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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 21, 2020 1:00am-1:33am +03

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in the caucasus and out here about spike important like the things we bring you the latest developments from across the globe coronavirus condiment special coverage on al-jazeera. the u.s. formally request u.n. sanctions against iran to re-impose claiming to iran has violated the 2050 nuclear deal. it is in the normal space state that to extend this arms embargo it's great. i maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program former trump advisor steve bannon pleads not guilty to charges he defrauded donors in a scheme to raise funds to build a wall of long the us mexico border. russian opposition leader like saina valley is
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in a serious but stable condition in hospital the speculation grows that he's been poisoned . and a massive one day tally for corona virus infections in india as testing finds 29 percent of new delhi residents have antibodies for cuts and 90. hello welcome to the program the us secretary of state has requested that un sanctions be re imposed on iran because to iran has violated the terms of the 2050 nuclear deal that request would in theory begin a 30 day process that could result in the snap back of sweeping u.s. sanctions but the validity of the u.s. case is complicated by the fact that washington withdrew from the nuclear deal 2 years ago my own peo says that under the sanctions iran would be prevented from
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enriching uranium or purchasing weaponry. our message is very very simple united states will never allow the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism to freely buy and sell planes tanks missiles and other kinds of conventional weapons these u.n. sanctions will continue the arms embargo. in place to say to that these restart sanctions will also reimpose accountability for other forms of iranian line activity that the authors of the nuclear deal foolishly downplayed. iran will again be prohibited from ballistic missile testing iran will be back under sanctions for ongoing nuclear activities such as the enrichment of nuclear material that could be applied to a nuclear weapons program. reaction from iran's ambassador to the united nations majeed a hunch he says that the u.s. has no legal standing to sanctions as it's no longer
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a signatory to the can't deal today the u.s. attempted to mislead the international community. by resorting to laws contributions to supposedly initiate in the town isn't under discussion turned into 31 according to conclusively got facts the u.s. is not a participant and has no right to trigger the so-called us not making isn't how it's arbitrary interpretational resolution 2231 cannot change history and thus we are of the firm conviction that the letter sent by the us today to the security council president all references that in is not on voice and has not only got to stand and thus you know admissible. well let's get more now
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from kristen salumi at united nations headquarters and christen essentially this seems to be a division between a well very isolated the us that is pursuing this unilateral move to trigger all u.n. sanctions and then the other signatories the all the well powers that want to try and save the nuclear deal. yes if you listen to the united states on the one hand and iran or russia one of the united states' most outspoken critics on the council you hear very different interpretations of the j.c. way the iran nuclear deal and whether or not the united states has the right to do this secretary of state my pompei oh clearly making the case that that they do have the right he was asked about withdrawing from the deal he denied that that was an issue the way that the language of the deal is written and the way the resolution
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is written he said they never submitted a formal withdrawal to the u.n. and so he made the case that it was clear that the united states had the right to implement the snapback provision and reinstate those sanctions and iran on the other hand you just heard giving a very different view they called the united states a bully and predicted that the security council would do nothing in the next 30 days and that the do nothing to go along with the united states saying that they were being ridiculed by the security council of course reality is probably someplace in the middle this move by the united states put the country's european allies in a very awkward position on the council in the end the european countries issued a statement saying that the cannot support the u.s. is move they say it's incompatible with efforts to preserve the nuclear deal so while europeans may privately have some concerns about iran use and
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obtaining weapons they were not willing to side with the united states here because they want to preserve this deal and privately diplomats are using even stronger language against the united states here saying that they're not legally entitled. to do what they're doing that no action will be taken on the part of the security council whatever the united states does in terms of the nuclear deal going forward is not valid so at this stage as far as they're concerned nothing is going to change the j c.p.o. a the nuclear deal is still in place. as far as many members of the council here despite say despite what the united states says kristin thank you very much christensen image united nations in new york.
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now steve bannon the former chief strategist us president donald trump has pleaded not guilty after being charged with fundraising fraud accusations of rape to an online campaign that raised $25000000.00 that was supposed to help build his us mexico border wall the department of justice says bannon received more than a $1000000.00 of the money raised through a nonprofit organization hundreds of thousands of which he used to cover personal expenses he's also facing a money laundering charge each charge carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison a president trump has been reacting to this saying that he wasn't aware of the allegations and he feels sad for his former adviser i think it's a very sad thing for mr bennett i think it's surprising but this was something as you know just by reading social media and by reading whatever it is a. mike and mike in all of them i didn't like that project i thought that was
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a project that was done for showboating reasons i don't know that he was in georgia i didn't know any of the other people either well gabriel as all know has more from outside the court in new york. so we do know that he did post bond a $5000000.00 bond that was agreed upon with the judge and the prosecutors and bannon's defense team he is in the courthouse but spoke to the judge be a video link because of coronavirus concerns they're trying to keep people as separated as possible through his lawyer he did plead as you mentioned not guilty to both of the charges the entire hearing lasted less than 15 minutes it was pretty quick bannon didn't say much at all other than a couple words to respond to the judge when she asked him a few questions but other than that it was pretty quick he will now according to the judge's ruling will now onesies released from here awaiting trial he will not
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be able to travel internationally and will only be able to truly move between virginia connecticut washington d.c. and new york the 4 states where he has business interests bannon is basically accused up with 3 other people of setting up this nonprofit and asking for money from people to hate. he said would go completely to build donald trump a border wall on the southern border but according to the indictment they received more than $25000000.00 in contributions but the indictment says that steve bannon siphoned off about $1000000.00 of that for his own personal expenses. a u.s. federal judge has rejected president donald trump's latest attempt at shielding his tax records from the manhattan district attorney but he's now filed an emergency motion to delay handing them over and it's not likely they'll be made public before the november election result the requests the trumps tax return stemmed from
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a criminal investigation into the present president and the trump organization. well in other developments the democrats are getting ready for the final and most significant day of their party's national convention presidential candidate joe biden will outline his policies and his campaign agenda in an online address on wednesday common except of the party nomination for vice president former president barack obama also broke with presidential tradition by follies convention with his convention speech. a scathing breakdown of donald trump's performance in office obama says that trump poses an existential threat to the american way of life and the democratic system. now the prominent russian opposition politician alexina volley is critically ill in a siberian hospital after a suspected poisoning of ali is one of president vladimir putin's fiercest critics anticorruption campaign and became sick during a flight and his team suspect something was put in
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a cup of tea he drank at the airport germany and france have both offered medical care or a challenge. the groans of a man in obvious pain medics come down the aisle to help according to the person who films this footage on a flight from siberia to moscow it's russian opposition leader alexina valmy later he's seen on a stretcher being put in an ambulance seemingly unconscious now in a coma in the city of doctors say they're working to save his life. really was michael's naturally poisoning is considered as one of the possible reasons of the deterioration of the condition but besides that there could be a number of acute states that lead to the same clinical science we are working on everything eliminate confirm and work unfortunately i cannot tell you more. never elmis colleagues are already convinced his illness doesn't have any natural cause.
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your puppy is new more. dogs are speaking or novell news live you tube channel his spokeswoman. said doctors who told her they were confident he'd been poisoned to start with are now too scared to say this she thinks whatever it was was in his tea and she also said claims made on social media that he was drinking alcohol the night before and this reacted with medication folse. after initially being denied access never only as wife yulia was eventually let in to see him but his personal doctor wasn't. good it's annoying that i'm not let in i can't see him i'd like to check up on him and i don't know and i asked if an optimal of. just checked him and his retina there is a response from the people his retina is alive. charismatic sometimes abrasive and absolutely fearless alexina valmy is the most prominent russian opposition figure.
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i buy exposing the corruption of russia's governing elite he's built a huge following of mainly young people drawn to protest by his investigative you tube videos of ali's followers are showing a willingness to defy police battens and prison time never only himself has spent repeated spells behind bars a fraud case started in 2014 landed him a suspended sentence a jail term for his brother and a panther novelli himself to challenge putin in 20 eighteen's presidential election . he has persisted despite the state pressure and despite the obvious risks of criticizing readymade putin's rule. another opposition figure boris nemtsov was shot dead near the kremlin in 2015 more have left the country the kremlin spokesman has wished novell me a speedy recovery and says any poisoning would need to be confirmed by laboratory tests rory chalons al-jazeera german human rights activists say an ambulance
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aircraft is ready to leave germany for siberia to pick up. this after the french president and offer the opposition leader all necessary assistance during a news conference with germany's angela merkel dominic cain has more on that now from. both leaders expressed their extreme concern about the situation of the dissident russian politician aleksey now valley saying that they were deeply concerned by the reports of his ordeal and both leaders saying that they felt it very important that the exact circumstances of what has happened to him should be made clear should be investigated as soon as possible indeed both leaders then said that they would be prepared that they would allow their country to receive mr riley in a medieval taxes and are in other words if he was to be medically evacuated from their homes to either of their countries they would be prepared to facilitate that that's
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important because one german n.g.o.s one german agency non-governmental agency has said it is it is actively investigating flying mr nardelli from that situation that hospital in to berlin their hope being that he would be able to receive treatment in berlin in a way which might stem the effect of whatever has the fall on him certainly that's their aim and in so far as the 2 leaders are concerned well they have expressed their extreme concern about what's happened to mr have on me watching al-jazeera live from london more still ahead 2 weeks of demonstrations and still not giving in protesters in belarus defy warnings of another government crackdown. and mali's neighbors threaten to keep that borders closed in opposition to the country's new military leaders.
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we're looking at a real blast of wintry weather into the southeast of australia as he head towards the weekend nasty little circulation here that is an area of low pressure that's making its way out of the southern ocean or running into the tasman and going to see some very strong winds winds could gust an excessive 100 kilometers per hour at times some very heavy rain and also some snow for good measure certainly over the high ground but even at lower levels maybe that as low as 500 meters because see some snow across southern parts of the great dividing range there is that wet and windy day then as we go on through friday saturday doesn't look a whole lot better it comes at snowy but that will make its way across a good parts of new south wales and say the over the high ground 16 is say that could be the coldest day of the year so far so prices sell for that further north this 5 and dry for the west not too bad we got a bit of rain just making its way towards stubley way towards perth some places for
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a grassy edging over towards new zealand and we got some rain edging across the korean peninsula at the moment a long line of cloud here those are the seasonal right big downpours to central parts of china yet again the risk of further flooding coming through here john says some welcome showers making the way into japan and at last turning just a little bit cooler. china has one of the world's highest her base but many a take up the fought against for military style white let's go to radical surgery one o one a steam best regards as the chinese battle to get in shape on al-jazeera history has called it the great war in the final episode the 2 sides fight themselves to a standstill while britain and france conspire behind closed doors to produce a secret agreement that will shape the middle east for the century to come world
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war one through our body's own knowledge is either. a come back the headlines now us secretary of state mike on pay or submitted formal to months the u.n. security council for sanctions to be reimposed on iran claiming to iran violated the 2050 nuclear deal it sets the stage for disagreement and stalemate on the security council as other countries have questioned the validity of the u.s. case. steve fine in the former chief strategist donald trump has pleaded not guilty on charges of fundraising for for an online campaign that was most help build the us mexico border wall department of justice says bannon received more than
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a $1000000.00 of the money and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on himself. and the russian opposition politician alexina valley's critically ill in a hospital in siberia after a suspected poisoning anticorruption campaigners want to present but immigration staunch his critics france and germany have offered medical care. well now the latest on better ruse the general prosecutor's office has opened a criminal case against a council made up of opposition figures meanwhile the protests saying they will continue to defy warnings by president alexander lukashenko when you crack down he's ordered security forces to clear the streets after nearly 2 weeks of demonstrations of this month's disputed election opposition to this vote on a taken off sky who is now in lithuania set up that council to coordinate of peaceful transfer of power but the prosecutor says it's a threat to security. a group of citizens of the republic of belarus has declared creation of
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a cordon nation council one of the goals of which is a transfer of power the plan to create a political body that should undertake the transfer of power from the current head of the country creating such a body is not allowed by the law their activity is unconstitutional a group of citizens who understand the invalidity of their actions has left the council and do not agree with its activity creation and activity of such a council is designated to seize state authority as well as damage the national security of belarus. there is that valsin is inside the country and has been following developments for us from the capital minsk. i'm at a detention center where after the election the protests started thousands of people were detained and also badly beaten and even tortured many have been released up to $4000.00 is the estimation but they're still around 3000 people detained people are gathering here every day now to try to get their personal
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belongings back and that seems to be quite a struggle also there's also some unclear reports that the many people are not accounted for at this moment even though it's an hour more than 10 days that this police crackdown has happened meanwhile also protesters today seem to be pretty quiet so far what we know is there is a lot of threats coming from the authorities so towards the crisis day old who are now in one such order to sign as some kind of paper saying they would choose to refrain from the political activities but still as we saw last night despite all the threats by look at santa protesters we're still gathering defying all these risks of being detained so we expect the same will happen again maybe later today and especially in the next coming days. turning to mali now the military ginger's ordered the country's borders to reopen in a statement right now on television on state t.v.
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said that and land borders will reopen this friday august 21st at midnight but eco asked the economic community of west african states has instructed its members to keep their borders with mali closed. of course it comes as the united nations security council's call for the release of the deposed president. the military has released opposition supporters by the former government reports. last new military to release these opposition demonstrators after the spent 2 weeks prison. we were arrested by the former government because we were demanding justice and good governance from. asking for good education health arrested just because of. the military leaders behind these disco in bali to gain trust and legitimacy that met with members of the opposition assuring them that the military intervention will be brief and that elections will follow but without
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setting deadlines. we have no political ambition we are soldiers we have other progressives other missions to deal with our objective is through the various meetings we had with the various social and political groups to hand over rapidly the powers to a civilian transition for the continuity of the state and we are all aware today of the political and security situation mali is going through. money is a position seem impressed at least for now inflation and preacher was announced he's withdrawing from politics after the meeting. jim is a member of the m 5 position coalition led demonstrations that eventually resulted in which forced the resignation of president. i think the hardest part starts now it's a question of bringing everyone together there are no winners and losers we're all
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moslems even those who with kata if they don't have blood on their hands if they're not involved in embezzlement of public funds we must all come together military and civilian to defend the republic and impose democracy and good governance the a but the reaction from the rest of the world was that of can the beijing the united nations the african union and the west african regional bloc of course of all condemns the military coup of course has imposed economic and other restrictions including. cutting from michelin economic ties and membership of the party. or those de france unknowns its keeping its forces in mali to help bring peace to the region but without a civilian government and the continued threat of course these are challenging times for many the mahdi with the crease al-jazeera. now india is struggling in its battle to contain the coronavirus and damage countries reported a new record increase in the infections almost $70000.00 on thursday that brings
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india's total number of cases to almost 2840000 it's the 3rd worst country in the world but health authorities say they rapidly increase creaming with almost a 1000000 tests conducted in one day and indian health officials have released the latest results of an antibody survey elizabeth prado has the details for me danny. health minister says that 29 point one percent of residents have antibodies to the corona virus that's out of the latest c. logical survey which tests for antibodies it was conducted in the 1st week of august testing around 15000 samples now dellys confirmed number of cases is just over 156000 but the same indicates that the real number of cases are closer to around 6000000 given that the capital has a population of around 20000000 and surveys being done around the country paint
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a similar picture the results of the survey in the city of poole may from earlier this week that's in maharashtra the worst affected state that showed that over 50 percent off the city's 6000000 population have antibodies now one of the big reasons for the discrepancy between the confirmed number of cases in india and what serial logical surveys show is the relatively low level of testing and that's one of the reasons why the indian government has really ramped up testing it conducted more than 100000 tests on wednesday it wants to be conducting least 1000000 every single day but the other problem is the number of the quicker but less accurate rapid and teachin tests that are being used up to 30 percent of all the tests in the country other less accurate rapid antigen tests and on wednesday demi's high court once again expressed concern that the government in delhi is using double the number of rapid adhesion tests as as it is the test the more accurate test that's
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known as the r.t. p.c.i. . now more than 73000 people are listed as missing in mexico around 20 percent of them a minus activists say the number of children who disappear every day has doubled over the past 2 years most have believed to have been trafficked for sexual exploitation or sold into forced labor money has our report. it is asking for help to locate her 2 year old son dylan he was taken from a market in the mexican state of chiapas on june 30th when he does says despite the media attention and help from activists it took a long time for police and authorities to begin investigating the boy's disappearance yes and if they let me in i know it's not only my son that everyone should be looking for but i know that if we search for him we will find many of the children that's what i would like for people to keep looking and keep coming
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together not only for my son but for the many other lost children when he does case is far from unique every day an average of 7 children go missing in mexico and that rate of daily child abductions has almost doubled in the last 2 years. and in years again we believe the disappearance of young children is linked to illegal adoptions nationally and internationally you know and in the case of other less and girls the evidence suggests they become victims of sex trafficking and in the case of adolescent boys we know they're often forced to work for criminal groups. according to the latest national statistics more than 73000 people are listed as missing across mexico and justice forced disappearances have seen an exponential growth in recent years so have protests calling for accountability demonstrations like these have become very common here and the mexican capital and they're often organized by the family members of missing persons and what we hear consistently
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from people at this type of protests is that the government isn't doing enough to find their missing loved ones that. mexico has some of the toughest laws in the region against human trafficking but legal experts say a culture of corruption and impunity means few cases are ever solved many are never even investigated. yet in the absence of state help dozens if not hundreds of collectives have been formed by the families of the disappeared there on a constant search for the 10s of thousands of missing persons across the country an estimated 20 percent of whom are children and adolescents noise and only. 20 percent of disappearances is a very high percentage and if you include young adults up to the age of $25.00 what the data suggests is that it's mexico's youth that is disappearing. but many compare the phenomenon of forced disappearances in mexico to an epidemic that has only worsened over time since the turn of the century it's estimated that some
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$12000.00 children have gone missing in mexico most of them between the ages of 13 and 171 was up a little al-jazeera mexico city. headlines now before we go. u.s. secretary of state my own peo has submitted formal demands to the u.n. security council for sanctions to be reimposed only one claiming to iran violated the 2050 nuclear deal it sets the stage for a disagreement and stalemate on the council as other countries have question the validity of the u.s. case because of washington's withdrawal from the nuclear deal but peo is arguing the sanctions will stop iran from enriching uranium all purchasing weaponry. our message is very very simple did i say it will never allow the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism to freely buy and sell planes tanks missiles and other kinds
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of conventional weapons these u.n. sanctions will continue the arms embargo. i'm pleased to say too that these restored sanctions will also reimpose accountability for other forms of iranian well i'm actively that the authors of the nuclear deal foolishly downplayed. iran will again be prohibited from ballistic missile testing. iran will be back under sanctions for ongoing nuclear activities such as the enrichment of nuclear material that could be applied to a nuclear weapons program. well in all the top stories steve bannon the former chief strategist us president on all trump has pleaded not guilty off to being charged with fundraising fraud accusations right to an online campaign that raised 25000000 dollars that was supposed to help build his us mexico border will he's also facing a money laundering charge each charge carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. russian opposition
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politician alexina volley is critically ill in a hospital in siberia after a suspected poisoning the anticorruption campaigners one of president vladimir putin staunchest critics he became sick during a flight and his team suspect that something was put in a cup of tea he drank at the airport gemini and france have both off of medical care. and the general prosecutor's office in baton rouge has opened a criminal case against a council made up of opposition figures protesters have been saying that they will continue to defy warnings by president alexander lukashenko of a renewed crackdown demonstration have been continuing in minsk so want to one east is coming up next looking at china's unconventional ways of tackling obesity to stay with us. russia now seems to be going after the main economic resource which is of course oil we bring you the stories and development is the rapidly changing the world we live in
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the president's promise america 1st policy triggered a trade war that morphed into a technological war counting the cost on al-jazeera. china has a big problem. one in 5 children is over glass addict who is to be our hero my military career we are actually here are you simply having us. as the base of the crisis grants summer resorts to drastic solutions from military style boot camp in a mock up. to radical surgery. on the eve of the general you can assure you jensen is holland and she's a scholar and a vision.


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