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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 10, 2020 11:00am-11:34am +03

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remind continues with the last try secret our me at the cia since 1075 they're living the same way that their ancestors did living in the forest in the jungle and it seems like they're abandoned by everybody on al-jazeera. 'd the court in washington has as you do subpoena against the saudi crown prince following claims he ordered the hit squad to kill an intelligence agent in canada. i don't want them i'm peter w. watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in tow also coming up the highest profile arrest yet on the hong kong's controversial security law the media tycoon jimmy ally is accused of colluding with foreign forces.
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reacting to growing anger over the roots deadly port blast lebanon's prime minister considers reforms and early elections. cracking down on dissent in belarus disputed election results show the long time president alexander the pushing on course for an overwhelming victory. ok a developing story for you this half hour a court in the united states in washington has now issued a subpoena against the saudi crown prince mohammed bin cell man in relation to a former intelligence agents job the court order also covers a dozen other people including residents of the united states. a lawsuit accusing
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the crown prince mohammed bin so man of sending a hit squad to kill him 2 years ago they were stopped at the canadian border but in canada where police and private security guards are reported to be giving him increased protection we'll get you more on that developing story just as soon as we can the police in hong kong have made their highest profile arrest yet under a controversial national security law imposed by joining the media tycoon and activist jimmy lawyers among 7 people detained in raids on monday an executive in media group says he's been held on suspicion of colluding with foreign powers. the founder of the daily one of the most widely read newspapers in hong kong. the headquarters of that organization with the latest. high profile arrests made under these national security laws. early on monday morning and
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arrested at his home and the potential charges he faces collusion with a foreign force a foreign country and i should also start 2 of his sons have also been arrested in this particular monday morning now they are not affiliated with the likes of apple daily but we believe they may be part of a wider investigation into the likes of jimmy lies investments about 7 people arrested so far and we also believe 2 of the quite high profile senior executives within the company that includes the c.f.o. the chief financial officer as well as the chief executive officer they've also. as a result so the police have said the operation is going smoothly and they're continuing behind. searching devices and talking to interviewing some of the staff here but we also expect more arrests to be made as the day goes on and more people to be taken into custody as a result. to lebanon where the cabinet is due to meet in a few hours time to discuss possible early elections anger at the government has been boiling over after the catastrophic explosion in the beirut porter area on
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tuesday there's been 2 days of violent protests in the capital with more planned on monday 158 people died in the blast 21 are still missing the army says there's little hope of finding any more survivors. to say they want a complete overhaul of the political system to government ministers have responded to public pressure and resigned environment minister cata confirmed he is out after the information minister. 9 m.p.'s have also quit parliament. this is the point of no return people are starving the economy has deteriorated the economic crisis is heightening our families children friends have just been left behind fear and disappointments lives within them in this fateful moments we cannot just sit behind we have to stand in dignity together as a nation i feel that i need to send an apology to the lebanese people because we
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failed to achieve their ambitions due to the difficulties. correspondent joins us live from monster square you know what options does the cabinet and the government feel it's got on the table today when it goes into that meeting. well the cabinet is under pressure the prime minister is under pressure you mentioned that 2 ministers have resigned the prime minister held an emergency meeting with his cabinet late yesterday trying to convince his ministers to stay on because there were reports that other ministers wanted to tender the resignation he's telling them give me time we will propose early elections give me time at 2 months and we will carry out structural reforms but we did hear from one of the ministers that belong to the hezbollah camp a main political force in lebanon and they said we are not resigning the cabinet will continue to carry out its responsibilities and it's towards its citizens really a lot of public pressure but there's little that they can do even the opposition
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has little cards to play because the ruling alliance the governing alliance they control the presidency they control the government and they control the parliament even if more and more deputies resign from parliament what they can do is prevent a quorum prevent the session from taking place because there's just not enough who are and there will be political paralysis in the country but toppling this system is going to be very very difficult so the message we're getting from those in power is that we're not plan. to leave at least not yet they do not want to have a vacuum in this country the opposition is trying but it cannot push for political change through state institutions what about the people in the streets while they're up against the military and militarized state right now the people who are asking and for demanding change people who are fed up with the ruling elites are relying on the international community and the protest is still doing what they
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were doing 23 days ago even the m.p. who resigned they were being accused of you're not part of the solution you were part of the problem and now you resigning because you've been caught because the pressure is so great you didn't have a choice why would we go with an election process that involves getting rid of the to replace it with the old. well those who are demanding a new leadership by a new new political system in the country these people believe that the opposition is riding on the wave of popular anger trying to take advantage and exploit the situation they've been saying that for some time now they say we don't want those in power and we don't want those in the opposition because the whole political class is responsible for running the economy into the ground but there is a reality in this country and it is that these political powers are so entrenched in the system it's going to be very very difficult because even if their early
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elections the electoral law that was agreed before the 2018 parliamentary poll it was crafted by the same politicians the same politicians who are ensuring that they returned to office it's a very complicated electoral process and the way that they have carved out the electoral districts so it's very very difficult for independent candidates to gain seats in parliament so that's why i mentioned the international community that people are getting words of support from people like the french president your demands are legitimate the demands of the people in the streets are legitimate in many ways trying to so poor. that's what many here call the revolution but how far is the international community going to go right now they're conditioning economic aid not the emergency relief but economic aid to the government carrying out reforms and fighting corruption will they exert any more pressure we're going to have to wait to see how things develop in the end the coming days ok we must leave it there is an old reporting live for us from beirut let's go back to that story it
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is breaking as we are on air with this half hour of al-jazeera world news a washington court has issued a subpoena against the crown prince of saudi arabia mohammed bin so amman is focusing on accusations that in effect he dispatched a hit squad to canada to assassinate the central accusation one of his former intelligence officers sought out with job they didn't get into canada they were stopped at the border let's talk to abdul aziz on the yacht he's a saudi human rights activist he joins us from dublin the irish capital abilities this subpoena what does it mean. i think this is a very important step. shaping lie very flaming situation and so you know. what's mammoth been someone is doing since he came in war and the way he. is by what he call it struck general. he's being very
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aggressive and this is coming back to well. coming back to him so this was this you know over another subpoena that was talked about that might be coming out from the all random discussion of it is that is all of that crimes that you haven't been sent an hour to personally and not covering his tracks this is a very good chance because my medicine man is an absolute monarchy. and the medicine man doesn't. and if a prosecutor said that my medicine man in saudi arabia is guilty that wouldn't be a judgment that would be a coup so maybe this is a good chance for him to prove if he's innocent or not because this case that we are talking about there jeffrey is connected with. the journalist who was killed in an embassy who was a. writer and the washington post ok same scenario had the same
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people the same group i met and so many of the saudis said we have nothing to do with it this is rogue agents and mr trump wrote that story but i think as soon as he's just let me yes let me push you there for a 2nd you're saying this is good news and you're saying clearly as well there are parallels with what happened with jamal al ship ashaji the washington post journalist who met his end inside the saudi consulate 18 months 2 years ago now in istanbul that's a given but you're saying this is good news. the paper trail of accusations against. the people in the highest positions in serbia arabia only went so far so given that the backstory to the international investigation of the jet death of jamal and develop a shock gee what are the chances that this particular subpoena actually gets any traction with anyone anyplace. no we have to not
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as that sense demand passive to case there was. a un special. especially. important for a human rights kalam are. published and it parts about how was the saudi government imam of this island is connected to the castle now we come to this case what we have to be clear what mohammed instead of man have got a lot to where he is by the support of the american administration and therefore he is very interested in keeping better relations because he doesn't have and he won't to encounter any legitimacy from end side just saudi arabia so the only. legitimacy it is wrong then took natural relations his seat then but you and other other things that. i couldn't believe that he hungry in the sea because he had no
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right to be in that lights now what's happening is he acted in a. diplomatic way with a country like the usa so there is a spy case against us all with your dream on twitter so and this is also connected well jeffrey case because this is how they get down permission and all that activism and so they're saudi arabia some of it was through twitter so there is a case and the f.b.i. has. got well and also there is no attempt to say this is a crime that was land in the us ok so you saying hey you say at this just to interrupt you again please sir are you saying that's the key difference here the key differences despite the good relationship between donald trump and the saudi crown prince and it is good it is very profitable for both of them financially profitable for both countries are you saying the key difference here is that
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washington in a legal sense has to react because we're talking about alleged hit men on american soil instead of alleged saudi hit men on the ground in turkey. yeah and you can see that. over the bad behavior that effect now let's take it from the american side like you can see the shifts and more than that political more than america against the saudi regime so that congress is more. active when it comes to issues and cites or they're right also. what muhamad been said man is doing is no good for nobody because at least 10 belies ation and saudi arabia is a very dangerous situation i was born and lived to be out of 6000000 people if any trouble can happen in
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a system that we are couldn't even bring water because we get our water from there at sea and from. 3 being bulk so saudi arabia is a very. in a very vulnerable state and having and we don't like mohammed bin so now is not taking things to a more safe state also we've seen that mohammed bin samantha talking about the relations with china and america so the old alliance between america and so if you're arabia is not even by you and by so the. routine mohammed been silent is willing to walk with the americans or they were. oh ever are. and the following terror that how much are they willing to walk away an undemocratic behavior on. 6 war crimes ok he will write a human rights act sort of know if anybody is not willing to wait. on you know how
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to stop you there for which i apologize but thank you for having a bit of a scramble and getting on with us to talk us through your reaction to that news out of washington thank you. protesters have taken to the streets ability to solve the early official election results pointed to a landslide victory for the president alexander lukashenko one person was killed and dozens were injured in the arm rest the national election commission says the president is on course to win 80 percent of the votes and extend his 26 years in power however the opposition says the ballot was rigged is laura but unmanly was her protest the shouting the police to go away and then scenes of violence reflected across ballew says capt the was. starting a few hours off because of closed and continuing into the night opposition supporters
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came out in the thousands to contest the initial election results. right police blocked the entrance of the locks where the fight stun grenades into the crowds and police trucks drove into protesters. amulets is rushed to take the injured into hospital. protesters have put up barricades on to the main roads to prevent police cars from guessing that was. earlier in the day the town does it set learned to. have come out of hiding the costs have the she had left her apartment on the eve of the election fearing arrest at 1st a reluctant presidential candidate she had grown into the biggest hope many perish and have for change to the north korean election rallies attracted the largest crowds by loose a decade are you worried about your safety was.
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after casias good president alexander lukashenko called the opposition group yes he did what you stephanie yes if you're going to go against our country or even in the smallest way to. i said plunge the country into chaos and stabilize it you will receive an immediate response from me for decades has enjoyed solid support in the former soviet country lately facing criticism for downplaying the call that 900 crisis and west wing economy criticism that is rapidly growing to the largest tractates 26 year rule or some of the most credible reports suggest it looks like a support the country may be well below 10 percent so i think there is a real shot that some some security officials say will not be willing to fire on protesters if that's something that lugar shank that warders them to do and we all really hope and pray that he doesn't but even so potentially even go over to the side of the protesters. while the school authorities may have been able to control
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the opposition using food this time people say and show they have beyond. the orbit of money and to say. well internet services are being custom bellerose so set boston is on the phone now from minsk step what do we think possibly might happen over the coming hours here. yes peter there's a complete internet block out for 1 more than 24 hours already of course making sure that information doesn't go out about one to exactly happening here also on national television this hardly any and mentioning of the clashes last night the early morning with police it's unclear how many people got injured but we cocked to one don't try to hostile he said dozens of young people have been brought in with light and also serious praise and person and i gently died where he will
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run over by a police sucker it's happening at a truck really ran into a protester through a broken industries in the middle of the night and then one of the protesters actually carried by to his truck for 4 hundreds of meters so if there is a very anger and frustrated move here and then when nobody of course was surprised that sonic from the look of schenkel would declare victory but it's quite a shock here that they're now claiming he got more than 80 percent of the vote and the opposition leaders got vanity kind of guy i only got the last 10 tons of sand to describe its way for a proposition that has gone through that i was in the last couple of months and weeks with the largest crowds on the streets that feller was has seen in decades if missing a question because line in the coming hours and days is here i am and here i stay went to the protest does feel they have left to use a law is all to do beyond protesting on the streets. well it's come out
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during the day but they have and # instead of going to the protest after a night. from now on hoping that they will build up momentum by in large crowds to push the christian god out of the hour but the opposition has also called for calm there's a real concern that this is not going to end well that there's going to be a broad chest we've seen already 5 died and then the early morning how collegiates responding to this this burst of anger so the opposition is really worried and they say we want to fight this battle in court it's going to be in legal battle you have to back off topic but it's very difficult to predict how this anger and emotion that i see here around me can still be contained any official word yet from spread to kind of scalia or has she gone to ground. she's gone into hiding on the eve of the elections there was police in front of her apartment where campaign manager was
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arrested also are people from campaign have been detained so she's gone in hiding she came only out of hiding to cause to vote protected by bodyguards lots of phone her supporters were surrounding her at that time 'd she's now also still calling for calm trying to try to see combat photographs of the women that are going to say they have been painting her site has all left the country so there's a real concern she told me before the election that she was really worried that you would be arrested on monday and that today so we're going to have to see what's going to happen to her ok we'll leave it there thanks very much a combustible atmosphere there in minsk that was not correspondent reporting live from belarus the bomb blasts in pakistan's but not just on provinces killed 6 people and injured at least 15 others the explosion top of his a vehicle from anti drugs 4 seasons city of chum i'm close to the border with afghanistan there's been no claim of responsibility. pakistan's government is
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lifting partial lockdown measures in force since march as part of its response to covert 19 at the height of the outbreak many people ignored social distancing rules and while the number of confirmed infections has fallen in recent weeks official figures may not be telling the whole story is in basra reports from karachi summer rain storms in pakistan's most populous city did a better job of keeping most people indoors than the partial lockdown being lifted this week. the port city of karachi has been the hardest hit by the coronavirus the government says infection rates have dropped nationwide and it's safe to resume public life but not everyone agrees resign a bill some is a teacher when they called 900 outbreak closed schools he began a free service to supply coronavirus patients with oxygen cylinders to help them bleed ground realities that. exist at extreme level in pakistan
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pakistani community population of pakistan the people are not taking it seriously rather they are not taking it at that reality. he normally has dozens of tanks but in the last week they've all been sent out he's down to his last to a sign he says that people are still getting sick and it's too soon to lift the lockdown but months into the crisis even partial restrictions on public life seem impossible to enforce and easy to ignore the government push to ease restrictions is politically popular i want to know on the gulf here and people whose livelihoods have suffered say it's also necessary i don't know on a scale. measures taken because of the current of ours have completely shut down business i don't have the words to explain how much loss there has been for poor people it's been devastating it's a view many customers share take on immediate countries video to the c.b.i. from a country everything depends on the economy. i agree that the could also attract
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but if you take precautions along with good enough i think the economy should open and we should allow people to look during recent public holidays precautions were not a priority and now people are gearing up for another major public event the country's independence day markets like this are all over the country pakistan's government says for the sake of the economy it's important to keep them open but it's part of health experts are concerned crowded public areas where people are not worrying about where there is no social distancing these are the perfect places for the virus to thrive pakistanis are quick to say years of hard living has made them more resilient to the virus than most but there is also the fact that there are too few tests and too many people and with so many taking the threat lightly medical experts say the real number of covert $1000.00 infections is likely much higher than official tally. corruption. the french president emanuel mccraw is
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denouncing what he called a cowardly attack which killed 8 people in southern asia included 6 french aid workers and a local guide touring the west african giraffe reserve near the tunnel couldn't the defense minister says gunmen on motorbikes opened fire it's not known who organized the attack in neighboring chad the government's being accused of negligence over the deaths of $44.00 prisoners in april the government said they were suspected boko haram fighters who poisoned themselves however the national human rights commission says there were civilians who died from 1st and hunger in their hot and overcrowded cell with interests as more from neighboring nigeria the commission's report disputed government claims that the victims were members of the full quote on the report insisted that these are farmers mostly who have been arrested after an operation by the child and forces in the lake chad region had ended during that operation chided government claim that it killed more than $1000.00 broke out on fighters and imprisoned many of them in charge in prisons the report said that the
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prisoners were allowed to suffocate deliberately in their cells and that despite calls for help prison officials did not let them out remember that on march an approach temperatures in the south and elected area can go beyond 40 degrees celsius and that's the condition these prisoners were in people living close to the prisons admitted that they heard the cries for help by these prisoners or one night the government did not issue a formal statement but i justice ministry official said that they have noted the report by the commission now this is not the 1st time our security forces in the left child region fighting boko haram have been accused of trumpeting on human rights or even extra judicial killings a lot of analysts believe that such actions by security forces could lead to none corporation and therefore making the fight against boko haram and other extremist groups in the region very difficult. egyptians head to the polls soon to choose members of a newly formed senate voting begins on tuesday with results due on august 19th the
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government says voters living overseas are casting ballots more than 140 countries imran khan reports. 60000000 egyptians are eligible to vote and have a say in who represents them in the newly reconstituted senate votes will be counted from both citizens home and abroad the 1st upper chamber of his 6 years follows the introduction of a new constitution last year. the old constitution was suspended in 2014 when president mohammed morsi was deposed and replaced by military chief abdul fattah el-sisi who took the top spot the new senate has 300 members 100 directly appointed by sisi critics say it's another power grab by him the government says a senate seat gives minorities a voice the last election in egypt was 2 years ago when president sisi won reelection with 97 percent of the vote the exact same margin is secured in 2013 he
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faced only one of the challenger in 2814 international human rights organizations criticize the election human rights watch said it was neither free nor fair. egypt's election commission declared cc's victory met the highest international standards of integrity and transparency various human rights groups also criticized last year's constitutional changes that concentrating our into cc's and egypt's government says the central action proves to the world and egyptians that the country is a fully functioning democracy. egyptian government has extended the detention of the journalist mahmoud hussein by 45 days he's already been held for more than 3 and a half years without trial after arriving for a personal visit in 2016 the un and al jazeera both called for an end to his arbitrary detention his detention on unspecified charges does breach egypt's penal
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code which sets the maximum pretrial detention at $620.00 days the operators of a japanese ship leaking oil on to the coast of militias have apologized and to help clean up the spill the still has more than half of its 4000 tons of fuel on board after running aground last month a state of emergency has been declared because of a threat of catastrophic damage to coral reefs in the pacific. ok let's revisit your top stories this half hour in the last 45 minutes or so a u.s. court has issued a subpoena against the saudi crown prince in relation to the former intelligence agent suttle jobbery. who's now in canada filed a lawsuit accusing prince mohammed bin cell man of sending a hit squad to kill him 2 years ago the hong kong media tycoon jimmy lie has been
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arrested on the china's new national security law his company says it's being held on suspicion of colluding with foreign powers and several other people have also been arrested sarah clarke explains. 7 people arrested so far and we also believe 2 of the quite high profile senior executives within the company that includes the c.f.o. the chief financial officer as well as the chief executive officer they've also been detained as a result so the police have said the operation is. continuing behind. searching devices. interviewing some of the staff here but we also expect more arrests to be made as the day goes on and more people to be taken into custody as a result lebanon's cabinet is due to meet to discuss the possibility of early elections anger at the government has been boiling over on the streets after the catastrophic explosion in beirut on tuesday there's been 2 days of protests in the capital with more planned on monday. cities across the president
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alexander lukashenko looks set to claim yet another election victory at least one person was killed and dozens were injured in the electoral commission says the president is on course to win 80 percent of the vote the opposition says the ballot was rigged. the french president is denouncing what he calls a cowardly attack which killed 8 people in southern new jersey they included 6 french aid workers and a local guide touring the west african giraffe reserve called the defense minister says gunmen on motorbikes opened fire it's not known who was behind the attack. pakistan is reopening after months of lockdown and more than 280000 corona virus infections the government says its efforts to contain the virus have been successful the world health organization says more testing is still required right up to date with all our top stories and developing stories up next a.j. selects i will see you very soon. counting the cost russia war planes and it's
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nice to see you from folded libya because it will be lost. in the devastating closure is it from. this information to manipulate elections. for more than. you think let me think back thank you. one.


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