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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 2, 2020 3:00am-3:34am +03

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people are pretty calm and there is no check against this tent provided a glimpse into someone else is what you are. dreaming of your life inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmaker. witness on al-jazeera. thousands cool for benjamin netanyahu his resignation in the knowledge as protest yet against his leadership. hello there i missed and this is al jazeera live from dar also coming up corona virus infections in south africa surpass off a 1000000 that's half the reported cases and or africa. karen community marches for
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justice after soldiers are accused of shooting dead a mother and stealing her jewelry. and a nasa team undocks from the international space station and is returning to earth and what's expected to be the 1st sea landing for u.s. astronauts in 45 years. now it's the largest protest that israel has seen in a decade for the 3rd straight week now thousands gathered outside prime minister benjamin netanyahu his official residence demanding that he resign there's frustration over the government's handling of the coronavirus outbreak as well as the corruption charges that netanyahu faces correspondent harry force that reports from west to resign. it's becoming a saturday night ritual in the square close to benjamin netanyahu official residence early evening and the policeman increasingly robust barricades by the protest is renewed. that demand that netanyahu leave office the so-called black
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flag movement has long insisted that a prime minister on trial for alleged corruption a step down they say the pandemic has brought new supporters to their cause and cloven just like gave us all slap in the face and made us wake up to the reality that. nothing is changing and we needed changing we need now the people are all over upset and they. stay in the house they don't have a war they don't have jobs they don't have food something. and our woke him up waking up their leaders have disappointed us and they didn't do their job so they grow up to contact with the citizens and now the citizens are coming together to make them i did do their job and go home i in recent weeks protesters have risked water cannon and arrest as well as threats of and actual physical assault by right wing groups the prime minister has labeled them anarchists complained himself
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of death threats and criticized the media for focusing on the demonstrations nonetheless the numbers on the street sunni risen saturday's protest in west jerusalem thought to be the biggest yet weeks and there is no sense of the momentum of these protests is slowing no sense that people may get tired of coming out onto the streets with such frequency the question is what effect all this will have on the political fortunes of the target of these protests the prime minister benjamin netanyahu. the coronavirus pandemic deep into its 2nd wave has seen unemployment top 20 percent with more than half of israelis worried about paying bills public trust in the prime minister has nearly carved suggests one poll to 29 percent less than you know who is denied persistent reports that he's considering pulling the plug on his fractious coalition with former rival benny gantz and going to elections once more when you have seen this kind of discontent in the street and when you have people that are really really protesting and really really calling
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for the end to his tenure it's not the time to go to elections he realizes this is going to be the greatest political risk that he's ever taken benjamin netanyahu is certainly no political newbie few a better versed in the tactics of holding on to power but the public pressure isn't . this battle is far from over. turning to the corona virus pandemic now and the number of infections across south africa has surpassed half a 1000000 but experts warn the outbreak has not yet reached its peak there more than 10000 new cases in 148 deaths were confirmed on saturday officials warn the situation will get worse as they're expecting the health crisis only to peak in late august early september south africa accounts for more than half of all the reported cases on the continent our correspondent for me to measure is in johannesburg she says many hospitals are struggling to cope with the influx of
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coronavirus patients. for many in south africa it is quite frightening given that the country has been under some level of lockdown for more than 4 months now while some of the restrictions have eased. things really aren't. return to normal at all and it's quite concerning to see that number rise now the government also released a statement the president says specifically not long after the announcement of half a 1000000 cases saying that things are bad but not that bad it says that the lockdown has helped to delay the increase in cases of the last few months giving the government time to prepare public health facilities and it's relied on these public health facilities to help people in this country who have been infected by the virus but there's also been concern that in provinces like the eastern cape specifically the presidency has also acknowledged that that province its health
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facilities public hospitals have been overwhelmed or kenya has now resumed international travel after grounding flights since march because of the coronavirus its national carrier reopened routes to about 30 destinations last month kenya airways announced it will cut jobs as the industry struggles with this pandemic african carriers are expected to lose 6000000000 dollars this year russia is also resuming international flights after more than 4 months there moscow's sheremetyevo airport was the 1st to reopen passengers are allowed unrestricted travel to the u.k. turkey and tanzania flights to other countries are operating under special rules. well now residents of the bahamas have been advised to continue being cautious after hurricane e.c.s. hit the u.s. national hurricane center says the worst affected area was new providence that's the most populous island the storm was carrying winds of 120 kilometers per hour when it struck south of the capital in the south on saturday meanwhile forecasters
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are warning that easiest is likely to gain strength again as it heads north towards florida and to do some speed while moving through the bahamas florida's governor has declared a state of emergency for parts of the stage and all of this comes as florida is struggling to deal with one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the u.s. the storm also prompted the closure of some code 900 testing sites in the stays on despite about approaching storm and nasa says 2 astronauts aboard a space x. capsule are on track to land off the coast of florida on sunday afternoon astronauts doug hurley and bob behnken have just undocked officially ending their 2 month mission onboard the international space station now this marks a new era for commercial spaceflight 9 years after nasa retired its space shuttle fleet repairs arrival will mark the 1st sea landing for u.s. astronauts in 45 years you're watching live pictures now they are aiming for the gulf of mexico just off the florida panhandle. well chinese tech company by
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dance has reportedly agreed to sell the u.s. operation of its very popular video up to talk the movie is designed to prevent the u.s. president from banning it donald trump says he has the power to shut it down after his government raised security concerns over the out u.s. officials say user days are processed by to talk of a end up in the hands of the chinese government or tick tocks u.s. general manager remains defiant against trump's threat to ban that app in a message posted on twitter she said tick-tock is not going anywhere and will stay for the long run. we hope your outpouring of support and we want to say thank you we're not planning on going if you were. the hope of creators and harder to express themselves their ideas and connect with people across different backgrounds and we are so proud of all the various communities that call to talk to their heart and so we appreciate the support we here for the long run it continue to share your voice
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here and i stand with you. and are staying with social media and facebook has obeyed a brazilian judge's order and blocked 12 accounts but president abbas and our supporters from being accessed weld wide now they're under investigation for running a fake news operation previously facebook failed to comply with the order because the council only blocked in brazil the social media giant says it will appeal the order which it says is extreme. now mia law is military says 2 soldiers accused of killing a woman from an ethnic minority community will face a court martial the mother of 3 is death has reignited anger and karen state where there's been an arrest for decades and got the reports. anger on the streets of neutral in myanmar's northeast protesters march for justice after a 38 year old mother from the ethnic karen community was shot dead by soldiers the
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men then stole her jewelry members of the community accuse the military of rights abuses and want them out or you die you know out we want the u.s. in communities you have the power to put pressure on the minima government to stop the use of violence to care in all ethnic groups in myanmar stop raping killing and treating the villages like animals. karen community leaders say the army is using coronavirus lockdown measures as an excuse to attack villages. karen villages have a problem of finding food they can't leave the village as movement is limited they can't people can't move with them in my army can hold. up. karen rebels were among the last ethnic groups to sign a cease fire deal with me and most government in 2012 after more than 6 decades
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fighting to self rule many current villages were forced from their lands during their rebellion and many remain living in camps along the border with thailand you need to recognize how we did it is people's right to land and resources. instead optic you know where these results are from and displaced from the forests they need to really protect the people the government says soldiers responsible for killing karen civilians will be punished but there are concerns with the proceedings will be fair and transparent for now protest is a push of a compensation for a husband and 3 children who've been left without a mother barbara al-jazeera. at least 8 people have died in india's northern state of punjab after drinking toxic bootleg alcohol police there say they've arrested 25 people and confiscated large quantities of booze and storage drums or 30 say the sales were widespread and expect more fatalities now
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a torrent of water has destroyed hundreds of homes after a dam suddenly collapsed and through don the bow dam in blue nile state is used to store some 5000000 cubic metres of water an estimated $600.00 families in one neighborhood have now been cut off completely surrounded by water on all sides so you don't typically experience as heavy rains and flooding around this time of year . while still ahead here on al-jazeera unmasked an unrepentant thousands rally in berlin against the latest coronavirus measure. and after months of protests on the pandemic chileans bang pots and pans during the president's state of the nation address.
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hello the heaviest rain now in shiner is further north out of the yangtze valley which is a lot of flooding to disappear to some degree so yellow valley the river valley it is yet to see and the korean peninsula where the witnesses and i would souls got to 3 days more of miserable weather i suspect heavy in places that rain in north korea at least but the chinese side it's quite dr in sichuan they're more than a shower to much of the heavy rain is a lot for the south over the water or edging towards hong kong or taiwan the orange center the circulations which provide provide big thunderstorms so flash flooding is definitely on the cards here which means there's not that much energy left of places further south i think we will see a good chance to showers for the southern philippines west papua than to sort of ways the eastern side of borneo but 1st up on satellite probably remain dry java or certainly most to sumatra and finished in malaysia not so for me and more on for
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thailand looking creasing the wetter of there. the monsoon coming in from the southwest it should of course affect the western ghats and it is that's where the heaviest rain is light to be of the next day or so but with plenty of big showers further north all the way up to northern pakistan. the u.s. is the richest country in the world yet it still doesn't have a universal health care system all the all scream why not to influential republican lani chairman some top democrats say it in a special edition of head to head in 68500 miles a year we would save under medicare reform study this doesn't happen in canada or spain google street people don't die because they confidentially well they die because they can't get access to care head to head on algis iraq.
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hello again i'm mr tate and let's remind you of our top stories this hour thousands of protesters in west or islam are calling on israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to resign there's frustration over the government's handling of the coronavirus crisis as well as netanyahu is corruption charges it's the largest protest that israel seen in a decade. the number of corona virus infections across south africa has surpassed half a 1000000 but experts warn the outbreak has not yet reached its peak more than 10000 new cases and 114 deaths were confirmed on saturday. in 2 nasa astronauts and undocked from the international space station and up on their way back to earth the
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aiming for the gulf of mexico just off the florida panhandle in the 1st 3 landing for u.s. astronauts and 45 year. now corona virus infection numbers in latin america have doubled over the past month mexico has eclipsed the u.k. and now has the 3rd highest now. deaths worldwide and colombia has also passed $10000.00 deaths lockdowns there are plans now to last throughout august and the government is expecting its peak later this month hospitals in several cities including the capital bogota have few available beds left in the intensive care units while chile as president has announced a 4 and a half $1000000000.00 boost for the economy to help soften the blow from this pandemic sebastian pinera made the announcement during his state of the nation address latin america at a center senior reports from santiago. everything about this year's state of the nation address was a normal starting with the fact that it was delivered more than 2 months late
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because of the pandemic president's address dampier's problems began much earlier dimple that these last 9 months have been very difficult and demanding for everyone and they have been very extraordinarily difficult for me. but like many chileans not in the past and was taken aback that he barely mentioned one of the most important reasons 9 months ago a nationwide social uprising brought millions of chileans out onto the streets to demand profound reforms protests vandalism and re fanned by police brutality seemed unstoppable. instead the president focused on efforts to confront the pandemic and to help the poor and middle class write out a steep economic recession i don't you know dana says she hasn't received a cent even though she's been out of work since april when boiler when i hear him speak i cannot trust a word he says he has lied to so much and will miss the things he should be talking
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about it i don't believe what he's promising now. others weren't listening at all. in this middle class neighborhood resident or even waving the president she's already been banging on potted plants show their discontent but at least it's peaceful here we are hearing reports that another part of town in low income neighborhoods the demonstrations of discontent are becoming more and more violent. appealed for understanding your abilities to listen i want to tell those families who are still waiting for help to arrive that will do everything in our power to correct our mistakes finally i want to tell you that a house divided cannot prevail with those who've been hoping to hear the presidential more humility even as his leadership is questioned even by some members of his own conservative coalition would clearly disappointed to see in
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human al-jazeera sent. well japan is facing a resurgence and covered 1000 cases take care confirmed a record 472 corona virus infections on saturday and the governor says a state of emergency may have to be imposed or about manly has more. is the traditional japanese art form hundreds of years old it's the 1st time it's ever been before like this. the number of the film is unlimited. unstick the social distancing rules on states. took years kabuki theater has opened for the 1st time in 5 months with strict guidelines as the capsule reported a record rise in coronavirus cases for the 3rd consecutive day as tokyo's governor considered ordering a new state of emergency the theater is at risk of closing once. so stop
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if there were any requests from the japanese or tokyo government we need to respond appropriately and think of a way to adapt the performance depending on the situation this may unfortunately include having to stop partway through the run the so the island of okinawa has declared a covert 19 state of emergency some japanese suspect u.s. personnel based on the island of importing the disease there is concern that perhaps the reason why it's hitting that island particularly strongly is because u.s. forces particularly u.s. marines have been able to come in and out of japan without going through immigration controls and until very recently without any covert 900 tests under the status of forces agreement a record $71.00 daily infections were reported in okinawa on friday and hospitals are being overwhelmed the majority of cases a u.s. troops. in order for us to put every effort into combat in the coronavirus
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okinawa will issue a state of emergency for the commander of u.s. forces says it has nothing to do with that basis there has been absolutely no connection to it has been proven to show that there has been any spread from the a coster's on the bases to the local community there are many elements that make japan vulnerable to the virus the government launched a travel campaign last week to revive the tourism industry that's prompted the world health organization to call the campaign ill timed with fears that government was choosing based. over health over 19th also the disease the primarily kills elderly people to pass the world's oldest population. in tokyo the kabuki theater still for doing what they can to ensure safety. with the labrat costumes the make up as well as a pop warm hearted drama many feel the don't have the chance to forget at least
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brouhaha about the boring searching cases outside. when our cruise ships can again dock at 6 ports in greece after the lifting of a coronavirus ban there those ports include p.a.'s roads and corfu but only if all passengers on board test negative for private 19 the cruise industry is one of the worst hit by this pandemic most companies have canceled holidays months in advance and many won't start sailing again until next year several have to catch bankruptcy governments including britain and the united states are advising against cruise travel and passengers who recently disembarked from a cruise ship in norway are now self isolating after 3 dozen crewmembers tested positive for the virus douglas ward spent 17 years at sea and is also the author of bullets as chris shipped gaiety he says the industry is well set up to ensure the safety of passengers a good thing about cruising is that they can change the destination for you every
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single day so you can visit us reports 23 islands in a single cruise you can visit for destinations so i think out you cruising is good and this summer and talked to mom danger i think that moment is where. companies with the large cruise. tried to enter the orient to the market to quickly. but you know i think there's so much tomorrow especially for cruising next year and it looks like looking at greece doesn't have a big cruise industry at the moment it's been it's been waning over the last few years there are less companies now operating at a very good thing is that the cruise industry has all the protocols in place and all the enhanced sanitation increased air conditioning and all the prescreening so it should be easy to trace. if anyone comes down with the virus.
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however just like any other place whether it's an ice skating rink or it's a girl or sort if it's that environment where you have in detainment tracing everybody it's a bit of a bit of a labor job all the thousands of people have launched in the german capital to protest against a virus or strictures that about 17000 demonstrators joined that rally before police moved in to disperse them germany is seeing a spike in new infections john mccain reports from valen. on saturday morning 955 new cases of corona virus were announced in germany and 7 new dance on saturday afternoon thousands of people came out to protest about the measures aimed at stopping the pandemic getting any worse the current rules are nowhere near a strict as early as june the pandemic but for some people they are still too harsh and they say scientifically unjustified. there are thousands
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and thousands of scientists and doctors worldwide who have not heard silenced face since it all discredited as conspiracy theory defenders even though they've run entire universities protests against the coronavirus measures have been occurring sporadically for many months and this time like in many others elements from the far right of german society were present organize. saturday's protests had hoped to bring half a 1000000 people to berlin police only a small fraction of that number turned up there's no doubting the strength of feeling of many of the people protesting against the corona measures in the streets but equally there's no doubting the consternation these protests calls in senior ministerial circles not just here federally in berlin but also right across the states that make up the federal republic. just a few days ago ministers decided to implement mandatory covert 19 tests for everyone flying to germany from high risk areas and in the state of bavaria the
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prime minister singled out what he considers the danger of thinking the threat from the virus is either over or exaggerated. we need to be careful that many individual cases in germany don't become a slowly progressing 2nd wave the main reason is that unreasonable behavior carelessness and in some cases a conscious decision to ignore hygiene protocols are unfortunately on the rise in opinion polls suggest many germans support that view 87 percent think it's right to wear masks in public 73 percent agree a mass the most covering is helpful but not these crowds in berlin for them what matters is their personal freedom to not wear a mask if they don't want to and to resist the very social distancing the vast majority of their fellow citizens except dominic came out berlin.
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well u.s. major league baseball commissioner rob manfred says the league could be forced to shut down if corona virus infections continue to rise among players on friday the milwaukee brewers should have been playing their home opener against us and louis cardinals that game was cancelled after 2 cardinals players tested positive for 19 and there are reports that saturday's game will also be cancelled off to another food people from the cardinals organization tested positive i certainly understand the importance of trying to get back on the field but we recognize the importance of player and staff safety as well so. really sense for people's patience in all this. everybody understands that you know these are these are new times for us and we're trying to understand how to work through them when major league baseball began just over a week ago aiming to get through a reduced 16 game said joe 4 months off of the season was originally due to start but 17 games have already been postponed the miami marlins have had $21.00 positive
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tests among players and staff now only 2 teams in the league haven't had a positive test and a growing number of players a noun deciding to opt out of the rest of the season if the season is called off it could have major impacts for some of the younger less known plays his baseball russia called to explain why. it would certainly be difficult for a lot of players financially who are hoping to make you know some money there's also a lot of extra hardship in terms of how much teams have lost and the owners have lost and also just not having the visibility of major league baseball while and the n.h.l. and a couple of other sports continue to play on at the same time player hopes paramount as much as everyone involved wants baseball to play it's not worth anyone dying over so it's a tricky line that baseball is trying to tow and also that we everyone involved hopes they can get there a full season without anything catastrophic happening it's just hard to know how
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possible that really is i think the main thing is making sure and listening to that the demi ologists of the marlins outbreak was 1st reported major league baseball's initial plan was to just shut them down for 2 days the same players who were healthy players to baltimore well today for you know it's less time than the virus cities to incubate and eventually they changed it to be shut down for one full week but most epidemiologists are saying if you want to really get this fire's out of there out of the marlins clubhouse you have to shut the marlins down for 2 weeks major league baseball is guilty of trying to return to quickly when they very serious situation pops up there dressed up to a degree again the marlins and phillies will have been out for 9 days late in however really listening to the scientists here is going to be crucial before oh long day magic for jonathan isaak has become the fast basketball player and not to mail sharing the u.s. national anthem since the restart of the n.b.a.
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i think said he didn't believe in putting on a mailing was the best way of fighting racial injustice the 22 year old who is also an ordained minister says he shows his support for the back lives national reforms through prat. hello there this is al jazeera and these are the headlines thousands of protesters in west jerusalem are calling on israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to resign his frustration over the government's handling of the coronavirus crisis as well as netanyahu as criminal corruption charges and the largest protest that israel seen in a decade harry for such has more from west to resign this is now 3 weeks of really large protests we will venture behind them these are seen as the largest scenes of civil unrest that we've seen it israel for nearly a decade and it's
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a mixture of motivations and groups some of the protests against it years old is corruption cases he is currently on trial that child you just start in earnest at the beginning of next year with witnesses being called the 3 times a week that they've been joined and the movement has been buttressed by the fact that israel is laboring under the 2nd wave of growth a virus. the number of corona virus infections across south africa has surpassed half a 1000000 but experts warn the outbreak has not yet reached its peak more than 10000 new cases and 148 deaths were confirmed on saturday officials warn the situation will get worse as they're expecting the health crisis only to peak and late august to early september. residents of the bahamas have been advised to continue being cautious after hurricanes that hit the u.s. national hurricane center says the worst affected area was new providence that's the most populous island the storm was carrying winds of 120 kilometers per hour
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when it struck south of the capital in the south on saturday. meanwhile forecasters are warning that e.c.s. is likely to gain strength again as it heads north towards florida and to do some speed while moving through the bahamas florida's governor has declared a state of emergency for parts of the states and this all comes as florida is struggling to deal with one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the u.s. to nasa astronauts have undocked from the international space station and are currently on their way back to earth they're aiming for the gulf of mexico just off the florida panhandle in what would be the 1st sea landing for u.s. astronauts in 45 years chinese duns has reportedly agreed to sell the u.s. operations of its social media platform to talk the move is designed to prevent u.s. president donald trump from banning the app he threaten to use his presidential powers to do just that. well those are the headlines i'll have a news update for you here to inside story stay with us.
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is democracy dead in hong kong a month off to china imposes new security law activists arrested protest slogans banned and opposition leaders disqualified from the suddenly perspire in the palm entry election so what's the future of the global financial hub this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. it's been a vent full month since china's government imposed
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a national security lol on hong kong chinese leaders say the legislation is essential to months of disruptive protests.


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