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online be part of the debate any personal comments when no topic is off the table is taking on. that people of color have suffered not only now but for decades we all banks need to transform lives the way we could see it business if we're going to adapt to climate break down this street on out is the. protests in lebanon over a huge explosion that killed at least 149 people as french president emanuel calls for a new political system. i'm about this in and this is all just 0 live from doha also coming up a lawsuit in the u.s. against the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomons accused of sending
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a hit squad to kill a former intelligence officer. the leaders of 2 west african nations ivory coast and guinea are expected to run for controversial 3rd terms in october. and new york's attorney general sues the national rifle association in a bid to dissolve the gun lobbying group. the search for bodies continues in the aftermath of lebanon's deadly port explosion and so does the search for answers 16 port officials have now been detained but many aren't blaming the people running the port instead they say the people running the country are responsible protests are being held in central beirut calling for a complete overhaul of the political elite they've been backed by french president emanuel mccrum he's been touring neighborhoods devastated by the chemical explosion the death toll from tuesday's blast. it is now at $149.00 and it's expected to go
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up by nick smith as the latest from beirut. on the streets of beirut on thursday france's president emmanuel mccomas essentially moment by people many of them calling for a turn of french mandate fronts was the clonal power here before independence and is because micron has essentially stepped into a void left by lebanon's own political leaders mokhtar on has been able to offer practical support in the terms of the medical teams on financial assistance to beirut and he's off with a routine moral support as well but hasn't come from lebanon's oh belittle classes they haven't been able to do that and they've been conspicuous by their absence from the streets since the catastrophic explosion just did what i know is that the people of lebanon have electricity shut down every day and it's not working the provision of imports and exports has collapsed because of the financial system and so they're on says for the short term that we need as we know the answer is to
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fight corruption reform the energy and electricity systems the customs we need transparency for imports and exports we need reforms for all the sectors and insist on these changes quickly. many beirut says most people here have been left to their own devices we spent the day walking around parts of beirut and we saw young people with brushes and dustpans and pickaxes and shovels beginning to clean up we didn't see the military we didn't see the police and it was the french president who said he wants to see a new political order here in lebanon he wants to see a dramatic change in the way that this country is going. well international rescue teams are still arriving in beirut and the crisis is getting worse as in a hot air has more. search and rescue teams are still digging through the rubble at beirut port the site of massive explosions that damaged or destroyed much of the
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lebanese capital families are desperate for news about their loved ones dozens are missing there is pain and grief zainab fears she will never see her husband allie again. there's a still are still you know i don't know where he is i haven't heard from him since 6 pm monday and i want to know if he's alive or dead. rescue experts from abroad have started to arrive to help a country that wasn't prepared to cope with a disaster like this. other with. the fund says there's still a lot of destruction. destructive building. there is somebody. the blasts were felt kilometers away killing dozens and wounding thousands buildings homes shops all destroyed 300000 people displaced billions of dollars in damage investigations are focusing on possible negligence in storing tons of
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highly explosive material at the port officials have promised assistance and compensation to those affected by the explosions but driving around the city the state is noticeably absent in destroyed neighborhoods like this one it is the people who are helping each other they are cleaning the streets clearing the debris and distributing food and water to those in need public anger against the political class many believe is responsible for lebanon's near economic collapse is not new decades of corruption in the glare triggered an anti-establishment movement last october we've been fortunate going used to this not being present for its citizens we don't have properly just city we don't have a proper garbage infrastructure we don't have proper water infrastructures and unfortunately the people have gotten used to it but it's it's a time for change it's we've been asking for change for quite some time and i think this last catastrophe is going to make change for the country much better the
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priority now is to help the victims many are still in hospital in critical condition calls for accountability and justice are growing louder for now people are focused to rely on themselves i need money the world. myself. and i need everything and i didn't want to be mean so this is why i'm. some may call it resilience but for many this is about survival nearly half the population of 5000000 lebanese were below the poverty line before this disaster the situation has since got worse. beirut. the grown prince of saudi arabia is being accused of sending a group of hit and to canada to kill one of his top former intelligence officials aside those of the allegations being revealed in a lawsuit filed in washington d.c.
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the hitmen one allegedly sent by muhammad bin solomon just days after a journalist was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul and october 28th. seeking damages from the crown prince but allegedly orchestrating an attempted extra judicial killing and for violating international law for more on this let's cross live to mike hanna in washington d.c. mike there's a surprising amount of detail in this lawsuit what more do we know about since. when indeed yes it's $106.00 pages senate contains exhausting detail in terms of what is alleged to be the crown prince guidance of a hit squad which came to the united states according to the court papers and then was prevented entry into canada by alert border officials but within the court papers as well is the allegation that the crown prince texted. on
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a number of occasions asking him to come back to saudi arabia he left saudi arabia back in 2017 however then these messages escalated into major threats saying that he would be dealt with also within the court papers is a flow chart which indicates an identifies of members of the alleged hit squad along with others who were involved in this operation and among those members of the alleged hit squad are what are described in the court papers as forensic experts experts said cleaning a crime scene so this very similar almost a mirror image of the operation in which journalist jamal khashoggi was murdered and dismembered in istanbul so extensive detail. within these court papers pointing directly to the crown prince as being allegedly responsible given the fact that the target was a was in there the alleged target i should say was in canada at the time why is
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this lawsuit being brought in the united states. firstly because there is legislation in the united states that allows a non us citizen to bring a legal action against a foreign national who is accused of torture and or extrajudicial executions so that is one reason the legislation is in place but also in his court papers sardar chabria insists that the hit team did gather in the united states before attempting to enter canada and then the last point which is very important as well in the court papers i'll jump free says that his son and daughter have been detained in saudi arabia by saudi authorities in what he describes as a form of hunger bait bait to lure him out of hiding now this has been an issue here in d.c. senators from congress sent a letter to president trump last month asking him to bring pressure to bear on
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saudi arabia to allow the release of children by having this court case in washington no doubt all jobbery hopes that this will race pressure on the trumpet ministration to take some kind of action to get allow his children to return to their family mcconnel live for us in washington d.c. mike's thing thanks very much indeed. while the leaders of 2 west african nations are expected to run for controversial 3rd terms in october president allison watada has governed since 2011 and said in march he would not run again but his preferred successor died in july formally accepted the ruling party's nomination for ivory coast on thursday but his opponents say it violates the constitution meanwhile guinea's governing party has asked president off accommodate to seek a 3rd term in office of elections this year that's despite months of protests against extending the 82 year old's time in office and again
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a in law presidents can only serve 2 terms but condi pushed through a new constitution this year which reset the time and not allows him to run for office again or quasi or say is a professor of history and political science at delaware state university is joining us by skype from dover in delaware thank you very much indeed for being with us on the al-jazeera let's talk about the situation in guinea 1st of all what do you think is motivating off a conduit to go for the 3rd. i think it's purely a question of power he's been in power for quite a while since 2010 and so it believes that he wants to continue to enjoy the power that yes that's what's motivating him. we should point out that this moment he hasn't officially accepted the nomination of the party yet but the assumption is that he will of course i accept that and there is a very strong system the suggestion that there are going to be more mass rallies because we've seen a mass rallies organized by the opposition in the past what do you think is going
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to the lead up to the election is going to be like in guinea. i think. the. people are going to let him know that they're not happy that he's going against their wishes i'm hoping that the leadership on the west coast as they try to do in mali would also try to intervene to prevent any possibility of violence but there's no question that president can they insists on running he changed the constitution and clearly he's going to accept the party's invitation to run. let me ask you about the situation in ivory coast at this point because. ouattara had said he was going to resign he'd nominated the prime minister as his successor obviously the prime minister subsequently died in the situation changes was there really an option for the party other than to ask what how to run yes there
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was an option for the party these are moments that call for statesmanship and because as people have little know that they were not happy with him running for a 3rd term and he had gone ahead and said that yes you will not run and he had chosen somebody else he should have in this moment gone ahead and showed some state statesmanship and told his people in the ivory coast even though my party wants me to run i am not going to hide my 2 terms of listen to you and we're going to choose somebody else and this especially in a moment when 2 of his opponents are going to be people that you want to dance in the past. most successor and and the and if he had stepped aside in this moment i think it would have been
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a wonderful opportunity for ivory coast to look ahead for the younger people there are no limits of people who in his party who are ready to run if he had stepped aside would there have been a risk of a political vacuum and a power struggle within the party itself which may have spilled out onto the streets which we have seen in the past in ivory coast i think as i said run out of them showing a leadership vacuum and his party would up shown the world that he was standing tall for stability especially since 2 of his opponents in this presidential election i'm going to be 2 people he's been going at it for a long time his opponents and i think every cause needs new leadership and he should lead the way to allow that to happen across it or say we appreciate your time and your expertise so thank you very much indeed for joining us on al-jazeera
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thank you very much. still ahead on al-jazeera africa passes 1000000 coronavirus cases but there are concerns there still isn't enough testing in many countries. that awesome out marks 2075 years since the 1st atomic bomb and calls for a nuclear weapons free world. but. more some of storms across eastern parts of the u.s. at the moment lots of cloud still showing up here well wet weather coming in just around the carolinas easing up across virginia heading up towards new jersey new york and into new england behind it and retry wanted to show us the scattered in we'll see similar wetter weather just spilling out of the canadian prairies down across the plains easing a little further east which is we go through sas
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a bit behind that hot and sunny more sentients lifting those temperatures around $44.00 celsius there for phoenix and the state funded dry rot out west coast of the u.s. much of western kind of the also seeing a good deal of settled and sunny weather some settled in sunny whether it's in the caribbean but so we got some lively showers once again just around the western side of the caribbean into central america that's where the heaviest rain is going to be over the next couple days but we will still see some wetter weather just around the eastern island so i think the wettest weather is going to be across the way in woods as we go on through friday still quite a rush of showers here as we go into saturday but the league was also seeing some of that western weather at that stage a few showers coming in across hispaniola some wetter whether they're actually pushing into jamaica we'll see a little bit of sherry right its northern parts of cuba about over the top temperature 32. where there is water there is life but finding it and australia's arid deserts is
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a skill few still possess they took us to a small wet spot in the sea in the desert and this was this is a very important place they've been telling us about for the last 5 days who came in at 4 and one is set up against all odds an aging population is posse on its knowledge the rainmakers of the outback on a. form . your child is here a reminder of our top stories this hour 16 port officials have been detained as the investigation into lebanon's deadly explosion continues protests have been held in
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central beirut calling for a complete overhaul of the political elite a move which has been backed by french president emmanuel mccall. the saudi crown prince is accused of dispatching a group of hit men in a failed attempt to kill a top former saudi intelligence officials. in canada a lawsuit making allegations has been filed in washington d.c. the hit man was selling julie sent by mohamed bin salman just days after genesis. was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul in 2018. and the leaders of 2 west african nations are expected to run for controversial thirds terms of elections and told that i have because president allison ouattara formally accepted the ruling party's nomination meanwhile guinea's governing party has asked president african day to seek a 3rd term in office. the number of covered 1000 cases in
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africa has now passed a 1000000 as the world health organization wants that a surge in cases could overwhelm hospitals so far more than 21000 people have died from the virus across the continent south africa accounts for more than half of the cases it also has the 5th highest number of infections globally 75 percent of the continent's infections are in just 5 countries south africa egypt nigeria ghana and algeria just 10 countries account for 80 percent of coronavirus testing taking place. dr vision o.c.d. is an infectious disease specialist at the oldham institute and she says all voted a lot of cases are high in south africa situation does seem to be getting better it is very concerning that there are places where there's not a lot of testing and we still seeing a rise in the number of cases however i read difficult to predict what the implication alf back. of not testing i mean what the how the figures would look if you were doing more tests currently we are borders is still closed so south africa
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had closed borders since march and we don't have any. movement in and out of the country it is not movement of people there's movement of cargo but not movement of people and so we're hoping that that's going to you of course create an environment where cases are not being exported. south africa is really i mean we are getting quite a lot of cases right now we're probably going to get close to a 1000000 when this is over but i think back we have seen a little bit of relief in the last week or so in terms of the number of cases being reported also in terms of the hospital a burden and the number of people who are in the hospitals and the percent occupancy of the hospital beds i think think seem to be getting a little better it could be just period because you know maybe people are not testing as much or maybe there's just some other reason but hopefully that trend continues right now it's just
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a trend but hopefully the trend continues and then we can see in a few weeks whether we're back we're actually over the hump but of course you know going to take a long time to get down back to the road. in brazil more than 13 percent of people are not on employed it's the highest level in 3 years nearly 9000000 jobs were lost between april and june because of the pandemic and at least 13000000 people are now looking for work in south america's biggest economy in in the u.s. the number of new jobless claims dropped to 1200000 last week hiring picked up in may and june as states began lifting coronavirus restrictions still more than $16000000.00 americans continue to collect unemployment benefits a federal aid package of $600.00 a week expired at the end of july politicians have yet to reach a deal to extend it new york state's attorney general is suing the influential gun lobby group the national rifle association several executives are accused of siphoning off millions of dollars to fund luxury lifestyles attorney general says
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the organization should be dissolved altogether sure how to reports from new york new york's attorney general had promised to shine a light on the national rifle association when she was elected after 18 months of investigation leticia james no they're just c.e.o. wayne lapierre 3 of the former and current executives use the n.r.a. as their personal piggy banks specifically mr la pierre spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of the n.r.a. his charitable assets for personal private plane trips for himself and stamped including extended family when he was not present. he does it in the bahamas by private at least 8 times in approximate 3 year period with his family the suit claims that $64000000.00 was siphoned off over 3 years money the attorney general once paid back in addition james says there is no alternative but to dissolve the n.r.a. as a nonprofit organization transit in new york the n.r.a.
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was founded 148 years ago but only began lobbying as a gun rights organization in the late seventy's since then it successfully blocked gun control legislation however its power lies not so much in its financial clout but its ability to mobilize its supporters at elections to vote for candidates who reject gun control something reflected in its response to the challenges this was a baseless premeditated attack on our organization the n.r.a. said you could have set your watch but the investigation was going to reach its crescendo as we move in to the 2020 alexion cycle. the filing of the lawsuit may have an impact the major donors to the n.r.a. we draw in the hours court and the n.r.a. has been very active. courting political candidates who would make something of a difference to various races going on around hunch or even possibly. even
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the presidential race whatever the implications for the n.r.a. itself the trump campaign is hoping that this lawsuit will address the n.r.a. is conservative base just as republicans have been worrying about turnout the president began campaigning on the attorney general's announcement soon after it was made just like the radical left new york is trying to destroy the n.r.a. he tweeted if biden becomes president your great 2nd amendment doesn't have a charmes your guns will be taken away immediately and without notice no police no guns and at the white house he suggested the organization should simply relocate i think the n.r.a. should move to texas. and lead a very good uniform like the n.r.a. has filed a counter suit against new york state which means this will be a very long drawn out process litigation that may take years even if the n.r.a. loses donors or is dissolved as a nonprofit in new york as the president suggests that would be the end of the gun lobby in the united states she had her chance the al-jazeera new york. thousands of
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belorussians have taken part in a band opposition rally in the capital minsk ahead of sunday's election the electoral race is proving the strongest challenge yet to the 26 year rule of president alexander lukashenko subclassing reports from minsk. ignoring a government ban they shouted leave lucas shankar we will win thousands of supporters of opposition leaders that lana to kind of sky rally for hours in front of an empty stage after the candidate and her team was barred from entering we all work but we all do not here anymore so all we have less fear as as before because it's not possible to have so much fear in our country that. for i'm here to support the next generation our children i'm 51 years old and to be honest i can't watch how my mother is forced to count every cent because of her
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small pension. because shankar also lost support after he called a covert 19 crisis in psychosis despite thousands polling ill only from being forced out the people from all walks of life. here risking arrest they are. the authorities had banned opposition rally saying a celebration for troops was held in the same park so atlanta. joined forces with 2 other women has attracted the largest crowd scene in decades describing herself as an ordinary housewife revival. has quickly become a symbol for change of many belorussians and change will happen for sure what we want change in a peaceful way but not many are hopeful that the elections on sunday will be free and clear with foreign observers banned and banned the russian observers already taking the opposition has announced they will take to the streets again as soon as
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the polls close on sunday stepladder i want you to react i mean. early results from sri lanka's parliamentary election suggest a big lead for the governing party people's front is led by the rajapaksa brothers who serve as president and prime minister the party do slightly to consolidate its power but it needs a 2 thirds majority to carry out promised constitutional changes this is south asia's 1st major vote jewing the pandemic. india's defense ministry has warned that standoff with china over the disputed border region will be a long one in an online statement which has since been removed from the ministry highlighted the fight between the 2 sides in june 20 of its soldiers were killed it says talks are continuing on the disputed in the region but the standoff is likely to be prolonged both sides accuse each other of crossing the disputed border and provoking soldiers. survivors of the world's. atomic bomb had been marking
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75 years since it was dropped on hiroshima but 140000 people were killed after u.s. forces attacked japan in the final stages of world war 2 reports. a poignant commemoration of the moment 75 years ago when the world entered the atomic age and the whole city was destroyed with the numbers of the so called hit the original survivors of the attack decline each year this is likely to be the last major round of verse or they will attend in large numbers special precautions in place to protect them from the coronavirus that hiroshima was mair referred to as a new threat facing the world accompanied by a worrying increase in nationalism. we must never allow this painful pass to repeat he felt that if you've also cited most of rejects self-centered nationalism and unite against all threats. i take 15 in the morning local time
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a single atomic bomb code named little boy exploded 2000 feet above the center of the city killing tens of thousands of people instantly with tens of thousands more dying in the months and years that followed many from radiation related illnesses michiko could die was a child when the bomb was dropped. with the pandemic innovative ways have been found for her and other survivors to share their stories with the present generation. and there is a sense that we don't have much longer to live i'm now 82 i don't know when i won't be able to speak so in some form we need to preserve our stories but when 3 days after hiroshima nagasaki was attacked with a 2nd bomb another run a verse or a with more survivors to market and in both cities both among the generation who
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endured the attacks and also the generations that came after them there's a strong piece called true that's really focused on abolishing nuclear weapons the experience of being the only country to be attacked with nuclear weapons help shape modern japan. by urging action from each country japan will take the lead in the international community's efforts towards the realisation of a world without nuclear weapons it's a goal still far from being realized but one held still is strongly in the 2 cities that have suffered most from such weapons rob mcbride al jazeera. this is all just here these are the top stories 16 port officials have been detained as the investigation into lebanon's deadly explosion continues protests have been held in central beirut calling for a complete overhaul of the political elite
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a move which has been backed by french president emmanuel. what i know is that the people of lebanon have electricity shut down every day and it's not working the provision of imports and exports has collapsed because of the financial system so there are it's is for the short term that we need as we know the answer is to fight corruption reform the energy and electricity systems the customs we need transparency for imports and exports we need reforms for all the sick does and insist on these changes quickly the saudi crown prince is accused of sending a group of hit men to canada in a failed attempt to kill a former top saudi intelligence official targets suttle jobbery is filing a lawsuit in washington d.c. headman a set of been sent by muhammad son bin solomon just days after journalist was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul in 2018 leaders or 2 west african nations are expected to run for controversial 3rd terms by because president
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alassane ouattara formally accepted the ruling party's nomination meanwhile guineans governing party has asked president awful condé to seek a 3rd term in office in brazil more than 13 percent of people are now unemployed it's the highest level in 3 years nearly 9000000 jobs were lost between april and june because of the coronavirus pandemic 13000000 people are now looking for work in south america's biggest economy. the number of americans filing for unemployment benefits has dropped to $1200000.00 last week it's the lowest weekly total since march the u.s. labor markets trying to recover from the coronavirus pandemic early results from sri lanka's parliamentary elections suggest a big lead for the governing party the people's front. brothers who serve as president and prime minister is set to consolidate its power and those are the headlines the news continues here on c.n.n. about half an hour after we wind up by. a global pandemic mass
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protests demanding change economic recession and geopolitical tensions not to mention the small matter of a looming election. conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics. on al-jazeera. and . here in rewind we drilled deep into the al-jazeera don't have to bring you some of the best and most influential programs of the decade as well as news of how the stories of.


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