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award winning documentary is from around the world. 0. this is al-jazeera. alarms the whole rahman you're watching the al-jazeera news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the race to beat the virus russia's health minister says the country could begin mass vaccinations as soon as october. thousands rally in berlin with some calling for an easing of pandemic restrictions. and donald trump's threat to ban popular video sharing out tick tock following security concerns over its chinese parent company. when iran
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announces the arrest of a u.s. based dissident tonight accuses of masterminding a terrorist campaign. and is for the owner of the milwaukee brewers says the major league baseball season could be canceled the warning comes as more games are postponed due to players testing positive for corona virus. welcome to the news are we begin with the latest developments on the krona virus pandemic as the global number of infections continues to accelerate and so does the global race to find a vaccine russia has announced that mass vaccinations could begin as soon as october the health minister gave no details about the vaccine to be used it is not clear if the treatment produces an immune response in berlin thousands of people are taking part in different rallies sparked by coronavirus restrictions the rallies for and against the measures germany has been easing its lockdown since
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late april but social distancing rules remain in place and japan is facing a resurgence in cases confirmed a record 472 corona virus infections on saturday and the capital's governor says a citywide state of emergency may have to be imposed it's a step that's already been taken in okinawa where an outbreak is suspected to originated at a u.s. military base there it gather is a viral a just an lecture at lancaster university in the u.k. he says although russia's vaccine is still shrouded in mystery it's likely to be similar to the war being developed by scientists at oxford university. russian vaccine it's been reported by a task news agency official news agency in russia is an advice based vaccine so that's a similar technology to the one that's been developed teter office with a university which is known as the child docs vaccine so a child stands for chimpanzee and in a virus or expert the basic principle is that chimpanzee advice doesn't produce any
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pathology in humans or you can be infected with that and have no symptoms at all and then that's genetically engineered so an attack protein from the virus that you want to me nice against is inserted into the chimpanzee identified as genome and then your immune system when it sees this recount and vaccine bias will produce lots of antibodies to the protein that you want to immunize against and in the case of covert 19 that. protein which is the protein on the surface of the of the covert 1000 virus in order to give the immune system a good chance to produce lots of antibodies against that and hopefully produce resistance and who is that see the vaccine so although we don't know anything about the details of the russian vaccine the fact that they've announced it is identified a species suggests to me at least that it's going to be a fairly similar technology to the oxford want to move probably work in the same way those have all the sudden the various protests happening in germany cain
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joins me now from the couple of dublin tony people actually that seems like quite a lot. well if you believe the police so then it's something around about $17000.00 the organizers would certainly contest that and say they believe many more people are here but it's worth putting into perspective what the organizers hoped would be the attendance here earlier in the week just gone they were talking about having half a 1000000 people on the streets that number was then starkly revised down over the last 48 hours or so with people suggesting perhaps 202-2000 people would be here certainly the city's political leaders were under the impression that would be the number as i say the police right now saying 17000 people are on the streets in the largest of the demonstrations but it's worth making the point that something in the order of about 83 different groupings of people have suggested them or that they've been the suggestion that 83 different groups over the course of today would be on
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the streets of berlin and it's not just people who are opposed to the safety measures brought in by the government here in germany to combat coronavirus there are others who are opposed to the demonstrations by the coronavirus protesters taking place so the police have about 1100 officers on the streets of berlin trying to keep these rival groups of demonstrators apart and there are many closures street closures in central berlin in coming to the studio and broadcasting from now i have to run the gauntlet as it were of closures and that sort of thing the demonstrators mostly are all peaceful they're mostly good humored but there are certain groups clusters of people who are wearing the sorts of rightwing paraphernalia associated with the extreme right in germany i must say it's a minority who are doing that but so far at least peaceful demonstrations and the
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police to working hard to keep them separate from each other of course those that are in attendance as you say have very strong positions that they're holding with regards to where they stand on coronavirus but what's the general reaction not just to these protests but the ongoing restrictions of coronavirus the general public across germany. people need to remember that one of the things that ministerial circles are really worried about not just here in berlin at a federal level but right across the country and all the states that make up this federal republic are really worried about the 2nd wave of corona which they're trying to stop ironically some of the protesters who have come to the center of early into the brandenburg gate to the one today in london one of the perhaps the most iconic street in berlin perhaps in germany to saying that they are the 2nd wave of coroner they are the people who are representing that unspoken majority who don't like these these measures about corona but the points is generally speaking
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most people have been understanding of the need to have these precautions social distancing and that sort of thing and one final thought also so many of the measures that were brought in at the start of the pandemic which were perceived as being really long gone generally speaking you don't have to wear masks in many places right now so when you see the people on the streets demonstrating against coronavirus precautions many people wonder what exactly are they demonstrating against indeed doublet cain in berlin thank you. but a break only germany's island of okinawa is being blamed on u.s. troops the but the force commander says there's no evidence of transmission to the local community the bottom line is that our procedures for u.s. forces are stringent they are effect and what we have seen a growth in cases in a couple of our bases have been managed they have been contained and there has been
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absolutely no connection there that has been proven to show that there has been any spread from the costers on the bases to the local community the local person is the president of the shingle news agency in tokyo he says there's been an explosion of cases. the rise in covert making cases across the country has been kind of steady for some weeks and it just hasn't and that trend upward trend has just continued on and on and now we're getting into more crisis levels in the case open now as specifically the there is concern that perhaps the reason why it's hitting that island particularly strongly is because u.s. forces particularly u.s. marines have been able to come in and out of japan without going through immigration controls and until very recently without any covert 900 tests under the status of forces agreement but this link is strongly suspected by both the local
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government and the residents and now they're going to have to go into a more sort of a soft lockdown stereo in that prefecture that's for the spike it's really been coming steadily so it isn't you know it isn't one thing it is sort of something which has been spiraling slowly out of control over weeks and weeks and one key thing to understand is that the national government has opposed any sort of lockdown or any sort of restrictions on people's movements to even promoted a national tourism campaign in the midst of the pandemic so what you have going on here is a lot of local governors including governor yuriko toy quite kate of tokyo who are essentially acting against the will of the national government which doesn't want any sort of restrictions at all the leader of a south korean church has been arrested accused of concealing and under reporting coronavirus cases prosecutors say that leak meant he had put the government's antivirus responds the 88 year old denies the accusations and says he cooperated
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with the health department well that a 3rd of south korea's infections have been linked to this church. greece has lifted its ban on cruise ships which will now be able to dock with some restrictions they'll be allowed to port in 6 major areas of prayers for roads and call food but only if all of the passengers on board have been tested negative for covert 19 the industry has been one of the worst hit by the pandemic most companies counseled months of trips and many won't restart until next year several of already declared bankruptcy governments including the u.s. and u.k. are still advising their citizens against cruise travel but some people are afloat in norway passengers of the rolled up in certain ships are being told to self isolate after 4 crew members were admitted to hospital with the virus douglas ward spent 17 years at sea and is the author of it's cruising on cruise ships 2020 he says the industry is well set up to introduce measures to make it safe the good
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thing about cruising is that they can change the destination for you every single day so you can visit 2 or 3 ports to 3 islands in a single cruise and you can visit for high destinations so i think actually cruising is good and there's so much pent up demand the danger i think at the moment is where. companies with large cruise ships. try to enter the orient of the market to quickly. but you know i think there's so much tomorrow especially for cruising next year and it looks like looking that greece doesn't have a big cruise industry at the moment it's been it's been waning over the last few years there are less companies now operating out there doing the thing is that the cruise industry has all the protocols in place and all the enhanced sanitation increased air conditioning and all the prescreening so it should be easy to trace.
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if anyone comes down with the virus. however just like any other place whether it's an ice skating rink or it's a golf course or if it's an environment where you have in detainment and tracing everybody it's a bit of a bit of a labor job but one of the long term effects of the pandemic will be limiting career prospects for young people they fear that opportunities will be damaged for years to come reports. a crisis that is on the brink of erupting from not down to rising unemployment young people all around the country are facing the worst prospects in decades the onslaught of the pandemic on the economy has turned the health crisis into a financial one with many wondering how long they will have to pay for time to put some don't into your head about what will i do often the best you know will i be able to get a job or stuff and then what can you do
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a body just do we tell you we have to do if as ahmed is in his twenty's and runs a community sports mentoring service in leicester he was supposed to resume work when the city went into a 2nd lockdown unable to do so he fears for the future of his business and the younger people he helps fund to because a major issue because we can't fund activities that are going to do. generally be like stuff as well definitely have the deal people have be. affected by. the sea there is not many jobs at the moment people don't know what to do with. college and you need joy luck don you're not really letting it think your household is going to be accustomed to a fence where people really forgot to socialize when the acute lack of prospects is a ticking time bomb for whole generation of younger people 2 thirds of under 30 s are more likely to be laid unemployed than this scene is they also have fewer
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skills about disproportionately likely to be in insecure shops but even that kind of work which used to be readily available is now when doing. work in the greater con to me and in the services industry has been ravaged since locked down working hours were cut as well living standards for many in such a short space of time. those that invested in higher education are seeing opportunities drastically reduced on average there are 15000 graduate recruiting bacon sees a year in the u.k. this year and has gone down to just 3000 in the week leading up to june when you can pay your own year 80 percent fewer jobs are available to young people than were last year and so young people really are bearing the brunt of it and when we speak to them and we had a report that came out in may which was a young people in lockdown report it showed really high levels of anxiety amongst young people this is a predicament that shows little sign of improving any time soon the pandemic has
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exposed sharp inequalities and the lack of opportunities for young people is exacerbating them for generations locked down this will be the challenge of a lifetime sonny diagonal al-jazeera london. plenty more ahead here on the news hour including how a bankrupt lebanon is struggling to keep its children from going hungry. and a pack beach is ok but friends are a problem the british government is accused of mixed messages with new coronavirus clampdowns. the american basketball player who chose to stand apart from his teammates during the pre-game national anthem and even have that story coming up later. donald trump is going to use his presidential powers to bar the chinese own social media platform to talk from the u.s. he signaled he didn't support an american takeover of the company amid reports that
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microsoft is in talks to buy take talk and we see reports. it's still latest rift in the escalating tech war between the u.s. and china for weeks u.s. officials have raised security concerns over the chinese owned video tick-tock saying it can help beijing spot on americans and now president donald trump threatened to fan it all together well look here that we may be bending god we may be doing some other things of options but a lot of things are happening so we'll see what happens but we are looking at a lot of alternatives with respect to. trump stepped up his rhetoric following reports that he may sign an order forcing chinese parent company might dance to sell the u.s. portion of take talk microsoft was set to be in talks to acquire it but neither side confirmed any deal in a blog post earlier this week took talks cheap kevin mayer says his company is not
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being treated fairly he says it's receiving more scrutiny because of its chinese origins and insists it is not the enemy talks estimated to have 800000000 active users worldwide a 10th of them in the u.s. experts say banning it would be challenging i think it's very unclear what it would look like and what it would mean you know it's very hard to ban something that's popular among the u.s just you know if your parents tell you not to do something it makes you want to do it more in june a video that went viral on ticked off was seen as one of the reasons behind the poor attendance at trump's campaign rally in tulsa oklahoma. forcing a wildly popular app after smartphones of millions of americans could prove to be an unpopular move ahead of trump election and we see you out to 0. now the u.s. is accused china of digital all thora tarion isn't as tensions increase between the 2 world powers chinese telecom giant huawei has these was the 1st target for the
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u.s. which washington called a national security threat and put pressure on other countries to do the same now the world's biggest tech platforms google twitter and facebook are banned inside china talk has denied any links to the chinese government but we we said earlier trump went ahead and vowed to ban the chinese video but some critics claim the president has all teary motives to wanting to ban the arab talk users flooded the trunk campaign in june with fake requests for reservations for a rally in tulsa oklahoma leaving thousands of empty seats joining me now is a corneal you are an associate professor in diplomatic studies that the university of oxford good to have you with us mr boehner how much of this is now sort of an extension of the war of words through t.v. radio and newspapers and does it really have an effect with the exception of that one trump rally in oklahoma. thank you very much for inviting
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me on and for sending more. i think what we think our nation that like the president found it doesn't stop when he followed one in about the structural plan we can call it that your politics of information in the sense that information is. strategic resource that's what a good source with national security or national security irrelevance in marseilles information can be used for anything that you advised this information we've seen that in the past but that's not necessarily the key is the x. the concern here is it's about the information that we use personal information that we use when the use of us that we deal about them in a matter that political leverage a lot of military commanders like someone taking part in 9 national negotiations so if this information becomes available to us policy that could have strategic value
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so that i think is part of the larger structural problem that we've seen all of these and i wanted to put it in into context that we have to ask us why not so the broader context with your politics of your politics of information as we have also to take note of the fact that this started before the 'd arrival of president trouble in 2016 what i mean by the united states the powerful committee on finding him but once we still scrutinize these investments in has it defective technology so the link president obama they blocked a number of investments in the senate come back that is what happened in 2000 a team in this committee was that they expanded the powers of the committee to oversee the culls action involving what they called sensitive users of big so it's not only a valve howard well. but. how
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how it's being. you so do you think then that yes or do you think then the apps such as tik tok and that come into the arrive in the future are going to be sort of innocent poles innocent victims of this geo political conflict all the designers have to try and find a way of designing apps that cannot be criticised by the politicians cannot be used by them to their advantage. absolutely but this is hard thing to do isn't it because you know overseeing the way in which big bank collapses as of yours i mean requires you know quite quite a lot of. cooking life policy which is not available at the moment. i think it's important to know that. india has something similar beginning of july in the context of the war conflict. and the region.
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burning 68 applications as well but i think you are right but the problem in the future is trust to what extent we are able to trust that our personal information is not used to use it made by by 3rd party in europe that was the push behind the g.d.p. up event and before that his nation that we can come to calling out which has more seats and i think we'll get to see more regulation trying to look into how the fact is not only got about those mortifies use by a company of course you know buy buy buy 1st party in the side of your political situation but the so mention another side you mentioned the pulse off event which i think it is correct in terms of the perception that he's created that $100.00 days before the election might be a situation in which the invalid was pretty humiliating for of
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a president trump and the one thing. politically to get this but it is another piece of the father is the national security law. that was the thing that he and the john and in principle that little piece of the generation allow was china to come 1st tick-tock 'd to share information about people who may quickly size or maybe come on the power of the government. so they are several well about that coming for peace but i think you are right in the sense that the election now. we. both agree here i told our. child of. course we should see certainly what how this pans out in the future by allah thank you so much for joining us from oxford in london oxford or in the u.k. thank you very much for having. their answers it's the rest of the head of what it
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describes as a u.s. based terrorist groups seed and the group known as tondo are accused of leading sabotage operations inside iran the iranian authorities hold tondo responsible for bombing in 2008 in the city of shearers and which 14 people were killed and more than 200 injured to her and has not revealed some hard was arrested for more on this let's cross over to tehran as a beggar our correspondent who's standing by for us let's just begin with who this group are. well this group were established in the united states by an individual by the name of cherry they have a t.v. station where they protect their views and we check to their father's name and cherry disappeared mysteriously around 2007 no one really knows where he is but then jump shared saddam had took over the leadership of the group in iran says they've captured him they haven't said where and when they've captured him but they said that it was a complicated intelligence operation and he was captured by iranian forces now in
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the past iran have lured people to iraq with have been detained one such individual was ruled as the activist in journalist and his death sentence was upheld and entering in court at the end of june but this capture will be seen by iran possibly yes more significant though one other aims in the long term. well the aim is to topple the islamic republic now they said that they would do that within one year obviously that hasn't happened and that the reigning media also refer to them as monarchists because the founder of my cherry was also part of an organization called the kingdom assembly which wanted to restate the monarchy system that was here before the stomach revolution 41 years ago now as far as iran are concerned these individuals are terrorists or leave it there and to get more of course and comment from the iranian government for the moment assad thanks no iraq's prime minister has announced a general election next june which will be a year earlier than shergold was the vile for the me promised an early vote when he
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took office in may months of antigovernment demonstrations demanded early elections protesters want a government overhaul and an end to corruption and sectarianism months old as the director of the iraq initiative at the u.k. think tank chatham house he says the prime minister's own bishan to push through reforms wasn't in line with the protesters key demand for early elections. most of the me as you know not even been supported days yet he came in when i was in reform and a whole host if you look at his government have a whole host of different types of reform he didn't really talk as much about elections early elections as you were trying to wipe corruption and those bigger demands when i think it's been a very rocky sort of premiership. in his time he has seen assassinations increase or example a sham of passion is assassination a few weeks ago then last monday here square and. you know his forces shot at
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us to thank you report that spears so very clearly his bigger ambition for reform was bigger ambitions to try and within the 2 years that he had to try to do something great was not working and i think this kind of was his fall back up to some extent ok i need the public you need his right to gather public support by going to what has been there may be a man on the beginning only lections. the united arab emirates says it has successfully begun operations at a nuclear power plant a 1st for the arab world the above plant in abu dhabi it was originally due to open in 2017 but started up in the 1st reactor when it was delayed on friday the plant reached what scientists called its 1st critically and that's when you clear chain reaction sort of self-sustaining authorities in the u.a.e. said they plan to operate for nuclear reactors which are provided around a quarter of the country's energy 1000 people have
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been forced from their homes in the u.s. state of california as wildfires burn through the cherry valley area and local authorities have not ruled out our son as a possible cause hurrican is c.s. has damaged dozens of homes in eastern cuba high waves battered the town of but occur other areas were flooded forcing thousands violent as to seek safety now the hurrican sea heading towards florida in the u.s. . whether his rob let's get more on what's going on in your little is. drying really i'm told it's a very old spanish name are never heard of before arthur i hope i never hear it again from right the satellite behind me shows is covering the bahamas is not obviously a spinning storm but we know it is it's a category one hurricane which means winds about $140.00 calories and all the attendant risks wind damage flash that landslides and big surf now have been as well as difference with the various categories of how it will get on to that in
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just a 2nd this is a category one strength too i'd say but look at the way those winds are blowing from the trees here was officially what you'd say about a category one the winds described the categories defined by the window low nothing else just probably when strength got to be one small branches down we trees might come down some power lines will come down yes we've seen power cuts the bahamas and the yards of fallout 3 to more dangerous bigotries will come down there will be rather more damage obviously goes beyond the go to category 5 eventually but we're talking about a one here and it won't i don't think get any worse than that for the rest this day will carry on moving through the bahamas and then it heads overnight towards florida of course is the potential problem area is a bigger population in florida the whole the east coast is fairly low lying and that's why it's in spend all day sunday doing running up the east coast we will hear more thanks very much rob. well still ahead here on the news are
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a frosty reception in chile for the president at a state of the nation address that is dismissed by citizens. a call for justice for a black actor killed in what portuguese just to say was a racially motivated to turn. and small top level women's golf is about playing in the united states for the 1st time since the coronavirus long. play. august on al-jazeera at the u.s. republican and democratic national conventions delegates officially nominate their party's presidential candidates for the 2020 elections in india witness policy young conservationist tackling the deadly human elephant conflict with an unlikely strategy coexistence 10 years after the chilean mining disaster we revisit the victims of a story that captivated the world one on one east and has the violent urbina mixed
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martial arts in russia and the former u.s.s.r. and the u.n. special tribunal delivers its verdict on the assassination of former lebanese prime minister rafiq hariri august on al-jazeera. frank assessments what are you seeing in yellow this into 6 percent is it to call the police you are facing what it means to have this and in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al-jazeera. oh. well the market watching the al-jazeera news are with me so romney
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a reminder of our top stories russia has announced that mass vaccinations against coronavirus could begin as soon as october the health minister gave no details about the vaccine to be used and this not clear if the treatment produces an immune response in berlin thousands of people are taking part in different rallies sparked by the current virus restrictions the rallies for and against the measures germany has been easing its locked down this since late april for social distancing remains in place and donald trump is going to use his presidential powers to ban the chinese own social media platform to talk from the u.s. the president is against microsoft's reported takeover attempt of the firm's u.s. operations. international aid agency say the rising number of lebanese families are losing their income and sinking into poverty save the children says half a 1000000 youngsters are going hungry and that's just in beirut it's urging the government to help the vulnerable the harder explains. in this middle class
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neighborhood in the heart of the lebanese capital stories of poverty are everywhere households have been pushed into desperation i'm a liberal him like so many other families is a victim of the rapidly imploding economy she says it has been hard on her 11 year old son hamza who's had to adapt to a new lifestyle but one of them. were borrowing money to feed her children for 5 months short on house rent my husband isn't working a family will die from hunger if the situation continues. children are already hungry more than half a 1000000 of them in the greater beirut area according to the charity save the children poverty is a real thing some children currently go to bed hungry the negative coping mechanisms for the time being are able to kind of fill some of these gaps but on the long run if there is no macro level and sustainable solution there will be
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death. already half the country lives in poverty here in the northern city of tripoli families struggle with soaring food prices due to the local currency losing 80 percent of its value. children are being deprived from buying what they want people are under so much oppression of. decades of corruption and mismanagement are blamed for running the economy into the ground and political leaders don't seem to have a solution. non-governmental organizations say $80000.00 people have lost their jobs in recent months bringing the total number of unemployed to $430000.00 or 32 percent of the workforce many war and up to $1000000.00 out of the $5000000.00 lebanese population could be jobless by the end of the year. the world food program says 2 thirds of households in lebanon have lost their income and some have started to sell whatever they can to survive about.
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belonging to buy food and water. many people are in debt and depend on charity but those who were able to help now need help themselves yes there are no lives being lost as an typical natural disaster or a typical war but lebanese and people that live in lebanon. they are falling off the cliff so you have lives at risk aid agencies are already calling it a humanitarian crisis as lives continue to be destroyed by lebanon's financial meltdown. people. who you saw in that report from save the children joins me now from beirut could have you with us on the program obviously a very serious situation and we do assume that there is a direct relationship between the financial crisis that the country is experiencing
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and child hunger this is of course thank you for having me 1st but there is of course a great direct relationship between the financial crisis and child hunger i mean you've got a lot of a lot of information already in the report but essentially between the currency devaluation of him going to. really implement. what is now a. hyper inflation you have all of these elements to an increasing number of people around 50 percent. living below the poverty line are unable to meet their basic needs what safeguards are there in the constitution or in law to protect children under these sorts of circumstances is there anything at all. well of course i mean you can look at it from
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a number of different perspectives. the right good decent language of human rights the right if you question the human right the right to do i think with housing appropriate health care so if you look at the menu of these prospective you know you would have. a constitutional experts i'm not sure that there's anything about what we get but i know there is something that would be about to begin to fight like the magic you know complex the very notion of coverage indeed i mean it's no different to children in the urban areas compared to the rural areas we know lebanon is a small country it's often said that you can ski in the north again swim in the south within 3 hours of travel so that the country is small get to it is diverse in the same respect they're going to. be of course the differences this country you're referring to and that i would like to. focus on the grid. this is where we have the numbers i would expect that are going to sound like certainty at this stage but the
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numbers are not much better in tripoli in the north korea example or in the south or in the. generally not is quite centralized and generally. better actually under remote areas so the numbers are going to be you can only expect that they're actually worse. in this particular incidence you know we're seeing that as you say in your report that children across the board from all demographics are affected in certain usa european countries we see a scenario where food banks and charities are able to help those less fortunate the situation in lebanon is very different everyone is affected and i think that's the stark difference isn't it compared to other countries that are in the same sort of situation. yeah i think i think everyone is affected as you mention and i think there's also let's not forget that equivocation so even the people for example who are still part of the middle class although the willing blood or part of the upper
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class who could theoretically support are unable to access their funds. bill i would say that don't you reason why the negative effects of the crisis would be going through since october and even before actually but let's let's choose october as a starting point the reason why the effects have not already been worse is because there's been a lot of the in for a little support network solidarity initiatives with banks as you mentioned local n.g.o.s that pay to play the greater role and they're always you know if you think about it from a kind of localized patient perspective in terms of the american spectator the local n.g.o.s and you know the grassroots organizations are the 1st to respond 100 best to respond directly to respond and they are doing that to some extent but their ability to fundraise is limited their ability to access liquidity actual cash is limited and as you mention the public is becoming so widespread that there will be no one left to help the even more vulnerable or they the terrible situation in
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lebanon is experienced judge succors thanks for joining us we'll save the children in bay ridge thank you. chile's president has announced a 4 and a half $1000000000.00 boost for the economy to help soften the blow of the pandemic sebastian pinera made the announcement during his state of the nation address in america dissolute seen human reports from santiago so. everything about this year's state of the nation address was a normal starting with the fact that it was delivered more than 2 months late because of the pandemic the president's problems began much earlier. these last 9 months have been very difficult and demanding for everyone and they have been very extraordinarily difficult for me. but like many chileans not in the past and was taken aback that he barely mentioned one of the most important reasons 9 months ago a nation wide social uprising brought millions of chileans out onto the streets to
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demand profound reforms protests banned elysium and rage fanned by police brutality seemed unstoppable. instead the president focused on efforts to confront the pandemic and to help the poor and middle class write out a steep economic recession you know dana says she hasn't received a cent even though she's been out of work since april when i hear him speak i cannot trust a word he says he has lied to so much and admits the things he should be talking about it i don't believe what is promising. others weren't listening at all. in this middle class neighborhood resident or even waving to the president to be she's already banging on how do you show their discontent but at least it's a full here we are hearing reports that another part of town in low income neighborhoods the demonstrations of just pretend to be having
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a hard more violent. appealed for understanding. i want to tell those families who are still waiting for help to arrive that will do everything in our power to correct our mistakes finally i want to tell you that a house divided cannot prevail but those who've been hoping to hear the president show more humility even as his leadership is questioned even by some members of his own conservative coalition were clearly disappointed to see in human al-jazeera sent. mexico has overtaken britain with the world's 3rd highest number of coronavirus deaths close 247000 mexicans have succumbed to the disease the government's announced a multi-billion dollar agreement with the united nations to buy medical equipment and supplies. from the capital. but mexico is a country in desperate need coded 9000 has killed more than 46000 of its citizens
4:43 pm
so on friday president under this manuel lopez obrador signed an agreement with the united nations for international assistance the $6800000000.00 deal will cover a wide range of medicines medical equipment and future back scenes from global suppliers is to see me this means we are going to obtain all the medicine from countries across the world good quality medicine at low prices and without corruption. officials also announced the creation of a new government agency tasked with the distribution of those medicines as the health crisis continues to worsen nationwide the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in mexico is here in the country's capital were locked down restrictions have been lifted and many non essential services have been allowed to reopen. many now fear worsening contagion will force local officials to announce new law down measures in the days to come because he wanted them to say that it's important for it to be now and if we don't change the trend than there could be exponential
4:44 pm
growth that would take us 2 up taiba with hospitalizations that's a greater than what we had in june. mexico has now overtaken britain as the nation with the 3rd highest coronavirus death toll in the world just behind brazil and the united states. mexican health officials have stepped up covert 900 testing efforts as even federal authorities admit the real infection statistics and death tolls are likely much higher than what's being reported. al-jazeera mexico city. around 200 nicaraguan migrants stranded at a border city in costa rica receive free covert 900 tests they've been stuck for nearly 2 weeks the nicaraguan government has refused to let them return without proof of a negative test drawing condemnation from rights groups. what kind of virus restrictions have been reimposed in parts of northern england after an increase in infections pubs restaurants cafes and gyms remain open but people some people feel they're
4:45 pm
being unfairly targeted. reports of all the their manchester. localized restrictions affecting millions of people in northern england who have come at a worse time for the large muslim population they came into effect on the. other one of islam's holiest dates that i had for all night oh. you know what is what's going on is that another log that really confused people that faith leaders say the community feels let down having done everything possible to mitigate the spread of the virus there is a kind of confusion. and i want to say hate but i would say that the people are shocked with that kind of immediate action that's taken place the prime minister has warned of the need to act fast in the face of rising infection rates a possible 2nd wave he said it was time to put the brakes on
4:46 pm
a return to normality our assessment is that we should now squeeze that brake pedal squeeze that brake pedal in order to keep the virus under control i know that the steps that we're taking will be a real blow to many people everyone obviously whose wedding plans have been disrupted or who cannot mouse celebrate ied in the way that they would wish and i'm really really sorry about that but we simply cannot take the risk the deputy leader of oldham council one of the areas affected says the measures are necessary even if their introduction was b.s. and the model messages from national government are just not helpful at all the create a lawful society and in the way that they've been delivered what he has done is create division in our communities and i still think that's a big. don't appreciate the opposition says it's a new low in government communications during this crisis though there's no denying that infection rates are on the rise but among the questions the muslim community
4:47 pm
here has is why private households are a problem while drinking in pubs and bars is not i think if it was in the pub it be fine i think that's really the message that sense i think if you do was on the sea side it would be fine and i think what we need to really do is address the question why is everyone feeling angry and it's not some people in the community is everyone everyone feels that it's been targeted at them this was the scene during friday's heat wave on the english south coast some call it prejudice others pass it off as incompetence but it does seem that in parts of the country code 19 and the government's handling of the crisis is opening up bitter community divides join a whole al-jazeera oldham in the north of england. protesters in portland are refusing to back down after doll trump said a federal agents will remain until local police can remove what he called owner
4:48 pm
kists and taters rallies against racism and police brutality have been held and nightly for more than 2 months the president ordered the controversial deployment last month despite objections in oregon and the agents in riot gear work used for inflaming anger by firing tear gas at peaceful protesters. the killing of a black actor in portugal has triggered until racism protests a white band in his eighty's it's been charged with murder barbara and the poem as more. demanding justice for bruno can day an african portuguese actor and father of 3 the 39 year old was killed in a busy lisbon street on sunday protesters say it was racially motivated so was i get there well yeah but we are here working paying taxes and we cannot live in peace why are they always killing black people why. police say cam they were shot 4 times in broad daylight
4:49 pm
a white man in his eighties has been charged with his murder. can his family say the accused shattered racist slurs and threatened to kill condé 3 days earlier. we really want justice because there is no solution is there you can't kill a person like an animal. anti-racism protests triggered by the police killing of george floyd in the united states have swept the globe and in portugal there are parallel grievances and the police brutality. at $28.00 a report by the right script council of europe accused the portuguese police of multiple cases of racist violence and last year 8 officers were found guilty of kidnapping and beating young people from a predominantly black list for neighborhood while in the gulf with. globally portugal remains from the authorities to day to day a racist country which is to actually resist these demonstrations contribute to
4:50 pm
make portugal better and more just. candy was originally from guinea-bissau parliamentarians there passed a mission condemning what they see as a racially motivated murder and will send a delegation to portugal to see cancers barbara and al-jazeera divers have removed a 500 kilograms of abandoned fishing nets from a sunken submarine off the greek island of careful lonia nets caught up on the ship wrecks can prove fatal for marine life like sea turtles and dolphins now this record's one of the biggest submarines in world war 2 and it's after hitting an italian mine in 1941 it took divers 5 days to remove the internal that's at a depth the 52 meters underwater. wow well still ahead here all the news in sport major problems for america's leading baseball competition as more games are called off due to coronavirus. play.
4:51 pm
beyond going fight between donald trump and the golden state because of drones philosophy hughes indelibly drawn to conflict with golf or in exposes contrasting ideologies on immigration the environment economic and cultural issues trump is calling attention to the failure of the blue state model the battlegrounds for the 2020 alexion people in power reports on trump places california on al-jazeera. breaks everybody on this planet matter everybody an hour when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told here human development has moved right to the edge of the forest with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports it is a disease can affect anyone any age al-jazeera has teens on the ground this is the main business lobby money any person here to bring you more award winning
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documentaries and life needs. we were. both about times full of his undying thank you so much so a major league baseball commission at rob manfred says the league could be forced to shut down if corona virus infections continue to rise among players on friday the milwaukee brewers should have been playing the hung i.p.r. guys the latest cardinals that game canceled their off that same cardinals past tested positive for coveted 19 it seems natural to face each other on the saturday we have a lot of really smart people working on this really number of committed players who
4:53 pm
want to play through this but everybody wants to play safely. and you know if we if we're not smart and safe then we will fail. but we do everything we can not to fail we certainly understand the importance of trying to get back on the field but we recognize importance of player and staff safety as well so i really just ask for people's patience in all of this and. everybody understands that you know these are these are new times for us and we're we're trying to understand how to work through them. almighty league baseball began just over a week ago aiming to get through a reduced 60 game schedule for months after the season was originally due to start the miami marlins of had a 21 positive test among players and staff a need to change in the lead now haven't had a positive test the philadelphia if any series against the blue jays that's been
4:54 pm
postponed as well all activities at the philly stadium was halted on thursday after 2 staff members there tested positive now in light of the north american league including the n.b.a. major league soccer and hockey baseball teams using their own stadiums for games and biosecurity centralized hubs he's. called glazer to explain why. the n.b.a. does have guys plan a core their game as half hour later you can bring them another team out onto the court fuel maiden's the care required for the dirt the turbo takes a very very long time it takes hours really to get the playing surface the way it needs to be for a major league baseball game to take place so it's very very difficult to host more than 2 or 3 games a day on a major league field and there's not really any singular cities or g.r. geographical locations where there would be enough fields to have 50 names a day being played simultaneously again in arizona and florida the host areas for
4:55 pm
the spring training sites every year possibly could have been solutions that those 2 places have in the fields stage that many games however close those 2 states are covert 1000 hotspots in the united states there's also a lot of weather related issues again to the n.b.a. that itself play indoors don't have to worry about weather so maybe it's weather and just the lack of available 'd major league quality syllabus in a given city makes it very very difficult for major league baseball to have any type of bubble scenario. orlando magic forward jonathan isaac became the 1st player not so nailed during the national anthem since the n.b.a.'s restart isaac said he didn't believe putting on a t. shirt and mailing was the best way of fighting racial injustice the 22 year old who's also an ordained minister says he shows his support for the black clouds mass movement through prayer. and one of the pollen childlessness kept their playoff
4:56 pm
hopes alive for the win against the memphis grizzlies hear the sounds were locked at 124 all forcing the game into overtime c.j. mccollum and damian lillard led the way as paula went on to say 14135 victory. now normally tens of thousands of fans will be heading to london's wembley stadium for the english f.a. cup final it will be very different this year chelsea will take on arsenal in an n.c. venue gizzi coronavirus restrictions are still miss out on european football next season if they lose this match their last trophy win well i came in this competition 3 years ago we worked so hard seems i joined here to try to reduce global. by 2 winning titles we were going to achieve that i would be delighted but not for myself or the later on and the club they've used to some very difficult moments in the last if you season the trophy or clarke. is one artist i'll give
4:57 pm
you for life or you're pretty quick if you go on if you lose in finalist. time because you love the fans to be there are fans of great cross will say as i'm sure asking the slightest time and love days like this to come is the same. top level women's golf estate off in the united states for the 1st time since the coronavirus lockdown events in ohio being played without spect seitz's organizers said the word soup positive tests for coverage 19 out of the 466 given so players and caddies american daniel kang has a one shot lead after an opening round of 66. and england's tommy fleetwood hit one of the shots of the day at the st jude invitational in tennessee is there 10 shots behind 2nd round leader brendan. ok plenty more sports throughout the day but that is how we are looking so thanks very much and they will be watching the observer news are with me so rob will be back with more news on the other side of the break until everyone to be on the news
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on t.v. but through time a trickle. came from the countryside to cairo and became part of a life. they say this job is different from being the doorman al-jazeera world meets the man you've been keeping a close eye on residential life in the big cities for decades but who may now be passing into history. we'll see from all the people he wasn't dormant but he's now managed by a security company the doorman of egypt on al-jazeera. as a weapon of war leaves the very deepest scars. scars so raw that the victims men and women can barely talk about it. they are the only witnesses who can help bring about justice al-jazeera fall as human rights campaigners in libya
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investigating right since the 2011 revolution. libya unspeakable crime on al-jazeera. the health of humanity is at stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving to school supplies and training to help the world's most found mobile people uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatments and a vaccine working with scientists and health workers to learn all we can about the virus keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the ward and in the land advocating for everyone to have access to essential health services now more than ever the world needs w.-h. and making a healthy a world. for everyone. the
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race to beat the virus russia's health minister says the country could begin mass vaccinations a soon as october. it's all rommany watch out is there a life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes thousands rally in berlin with some calling for an easing of pandemic restrictions donald trump's threats to ban popular video sharing up to talk following secure.


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