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tv   Dataland  Al Jazeera  August 19, 2020 4:00am-5:01am +03

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socialism once thrived. and politician goes on a journey to me leading left wing figures to understand why that politics have lost ground so dramatically. latin america and giant in turmoil on al-jazeera. i 100 hours g.m.t. on al-jazeera i'm kemal santa maria and these are the headlines mali's president abraham has resigned and dissolved parliament just hours after amusing soldiers detained him and top members of his government. with. no blood to be spilled to keep me in power and that's why i would like to think the 1000000 people for their warmth i am telling you know that i'm resigning from my position as the president and all my other positions and i announced the
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dissolution of the assembly and the government well the coup had sparked widespread international reaction the west african regional bloc ico also ordered the closure of borders with mali african union european union both condemning the action and the un security council has called for an emergency meeting has some thoughts from a. journalist in bamako who told us people are waiting to hear now from the. this right now i think the army is in charge the president just resigned now i wasn't in the restaurant who was saying that and everybody was happy to go but everybody will be sad because you know the situation people like to happen so this afternoon the confusion between people here because some people being detained the president for his own security and other people think he's been really arrested. just been confirmed right now and you think that so many talk to say the reason he
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will i was so resigned the national assembly which he was the source of the problem is the big new world of constipation of all those mali population this couple of months now 'd the army is in charge and we don't know but since now they didn't fuck and it is a nasty maybe they have planes did not take the powers nobody can say anything until maybe tonight the rest of the night or 2 more morning on 2 other headlines in a u.n. banks course has convicted a member of the armed group hezbollah for the 2005 assassination of lebanon's former prime minister rafik hariri. jimmy was one of 4 suspects tried in absentia the other 3 were acquitted we had like many presidents and many from our prime ministers were killed either in the office oh outside the office and we never had any truth of what happened i think today is.
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i mean everybody's expectation was much higher than what came out but i believe that that. came out with the. 'd result that is satisfying we accepted. the government in belarus has admitted some police officers have resigned as pressure grows on president alexander lukashenko to step down more workers have walked out on strike as demonstrators held a 10th straight day of her tests they say last week's presidential election is rigged on the birthday of the jailed opposition leader surrogate to consciously voters rallied outside the prison where he's been held since may former u.s. president bill clinton will headline the 2nd day of the democratic convention an event being carried out virtually with concerns for public health of course because of coronavirus meanwhile your stammer kratz say they will press ahead with a bill to prevent changes to the u.s. postal service despite assurances that cost cutting plans are being suspended the
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postmaster general hopes had some changes following a public outcry about the potential impact on the presidential election president trump been warning of vote by mail fraud and last week he admitted blocking postal service funding that would allow it to do a good deal with a surge in ballots south korean authorities are trying to find hundreds of worshippers from a church at the center of a virus outbreak comes as new restrictions are placed on outdoor and indoor gatherings after a 3 digit daily rise in new cases for the 5th day of the 450 infections have been linked to the church whose members took part in a mass rally at the weekends and gaza's only power station has shut down threatening further electricity cuts for $2000000.00 palestinians israel close the border cutting off imports of diesel which fuels the station says in response to incendiary balloon launches and rocket fire up to date with the headlines day to land is next on al-jazeera.
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right now at this very moment artificial intelligence is trying to figure out exactly who you are. mimics our thoughts and emotions. analyzes ourselves to decode our genetic material. no task is beyond its capabilities ai is even learning to drive our cars for us. ai controls robots that work more efficiently for me to do.
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so where does this leave us in this new world of artificial minds. in the last 10 years we have developed an inseparable bond with our cell phones. smartphone capabilities are bolstered by artificial intelligence which serves our needs whilst keeping a watchful eye network operators record our movements to the nearest meter as some applications geotagged users every 60 seconds. surveillance cameras scrutinize our every move. a known entities siphon our data from public wi-fi networks sensors in the roads we drive on record our journeys.
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regulates traffic predicts the weather and records pollution levels. our frenzied online activity generates an avalanche of data. each minute we make 3300000 posts on facebook 3800000 searches through google and send 29000000 what's up messages. these torrents of data are stored in banks of servers all over the world in the era of big data your digital footprint is worth more by the day. in new. in paris 15000 participants spend thousands of
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euros to attend a trade show and big data. events like these are big business and you don't want to be the one missing out modern ai systems fed by colossal data sets are opening doors to lucrative opportunities. machine learning revolutionized development that is machines capable of teaching themselves without human input. over the last 5 years this technology has transformed ai research these algorithms are able to instantly identify objects placed in front of a camera but this ability to recognize as many potential applications. a purse based startup has developed new facial coding technology. this algorithm is
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capable of reading facial expressions which are so nuanced they may pass unnoticed to the human eye. the end point is commercial reactions are measured against different adverts to see which images are the most effective. and those that say there were only kill directors sort of get 20 posts on this was back to those johnny need to take a. look nose or go heat but. they're made to still get to set up from a super super worst song. to go on. their own get on the plane. and then a little more zone blocking country set in motion as what a shock is. but at least this. is you who are.
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on the move should or tourists like to emulate him so well i don't that's a valid reason to and. don't go. for you are proposing to do. but it was going for saddam it was critical. this algorithm is not limited to commercial applications. can also measure people's reactions to politicians it was tested in the last french presidential election cycle during a televised debate. over them all the not to take a break the news of a good movie. could be cost official could you and i print it out if he did a comedy dec usenet and a prison with. a depressing was all negative. look
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on the data the supposed. to michael but didn't when mass when he kept. it is just sit on the stuff. to make such an algorithm effective it must be fed millions of datapoints. the gods of the mega data world or the big 4 google amazon facebook and apple. we had a desire to see it in action. here google has built its largest research center dedicated to ai outside of us with 2000 contributors hailing from all over the world. google has always been excited about artificial intelligence and the use of mushing learning has increased rapidly in the recent years and it makes possible what was impossible just a few years ago. machines are learning in
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a different way from humans so you need to see a lot of examples to understand what they're seeing on a photograph for example if you are teaching at a computer to recognize a kathryn's image you need to show it's a lot of examples and. the system would try to take a guess it was a new pictures and every time it would make a mistake for example mislabel a dog for a cat it would the just the burma and there's a tiny bit and then after seeing probably a 1000000 off examples as a system food norm to differentiate between cats and dogs as well as people do. when you buy next making the next thing on your calendar is today at 1 pm it's called context. he leads a team developing a next gen voice command assistant a project very much in keeping with the ambitions of big companies. thanks to
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progress made with image and voice recognition the assistant can answer any questions a user could ask who printed this. riso was created by leonardo da vinci. translate this this might be right check out the translation. how many calories as it hath there are 95 calories in one medium apple. this virtual assistant slips into the heart of your home as a smart speaker. descent gets better the more you use it it both learns from the interactions more personalized to words my needs but also i can teach things to the assistant for
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example i can just say ok google my favorite team is barcelona. ok i'll remember that you said my favorite team is barcelona and now your system to remember and on from now on i can simply say my team when is my team is next game or things like that people do not need to learn how to interact with machines they can't just say you know you can just say hey you will order a taxi for me it makes the services and benefits are really to be abal about to all people ok google how's the traffic to my home. and your way home traffic is light as usual is 28 minutes by car ok will remind me to call mom when i get home sure i'll remind you on your phone when you get home when dad works out there really at the human level or that the same way that humans interact between themselves then then these types of technologies is available to everybody
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. i have an optimistic view on the future and i believe as a tremendous opportunities in artificial intelligence rest till in the early days of the field but we've seen that it can tackle some of the largest problems in the world. the dick knology has an ability to find patterns in complex data sets is that humans could never do alone so this has huge implications and the technology has an opportunity to help researchers in the different failed to tackle some of the most difficult problems in the fields of medicine transportation us. me and elsewhere. to transport to the stars the applications for this technology seem limitless. to find more concrete applications he had to a so called smart. on the way we noticed airports increasing reliance on ai systems
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to manage the flow of passengers. planes themselves will soon integrate systems to monitor weather patterns altitude and fuel levels in real time to adjust the flight path. managing the daily rhythm of life is a growing problem for urban centers. dublin ireland is proud to declare itself a smart city having but heavily on an investment in ai systems for logistics. the old docklands are now the smart docklands a model for future urban development. and we are at the silicon valley of europe in dublin you just look at the dock runs here you know some people call it the silicon docks and we've got world leading tech companies you know within 15 minute walk you've got google with 6000 employees you've got facebook you've got eric b. and b.
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all trading x. and value for the city and building great partnerships in relationships on our smart city program as well. as lots of big trends like big data internet of things machine learning artificial intelligence what you do is take that data back you know crace insights from that data on and in almost real time make decisions based on that data and we're seeing it across i suppose mobility and transport across waste across emergency responses and i think you know the true smart city is the city that actually can act on the data make better decisions and create better outcomes at the right time for its citizens. some applications are quaint like this more than that notifies the local services that it needs to be empty for. other uses are aimed at more complex problems like managing the flow of traffic in a town experiencing an economic surge the council has installed cameras and sensors
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across a number of key locations. they record the flow of pedestrians bikes. buses and cars. but how do they manage this huge flow of data. brendan o'brien runs the team responsible for traffic light operations. many towns use a similar system but here adjustments are made in real time based on the flow of traffic. every bus is equipped with sensors. every 20 seconds every single pulse reports tools for it is what it's doing what route is it on is it in congestion is it stopped on a full stop. we'll see the slowdown in both movements and that will actually operators here to the fact that those problems which the bosses are experiencing but that in turn means that all their traffic is experiencing as well. so what's happening this morning it looks a bit congested there and
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a few good yeah the data showing us actually suggested here this morning to 2 delays on this road here so that this should become it if you answer here any longer secure than of business and i just felt it of course to our system is self learning south calibrating system most of the time the system works the way in the background by itself and ultimately the system still requires some human input to manage effectively but there's another great technological leap forward on the horizon a piece of software that will predict problems before they arise. predict what's going to happen next you see all these vehicles coming in you know can we go for the next half an hour and say oh i think here will be congested here will be congestion unless we take some action that's kind of using all that information and using multiple data sources to really find a passion. find a pattern they can then see what to do next this is the authorities are sitting on
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an enormous pile of data but they don't have the means to fully utilize it. they have therefore joined in partnership with i.b.m. which opened a research station just outside the city in 2011. once that investment is made then you can do things like sensor rising entire road networks and actually collecting that data and then once you have it then you can actually start applying artificial intelligence to that data to make predictions to make suggestions as well. data scientists are the backbone of ai development they are constantly refining in analyzing a huge range of inputs to find hidden correlations among. datasets. i mean just a look that they took from various sources. the main challenge is that the data are very heterogeneous. each tells you
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a small part of the complete picture. it's very hard for us to tell you know what has happened so we may be able to detect that this road is blocked but the precise reason why that road is blocked is often obscure. often the solution lies in adding a new source of data. i.b.m. has begun integrating posts made on twitter to its algorithms data feed that twitter often allows you to associate geotagged tweets about an event such as there was in a concert $70000.00 people are leaving this area with the information that this whole area a seeing might slow or travel times than usual so this sort of in order to provide explanations that twitter is very useful. so a lot of artificial intelligence now i think is comes down to making predictions
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saying this is going to happen and then leaving it to the person to decide what to do about that as we go forward we'll see a lot more solutions. as opposed to just predictions many developers are hard at work creating programs that leverage predictive technology. so. this 10 is working on an ai assistant for drivers. you have the event detection in the video stream right yes so we have something for juice for the company and what we want to provide here is. a system that. information that's relevant to you in the context of this trip so the idea is essentially a companion that watches over you like a guardian angel that sees all your behaviors because this only some advise that's relevant for you.
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just detect if something. else field is there correct. yes. it should enter you see. is that ok can you explain to me why because the. best part. that would be great. the system can into it what the user needs without having to ask a direct question. as they talk coming from the car and from the driver it's like the car has been what trips i've taken in the past well in my head no but also a lot of data from the environment i'd like traffic situation weather situation
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maybe even data from social media all the publicly available data what's the camera in front of you so we just call it a good to be able to detect certain conditions of the driver and included disc conditions you know what i model and expand our he's communications strategist so i still really state of the driver so if you can detect that somebody has a lot on his or her mind it's the companion may use that information to be more correct if the situation. it's really for cost and not distracted. ai wants to be your best friend a friend that reads your emotions and counsels you guides you. and follows you. it seeks omnipotence but whether this will be for better or for worse remains to be
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seen. head north in search of the cutting edge of digitally enhanced medicine. finland was an early adopter of data driven health care. ai is becoming a key asset in providing treatment. he's general hospital the largest to begin with in developing an algorithm to efficiently process patients. marcus less can in was an early advocate of such research. his unit deals with premature births that weigh less than one and a half kilos whose lives lie in the balance. over 13. years.
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we have collected data for several years actually over the decade the money today the heart rate rate oxygen said to raise some blood laboratory values we are trying to develop all the gory things that could detect a different the d c c s. we have so far used sepsis. looking at us the immune systems of premature babies is very weak they are particularly at risk of contracting septicemia this infection can have serious repercussions on mental development and can lead to cognitive impairment. in 10 percent of cases they can even prove fatal in the beginning to compute the need to know whether the space and pepper sepsis or not so basically telling them that the ok these patients had sepsis these patients didn't have a sepsis asking computer to find what differentiates these 2 groups and then the computers trying to find there was so the message in a way learning by itself to detect sepsis.
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what we are hoping to do with mushing learning used to get the tool that would give the same kind of odd that i'm experienced doctor had. that also lists experienced doctors that ok now you should perhaps be worried about this baby and actually in this project we were able to detect 624 hours before doc to have some high speed sometimes we took our blood blood samples that confirmed the diagnosis. this advents detection system allows treatment to begin 24 hours earlier in a situation where time is a yes it's. data accumulated throughout a patient's life time is what forms big data in finland for the last 20 years this information has been stored in a centralized server. think he's general hospital wants to deploy to get the
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most out of this data and has launched some 30 pilot schemes. we call it all of the information from the patients from their electronic our health records from their imagine from their laboratory tests the amount of data nowadays is so shoots that there is no man can handle that so we need some help for that. artificial in interludes and would be the normal life for not only called researchers but also for the doctor and it would be a good tool for our hospital directors and. nursing staff so now it is time to use it. as health care becomes ever more technologically sophisticated the ambitious goal of predictive treatment moves closer to becoming a reality. history
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has called it the great war in the 2nd episode the declining ottoman empire forges its alliance with germany and the central powers as the war gives birth to 3 nationalist movements the will determine the future world war one through our eyes on al-jazeera. when a mining company struck gold the local community was promised it glittering future . but their dreams quickly tiniest. their farmland
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decimated and their pride assaulted the mind seem closed now the impoverished community are left sachin for on says no gold for casaca witness on al-jazeera. part 2 of data line is coming up in a moment but 1st a check on the headlines and mollie's president abraham burke arcades or has resigned and dissolved parliament just hours after mutinying soldiers detained him and top members of his government. no blood to be spilled to keep me in power and that's why i would like to think the 1000000 people for their warmth i am telling you know it i'm resigning from my position as the president and all my other positions and i announced the dissolution of the
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assembly and the government the current leading to his resignation sparked widespread international reaction the west african regional bloc eco are sold in the closure of borders with mali the african union and the e.u. condemned the action and the un security council called for an emergency meeting of a un back to court has convicted a member of the armed group hezbollah for the 2005 assassination of lebanon's former prime minister rafik hariri. was one of 4 suspects tried in absentia the other 3 were acquitted the government better reeses admitted some police officers have resigned as pressure grows on president alexander lukashenko to step down more workers have walked out on strike because demonstrators held a 10th straight day of protests they say last week's presidential election was rigged on the birthday of the jailed opposition leader surrogate to kind of ski orders rallied outside the prison where he has been held since may years democrats
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say they will press ahead with a bill to prevent changes to the u.s. postal service despite reassurances that cost cutting plans are being suspended the postmaster general halted some changes following a public outcry about the potential impact on the presidential election president trump had been warning of vote by mail fraud last week even admitted blocking postal service funding that would allow it to deal with a surge in ballots. the south korean authorities are trying to find hundreds of worshippers from a church at the center of a virus outbreak new restrictions are also being placed on gatherings 33 digit daily rise in cases for a 5th day these $450.00 infections have been linked to the church and gaza's only power stations been shut down threatening further electricity cuts for $2000000.00 palestinians israel close the border cutting off imports of diesel which fills the station in response to incendiary balloon launches and rocket fire headlines more
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news in about 25 minutes.
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10 years we have developed an inseparable bond with our cellphones. smartphone capabilities are bolstered by artificial intelligence which serves our needs whilst keeping a watchful eye. unknown entities siphon our data from public wi-fi networks. our frenzied online activity generates an avalanche of data. these torrents of data are stored in banks of servers all over the world in the era of big data your digital footprint is worth more by the day.
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welcome to shands than 90 percent of consumer electronics sold worldwide are produced in this city. smartphones tablets and video game console z. are all manufactured by the bucket load. all of the u.s. tech giants produce their goods here and this colossal workshop. boutique electronics are symbols and packaged alongside their bargain basement imitators. the city center boasts a gigantic electronics bazaar which offers such a huge selection of goods that this group of visiting swiss students don't even know where to begin so where to go to which of it you see those are going to go most of what i do. on elmer share. me which of the editor you can get it was see today if. the students are studying electronics design or project management. for them and is proving
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a bigger draw in silicon valley. back in switzerland they worked on developing a number of projects and they worked on adopting them to the realities of the chinese market you know today can exist you know pollution here put are going to kill is awful i don't want to also one day is awful. it's going to point to us someplace she didn't want to see books when most of us t.v. is just some. it was to. be. here they work in a maker space startups digitally focused work space. technology is their bread and butter. this engineer has come from jordan to market his invention a pocket spectrometer.
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to me. he's real. yeah you should be for the county to feel. just like one get to the device like this and here are your cute nice bite from information about tomato so you can see how much garbage brought in fiber inside this tomato and the most important what is the freshness for this so that's why it's very useful for people. you know it's to the us it's like the same growth and used by china to identify faces by getting one face to face is i own 1000000 or so that's how we use the parenting and i just picked on he says. in china it's all about economies of scale. with 1400000000 inhabitants over half of which have smartphones china is the home of big data.
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the whole country is investing in artificial intelligence china is no longer satisfied with imitating its competitors. it is looking to take on the u.s. for 1st place in the race for global technological supremacy. with a balance sheet worth $40000000000.00 the ali baba group is an online retail giant dubbed the chinese. 0. 0. 00 is investing $15000000000.00 in research facilities in china but also in the us russia and israel. is very important for the company to you invest and to evolve to take on all of. the artificial intelligence you see is going to be difficult for the company not only for about biasing for many many companies. so
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we invest a lot to help costumers to improve the experience he's. like the look of this dress with one click ali baba offers a myriad of similar options it takes mere seconds to review millions of items listed on its website. so basically to take knowledge and to recognize what he's into picture and a word to predominate is we know where to provide these and then in doing extract features and then we compare a we or the product we have and then send back the same or scene over. to our customers. the chinese are now even more dependent on their smartphones than western countries . host of vital services are centralized within
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a few online platforms like the widely popular we chat which boasts 1000000000 monthly users. so you. should go on the. show you know. some of the way. through. your floor.
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so. you. can you share what she share with us and what you're doing we are. hiding out of it all the. way through the. consumers can't get enough and show little concern for their own privacy. all the better for ambitious corporations who strive to understand and adapt to consumer behavior. this firm is specialized in processing data from smart phones the numbers are dizzying 731000000 users are scanned every month. towns are put under the microscope. this is harbin home to 10000000 people.
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this graphic shows the flow of commuters block by block. but data collected from smart phones can tell us so much more about an individual's behavioral patterns. because. they. want to know maybe if they are running maybe if they are walking like imo if the location is and. so will make. shopping. in the pot maybe they are relaxed and if it's often. maybe i'm busy so we use data to do some inferences based on the date of our collective. profiling in this way greatly enhances the potential for targeted advertising but it doesn't stop there. fighting i'm a young mom with them bake is. a company in china if they want to work.
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so they kind of circle. the based on what the data we are collected the. use of come to the area come match of the current us if that 2 groups of people. maybe i would place. the amount of data transmitted by cell phones is. constantly on the rise thanks to an ever increasing number of. financial is a subsidiary of retail giant. the company has developed software that assesses damages after a car accident. the app finds and assesses the damages in the blink of an eye. the new report is sent to your insurer with the click of a button. also calculates how the claim will affect your premiums then it selects
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local gratias to carry out the repairs it saves the customer time while saving the insurer money since the op can detect inconsistency and flag potentially fraudulent claims. normally that will be 10 to 20 percent operational cost and cost of fraud case so once will always solve this problem the usual conflict can be trying each year. the algorithms being developed by financial can also offer fast and convenient credit services. this scooter vendor has just taken out a loan to renovate his store front and purchased mistah. teaching houses. on how you're going to.
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turn to shoot a new suit and tie the knot you could be 5 with a 3 year touch entire day war now it's here on bozo i thought she fell and. now it's going to push you off to do it with you directly. in a few moments the app evaluates his profile and accept his application. order or in. our case and i will of our daughter who was on our shame. hour that she just said. i just came to hold our day we had to go to her this was going to your. knowledge of a prince you. i can see in silver with i mean. that is why this is worth. this app is aimed at the millions of chinese who live without a bank account by offering them
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a chance to borrow on credit. behind this express financial services system is a complex mash of algorithms. it scans all given data on a client to build the predictive model that evaluates the liquidity of any given startup entrepreneur believe me a woman do you hear that if you leave home for the aga eagleton. truth serum food. and order to go. i'll show you who the police edition way are. you see. the holiday season see well me how do you. know that he shoots you. john that you go through there you see see how you would see to do today only that you will. do.
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she knew whole who will meet. with them to create a pin to talk you cheated on him. these kinds of systems exist also in every day payment apps such as alley pay. these algorithms not only measure your ability to pay back money borrowed but also integrate your consumer habits into their ratings so. how. how we're going to. show. you how to go. where your way to go. to one of the syringe she's your. opinion when you assume. she wants you.
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to achieve it and i'll do you go. so you go to haunt us. this app allows you to judge others based on their credit score a once private piece of information turned public a new social evaluation tool. many companies are developing such algorithms which assess citizens on a pick criteria a development roundly denounced by this economics professor in beijing. if your got away early law school let me say your piece i could cruet from many services many internet bitterness and even into real life you are a big crude from many posts to be denise opportunities and also even it's hard for you. at daily life because sometimes if some people think
4:49 am
you are not sky high ranking system they sink or you are not a good friend also you some dating website they also pay you you'll see them acquitted score. people and the fleas so i went to law school we are sinking and not a label you a new field date we see you. finance apps aren't the only one scanning personal data public life is under constant scrutiny by video surveillance. china is home to 200000000 security cameras often equipped with facial recognition technology. this intersection in jenn's and is one example of its
4:50 am
applications of just your. daily. fix it. i mean it was going to be. something he's not going. to go well no more logically that i. feel you're going to songs that i mean you can't say i'm going to north sea just as you're just little invested in it you know you don't us. this installation is a tool for social control. as soon as a pedestrian crosses on a red light the camera picks up their image and searches the state's databases for an id match. in a matter of seconds the name and photo of the offender is displayed for all to see on a giant screen. facial recognition technology relies on a mass of data collected by the authorities on each citizen.
4:51 am
the transition to the digital age has been a goldmine for developing algorithms that work alongside smart cameras as the state partners with the private sector. the chinese government holds a lot of big data faces for example all the personal data. so they would love to be involved into these the development of ai by offering those speak to work with staffs like us. so this is a system that we developed. for the police department we have a camera in the glass to fund people in the crawl out so if you are in the database freezone poll your defs or seeing people like the missing children
4:52 am
if you show up. the machine will shake would remind you that you're following the people in the database all about them in our cameras can also be taught to analyze a person's movement patterns allowing them to identify suspicious body language. believe it or. the. old the public area system or understand some certain patterns for example people start to run or people start to fight and the cameral. can work together and the son can work together if the system figure out to detect any special for example gunshots or people yelling for help then the system will automatically turn the camera into the direction of the sun
4:53 am
so that the system will know what is the accident or is it in any. children with a horse and they don't know the whole city the system would become like a gate in the game whatever you do you are recorded and the system understands whether you are doing so in the future the city will understand the people's behavior even the crime. it's will be stopped in the real time rather than afterwords. total digital surveillance is no longer a hypothetical relegated to the pages of science fiction thrillers. the chinese government has announced the implementation of
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a so-called social credit for 2020 each and every citizen will receive a score based on data derived from their behavior and habits. to find out more we spoke to a rare dissenting voice. this renowned historian resigned 20 years ago from the social sciences academy. you know of that i. go in the show hall. while hall was in the. hall they. say. well if i. did me any good we'll yeah ok polly and i could. just. show because i had to go on our shores are you to help they don't try to
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time i assure no one listens that call that a shooter. are dark you can file quite a show called the shanty you know and have a one time korea tortious out of the whole truth of the show so. social credit will integrate your online behavior and social media presence. if your friends the sites you visit or the content you share are deemed non-conformist your score will decrease allow your score to fall too low and you could be denied rental accommodation a bank loan or a job interview even long distance travel will be curtailed. jr you go. to. your wouldn't you there and that's i mean i know what. a. cool soil there.
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because she will go and say oh. i knew he had. ordered. well know she'll she'll drive for a loud thump on. the shoes and show the whole 10 but also called into the change the sheer. sad melchior that's usually the show called i mean it's a macabre. swan tried. to draw water a tree i mean school tongue until railway cho for the chair idea of trying to acquire. our tom mintier sure you kind of phones home. and say your wow what a shot is to ensure a court and chutney child would channelized sound to what i want to show i have to tell mom. is it ignorance or indifference that has kept many chinese in the dark
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regarding this sinister new development in state surveillance. either way one can't help a sense of foreboding when confronted by the full spectrum of potential in mankind's ambitions for the future of big data. how it is still hot in california still hot in all the west and south of the u.s. will inject even more issues there are
4:58 am
a few more showers around and they will start a valid as you see in the forecast but the plain states are remarkably free of building storms that's a pleasant change still in the southeast and up towards maryland the chances are to be humid and feel that way and you get showers build out of that than the pacific coast breezes a northerlies we keep in san francisco down to about $26.00 is hardly unusual but there is something revolving on the coast of western canada that will bring rains fast south of seattle otherwise we seem to change see just on the bottom here genevieve creeping up that's a hurricane will stay offshore on the western side of mexico there it is and it will affect swell wise probably the pacific coast of mexico and baja california but it doesn't really affect what's happening elsewhere there's an increase in the showers now all the way from florida to answered cuba towards the yucatan so any way you live or are visiting in this part of world. maybe the exception is for example haiti looking quite dry just for the time being the same is true in
4:59 am
southern chile santiago having seen the snow come in now see the sun replace it. in 2008. documented a groundbreaking. and some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. we returned to see other students and the scheme helping change the face of india. super 30 announces era. when a mining company struck gold the local community was promised a glittering future. but their dreams quickly tarnished.
5:00 am
their farmland decimated and their pride assaulted the mind soon closed down the impoverished community and left searching for answers no gold for cal sacca witness an al-jazeera. to. molly's president announces his resignation on state television hours after soldiers detained him and the prime minister recruit. them to harbor on kemal sun the memory of this is the world news from al-jazeera has well our members been found guilty over the 2005 killing of lebanon's former leader rafik hariri the 1st terrorism trial by an international corpse. was.
5:01 am
piling on the pressure in belarus more factory workers.


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