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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 1, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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cost on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. when entering. the race to beat the virus russia's health minister says the country could begin matts vaccinations as soon as october. but on the clock this is out there alive and also coming up infections on the rise again in germany but thousands protest mosque free in the capital one t.n.n. to restrictions. going after pro-democracy activists living in exile hong kong
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issues arrest warrants for 6 people under a new national security law. millions of americans left in limbo as politicians disagree over extending unemployment benefits for people who lost jobs because of over 90. so that the race to find a crate of ours vaccine just picked up pace with russia saying it will begin vaccinations as early as october but some countries are already raising questions about the safety of vaccines that are rolled out too quickly russia's health minister hasn't given any details about the vaccine and it's not clear if the treatments produces an immune response in germany the government is under increasing pressure over its covert $1000.00 restrictions so far as managed to keep infections down but it's now seen. a rise in cases and the country's been easing
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its lockdown but social distancing rules they're still in place after what's being called an explosive spread in the region of okinawa in japan a state of emergency has been declared there tokyo's governor has warned she may follow suit if he has seen a record number of daily infections for the 3rd straight day or dare i gather is a very religious to lecture at lancaster university in the u.k. and he says the rush to produce a covert 19 vaccine could mean that an effective result is still far from such actions take a long time to develop and if you go back to the last pandemic that made the news in a big which was either via spiking 2016 and we still don't have a surprise that's ready for what we used to the some some of the early promising results and complications of rules should be sainted if we define a cyst which is your vital storms are a difficult subject to develop vaccines against and we have a problems with other flu viruses flu virus vaccines and passed with corona virus
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accedes we've never tried to develop a vaccine to immunise humans against coronaviruses there are some and move axes that have been developed vaccines against humans and for criminals is this this is the 1st one so this presents what problems under normal circumstances a bt several years for this to get regulatory approval but because of the international law to see what's of these processes which would normally run sequentially and over and running in panel acceptance we've heard that and governments are already placing orders for 4 or 4 vaccines and on the off chance that one of them will pass regulatory approval and then you know immediately be able to begin production of a large scale thousands of people have marched to me german capital to protest the coronavirus restrictions are around 17000 demonstrators joined the rally before police moved in to disperse the crowd the mccain has more from but it. you have
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people coming to the center of berlin to demonstrate how angry they are at what they believe is the denial of their freedom because they don't like the measures put in place to control the pandemic they don't want to observe social distancing they don't want to have to wear masks and that sort of thing and so they believe that by demonstrating that in berlin in the center of the city on a sunny day in august that they can put their point across the interesting thing is that the organizers of this demonstration earlier in the week could hope that they get something like half a 1000000 people on the streets of berlin they haven't managed that the police estimate is that something like 17000 people have been marching through the streets of the german capital the interesting point is that the police decided that this demonstration these rallies are not following the regulations that are in place governing mass demonstrations mass groups of people in the streets and so they
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forced the organizers to shut down and the point there being that this is exactly what the organizers would have wanted because their argument is that they are showing the way to freedom the reality of course is that for the police who are charged with keeping everybody safe they believe that they have to step in. or laura birdman lee has more now on the disturbing situation in japan. is the traditional japanese art form hundreds of years old it's the 1st time it's ever been performed like this. the number of the phone is unlimited. chess. and stick to social distancing rules on states. took years kabuki theater has opened for the 1st time in 5 months with strict guidelines as the capsule reported a record rise in coronavirus cases for the 3rd consecutive day as tokyo's governor
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considered ordering a new state of emergency the theater is at risk of closing once we have the source if there are any requests from the japanese or tokyo government we need to respond appropriately and think of a way to adapt the performance depending on the situation this may unfortunately include having to stop partway through the run the so the island of okinawa has declared a culvert 19 state of emergency some japanese suspect u.s. personnel based on the island of importing the disease there is concern that perhaps the reason why it's heading that island particularly strongly is because u.s. forces particularly u.s. marines have been able to come in and out of japan without going through immigration controls until very recently without any covert $900.00 tests under the status of forces agreement a record $71.00 daily infections were reported in the peano while on friday and hospitals are being overwhelmed the majority of cases a u.s.
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troops. in order for us to put every effort into combat in the coronavirus okinawa will issue a state of emergency for the commander of u.s. forces says it has nothing to do with that basis there has been absolutely no connection and has been proven to show that there has been any spread from the a coster's on the bases to the local community there are many elements that make japan vulnerable to the virus the government launched a travel campaign last week to revive the tourism industry that's prompted the world health. to call the campaign ill timed with fears the government was choosing business over health cover 19 is also a disease the primarily kills elderly people japan has the world's oldest population. in tokyo the kabuki theater still for doing what they can to ensure safety. with an elaborate costumes the make up as well as a pop base
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a warm hearted drama many see the don'ts of as a chance to forget. about the boring. outside nor about the manly. debates is continuing in the united states ever want to financial assistance should be given to people who've lost their jobs politicians are holding further talks on saturday after a $600.00 a week coronavirus unemployment benefit expired jordan has borne from northern virginia. the democratic party and the republican party in washington are far apart on how to move forward the democrats basically want to maintain the status quo through january trying to give people financial support as the government and private industry try to find effective treatments and effective vaccines so that life can return to normal here in the us republicans however don't want to spend
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the money that democrats want to spend they say that this would promote a culture of laziness and they don't want to be in the business of doing that however you have more than 30000000 americans who are losing their unemployment benefits this weekend money that they have been using for food for medicine to pay their mortgages and their rent to take care of other expenses and because these people are not able to go back to work they really are running out of options and so it is critical say the democrats to try to find a deal to protect the more than 30000000 americans who couldn't fault of their own have no jobs to go to the republicans are standing firm for their part. we're going to report the chinese dons has agreed to divest the u.s. operations of its social media platform to talk completely off the president threaten to use his presidential powers to ban the app he's against an american
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take over the company amid reports that microsoft is in talks to buy it and he's who has this report. it's still latest rift in the escalating tech war between the u.s. and china for weeks u.s. officials have raised security concerns over the chinese owned video ticktock saying it can help beijing spot on americans and now president donald trump threatened to fan it all together well look here that we may be bending god we may be doing some other things a couple of options but a lot of things are happening so we'll see what happens but we are looking at a lot of alternatives with respect to. trump stepped up his rhetoric following reports that he may sign an order forcing chinese parent company might dance to sell the u.s. portion of take talk microsoft was set to be in talks to acquire it but neither side confirmed any deal in a blog post earlier this week to talks chief kevin mayer says his company is not
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being treated fairly he says it's receiving more scrutiny because of its chinese origins and insists it is not the enemy to talks estimated to have 800000000 active users worldwide a 10th of them in the u.s. experts say banning it would be challenging i think it's very unclear what a ban would look like and what it would mean you know it's very hard to ban something that's popular among the use it's just you know if your parents tell you not to do something it makes you want to do it more in june a video that went viral on tech talk was seen as one of the reasons behind the poor attendance at trump's campaign rally in tulsa oklahoma forcing a wildly popular app off the smartphones of millions of americans could prove to be an unpopular move ahead of trump's reelection bid and they sue. police in hong kong are demanding the arrests of 6 pro-democracy activists living in exile they include former british consulate worker simon chiang who says he was tortured
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by chinese agents to give information about anti-government protests also on the wanted list as prominent opposition figure nathan lowe this is thought to be the 1st time police have used the new national security law to target activists outside the territory well earlier i asked nathan more for his reaction to demands for his arrest by the chinese government why stephanie outrageous even though i had a proper ration talk about it just when it becomes a reality a really terrible waste hung now i can bring up a legitimate demands. the government to act responsibly and to fix this human rights violation and that leads to serious arrest and that is definitely up to you must be very concerned about your your safety and indeed your freedom if you stayed in hong kong what did you think might happen if you did stay. they stayed
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and actually a maximum life a life long thing or even be extradited back to china so the. very very terrible. and it just show that the government uses the national security law to talk at creating of expression of people so what kind of reception have you had there in britain or what have the british authorities said to you well of course very concerned is a gross violation of my right to have my speech. never done anything like in concrete to really push. change at the thing that i was going to have a expressed support for the british government. well of course the. british government and also opposition party that be were really focused in hong kong. part have yet and i think they are very concerned by the show and we think that that is the terrible me that i got. still ahead here in our desire of protesters demands
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iraq's prime minister says an election will be held a year sooner than planned. and a frosty reception in chile the president's assistant to the nation address is dismissed by citizens. hello there is more flooding on the way for the korean peninsula probably this northeastern part of china as well that's where the seasonal rains got to them but it's most active at this end of it says the yellow river across the yellow sea towards north korea to some degree south korea as well certainly in seoul and then you go across to japan and just a few showers nimble that's also true back in china the huge area was nothing really forecasts in the south that's quite different the something of
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a circulation sas chancy about his falling apart but it leaves an awful lot of potential for rain in hong kong for all the way along the south coast and into taiwan in particular taipei could be particularly wet so although reflects where the seasonal rain is 3 days of it sunday monday tuesday and humid days. now given what's happening up here that would suggest maybe it won't be quite so active for the 2nd and that is true for a couple of days at least although we've got showers from the southern philippines sort of racing in borneo in sumatra and at least peninsula malaysia it's pretty dry weather right in there up in myanmar central thailand the northern vietnam as well the monsoon rain is concentrating now and he kind of concentrated on the western ghats particularly in the south. but. beyond going fight between donald trump and the golden state because of trans
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philosophy he's in the everybody going to conflict with california exposes contrasting ideologies on immigration the environment economic and cultural issues trump is calling attention to the failure of the blue state model the key battlegrounds for the 20 twentieth's action people in power reports on trump plus his california on al-jazeera. you're. going to get what she wants amount of our top stories to stop at russia has announced that mass vaccinations against corona virus could begin soon it's october the health minister gave no details about the vaccine it's not clear if the
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treatment produces and responds. arrival at rallies are under way in berlin both for and against corona virus restrictions doctors in germany are warning of a potential 2nd wave as infections increase. chinese firm bite downs has reportedly agreed to divest the u.s. operations of its social media platform to talk completely that's after president donald trump threatened to use his presidential powers to ban the ad. the head of what iran describes is a u.s. based terrorist group is under arrest jamsheed and the group known as tonga are accused of sabotage operations in iran is blamed for killing 14 people in a bomb attack in sarah's 12 years ago radio media isn't saying where it was detained as a bag has more from terror. this group were established in the united states by an individual by the name of cherry they have a t.v. station with a protective fuse and we checked their father's name and cherry disappeared
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mysteriously around 2007 no one really knows where he is but then jump shed took over they need to ship of the iran says they've captured him they haven't said where and when they've captured him but they said that it was a complicated intelligence operation and he was captured by iranian forces now in the past iran having people to iraq with have been detained one such individual was ruled as the activist and journalist and his death sentence was upheld and then arraigned in court at the end of june but this capture will be seen by iran possibly yes more significant. also refer to them because the fandom and jerry was also part of an organization called the kingdom assembly which wanted to reinstate the monarchy system that was here before the revolution 41 years ago now. these individuals are terrorists iraq's prime minister has announced a general election next june which will be a year earlier than scheduled and stuff. promised an early vote when he took office
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in may months of anti-government demonstrations demanded early elections protesters want to government overhaul and to corruption in such terror innocent. men so as the director of the iraq initiative at the u.k.'s think tank chatham house and he says the prime minister's ambition to push through reforms was not in line with the protesters key demand for early elections. most of the me as you know not even then i mean it's a 400 days yet he came in 1000 reform and a whole host if you look at his government i don't know host of different types of reform he didn't really talk as much about elections early elections as you were trying to wipe the corruption and those bigger demands when i think it's been a very rocky sort of premiership himself in his time he has seen assassinations increase with for example a sham of passion in his assassination a few weeks ago then last monday to hear square. as to you know his forces shot at what justice and kill people at esther's so very clearly his bigger ambition for
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reform was bigger ambitions to try and within it 2 years that he had to try to do something different was not working and i think this kind of was his fall back option to some extent ok i need the public you need he's trying to gather a big support by going to what has been there may be a man on the beginning and he like sions. international aid agencies say a rising number of lebanese families are losing their income and sinking into poverty save the children says half a 1000000 youngsters are going hungry not just in beirut judging the government to help vulnerable so hard as it's reported. in this middle class neighborhood in the heart of the lebanese capital stories of poverty are everywhere households have been pushed into desperation i'm a liberal him like so many other families is a victim of the rapidly imploding economy she says it has been hard on her 11 year old son hamza who's had to adapt to a new lifestyle. of them to have
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a family by borrowing money to feed her children for 5 months short on house rent my husband isn't working my family will die from hunger if the situation continues the. children are already hungry more than half a 1000000 of them in the greater beirut area according to the charity. save the children poverty is a real thing some children currently go to bed hungry the negative coping mechanisms for the time being are able to kind of fill some of these gaps but on the long run if there's no micro level and sustainable they will be. already half the country lives in poverty here in the northern city of tripoli families struggle with soaring food prices due to the local currency losing 80 percent of its value. children are being deprived from buying what they want people are on there so much oppression of. decades of corruption and mismanagement are blamed for
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running the economy into the ground and political leaders don't seem to have a solution. non-governmental organizations say $80000.00 people have lost their jobs in recent months bringing the total number of unemployed to $430000.00 or 32 percent of the workforce many warn up to $1000000.00 out of the $5000000.00 lebanese population could be jobless by the end of the year. the world food program says 2 thirds of households in lebanon have lost their income and some have started to sell whatever they can to survive. i already saw the groom and some other belongings to buy food and water. many people are in debt and depend on charity but those who were able to help now need help themselves yes there are no lives being lost as in typical natural disaster or
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a typical war but lebanese people that live in lebanon by the syrian refugees by others they are falling off the cliff so you have lives at risk aid agencies are already calling it a humanitarian crisis as lives continue to be destroyed by lebanon's financial meltdown. beirut. united arab emirates says it switched on the 1st reactor at the arab world's 1st nuclear power station. was originally 3 years ago but work has been repeatedly delayed south korean engineers will test their nuclear technology before electricity can be produced from the $24000000000.00 plus a top zimbabwean author has been released on bail after police arrested her as part of a crackdown on dissent. done remember was charged with incitement to commit violence
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and breaching anti coronavirus regulations she's among dozens arrested for taking part in 90 government protests in harare president emerson man i got to denounce the protests calling them and insurrection. a boat capsized in nigeria killing 10 people on board 4 passengers are unaccounted for in nigeria the largest city of lagos 5 others were rescued in the strong us. and ukraine has collapsed killing 11 workers at a southern indian shipyard another 5 were taken to hospital it happened as the crane was being tested at the government run large in the vision now most of the victims are contract neighborhoods. prosecutors in the united states and britain have charged 3 young men with hacking twitter they're accused of taking over the accounts of several high profile people including the former us president barack obama and tester boss in a mosque so hard as an activist this is the alleged ringleader of the 2 it's
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a hacking 2 weeks ago the 17 year old is from temper in florida he faces that huge challenges including computer intrusion fraud money laundering and identity theft he's one of 3 young men accused of hacking the accounts of famous people and scamming their followers into sending digital money he gained access to twitter accounts and to be in charge controls of twitter through compromising on twitter employee. she saw the actions of those accounts didn't use the identities of prominent people. money in the form. promising in return that she would sum back twice as much. and then collectively of course never give back the coin that you received from the czech police say the highly sophisticated cyber attack targeted 130 twitter accounts among them u.s. presidential candidate joe biden former u.s. president barack obama is in both jeff bezos to you know mosque and billionaire
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bill gates the suspects are accused of taking over their accounts and posting charitable messages on asking for money they received hundreds of cryptocurrency transfers into a big coin account worth around a $100000.00 police say they stopped the scam before more money was stolen u.s. justice department identified the other $2.00 suspects by accessing their own 9 chats and bitcoin transactions 22 year old name a facility with a known online as rolex from the u.s. state of florida a 19 year old mason shepherd nicknamed child one from the u.k. paper suggests they were lured in by the ringleader with the promise of highly prized short twitter user names known as o.-g. handles they are all facing other federal or state criminal charges including computer intrusion fraud money laundering wire fraud and identity theft twitter says the hackers were able to access the private messages of $36.00 of $130.00 hacked accounts including one for an elected official in the netherlands but after
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one of the most high profile online security breaches in recent years to its it says it's fast tracking security improvements prevent further scams targeting both employees and uses so to hide at. protesters in poland are refusing to back down off the dollar trump said that federal agents will remain until local police can remove what he called anarchists and educated. rallies against racism and police brutality have been held nightly for more than 2 months the president ordered the controversial deployment last month despite objections in oregon the agents in riot get her accused of inflaming anger by far and take us peaceful protesters. residents in florida preparing for a new looked on its hearkened heads north threatening the coast with potentially damaging winds and torrential rain the governor has declared a state of emergency for the atlantic coastal region hurrican warning it comes as florida struggles to deal with one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the united
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states. chinese president has announced a 4 and a half 1000000000 dollar boost for the economy to help soften the blow the pandemic is about to made the announcement during his state of the nation address a lot of america this isn't even reports though from santiago. you see you know everything about this year's state of the nation address was a normal starting with the fact that it was delivered more than 2 months late because of the pandemic the president made his problems began much earlier the ample that these last 9 months have been very difficult and demanding for everyone and they have been very extraordinarily difficult for me. but like many chileans not in the past and was taken aback that he barely mentioned one of the most important reasons 9 months ago a nationwide social uprising brought millions of chileans out onto the streets to demand profound reforms protests band elysium and rage fanned by police brutality
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seemed unstoppable. instead the president focused on efforts to confront the pandemic and to help the poor and middle class write out a steep economic recession don't you know dana says she hasn't received a cent even though she's been out of work since april when boy when i hear him speak i cannot trust a word he says he has lied to so much and to mix the things he should be talking about it i don't believe it is promising. others weren't listening at all. in this middle class neighborhood resident or he did waving to the president today and to be sure speech you know many banging on about it in paris showed their discontent but at least it's peaceful here we are hearing reports though that in other parts of town in low income neighborhoods the demonstrations of discontent are be having one more violent. appealed for understanding. to listen i want to
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tell those families who are still waiting for help to arrive that will do everything in our power to correct our mistakes finally i want to tell you that a house divided cannot prevail but had been hoping to hear the presidential more humility even as his leadership is questioned even by some members of his own conservative coalition well clearly disappointed you see in human al-jazeera sent. so this is out 0 these are the top stories and 1st russia has announced a mass vaccinations against coronavirus could begin as soon as october the health ministry gave no details about the vaccine and it's not clear if the treatment produces an immune response rival rallies are underway in berlin both for and against coronavirus restrictions doctors in germany are warning of a potential 2nd wave as infections increase. japan is facing
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a resurgence in covert 1000 cases tokyo confirmed to record 472 infections on saturday in the capital as governor says the citywide state of emergency may have to be imposed it's a step that's already been taken in okinawa where an outbreak is suspected to have originated at a u.s. military base the bottom line is that our procedures for u.s. forces and are stringent they are affected and what we have seen a growth in cases in a couple of our basins those have been managed they have been contained and there has been absolutely no connection to that has been proven to show that there has been any spread from the costers on the bases to the local community and the base is continuing in the usa what financial assistance should be given to people who've lost their jobs politicians have been holding talks on saturday after a 600 dollars a week coronavirus unemployment benefit expired chinese firm bite downs has reportedly agreed to divest the u.s.
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operations of its social media platform to talk completely off the president donald trump threaten to use his presidential powers to ban the police in hong kong are seeking the arrest of 6 pro-democracy activists living in exile so to be the 1st time the new national security law imposed by china has been used to target activists abroad iran says it's arrested the head of what it describes is a u.s. based terrorist group. and the group known as tonga are accused of leading sabotage operations inside iran iranian authorities hold responsible for both me in 2008 in the city of shiraz in which 14 people were killed. iraq's prime minister has announced a general election next june which is a year earlier than scheduled the stuff me promise to never leave a 20 took office in may it's been months of anti-government demonstrations calling for early elections. there's headlines got more news here on al-jazeera right off the people and power.
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states as california is progressive stones on issues from climate change to immigration as long come to a potential eyes and in opposition to preston on trump does this puts a launch come back to reveal about the choices facing americans in the coming presidential election in the 2nd of 2 special reports babes house has been finding out.


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