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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 3, 2020 1:00am-1:33am +03

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don't you see. we're entering. the. new. the. hong kong faces a resurgence in coronavirus cases as a team from mainland china arrives to carry out widespread testing. hello i maryam namazie this is al jazeera live from london also coming up on the program a prison comes under attack in eastern afghanistan several people are killed dozens more injured. a political novice versus a 5 term leader the english teacher with plans to bring down the president of belarus. washed out. as you can see on your
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screen we have visual confirmation for smack down and a historic return to nasa astronaut splash down in the gulf of mexico for the 1st time in 45 years. people around the world are facing the prospect of new coronavirus lock downs and restrictions as concerns grow about new outbreaks of the disease has been a spike in infections in asia and now health workers and experts from mainland china have been deployed for the 1st time it to help hong kong control the epidemic all spittles and testing centers were already reaching capacity before plans were announced to test all 7 and a half 1000000 people living in the territory their vehicle pollen reports. hundreds of beds ready for patients a hole next to the international airport once used for exhibitions and conventions
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now converted to a hospital hong kong is facing its 3rd and worst wave of corona virus with daily new infections in the triple digits the government says hospitals are reaching capacity testing centers are overwhelmed and so health workers and experts from mainland china have stepped in to help their woman say she was compartments we understand the feelings of residents in one cong so we were deploying medical teams to support them 7 medics from a 60 strong team are the 1st to arrive from neighboring guangdong province they will be based at the makeshift hospital at the asia world expo at the height of the outbreak in mainland china experts built temporary hospitals from the ground up in record time to treat thousands of patients it is that expertise the hong kong government says it is drawing on but many are also questioning why the city would need external help given it had managed to swiftly and successfully contain
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previous outbreaks critics say the public were not consulted and the decision to bring mainland experts bypass the legislative council some activists have voiced concern that this is just another way for beijing to interfere in hong kong's affairs. the government's plan to offer free testing for all of the people in the territory has also raised suspicion with some in social media alleging this could be a way for beijing to access people's d.n.a. samples for surveillance purposes but many of hong kong's health professionals have welcomed the extra help from tom on our staff has almost been working around the clock and it's good to hear that the central government will dispatch professionals to share our workload and more mainland assistance is on the way 6 experts from move on the city where the virus 1st surfaced last year will help build a coronavirus facility from scratch to compliment the asia world expo site this is
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the 1st time mainland officials have assisted in hong kong's battle to control the current virus outbreak while it may have divided opinion with the territory under its strictest and most restrictive social distancing measures yet many years say they are united in their determination to overcome the latest outbreak. in our desire of hong kong. here in the u.k. needier ports are suggesting the prime minister barak's johnson is planning to drastically slow down the easing of coronavirus restrictions in a bid to avoid a 2nd nationwide lockdown the economy has been opening up in the pasta month but new restrictions were imposed in northern areas on friday because of a spike in infection numbers jonah how has this update now from london. hopes that the worst of the covert 900 crisis may be behind the u.k. this autumn appear to be fading infection rates are rising for the 1st time since may not to the heights of a pandemic in april but nevertheless going up and the government has warned it may
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have to go further than the localised restrictions in place to control local spikes where they happen there are reports that the prime minister boris johnson has commissioned a plan for a london wide lockdown including restrictions on movement in and out of the m 25 ring road asking people over the age of 50 who may hope vulnerable conditions to the virus to shelter at home and with schools due to return in just a few weeks' time in september scientists are warning that any further reopening of the economy may mean other parts of the economy have got to shut again to maintain balance and the finger is being pointed at the hospitality industry will take a look at where i am now in soho in the heart of london and normally vibrant buzzing entertainment district full of londoners locals tourists the bars restaurants and pubs that have been allowed to reopen the doors have the tables and chairs spilling out across the pavement and on to the road desperate for custom but there are no tourists around
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a lot of londoners are venturing out all that much and the reports suggest that the price of getting children back into the classrooms may well be that some of these businesses have to shut their doors again and business owners are warning they have survived one lock down many will not survive a 2nd. well now to iran the country is reporting its highest single day increase in corona virus infections in nearly a month describing the situation in most of its provinces as concerning the health ministry and else more than 2 and a half 1000 new cases on sunday with total infections exceeding 300000 the central city of kong where iran's outbreak started is experiencing a resurgence war than 16 and a half 1000 people have died from that 1000 in iran. capital of the philippines manila will reintroduce strict to coronavirus lockdown measures from midnight on tuesday a record single day rising corona virus infections was confirmed on sunday adding another $5000.00 cases this takes the total to over 100000 with manila accounting
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for most of the infections the philippines has the 2nd highest number of cases in the region behind indonesia and then the australian state of victoria has declared a state of disaster as the number of code 1000 cases continues to rise state confirmed 671 new infections on sunday a nighttime curfew has been introduced in the state capital and melbourne residents misstate within 5 kilometers of their home victoria accounts for most of australia's new infections and the measures due to rain in place until the middle of september. hundreds of people have marched the gates of san quentin state prison north of san francisco to demand the mass release of inmates as coronavirus tests a facility grow where testers say inmates are at greater risk of contracting the virus the facility needs adequate testing to avoid the disease is spread among its 3600 inmates as of wednesday 19 people have died from the virus demonstrated to say
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the deaths could have been prevented. now at least 5 people have been killed and $24.00 others injured in an attack on a prison in eastern afghanistan officials say there was several explosions including a suicide car bomb outside the prison in the city of jalalabad afghan security forces were locked in a battle with the attackers who are yet to be identified several prisoners also managed to escape i still says it was behind the attack but also worry has more from kabul. at least it explosions of taken place since the fighting started the afghan special forces are fighting the attackers in several different directions i was able to speak to an inmate in the political block who said a number of inmates are wounded several security towers or being controlled by the militants it's still not clear how they got so much weapons and ammunitions into
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the heart of jalalabad the city but few days ago the afghan intelligence service announced that they have killed the head of intelligence for these london mixtape so it seems like it's a revenge attack by that group we often heard from the americans from the afghan government that they have defeated the islamic state in that part of the country but clearly the group is extremely resilient they're able to strike such complex attacks after many many years of operations against them is actually very bad news for afghanistan in slight embarrassment for its international law is as well libya's u.n. recognized government has says that it says that more russian mercenaries arrived to support war $25.00 to $2.00 groups have been shoring up forces loyal to after his year long campaign to seize tripoli recently ended in defeat the u.s. is accused russia of sending weapons to libya in breach of a u.n. arms embargo the acting u.s. special envoy phillip yes stephanie williams says the risk of
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a regional war because a fine intervention is rising i'm dubbed the man would have to why it is in tripoli for us and he says officials have recorded several russian planes landing in libya over the past 24 hours. it is estimated that about $1200.00 russian mercenaries from the wagner group are now fighting and deploying get. with forces loyal to the warlord have to in many parts of libya and central libya specially in and around the oil industry nations in the old across an area in central libya on the coast and in southern libya the n.o.c. the national oil corporation is blaming get the russian sponsored wagner's military and vidual for blockading the oil and stopping the oil production which is the backbone of libya's national income now the spokesman of the city of joy for a military operation that's. pro-government
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a military counter offensive says that. russian made. cargo planes including aleutian planes landed in central and eastern libya over the past 24 hours 5 of them landed in sit in the b. airport about 20 kilometers south of the strategic coastal city of cillit and also in a military base of the city it the planes according to the government sources carried weapons and ammunition meanwhile for. military or cargo planes carrying it mercenaries landed in burma and in the eastern city of. well now to israel the prime minister benjamin netanyahu is saying the protesters demanding his resignation are on a kiss to a trampling on democracy thousands of israeli demonstrators have called for him to
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step down in recent weeks this weekend saw the largest protests today they say netanyahu has failed to handle the coronavirus and demick and say he should resign over corruption charges all of which he denies that blames the media for inciting violence. it's usually. these wild and unfair it is incitement every day including the day before yesterday there were calls to murder the prime minister and his family the media is ignoring it from covering it up in the politicians saw it. and netanyahu his son has been issued with a restraining order after publishing the personal information of protest leaders there netanyahu has been banned from tweeting about the activist jerusalem's magistrate's court also ordered him to delete the tweets he posted on thursday netanyahu published the personal addresses and phone numbers of protest leaders calling on his twitter followers to rally outside their homes. watching al-jazeera live from london more still ahead will
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a covert society exaggerate the cashless society and the world could there be a high price to pay. and he was known as the man who saved her vanna hubert wants the death of u.c.b. only else. hello the wintry weather in the australian bite is still with us do you see from the systems zipping through usually catching somewhere like adelaide but concentrating at the moment in particular in tasmania's or hobart's getting it and a small circulation well maybe a big circulation from perth southwards it's an area of low pressure that's persistent on shore breeze and the oranges and blues suggests very persistent right in some parts of west australia but in tasmania it's a bit more disappointing as it was the answer was an average temperature by day of
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14 we don't even reach that and even at night it gets cold it should be about 6 and without a freezing on tuesday. right seasonal rains further north of produced yet more flooding and some infrastructure damage roads washed away in south korea that says that lot went through in the forecast for monday and tuesday that's still the area to watch for some right but this is fairly obvious for the sas just catching the death of taiwan then going on shore this tropical cycling which won't be particularly windy we'll of course use a great deal of right so this eastern side of china at the same time what is falling apart to the south the last tropical storm of sorts is still producing rain for hong kong. capturing a moment in time. shots of a lot of. other stories one of the people are pretty hot and there is one
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cattle and then providing a glimpse into someone else is what you are pursuing in the dream off your life inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. witnesses on al-jazeera. the in the the on the. bottom back look at the headlines this hour specialists from mainland china arrived in hong kong where hospitals are reaching capacity after a resurgence in corona virus cases plans have also been announced to test all 7 and a half people 1000000 people in the territory. at least 5 people have been killed
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in an attack on a prison in the eastern afghan city of jalalabad officials are saying at least 3 bombs including a suicide car bomb exploded and security forces were locked in a gun battle with the attackers. libya's u.n. recognized government says more russian mercenaries arrived to support will orderly fatah the u.s. is accused russia of sending weapons to libya in breach of a u.n. arms embargo. oh next sunday belarus will vote for a new president on xander looking shanker has governed for more than 25 years and is labeled by many as europe's last dictator is expected to be returned to office but dean barber now reports there is one woman who is determined to mount a challenge against him. yes. you. can hear yeah well she's only 37 and she's not a politician that's for atlanta hopes that in a week's time she'll be president have been
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a rules. on thursday she drew tens of thousands of people to a rally in minsk the biggest protest the country's ever seen. the former teacher announced she'd stand off to her husband sergei a well known blogger was arrested in may he's been charged with plotting mass disturbances here evening at being able to korea direction commission didn't accept gays documents iran instead of him not because i need palla up because i'm the politician and want to become president and all the country must know i ran to support my husband supporting family values people saw this and were inspired by it was not planned just following my hot. she's challenging president alexander lukashenko who's been in power since 1904 and he's seeking his 6th term there's been an upsurge in protests against him fueled by the poor state of the economy and look at his handling of the covered 1000 pandemic. he originally downplayed the
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virus and refused to stop sporting events here he says there are no viruses here do you see any flying around. but belarus with a population of 9500000 has registered nearly 70000 infections and more than 500 deaths in recent weeks hundreds of opposition activists journalists and bloggers have reportedly been arrested among them 2 men who are considered the president's major challenges victoria arrested on suspicion of money laundering and valarie sept carlow a former ambassador to the united states now said callias wife seen here with the rico's campaign manager is backing svetlana to kind of scios it on at least as the supply line as has been has been held as a hostage as well as her children who she was forced to take out of bellerose my situation is similar. my husband had to flee the country because they framed up a criminal case against him and my children were being followed by the security services so i had to sit a little way from belo groups. we could go back to research
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rested more than 30 men they accuse of being russian listen reis russia says they worked for a private security company and were on their way to turkey but investigators in belarus suggest they were working with opposition figures including sergei to the high heat and his wife has dismissed the accusation and says she's afraid attempts to tie her family to alleged for voters could lead to violence ahead of next sunday's vote. indian police have arrested at least $25.00 people and conducted more than $100.00 raids after schools of people died from drinking alcohol police seized hundreds of liters of illegal alcohol from eateries and villages in rural punjab they say much of the liquid was a toxic toxic spirit typically used in paint 86 people died from drinking illegal alcohol in punjab in the past week coronavirus lockdown has meant that local shops have been closed. ethiopians have started right at the 1st filling
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of the grand renaissance dam people hong kong homes they were whistling and playing music i was dancing and in the capital addis ababa as well. officials in the east african nation hope the $4600000000.00 down will reach full power generating capacity in 2023 despite ongoing legal negotiations with egypt in sudan many in the downstream countries are worried about the effect the dam will have on their own more supplies. and isolate that we came out here to celebrate the feeling of power that i don't have words to explain how happy i am and i really support the government and i don't want to show our solidarity so far we have used talk hole to bake bread but after this rule use electricity it. nearly 8000 people in southern california been given evacuation orders as firefighters continue to battle a wildfire and riverside county the blaze dubbed apple fire by local authorities
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has consumed at least 60 square kilometers of land destroying at least 3 buildings say the whole file was on contained to as of sunday morning firefighters are struggling to combat the blazes parts of the state record temperatures as high as 50 degrees celsius that was over the weekend. and heat wave and strong winds of worse and conditions for firefighters battling blazes an icy as well planes and helicopters are called in to try to douse the flames in sardinia and uproot so so far that the no reports of injuries or any damage to properties. it's been an exciting day for the 2 nasa astronauts who successfully landed off the coast of florida in the world's 1st crude ocean landing in 45 years. washed out we have been told confirmation or smart. banking and douglas hurley left the international space station 2 months ago a dragon capsule endeavor launched on a falcon 9 rocket both of which were supplied by iran musk's space x.
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it's the 1st time astronauts have successfully launched into low earth orbit on a commercial aircraft they were safely removed from the capsule more than an hour after it landed when i left the control center bob and doug were doing well you know we kind of watched them in the capsule they were they were moving around and looking at displays we asked some would take a few readings to make sure the cabin was fine. we had got them out and they were going through medical checks and all indications were they're doing well. well this is the 1st ocean landing all splashed down since 1975 on the apollo soyuz test project part at the u.s. and then the soviet union as endeavor pushed into this fear it will have hit speeds of at least 28000 kilometers per hour it's he shell would have reached almost 2000 degrees celcius cutting off communication for 6 minutes. i spoke to amy tomes thompson his science journalist she says that this is just the beginning what's
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going to be a booming industry historically you know nasa has built and constructed the vehicles that take their astronauts into space and they stopped doing that with the end of the shuttle program and russia was the only means for any astronauts to leave the planet well now iran must space x. is going to be one service boeing is going to come online probably later this year they're going to complete another one crude test flight so they can begin flying astronauts next year virgin galactic is looking at flying astronaut so this is just the beginning and what's going to be probably a booming industry it's actually going to open up a lot of different menus so when nasa was strictly reliant on russia they had you know $1.00 to $2.00 flights per year that were scheduled out usually in the springtime in the fall and now as more of these providers come online they will have more opportunities not only for more flights but for different types of
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missions so they don't have to do strictly 6 month long duration missions they can do 2 month they can do a year they could there's a lot of flexibility that this creates. electronic banking the digital economy coronavirus means the end where an increasingly cashless society the notes and coins in our pockets of being rapidly replaced by contact us bank cards and the payments but not everyone in england is comfortable with the technology paul brown reports from rochford in essex why many want to stick to traditional pounds and pence. coins and notes have been the foundation of trade for centuries in the week a market in the town of rochford is as traditional as they come my own opinion is i think we will get to a slide to about fascists and i hope we don't we don't but so is what you know i don't think we can get to that. but while a decade ago 6 in 10 transactions involved cash today it's less than 3 in 10 and
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falling rapidly. j. mack butchers can cope with cash card and electronic. filing but many customers still strongly prefer cash. up and give you a list as long as your arm is low as they always use cash the i won't use anything else i need to have cash in my bag every day handouts exactly because at the end of the day. i don't not using a car if i might be spending 3 pounds. in 2019 the access to cash review warned that a cashless society would leave a tick 1000000 people in britain struggling to cope and poverty was an even bigger factor than being elderly if you are less than 10000. times more likely to be dependent on josh and if you're in over 30 not yet and not because actually gushy still one of the best ways but you think anybody offered to help the weak
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you've got 50 pounds in cash. and all the time. with significant numbers of elderly and disabled and low income residents rochford was an ideal candidate has an access to cash pilot scheme one idea under consideration here is to set up a local finance hub offering bank services without being tied to any specific bank brand the community it's taking ownership of this problem and providing solutions for each other we would use the hub as an outlet for those services right. triggs last remaining bank branch closed in 2017 the post office so often struggles to cope a lack of access to cash was being a drain on the town's economy and then came coronavirus of the height of the pandemic here in the u.k. a.t.m. usage collapsed by 65 percent it's only just now recovered to 40 percent and the estimate is that 5 years of cash decline has been accelerated in the past 5 months
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what we need is everything in place to allow the recovery to be as smooth as possible and as the cash is a part of the raw truth is came to learn the lesson of sweden where a rapid switch away from accepting cash payments led to irreversible damage to the cash infrastructure the warning from sweden don't sleep walk into the same point of no return. al-jazeera rochford in essex. the man who oversaw the restoration of cuba's famous famous all you say be a leo has died at the age of $77.00 is known for building parts of the city for terrorists and refurbishing the hotel where american journalist and novelist honest hemingway would write many of his best books they are haunting reports. in this caribbean country his death was announced as breaking news you saved. oversaw the restoration of cuba's famous old havana area of the capital and he was
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adored for it or and in 1942 into a poor family from an early age he was captivated by the history of his city one of his 1st projects was to save a wooden road from being covered in asphalt he befriended then president fidel castro and became a member of cuba's parliament he persuaded castro to focus on restoring the capital after years of disrepair. he worked to designate parts of the city as a unesco world heritage site and began rebuilding. i'm happy to not be celebrating the $500.00 on of the city of falling off of honor but the $450.00 remain more opportunities so that during the next 5 years we can restore more of it thousands of cubans were forced from their homes to make room for rehabilitation projects but lay all said non were displaced without being offered comparable places to live i know that it was fidel but. somehow managed to.
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operate on a level. both games and trust the political establishment. but also the common people under his guidance cuba rebuilt dozens of colonial era buildings making them attractive to tourists power lines were laid underground to avoid the area suffering frequent power outages that plagued the rest of the city tourism became crucial to the cuban economy as it crumbled following the soviet union's collapse in 1901 when he wasn't restoring the city he was teaching others about it u.s. president barack obama in the king and queen of spain were among many of his guests the week before he died cuba's president has canal called him the cuban who saved to ghana. so if it era plan has made its final chani through the caspian sea to become a museum exhibit and the russian set if the event a project 9 o 3
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a crown upon is the last along classical of its time it was manufactured seen before the fall of the soviet union a chrono plans are classified as ships that high speed and invisibility to radar allow them to get close enough to act carry as a precise missile attack. just take you through the headlines before specialists from mainland china are right in hong kong where hospitals are reaching capacity after a resurgence in corona virus cases fans have been announced to test all 7 and a half 1000000 people in the territory at least 5 people have been killed in an attack on a prison in the eastern afghan city of jalalabad officials say there was several explosions including a suicide car bomb and security forces were locked in a gun battle with the attackers i still says it was responsible for the attack
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journalist but also why he has more it's still not clear how they got so much weapons and ammunitions into the heart of jalalabad the city but few days ago the afghan intelligence service announced that they have killed the head of intelligence for these london extended. seems like it's a revenge attack by that group we often heard from the americans from the afghan government that they have defeated their islamics did in that part of the country but clearly the group is extremely resilient they're able to strike such complex attacks after many many years of operations against them is actually live very bad news for afghanistan libya's u.n. recognize government says more russian mercenaries arrive to support what orderly faffed up the groups have been shoring up forces loyal to have to. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says protesters demanding his resignation at anacostia trampling democracy this weekend saw the largest protest yet they say
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nationality was failed to handle the coronavirus pandemic and that he should resign of corruption charges all of which he denies. 2 nasa astronauts have successfully landed off the coast of florida in the world's 1st ocean landing in 45 years robert bank and douglas haile left for the international space station 2 months ago now a capsule and rocket will both supplied by iran mosques space x. organization what is the 1st time the astronauts have successfully launched into low earth orbit on a commercial spacecraft they were safely removed from the capsule more than an hour after landing that they are now safe and well what is coming up next with an episode called a cold war family reunion stay with. 10 years ago a mining disaster and today dropped 33 men the world watched as a 2 month rescue turned new project into
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a miracle how does iraq revisits the men won't celebrate with does not know heroes an office how this ordeal changed their lives chilean miners off to the rescue on the jersey.


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