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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 10, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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technique. i've seen a vertical far before i would never in a restaurant have to say this is great earthrise feeding the 1000000000 on a jersey. lebanon's government resides of last week's explosion in beirut the prime minister is expected to step down in an address and address to the nation the sound. at his anger grows on the streets protesters are out and vote for a day. come to fidel this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. the opposition calls it a revote there's anger on the streets of elements following sunday's presidential election. we'll have the latest on efforts to clean up
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a huge oil spill along the coast of bush's. we begin with that breaking news coming in from beirut where the entire lebanese cabinet has resigned prime minister is expected to formally make the announcement in around 30 minutes he's also expected to resign 4 cabinet ministers have already stepped down and there have been days of protests following tuesday's explosion which killed more than 200 people these are live pictures people are obviously out on the streets in the capital again demonstrators have been demanding a complete overhaul of the political system and the new elections. meanwhile the u.n. office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs has been meeting to discuss the situation in lebanon and u.n.
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chief and terrible terrorists and has called for a credible investigation into the cause of the blasts on sunday world leaders and international organizations pledged nearly $300000000.00 in aid it is important that the people and spread of the investigation of the cause of the explosion and bring about the accountability demanded by the lebanese people is also important reforms. the needs of the lebanese people for the long. and we have correspondents covering the international and domestic reaction in a moment we'll hear from christensen amy who is at the united nations in new york but 1st let's go to bernard smith who is in the beirut but had so we're hearing the government has resigned we're waiting now for the official announcement has there been any reaction there yet. no no reaction here it's expected this has been expected that the government would resign and the cabinet would resign and the prime minister would resign it's been
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a long trail over the last couple of days the prime minister had said in his 1st speech to the nation after the tassel catastrophic explosion on tuesday that he would ask the cabinet to agree to early elections we're not now sure whether there will be early elections we understand is there are negotiations going on behind the scenes of course on how a new cabinet might be formed and who might be appointed prime minister at the moment the cabinet is dominated by hezbollah and parties allied to hezbollah hezbollah or the iranian backed group now the desire certainly from the viewpoint of the international community led by emmanuel macron is that some sort of government and cabinets of national unity is formed to try and pull lebanon through this crisis the problem the moment is that the opposition say they are not prepared to work with the hezbollah on those and those allied parties at the moment so
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unless some deal can be reached between them it's going to be extremely difficult i should quickly say couple of names in the frame for prime minister saad hariri that would end up being out with a new and out with out with the new and in with the old he only resigned in january under enormous pressure because of the economic crisis precipitated by the collapse of the banking sector and lebanon's currency a sunday op the prime minister who's resigned he only took over just at the end of january another name in the frame is now off salam more respected by those looking for change is currently a court of the internet a judge of the international court of justice he's a corner diplomat and he will only take the job if he's given a free hand and in the past when his name has been mooted before as bala has rejected him. why they will have. more details about that when house makes his announcement in the next 30 minutes or so but it just remind our viewers because we
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can't lose sight of you know what the people of lebanon have been going through not just with this massive blast which is there some 300000 people homeless but even prior to that what life has been like how difficult this is all being. you've had to before this explosion last tuesday a an 80 percent fall in the value of lebanon's currency which was previously pegged to the us dollar but as precipitated a catastrophic economic collapse most parts of the city only get 2 hours of electricity a day because the electricity provision is so poor the water isn't drink at all most people have to boil water or buy their water the basic services provision basic provision of services lebanon's state has completely failed to provide to its citizens and that is because of the political elites that have divvied up parts of
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the profit making part of the country amongst themselves support itself that blew up was one of the major cash cows of one of the political elites so before this economic crisis before this explosion the country was already pretty much plunging in the depths it's heading for 50 percent unemployment at least the consequences of this explosion will punch a 25 percent hole in lebanon's g.d.p. so a really staggering and shocking statistic and an extraordinary job or whoever becomes the next prime minister and his cabinet or her cabinet to take on the problem is they are still under the influence of those political elites who are so reluctant to give up the reins on power the for anybody in as prime minister or in the cabinet in lebanon it's very difficult for them to act freely and people would argue act in the best interests of the country when the interests of the political
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elite put ahead of the interests of the country get a say and by they're looking at live pictures now from parliament there the walls have been erected to keep people out so obviously this has become a target has become a symbol. of people's anger you can see people throwing stones there some say how many people there at least a couple of 100 so just remind us some of the protests that we've seen over the past few days and what the situation is is like there on the ground now. but the protests we should say in the last couple of days have been on the lower scale but happing confrontations between the security forces and a few 100 protesters trying to get near the parliament and there have been very large there was a very large peaceful protest here on saturday we haven't seen the scale of the protests that we had back in october as the economy began began to collapse but
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then remember most people in this city are dealing with trying to clean up and dealing with trying just to live normally since tuesday's explosion 300000 people homeless and if you know homeless your windows have probably been blown in and you're trying to clean up shattered glass and you're trying to eat so people are exhausted despondent and yes angry but you haven't got the numbers out on the streets i'm not saying that may happen in the future but at the moment it's quieter than there has been because people have got other priorities i would say at the moment and the overwhelming thing you sense here certainly in the last few days is that sort of despondency and shock shock certain because of the extraordinary power of the blast despondence. think that bird smith there live from beirut. kristen salome is live for us at the united nations in new york christine you
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listened in to that u.n. briefing on the situation in lebanon what came out of this. well it was interesting this was a chance for the united nations to brief members states about the situation on the ground. and in lebanon and the international community's efforts to address some of the needs there are the secretary general antonio terra's called the situation a huge catastrophe this explosion of course coming on the heels of a socio economic crisis and a coded 19 pandemic he not surprisingly asked member states to be generous with international support but also talked about the need for a credible investigation and government reform that was really an underlying theme to all of the speeches given by not only u.n. officials but also some member states the humanitarian chief mark lowe cox said that ultimately billions of dollars will be needed to reconstruct levanon fully
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some $300000000.00 has been pledged by the international community so far but there's underlying concern that that money go directly to help the people and not to prop up this ruling class the anger in the streets mark lowe cox said is palpable and it must be heard and that was a theme we heard over and over again the head of the world food program david beasley also talked about that he also pointed out that lebanon would run out of food in 2 and a half weeks if not for international intervention one major side effect of that explosion was the grain storage for the country 85 percent of the grain stored for the country was wiped out in that one fell swoop the u.n. is working to address this food packages are being sent in medical assistance is being sent 3 hospitals were destroyed so the international community we heard its efforts to deal with that immediate concern directly but this constant drumbeat of
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the need for reform again not only by u.n. officials but also member states the foreign minister of jordan for example said that while they would not forget the people of lebanon they would stand by the people of lebanon he really underscored the need for these reforms so that was a very concrete theme coming from member states and u.n. officials. question one more question will the u.n. be involved in any way in the investigation into the explosion you know it's interesting the united nations been asked about that a lot the spokesperson for the secretary general has said on several occasions that if asked the united nations would help with an international investigation but they have not received an invitation from the lebanese government to do so right now lebanon is conducting its own investigation with the help of france barring an invitation from lebanon the security council the general assembly would have to
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make a request to the secretary general and so far that hasn't happened formally there's been no request and we are not hearing at this time of any motion to make that happen but again the united nations has expressed a willingness to help if needed thanks so much for that kristen salumi there live from the united nations. ok moving on 3000 protesters have been detained by police off the presidential election results dozens more were beaten in git long time leader. has been handed a 6th term he's promised to crack down on anybody disputing the result said also reports from minsk. explosions rocking the belorussian capital a few hours after the polls have closed position supporters have come out in thousands to protest the initial election result riot police is blocking the entrance to a large square. and is firing stun grenades into the crowd. a police
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truck drives into protesters. ambulances are rushing in to take the injured to hospital police threw a grenade into the crowd and the leg. was broken into 2 parts it was. oh and. take you and go with you. here tonight i want some changes in my country. you know i'm tired of that. ship must so be canceled. would miss that and i want to live in a free country and my children to live in a free country i want them to have a future i want to live here and work here not be forced to leave the country my granddaughter 16 years old and asked me where shall i go. that's so screwed up
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barricades on the main roads to prevent police cars of getting near them the fires of anger here on the streets of. thousands of people have come out to protest what they call free elections. here to spread out what is clear not only here but on the other side of the police like way over their houses. and they're not waiting for him to live. any longer earlier in the day their candidates for planted the kind of guy had come out of hiding to cast her vote she had left her apartment on the eve of the elections fearing arrest at 1st a reluctant presidential candidate she has grown into the biggest hope many belorussians have for change the kind of election rallies attracted the largest crowds bellows has seen in decades after casting his vote president aleksander look at shankar called the opposition weak for decades he's enjoyed solid support in the former soviet country lately he's faced criticism for downplaying the covert 19
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crisis and worsening economy. criticism that has rapidly grown into the largest threat to his 26 years rule well before the authorities may have managed to control the opposition by using force this time around people say and show that they are beyond fear step fast. al jazeera means. still ahead on al-jazeera. high profile arrest in hong kong has a media tycoon has accused his concluding with foreign powers plus. this technology is to. treat. the worst ideas very people of color. facing wrongful arrest we look at how the use of facial recognition software impacts black and asian and native american people in the u.s. .
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hello them all right in the 4 calls across much of northern asia but also you notice this little bundle of cloud here this is tropical storm john me really racing across the south china sea bickles heading towards south korea ahead of that the waves have been high and pounding the ships being brought in to have a safety but also calls into korea this is across the southwest of south korea they've got scenes like this cows on the roof of this building because literally the fed was high this is a place able to get through to escape the floodwaters and they're now being craned off one by one now this is a progress john we are told is wasting his way quickly across the south china sea moving at over 55 kilometers an hour heading up towards through tuesday taking the rain and those winds with it just a minimum strength the tropical storm it does mean there will rain across the south korea also pushing cross into western japan in the usual way of showers and thunderstorms across most central areas of china a little bit of
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a break on wednesday across the korean peninsula still some rayman all quite as heavy or as widespread but instead is the central and western as the china where we will see those heavy downpours plenty of rain certainly in india for the next couple of days and here is what is through central states all the while it continues down the western ghats and also pushing across into the north and the northeast. counting the cost of russia's war planes and that's mr simpson told of libya's biggest oil the last $11.00 on the back of a around a series of a devastating explosion is it time for a model fun plus weaponize in place and this information to manipulate elections. counting the cost of al-jazeera. be the hero the world needs right. washer.
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you're watching are just there are a mind of our top stories this hour lebanon's attire cabinet has resigned over the star sunday i was expected to formally make the announcement in around 15 minutes time he's also expected to resign for cabinet and since had already stepped down. there have been days of protests following 2 says explosion that killed more than 200 people this is the same moment in both demonstrators dividing an overhaul of the political system and you elections. thousands of people have been arrested in baton rouge suffer a night of protest against president alexander the shank his victory in the
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country's election the opposition disputes the result germany says there is indications of an election for. u.s. secretary of state my pump aoe says he's deeply troubled by the arrest of hong kong media tycoon jimmy like he's been detained under the controversial national security law imposed by beijing 6 others linked to his pro-democracy apple daily newspaper have also been arrested they're accused of colluding with foreign forces the hong kong journalist association says it's a worrying development for media freedom sarah clarke reports. police made the arrests on monday morning detaining jimmy lie at his home in counting the founder of the pro-democracy newspaper apple daily is well known for his criticism of china's communist party he's been arrested on suspicion of foreign collusion under the national security law imposed by china last month this morning at around $945.00 together with our colleagues on the criminal investigation department and military staff we got
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a warrant to conduct an operation to search for evidence i wasn't the only arrest on monday 2 of life sons were also arrested more than $200.00 police raided apple dudley's headquarters detaining senior executives including the tabloids chief executive officer detective search computers and interviewed staff many are shocked and horrified including myself and i think this is send out a very very negative message and of course it must have a chilling effect on people who want to speak out and particularly on the news media so this is a very very disturbing the ballot long the national security legislation targets acts of subversion terrorism secession and collusion with foreign forces the maximum penalty is life in prison critics say the legislation is being used by china's leaders to silence the opposition and crackdown on democracy in the semi autonomous region the hong kong journalists association says it's
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a worrying development the media freedom it never happened before in hong kong in reason perhaps that that case we've seen there perhaps sent in for it well cities and countries but but we never expect that that would have happened in hong kong. happen causing direct and indirect threats through press freedom and journalists monday's arrests of the most high profile under the national security law which was introduced just over a month the guy a number of countries have condemned the legislature. including the united states united kingdom astray and canada but the government here has defended the new law stating it's crucial to restore order to a city that's been plagued by months of protests sarah clarke al jazeera hong kong . stephen vines is a political commentator and author they stand hong kong he says there is a crackdown taking place on all levels of society you don't give that level of how
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the city chill rate if you don't want to send a chilling signal to the rest of the media and in case there was any doubt at least briefing after the initial raid that the police excluded media who they said had not been cooperative with the police in the past we've never seen this in our gulf what normally a press conference is a press conference is open to the media this again is another new thing that happened today i think the message is very clear it's we don't like dissident opinions the reporting of the news should be in line with the narrative that is expounded by beijing the space for criticism in hong kong as narrow very considerably i mean the rest of the media is more or less under control so presumably they will continue to operate but at every level in the schools in the university is in the media there is this crackdown going on and this is within just over a month since the national security laws introduced it been an escalation of the
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clamp down at the speed that even the most pessimistic people didn't expect would happen china has imposed sanctions on 11 well known americans including said it is marco rubio and ted cruz that reciprocates us action because of china's crackdown in hong kong us as far as in the american assets of hong kong chief executive kerry lamb as well as 10 senior chinese officials. u.s. court has issued a summons against the saudi crown prince in relation to former intelligence agent assad jobbery the court also covers 13 other people including residents of the u.s. side al jobbery filed a north surge accusing saudi crown prince mohammed bin salmaan of sending a hit squad to kill him 2 years ago he's now in canada where police and private security guards are reported to be giving him increased protection both in seeking legal reaction from the united states and speaking to
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a saudi civil rights activist in europe what mohammed this alone is doing is no good for nobody because at least the allies ation and saudi arabia is a very dangerous situation i was warm and well up to be up 6000000 people if any trouble can happen and the system that we are couldn't even bring water because we get our water from the red sea and from that arabian gulf so saudi arabia is a very in a very vulnerable state and having a leader like mohammed is not taking things to a more safe state also we've seen that mohammed visit a man talking about relations with china and america so the old alliance between america and saudi arabia is not even bother you with my soul the. 'd routine i haven't been silent is willing to walk with the americans or europeans. and the following that how much are they willing to walk away an undemocratic behavior on.
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war crimes if anybody is not willing to wait he will cut relations it really. the summons delivers the complaint to the various defendants that obligates them under our federal rules to answer within 20 days so it means that now the case is gearing up 20 days is not a long time. but i think having myself litigated many cases under the torture victim protection act that it signals that m.b.a.'s will now vigorously lobby president trump in secretary of state might come peo to issue what's called a letter of suggestion of immunity it's rather an odd. realm of law but basically it asked the court to dismiss a case because it would interfere with the foreign relations of the united states
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in relations with a head of state or high level officials it is not required that a court accept a suggestion of immunity by the state department but the cases i've litigated they've given great deference to it but that means that november will be critical for saudi arabia. under that doctrine president biden could revoke any suggestion of immunity and reinstate the cakes but i can guarantee you right now saudi arabia and the crown prince are talking his head off with pump a 0 in trying to get me out of this conundrum and gas explosion in the united states has killed at least one person and flattened several homes 3 people are critically injured in hospital in baltimore fosse's was able to make contact with another person trapped under the rubble. and obdurate has attacked
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a shopping center in the democratic republic of congo killing at least 9 people the army has been sent to respond in the troubled northeastern province of a turi feiss from the political and religious section known as code eco attacks people with machetes more than 200000 people have fled attacks in the province since march prosecutors in france are launching an investigation into what they are calling terrorist murder after the killing of 7 french aid workers in the. aid workers and their local guides for attacks during a tour of the west african giraffe reserve is the town of curry on sunday it is defense minister says gunmen on motorcycles opened fire it's not known who was behind the attack and that it just is following the story for us from a budget in neighboring nigeria. to liberia region in particular is known over the years as a hot spot of attacks by extremists and armed groups either with an across the
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border in brooklyn a faso or mali. dozens of people have been killed this year including security forces leisure security forces were being targeted by these fighters like we said no claim of responsibility yet but the biggest surprise is that after the last attack that killed dozens of security forces into libya region the government has sent in reinforcement to that region to deal with the rising cases of attacks by armed groups and fighters in that region of the surprises that the. animal reserve is just 65 kilometers away from the capital niamey and a lot of military roadblocks and police roadblocks out on that highway a lot of people who are concerned that if this attack can come close to the capital of the army or the time when it is preparing for the presidential elections in 2021 then a lot of things could likely maybe likely happen during the election here in campaigning
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in across me share on the border with nigeria the border with turkey a fossil on the border with money. talks on ethiopia's grad with a sounds damn have been postponed until monday next week saddam made the request of a virtual nation few hours ago but his ministers rather from ethiopia sudan in egypt were involved in the online meeting with international observers if you will be a says the largest hydroelectric project in africa will boost its economy the sudan and egypt fair less water and the river nile flowing downstream. a british air force of aliens pain is helping patrol the english channel and spot migrant boats crossing from france $650.00 people have arrived this month including babies and unaccompanied children $235.00 was stopped in a single day last week many were and small inflatables numbers have surged during the summer prompting government alarm to stop the flow. of volunteerism or issues
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to helping clean up an oil spill which is polluting tourist beaches and coral reefs where the 1000 tonnes of fuel has leaked from a japanese ball carrier which ran aground 2 weeks ago cracks a widening in the hole it's fared the waca she oh is in danger of breaking up and rough seas conference or reports. conservationists in more issues are calling it an ecological disaster but washed in the country's history from above the scale of the spillage is obvious. they are casual read on to our roof a couple of kilometers offshore from the town of maple 2 weeks ago but it's only in recent days that it started seeping more oil into the shallow waters of the indian ocean are under 1000 tons of fuel has so far spilled the japanese caria had around 4000 tons on board the ships operators have apologized and vowed to help clean up the mess. some mauritians are blaming the government for its slow response to what
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it calls and environmentalists state of emergency government was acting on the advice of the company on their experts without taking the best interest of the people and the best interests of of what should be done to protect our country our . potential it was a potential. and dishes. thousands of volunteers have come to help all booms made from sugar cane leaves are being billed to stop further spoiling the beaches. are the volunteers and government workers are pumping the remaining fuel off the stricken ship to prevent further pollution. in here no muss mauritians are coming and most to help us make the oil booms this booms are taken by volunteer boats the boat men of marquis book have voluntarily put their boats at our disposal to go and place this all booms at sea
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thanks to base the booms are managing to retain the oil spilled from waukesha. may bog has a marine pack with coral reefs mcgrew forests and other endangered species as well as several tourist beaches the area safety now depends on the many helpers working to make sure that the oil doesn't spread father catherine sawi al-jazeera pakistan's government is lifting partial lockdown measures in for since march as part of its coronavirus response on the number of confirmed infections has fallen in recent weeks it's fed official figures could be an accurate saying best ravi reports from karate summer rain storms in pakistan's most popular city did a better job of keeping most people indoors than the partial lockdown being lifted this week. the port city of karachi has been the hardest hit by the coronavirus the government says. they are alive now to lebanon's prime minister who is making an
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announcement let's listen in. to all live in these. what we're still living around in the catastrophic that hit lebanon a catastrophic hit all of us in the heart due to the corruption in politics and administration and the whole state i have said before that the corruption system is there all over the plays. and i discovered that the corruption system is bigger than the state and the state is suffering from that sort of corruption the state and the country cannot face that corruption one of the types of this corruption has explode.


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