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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2020 1:00am-1:34am +03

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unsexed protesters have called for a 1000000 man march in the time i've covered wars revolutions elections and military poorest from the favelas of caracas to the battlefields around also our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. the us state department calls a former saudi intelligence official a valued partner saying it's concerned by allegations the saudi crown prince sent his men to try to kill him. oh i maryam namazie watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program anger is growing in beirut off to
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a devastating explosion residents blame corruption and mismanagement the president says he's not ruling out a missile attack. and india plane skids off the runway after landing in carola at least 16 people have been killed. and hong kong chief executive kerry lam intent on the chinese officials a sanctioned by the us of a controversial security little. the u.s. state department has called for most top former top saudi intelligence officials sydell jobbery a value partner it comes a day off or it was revealed brief filed a lawsuit in washington accusing saudi crown prince mohammed bin selman of sending a hit squad to canada to try to kill him the state department says it's concerned by al job reason allegations and says any persecution of his family members back in saudi arabia is unacceptable it's also being reported that interpol rejected
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a request to extradite him back to saudi arabia because they said it was politically motivated well the u.s. state department comments were made in a letter to democratic senator patrick leahy who had requested a full update on the case in the letter the department says dr responded around the clock to threats against the u.s. mission in personnel it adds the department of state is concerned by the alleged activities that led to dr algebras exile in canada and says it repeatedly requested the government to clarify the status and nature of his children's detentions with more on this let's cross to mike hanna in washington we've had that letter from the state department has it been any further reaction mike. well nothing further as yet but the original letter from 4 senators including patrick leahy went to the white house asking for the white house to look into the ongoing holding of. children by the saudi authorities this is now the response to that letter from state department and an interesting part of the state department response is that
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there have already been repeated requests to the saudi authorities to give some indication or some report as to the status of the 2 hour job breach oldring being held at an undisclosed destination so the wheels were already turning it would appear the senators sent the letter to the white house last month before the court papers were filed in d.c. in which algebraic alleges that the crown prince attempted to plan to assassinate him sending a hit squad to cross the u.s. border into canada they were only stopped say the court papers by alert canadian border officials so you have a situation where this is ongoing the case is a civil one being brought against the crown prince but now you have congress getting involved on an adjunct to the case and that is the ongoing detention of algebras children in saudi arabia now this is something that has concerned many in congress for
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a period of time but what this whole situation has now made very very clear is the deep divide between the white house and congress on the issue of relations with saudi arabia president trump carries on regardless of the repeated allegations of human rights violations on the crown prince's behalf president continues to insist is a valid if valued ally and friend however the view from congress as once again borne out by this letter is very different indeed. thank you with the latest from washington mike hanna. as anger rages in lebanon following cheese days devastating chemical explosion in beirut lebanon is president michel aoun has launched an investigation into what happened he says the blast which killed at least 157 people could have been caused either by negligence or
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a missile attack 19 port officials already been detained and questions are being raised as to why nearly 3000 tons of a chemical compound ammonium nitrate have been stored inside a warehouse for 6 years fears are also growing about an impending humanitarian crisis that been an important 85 percent of its food much of it through that port which until now was the main gateway to the country and then officials also estimating losses of up to $15000000000.00 all this for a country that was already drowning in debt and economic collapse saying the holder has this report from beirut. this is what is left of port the stockpile of tons of ammonium nitrate that appeared to set off tuesday's blast was in one of the warehouses some of the missing people are believed to be underneath the rubble it's a complicated job to look for them because the damage is considerable international rescue teams have joined search operations but hope of finding survivors is fading and they say to fear. what we're trying to do is to find the structures that are
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still under tons of rubble specifically the cells in the technical rooms that are under the silos they could have been buried by the rubble and still be standing which could allow us to find survivors the. lebanese authorities have begun investigations into the blast that destroyed much of the central parts of the capital port and customs officials have been detained and their assets frozen investigators initially said it was triggered by a fire the president michel aoun so. they are looking into all possibilities. this accident is a wake up call as i said it could be an act of negligence all we have another possibility it could be a rocket attack or a bomb attack i personally requested from the french president if they were in possession of any aerial footage to kindly provide us with it in order to identify any aerial attack or missile attack if any. popular anger at a political class blamed for years of corruption and mismanagement is not new
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people have little face in a government inquiry that is led by the politicians and security officials who they believe should be the ones questioned there's a problem. for trust between the political system and the population and this exists for years not just now but now the problem is that the investigation the person in this committee they feel they are a part of the security services that people are asking questions about their attitude french president manuel mccall visited the devastated neighborhoods in beirut on thursday joined voices in lebanon and abroad calling for an independent international inquiry but the governing alliance headed by the iranian backed hezbollah has dismissed that. and i would like to emphasize that hezbollah categorically refutes and rejects that we have materials at the seaport not a single bullet weapon ammunition or
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a bomb nothing at all belongs to hezbollah even the materials in the ammonium nitrate that does not belong to hezbollah and. i believe that there is a consensus amongst all lebanese that a complete comprehensive transparent and fair investigation must take place authorities are welcoming international humanitarian assistance which has started to arrive in a country already broken before the disaster but they are against internationalize . the crisis which would weaken their control calls for actions against the ruling class are growing louder following reports that officials were aware of the presence of highly explosive material in the middle of a densely populated city there are plans for mass demonstrations the priority is no longer just a humanitarian emergency there are attempts to revive the momentum of the protest movement that began in october but bringing about change won't be easy for their
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else's either they vote i mean katz is a professor of clinical emergency medicine at the american university of beirut medical center is fighting me about what the past few days have been like for him i actually went to the 830 with a picture of a young man was 30 years old looking for him in the 8 bodies with me where i unidentified you know all more and i found him here the small beard that's what we really did not do nice to him then i had to call his mom i can tell you i've took 30 years in the field after all the mass casualties of this i've seen it i still have an awful plain time nightmares thinking about this mother was holding on to my scrubs and telling me what couldn't you save my son i mean you know. kids that we just lost a day of for you all for you all today was announced that she passed away there the image of this mother telling me how could i not save her son or my colleagues
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because with a team we lost anywhere between 12 and 20 people during that night and we saved many others but but this is a story or happens in every emerges that department. now at least 17 people have been killed in a plane crash in india the aircraft set off the runway as it was coming into land it cause she called the airport in carola airport officials say the pilot's vision was in pead because of heavy rain and he would reports. the desperate search for survivors from an express flight which is being bringing people home from the u.s. 190 passengers and crew on board the bering 737 when it overshot the runway because according coursing karen. the pilot had apparently tried to land minutes earlier in heavy rain officials say the plane landed at speed and skidded down a slope before finally coming to
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a store it broke into several pieces it seems to have crossed that runway and fallen into a ditch sort of a place because there is a different field between the runway and the other parts of the airport and because of that impact there seems to have been a breaking off of the fuselage into the aircraft or the front portion has been very badly mangled and damaged. it is moments are in season in india making the rescue effort even more difficult many of those injured and now being treated in hospital both pilots reported to be among the dead there are currently no commercial flights in or out of india this was a repatriation point from dubai bringing indian nationals home who've been stuck overseas because of the current a virus pandemic in a tweet india's prime minister narendra modi said he was pained by the accident thoughts which will be shared by the nation investigators who now want to know how
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and why this accident happened and why he would al-jazeera. much more still to come for you on the program very shortly unemployment shows signs of easing in the united states but tens of millions remain on. and work in politicians still can't agree on emergency funding. and let's call tensions are growing between the u.s. and china over president charles plan to ban take telegram. from. hello there is a big winter storm system which is very obvious satellite picture drifting across the southeast of australia there's actually a cold front is wrapping around on itself so it doesn't produce colder air there will be snow down the mountains of victoria for example for the most his rain is an
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onshore breeze is not very pleasant weather in new south wales or eastern victoria or a.c.t.a. or kills ran back into was adelaide as well and then the slow moving incoming rain for perth and that whole side to west and western australia but maybe the people just around the coast of sydney we worrying once again as the wind gets up and therefore the ways get up to remember those pictures of eroding beach line has sydney's forecast isn't cold but it is showery and probably windy about how we get to monday representing that developing low off the coast rain is a problem still in the korean peninsula south korea particular around the capital has seen the mighty river han lose leave leave its banks and cause some flooding there's more rain to come throughout south korea to some degree passage of pan and in china but i think we'll see really the major problems continue in south korea.
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all counting the cost of russia war planes and that's mr since control of libya's biggest oil the last $11.00 on the economic around of this and the devastating explosion is it time from awful fun plus weaponize in place of this information to manipulate elections. counting the costs of al-jazeera. a showcase of the best documentary films from across the network on out 0.
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welcome back watching al jazeera live from london a quick look at the headlines this hour the u.s. state department says the former saudi intelligence officials who is the subject of the alleged assassination attempt in canada is of value caught in the country's crown prince allegedly sent a hit squad to kill him. as people in beirut continue to deal with the aftermath of cheese days devastating explosion president shell out as launched an investigation into what happened he says the blast which killed at least $257.00 people could have been caused either by negligence or a missed sign attack and 17 people have died after a plane crashed on landing in india the air india jet broke into 2 when it overshot the runway at an apple in the southern state of karratha. without heading to the united states the economy added more than 1800000 jobs in july mark slow down from june when 4800000 jobs were added the u.s. unemployment rate fell to 10.2 percent in july down from more than one percent down
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more than one percent compared to june now although the figures a somewhat encouraging they represent only a fraction of the 22000000 jobs lost in march and april when knock down measures were introduced to cope the spread of the coronavirus on top of this the safety net for those unemployed is shrinking last month the weekly unemployment benefits of $600.00 expired and republicans and democrats have been unable to agree on a new fiscal stimulus package john hendren reports now from chicago. for more than 30000000 unemployed americans warm summer days the 2 sleepless nights i never anticipated being on unemployment period. i think that that was never something that i thought would happen to me in my life among the newly unemployed since march is sira guard who lost her human resources job in fears losing her identity what's at stake for my family is. being able to stay who we are being
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able to maintain the life that we have when us job losses began to accelerate dramatically early in the covert crisis congress took the unusual step of creating a 600 dollar weekly subsidy for the jobless in addition to state unemployment insurance that averages a little over $300.00 but that funding expired last week since the coronavirus shut down much of the united states in march the u.s. economy has shrunk by one 3rd the fastest drop in u.s. history according to a new study by the associated press and the university of chicago's national opinion research center about half of americans believe the jobs that have disappeared are gone forever as congress debates renewing jobless payments the virus is resurging spreading to tens of thousands more americans every day this thing is coming back around and it's traveling from other states and if we had gotten it under control earlier we might not be in this position right now as washington struggles to respond to the virus and the unemployment crisis americans
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face insolvency and hunger thousands of them hourly at this los angeles food bank alone when cold it happened i couldn't there was no i had no money no money and now for millions coping with unemployment often for the 1st time dwindling hope john hendren al-jazeera chicago. well turning to the u.k. economy now thousands of employees of british airways of finding out if they've lost their jobs as a direct result of the coronavirus around $4000.00 pilots cabin crew and engineers are risk many who remain will face steep pay cuts in the loss of benefits u.k. airline says more than $6000.00 workers applied for voluntary redundancy british airways lost more than $900000000.00 between april and june with the bulk of its fleet left on the tarmac with no demand for air travel cheering the pandemic. the u.k. economy overall is facing its biggest annual decline in a century the bank of england's forecast hammers home the impact of the pandemic
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even though there are signs of recovery it could take more than a year to get back to pre lockdown levels providing there isn't a 2nd surge of the coronavirus parker explains from london. this rush hour but there's a little on the move this coffee kiosk normally serves long queues of customers powering workers in surrounding offices of the small business is under pressure shari economic storm is brewing a team of 7 people and turning out the moment with the way things are of the lucky to bring maybe one of 2 back. if it remains like this i think it's going to be very bleak specially for small independents like ourselves that with cash flow. on the foot float come through. is a similar story of london's financial district where every day feels like sunday this week the bank of england forecasts the economy would contract by 9 and
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a half percent over the year was less severe than 1st thought but it's still the biggest annual decline in a 100 years by the end of the year when government funded support schemes come to an end the buying believes unemployment will double. with many office staff now working from home the streets and alleyways in and around london's financial district are fallen silent that's catastrophic news for all of the local businesses that depend upon passing traffic covert 19 is redefining the country cities and towns can see the from the beginning of march that fall started to decrease quite rapidly data scientists in the u.k. have been watching our changing behavior since the start of the pandemic using tracking technology and shops and high streets to find out how where and when we spend our money they are the economy's a vital signs and point towards a slow recovery when lock down hit for dropped like
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a stone and really we were looking at drops of 8 mo that 80 percent over 90 percent in london where the streets are absolute deserted we've opened 3 non-essential retail we've opened hospitality we're encouraging people back to work all of those things created those some for and yet post those because we are still 40 percent lower than we were last year the figures are going in the right direction a surge in online sales is keeping parts of the economy afloat but a 2nd surgeon coronavirus could risk another damaging lockdown denting consumer confidence silencing the nation's high street for potentially years to. leave barca london. now a u.s. intelligence official is saying that russia china and iran will all try to interfere in the upcoming presidential election all 3 countries using online disinflation other tactics to influence voters and create disorder according to the
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director of the national counter intelligence and security center. william ever rena says that china wants president trump to lose november's vote but russia wants him to win and he's already working against his opponent democrat joe biden he said they might try to sabotage the election system in a bid to undermine the results. meanwhile the u.s. is imposing sanctions against hong kong's chief executive carrier in the territories current and former police chiefs are among 11 officials targeted as well sanctions imposed come on the president trumps executive order last month seeking to punish china over sweeping national security law imposed on the territory but china insists the law is needed to criminalize acts of secession subversion and terrorism but critics say it's been used to silence dissent also growing tension between u.s. and china over president try his plan to ban popular social media including the video sharing app tick tock but china says the u.s.
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is just using national security as an excuse to suppress foreign firms katrina new reports on this now from beijing. job news videos have 1400000 followers on video sharing. the chinese version of talks. to 25 year old uses the app every day and isn't surprised it's become so popular in the us to pull washer we're very proud of anything that originated in china is not just a video sharing platform it's an example of chinese in general. she's alarmed by donald trump's executive order to bad tick tocks use there unless the app is sold to an american company. i'm not sure how the company would develop if the owner changes i believe every company has this also if you replace that saw something the coral will be lost. the u.s. government says it's cracking down on chinese apps which it says spread propaganda
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and pose a security risk to americans beijing says the move is a pretext for suppressing chinese tech companies move on you when it's all over the relevant u.s. approach has no fracture basis at all it's clearly malicious smearing of the political many people the point of it all is to maintain these almost fully overuse high tech industry. tick tocks parent company is in talks to sell the app to microsoft washington has given it 45 days to confirm the sale to deny sharing with a communist party and is threatening legal action against the u.s. government it isn't the only chinese in the firing line messenger we chat which has 1100000000 users worldwide is also facing a ban the banning of which that is likely to cause problems for chinese users and businesses dealing with china from the us here the platform is more than a social media app it's used to buy products invest in shares travel and even
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a person's covert 19 health status washington is expanding its so-called clean network initiative which aims to root out major chinese tech products from the u.s. system analysts say the move is part of donald trump's tough on china campaign ahead of the u.s. election an event that just sings the chinese people are chinese companies are in a way i don't think is a good song because we have seen the anti china sentiment going on around the world the chinese government is urging the u.s. to roll back the move or face retaliation executive order deep in the digital divide between china and the u.s. adding to diplomatic tensions and a growing list of disagreements over geopolitics and trade. india is now the 3rd country in the world to record 2000000 coronavirus cases
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a coven 1000 count areas doubled in just the space of 3 weeks with a record daily jump of more than 60000 new infections but the country behind only the u.s. and brazil for the most infections more than one and a half more than 41 and a half 1000 people have died and epidemiologists are saying india is still months away from the worst of it comes as india sara has it she has been awarded $150000000.00 by the bill gates foundation to make $100000000.00 vaccine doses for india and other emerging countries now the rajapaksa brothers have consolidated their hold on power in sri lanka with a dominating win in the country's parliamentary election when the rajapaksa will now become prime minister with his brother got to fire the president and his men elfin and as reports from colombo they plan to change the sri lankan constitution. celebrations in the rajapaksa heartland the reason a 2 thirds majority in sri lanka's new parliament on thursday will resist queued to
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see incumbent prime minister mind the rajapaksa who secured the highest number for financial votes. similar scenes at the house of riyadh middle son a theater seeker another top performer for the governing sri lanka people's front party. would lead us into the unknown also paid duty. towards majority in the parliament and i didn't know the country can be developed in a very short period to see all what is the business shipley and also the theatre that it in brought this to know within the government this analyst says the strong support for prime minister rajapaksa and his brother who's president just 5 years after they voted out is the message from the people that we've heard it off of democracy reforms and perhaps those reforms actually retarding guards which is also the main message the president has sent since his election. so backed has been i
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think the clear message is. what the people are demanding use unless of course to. reform and more of economic development. seen around the predicts the new government will increase the president's powers get rid of independent institutions and an amendment on power sharing in the north and east when m.p.'s walk into the parliamentary chamber of the building behind me on august 20th seating arrangements would have changed to accommodate one of the largest number of m.p.'s to ever sit in government and those in their ranks will face a series of economic and political challenges indeed that today who are the noise of the economic challenges. he's been struggling to keep his garment factory afloat in difficult times made worse by the couvade 1000 crisis castro to do when it comes to market negative sentiment and then with the market contraction so
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we have been having lost if you take 4 to 5 months 80 percent of our business was gone it's a common complaint among small and medium businesses throughout lanka and an indicator of the difficulties facing the new government 2 of things are critical immediately. one is to provide stability of policy so one of the big challenges that sri lanka has faced is this sense that mix policy remakes policy and does that continuously that we have that creates instability the 2nd is confidence despite the huge mandate the rajapaksa brothers still faced allegations of war crimes and fools disappearances 11 years after the oversaw the defeat of the tamil tigers you should marcos if you will a former member of the national human rights commission voiced these concerns we also see a rise in single a buddhist nationalism and it seems like that is what is taking hold and and
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shaping the policy of the country so this means that minorities in particular feel frightened because the few who are critical of the government you can be called a traitor you can be called a terrorist you can be arrested merely for expressing an opinion balancing the multiple challenges facing she lanka will not be easy for the new government but for the majority of people here the rajapaksa led government is the best option for now and then this is era. so to take you through the headlines this hour before we go the u.s. state department has called former top saudi intelligence officials saeed al jobbery a valued partner comes a day after it was revealed our japery filed a lawsuit in washington accusing saudi crown prince mohammed bin cylon of sending
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a hit squad to canada in an attempt to kill him the state department says it's concerned by algebras allegations and that any persecution of his family members back in saudi arabia is unacceptable it's also been reported that interpol rejected a request to extra back to the country because they said it was politically motivated. says that dr murray has been a valued partnered to the u.s. government working closely with us to ensure the safety of americans and saudis it continues that the department of state is concerned about the alleged that led to dr out. in canada any accusations of wrongdoing it says should be addressed through established legal channels now lebanese president michel aoun has dismissed calls for an international investigation into tuesday's devastating chemical explosion he says the blast could have been caused either by negligence or a mistrial attack 157 people were killed and 5000 injured in the blast which ripped
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through the lebanese capital work is continuing to clear out the city and residents are saying there's been little help from the state. at least 17 people have died after an air india flight skidded off the runway while landing 190 people wrong board the boeing 737 when it crashed it. carola state airport officials say the pilot couldn't see the runway properly because of heavy rain the jet split into 2 but it didn't catch fire local media say dozens of passengers were injured. on the united states has imposed sanctions on hong kong's chief executive it says kerry lam is directly responsible for implementing a controversial chinese security law which it called a policy of suppression a range of other officials including the territories police chief of also been targeted. well those the headlines this hour the news continues after counting the cost that for myself and the team here in london obey a full round of the day's top stories from doha
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a bit later. a global pandemic massive protests demanding change economic recession and geopolitical tensions not to mention the small matter of a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your look at the world of business and economics this week russia seizes control of libya's biggest oil field despite losing ground moscow flounce libya with warplanes and russian troops currency crisis default hyperinflation lebanon's economic paralysis
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devastating exposure so is it time for a marshall fund. weapon izing data and disinclination to manipulate elections.


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