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tv   Inside Story 2020 Ep 220  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2020 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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runaway jury a monsoon storm on friday night. and monsoon floods cover a 3rd of both of the media is reporting that $161.00 deaths occurred in the past month millions have been forced from their homes a district close to the capital dhaka is among the many submerged by rivers bursting their banks their cultural history says that this is the longest lasting floods for more than 20 years a suicide bomber in somalia has killed at least 8 soldiers outside a military base 14 others were injured by the blast in the capital market issue in the u.s. state department has praised a former saudi intelligence chief who has filed a lawsuit against scrub prince. in washington subtle jeffrey says the crown prince said to hit squad to canada to kill him in 2018 those are the headlines more news in half an hour with peter next it's inside story with iran can do stay with us.
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the saudi crown prince a lawsuit and an alleged murder plot the haven't been so money is being sued in the u.s. accused of another attempt to kill a dissident a group so you should saudi activists in exile be worried they risk the same fate as jamal khashoggi this is a story. hello and welcome to the program imran khan a man with close ties to the saudi royal family falls out with the crown prince and goes into exile and is targeted with assassination it sounds like what happened to journalist jamal khashoggi who was murdered at the saudi consulate in istanbul in
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2018 but this is the story of a former top saudi intelligence official saw the job really says not long after killing the crown prince sent the same so-called hit squad to kill him in canada he's suing mohammed bin solomon in a u.s. court and jobbery has a warning for other saudi dissidents abroad we'll bring you know i guess in a moment but 1st this report from mike hanna in washington d.c. . crown prince mohammed bin solomon has been feted in the white house but now in papers before a washington d.c. court he's alleged to have ordered death squads to torture and assessed in 8 opponents the case has been brought by a former saudi intelligence officer sardar japery who alleges the crown prince sent a team called the tigers squad to canada to kill him the court papers say the men were denied entry by suspicious canadian border guards this detailed flow chart
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submitted to the court identifies key members of the assassination squad and others involved including what are described as forensic technicians skilled in criminal evidence removal and their image of the hit squad that is believed to have murdered and dismembered journalist jamal khashoggi in istanbul in 2018 the case has been brought in terms of legislation that allows non us citizens to take action in federal courts against foreign individuals who have committed torture and or extra judicial killings in addition sired algebra he argues that the hit squad assembled in the united states before attempting to enter canada saddle japanese children now aged $20.21 are being held at an undisclosed location in saudi arabia as what he describes as human bait to draw him out of hiding last month for senators sent
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a letter to president trump saying the u.s. had a moral obligation to press saudi authorities for their release. the president in the past has made clear that regardless of the allegations of human rights violations against the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman remains a valued ally and friend mike hanna al-jazeera washington. let's bring in our panel joining us from washington. director of research and analysis at the arab center at washington d.c. from dublin abdel aziz a saudi human rights activist and a member of the saudi diaspora party and in new york karen greenberg director of the fordham university school of laws center on national security a warm welcome to you all and let's begin in washington d.c. with her in. the court case itself and let's get into that before we get into the
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wider regional implications of all of this but the court case itself the way it's been presented the evidence or the suggested evidence is pretty damning the canadians turning this team around because they were suspicious of them we also have precedent with jamal khashoggi is murder in the stumble consulate yet again m.b.'s my having been solomon is in the frame is there any evidence that you can see that would suggest that this case has merit that this case will go all the way and we'll see a u.s. courtroom. well thanks for having me 1st the idea of a filing a court fight and d.c. is that as far as i'm concerned it's a very smart idea. this is where m.p.'s really looks for support the or. or down support so it's 1st of all it's
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a good idea the fight the problem with the with the idea is if the court itself accepts this case and whether the court that he bases its decision on accepting or rejecting that case on political decision other words is the court number i do not they do want to disparage the american court system but there are some political pressures those specific the n b c that may be brought to bear on this or whether the judge reviewed these sites for or against accepting this but generally speaking it's a good idea to fight in d.c. because this is the most impactful kind of place to fight such a case greenberg in new york and i have been someone crucial ally of the u.s. in the frame in a u.s. court will and the see the light of day you know when i 1st read the complaint i was very skeptical but i do think that they may have something that's very
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essential in the complaint which is the intersection with the united states and what this has to do with a crime allegedly planned here in the united states and so they made it out very carefully and i'm i'm of course i'm skeptical for the reasons just stated but i do think it has a chance again i do think it is in a very heightened medical context in terms of the ministration but you know this complaint really does address head on the trumpet ministrations. saudi arabia and attempts to. nullify that is a concern so it will put the judge in making a decision and it's going to have to face the fact that that part of the complaint and so it is a little bit work here then i would have thought and i think there is a possibility i know it's doubtful but there is a possibility that this case could go for
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a bill as he's only had in dublin sagal jobbery has a warning for people living abroad he's living abroad that this could also happen to people like you that ate the tiger team as it's been called in the cold case could come after you all you concerned. now the former hostages case and we i saw did this instance we know that so-called monarchy in saudi arabia have always taken extreme measures and fight think any. sports asking for democracy or. fixings and the system i just want to point one point here about this case. saddam debris is putting his narrative and took challenge by a court so in this case we see 2 important exchange of text messages between mamet ben said man the crown prince and sad that attempt and we have the story that
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should be. denied all right approved by the canadian authorities that the same team or part of the cement team who went to church to kill do not went to all. to the canadian. to canada to do the same thing so this is so very important parts that could be collaborate that we have to know that the fight with mohammed been some man or this fascist regime is a fight and different level some of it other people are fight and there's all of these spend a lot of money to cover their rap bad beats and this case the narrative that. find and to bear or that our ambassador and london saying or the saudi government is why i am so not have nothing. if it is proven that my met then said that i have contacted out and personally tell him to come back and when he refused he sent a head man group to kill him that means my madness and i was fully aware of the
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acts of this as it's called by the saudi government rogue agent so i think this is a very important case and that media and. terror and case i hope that the american system can challenge this case and we then get to hear the story from both sides i meant this is a must and a temporary site and the facts will be you know it certainly is a very important court case as you say of lizzie's ahmed but 100 in washington d.c. it's actually slightly different cold case than one that we've it seen in the past 8 used to be that the saudis went after dissidents and they dealt with them within the country themselves they didn't like criticism open criticism of the regime itself but these are people who were loyalists this. and mohammed bin nayef who was the darling of the u.s. security subbasement for a very long time is actually seen as somebody quite loyal to the u.s.
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government this is mohammed bin some and not just cleaning house but taking the entire thing over is not. really sure it is obviously a job really or combat but my effort at it and the other. person and positions of authority you know you know we do know that he is after challenger with them but oil family itself he is definitely trying to clean the slate so to speak before 'd his ascendance to the throne that he chose to go and so that's the time but he just goes will be good. demi thank was basically. not a very very happy with mom had been said by becoming crown prince anyway so he is definitely out to get rid of any objection or any. basically a challenge to his there's a heart problem what with all of this is just not that it's. a
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bad reputation for the kingdom of saudi arabia going to saudi arabia is that. the stomach suddenly the world so it's it's really shameful for the country to be well on this kind of what the question is you know what if if it wants to become king why why would be a one to all started his reign with all these people who are supposedly you know what will actually be definitely want the good thing for them and them who are opposed to some tendencies then and has the way he does think so it's very unfortunate that he should go this way but then again like a friend up as you said you know what this is the best but that. they do not want anybody he doesn't want anybody that he didn't say anything else or what he had
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bibi wants them said count greenberg in new york a lot of what we're seeing here seems to me and to people i've spoken to that there is a battle going on between different forces in saudi arabia but it's taking place within the u.s. it's taking place within u.s. newspapers now the u.s. called system and it seems to be between people who are very close to each other one point but now fighting each other for the attractions of the white house and. one friend of mine who is very close actually to the saudi said to the sat and sun saudi arabia very well likened this to the idea that actually what is going on right now is to put pressure on the white house and donald trump to pick a side would you characterize that as being right i don't think that's farfetched i think it's wider than the white house i think it's the white house and the issue of the ties who our intelligence community is tied to but i think there's an
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underlying story here that fits into what you're talking about which is the fear of what has to say and what he know and one of the issues seems to be a fear of the influence that what he knows that play on top of this field in the intelligence community and then they could pressure the white house or the white house directly and i think we can't minimize that when we talk about what's actually going on here i think you're right this has everything to do with the relationship between the united states and saudi arabia that's why the complaint mentioned so much so many times the influence that the saudis have on the white house the relationship of the president and his son in law with the saudis the fact that on his inaugural trip abroad he went to saudi arabia and more and so i think that it's another wrinkle in that but there's another part of those that it's not
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just political and that has to do with what it means to there and as somebody of foreign nationals life using the territory and planning for it in the united states and this is not a minor thing and the details in this complaint are rather frightening actually in terms of the network the numbers of people the amana plans the individuals that were pulled out by covert saudi agents to talk to them in our family in boston and elsewhere and i think part of this. ain't politics aside is an attempt to shed light and to use light as a protection to say this is what's going on now it's in a court or at least we're trying to get it to go forward in a court hearing in the light of day as a way of protection against what happened to your mom i think that an entity has to be meant i believe these i will come to you in just a 2nd but i want to go to him and hug him out
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a lot of these court cases have been haven't had huge amounts of success let's take a look at a couple of them you had the arab bank and there were a bunch of activists in the u.s. who were trying to sue the arab bank because they had maps had accounts there we also had post 911 a group of people trying to freeze saudi arabian assets within the u.s. to try and get that tacl these cases didn't go anywhere it is very difficult for these types of cases to be heard. are you do you have any confidence that this will see a court. well again as i said before it depends on whether the court accepts the case or not b. but what i know is i think it's you know why despite the fact that the japanese case is. very very important you know he's trying to make it
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not only to defend himself but also make it. so today because foreign policy or this policy against the bill with the with it so that citizens i think what important one is that the court of public opinion i mean come and been some mind is running against a very very tough situation and the united states yes he does have the white house he has people will be in the white house and president greenberg is right about talking about. about these people or maybe it's a was outlawed the as was said that if i think that. will get the better say should support them but then that is congress you know and congress that is that larger sentiment among both democrats and the public. border more democratic than. that you have some of the sentiment is not necessarily doing but i think and there is a lot of that to station against what he's doing. and at the same time we also have
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to think ahead of a bit i've been a bum but sir if joe biden is inec that you know by january 20th what one did it were 202021. there might be different foreign policy orientation and they and the white house so he probably should really try to retake salmon his card so to speak see where he is going if indeed he can't go this far and if he if he is not be too worried about what happens after january. you know all bets are off but then again saudi arabia has a lot of good relations with the united states a lot of 2nd they resemble united states really depend on a good relationship with saudi arabia so well you know i've been so man and the white house by the way should really be careful about how this things we see how distinct seats now im of the reason i asked you i really push the point about whether we'll see a courtroom again is because i want to reaction from abilities that is saddam.
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now somebody who you could partner up with who is an effective ally for you in forming a wide ranging opposition to mohammed simba mohammed bin so nunn and the regime in saudi arabia could you be bedfellows i would like for starters trysts the point that jim out sujit. when he was killed in turkey wasn't calling for a democracy in saudi arabia clearly right jeffrey isn't and anyway i dissidents all right and now opposition would disagree with you but you can see that from the message is. death. that escalation is coming from emigrants and that you can understand that if your children are being used as bait to bring you that you will do whatever you can in your house to fight back so i think i'll indulge
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every case as in other cases and i might miss out on that strategy how. things it escalate and he tried. to get a quick victory i'm. not turning up well up or have a lizzie's let me ask the question again in a different way isn't my enemy's enemy my friend surely you have somebody who wants to really criticize but haven't been summoned and you have a cause as well you might make an easy partners but certainly there is a common cause there are no. like a philosopher clee not always my enemy of my enemy is my friend the starting point but. yes saudi arabia have a very big problem absolute monarchy as we can see from what's happening right now and the stories from the routine about the extra team are that x. royal. the previous royal the previous king that it is not working.
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for me i wish that i would support any effort to bring gas and. racist fascist regime in saudi arabia and. bring go forth into people and people the right to. how to have checks and balances and their rules. and missed another job or a case. like anybody else he should be if he had any crimes in his past that the him and saudi arabia he should be he should answer to them but they don't think this is what's happening i think i am against a man is chasing all the enemies because he knows how weak he as you know is that he got to call or he wasn't like the. planets was something that happened at the time because of his father being a king and his relations with person or an american that least in his eyes you know that's how he gets in power that's why he's up for it somebody else could come and
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challenge him at the end of the day as so the people we ask everybody you have that conscious. computer magically saudi arabia is going to live very big trouble if this continues because the way my haven't been so not concerning but company is going to be that there's a disaster and this is not good for nobody so there is a lot of followers as all get arabia some heroes and jails are asking for people representation i say think it's efforts that should be forced from everybody a lot of conscience all right more about what. but i want you to react to this karen well we will come back to you in just a 2nd we're running out of time. this highlights particularly well abilities been saying highlights a key issue that yes you can criticize but how much been selman but he has been effective in silencing dissident voices and getting rid of anybody that's in his way in taking power effectively he's silence the opposition he might have done it
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in a very. some would say brutal in the case of all orszag but he has effectively silence the opposition that puts him in a better position than anybody else. of course yeah i mean you know we this is this is what power is right if you have power you use it to your advantage and and they and it political system that depends on absolute power and absolutism and they said that on at the of the person not the institution obviously you know he will have to do that the problem is so to be has had the recent 32 sotto he has been. has had a history of consultation it has been a consultative kind of kingdom for decision making. is with the madness and matt is becoming. less much much less it is the of the rule of the person so in that sense you know how he. was there how many dissidents
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was there to be you know sidelined liquidate the kilt look so much about which actually put in jail whatever. how many of these do we need to keep going to discover that this really is not needed and that goods and that this service and the good service. or the royal family you know the royal family has not necessarily been extremely nice to go to democracy is right about that but then you know that is a way of we are running out of time and i would not say i would like to get some thoughts from karen greenberg now karen is firstly is this this court system the judicial system in the u.s. able to cope with all of the i mean if he's the one skullduggery that we've heard all of the politics that involves prosecuting a member
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a senior member of the saudi royal family can they do dishes system. the judicial system could come up with what it has to the question is can he cope with pressures that are put on it from above inside the country from the from the white house or the department of justice even as we've seen recently in the plame case and can i cope they had the tools to cope if they want to yes as you alluded to there is the issue of sovereign immunity for haven't been samana but whether or not the case goes forward could be given only important and i just want to emphasize one final thing which is that this complaint is about the extensive network of currying favor of n.g.o.s with american companies with american foundations to create a culture where turning against the saudis will be very important but it's deeply rooted not just politically but culturally and i think this may impact the decision
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of the court to go for i want to thank all our guests in the bill is easy and karen greenberg and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting a web site al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion as well facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter we are at a.j. inside story from a in monaco and an entire team here and now. it was illegal i've been through it all. but we still rests in 2017 people in power
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investigated why trinidad and tobago became a ripe recruiting grounds for i saw. your feelers so there is no hope for most in 2020 we returned to uncover the fate of those who left their home louts to join conflicts in iraq and syria. caribbean to caliph it on. an image can change the way we see the womb if we had not seen in the last week with me telling me about it it can spark mass action or serve the interests of the powerful he created this longing for a full opportunity it can obscure the truth he says only if you can a news story like this play and can coins look pretty i don't think it can forge narratives all right through the listening post gives you the full picture of. the usa is always of in fact the people all right the world people pay attention to
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what gets on here and i do see it is very good at bringing the news to the world from here. hello again pete i'll be here in doha your top stories from al-jazeera afghanistan's highest consultative body the loya jirga has recommended the government releases 400 taliban prisoners but it says they should only be freed if they promise not to return to fighting it's now up to the president ashraf ghani to make the final decision which could come as early as sunday michael semple is a professor at the institute for global peace security and justice at queen's in belfast he says the decision could be an important step towards the end of the war well i think the only real way for the government of the afghan people well if they make concrete progress.


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