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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 21, 2020 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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on out to senior. al-jazeera. where every. rival government in libya agreed to a nationwide cease fire and there are separate demands for elections to be held early next year. hello i'm adrian for get this is our 0 live from doha also coming out of the call to keep up the pressure better russa's opposition leader urges protesters to remain on the streets. the e.u.
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president weighs in over concerns for russian opposition leader alexina violet talked to still refused to relocate him to a different hospital. draft dodgers and inspiration for a nation why south korean pop stars are causing controversy over compulsory military service. we begin with breaking news out of libya where rival factions of called for a cease fire both the u.n. recognized government in tripoli and the 2 broke parliament allied with warlord khalifa haftar of called on their forces to stop fighting they said the move was aimed at ending foreign interference in libya after his campaign to take the capital tripoli was pushed back by government forces with support from turkey russian mercenaries have been fighting on have to side something happened is editor in chief of the international interest a current affairs not assist magazine with
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a particular focus on the middle east he joins us now via skype from london sami put this into context for us what do you make of it. i think that this is the 1st time in the entire libya conflict went by both sides are whereby we have a military stalemate whereby the military dynamics are equal if you remember previously however there was a superior force and he was able to bulldoze all attempts at a cease fire but this time as a result of turkish intervention the western side g.n.a.t. the government of national court has enough power now to prevent have there from watching the west which even if it doesn't have the power necessarily too much it used to it and that's why the ceasefire comes amidst this stalemate in which if if a battle does take place for sit which was being touted for many months if if one side loses the stakes are so high that nobody wants to gamble on it moreover that to keep power brokers that emerged after that section to vengeance which are turkey on one side and russia on the other side their interests are not necessarily libya
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or taking over libya turkey's interest was always the mediterranean russia's interest was always the mediterranean in the wider african continent in other words for turkey the cease fire is very good and it's been negotiating with russia for quite some time over the cease fire because it allows it to establish its military bases the naval base in the south that and the airbase in a what they are in the west meanwhile the russians can cement themselves in the east in tandem with egypt which is trying to weaken have to have by empowering some of the other tribes in other words a cease fire is a decision made by the power brokers by the circumstances and it is not necessarily a libyan decision this spike the fact that it's the d.n.a. and the look who announced this decision but the big question is what happens next will all of the various groups fighting on the ground in libya comply with with the cease fire where a tough tough for instance or miss. i think that this is fire has a very good chance of actually lasting and the reason being is because the cost of
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a potential battle is so high and if an individual faction decided to launch that battle by itself it would find itself obliterate it because it's unlikely to find other factions siding with it we have to remember that what unites the factions is a fear of another party but if that fear is not they have that is not much in westwards then these factions are unlikely to unite and will go back to competing with one another i think the other dynamic that's just a cease fire in my glass is that turkey has been launching overtures to egypt which is on the other side because turkey is has this issue in the east mediterranean and egypt has been giving a sign and take has been giving signs that they are willing to talk willing to discuss and come to some sort of arrangement with regards to the mediterranean that requires concessions in libya and this is why i think now we are seeing a new phase in the negotiations between turkey between the other foreign powers and the cairo initiative is still on the table this idea proposed i.c.c. of elections taking place the us are considering it turkey's mediterranean crisis
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means it might consider it russia is considering it it was a supporter of the initiative in other words all the dynamics suggest that all the foreign powers prefer some sort of peace at least for the foreseeable future while they cement themselves and while they try to find some sort of the framework of cooperation between themselves because their interest is not necessarily libya they have wide interest in which libya is a key part of it something you say that both sides of every some military impasse as far as the fighting on the ground is concerned as far as what happens next the negotiations have a libya's future does either side hold the balance of power an advantage over the other. the what's what will be interesting in the next phase and it's not a direct answer to your question but it's more this is what we need to look out for to find an answer to your question which is that egypt has been opening channels with different tribes egypt is frustrated with half that and very annoyed with half that and we've seen in recent times that there's been power and i get asylum at the
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expense of have what would be interesting now is that when we're looking in the east we need to look at who are figures that might start emerging as a result of this new egyptian initiative in opening further contact with the tribes and whether they might actually improve the position of regular side at moreover russia itself as well is also trying to empower their been articles about it trying to go back to some pro get their feet elements and the like it's clear that the international powers operating in the east are trying to find a way to we can have and to empower other alternatives that's what we need to look out for so anybody fearing that have that will not respect the cease fire must remember that half the now is facing a situation to east whereby the only baquet he really has wholeheartedly is the u.a.e. and the larger powers of egypt and russia are looking for an alternative and the final point i'll make on this is russia wants a peace deal russia never wanted have to succeed in tripoli in the 1st place russia wants to be the mediator a power broker to say to the middle east look i fix syria i'm the alternative to do
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u.s. i'm the new superpower in the region that's why it's able to cooperate with thank you it comes to libya and egypt which is upset with the u.s. that the u.s. was not firm in its antagonism to turkey egypt is cooperating with russia in this regard but these are the very was a poor looking out for i think international powers now in a very extraordinary set of circumstances or want the cease fire to succeed and given that the libyans have little choice in their affairs because previously it was the libyans who decided to fight each other and they would push each other half that would decide and the d.n.a. would decide this time the decision is not libya and the decision is uniquely turkish russia with some input from some of the international powers and as long as it stays the. it's unlikely the ceasefire will bring good to talk to sami many thanks indeed sami hamdi the editor in chief of the international interest in london al-jazeera small hold up the 100 joins us now live from tripoli tell us more about the reaction to this decision the mood.
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well this decision adrian has just been released and a government of national accord here in tripoli seems to be adhering to the fact that the oil located should be lifted as a predicate to any political settlement and the country on the other hand the broad based parliament this is the parliament affiliated with the warlords or have to. in the statement that the oil revenues at the oil should be brought back to normal production but with one condition that all oil revenues should be deposited in a special account in libya's for external bank and it didn't use should not be should not be. operated should not be run until a political settlement according to cairo initiative be reached but on the other
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hand the government of national court here in tripoli sad that the oil revenues ok should be deposited in a neutral account but to be under control of the national oil corporation this is the state or the government says that it's the only institution intitled to deal with to handle the oil revenues concerning the military situation both bodies the government here in tripoli and the pro have to parliament in tobruk they have a common consensus that all military operations should be halted in the country due to the multiple of chrissy's but the government is suffering from also the government here says that the idea behind that or the reason behind the ceasefire or the halting of the military operation is that to rid the country of mercenaries the government means. there is fighting for the world if i have to as you know adrian the russian mercenaries from the bagnall group. along with other african
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mercenaries with advanced weapons from russia being deployed they have been deployed in fact in central libya namely in the cost of a strategic city of sit and judge for along side the christian they control the oil facilities there so both the statements from both bodies from the international recognized here in tripoli and from the poor house of parliament in the eastern city of 2 brooke they have a common consensus to hold the military operation but the government here totally says that parliamentary and presidential elections should be held by march next year in fact on the are on the other hand after parliament says that this 36 city of sirte should be their headquarter word that new to be the form of or to be a form of presidency council should be located what about these calls for for elections how soon could both be organized or is that running before we can walk
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well this is the request made by the tripoli based internationally to communities to government that parliament the government says that it's epic was it for any political settlement to guarantee that a sustainable political settlement would be in place 2 in the crisis in libya that parliamentary and presidential elections to be held in march next year but were very thanks did of zeros more quarter of the one had reporting live from tripoli the better russian opposition candidate is calling for more mass protests to keep up the pressure on president alexander lukashenko. took a squire is leading the call for the president's resignation have been demonstrations for 12 straight days including some of the biggest antigovernment rallies in minsk since the fall of the soviet union to could have fled to lithuania after the election which she says was rigged against her. people in
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bellerose today are being beaten just for expressing their opinion people in bella reuss are being thrown in prison for taking part in peaceful protests my husband is in prison and bella reuss just for daring to dream about a country for life our common goal is simple we don't want to live with fear and lies anymore we want what everyone in the world is entitle to the right to live the right to be safe in the street the right not to be imprisoned without a fair trial and the right to fair free and transparent elections or leaders of france and germany say that they're determined to keep supporting protesters in belarus emmanuel mccall hosted anglo merkel at his official summer residence in the south of france on thursday across said that it's up to the belorussian people to find a solution to the standoff with the e.u. stands ready to help out a serious step boston was following that early a press conference from better with his capital minsk. she was asked if she is
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going to 6 run for the presidency again if there would be fair elections but she was very invasive about this question she said it's a bit early days and it is indeed early days because the situation here in minsk. significantly significantly changed in the last couple of days it's very clear that . tightening his grip on power he's still very much in control of the security forces protests have still been going on but they are smaller than they were before there is this opposition council which also has been installed by sky and that's why i'm here at this theater because one of the leaders of this. council is now in hiding because he's fearing for his life members of the council have also been faced with charges criminal charges for an appeal to overthrow the government several members of this council have been questioned this morning there
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was fear that they would be detained but they have just. gone out of this investigative committee but there is also of course a lot of fear that this police crackdown that we saw 2 weeks ago is going to happen again a weather update next here on out to 0 then there was no coup since the military and not only its leaders and the president resigned voluntarily. just judge this president on the facts. 5000000 americans are affected by covert 19 more than 170000 americans have died in a blistering attack on donald trump by the new official democratic candidate for president.
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hello there yet more heavy rain across areas of china and of course the house being more flooding but it's not really about to ease any time yet your nature is the south quite a mass of cloud that's a possible tropical storm which could be developing the next couple of days it will do some very heavy amounts of rain across much of taiwan very wise but it's very slow moving as well so it's going to sit there for the next couple of days more rain across areas of japan southern sections of the korean peninsula and then really out across into china very well scattered these rains not as clearly defined as they have been but that dam that they will so on sunday heaviest rain as you see working their way through the central and northern areas and still the system just sitting off the coast of taiwan and across into south asia again here of course the monsoon rains still very active and they've been extending across into pakistan as well as up into the north and the whole again many of the streets are under water from those monsoon rains that is more in the full cost in fact areas to the south in pakistan but really the heaviest rain sunday through saturday once again pradesh
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out towards russia stand on. this is similar through sunday but all the while the rains also continuing it's a come down quite heavily across areas of west bengal and extending across bangladesh and also some heavy spells into the west of myanmar. the 21st century began with extraordinary economic growth across much of latin america. but since this halted in 2008 there's been a political shift to the right on a continent where socialism once thrived. politician goes on a journey to me leading left wing figures to understand why that politics have lost ground so dramatically. latin america a giant in turmoil on al-jazeera. this
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is our 0 let's remind you of the made news this libya's warring sides are called for a cease fire the move by the un recognized government in tripoli of the tobruk parliament allied with khalifa haftar is aimed at ending foreign interference. the better russian opposition candidate is calling for more mass protests to keep up the pressure on president oh it's not a look of shanker. kind of squire is leading the call for his resignation. the wife of the russian opposition politician alexina ballet says the doctors a putting his life at risk by refusing calls to move him from a hospital in siberia he is still in a serious condition in the city of after a suspected poisoning but doctors have told you earlier that he shouldn't be moved
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because his condition is unstable of all these teams says that they're keeping him on the pressure from the kremlin. thank you charles and. they refused to allow him to be moved or they 2 hours ago the situation was such documents for his transfer were being prepared 2 hours later they refused to handover alexy we think they say the substance disappears from his body he is not in a good condition and we do not trust this hospital we demand that he's handed over to us so he can be treated in an independent hospital by doctors we trust the head of the valley as anticorruption foundation says that they heard from police that the deadly substance have been found in his body. as a limited use continue to. we were in the office of the head doctor in a traffic policeman came in and showed us his phone saying this is a substance we found and the head doctor says well so what if you found it we went
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up to the police officer who showed us a phone and we asked what kind of substance is that she said that information is confidential to the investigation and we cannot tell you but this substance is deadly the substance is not only in danger in alexa's life but also people around him the german ambulance has landed in after an offer from chancellor angela merkel to treat develop in europe. i hope and wish that he will recover as quickly as possible and if you wish to do so and what applies to friends also applies to germany we will offer him all the medical help he needs and he can turn to german hospitals but of course he has to. on thursday a small scale demonstrations were held in a number of russian cities in support of the day some protesters accused president vladimir putin over the suspected poisoning there were reports of several arrests let's go live now to moscow alexandra style of each got 4 is there for a select sandra draw this all together for us if you can you've got the head doctor
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of the siberian hospital treating the saying now that he has been diagnosed with a metabolic disease caused by low blood sugar. yes he actually said in an attempt to shed more light on what they think is wrong with the not viney he said that it is kind of them at the bottom disorder caused 'd by this disbalance in metal ism of carbohydrates and that is their primary version so he didn't say it's the only version they have but this is what they their preferred version and he said this can be caused by numerous factors it can be a sudden drop in blood sugar whilst he was in a plane and then he lost consciousness now this is them still make it more clear that they why they think it's not a poisoning did not satisfied by the family nor colleagues of the rightly so his press secretary get a adam walsh reacted on that saying that's not the bag no says that's a condition and the old soul drop in blood sugar is not their noses it can be
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caused by numerous stuff so what she basically said is that they're being. turned round in the round without actually being given a cause or diagnosis of what happened and why is he in a coma for so many hours and why is his condition not getting better they still demand for transport of now why need they still demand from hospital to release his medical files to discharge him so they can take him abroad for a treatment they already have a plane waiting to do so for example many thanks due to xander a story out of it's called father in moscow the leaders of mali his military coup are denying that they forcefully remove the president from power saying that he resigned voluntarily ibrahim boubacar kato has been seen since stepping down on tuesday his speech came up to soldiers surrounded his house and detained him and the prime minister the military says that he's being held of an army barracks for
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his own protection. supported clearly. he's doing very well as a rule the others they aren't under race to the time and to keep in safety for their own security you'll agree with me that after this kind of situation this insecurity for example after he left his home some people attacked his house after he'd left some people even come to us on their own initiative for their own safety . and can keep an eye on things iran's foreign minister has told the un security council that the united states has no right to demand that sanctions be reimposed on his country u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o says that iran is violating its nuclear deal with world powers he wants to use a mechanism in the agreement to put sanctions back into place but the u.s. pulled out of that deal in 2018 of iran and other signatories say that it no longer has any legal right to do this india continues to struggle in its battle to contain
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the corona virus pandemic the country reported another day with nearly 70000 infections of more than 900 deaths brings its total number of cases to more than 2900000 it has the 3rd highest number of cases in the world. beijing is removing its requirement for people to wear masks outdoors the chinese capital has been relaxing its coronavirus restrictions of the daily 13 days now with no new cases katrina you reports. a few months ago here in beijing it was difficult to find anybody on the street not wearing a mark but increasingly that's not the case china has helped more than any local jazz musicians of the coronavirus in the past 5 days and health authorities are starting to relax restrictions on friday people will no longer have to wear masks while they're outdoors walking or exercising and many residents here say they are relieved but some say they will choose to continue to wear a mask. even though most people are still wearing masks now so for safety i decided
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to keep wearing it for a while. i feel very safe especially these new regulations say you don't need to wear anymore i follow the message from the government this is the 2nd time beijing health for you people locked in a mosque wearing god like they were initially loosened in april from which and you pulling out right now china's leaders they operate in beijing and the province of the scene and yelling under controlled society has been largely returning to normal in recent weeks sentiment and entertaining have reopened albeit with a limited capacity and starting in september all schools and universities are set to reopen. as imposing a 2 week lockdown to try to contain a surge in corona virus infections that the ministry of health is warning that hospitals are running out of space 6 major hospitals and 20 clinics were damaged following the in the beirut port explosion 2 weeks ago the country recorded 605 new
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cases of 4 deaths on thursday. there's a growing controversy surrounding south korea's most famous boy band b.t.s. achieve worldwide fame but the k. pop stars are also facing questions about when they plan to do military service as required of the south korean war. bride reports. they are a global sensation as evidenced by this record breaking virtual concert reaching an estimated 750000 fans worldwide defying the pandemic as the most famous k. pop band b.t.s. has managed to connect to an audience far beyond south korea. would be different from typical keep up with the band because. the identity of. the hip hop band make them tell about their own life history their only experience can be shared by global youth who have had to bury simular experience in their younger age
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part of that life experience for young south korean men includes this compulsory military service it's regarded as a jew cheat that all men over 18 should be proud to fulfill and that no one should skip. but there is a provision to delay your military service until you're 28 if you're studying and with the b.t.s. band members well into their twenty's all of them have now in role did online courses leading to suspicions their putting off their service for as long as they can. it's helped fuel the debate about whether k. pop stars should get an exemption often adored and hounded by fans wherever they go the stresses of k. pop stardom are well known and it's argued that they contribute to south korea's prestige abroad prominent sports stars like tottenham football players song men get
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an exemption if they win international tournament's sounded just a few weeks of basic training and b.t.s. fans have petitioned the presidential office for their idols to be granted the same exemption still the controversy goes on but in my opinion that if actually the people accept it is country bute to raise up the korean you know. i think a president who would you know agree and then it wouldn't you know called mr service whichever way it goes it's a controversial decision balancing the need for fairness with a recognition that b.t.s. are more than just another band of bullies robert bride al-jazeera sold. uni hong is a journalist and the author of the birth of korean core how one nation is conquering the world through pop culture she joins us now live via skype from one penny in france could have you with us uni what do you make of this controversy are b.t.s.
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getting preferential treatment here. it's certainly possible korea likes to fried itself in the sort of one equalizer of a level or which is that all men do have to be military service and this is sort of redolent i don't know it in 1950 s. i'm sure you're aware elvis presley was recruited into the us army in a bikini itself a phenomenon and if anything it increased to the peel because not if you get it he became an everyman so i think the fact that it's ambiguous whether they're serving or not actually serves their image even more but i think it's definitely the case that they're the they're the beatles or the illness of south korea and from south korea this point of view they would do well to just sort of let them. continue to perform to their fans actually care whether they are avoiding national service or not whereas this controversy coming from those who was driving it who was asking the question. well it certainly not the b.t.s.
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army out of their fans are called it's a sort of i mean south korea is undergoing many movements of moment including me too including immigration reform and there's a big social force to. do over to overcome things like income disparity sums of the spirit if so it's really coming from that can that if they sort of make an exception here do all rock stars get an exemption and then what about scientists what about everyone and they definitely don't want to make a situation where the military becomes a classmate's thing the weight is frankly you know many countries like us so that is we're all right that was to say very very briefly what's a fairly well they ultimately end up doing military service. but a time if they end up doing military service i think that they will definitely do it but maybe after the curer dies down i don't do p.r.
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wise would be dad to them to avoid it forever. uni great to talk to you many thanks indeed for being with us uni home in montpellier. it is great to have you with us hello adrian for going to here in doha the headlines from al-jazeera libya's warring sides have called for a cease fire the move by the un recognized government in tripoli and the brook parliament allied with ward khalifa haftar is they say it ending foreign interference not move backward up the what had reports from tripoli both the statements from both bodies from the international. and from the poor house of parliament in the eastern city of. they have a common consensus to hold the military operation but the government that parliamentary and presidential elections should be held by march next year in fact
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on the other hand after parliament says that this. should be the. word there. to be. should be located the better russian opposition candidate is calling for more mass protests to keep up the pressure on president alexander lukashenko. took a skier is leading the call for the president's resignation that the demonstrations for 12 straight days now including some of the biggest anti-government rallies in minsk since the fall of the soviet union. the wife of russian opposition politician alexina valdas says the doctors are putting his life at risk by refusing calls to move him from a hospital in siberia he's still of a serious condition in the city of arms after suspected poisoning but doctors have told julian of ali that he shouldn't be moved because his condition is unstable. the leaders of mali is who are denying that they forcefully remove the president
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from power saying that he resigned voluntarily. hasn't been seen since stepping down on tuesday the military says that he's being held an army barracks for his own protection iran's foreign minister has told the u.n. security council that the united states has no right to demand sanctions to be reimposed on his country u.s. secretary of state my pump aoe says that iran is violating its nuclear deal with world powers he wants to use a mechanism in the agreement to put sanctions back into place but the u.s. pulled out of the deal in 2018 iran and other signatories say that it no longer has any legal right to do though to do so u.s. presidential candidate joe biden has struck a tone of hope and unity on the final day of the democratic national convention he formally accepted his party's nomination promising to overcome what he called a season of darkness. those are the headlines next up here on al-jazeera it's the bottom line.
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hi i'm steve clements and i have a question has going back to school become the political football of this season let's get to the bottom line. the new academic year is off to a chaotic start for america's $50000000.00 students and their families in many schools that are open for face to face learning some students or teachers have already tested positive for corona virus we need to quarantine temporary shutdowns within days with vague and conflicting guidance from public officials each of these school districts has had to come up with its own guidelines think about that for a 2nd in a country with more than $13000.00 separate school districts each one is out there
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figuring this out all out on its own and that's on top of president trump breathing down their necks with repeated.


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