tracing everybody it's a bit of a bit of a neighbor job in other world news donald trump is trying to use his presidential powers to bar the chinese on social media platform take talk from the u.s. he signaled he didn't support an american takeover of the company amid reports microsoft is in talks a biotech talk emily soon reports it's still latest rift in the escalating tech war between the u.s. and china for weeks u.s. officials have raised security concerns over the chinese owned video optic talk
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saying it can help the aging spa on americans and now president donald trump threatened to burn it all together we're looking at a tech stock we may be betting take we may be doing some other things are a couple of options but a lot of things happening so we'll see what happens but we are looking at a lot of alternatives with respect to. trump stepped up his rhetoric following reports that he may sign an order forcing chinese parent company might dance to sell the u.s. portion of take talk. microsoft was set to be in talks to acquire it but neither side confirmed any deal in a blog post earlier this week to talk is cheap kevin mayer says his company is not being treated fairly he says it's receiving more scrutiny because of its chinese origins and insists it is not the enemy to talks estimated to have $800000000.00 active users worldwide a 10th of them in the u.s.
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experts say banning it would be challenging i think it's very unclear what a ban would look like and what it would mean you know it's very hard to ban something that's popular among the use it's just you know if your parents tell you not to be something it makes you want to do it more in june a video that went viral on tech talk was seen as one of the reasons behind the poor attendance at trump's campaign rally in tulsa oklahoma forcing a wildly popular app off the smartphones of millions of americans could prove to be an unpopular move ahead of trump's reelection bid and the su 0 police in hong kong are demanding the arrests of 6 pro-democracy activists living in exile they include former british consulate worker simon chang he says he was tortured by chinese agency gave information about anti-government protests also on the wanted list this prominent opposition figure nathan in law he fled to london in fear of persecution under the new national security law imposed by china has sought
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to be the 1st time but he's have use a new legislation to target activists outside the country did he go palin is in hong kong she says beijing is cementing its position on the law. from the start china had asserted that hong kong's unrest dissent was all cemented from abroad it was juta foreign interference so this is china underlining that fact the national security law was they say was implemented to quell unrest and the protests that we saw in hong kong and so once again they're using the extent of this national security law to underline the fact that implementing it is now making hong kong a more stable place one of the main tenets of that national security laws that there are no boundaries anyone anywhere or resident or not can fall under that or violated and be punished so once again the authorities are exercising that so they're sending very a lot of messages by accent are seeking the arrest of these activist abroad but
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analysts also say this is several goals of china one of the main things china is trying to do at the moment is a keep up its nationalistic supports and one of the best ways to do that is to tighten control over hong kong especially grassroots support which is so it's tightening its grip over the territory to foment of more nationalistic fervor supports and also on top of that it's a sending a message to these other countries saying that despite the fact that these countries are weighing in criticizing the implementation of the national security law in hong kong china will not be volleyed samuel chou is a u.s. citizen and he's one of the activists wanted by hong kong police he told his ear that china's government is acting like a dictatorship that wants to stamp out all forms of opposition. i think that i was outrage and really not surprised this is such an outlandish claim that
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somehow they have jurisdiction an american citizen lobbying an american government is just completely out of line i think i'm not the only person who's out ritually up spoken to a number of congressional offices and i as i said from the very beginning when the law what if they're going to come after me they must love marched down to capitol hill and arrest speaker pelosi and senator rubio the senate and everybody in the white house because they too have been under this law articles you know that it is using to charge people like me. a session and colluding with foreign powers and that i think is what they're both not understanding is that they're creating really a perception of how desperate and house they are global international influence and pressure i think that this is what dictators do one day know that they have lost
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the hearts and minds of their people they go out and disqualified opposition leaders who they issue or and about rest before decisions and they delay any sort of democratic practices and process and elections because they want to saw what is with the production and i think that they might be able to lead us more in here but all of that are really doing is growing the movement and reinforcing the commitment all of us have that will once again be a free city one day. i assume ahead on al-jazeera going hungry a bankrupt lebanon could soon struggle to feed its children and a frosty reception in china a the president's state of the nation address is dismissed by citizens.
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how there is more rain on its way for the korean peninsula and for probably the yellow river much of the rest of china as a human is fairly dry this is obviously the area to concentrate on what goes across the elysee towards both north and south korea in japan is a fairly quiet picture of the moment so degrees humid degrees in tokyo a shower or 2 in honshu and that's about it this continues to produce fairly wet weather so was got 2 or 3 days of the give significant right normally if you follow your eyes back to back to sichuan you see the next development it isn't happening at the moment largely because there's quite a lot of rain just south of hong kong where couple days in hong kong to the real west is probably in south china sea heading towards taiwan as well. equally you look north for the heaviest rain most recently to be found in india it is right up and over the pradesh 100 may even reaches over night as the night times and still.
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during the day it's prevalent in the west and you see the persistent rain but there shines virtually every evening rush even pakistan for both saturday and sunday with a bit of a focus on the other side of the body of bangor for me and bar for heavy rain still to come. the u.s. is the richest country in the world yet it still doesn't have a universal health care system i'll be asking why not to influential republican money jan some top democrats abdu'l saying in a special edition of head to head in 60500 miles a year we would say under medicare for the study this doesn't happen in canada or france or spain or strongly if people don't die because the confidential well they die because they can't get access to care head to head on algis iraq.
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they're watching al jazeera live from doha a recap of our top stories russia has announced that mass vaccinations against coronavirus could begin as soon as october the health minister gave no details about the vaccine to be used and it's not clear if the treatment produces an immune response donald trump is vowing to use his presidential powers to ban the chinese own social media platform take time from the u.s. the president is against microsoft's reported takeover attempt of the firm's u.s. operations and police in hong kong are demanding the arrest of 6 pro-democracy activists living in exile is the 1st time police have targeted activists outside the territory under the new night. security law imposed by china. iraq's prime
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minister has announced a general election next june which will be a year earlier than scheduled. to be proposed an early vote when he took office in may months of anti-government demonstrations demanded early elections protesters want a government overhaul and an end to corruption and sectarianism not months or is the director of the iraq initiative at the u.k. think tank chatham house he says the prime minister's ambition to push or reforms wasn't in line with the protesters key demand for early elections. most of them as you know have not even been prime minister 400 days yet he came in once in reform and a whole host if you look at his government have a host of different types of reforms he didn't really talk as much about elections and elections as you were trying to wipe the corruption and those bigger demands when i think it's been a very rocky sort of premiership himself in his time he has seen assassinations
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increase with more examination of action his assassination a few weeks ago then last monday to hear square root as to you know his forces shot at what this does and kill people at esther's so very clearly his bigger ambition for reform was bigger ambitions to try and with an end it 2 years that he had to try to do something different was not working and i think this kind of was his fall back up to some extent ok i need the public you need he's trying to gather a big support by going to what has been there may be a man from the beginning and she lections to lebanon now international aid agencies say a rising number of families are news in marion comments sinking into poverty save the children says half a 1000000 young says are going hungry and that's just in beirut as urging the government to help the vulnerable as anaconda reports. in this middle class neighborhood in the heart of the lebanese capital stories of poverty are everywhere
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households have been pushed into desperation i'm a liberal heem like so many other families is a victim of the rapidly imploding economy she says it has been hard on her 11 year old son hamza who's had to adapt to a new lifestyle and the family have a family we're borrowing money to feed our children for 5 months short on house rent my husband isn't working my family will die from hunger if the situation continues. children are already hungry more than half a 1000000 of them in the greater beirut area. according to the charity save the children poverty is a real thing some children currently go to bed hungry the negative coping mechanisms for the time being are able to kind of fill some of these gaps but on the long run if there's no micro level and sustainable they will be. already
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half the country lives in poverty here in the northern city of tripoli families struggle with soaring food prices due to the local currency losing 80 percent of its value. children are being deprived from buying what they want people are on there so much oppression of. decades of corruption and mismanagement are blamed for running the economy into the ground and political leaders don't seem to have a solution. non-governmental organizations say $80000.00 people have lost their jobs in recent months bringing the total number of unemployed to $430000.00 or 32 percent of the workforce many warn up to $1000000.00 out of the $5000000.00 population could be jobless by the end of the year. the world food program says 2 thirds of households in lebanon have lost their income and some have started to sell whatever they can to survive about government of the. groom and some
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other belongings to buy food and water the commode camilli many people are in debt and depend on charity but those who were able to help now need help themselves yes there are not all lives being lost as in typical natural disaster or a typical war but lebanese people that live in lebanon by the syrian refugees by others they all fall and go off the cliff so you have wives at risk aid agencies are already calling it a humanitarian crisis as lives continue to be destroyed by lebanon's financial meltdown. beirut prosecutors in the u.s. and britain have charged 3 people including a teenage boy with hacking twitter they're accused of taking over the accounts of several high profile people such as former u.s. president barack obama and tesla boss ilan mosque then they allegedly tweeted
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a bit and cryptocurrency scam which raised more than $100000.00 in a day to gallagher has details from miami in florida where 2 of the suspects are from. in terms of cyber crimes this one was pretty or day they hiked into about 34 accounts including as he said people like jeff bezos people like kim carr daschle and the former president barack obama joe biden the list really reads like a who's who now how they did it was shows you a measure of just how sophisticated this was they phone finished members of staff who work at twitter managing to get the tools unwittingly from members of staff at twitter to then just hack into those accounts they then used each account to put out what looked like a charitable message saying if you send me whatever amount i pledge i will you know whatever amount you pledge i will double it and essentially using the big corn accounts belonging to these 3 people to line their own pockets the 17 year old who
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was arrested here in florida on friday is said to be the mastermind behind this he's only 17 so we can't name him for legal reasons but he only just graduated from high school here so this is a sophisticated hack on a level on a scale that hasn't really been seen before and prosecutors are now charging the 3017 year old with 30 felony charges protesters in portland area using to back down after donald trump said federal agents will remain until local police can remove what he called an a kiss and agitate is rallies against racism and police brutality in the usa they have been held nightly for more than 2 months now the president ordered the controversial deployment last month despite objections in oregon the agents in riot gear accused of inflaming anger by firing tear gas at peaceful protesters. in portugal the killing of a black actor has triggered anti-racism protests
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a white man in his eighty's has been charged with murder bob brown got to has a story. demanding justice for bruno candy an african portuguese actor and father of 3 the 39 year old was killed in a busy lisbon street on sunday protesters say it was racially motivated so was i guess we're here working paying taxes and we cannot live in peace why are they always killing black people why. police say can they were shot 4 times in broad daylight a white man in his eighty's has been charged with his murder. khamis family say the accused shattered racist slurs and threatened to kill condé 3 days earlier. we really wants justice because there is no solution is there you can't kill a person like an animal. anti-racism protests triggered by the police killing of
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george floyd in the united states have swept the globe and in portugal there are parallel grievances and the police brutality. at 28 a report by the right script council of europe accused portuguese police of multiple cases of races firelands and last year 8 officers were found guilty of kidnapping and beating young people from a predominantly black list were neighborhood in the dark with more serious globally portugal remains from the authorities to day to day a racist country which is to actually resist these demonstrations contribute to make portugal better and more just. candy was originally from guinea-bissau while parliamentarians there passed a mission condemning what they see as a racially motivated murder and will send a delegation to portugal to see cancers barbara and al-jazeera.
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thousands of people are marching in berlin against germany's coronavirus restrictions sees a live picture is right now demonstrators are holding signs protesting the lockdown measures and calling for people to resist it's the 1st of several protests planned for the weekend in germany's capital organizers expect up to 22000 people to turn out around 1000 police officers have been deployed it's now around 200 nicaraguan migrants stranded at a border city in costa rica have received freak over 1000 tests they've been sacked for nearly 2 weeks of nicaragua the government has refused to let them return without proof of a negative test drawing condemnation from rights groups many of the migrants lost their jobs in costa rica because of the pandemic hurricane isaiah's has damaged dozens of homes in eastern cuba high waves battered the tunnels koach other areas were flooded forcing thousands of islanders to seek safety and hurricanes now
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heading towards florida in the united states. chile's president has announced a 4 and a half $1000000000.00 bills for the economy to help soften the blow of a pandemic sebastian pinera made the announcement during his state of the nation address in america tennessee and human reports. everything about this year's state of the nation address was a normal starting with the fact that it was delivered more than 2 months late because of the pandemic the president's problems began much earlier. these last 9 months have been very difficult and demanding for everyone and they have been very extraordinarily difficult for me. but like many chileans not in the past and was taken aback that he barely mentioned one of the most important reasons 9 months ago a nationwide uprising brought millions of chileans out onto the streets to demand profound reforms protests then and rage fanned by police brutality seemed
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unstoppable. instead the president focused on efforts to confront the pandemic and to help the poor and middle class ride out a steep economic recession don't you know dana says she hasn't received a cent even though she's been out of work since april when i hear him speak i cannot trust a word he says he has lied to so much and will miss the things he should be talking about 8 i don't believe it is promising. others were listening at all. in this middle class neighborhood resident or even waving to the president. already banging on. show their discontent but at least here we are hearing reports that another part of town in the low income neighborhoods the demonstrations of just pretend to be having a hard more violent. appealed for understanding. i want to tell those
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families who are still waiting for help to arrive they will do everything in our power to correct our mistakes finally i want to tell you that a house divided cannot prevail. but bill's had been hoping to hear the president chill more humility even as his leadership is questioned even by some members of his own conservative coalition will clearly disappointed to see in human al jazeera sent. to a. low again back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera russia has announced that mass vaccinations against coronavirus could begin as soon as october the health minister gave no details about the vaccine to be used and it's not clear if the treatment produces an immune response japan is facing a reason simcoe over 1000 cases tokyo confirmed a record 472 infections on saturday in the capital's governesses
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a citywide state of emergency may have to be imposed it's a step that's already been taken in okinawa when outbreak is suspected to have originated at a u.s. military base the bottom line is that our procedures for u.s. forces are stringent they are effective and what we have seen are growth in cases in a couple of our bases those have been managed they have been contained and there has been absolutely no connection to that has been proven to show that there has been any spread from the costers on the basis to the local community. the leader of a south korean church has been arrested accused of concealing and under reporting coronavirus cases prosecutors say lehman he hampered the government's anti-virus response 88 year old denies the accusations and says he operating with the health department donald trump is vowing to use his presidential powers to ban the chinese own social media platform to top from the u.s.
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the president is against microsoft's reported takeover attempt of the u.s. firms of the firms u.s. operations but he's in hong kong are demanding the arrests of 6 pro-democracy activists living in exile it's the 1st time police have targeted activists outside the territory under the new national security law imposed by china. iraq's prime minister has announced a general election next june which is a year earlier than scheduled. to meet promised an early vote when he took office in may months of anti-government demonstrations demanded early elections and a teenage boy is among 3 people who've been charged with hacking twitter they allegedly took over the accounts of high profile people touch as former president barack obama and test abbas mosque in a bit coin scam those are the headlines inside stories next.
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could the u.s. presidential election be delayed donald trump is criticised for suggesting postponing the vote in november puts could mail in ballots on the coronavirus pandemic spoil the result this isn't us or. hello welcome to the program. the u.s. presidential election is planned to happen just over 3 months from know with the number of coronavirus infection is still rising in the world's worst affected country many states are making postal voting easier so americans won't need to queue polling stations.


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