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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 7, 2020 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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now say they're essential to control the virus yet i receive messages on the out saying that we are a few rows i was a nurse back who what i am doing is not all that different from my passion helping others. the u.s. state department calls a former top saudi intelligence official a valued partner saying it's concerned by allegations the saudi crown prince sent men to canada to try to kill him. alone i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program anger is growing off to beirut explosion residents blame corruption and mismanagement the president suggested could have been the result of a missile attack. in a india plane skids off the runway after landing in carola the death toll continues
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to climb. and hong kong chief executive carrier laumann 10 all the chinese officials a sanctioned by the us of a controversial security law. the u.s. state department has called former top saudi intelligence officials a valued partner it comes a day after it was revealed algebra filed a lawsuit in washington accusing saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman of sending a hit squad to canada to try to kill him the state department says it's concerned by al jump raise allegations and says any persecution of his family members back in saudi arabia is unacceptable it's also being reported that interpol rejected a request to extradite back to saudi arabia because they said it was politically
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motivated so it's more on this let's cross to mike hanna who's following the story from washington and so senator patrick leahy who's been previously involved in the case he's familiar with these developments with the algebra he called for the u.s. to essentially help free his children from detention in saudi arabia what's been the response. well indeed patrick lee he was one of the number of senators in congress who actually sent letters to the white house and the state department asking for clarity on the continued detention of. children now aged 20 and 21 who are being held in riyadh at an undisclosed destination now the state department has formally responded to senator leahy's letter in a very strongly worded series of comments it says that dr bari has been a valued partner to the u.s. government working closely with us to ensure the safety of americans and saudis it
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continues that the department of state is concerned about the alleged activities that led to dr. exile in canada any accusations of wrongdoing it says should be addressed through established legal channels now one must point out as well that the saudi arabians approached interpol for an arrest warrant after an investigation into poll said that this was a political matter and refused to issue arrest warrant essentially clearing assad out of any wrongdoing the letter from state department continues that any persecution of the family is an acceptable making this in very strong terms it says it has repeatedly approach saudi arabia about the status of the 2 children and insists that they be returned to their family so this is a very strong reply from the state department to the concerns raised by a number of senators in congress and certainly rector's up this whole matter even
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further considering that in the past 24 hours a case has been introduced in a u.s. court accusing the crown prince of committing torture and or planning extra judicial killings and seeking civil action against the saudi prince so certainly the matter is now in the relations with. u.s. and saudi arabia certainly impinged by abuse ongoing matter concerning the ongoing detention of children in saudi arabia all right thank you very much mike hanna also following the story from the white house so we've had this response from the state department to the letter from senator patrick leahy and the other senators can really just help us put this into the context of the u.s. saudi broader relationship. well when it comes to the trumpet
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ministration that is very different than the sort of the feeling of the u.s. congress with respect to the trumpet ministration it's been a very clear strategic choice to kind of turn up blind eye to any of the atrocities that may or may not have been committed by the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solvent the fact is recently is last month the president's son in law gerard cushion or gave a interview to a news magazine where he said that the saudi crown prince had committed some missteps as he called them but overall he was a very good ally in fact we know that to have a friendship but this really flies in the face of an enormous amount of intelligence that has come from u.s. intelligence agencies concluding that the saudi crown prince himself ordered the killing of the washington post journalist. now it's unclear why specifically this administration continues to support the crown prince even in the face of
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evidence that this should not be a good relationship in fact the u.s. president promised to hold were responsible for that killing to the sort of highest levels of accountability but then also defended the denials of the crown prince so we know that the u.s. president remains in close contact with the kingdom in fact as recently as last month we know there was a telephone call with the crown prince of the u.s. president where he was inquiring about the king's health this is clearly a strategy that the united states or at least pacifically the trumpet ministration has decided is in their favor to pursue thank you very much from the white house can really help thank you candy. well as anger rages in lebanon following tuesday's devastating chemical explosion in beirut the president michel aoun has launched an investigation into what
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happened he says the blast which killed at least 157 people could have been caused either by negligence or a missile attack 900 port officials have already been detained questions are being raised as to why nearly 3000 tons of the chemical compound ammonium nitrate it been stored inside a warehouse for the 6 years fears are growing about an impending humanitarian crisis lebanon imports 85 percent of its food much of it through that port which until now was the main gateway to the country and officials are estimating losses of up to $15000000000.00 for a country that was already drowning in debt an economic collapse and a smith reports to us now from beirut. armies of volunteers are on the streets of beirut. sweeping clearing digging. they're filling the gap left by the state. which is conspicuous by its absence. we have an i.t.
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company here times were tough before tuesday's explosion now she says she can't see any future here. i am ever. so good at 1st. i'd say i'm 30. and both come home from 25 years. you were here out 5 this is the 1st time i did. i see it something that. lebanon's president michel own says an investigation into the explosion look at whether it was caused by negligence or external interference through a rocket. bomb or other act whatever it was in beirut they want to know why 2700 tons of ammonium nitrate was stored in an urban area. when the ammonium nitrate ignited the shock wave instantly crossed the city leaving beirut looking
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like a place but after just 5 seconds suffered from years of conflict. frustration and anger boiled over on thursday night and there were some small protests near lebanon's parliament. but most people here have been focused on cleaning up for now the government says reconstruction costs will run to at least $15000000000.00 this is a country that was already on its knees because of a deep economic crisis and a currency that has lost 80 percent of its value in less than a year we don't have a government to look after and. either we donate. blood even our apartment. we're trying to see people if they need help within our street that's the least we can build the government is incapable of helping us so we the people are coming here to do to help are our comrades and levanon and we're coming from the north all
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of us were like 78 people were coming from 90 kilometers north north of beirut and we're here just to stand by the people the blast has left at least 300000 people homeless many will rely on relatives or friends to take them in more than 150 people have been killed and there are many missing. foreign search teams are leading the delicate task of trying to find survivors under the rubble. more than 5000 people have been injured. 19 people have been arrested in the investigation into the warehouse explosion including the beirut airport manager but for many in this city the finger of blame is pointed at the very top of government. bernard smith al-jazeera beirut. well the head of lebanese group hezbollah has denied storing any weapons or materials at the blast site. is concerned the i would like to emphasize that hezbollah categorically refutes and rejects that we have
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materials at the seaport not a single bullet weapon ammunition or a bomb nothing at all belongs to hezbollah or even the materials and the ammonium nitrate that does not belong to hezbollah and. i believe that there is a consensus amongst all lebanese that a complete comprehensive transparent and fair investigation must take place and those responsible will be firmly justly and swiftly penalized. let's go straight to zain a 100 his of course following the story from the lebanese capital so that was the response there from hassan nasrallah also president michel aoun speaking out today rejecting calls for there to be an international investigation into what's happened . yes hezbollah a lebanese armed group that controls political power along with its allies its allies the president michel and so the hezbollah ruling alliance making it very
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clear that they do not want an international investigation into the beirut blast. saying that he believes that there is a consensus in lebanon that they want a transparent investigation definitely if you talk to anybody in the street right now and they say we want to know what happened we want to know who was responsible for bringing in this material who was responsible for storing it that the warehouse who's responsible for really keeping them in such a unsafe conditions but people here you know they would like to see international investigators take part because they have lost faith in the political establishment they even question the committee that was formed by the government saying how can ministers as well as head of security agencies people who hold power how can they be questioning others when they themselves should be questioned now the government doing its best to show that it's serious that it wants a transparent investigation it has a rest of the head of the customs department that has arrested the head of beirut
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ports but people in the street say these are the low level employees these people were appointed by political parties political parties who are stronger than the state political parties who hold influence who wield influence over state institutions so there's a lot of anger and a lot of distrust really in the government's inquiry and we're seeing images of. really the wreckage and the destruction from the explosions a known as been this incredible civilian effort on the streets of beirut people helping to helping each other and helping those in need are they getting any help from the authorities. no it's the people it's the people of this country coming together in solidarity cleaning the streets cleaning the debris donating food water it's really a show of solidarity and in the streets of the lebanese capital people feel that the government's in action they're not really surprised because the government has
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failed newman numerous occasions in the past 2 years to really step in a look behind me to the rescue operations search operations and you at the sides of the explosion at beirut ports it's international rescue teams who are now digging in the rubble because they came with the equipment needed the lebanese civil defense the red cross the army they didn't have all the necessary equipment so people are angry they believe this is negligence incompetence on the part of the government and now more and more calls for people to take to the streets they're trying to revive a protest movement that began in october but many feel that change will be difficult because they were faced by a military with a militarized state in the past and those in power are making it clear that they want to cling on to power thank you very much from beirut zain a hall there. with al jazeera live from london much more still ahead creating this chinese influence miscall tensions all growing as
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social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and environmentally sound energy solutions for future generations the breastpin pioneering future energy. welcome back a look at the headlines now the u.s. state department is saying the former saudi intelligence official saad algebra who is the subject of an alleged assassination attempt in canada is a valued partner countries crown prince allegedly sent a hit squad to kill him. as people in beirut continue to deal with the aftermath of cheese days devastating chemical explosion president has been speaking out he says
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that an investigation has been launched into what happened and that the blast which killed at least 157 people and is injured thousands more could have been caused either by negligence or mistimed attack. of course the other story we've been following for the past few hours at least 16 people have died after an india express flight skidded off the runway while landing about 190 people on board the boeing 737 were essentially on board when it crashed in carolus state airport officials say the pilot couldn't see the runway clearly because of heavy rain the jet split into 2 but it didn't catch fire local media say dozens of passengers have been injured elizabeth purana has more. the actuation going to go no international commercial flight and andrea. we're hearing that around a 100 people are in
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a hospital and the best operation is now although we've also got some more information about the planned landing a lot of that lightweight optional because it wasn't able to last the copy tried and it was one has attended that the air and the red cross closed skidded off the runway and fell off the edge of the runway the pollution minister says that it fell into a low about 35 feet so i guess that. neutrals and broke into to. the u.s. is imposing sanctions against hong kong's chief executive kerry lam in the territories current and former police chiefs are among 11 officials targeted sanctions imposed on the president trumps executive order last month seeking to punish china a very sweeping national security lower imposed on hong kong china says the law is needed to criminalize acts of secession subversion and terrorism but critics say
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it's being used to silence dissent. well another source of tension between the u.s. and china is a president transfer funds to band popular social media apps including video based tic talk about china are saying that the u.s. is using national security as an excuse to suppress foreign firms katrina reports from beijing. some. job news videos have 1400000 followers on video sharing. the chinese version of talks. the 25 year old uses the app every day and isn't surprised it's become so popular in the u.s. . we're very proud of anything that originated in china is not just a video sharing platform as an example of chinese in january. she's a loved by dog executive order to bad tick tocks use there unless the app is sold to an american company. i'm not sure how the company would develop if the owner
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changes i believe every company has this also if you replace that something the coral will be lost. the u.s. government says it's cracking down on chinese apps which it says spread propaganda and pose a security risk to americans beijing says the move is a pretext for suppressing chinese tech companies they value the relevant u.s. approach has no factual basis at all is clearly malicious smearing on a political many people the point of it all is to maintain the ovaries high tech industry. talks parent company is in talks to sell the app to microsoft washington has given it 45 days to confirm the sale tick-tock denies sharing data with the communist party and is threatening legal action against the us government it isn't the only chinese in the firing line messenger we chat which has 1100000000 users wide is also facing
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a ban the banning of which that is likely to cause. for chinese users and businesses dealing with china from the us here the part for me is more than a social media app it's used to buy products invest in shares book travel and even check a person's covert 19 health status washington is expanding its so-called clean network initiative which aims to root out major chinese tech products from the u.s. system analysts say the move is part of donald trump's tough on china campaign ahead of the u.s. election in november for the master chinese people especially those who have very fond memories of the u.s. this came as a surprise and many people are pissed off because it just seems that chinese people are chinese companies are in a way i don't think is a good sign because we have seen the anti china sentiment going on around the world the chinese government is urging the u.s.
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to pull back the move or face retaliation trumps executive order deep in the digital divide between china and the u.s. adding to diplomatic tensions and a growing list of disagreements over geopolitics and trade katrina. more out more now on lebanon and the united nations has appealed to the international community to mobilize support for the country after tuesday's devastating explosion in beirut course the country was already in the middle of a serious economic crisis if not an economic collapse and on friday saw a record number of coronavirus cases. every morning how it will manage going forward after the tragic. number. 19 and the. critics with large swathes of beirut fit to live the country's principle all but destroyed and the whole system on its situation is
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really. so for more on this son joined by hobby but who's an independent journalist based in beirut very difficult to know how people they're feeling because they were already dealing with hearing from from that clip just that already in the midst of an economic crisis a public health crisis and now this how would you describe sentiment in the country since that terrible explosion on tuesday. i mean it's a range of emotions you know it starts out with a shock spare sadness pain. and now it's kind of turning into just anger disgust you know this was one of the trendiest parts of beirut that was really faced the brunt of the damages and a lot of young people have spent a lot of their lives there you know out of bars and restaurants and m and pop shops and it was a gentrifying areas there was also a lot of older folks who live there and people have
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a lot of memories of that story and it's a bit was a real big part peoples lives probably one of the most you know exciting parts of town for many tourists especially so people are seeing their memories and their and their lives before their eye is destroyed i mean just imagine any city if you think of the places where that you your own old haunts and places used to go everything being just obliterated and that's not to mention you know the widespread death and destruction bodies still in the rubble i mean families are trying to get to their relatives and some say that you know they're not doing enough to dig them up fast enough. to to try to rescue people and then you have that and obliteration of the port of beirut which is the you know we're trading country we're not a manufacturing country this is a lifeline of the economy the economy that's in the gutter in the hole where r.t. or an economic catastrophe collapsed or who are already feeling suicidal there was suicides that there was a lot of depression and this was all before this atomic bomb like
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a mushroom cloud descended upon us so people are starting to pick up the pieces now in some neighborhoods a lot of you know who are out there trying to help and they feel sometimes some glimmers of hope you know encourage men helping you know an old lady here or or you know try and also gets i mean we have seen missing credible effort by the people trying to help each other which is inspirational and very encouraging but i mean what how long does that go on for because there's also a lot of anger and a lot of frustration people want change but it's not clear how how do you see that being being channeled. it's very difficult i mean i think you know you have to realize that political systems don't just happen overnight and political systems come to power with organization with money and fire power and the protesters have none of those things the protesters are very angry and justifiably so it's
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a very difficult country to live in there's all kinds of dysfunctions and problems and pollution and those disasters where our lives are to constant risk however we cannot underestimate a deep roots of these political parties who have loyalties that go back decades people have sacrificed their lives they have faced wars together groups like hezbollah people have been behind that group in its battle with with israel and reclaiming their homes and so a lot of people have connections to violence in this country and that's really how politics happens now this these young generation of people hopefully i think being out in the streets every day getting together meeting new people this is an act of politics being out there and cleaning up your city and taking a part of it hopefully this will continue to generate a kind of momentum that will be used when there are elections again another one but we don't know when those will happen so it's very difficult very easy to romanticize revolution and say it happened very easily and take over the government
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and everything we well but you know our problems are very structural and very deep and most of all are there economic in lebanon i mean we were owed $100.00 billions of dollars and you know that's why we don't have electricity when i was there is we don't have even the bare necessities of life so we need to address you know that aid is a defined but how are we going to survive in this country with without having any economy and no port this is the real challenge for lebanon as well not just as you say that port was really a key lifeline for the country and. obviously a crisis that country is facing now thank you. just a quick update on political developments in sri lanka now the ruling party has secured a landslide win in parliamentary elections dementing the power of the rajapaksa brothers sure lanka people's front is led by go to buy and mahinda rajapaksa who serve as president and prime minister along with the allies it secured a 2 thirds majority giving the president the power to make sweeping changes to the
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constitution india is now the 3rd country in the world to record 2000000 coronavirus cases a covert 19 count has doubled in just 3 weeks with a wreck or daily jump of more than 60000 new infections it puts the country behind only the united states and brazil for the most infections more than 41 and a half hours and people have died epidemiologists say india is still months away from hitting its peak it comes as india's serum institute has been awarded 150000000 dollars by the bill gates foundation to make $100000000.00 vaccine doses for india and other countries as well or experts on the island a martin rishis are attempting to save endangered coral reefs it's off to a ground a japanese tank has started leaking oil ipanema flagged ran aground off the indian ocean island 2 weeks ago with 4000 tons of oil on board and one of the main tanks
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has now been breached in rough seas which also thwarted attempts to stabilize the ship and pump out the oil so obviously a great deal of concern about the environmental impact of that of course you can get more on that story and everything else we're covering on our web site al jazeera dot com plenty of comment analysis there and you can watch us live to. a quick recap of the headlines this hour the u.s. state department says the former saudi intelligence official who was the subject of an alleged assassination attempt is a valued partner sadal jobbery filed a lawsuit in washington alleging the crown prince sent a hit squad to canada to kill him he also claims that mohammed bin sound man is kidnapped his children in a bid to lay him back to saudi arabia the u.s. government says it wants to honor free service to the country it says that dr
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murray has a valued partnered to the u.s. government working closely with us to ensure the safety of americans and it continues that the department of state is concerned about the alleged that led to dr out. in canada any accusations of wrongdoing it says should be addressed through established legal channels as people in beirut continue to deal with the often month of cheese days devastating explosion the president michel aoun has launched an investigation into what happened he says the blast which killed at least 257 people could have been either caused by negligence or a missile attack 154 people were killed and 5000 injured in the blast which has devastated the latin east capital work is continuing to clear out the city and residents say there is little help from the state. at least 16 people have died after an. express flight skidded off the runway while landing about 190 people
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wrong all the boeing 737 when it crashed in a cold day in carroll a state official say the pilot couldn't see the runway clearly because of heavy rain the jet split into 2 but didn't catch fire local media say dozens of passengers have been injured. and the u.s. has imposed sanctions on hong kong's chief executive it says carry lam is directly responsible for implementing a controversial chinese national security level which it called a policy of suppression a range of other officials including the territories police chief of also been targeted the u.s. has been critical of china's actions in the city while tensions between the 2 country also have been steadily rising. a.j.c. lex is the program coming up next probably back with more news for you in about 25 minutes time c then.
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