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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 10, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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forge narratives all right through the listening post gives you the full picture. a court in washington issues a summons against the saudi crown prince following claims he ordered the hit squad to kill an intelligence agent in canada. hello and welcome i'm peter dobbin you're watching al-jazeera live from our world headquarters here in doha also coming up the highest profile arrest yet on the hong kong's controversial security law the media tycoon jimmy line is accused of colluding with foreign forces. reacting to a growing anger over beirut's deadly port blast lebanon's prime minister considers
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reforms and early elections. cracking down on dissent and bellows disputed election results show the long time president alexander lukashenko on course for an overwhelming victory. in u.s. court has issued a summons against the saudi crown prince in relation to a former intelligence agent subtle jobbery the court order also covers a dozen other people including residents of the u.s. it's not our job or he felt a lawsuit accusing the saudi crown prince mohammed bin cell man of sending a hit squad to kill him 2 years ago he's now in canada where police and private security guards are reported to be giving him increased protection abdulaziz alomari art is
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a saudi human rights activist he says saudi arabia is putting itself in a vulnerable position. what mohammed bin salon is doing is no good for nobody because at least 10 belies asen and saudi arabia is a very dangerous situation i was born and lived up to be up 6000000 people if any trouble can happen and the system that we out couldn't even drink water because we get our water from there at sea and from that arabian gulf so saudi arabia is a very in a very vulnerable state and having and we don't like mohammed in selma is not taking things to a more safe state also we've seen that mohammed bin samantha talking about starting relations with china and america so the old alliance between america and so if you're a viewer is not even value it by so the. 'd routine mohammedan someone is willing to walk with the americans or europeans or whoever with them oh and there are and the following terror that how much are they willing to walk away to an undemocratic
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behavior on. war crimes if anybody is not willing to play his game he will cut relations it really ok ok let's stay with the story joining us live bruce fein for me us associate deputy attorney general he's talking to us out of washington bruce good to get your thoughts on this developing story as of issuing a summons what does that mean. well the summons delivers the complaint to the various defendants that obligates them under our federal rules to answer within 20 days so it means that now the case is gearing up 20 days not a long time. but i think having myself litigated many cases under the torture victim protection act that it signals that m.b.a.'s will now the gristly lobby president trump and secretary of state might pump a 0 to issue what's called
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a letter of suggestion of immunity it's rather an odd. realm of law but basically it asked the court to dismiss a case because it would interfere with the foreign relations of the united states in relations with a head of state or high level officials it is not required that a court accept a suggestion of immunity by the state department but the cases i've litigated they've given great deference to it but that means that november will be critical for saudi arabia. under that doctrine president biden could revoke any suggestion of immunity and reinstate the case but i can guarantee you right now saudi arabia and the crown prince are talking his head off with pump a 0 in trying to get me out of this conundrum ok unless
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a community bruce does not cover the case ok sees yet to come or does it cover the individual i.e. does it gave m.b.'s blanket immunity from anything that may yet also as well as this becoming down the line. a suggestion of immunity only covers that a particular case so it wouldn't reach any other lawsuits against m.p.'s and it wouldn't reach criminal cases against m.b.'s a suggestion of immunity is relevant only in a civil case where you're seeking damages so it's not a get out of jail card free for all time it sounds as if this will be a long drawn out legal process overlaid with clearly kind of like politicize ation of the relationship between the trumpet ministration and the powers that be in riyadh yes i believe that's true but
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remember we have an election in november and their relationship could be dramatically altered if mr biden wins the election. i think the consensus in washington is the only true friend if you want to call it that since mr trump pretty doesn't have friends he's narcissistic and does things for himself but the only advocate for saudi arabia in all of washington is president trump and his son in law and shared question are there no members of congress that champion saudi arabia there are no other members of the administration in fact the intelligence community is outraged at what happened to mr algebra because he was an informant an intelligent asset for him but mr trump has given little weight to the intelligence communities actually derided it from time to time but because the lawsuit is protracted the november elections loom very large in its ultimate outcome and is there another facts of this which makes it inherently different to what happened in
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terms of international law and legality and the application of the law when we discussed you and i discussed for a long time of the period of many weeks months the death of jamal and it's this the allegation seems to suggest and i say i stress seems that some of this failed operation some of the planning took place on american soil because they went to try to get into canada literally 2 security guards they got a red warning flag for some reason and they would deny that access to canada so they were on american soil when this was still in the planning before it got to the execution of it. well that is a critical difference because and because show be case all of the actual action was either in saudi arabia or 'd in turkey but there's another element that's very important for us law and then it is the allegations are that the wrong if
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you will the attempted assassination was targeted at the united states because it was seeking to disrupt a relationship with the united states intelligence community so it had and purposeful impact on the united states intelligence community that is important because there's a previous case i was involved in against a sama bin laden relating to the embassy bombings in nairobi and tanzania and there the court upheld jurisdiction over asama bin laden because it was said even though the explosions and the terrorism was in foreign countries it was directed at the united states and to frighten and terrorize the united states i think that's what gives this particular case much stronger legs than a suit by mr kushner. ok we must leave bruce consortiums find the former us associate deputy director in washington thanks much thank you. lebanon's cabinet is
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using meets in the coming few hours to discuss possible early elections anger at the government has been boiling over after a catastrophic explosion in beirut last week robin 2 days of violent protests in the capital with more planned for monday 158 people died in the blast 21 assume missing he says there's little hope of finding any more survivors protesters say they want a complete overhaul of the political system to government ministers have responded to public pressure and they have resigned the environment minister. qatar has confirmed he is following the information minister abdel samad 9 m.p. use of also quit the parliament in 130 love this is the point of no return people are starving the economy has deteriorated the economic crisis is heightening our families children friends have just been left behind fear and disappointments lives within them in this fateful moments we cannot just sit behind we have to stand in
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dignity together as a nation i feel that i need to send an apology to the liberties people because we failed to achieve their ambitions due to the difficulties. to martyr square in beirut and correspondent zain a harder zain what's the minimum that the protesters would accept coming out of this meeting today. well that's a very difficult question at peter because what people want is an overhaul of the political system that has been in place for decades what they want is the whole political class out of power a political class that has been governing this country not just for the 3 decades that followed the civil war some of them were warlords and that is easier said than done because the transition process is quite it's quite difficult and the message you get from those in power is that we're clinging on to this power yesterday 2 ministers resigned there were reports that are. their ministers are going to tender
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their resignation the prime minister held an emergency meeting and telling them wait till today let's discuss during cabinet session today but statements being made by some ministers this morning and late yesterday one minister said we're not going anywhere the government is still sounding we're going to carry out our duties another minister says that it makes sense to have resigned in the immediate aftermath of the bomb blast but the blast they scuse me but resigning now really will not help. mean that we cannot carry out the responsibilities for the people so really the people have little tools in their hands in order to overthrow those in power street pressure they were they were basically attacked by security forces security forces used excessive force to clamp down on the on the protests and the opposition is unable to push for political change through state institutions because the government the parliament the presidency is controlled by the governing
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alliance and briefly the reality is from a financial point of view lebanon needs an awful lot of money billions of dollars it needs it but it's not going to get it without political reform when you've got someone as powerful as emanuel macro saying you've got to change. i will answer that question in just a 2nd but i just want to tell you another minister has resigned the minister of justice yesterday she did mention that that this was possible now we're getting confirmation that she has resigned so now 3 ministers have resigned yes levanon needs money 1st for reconstruction immediate assistance to all the people who are affected by this blast 300000 made homeless many many people can't even afford to eat or or to buy medicine yesterday we saw so many volunteers in the street distributing medicine distributing water and the international community is ready
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to help to provide relief to the people of lebanon but the international community made it very very clear that they're not going to give the government billions of dollars that it has been requesting for some time now to kick start the economy there saying that the government should carry out reforms should fix corruption and state institutions so far the government and the political parties that's really backed this government have been reluctant to carry out reforms because it will weaken their hold on state institutions so yes this country is in dire need of money the international community is making it clear they're standing by the people they're not standing by the government they will stand by the government if it carries out reforms if the government decides to do that like we mentioned they become weak they lose control over the states resources and with all this international intervention a lot of them feel that the crisis has now been internationalized and they will lose but at the end of the day it is the people nearly 50 percent of the population now live below the poverty line 32 percent of the workforce unemployed people are
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unable to even get their savings out of banks the dollar denominated bank accounts because there's just no dollars in the country so the situation is quite dire but those in power you know no showing at least no sign that they're ready to make concessions at this point in time ok thank you very much an old reporting live from beirut. the police in hong kong have made their highest profile arrest yet under a controversial national security law imposed by beijing media tycoon and activist jimmy lives among 7 people detained in raids on monday an executive in lies media group says he's been held on suspicion of colluding with foreign powers well here's the founder of the apple daily one of the most widely read newspapers in hong kong al-jazeera sarah clarke is a site is headquarters with the latest. jimmy law he's one of us high profile arrests yes made under these national security laws he's going to tiny early on
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monday morning arrested at his home and the potential charges he faces a collusion with a foreign force a foreign country and i should also start 2 of his sons have also been arrested in this particular sweep on monday morning now they are not affiliated with the likes of apple daily but we believe that may be part of a wider investigation into the likes of jimmy lise investments and we also believe 2 of quite high profile senior executives within the company that includes the c.f.o. the chief financial officer as well as the chief executive officer they've also been detained as a result so the police have said the operation is going smoothly other continuing behind us as a searching devices investigating and talking to interviewing some of the stuff here but we also expect more arrests to be made as the day goes on and more people to be taken into custody as a result still ahead here on al jazeera attacked and so far away from the killing of aid workers.
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. welcome back you're watching out to syria live from doha i'm peter dhabi your top stories the u.s. court has today issued a summons against the saudi crown prince in relation to former intelligence agents . who's now in canada filed a lawsuit accusing the crown prince mohammed bin of sending a hit squad to kill him 2 years ago. lebanon's justice minister has resigned the 3rd member of the cabinet. is due to meet to discuss the possibility of early elections anger at the government has been boiling over on the streets after a catastrophic explosion in beirut last week. the hong kong media tycoon jimmy ally
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has been arrested under china's new national security law his company says he's being held on suspicion of colluding with foreign powers. the president of france emanuel is denouncing what he calls a cowardly attack which killed 8 people in southern asia they included 7 french aid workers and a local guide touring the west african giraffe reserve near the town of curry the defense minister says gunmen on motorbikes that opened fire it's not known which group organize the attack. is following the story for us from a butcher in neighboring nigeria so let's just take us through if you can what we know so far about what happened in. well basically a french aid agency confirm that in fact these were members of its staff who visited the sanctuary at calais and they were attacked by
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a gunman on motor motorcycles. the incident happened in the better region which is arrested or seen a lot of activity. much of it in that area as well as the times from across the border in from mali and blocking a fossil that region has seen so many attacks and in the last one year has seen more than 200 deaths on both the military side and the extra besides who've been conducting operations in that area or attacks in those areas so till a better reason is to look at restive. region but the surprise is that these attack happened just 65 kilometers away from the capital niamey and a lot of people the last time we visited that area was. in the year and it's clear to see that there has been a lot of military presence in that area and along that route simply because of the attacks with witnessed over the last one year that targeted military officials as
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well as civilians in the region so a lot of news gerry and a lot of security observers are wondering why it has been this dramatic in terms of yesterday's attack people wondering what happened to the security presence in that area and it's known that that particular reserve is an area that is well protected by a local. local guides the security forces are also been known to operate around that region to stop or just from targeting animals in that reserve in neighboring chad the government's being accused of negligence of the deaths of $44.00 prisoners in april take us through what we know about that story. well basically in april like you said there has been a report of more than 40 people who died under suspicious circumstances in a prison in china the child of 4 to say that one members of the book graham who had
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been captured during an operation and the lectured region after the military lost nearly 100 soldiers in that attack by book or on fight is now the organization the human rights commission that investigated the incident said the report was the government report was in fact full of. questionable evidence as what the problem that was that these people one left to suffocate and despite cries for help prison guards did not let them out of the overcrowded cell and this was corroborated by people who live close to the prisons who informed the investigators and in fact they heard the cries for help by these prisoners now the human rights commission said these people were mostly farmers and had nothing to do with boko haram in front they were arrested after the operations against boko haram it ended in and elected region so
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a lot of people are questioning the government sincerity about what in fact happened to these people initially the government said they were poisoned themselves fearing the trial that would follow and since then people were wondering whether or not the government was telling the truth. thank you very much. shopping center in the democratic republic of congo killing at least 19 people it happened in the northeastern province of a tory fighters from the political and religious sects known as attack people with machetes the military has been deployed to the area well and 200000 people have fled this troubled regions since march. a bomb blast in pakistan's blotches stan province has killed 6 people and injured at least 15 of the explosion targeted a vehicle from drugs forces in the city of chum on close to the border with afghanistan there's been no claim of responsibility. in belarus one person is being killed and dozens hurt in process following the presidential election which the
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opposition says was raked early official results to show a landslide victory for president alexander lukashenko that would extend his 26 years in power to a 6th term is lower but many who were current protests the shouting the police to go away and then scenes of violence reflected across belushi's kept the was. starting a few hours off to pose a closed and continuing into the night opposition supporters came out in their thousands to contest the initial election results. right police blocked the entrance of the locks where they fight stun grenades into the crowds and police trucks drove into protesters. amulets is rushed to take the injured into hospital. protesters have put up
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barricades on to the main roads to prevent police cars from gas and there was. earlier in the day that can does it set nona to. have come out of hiding the costs have the right she left her apartment on the eve of the election fearing arrest at 1st a reluctant presidential candidate she had grown into the biggest hope many perish and have for change to the north korea election rallies attracted the largest crowds belisa in decades are you worried about your safety was. after causing his boots president alexander lukashenko called the opposition group yes you did what you stephanie yes if you're going to go against our country or even in the smallest way try to plunge the country into chaos and stabilise it you will receive an immediate response from me . for decades he's enjoyed thought support in the former soviet country lately
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facing criticism for downplaying the covert $1000.00 prices and worsening economy criticism that is rapidly growing to the largest practice 26 year rule some of the most credible reports suggest that support the country may be well below 10 percent so i think there is a real shot that some some security officials a will not be willing to fire on protesters if that's something that leadership that warders them to do and we all really hope and pray that he doesn't but even so potentially even go over to the side of the protesters. while the school authorities move to control the opposition using food this time people say. they're beyond me i'm. sure there isn't money i'm just you. know the operators of a japanese ship leaking oil onto the coast of malicious have apologized and to help clean up the spill the. still has more than half of its 4000 tons of fuel on board
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after running aground last month a state of emergency has been declared because of the threat of catastrophic damage to coral reefs in the pacific ocean. we will do everything possible to contain the damage is going forward and minimize the impact we will sincerely take any and all measures possible to deal with this situation ready. egyptian government has extended the detention of al jazeera journalist mahmoud hussein by $45.00 days he's already been held for more than 3 and a half years without trial after arriving for a personal visit the united nations and al-jazeera both called for an end to his arbitrate attention as attention on the specified charges does breach egypt's own penal code which sets the maximum pretrial detention at $620.00 days the united nations is warning indigenous communities around the world are facing a grave health threat because of the corona virus pandemic in brazil 19 has killed hundreds of bone rable indigenous people has done. indigenous
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peoples have suffered from devastating viruses since their 1st contact with outsiders covered 19 is simply the latest and they sitting particularly hard when so many communities already struggling against environmental damage and economic hardship. in the amazon territories have been ravaged by mining illegal deforestation forest fires unlawful occupation of indigenous lands in the settlement of brazil with the alleged collusion of the authorities. we're meeting here and we will prepare a document to take brazil's congress from there ask president both sonora why he speaks so badly about native people. indigenous people live in 90 countries around the walled often in remote locations without adequate health facilities came outta and sanitation. the un says the communal way of life can also increase the threat of contagion in the americas more than 1000 indigenous deaths
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and covered 19 have been recorded and more than 70000 people have been infected there already i mean just you know it's very worrying we don't have the infrastructure to protect ourselves against the vitus we don't have what we need to protect ourselves the u.n. says the pandemic emphasizes the importance of indigenous peoples being allowed to exercise their right to self-determination for their particular needs to be recognised this hospital in brazil for instance has a separate ward for indigenous patients so it's bound to fail to see how the sea mill yes we are different even if the system doesn't recognise that we speak a traditional language we have our own medicinal plants so we want to respect to do that kurt said that you know. the un war that indigenous lives must be saved to protect the precious web of cultures languages and traditional knowledge the connect all of us to the deep roots of humanity. that al-jazeera
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if you want more news to check out the website al-jazeera dot com you can get lots more on what's going on in beirut the holder telling us loud and clear in this half hour there is that government cabinet meeting the next few hours they're coming under pressure to call quite quickly free and fair elections the headlines are next . updating your top stories this half hour a u.s. court has issued a summons against the saudi crown prince in relation to former intelligence agents are all jobbery. who's now in canada filed a lawsuit accusing the crown prince mohammed bin cell man of sending a hit squad to kill him 2 years ago lebanon's justice minister has resigned as public anger months over a catastrophic explosion in beirut last week it follows the resignation of 2 other government ministers on sunday protesters say they want
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a complete overhaul of the political system the cabinet is due to meet to discuss the possibility of early elections hong kong media tycoon jimmy lie has been arrested under china's new national security law his company says he's being held on suspicion of colluding with foreign powers. the police in hong kong say they've arrested 9 people sarah clarke explains more. we also believe quite high profile senior executives within the company the c.f.o. the chief financial officer as well as the chief executive officer they've also timed as a result so the police have said the operation is. continuing behind as they searching devices and talking to interviewing some of the staff here but we also expect more arrests to be made as the day goes on and more people to be taken into custody as a result protests have erupted in cities across the president and xander looking looks set to claim yet another election victory at least one person was killed and
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dozens were injured in the unrest electoral commission says the president is on course to win 80 percent of the vote the opposition says the ballot was rigged. the french president emmanuel macro is denouncing what he calls a quote cowardly attack which killed 8 people in southern asia 7 of the victims worked for a charity their convoy was hit by a gunman at a giraffe nature park on sunday a bomb blast in pakistan's blotches stan province has killed 6 people and injured at least 15 others the explosion targeted a vehicle from drugs forces in the city of charmin close to the border with afghanistan there's been no claim of responsibility. those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after witness adrian has the news from 10 g. half an hour of news from 11 g. one of us we'll see you soon. 0. is the government in this area to really address some of the structural issues we listen i still think that travel
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is the safest mode of travel and the spending we meet with global news makers the stories that matter which is their own. shows. i don't know. what about the. amount of money going to a lot of.


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