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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 19, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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this is al jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter darby you're watching the news live from our global headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the european union draws up sanctions against those responsible for a crackdown in belarus following disputed election. the people. took. to the streets. and the authorities answered with violence and this cannot be accepted. west african nations isolate mali after soldiers remove the president
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government in a coup. flooding in southwestern china forces hundreds of thousands from their homes at the. world heritage site. also ahead how the us vice presidential candidate heritage is becoming a strength for her campaign and a target for opponents. and sport inspiring munich are taking young lady all for a place in the champions league final but winners will pave p.s.g. in european club football's biggest match. the european union says it rejects the results of the disputed elections in belarus that have kept the president alexander lukashenko in power and after an emergency virtual summit the e.u. has also announced targeted sanctions against those it deems responsible for
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brutally suppressing protests against the question because landslide victory. today here we gave them 3 clear messages. firstly we stand by the people of belarus who won fundamental freedoms and democracy. secondly we will sanction all those responsible for violence repression and force if occasion of the results of the election and thirdly we are ready to accompany peaceful democratic transition of power and bellows well earlier the woman who challenge lucas schenker in the election reached out to. them to support a transition of power mr has lost all the legitimacy in the eyes of our nation and the wall on this off year all i call in
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here to support the. well look because longtime allies in moscow say they see no reason for mediation to solve the crisis but even the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov says the election could have been run better and despite mounting international pressure president lukashenko is defiant ordering a new crackdown on demonstrators here correspondents will speak tonight in baba shortly 1st let's go live to minsk with our correspondent there step vasant so step mr lucas schenker clearly feels there's more to play for yet. absolutely and that's really filed here on the streets in minsk today a complete turnaround from just 24 hours ago when the 1st a further euphoric crowds who are still occupying the streets here waving the opposition flag sort of celebrating
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a new kind of freedom that they had found well nothing is left today it's so quiet it's an eerie quiet i would say there was supposed to be a protest here at the interior ministry well if you can see behind me there's no police in control protesters are staying away because the president has threatened with a not a crackdown he has instructed his ministries to track down also those who have been organizing these protests so there's a lot of fear for repercussions here of course it was a difficult moment for the opposition and also their supporters who came out in full force in the last couple of days to know how weak or how strong they look at shanker regime still was their worst song defection or some prominent people have defected from his government but now he's going to show and he is showing to the people here in belarus that he is still in charge and that's what he's trying to do also today a remarkable statement from an employee of state television here saying that she
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wasn't allowed to go into the building because she. helping and joining this strike and she said she has now been replaced and also other colleagues with the russian professional so there's also this speculation and also this fear here that moscow is getting increasingly involved on the protesters ready for another series of demonstrations of face-off with mr look at some point perhaps not today maybe tomorrow or the day after that. well there not sort of regrouping out i suppose today is an important day for the opposition because they have installed a coalition council which is supposed to a former a transitional government this is something that has angered president look at particularly has called these people are committing a coup d'etat and he has also announced that he will take strong measures against them so everyone is sort of holding their breath here in minsk what is going to
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happen to these people and we are waiting to hear from them and next hour or so what the next steps of the opposition will be ok steph we'll come back to you if there are any developments in the meantime thank you very much not in barbara tracking the european angle on this and also of course the russian angle he's in the shot for us in london what's your reading of what the e.u. has said today. well peter i think it's possible to say that they have been very united and very tough in their pronouncements but limited deliberately limited in what action they've announced now you heard from a sort of underlying already and similarly chairing that virtual meeting of the you leaders the head of the e.u. council shell michele said we stand firmly behind the right of better russian people to determine their own fate the e.u. will impose shortly sanctions on a substantial number of individuals responsible for violence repression and
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electoral fraud angela merkel the german chancellor after the meeting ended said the election was neither free nor fair that's a commonly held view around the u. and that's why she said the result of the election cannot be recognized but in terms of steps apart from shortly we assume announcing which individuals will be placed under those sanctions the only real announcement was that there would be 53000000 euros for belarus from the e.u. funds most of that covered 19 recovery but around 3 and a half $1000000.00 worth going to support independent media and civil society groups in belarus as well as what they called what you have on the low end called victims of state violence after after that election was held so you'll see that although they're saying that we must act they're continuing to say that they hope
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that russia can impress on president alexander look at in belarus the need for dialogue with the opposition and they're very much concerned to stress the importance of russia in what happens in belarus going forward but if we take the comments from the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov at face value it seems that the kremlin wants to maintain a big sense of distance but not to be completely disconnected from what's going on in belarus. that's right apart from statements from the kremlin saying that there is no need for outside involvement they have strongly rejected what they call meddling so a gay lover of the russian foreign minister on wednesday said that the e.u. leaders statements were driven by geopolitics and that basically he said very best ours was being driven by their own interests rather than the interests of the country of bellerose he did say interestingly that he thought the election could
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have been run better and that he hoped that the opposition in belarus could enter into dialogue with the ruling powers there but he said that really what happens now is nobody else's business that's true. but. we are concerned with the attempts from the outside to use the internal difficulties in bill reuss which the people and the leadership are facing in order to meddle in these events they're imposing rules on belorussians which external players only see as beneficial for themselves. so after the talks broke up in fact we've heard from alexander lukashenko about how he plans to go after the protesters and people who've been on strike now there was there were reports of a secret service his plane arriving from russia earlier on wednesday it makes it likely or at least possible that the gresham government for the time being is
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saying to look we are going to back you up we're certainly not going to call for new elections let alone talk about who will be replacing you so lots of fear is you're hearing from step on the streets given those are warnings about what will happen to protesters from alexander lukashenko for the moment russia say we're not involved we're not meddling but behind the scenes that they certainly are talking to people in minsk ok nadeem thanks for that nadine barber our correspondent there in london covering the european angle of what's been talked about in brussels today in relation to bellow let's bring in and stay with the story carol lam whose chief executive at the center for european policy studies he joins us from brussels carol welcome back to the news hour is it now a question of not if but when alexander lukashenko falls from grace. you know nobody taught us yesterday but today we've seen as
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a chorus problems worse a situation house i mean mr strange just changed the again and on top of that we don't know what russia exactly is doing i mean all of russia well didn't think senator had it covered where he liked it don't you claim but it concerns apples so we should be extremely concerned but i personally find it's very group and your brain down still met today that they met only den days after elections and had very united states months don't forget that the prime minister of australia was probably as the prime minister rates were good friends or seemed to be friends but look at central met him not so long ago shaw we have you not the statement he and the us clearly set the elections were not free not fair the ones who stand by the you know russian people you want to support them and as you heard some of my actions on the lane has come up with song elements which you have to support which the you're going to give but you also need to realise for how to beat european investment bank recently on the end of july 8th you know that. brain line between an energy
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infrastructure between illegally and dilution so there are many different ways you can react ok talking about reaction and talking about the russian component here did the e.u. deliberately stop short of going as far as it might have gone because if they went too far that might have raised eyebrows with vladimir putin and then he might of in his world justifiably decided to get involved and if he gets involved with boots on the ground that takes it into a whole different area. and you don't think the us spending all concerned about this i'm very well aware that the stakes are possible remember only a year ago i think did not mean that there was a change of government and also the us and not tried to bet on both sides trying to keep these clips and at the same time support a new government and a media that you can do something similar however i mean the clear reference to the sanctions i brought channel michelle and the lady in was very clear that they have
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put in the list ready so i found it already fairly strict so on day may already be upset think they were doing it today but they have to take it you know and you mention the opposition leader how he get mark asking for help from european leaders all the baltic countries lithuania latvia estonia they are calling for a rerun of the election and they want it immediately how likely is that i think it's very difficult to say now is it everything will happen or what will happen the days inn. but also the pressure to reach that you can exercise on the contracts on the land also land less it is not a process that the organization for security and cooperation in europe there are all that will need it will try to explore but i think most of that info has to offer on the russian people and if there are some sort of the nazis i think from the current government and in order to shut that took the balance much more towards change i would imagine why has mr lucas decided to behave in this way his
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supporters and people who say he's a force for good ok there's not apparently that many of them in belarus at the moment they say look he spent his tenure as president actually tilting and facing russia and then 2 years later he's facing the european union so he could in theory go one way or the other but clearly based on his behavior and what he's decided to do since the election that must be highly improbable. i think he's simply a function of power and he's doing whatever he wants to stay into power we also know that i think him all the mayhew but that's his. to do mate and must show if he's trying to keep friends but the difference to stay in power but that's why i mean these are statements from that you have today is extremely important to say he may try to do this but if you cannot have say there are elections and if you have to be a fraud and that was that all these brutalities the chief seen on television i think
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you must go ok we have to leave the car alone or there in brussels thank you very much thank you. still to come on this program anger grows in the palestinian territories against the israel u.a.e. deal crowds demands it as a step in the back. no money left for you and sounds the alarm about critical funding shortfall for us operations in yemen. and in the sports news the 4 time sort of france champion who won't be getting the chance to win the title this year is here with that story in about 30 minutes. let's go to mali now where military leaders say they will help the country move to a new government and prepare for fresh elections the announcement was made hours after president abraham book akita was forced to step down the west african regional bloc echo os has condemned the coup the un security council is expected to
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meet later as child stratford. soldiers guard the residence of mali's president ibrahim babangida kater in the capital bamako. prime minister bruce a say detained here and choose day as rumors of a coup spread president cater appeared on state television announcing his resignation goodness would goo goos no blood to this bill to keep me in power and that's why i would like to think a 1000000 people for their warmth i am telling you now that i'm resigning from my position as the president and all my other positions and i announced the dissolution of the assembly and the government. was the african bloc ecowas responded forcefully to the coup isolating mali through border closures suspending financial flows and called for sanctions against coup organizers and their supporters. speaking on state television coup leaders say they are acting in the country's best interest money in 1000000 people of mali we are not holding on to
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power but we are holding on to the stability of the country which will allow us to organize within an agreed reasonable timeframe general elections to equip mali with strong institutions which are able to better manage our everyday lives and restore confidence between the government and the government. many millions welcomed the coup crowds frustrated with the president and his government spurred the soldiers on some ransacked and burned government offices. we have come out today to call for the total resignation of president cater because we heard there were shots fired by the military and we come up to help our soldiers get rid of the president. we are tired the country is paralyzed and i do not want this government out of. the soldiers began living to me at a base on the outskirts of bamako the same base that sword 2012 uprising would open the way to katie's presidency heavily armed troops to siena schools in a vehicle believed to be carrying the president. we're very happy because this is
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a liberation for the people of mali all of these people waiting for this day all of mali's people waiting for the president and his men to allow us to breathe. cater has faced weeks of opposition protests calling for his departure of the disputed parliamentary elections earlier this year much of the country is already outside the control of the government has struggled to contain an armed insurgency that's claimed thousands of lives for al-jazeera. ok let's drill down into the mali a narrative over the past few years it struggled for stability since its independence from france in 1960 when it became a one party socialist state under president depot keita he was ousted in a coup within 8 years by a live tenant try already who himself. was pushed from power by the military in 1901 multi-party polls were held one year later making alpha canady molly's 1st
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democratically elected president but the elections in 2001 by amador toumani toure they were marred by allegations of widespread fraud he was forced out in a coup in 2012 that same year rebels seized control of northern mali and declared their own states with other armed groups and french military intervention in 2013 helped recapture major towns but ongoing violence and instability would eventually be a major factor in the coup against the most recent president you know his name by now abraham kita sawyer is a member of the strategic committee of the opposition coalition known as the m 5 r f p he says the coup leaders will have to honor their promises to hold the election at this point so i don't think they have a choice you know he spoke about a movement that started a few months ago and for about 2 months now been out every 2 weeks asking for the president who is on the menu the regime and so it would time out there are tens of
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thousands of people on the streets i'm not sure immunity the people who are not on it's again yesterday in there. it invited us to join join them what does that mean you know we have our own ideas about how things should be run so it's too early for us to sit with. there was or not but i can go to you that we might just like what we just want you to make sure that we're t.v. and bad governance would be a thing governments should. in nigeria the armed group has launched an attack on coco our town that's in the states a borne of borno state there are reports of kidnapping looting and arson let's talk to al-jazeera correspondent matt address who's following that story from blue joe what else do we know that. well the attackers came in more than 20 vehicles according to witnesses they launched the attack targeted specifically for the government buildings and a few homes belonging to people associated with government they looted mainly for
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starve an animal's cattle and sheep and goats before retreating some reports suggest that locals are talking about abductions as many as. more than 12 people have been kidnapped by the fighters many of them women of course before they left town although this information has neither been confirmed by the military authorities or the civilian authorities but. it was recently repopulated by residents who for you many years have been living in internally displaced persons camps involve lost faith in my degree and other towns that were considered safe until their return some weeks ago now this is a coming at a time when the government in burma state is trying to move more and more internally displaced persons back to their communities to start rebuilding their lives and to start to take advantage of the rains to start agriculture restart
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agricultural production so does that mean that the people who staged this are the people responsible for it are they against the movements of people or are they for the movements of people. well basically it could be it could be against the movement of people book or i would like to keep us many people as they can around them 1st of all not if not for strategic military purpose at least to indoctrinate more to recruit more fighters from that community but the populace of it all is that what i'm taking beatings from military forces in the region child nigeria can rule out all launched. coordinated attacks on our own book or on fight is an islamic state in west africa province formations in the north east and intellect at region a lot of book or of fighters were killed some of them have moved away from that
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area i mean gage and other banditry activities in northwest nigeria as some reports suggest so basically it's more like the armed men maybe boko haram fighters who still would want communities to come back to their whims not for any at least for the strategic military. position they hold and then they can also use them us human shields to protect them from severe military air strikes you know the military the nigerian air force and regional governments have stepped up rates on bottom positions during the rainy season where because it's more difficult for heavily heavy military infrastructure or military vehicles to move into such an air is because of the muchly nature of those areas ok many things i meant it was the reporting live for the news from. hundreds of palestinians in the gaza strip of again protested against the u.a.e. normalizing relations with israel the 2 countries agreed to normalize ties under a u.s. brokered deal how months which controls gaza accuses the u.a.e.
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of stabbing palestinians in the back. crowds in the occupied west bank are back protesting against the deal as well the 2 rival palestinian groups hamas and fatah have also shown a rare united front holding a joint rally to 0 is needed for him is there. this is the 1st translation of the joint work both that and hamas vowed to do again that is really expected in an exaggeration hundreds of public gathered here in response to an invitation by be a loews national an islamic faction against an exemption and the u.a.e. has a plan to normalize with israel on tuesday but those amassing an islamic jihad holy there is an attendant the leadership meeting in which the message was clear no one has the right to speak on behalf of the palestinian people and that the p.l.o. is the saw at legitimate representative of the palestinian people said this is
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a message of unity if you had a real junction most of the you ease deal of the united nations says its ability to tackle the world's worst humanitarian crisis in yemen has been badly hit by a lack of funding and says the shortfall has forced it to close or cut back half of its major aid programs they include efforts to prevent large scale famine and fight an epidemic of cholera an aid conference in june raised just half of the $2400000000.00 required to cover operations until the end of this year the libyan warlord only for half that has lifted a blockade on oil production but will the u.n. recognize government to resume exports for the 1st time in several months from misrata monic trainer explains. on tuesday night the head of the petroleum facility guards under house arrest forces said that they will reopen the oil the oil closures will have to forces have been carried out since january according to the national oil corporation here in libya that has resulted in
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a financial loss of over $8000000000.00 to the government now oil is the is the primary source of income to the government here that's how they pay the salaries for government employees and that's how they subsidize goods so it's really important to the libyan economy also the oil closures that have have caused a lot of a lack of electricity or a lack of supply to the power stations of the national or corporation says that the power cuts are a result of the lack of gas and diesel go. feeding the power stations so so whether or not this is a permanent reopening of the oil is yet to be seen house or forces have in the past opened the oil but then again soon after close they put in conditions such as that the the revenue coming into libya will will go into
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a foreign account that that will that will be divided into both governments but whether or not this is a permanent reopening of oil is yet to be seen now when we come back we'll cover these stories for you the man's take on donald trump joe biden is formally confirmed as the democratic nominee and the race for the white house in november and how business is in the philippines a closing at recall great speakers of a government locked up. and in sport barcelona turned to a club legend in a bid to revive the team's fortunes. but. really quite across a good part of the middle east at the moment a clear skies lots of easy sunshine a little more the way cloud down towards the south as per usual can see
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a little bit of drizzly rain southern parts of oman maybe into the southeast of your way see a little more clear out here before many it is going to be fine and dry light winds so not so bad 41 celsius here in doha might be a little on the humid side certainly by day and in the early part of the morning somewhere so whether you notice up to was a caucasus just around armenia azerbaijan pushing across into georgia some heavy rice and a possibility with the risk of some flooding some heavy rain across ca 30 pm highlands pushing down into little parts of uganda kenya still seeing some showers we're seeing the showers now starting to slip a little further southwards over the next day or 2 so a good part of the democratic republic of congo will see some showers or longer spells of fright as we go on into friday that is certainly the case some heavy downpours a possibility at this stage just if you want to show showers to ensue mozambique maybe into the northeast of south africa scattering of showers around madagascar
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but elsewhere across razan it is laci dry warming up a touch in cape town. but . they come in. search of one to provide a better life for the families they've left behind. but then again labor is vital to release food industry. they risk exploitation by corporations and crime. trapped in a system with little hope of escape people in power investigate. snakes on al-jazeera. i've worked at al-jazeera english since its launch as a principal presenter and as a correspondent with any breaking news story we want to hear from those people who would normally not get their voices heard on an international news channel one moment i'll be very proud all was when we covered the poll earthquake of 2050
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a terrible natural disaster and the story that needed to be told from the heart of the affected area to be then to tell the people story was very important at the time. welcome back you're watching the al-jazeera news our live from a headquarters here in your top stories the european union today rejected the reelection of president alexander lukashenko in belarus saying the vote wasn't free or fair it's also sanctioning those it deems responsible for cracking down on protests against the result crowds of palestinians in gaza and the occupied west bank are again protesting against the u.a.e.
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normalizing relations with israel rival groups hamas and fatah are holding joint rallies. and coup leaders in mali have pledged to hold new elections after ousting president. a delegation of west african leaders is expected to arrive there in the coming hours following an international outcry. the bloomberg news agency is reporting that a twitter breach 5 years ago is connected to the arrests of several saudi nationals who were critical of the kingdom's government to twitter employees allegedly hacked thousands of accounts whilst acting as spies for saudi arabia information was then reportedly used to heris or arrest critical voices let's talk now to mark owen jones he's a system professor of middle eastern digital humanities at the home i'd been highly for university he joins us from great to have you on the program again is this more than just circumstantial evidence because people seem to be putting together the hack with the timing and saying are those people were responsible. yes i think it's
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more than circumstantial evidence but 1st i'd like to say that in cases like this where we are dealing with an author terry and a highly and a government that lacks any sort of transparency circumstantial evidence is actually very important the timing is crucial but we know there's at least one of the incidences here that of abdominals that han who is arrested in his office in 2018 in saudi and hasn't been since seen since his sister believes that. she has received information that would suggest that he is his twitter account was one of the breaches so it's very likely that if that was the case the saudi authorities are in keeping tabs on his twitter account and waiting for that moment to pounce and arrest him is it possible to break done what the authorities did what the government or all the did with the dates how the utilized it and what they might have done with the dates of presumably they kept it yes i mean this is one of the actually the most egregious things about this case we know that one of the saudis
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who fled back to saudi arabia during his time it's what so if subsequently after resigning accessed the database from saudi arabia in theory allowing him to download reams of private data from that's with his headquarters to somewhere in saudi arabia and we don't know that for sure but it's a very likely scenario but we know that the information available to the spies was essentially ip data and personal information about anonymous accounts that could be then used to actually reveal the real identity of government critics within saudi arabia and also abroad so it's not just dissidents in saudi that are at risk to it it was hacked just last month is it as secure now given what happened last month and given what you and i are talking about now is it as secure as it can be. no i think there was a lot of question marks about the security of twitter. the incidents that we're talking about now is particularly egregious because this breach could have resulted
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in the extrajudicial killing torture and arrest of human beings within saudi arabia i think the recent attack goes to show that there's a lot we do not know about to it's security this lack of transparency is very troubling because we don't actually know how our data is being treated by these companies that we give it to does that mean that if one falls into the crosshairs all of somebody who wants to state spy or spy for a state or if the state wants to spy on you twits and your twitter account it's an easy ideal target for them. it's absolutely possible i think if you are the targets of any particular state if you're an activist criticizing a specific government then it's very possible that they the government or people acting on behalf of that government will be trying to access your social media data and start to shift ways in order to determine who you are where you might be and any communications you might be having and that's
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a crucial thing if they can access your direct messages they can see that you're speaking to so it's no longer just about you it's about who you're connected to which is terrifying did specifically push back against saudi arabia to do with this hack. and they we don't know what twitter have done one of the most alarming things about the hack is that jack dorsey which is to its c.e.o. mohammed bin some men at least twice after. the saudi spies infiltrated twitter so i think we need to ask ourselves why is the c.e.o. of twits at meeting with mohammed bin selma and after this is taking place is he reprimanding him chances are that's not likely so i think we have to ask questions about this relationship ok we have to leave it there mark thank you very much mark owen jones here in don't you. the iraqi prime minister is on his 1st official visit to the u.s. to discuss the future of around 5000 u.s. troops based in iraq donald trump is expected to welcome
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a stop to me on thursday he's pushing for continued u.s. assistance to combat the threat from isis or fighters but some iraqi m.p.'s want fewer u.s. troops stationed there a judge in lebanon has ordered several more arrests over the explosion on august the 4th in beirut more than $200.00 people were killed in large parts of the city were actually destroyed or damaged $25.00 people in total facing charges there are calls for more accountability is in order. inconsolable the families of firefighters killed in the port explosion say their goodbyes. they were among the 1st responders as the disaster unfolded 2 weeks there are still more questions than answers on what caused the blast that destroyed lives and many areas of the lebanese capital which aren't most when they arrived they saw the whole of the smoke and they thought they needed more help from the fire department they called the operation room again and told them we need backup. before the biggest blast
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firefighters were pictured trying to enter a burning warehouse. they weren't warned about the thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate. initial investigations so just maintenance work could have triggered several explosions before the massive one. it's emerged that everyone at the highest levels of government including the president were aware that the chemicals were stored in the warehouse for years without proper safety precautions journalists such as riyadh could basically who have been physically attacked over the years for investigating corruption of beirut port have documents that show years of in action and negligence failed to dispose of the explosive chemicals my experience while you. say their cause they didn't see any danger and they only. want $1500000.00 these are appointed by a mafia has elected to be
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a democratic force the state is weak and its institutions are controlled by political parties who have been in power for decades the case is now in the hands of the judiciary to determine where the ammonium nitrate came from who shipped it and who was responsible for handling and securing it police have sealed off the area around warehouse 12 investigators are at the site of the blast which has come to symbolize the decades of corruption and mismanagement plaguing the country's institutions the caretaker prime minister has. who resigned under public pressure following the explosion didn't mince his words when he said corruption is bigger than the state french an f.b.i. agents are helping forensic teams but the lebanese government is refusing an international investigation many lebanese have little faith in a judiciary that is appointed by politicians in your investigative judge was. it was a search or worse 1st choice exclude the ones you hired. just
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because they are deemed unstoppable and. because i didn't abandon that's done little to calm public anger many fear those responsible will get away with the crime lebanon's leaders who 1st promised a swift and transparent investigation are now saying it's complex and may take time . beirut. joe biden is the official democratic nominee to take on donald trump in november's presidential election he was picked on the 2nd night of the party's national convention which for the 1st time was mostly virtual because of covert 19 from washington his alan fischer. this was the moment joe biden officially became the democratic party's nominee for the president of the united states thank you very
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very much from the bottom my heart thank you all raise the world in me and my family and i'll see you on thursday thank you thank you thank you rhode island the oceans stay in a traditional convention the roll call is an important set piece and doing it virtually this time they made it slick and polished its job this was a night to show the past and the future there were contributions from former president jimmy carter former presidential nominee john kerry and congresswoman alexandra keshia cortez an influential figure on the progressive wing of the party and considered a rising star there was also an appearance from bill clinton the former president who's lit up conventions in the past given just 5 minutes this time but still getting his message across at a time like this the oval office should be a command center instead it's a storm center is only chaos it's 20 years since bill clinton was president on
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wednesday he'll celebrate his 74th perfect and he'll still be 3 years younger than the current democratic presidential nominee. former secretary of state colin powell was just one of a number of republicans who also spoke giving his endorsement to joe biden the values i learned growing up in the south bronx and serving in uniform with the same values that joe biden's parents instilled in him in scranton pennsylvania i support joe biden for the presidency of the united states because those values still define him i have always loved the sound keynote on tuesday was the nominee's wife jill biden who outlined what she thought her husband would deliver for america leadership to re imagine what our nation will be that's joe he and kaamelott will work as hard as you do every day to make this nation better wednesday will see vice presidential pick deliver her speech that role is
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normally to attack the opposition to hit them and hit them hard and this type will be no different alan fischer al-jazeera washington welcome a speech at the convention is expected to focus on her groundbreaking role she is just the 4th woman to appear on a major party election tickets and she's the 1st woman of color is practical in. when former vice president joe biden announced the person who wanted to take his old job the campaign made it clear that they saw senator kemal her says heritage as a major strength my mother and father they came from opposite sides of the world to arrive in america. one from india and the other from jamaica that makes her the 1st woman of color on a major party's presidential ticket and the 1st of asian descent it didn't have to decide for her because we're not used to seeing black women in these roles she is
6:43 pm
a 10 black woman elected to the u.s. senate we have never seen a black woman on the court even before her selection her race was a target for the trump family the president's son don jr retreated and then deleted an argument that she isn't african-american because her father is jamaican political analysts doubt that will have an impact i think that it's important or people to drown out that kind of noise i think once you're out. yeah for to american experience in this country you're an african-american you know her parents were all there was to make it when she was an african-american much like rock obama's father was african reason african american but her selection and ancestry could help the campaign in a new way asian americans are the fastest growing racial or ethnic group in the electorate accounting for 5 percent of people eligible to vote. trump could have been trying to reach those voters over the years he has made
6:44 pm
a big deal of his relationship with the indian prime minister but some activists don't think that will sway many voters of asian descent there are people who came here but recently or in the past whose predominant singular focus is how is the u.s. behavior towards india or is there prism. and every water has their. very few of those who were born and brought up here a 2nd or 2nd generation feel that way quite frankly as the nominee she now receives protection from the secret service she's reportedly picked a very appropriate call sign they will now refer to her. as a pioneer. al-jazeera. south korea is reporting nearly $300.00 new cases of coronavirus the highest in 5 months many recent cases a link to a church group in seoul the church pastor tested positive after attending an anti-government rally at the weekend $6000.00 police officers who are on duty are
6:45 pm
being tested new restrictions are being imposed in the capital and surrounding areas. the philippines now has the highest number of virus infections in southeast asia but a strict lockdown in manila is easing and many a desperate to be back in business from the capital has more. so we did joyce is checking whether his cash registers still work. and you know he own scatty eighteen's in one of the most popular districts in manila but the restaurant bar has been empty for almost 4 months because of the corona virus pandemic. virus. before this virus back. here for 6 years so it's very hard to tell them that the shutting down if nothing happens until december it's a familiar scene all across the philippines businesses are closing at
6:46 pm
a pace and seen in recent years the philippine government imposed one of the world's strongest strictest lockdowns which lasted from march to june more than 50000000 filipinos were forced to stay at home in the entire region of luzon but the soaring number of corona virus infections last month forced the government to announce another lock down 2 weeks ago we want to ensure this. is. the philippine government admits it is forced to open the economy this by the growing number of corona virus infections that is big. as the country is now in one of its worst periods of recession in recent decades millions of filipinos have lost their jobs and more communities are expected to sink deeper in poverty in the coming months. but there is evidence the impact may be worse than the
6:47 pm
government says pollsters social weather station reports close to half of the $27.00 workforce have lost their jobs largely because of economic ripple effects and the closure of businesses the government says it sees the economy rebounding in 20212022 people will. look at our situation here we line up for hours just to go to work there under the sun and then we go to work on it to end up getting beat how far do you think although the outlook is bleak government restrictions start easing again on wednesday when selected businesses are being allowed to open for to the sony is preparing to reopen their restaurant he hopes that that are days are here again jamila ellenbogen manila. coming up in the sport bron james makes basketball history but still
6:48 pm
finishes on the losing team cars here very shortly. seismicity. with.
6:49 pm
gould. welcome back opinion polling has found most americans want their government to spend more money on the u.s. postal service and that it should play a vital role in the forthcoming presidential election it follows that uproar over changes to the way the post is delivered they've been delayed because of complaints they would interfere with mail in voting has understood. after pressure from
6:50 pm
democrats in congress and an outcry from americans nationwide the head of the u.s. postal service is delaying a series of reforms that some saw as a threat to democracy. on tuesday postmaster general and trump ally lewis to joy said in order to avoid even the appearance of any impact on election mail cost cutting measures would be suspended until after the election. the delivery of paychecks medication and other mail to millions of americans has faced delays in recent weeks due to operational changes made by de joy who took over in june he immediately targeted what he called inefficiencies that he wanted to cut in the business that loses billions of dollars a year overtime hours were kept some mail processing facility shut down and opening hours reduced at post offices. one of the things the post office loses so much money on is delivering packages for amazon as does the president trump often
6:51 pm
attacks the postal service for what many agree is a broken business model he also suggests without evidence that increased mail in voting due to the pandemic will lead to widespread fraud a delayed result or even the need to hold an election rerun. with just $75.00 days left to go democrats grew alarmed at what they saw as an effort to delegitimize the election and undercut the postal service's ability to get ballots delivered and counted in time and effort to steal the election they said from standing in the polls apparently led him to try to sabotage mail in voting as his last hope for retaining power it's going to fall to those of us who have come here this afternoon the legislative branch to take the actions necessary to birds or democracy and democratic it democratic elections in our country the fact is is that they want to stop this because i mean moves obstacles the participation to voting and
6:52 pm
their grade voter their grade of the american people why because people are all into them and by the way the president and the it's my male. both the president and 1st lady vote by mail in florida the white house says trump never told the postmaster general to do anything to slow things down at the postal service and or should help al jazeera. let's just dip in for a couple of seconds the latest pictures coming to us out of mali that's not bamako the capital that's catty that's that military base slash area about 15 kilometers away from the capital various people there in military uniforms 3 of them have just been holding what looked like a live news conference we don't know what their reaction was to the news that the african union has temporarily want to sue him suspended mali for membership of the a u the echo was the local regional grouping of countries and leaders they were being
6:53 pm
urged by the french president emmanuel macro at this time yesterday to get involved they are doing that they have a delegation who should be arriving there very very soon if you've been tracking this story all know the bullet points already the president abraham put a keytar has resigned along with his prime minister the military went on state media what 15 or 16 hours ago now maybe to say we will hold elections did they give us a date for the elections no they did not so it's still very much a situation in flux they're. looking at the broader picture literally it's a scene of perhaps a slight lack of organization on the part of the people who are about to conduct that news conference more developing story for you just as soon as we can we always pause for far with the sports thanks so much peter byron munich are one step away from 11th appearance and the champions league final there taking on the all who've never reached the final before byron are the favorites join p.s.g. in sunday's final after beating barcelona 82 in their last game the german side are
6:54 pm
aiming to become european champions for a 6th time and haven't lost a match this year but sports writer robert harris billingsley on do you have a chance of causing an upset. when you've knocked out the italian championship events us the premier league champs some last season manage the city you have that hope that it is possible to knock out even a team that has just crushed barcelona 82 but what we saw in that devastating performance from the put there in giants the other night was the attacking might they have and particularly love and dusky who is school for 8 consecutive champions league games he really is such a lethal force this season in front of goal $54.00 goals and he is going to be hard to stop but do have this dynamic and young midfield and is a homegrown midfield as well you've got hackery at 20 and 22 and i think this is very important for liam tonight in terms of progressing because keeping the squad
6:55 pm
together is going to be even more difficult when so much of europe has seen the impact this quarter can make. barcelona have confirmed the appointment of club legend ronald cumin as a new hat coach but dutchman replaces k.k. said tiana following barcelona's big defeat to byron in the champions league came in joint bars after a stint as a manager the netherlands he won 4 league titles and the european cup with our side as a player. that the l.a. lakers had made a losing start to their playoff campaign they went down to the portland trail on a night that solid bron james make history so how much like reports. do things in school compare to seeing le bron james in full flight during the playoffs what's even more rare is basketball's biggest name putting in a history making performance and coming out on the losing side to the despite becoming the 1st player in the playoffs to back more than 20 points 15 rebounds and fifty's assists respectively it was not enough to stop the lakers going down to the
6:56 pm
portland trailblazers in game one move his 1st point to us damian lillard didn't make history like isn't lost his opponent but he didn't score him with 34 points. taking it by 7100 to 93 running roughshod with no frustration you know because the game is the game and we were marsett when we. had to get janice into campolo on the milwaukee bucks and also in for a shock as they opened against orlando he was the greek international did produce some trademark moves on route to 31 points span for his efforts was simply not enough when nicola boost of it scoring 35 to help orlando down the eastern conference of number one team 122-2110 here yet they bet on the best part of. so even if they play better game we can still win the game so
6:57 pm
one superstar that didn't have a disappointing evening was james tague. she rocked up 37 points to help the houston rockets win the open again open almost 312-3218 way to bridge that. with favorites for the finals looking shaky. this might just be the year that harden claims that championship dreams that's always eluded him she says to hell malik al-jazeera and 4 time tour de france champion chris froome won't be getting the chance to win this year's title for him has been left out of team water as he continues to recover from injuries sustained in a crash last year the race gets underway at the end of this month. ok and that is all your sport for now peter back to you borrow thank you so much when we come back with 30 minutes of al-jazeera world news we'll get you across all the developments coming to us out of the by the russian capital minsk also you said.
6:58 pm
jumped into the stream and julian on global community this generation will have to create its own democracy with social media on and will online be part of the debate let me put some you. when no topic is off the table is taking on all the systemic arlin's that people of color have suffered not only now but for decades we are going to need to transform lives the way tickets human way to business if we're going to adapt to climate right out of this stream on out is the era the us is
6:59 pm
always of interest the people all around the world this has been going on for a number of those with tear gas being the perfect place but other reports story clinton i think perfect that we try to play your noble audience why it's important how this could impact their life at the height of the storm the would feel high would you know by hey this is an important part of the world people picking through the book we're going to you know does it is very good to bring the news to the world from here. stories of life. and inspiration. a series of short documentaries from around the wilds. that santa brought the human spirit. against the odds. are out a 0 sum acts palestinians. be
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the hero the world needs right. washing. we will sanction all those responsible for violence repression and falsification of the results of the election tough talk from the e.u. a clear message to those in power for free and fair elections in bellerose. slogan peace at all be here global headquarters in doha your without a 0 also coming up mali isolated and suspended from the african union after soldiers removed the president in a coup.


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