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tv   Libya Unspeakable Crime  Al Jazeera  August 3, 2020 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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when you see big groups of people walking through europe they're all individuals the children the lawyers you have to hear all of them and to treat them with something that in respects. i'm kim that alan doha the top stories on al-jazeera people around the world are facing strict new coronavirus rules and restrictions governments are trying to stamp out rising infection rates while avoiding the full economic shutdowns they imposed earlier this year the global tally by johns hopkins university shows the number of reported cases is now more than 18000000 world health organization is warning people against pinning their hopes on
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a vaccine saying basic prevention measures remain crucial to finding a way out of the pandemic and we all hope to have a number of effective vaccines that can help prevent people from infection however there is no silver bullet at the moment and there might never be for now stopping outbreaks comes down to the basics of public health and disease control. testing. and treating patients and through c. and quarantining their contacts. the philippines has reported more than $3200.00 new coronavirus infections pushing close to overtaking indonesia as the worst hit country in southeast asia tougher restrictions be reimposed in and around manila after infections jump to more than 100000 from tuesday businesses and public transport are expected to close and people will need special passes to leave. to be
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a dog and has more from manila health workers were asking for is a return to what they call an enhanced community quarantine or in fact they told the lockdown of metro manila and nearby provinces that something that the president did not give to them in his address sunday night what he basically said is that they will implement a stricter lockdown policy in megaman the and many other areas which means that the mystic rights will be postponed there will be no public transport which is already limited in the 1st place international flights coming in and getting out of the philippines will also be limited the philippines already implemented one of the world the strongest and most strictest lockdowns and that started in early march and ended a few months ago when the cases where around 18000 the government decided to ease restrictions hoping basically to allow people to go out to to help buffer the economy basically it's really feeling the impact of this crisis however the call
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that was made by health doctors was a distress call the message was very very clear they say hospitals are at full capacity and frontline medical workers really do need breathing space they're asking for a lockdown in order to slow down and special as they see hoping that they will allow some of them basically to have a break to handle the growing number of covert cases given that there is no massive testing or tracing at the moment here. all non-essential business is in a strain is 2nd largest city melbourne have been ordered to close because of the surge in infections 5000000 citizens have an overnight curfew. the u.k. government says it's rolling out tests for the coronavirus that could provide a result with a 90 minutes millions of these had to be sent to hospitals care homes and the bar of trees as early as next week some health experts are voiced concern over how reliable the new tests will be afghan officials say at least 29 people have been killed and i saw it at
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a prison in general about the complex is home to 1500 inmates and it's not yet known how many have escaped lebanon's foreign minister has resigned if he says he couldn't continue because of the government's poor performance they've been on as close to bankruptcy the palestinian villages in the occupied west bank are accusing israeli settlers of poisoning the sheep villages east of ramallah say it's the 2nd similar attack in the past 10 days the un has recorded 155 settler attacks on palestinians and their property this year. trading has resumed in zimbabwe's stock exchange after a month long suspension to try and stabilize the currency it's about boyens a suffering 800 percent inflation and their worst financial crisis in more than a decade that's being worsened by coronavirus lock down restrictions. up next to libya unspeakable crimes to stay with us.
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there is no such thing as a clean war war allows every kind of atrocity. rape is a shocking but increasingly common consequence of war. collateral damage. a
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side effect of the fight. but there's evidence that it is now used as a military strategy. of all war crimes great is the most difficult to cover making it the perfect crime. thanks. in bosnia rwanda that there are critics republic of congo and syria women and children have usually been the main targets but in pre and post revolution libya it's men has often been the main victims but no one has ever been able to prove that. they.
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in libya rape is a taboo subject mentioned the word silence prevents. one woman did speak out in public in march 28th levon i just thought of that evolution of. the man in our baby was accusing the gadhafi regime of raping opponents and i cry resonated around the world. gadhafi was overthrown but libya was plunged into a civil war. the rumors of rape continue and while the international community expressed concern this did not turn into action. libya is still in
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a state of political and social chaos and tens of thousands of refugees have fled many towards europe. it effectively has 2 rival governments militias rule the streets and the rumors of rape persist but no one would confirm them. then a libyan magistrate now living in neighboring tunisia decided to speak out. on
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this given that levy. for. some a. good few years here but. i'm not out of the school of law school i mean that's what i'm here to learn i mean my easy. money. mr moore how did you finish out of the enemy. in libya to madonna man you was a public prosecutor in the chaos that followed the overthrow of gadhafi in october 2011 he said members of the opposition to jail for murder the very next day they
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were released and threatened to kill him so just. so he left libya. in tunis he has joined a group of libyan activist fellow exile. he's put together a group which now tracks alleged crimes committed in their homeland. the video evidence brought to him by a man is shocking. so much to get people. to believe you call a. marine one of the. emoticon for all of this if you do have a sort of he. shot what do you think you had best buy this they
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have a new video i just don't get to. that to be. look so. just so. said he said the landlady. said you know. he sort of clear the kid yeah and then the thing you have to get out of. stephan if you think. i'm a black sheep or model in the cuttack a mother i'm a father can be a really. really good to see that kind of pain and. so to be with my brother going to kill us no. doubt a few $100.00. 100 as
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a. kid. was i got. $100.00 out of it kind of how do we do with the full of. some of them personally but that was not in the middle of the market to do. so if you would a little bit. in the you know we could go you know you could change. well into the whole kitchen much of a lead on a mock. quiz for us called when you would have to step can make you still miss that city if you get out maybe looks the magic to know life lives of most of them maybe looks election day out of god yes i've got a good action and up above the bottom of the fly you have your pov on something. i will look will you see that. instead it would. have been i'm going to tell you something son of mission. in libya reap is
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such a taboo that is simply not open for discussion. i meant is a human rights activist operating on the ground but he's determined to bring the issue of rape out into the open. because he has received death threats he met carries his entire life in a suitcase and he never sleeps in the same place. one of his contacts is a man known simply as a sea. change
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or she will he will be looking to hook a local school. and walk off. the disappointment. for years just see really inside but all the time he knew about men and women who had been raped and who needed help. in fact he was talking about himself. when the scene arrived in tunis he didn't want his identity revealed and his voice here is this guy.
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you know i think it will have a high with me and i did to want to thank you have to really. thank god for it to me and i think we have the softness on his left wrist. it was never the case. lack of the hi hat feel whole feel. off. because. people at the people. you know me. are from you know as for. your level of. who could have taken any.
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testimony gradually revealed the horrors of a hidden war civilians rounded up on the street secret prisons and torture. he talked about men raped and then released defiled men whom no one ever mentions. i imagine the question was now how many of them were now wandering the streets of tunis before returning to libya and hiding their shame inside. and the women the men asked. why let's down the list. so why you. see but just
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a lot better for just. look this up my best. wish wish for a little high enough so it can. every day a mad meets victims of abuses suffered in libya and meticulously records everything they say. but most refused to talk about great. this man in his ear had been imprisoned for 6 years. i know you have some sort of got here. she shifts shift mom as if
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to. shake a north idea. limits to feel. my god even when i was going to visit a worker who got about to the mother. on the area we. don't believe them when he did offer them gammas a total of 4 could tell the truth not as it's over the girl for a book and it's a. little of zimmerman a little clinic. but how to show. that they're going to. get another mostly of sitting up guardian let alone their reasonably honest look and it can we don't interfere. with the legal guardian. would warm one of them over the difficulty year of the duration of the.
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lee. film awfully muscular school fleetly are. sure yet. better than. when there will be a few support of. shipley. if it will mean that you have been of. the saw. one of those who are nothing. like many others nazir simply avoids the question only revenge matters to him. but without official complaints and statements he may not count any sheet and eagle
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proceedings the retrial remains empty the crime simply doesn't exist. and a man spent several months listening to many libyan victims of abuse gathering a wealth of detailed information. but they case the kind of hard evidence they would need in order to make a case strong enough to stand up in international criminal court. they also badly need outside expertise.
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cillian by day knows well. she's a french lawyer specializing in international law and has 20 years of experience tracking sexual violence in conflicts around the world. in 2013 she helped draft a law aimed at protecting rape victims under the gadhafi regime but delicious lation was never elected. by dates experience is that the war crimes do not simply go away if no legal action is taken they would continue to be committed. we are. a team it's not just me and imad we have many libyans here and we have our nice work inside on the ground and what we are trying to do we have
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trying to collect a lot of documentation from different organizations as sense 2011 since ok since just how many lives and 1000 to look. there is sometimes not just militias. do the crime there is people are working from ministry of the. minister fun tear out can deal with this kind. you know that recently at the i.c.c. for rape you know the case bamba he was sentence and he didn't rape nobody but you was you were sentence for rape because he ordered it or even knew that it was happening and he didn't do nothing so that's a very important case because night existing the jurisprudence and this is also
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something we can use in our our case for almost 2 issues really so close of what you were to mention how we count toward together our team and you and your team to solve this case is international because you know if the idea is all the case you have each individual situation that you may have collected each time we need to look at when it happened and where it happened because if you don't do that you get killed before a court that's why i am telling you this we have to work on that and to to show our systematic it is you know and then you have a case. legally speaking. you are in. in a special situation. because you cannot bring a case in india but it doesn't mean that it does to stop now i think we can work on
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that to put pressure towards internationally in stones european you know in the next cetera and prepare a case for the i.c.c. and we need to push for the i.c.c. so we have to show that this is a priority and to bring a something like one. of our. rooms around them. for the international criminal court agreed to take on a case because believe in human rights activist in tunis would 1st have to establish that the war crime had been committed in their homeland. meanwhile your scene resurfaced this time ready to tell his story. it revolves around the siege of his city misrata by government troops for 3 months in 2011. the forces were based in 2 out of the 50 kilometers away whose residents were then
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accused of supporting the government action in the us we. misperceive kabul honey and. just pop warner in our. you can do in the mean ministry are unique and you need ok in the palm but he thought i was in as to one cause in a can and a d. in the 100th. it's really remarkable. that in the ministry. it's that he'd been there on the night of the worship of the out of our tickets because they had also which models. you need a different bow and how. he had it in was more it's
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a wash. and you bit that deep. in it that deep it will fly hostler. he thought the fear had a little fun. with power which if used to hate in the wild eyed but we had to be in the midst i. couldn't even admission afford to condemn had he had the mecca of his sex and in the. middle stop. seem believes that since that night in march 2011 he's become sterile but he's never had a test because he didn't think you could trust anyone to do. however
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tunas offers him the anonymity he needs to see a doctor ahead of you. in the. new system you have. what it. is. you're seen apparently needs more tests and medical examinations but it seems to be too much for him and he disappears off the radar again. he said but that put into the. city a military c. policy that tipped off it was pretty tough to show you what a love interest you can make a levee in your body or not let the fish you and the. city by not fully recently tell you the mighty city of course
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a completely entirely because still of uli literally i thinking mark if one of them but the i don't is occupied if you don't leave your report look really really poorly released we will have to persuade. you to somebody. initially made you dimly if you're not part of. it if you're a yes but the mother do me a lesson take. it as we show compassion if you want to get it in the open with young to get. kidnappings and murders in crimea says russians forced an extension of the black sea peninsula. i don't understand why no.
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schools of crime into tas have been arrested and tortured and killed. most believe by russian security forces. crime in russia's dark secret on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks there is increasing pressure to nandan to turn its back on beijing and to give case finding itself caught between 2 superpowers with details coverage israel's missed opportunities on testing and tracing is now being seen as part of a wider political failure to tackle the panda from around the world to my wife who say that at least 12 people have been either killed or disappeared by argentina security forces. once welcomed now fear. and dividing a nation. al-jazeera explores germany's long term economic strategy of pursuing immigrants from the arab world now i feel more john among the syrians. are
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much money does a richer get those people put up fake go. on and german and american the new germans on al-jazeera. form. i there i'm given the top stories on al-jazeera people around the world are facing strict new coronavirus rules and restrictions governments are trying to stamp out rising infection rights while avoiding the full economic shutdowns they imposed earlier this year the global tele by johns hopkins university shows the number of reported cases is now well then 18000000 almost 700000 people have died. the world health organization is warning people against pinning their hopes on
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a vaccine saying basic prevention measures remain crucial to finding a way out of the pandemic and we all hope to of a number of effective vaccines that can help prevent people from infection however there is no silver bullet at the moment there might never be for tomorrow stopping outbreaks comes down to the basics of probably cold and this is going to rule testing isolating and treating patients and tracy and quarantining their contacts on the philippines is reported to more than 3200 new coronavirus infections pushing it close to overtaking indonesia is the worst hit country in southeast asia tougher restrictions are being reimposed in and around manila after infections jumps to more than 100000 from tuesday businesses and public transport are expected to close and people will need special passes to
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leave home. all non-essential businesses in australia's 2nd largest city mell that have been ordered to close because of the surge in infections 5000000 citizens have an overnight curfew afghan officials say at least 36 people including 7 assailants have been killed in an isolated hack at a prison in jalalabad the complex is home to almost $1800.00 inmates around $300.00 have escaped. lebanon's a foreign minister has resigned p.t. says he couldn't continue because of the government's poor performance lebanon is close to bankruptcy. trading has resumed in zimbabwe stock exchange offer a month long suspension to try and stabilize the currency zimbabwe is suffering 800 percent inflation and the worst financial crisis in more than a decade has been worsened by coronavirus lock down restrictions. those are the headlines now it's time to go back to libya unspeakable crime to stay with us.
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there is no such thing as a clean war. war allows every kind of atrocity. of all war crimes rape is the hardest to uncover making it the perfect crime. to. let you know what the more the. action saw and sound noise and shout orders. to set off still.
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french human rights lawyer celine bard that much fatima. she is not libyan but she lived. she was kidnapped and raped like you see we saw earlier during the siege of misrata and is now trying to pull her life back together. from. coming to.
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plan to. get there.
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the human rights groups of libyans operating out of tunis. he was a result of his army and his unit took part in the government seized of the opposition city of misrata in 2011. he also wanted his identity concealed and his voice is this guy's here 3. feet deep. probably in again no question even the question again and. again and again feel the fear. but it is him since i mean look at you been. saying. in ascii the many more number of us could be both but if you've been nothing then the.
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fee feed be. a local food hole done now you're. going to look for those that are going to continue to be a total total being too cool with the money he needs. to. i think you're going to give me an inch of the most. political symbol and legal leg. to some of the. button that. says it will be. good when you have to feed not the new. look in the movies and make any deals not to get. the most forward.
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looking on federal law. no. the 1st instances of where by the gadhafi regime against opposition supporters then the tables were turned and those taking charge after the revolution the same practice. in the spring of 2017 the international criminal court took action issued an indictment against a former senior government official supporter. or drape to be committed during the revolution. the
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badly needed concrete evidence particularly to demonstrate that this. has continued long after the revolution. for this and the spied the risks they had to return to. the 5000000. at the bottom lots. of it with the what that money is like that get on with it after that. one can look. at what names we get to what it will be for course at the end of it that in itself
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. but there's cook at the book we get to. know how pretty you know but any. more for i reckon the fish fish i have to. look at that get bored with the boat or you will have to ship them. the group arrived in the capital trip which is still in constant state of flux one minute erupting like a volcano the next lying deceptive little. witch inside a man was a man from the water only just been released from 6 years in prison after being caught up in the backlash against his city. known as ali his identity and voice also disguised here. kind of kind of has it to be to.
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this graphic and. worse in the struggle for the better believe or. i've ever. said that if it would not have been this she could. be the going to get it together if. you get that he will be the issue. but she surely saw. him to hack into that deed to. be able. to kid recognition so what if there were if you get into do you got this more powerful they were born for brought. here and have this if you will but this is the time to. me i mean. before they bother. to live. in the.
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shimmy she saw. good luck. with. that it says and i feel just before i show foot snake she says she's listening bullshitters all her. time to feel i must. write. down to. you the real stuff so. let's show them. what. we're. going to do good just looks. completely nuts and. 10 feet in
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the time at the moment looking like a rock. and it sure looks like. these 2 guns for some tickets. i didn't. see. the death of all sci fi change. just. now the facts are not on the model. that they're going to be. here. for the record. in order. to have. some sort of time to. cool but i am too i am too old.
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for the. think. that. i least testimony also reflected the fact that being from that war he and his fellow residents were designated for special treatment. of guns were largely descendants from slaves and so are black so they were often considered 2nd class libyan citizens but then they were also accused without conclusive proof of having support of the government sees of misrata and taken part in rape along with the gadhafi supporters and rebel
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cities like misrata. a madman activist from 2 hours ago who had recorded the abuse suffered by the people. where you. know they have lists of missing persons former prisoners the names of secret prisons and exact dates. the case was that water guns were being targeted kidnapped and systematically persecuted yes. yes. the evidence pointed towards having become
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a major target. the implications were that a major human rights violation and alleged crime had been committed. for a man time was a vessel. so despite the obvious risk to his personal safety a man decided to stay in tripoli he tried in vain to contact other men.
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but a female victim did they agree to meet him. do you had never spoken out before her identity and voice are again discussed. ok. well i don't have a minute to get us the ok so much. but i want one of them squinting. we're going to have economic and i'm just this is something you been through and. i couldn't care how the holograph. we were hijacked you know. for certain and i got that ha so we. hope for the house to discover kind of. the side of of the students and.
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it would be intimate for the what if i just would just just to feel some type of different sort of don't feel like i'm going to good governance you know on a good person in are going to get up and soon set off in the dark not from gene or me but really. it's. just. let's just put out the company 1st we're going to. come good the kids but yes you know i know this is. going to only go and so that's the scene. and to them that what are the something. and don't charge into different starter but them instead of sufficient. just to decisions are another until now most in the 1st another part of the new order to them look good and into boarding an intercity. shouldn't recognition.
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at the bullock more look at the disease than the master's degree and shall go to sleep when i have that kind of you know stonyfield absentee man not a journey i was an attorney and it's not for certain that you have to look and since there's a. gap of hat that the tenets are standing on for starting a law that are out of mine are for my fantastic start to be sort of an option and lose the whole island but. what this book will. come got to defend. wouldn't be. uncool.
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couldn't we actually. should push. the scene for dinner and know if they're going to get that midnight we took. who had to live there think it was a good. man was to keep me out of it if i wanted money got nothing to do with muslims and. what moderates could. lose but the problem does not stop clinton and a bit earlier for. something
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a dentist unless looked at once replied mr to accomplish. so congratulations it acts like. a good good that's when the bad story about mcknight made that last edition i will do calculus and i think that i don't duplicate. if i lucked into will to go beyond the love island or breed and cool luck and sure . there's the talk of the harder see. when to get their little it is my fault but the result of the is that this need.
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only risk in the 3rd lord of the. now and then. and i'm going to check it for gladness i. should give it. the glad number but didn't and now and then the thought of arctic. ice just lingers around and then you before you leave it to make it's. time to.
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the people of the twilight i was finally allowed to return to the ruins of the city in 2018. but the america human rights group concluded that discrimination against them continues and that as a people they have become demonized in post-revolutionary a form of collective punishment. must have the wrong. little. worry about a difficult mission or undermines. how they do for worship what money. on the wrong track. you have. an analyst who said look. it called acknowledge his. skit likely hello diminishes chemical of your dementia make you want when you have massive i'll tell you all this out. that i
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wanted. to do in an exam. they claim together they can control humanity can't hear you on it why i should think as a willing to put it on what you can sound you need the sun has set on the wild out . type you do turn into other. 6 in line to get his generosity task. than you want. to discover and it is. the scourge of rock and the squares on top of a put that posh the south he said that's tricky for infocom forces any amount of strong as could put that qualities in him on that one strong delusion is surely a perk that aria. drawing on scene by this experience in bosnia may help the tunas base human rights group build a solid case against the perpetrators of these shocking abuses but it took 20 years
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for the u.n. tribunal to convict those responsible for the strip massacre. the case of post revolution libya has highlighted the use of rape as a calculate the instrument of war the international justice system must now pick up the battle but this is no easy task i mean the ongoing factional fighting in today's libya. a year had passed since his scenes 1st arrival in tunisia. he stablished that he was not steroids. and with the passage of time his talents have soft being more concerned with justice than revenge.
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and if you do they take on life change. can be tracked back and can request for help on cad. and let you know that you have. been painting the quality and you had a little capital of your own and sick. and she had they are going to let you know that they're laying the 2nd question and if that's. the challenge now is to achieve that on behalf of your c mosier. ali. and all of the libyan rape victims.
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for. how the weather sludgy fun it's right across the good parts of south america we got some showers all the spells of right into the south out also to the north but in between a big area of a fine and dry weather wall the sunshine. and so temperatures getting up into the thirty's in a sense you know 25 celsius therefore one of sarah's will be want to choose showers into eastern brazil over the next couple of days but that aside absolutely fabulous will see a lot of fine and dry weather to push up towards the north we have got the usual
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showers there he said bringing those showers in across the region intertropical convergence and of course plenty of shows to just making their way across the greater antilles but the caribbean now quietly down quite nicely because tropical storm that is making its way up to the southeastern corner of the u.s. there we go lots of fine and dry weather that will be one of 2 showers i think majority the showers over towards central america over the next day or 2 but elsewhere lotty fine and sunny sunny too hot sunshine no letup in the the fires that we have across western parts of the u.s. particular that apple fire in california and to the southeast here we go with our tropical storm that's going to run its way up towards south carolina as we go late into monday and then gradually sweep right up the eastern seaboard. talk to older 0 we as is the government not taking the necessary action to really
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address some of the structural issues we listen i still think that air travel is the safest mode of travel and to spend that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the soldier's 0. i've been covering all of latin america for most of my career but no country is alike and it's my job to shed light on how and why. the. this is al-jazeera. alone can get all this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes there is no silver bullet at the moment and then might never be. a grim warning from the world health organization it's countries across the world announced for new restrictions to hold
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a surge in corona virus infection. afghan officials say at least $300.00 inmates have a scale.


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