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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 3, 2020 2:00am-2:34am +03

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in 16500 miles a year we would save under medical solemn study this doesn't happen in canada or france or spain or australia people don't die because they can't afford insulin well they die because they can't get access to care head to head on al-jazeera. suspicion of the team from mainland china arrives in hong kong to help the territory deal with what's been described as a 3rd wave of coronavirus. the unwelcome i'm peter w. watching al-jazeera live from our global headquarters here and also coming up. several people killed and injured in an attack claimed by eisel on an afghan prison
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. a u.s. wildfire burning in southern california threatens thousands of people and homes east of los angeles it's. lashed out. also ahead to the end of an historic mission for 2 nasa astronauts heralding a new era in commercial space travel. people around the world are facing heavy new coronavirus rules and restrictions governments are trying to stamp out rising infection rates while avoiding the full economic shutdowns they imposed earlier this year a global tally by johns hopkins university shows the number of cases edging towards 18000010600000 have recovered about 690000 people have died hong kong believes is dealing with
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a so-called 3rd wave and health workers from mainland china have been sent in there to help but now explains their arrival is also provoking concern and suspicion. hundreds of beds ready for patients a hole next to the international airport once used for exhibitions and conventions now converted to a hospital hong kong is facing its 3rd and worst wave of corona virus with daily new infections in the triple digits the government says hospitals are reaching capacity testing centers are overwhelmed and so health workers and experts from mainland china have stepped in to help their woman say she was compartments we understand the feelings of residents in one cong so we were deploying medical teams to support them 7 medics from a 60 strong team are the 1st to arrive from neighboring guangdong province they will be based at the makeshift hospital at the asia world expo at the height of the
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outbreak in mainland china experts built a temporary hospitals from the ground up in record time to treat thousands of patients it is that expertise the hong kong government says it is drawing on but many are also questioning why the city would need external help given it had managed to swiftly and successfully contain previous outbreaks critics say the public were not consulted and the decision to bring mainland experts bypass the legislative council some activists have voiced concern that this is just another way for beijing to interfere in hong kong's affairs. the government's plan to offer free testing for all of the people in the territory has also raised suspicion with some and social media alleging this could be a way for beijing to access people's d.n.a. samples for surveillance purposes but many of hong kong's health professionals have welcomed the extra help from tom on our staff has almost been working around the
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clock and it's good to hear that the central government will dispatch professionals to share our workload and more mainland assistance is on the way 6 experts from move on the city where the virus 1st surfaced last year will help build a coronavirus facility from scratch to compliment the asia world expo site. this is the 1st time mainland officials have assisted in hong kong's battle to control the current virus outbreak while it may have divided opinion with the territory under its strictest and most restrictive social distancing measures yet many years say they are united in their determination to overcome the latest outbreak pollen arches era hong kong. well the number of recorded deaths in lust in america has doubled in just over one month more than 200000 according to the timing from the royce a news agency mexico's overtaken the u.k. it's a record the 1st highest number of fatalities after the u.s. and brazil the mexican government began lifting restrictions may need to restart
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the economy. in mexico city and says looks increasingly likely the government will have to reverse course. testing is being increased but we know that the number is likely much higher than what's being reported now on saturday mexico reported the high is a new daily record for new contagion with 9556 new cases and a lot of this you know boils down to leadership is what we're hearing from health policy experts what we're hearing from people day to day there's a lot of criticism over the handling by the federal government a lot of criticism of mexico's president on this matter looked as over the top who for over a month now has been consistently repeating that the worst is over that the that that the worst of the pandemic in the worst of the economic impact is over but what we're seeing in terms of the statistics paints a completely different picture. many parts of the country including here in mexico city began reopening on july 1st many people many non essential services are now
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open people out on the streets not a lot of people wearing masks there's nothing mandatory in terms of containment strategy so the sense that we're getting from public health experts is that it's almost inevitable for a return to a lockdown given the a recent spike in contagion here in mexico. iran's had its daily number of infections in nearly a month more than $2600.00 the government says almost all provinces and seeing a resurgence iran's had some of the worst breaks anywhere in the middle east tougher rules are being imposed in and around the philippine capital manila infections have jumped beyond 100000 businesses and public transport are expected to be closed and people will need special passes to leave their homes. australia's 2nd biggest city melbourne has awoken from its 1st nightly curfew as part of several emergency measures introduced in the state of victoria where hundreds of
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new cases are being reported every day there's also a ban on large gatherings schools and universities are going back to online learning some people must stay within 5 kilometers of their homes. in northern england has declared quote a major incident as it deals with more infections there this means there will be a central command structure to deal with the situation and enables agencies involved to ask for more resources media outlets handle ready been reporting that the u.k. prime minister boris johnson is looking up for spoiling the plans to ease restrictions as he tries to avoid another nationwide lockdown jonah hole has more from central london. hopes that the worst of the covert 1000 crisis may be behind the u.k. this autumn appear to be fading infection rates are rising for the 1st time since may not to the heights of a pandemic in april but nevertheless going up and the government has warned it may have to go further than the localised restrictions in place to control local spikes
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where they happen there are reports that the prime minister boris johnson has commissioned a plan for a london wide lockdown including restrictions on movement in and out of the n 25 ring road asking people over the age of 50 who may have a vulnerable condition to the virus to shelter at home and with schools due to return in just a few weeks' time in september scientists are warning that any further reopening of the economy may mean other parts of the economy have got to shut again to maintain balance and the finger is being pointed at the hospitality industry will take a look at where i am now in soho in the heart of london and normally vibrant buzzing entertainment district full of londoners locals tourists the bars restaurants and pubs that have been allowed to reopen their doors have their tables and chairs spilling out across the pay. on to the roads desperate for customers but there are no tourists around a lot of londoners are venturing out all that much and the reports suggest that the
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price of getting children back into the classrooms may well be that some of these businesses have to shut their doors again and business owners are warning they have survived one lock down many will not survive a 2nd. at least 3 people have been killed and 24 others were injured in an attack on a prison in eastern afghanistan. this official say there were several explosions including a suicide car bomb outside the prison in the city of jalalabad afghan security forces were long since were gun battle with the attackers several prisoners escaped during the fighting eisel has claimed responsibility. the israeli army has launched airstrikes targeting several hamas positions in gaza israeli warplanes hit hamas sites in central and southern the gaza strip area the strikes come hours after palestinians fired a rocket into israel israeli army says its defense system intercepted the missile
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the israeli army says has hit what it calls the syrian terrorists court accused of planting explosives along the border fence in the golan heights is real says 4 soldiers from syria's special forces were killed in the bush last week the israeli military target a 3 outpost in syria's southern province. you know 8000 people have been told to leave parts of southern california and the u.s. where a wildfire is burning its chaunt 80 square kilometers of land since friday and is threatening homes east of los angeles 1300 firefighters backed by water dumping in croft are up against hot dry weather that is for cost to continue live now to correspondent rob reynolds who joins us from a robot how big is this fire and how people being affected by it. well peter this is what the fire authorities here in california are calling a major fire and they say it will probably burn for several more days it is
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currently uncontained despite the fact that about 13000 firefighters from all around the state are working on it as you mentioned they're being backed up by helicopters and tanker planes dropping fire retardant and water but so far 7800 more or less people have been ordered to leave their homes at least. $8000.00 hectors have burned the fire is being pushed along by gusty dry winds that it's been extremely hot year particularly in the inland areas of california southern california where it is consistently well above $37.00 degrees celsius now so the firefighters have got to deal with that as well as rugged terrain and the fact that it really hasn't rained here in months so the brush is just tinder dry and unfortunately the news
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is that investigators have some reason to suspect that this was actually an act of arson a deliberately set fire that broke out friday afternoon and has since grown and grown and grown how is coded 19 affecting the evacuation process. well normally peter route people will leave their homes they'll go to a shelter or maybe a school gymnasium a community center someplace where they can be safe they'll set up pots and everybody sleeps you know together on the floor obviously that's not possible now so 1st of all at evacuation centers people are getting their temperature checked upon arrival to see if they have any fever and then the red cross is working to accommodate people at local hotels and motels in the area most of which are completely almost completely empty as
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a result of the pandemic you know this state has now reported 500000 positive cases of of rotavirus infection in nearly 10000 deaths so it is making things more that much more difficult of course the firefighters in addition to everything else that they're up against they have to wear masks and so on so it's a very very difficult situation made even worse by the global pandemic hitting here in california extremely hard ok rob we have to leave it there many thanks rob runnels our correspondent reporting live from los angeles still to come here on al-jazeera pressure mounting on the longtime band the russian president ahead of elections a week from now also ahead to. my wedding day. the refugees and migrants bringing a new and personal touch to exhibitions of an ancient aussie facts in u.s. museums.
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most talk weather wise in the u.s. has been about this how to construct tropical storm is hovering between the 2 now it's going to spend most of sunday running up the coast of florida and then this is overnight we get into monday and then up the coast of georgia now i've got here a cone of uncertainty it's expected to go up the east coast not as a hurricane but as a pretty strong storm over the say and more or less stay right on the edge of land so there's a huge problem there with flash flooding all the way up to nova scotia over the next $23.00 or 4 days and that's taken most of the action away from the rest of the u.s. also showers in the ohio valley and the appalachians west that it's largely quite still hot and dry for many places and here's the picture on tuesday to think it's
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going north woods to d.c. very wet day for you on a windy one come tuesday so jumping south and as we see this thing through florida that's where most of the energy has been from here as well so now the atmosphere is getting back into its stride you'll see some quite big showers for me in the yucatan and elsewhere in southern mexico and over cuba daytime heat is the moment good enough with the motion for some pretty tremendous thunderstorms forming over land. came from the countryside to cairo and became part of i have been lying. to say this job is different from being the normal al-jazeera world meets the man had been keeping a close eye on residential like in the big cities for decades but who may now be passing into history. the thief a movie he wasn't normal but he's now managed by
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a security company the domain of egypt on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching also syria live from doha a reminder of our top stories this half hour people around the world of facing new coronavirus restrictions as the global tally of cases edges towards $18000000.00 on kong believes it's not dealing with a 3rd wave and health workers from mainland china have been sent in to help. the number of deaths in latin america has doubled in just over a months to more than 200000 mexico has overtaken the u.k. to record the highest number of fatalities after the u.s.
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and brazil. is 3 people have been killed and $24.00 others injured in an attack on a prison and eastern afghanistan officials say there were several explosions including a suicide car bomb outside the prison in jalalabad exploded and security forces were locked into a gun battle with the attackers. the security forces in mexico have captured a powerful gang leader who's blamed for worsening violence in the central state of josee on 20 lepers also known as el morrow was one of mexico's most wanted criminals his gang has been in a turf war with another cartel the arrest is seen as a win for the president and rose manuel lopez obrador who's failed to fulfill his promise to contain violence. libya's u.n. recognize government says 9 russian aircraft carrying weapons and mercenaries have arrived to support the warlord holly for huffed are the groups have been backing hafter in his campaign to capture the capital tripoli the u.s.
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recently accused russia of using the mercenaries to deliver supplies to his forces the u.n. representative in libya is warning against foreign intervention mahmoud a bill why it has more from tripoli. it is estimated that about $1200.00 russian mercenaries from the wagner group are now fighting and deploying get. with forces loyal to the warlord have to in many parts of libya and central libya specially in and around the oil industry nations in the old across an area in central libya on the coast and in southern libya the n.o.c. the national oil corporation is blaming get the russian sponsored wagner's military and vidual for blockading the oil and stopping the oil production which is the backbone of libya's national income now the spokesman of the city of joy for
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a military operation that's. pro-government a military counter offensive says that. russian made. cargo planes including aleutian planes landed in central and eastern libya over the past 24 hours 5 of them landed in sit in the b. airport about 20 kilometers south of the strategic coastal city of cillit and also in a military base. sit it the planes according to the government sources carried weapons and ammunition meanwhile for. military or cargo planes carrying it mercenaries landed in burma and in the eastern city of. if europeans have been celebrating the 1st filling of a giant new dam the east african nation hopes the $4600000000.00 grand renaissance
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time will reach full power generating capacity within 3 years but downstream countries egypt and stood on a worried about their water supplies. and i said. we came out here to celebrate the feeling of power that i don't have west explain how happy i am and i really support the government and i want to show our solidarity so far we have used chalk hole to bake our bread but after this rule use electricity. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says protesters demanding his resignation and a case to a quote trampling on democracy from the summer thousands of israeli protesters who called for him to step down this weekend saw the largest demonstrations to date they say in who has failed to handle the coronavirus pandemic and shouldn't be in office whilst on trial over allegations of corruption around these have been mostly peaceful but there have been some scuffles with the police the prime minister blames the media for inciting violence. here just. this wild and
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unfitted incitement every day including the day before yesterday there were calls to move to the prime minister and his family the media is ignoring it and covering it up in a politician's silo. well netanyahu sunyata has been banned from tweeting about the protest leaders a court in israel has ordered him to delete tweet sharing personal addresses and telephone numbers of the organizers you're invited his followers to trolldom and even gather outside their homes to protest leaders say they received threats after the tweets were posted at the weekend. heat wave and strong winds have been fanning wildfires in italy craft and helicopters were called in to help put out the fires in sardinia and abroad so so far there's been no reports of injuries or any property damage. few people expect any surprises when belorussia holds elections soon president alexander lukashenko has ruled for more than 25 years is described as europe's last dictator but one woman believes she has what it takes to beat him
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and appears to have plenty of support is not. here. yet. she's only $37.00 and she's not a politician that's for atlanta hopes that in a week's time she'll be president have been a roof. on thursday she drew tens of thousands of people to a rally in minsk the biggest protest the country's ever seen. the former teacher announced she'd stand after her husband sergei a well known blogger was arrested in may he's been charged with plotting mass disturbances here the ruining of people who were the korean erection commission didn't accept gays documents iran instead of him not because i need palla of because i'm the politician and want to become president and the country is now i ran to support my husband supporting family values people saw this and were inspired by it was not planned just following my hot. she's challenging president
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alexander lukashenko who's been in power since 994 and is seeking his 6th term there's been an upsurge in protests against him fueled by the poor state of the economy and look at his handling of the covered $1000.00 pandemic. he originally downplayed the virus and refused to stop sporting events here he says there are no viruses here do you see any flying around. but belarus with a population of 9500000 has registered nearly 70000 infections and more than 500 deaths in recent weeks hundreds of opposition activists journalists and bloggers have reportedly been arrested among them 2 men who are considered the president's major challenges victoria arrested on suspicion of money laundering and valarie sept carlow a former ambassador to the united states now said callias wife seen here with the rico's campaign manager is backing svetlana to kind of scios it what it is just a simple this headline is has been has been held as a hostage as well as her children who she was forced to take out of belarus my
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situation is similar my husband had to flee the country because they framed up a criminal case against him and my children were being followed by the security said this is so i had to send him away from belarus just. a week ago belarus suresh did more than 30 men they accuse of being russian mercenaries russia says they worked for a private security company and were on their way to turkey but investigators in belarus suggest they were working with opposition figures including sergei to cannot he and his wife is dismissed the accusation and says she's afraid attempts to tie her family to alleged foreign plotters could lead to violence ahead of next sunday's vote nadine barber al jazeera. 2 straws have successfully landed in the ocean off the coast of the u.s. state of florida. lashed out. as you can see on your screen we have visual confirmation for smash down. rob
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a bank in and douglas hurley left the international space station 2 months ago the dragon capsule endeavor launched on a full can morning rocket both of which were supplied by a long mosque space x. it's the 1st time astronauts have successfully launched into low earth orbit and returned on board a commercial spacecraft. but . this is the 1st ocean landing or splashed on since 1975 the u.s. hasn't been able to complete a landing like this since 2011 when it retired its space shuttle program has and pushed into the atmosphere to reach speeds of 28000 kilometers an hour its heat shield withstood temperatures of almost 2000 degrees celcius briefly cutting off communications when i left the control center bob and doug were doing well you know we kind of watched them in the capsule they were they were moving around and
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looking at displays we ask them to take a few readings to make sure the cabin was fine we had gotten him out and they were going through medical checks and all indications were they're doing well. now the man who oversaw the restoration of cuba's famous old havana eusebio leo has died at the age of $77.00 he's known for rebuilding parts of the city for tourists and refurbishing the hotel where american journalist a novelist and his hemingway would write many of his best books the haunting now reports on this fire. in this caribbean country his death was announced as breaking news. oversaw the restoration of cuba's famous old havana area of the capital and he was adored for it or an in 1942 into a poor family from an early age he was captivated by the history of his city one of his 1st projects was to save a wooden road from being covered in asphalt he befriended then president fidel
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castro and became a member of cuba's parliament he persuaded castro to focus on restoring the capital after years of disrepair. he worked to designate parts of the city as a unesco world heritage site and began rebuilding. i'm happy to not be celebrating the $500.00 and of the city of falling off but the 495th remain more opportunities so that during the next 5 years we can rest on more effect thousands of cubans were forced from their homes to make room for rehabilitation projects but lay all said non were displaced without being offered comparable places to live under that tell but. somehow managed to. operate on a level. both games and trust the political establishment. but also the common people under his guidance cuba rebuilt dozens of colonial era buildings
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making them attractive to tourists power lines were laid underground to avoid the area suffering frequent power outages that plagued the rest of the city tourism became crucial to the cuban economy as it crumbled following the soviet union's collapse in 1901 when he wasn't restoring the city he was teaching others about it u.s. president barack obama in the king and queen of spain were among many of his guests the week before he died cuba's president me as canal called him the cuban who saved to ghana. philadelphia's pain museum is well known for its ancient artifacts especially from the middle east africa and central america some new recruits are drawing even more positive attention for their personal connections to the exhibits on show kristen salumi explains. thank you so much for coming as a tour guide in philadelphia's penn museum you'd expect mena sardar to know ancient
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middle eastern history but so revealing is how personally she takes her subject matter like this 4000 year old wedding headdress from the tomb of the mesopotamian queen a personal favorite this is my it's me with a very very special occasion my wedding day i wore approximately 2 pounds of their gifts nearby for like. other queen probably for one day mina is from damascus syria a refugee employed as part of the museum's global guides program which gives recent immigrants an opportunity to work in the u.s. and stay in touch with their roots and nino fled civil war with her husband and 5 children and arrived in philadelphia just 3 years ago dealing with artifacts from my home from the middle east i'm connected to my culture. or why or why door open to me to share my culture the initiative involves intensive
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training in history and storytelling the guides come not only from the middle east but also africa and central america and are encouraged to read their own experiences into the tour museum officials say it's popular among visitors one of the things people told us is they would come into the museum specifically to hear from these guides which in many ways makes a lot of sense all of the kind of historical context of it and they give you can get from wikipedia all right but you can't get anywhere else as the personal stories about what's going on in the world today in the lives of the people who are from there at least a dozen museums from around the world are now looking to set up their own global guide programs bringing modern relevance to these ancient artifacts christian salumi al-jazeera. recapping your top stories so far today people around the world are facing new coronavirus restrictions as the global tally of cases ages towards $18000000.00
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hong kong believes is dealing now with a 3rd wave and health workers from mainland china been sent in to help the number of deaths in latin america has doubled in just over a month to more than 200000 mexico has overtaken the u.k. to record the highest number of fatalities after the u.s. and brazil. tough a long term rules are being imposed in and around the philippine capital manila infections have jumped beyond 100000 businesses and public transport are expected to be closed there and people will have to get special passes to leave their homes australia's 2nd biggest city melbourne has awoken from its 1st nightly curfew as part of several emergency measures introduced in the state of victoria where hundreds of new cases are being reported daily there's also a ban on large gatherings schools and universities are going back to online learning and people must stay within 5 kilometers of their homes at least 3 people
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have been killed in an attack on a prison in the eastern afghan city of jalalabad officials say at least 3 bombs exploded and security forces were locked in a gun battle with the attackers. libya's u.n. recognize government says 9 russian aircraft carrying weapons and mercenaries have arrived to support the warlord holy for half time the groups have been backing hafter in his campaign to capture the capital city tripoli the united states recently accused russia of using the mercenaries to deliver supplies to have to his forces the u.n. representative in libya is warning against foreign intervention saying the conflict is in danger of becoming a proxy war for regional powers. israel launched. several hamas positions in gaza. palestinians fired a rocket into israel israel says it was intercepted by the. defense system those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera.
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and they can tie. to greater danger. we were.
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destroying the country.


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