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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 21, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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much approach ricoh his anjana and that again could be from a developing tropical storm. al-jazeera. alone convince all this is the news on live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes rival governments in libya agreed to a nationwide cease fire there are separate demands for elections to be held next year. the wife of russian politician alexina valmy sent a letter to president vladimir putin asking him to approve transfer office he calls been to germany. another call to keep up the pressure of a ruthless opposition leader just protest is to remain on the streets.
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and a controversy is brewing over whether south korean k. pop stars b.t.s. should be allowed to dodge a military service requirement. and you have to go with sports and nearly a year after began football 0 police is set to reach its conclusion after a coronavirus hit season with 5 time champion severe taking into milan for the trophy. libby is a warring factions have declared a cease fire the internationally recognized government in tripoli and its rival based in the eastern city of to broker have ordered their forces to stand down both sides say they'll come up with the security arrangement for the city of sirte the fighters from both sides are gathered at the tripoli based government also wants the drill for air bags to be deemed. militarize surge is
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a key gateway for libya's oil exports to world markets and is currently under control of forces loyal to warlord holy for half the hour this is finance of course for production to restart for the benefit of all libyan people and it calls for elections to take place as early as march of next year with the u.n. special representative for libya welcomed the move she issued a statement saying it demonstrates the courage at which libya is in urgent need of in these trying times mode of the ahead joins us now live from tripoli what more do we do know mahmoud. well the reactions are locally and internationally haven't started to come up here in libya. for operation military operation that belongs to the internationally recognized government stated that it's abiding by the government to statement but providing that helped as mercenaries withdraw from so that and central libya and
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not attack otherwise the military the military detachment of the government will respond so this is the 1st reaction in western libya meanwhile several key institutions in western libya allied with the government of national accord say that they had no prior knowledge of that statement which also indicates that some raj there the international committee the prime minister did not coordinate with his local allies before he took this step on the other hand in top of the. house of representatives which is affiliated to the world khalifa haftar says that it cinequest think it's all military units to hold military operations across the country it also says that providing that the oil production will be resumed in one condition that all. must be deposited in a separate account to be
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a frozen there until political settlement based on both elin and k 2 initiative being reached in libya on the other hand we can also read several points of difference between the lines because the government of national accord the opposite said that the oil. exports it should be it is you want providing that the national oil corporation this is the state oil firm here in tripoli should be the only institution in title to war on and monitor the oil export patient and oil revenues meanwhile. international reactions also have been coming and the present of the city has will come this statement by both the house of representatives in topic and the international committee of government hoping saying that he hopes that this would lead to bringing stability back to libya meanwhile also use agencies
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have reported that. reported according to russian russian russian government officials that russia is welcoming the statements by both rival factions in libya but meanwhile you know whether or not those statements will be implemented on the ground that remains to be seen but in all cases we know that both or even factions have now agreed that. what has led to taking this step is the multiple crises the country has been suffering from and also to rid the contrary of foreign mercenaries . figure that there were the other one headline for us from tripoli. where libya's been divided by rival powers since the overthrow of longtime leader moammar gadhafi 9 years ago the u.n. recognized government controls the areas seen here in blue its seat of power is in the capital tripoli or lot whole if i have to who forms the self declared libyan
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national army controls these areas in red and is administration is based in the eastern city of to brook of those forces had been trying to capture tripoli from d.n.a. forces for more than a year but have not succeeded. imad body is a nonresident senior fellow at the atlantic council where his research focuses on libya he joins us on skype from toronto why do you think that we're seeing this ceasefire and now it's been now. well the joint ceasefire announcement comes at the time or libya's really socio economic landscape is at its worst with the country being gripped by covert 19 gay sir going undetected there's abas more services protests of even occurred in the past couple of days in different libyan vocals more importantly also on both of both the coalescence both the government national court aligned coalition military of the and politically speaking as well
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as the libyan armed forces in eastern libya and affiliated that ministration have been divided both on the military and the political side so after the end of half there is offensive line coalition military at least seeking is bereft of unity it's lost the reasons why it's lost it's reason for be united against hope for the common threat that's kind of disappeared and the front line us crystallized their own city on the other hand on the side you have huff though that has lost relevance militarily speaking and politically speaking as well and for expedient rather than practical reasons the speaker of the house like us saw it as being backed by egypt and russia as a potential alternative on the military side as well as really last lost the reason why he was there and he's not able to keep the l.a. of cohesive because it was an entity that was really built around the idea of capturing tripoli and now that that hasn't happened it's difficult to see what type
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of political future he now has been in the country let's say ok what about the role of external playing is some analysts were sparking to on this morning have suggested that it's more to do with want tekkie russia and egypt want not no. it's true to a certain extent but you have to take into account the in terms of this ceasefire agreement at least the parties agree in principle on expelling foreign mercenaries but they have taken also rounds at denying that they are foreign mercenaries on the ground to a certain extent so geopolitically speaking the fight since we have been internationalized kind of war the ceasefire cannot only be sustained by domestic parties asked to be sustained by. international parties at the moment given the d.m.z. the demilitarized zone graphic that imitation is the primary party that has the kind of move its mercenaries around or move or expel expel them from that area in
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particular is russia and russia stands to boost both because it has its mercenaries in central libya and sit in jail for it which i mentioned in indie statements around the ceasefire but it also has its mercenaries around oil installations and has prevented the resumption of oil exports which are also mentioned as part of this initiative so i would say that it's primarily what turkey and egypt want because they are to an extent pragmatic players however will russia's that's the be the wild card here along with other other gulf backers of up there as well ok there's also talk all via planning elections. of next year that seem very very soon what do you think a likelihood is that going ahead. yet there as there are certainly discernible let's say discrepancies in the cease fire plan set out by both huff sorry by both
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and so 2 points of contention that we will have will be the revenue generated the revenue sharing kind of mechanism that is mentioned by. that because that is that will not be agreed upon and that has not been agreed upon previously by the government of course aligned coalitions that's not something that they want also the plan of moving the presidential council to is impractical at best and last but not least the election plan which was which was mostly mentioned but which is actually mentioned by some as you've pointed out it does sound impractical but this idea has been floated has been floated now personally by some. informally for months it's his own idea of a reset my personal reading of it is it's more a symptom of him one think that actually bow out because you have to remember that such as a consensus figure imposed or brought in as part of a political dialogue he did not invasion that he will be leading the country within
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a civil war context or internationalize civil war contact so that's part of the reason why i suspect you want says he wants to let go of this position as soon as possible ok thank you so much for analysis there sponsoring a nonresident senior fellow at the atlantic council thank you. and the past turkey has announced that it's discovered a huge natural gas reserves in the black sea president reject it one says history has been made. i really am delighted to bring this good news to you he has successfully found the largest oil field in the black sea this is the biggest exploration the biggest discovery into history. sam costello has been a crossover on speech in istanbul and joins us now live set and we're going to tell us about this discovery and what it might mean for turkey. well kim the among the
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size of the oil resource that has been found so far is said to be a 320000000000 cubic meters it's a small size relatively very small size compared to natural gas giants in the world it is that it can't even join in the top 10 of natural gas producers but what the turkish president and turkey's energy ministry sat most an hour ago is that it's a sign of a larger gas resource that turkey can reach to so this to no one location where it is turkish drillship fati has been drilling since late july is 150 kilometers in the offshore of turkey's black sea city is on dock and it has been a more than a month that that ship was there and now we are hearing from the experts that there are more fields like that that turkey can reach out to and experts suggest that 320000000000 cubic meters can only last for 5 or 6 years maximum for
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a country like turkey because turkey is totally foreign the energy import dependent when it comes to energy both natural gas oil and others that's why it has a huge current to comp the fist deficit more than 50 percent is because of the energy import so this is a hope for turkey that if turkey finds out more from more energy sources like this in the black sea it can be to totally self-sufficient in domestic demand and also within time turkey can become and that exporter and present promise that by 2023 which is the sentiment is hundreds a year of turkish republic establishment this natural gas will be served to the benefit of the turkish nation of course these are very good news and welcomed by everyone but. what are the others saying what are the opponents of the ruling party and president are done saying this is very important because. for the last 2 years
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turkish economy has been. has been in a fragile situation because circus there has been declining against the american dollar and turkish economy is a high low dollar rise economy and there are especially in the imports because everything is paid in u.s. dollars it's made a huge cost rises in turkey also turkey is suffering from the cold it $19.00 pandemic like the rest of the world in. the central bank reserves has been reserves have been melted then the opposition have been could sizing the government about its economy management so this is a hope for developing party to have a better image and to give to give better hopes for a better economy in the country about their position and the critics of the government say that this is not more the this is only a p.r. for the government just trying to create excuses for the bad management of the
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country and management of the economy but the president assured that it is going to be working and there will be much. much larger resources that will be serving for day turkish nations benefits. thank you very thin and causing all of their life for us in istanbul. i do more ahead on the news all including. the payment for more of the families of those who are still missing from the explosion in beirut. there was no coup says the military in mali its leaders insist the president resigned voluntarily. and in support manchester united captain is a respite after a holiday brawl details coming up with joe. the wife of russian opposition politician alexina vali has appealed to president died
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of a person to allow him to be taken to germany for treatment he went into a coma on thursday with suspected poisoning a police the bar tree says it found traces of an industrial chemical on his hair and hands but russian medics say there's no indication that he was poisoned or challenge reports. what's going on inside this regional russian hospital is only slightly clearer than what's going on inside the body of its most famous patient with a plane waiting in to take an unconscious alexina valmy to germany doctors are saying he's too sick to move though german doctors have now been in to see him his condition remains unstable the question of his transfer i think is premature we have to achieve the complete stabilisation of this patient that is certainly a change from yesterday when the hospital doctors said the valley was in a stable condition but the opposition leaders wife and colleagues suspect or thora he's a stalling to hide signs of poisoning fish tank and usually. we certainly believe
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that it was made to make sure that a chemical substance which is in alexina's body dissolved that's why he's not handed over he's not in good shape and we certainly cannot trust this hospital and we demand him to be handed over to us so that we can be able to treat him an independent hospital which doctors we trust. this is the airport cafe in tomsk where novelli supporters suspect something was put in a cup of tea he drank before boarding the plane from moscow late on thursday it had been cordoned off but poisoning is currently being played down by medics in charge of the hospital and they say he's suffering a metabolic disorder from low blood sugar levels excuse me of. the tests we've done have not indicated poisons in blood or urine therefore poisoning as a diagnosis remains on the back burner we don't believe that the patient suffered from poisoning in moscow st petersburg and other cities around the supporters have
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been gathering and getting detained putin stop poisoning people says this placard never tell me live says another like the opposition leaders closest aides they're convinced this was an attempt on around is life and the fighting may putin has to play. out a 00 xander stay on the way it's called for as a freelance journalist she joins us now from moscow alexander as we had there in that report with the getting a lot of conflicting information about whether or not the valet was poisoned was the latest. well as times go will goes by in the ninety's for more than 30 hours in the distrust between family and friends towards the doctors and what they are telling them or not telling them is only growing and they keep on insisting that he's immediately transported to the doctor saying that they think it is a myth of the baltic disorder and they are a very much against him being transported because they're saying ok this day off
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and landing can actually cause convulsions it can also cause a disruption in a blood flow which basically can mean a hemorrhage or trim bose's or even shocks are saying no his best interest is actually to stay here now the family doesn't trust disinformation they're saying you're not giving us any diagnoses you're not giving us a cause of his call my and his condition you are giving you're stating his condition and the fact that the his blood sugar levels might have dropped it's not actually a cause they keep on that it was the poison that might have caused such a thing and they do insist him to be transported out of that on his hospital and to germany with the plane already waiting we could see the valley is this bridge wife the german doctors left the hospital she try to talk with them but she says she's been pushed off and not allowed to get the information about the condition of her
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husband supposedly the doctors from germany weren't sure were shown the documentation medical document files they have in this hospital as well as the results of the family often vialli and he's colleagues and friends were not able to even talk to them at this point that makes them think more even more dead that the whole thing about the decision of whether he can be transported or not is more political than medical and that's why you're going and i know was appealing to the president of russia vladimir putin to allow him to be transported out of the country was my next question alexandra what has been the volley said to president vladimir putin i believe it was a letter that she wrote in the have we had any response from the kremlin. what what she did she actually made an official request of the russian president we would see the fault though of it it was published on alexina vile his twitter account where she says that she tings that it is in the best interest to treat
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alexei no riley in a specific german hospital and that she demands put into allow for him to be released from the hospital discharge of the hospital and transported there now the could have been said before and also they repeat it is a day they have no problem with. natalee being transported to be treated the elsewhere they're the only obstacle they say and this was said by the spokesperson of russian president and it was quote he said the only obstacle is what the doctors say after all he said he fell ill on the plane so it is the doctors that should give the green light to that so the reply from the violet team is that it is a political decision and they demand that this political decision to be made by politicians ok thanks for that update on just it's called live from moscow
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the bad news in opposition candidate is calling for more mass protests to keep up the pressure on president alexander lukashenko said law meant to come of sky is leading the call for the president's resignation of the demonstrations for 12 straight days including some of the biggest anti-government rallies in minsk since the fall of the soviet union the kind of skier fled to lithuania after the election which she says was rigged against her because she would know people in belarus today are being beaten just for expressing their opinion people in bella reuss are being thrown in prison for taking part in peaceful protests my husband is in prison and bella reuss just for daring to dream about a country for life. our common goal is simple we don't want to live with fear and lies anymore we want what everyone in the world is entitle to the right to live the right to be safe in the street the right not to be imprisoned without a fair trial and the right to fair free and transparent elections steadfast and
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joins us now live from minsk state what else stated i have to say today. well she urged everyone here to continue or their strikes and the protests that has been a decrease the bit over the last couple of days less people are turning up now she wants to keep the spirits high but at the same time to move has. changed now because there's a fear of more violence by police not a crackdown president look at shanghai has been meeting with the special forces and also to in famous riot police oman this morning he has also announced that he will deal with the problem in the next coming days so this is all these are all quite threatening words coming from the president also in the meantime people who have
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been organizing these strikes have been detained also in opposition council with has been set up by to kind of sky to thought of have a transitional government has been charged with with calling for overthrowing the government these people have been questioned in the morning so it is a lot of pressure and people have been going into hiding there's an increased fear here so that doesn't really increase the protests although some groups are still going through the through the streets also last night there were thousands of people still on the streets and we expect quite some large rallies again in the weekend. thank you for that steadfast in the live from minsk. finland's minister for foreign affairs the stones told us about some of the diplomatic efforts european countries are making to support the people of. but of course we have many concerts one is that by a list has been used against the peaceful demonstrators and also that there are
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still political prisoners in the country including some key opposition leaders of course in these circumstances that we now see that people are continuing to demonstrate their most presence and also the coordination colace of the opposition eisler and of course we are afraid that the more free press and more we can they say more violence might might follow and of course we have been appealing very strongly to the leaders of belarus to release political prisoners and not to use violence against their mustard. went last november means sweeney's the foreign minister living there had even a meeting with president lukashenko and of course at peel that this would be korea fairylike sometime this didn't happen now i had to call tool to me i'm ok the foreign minister of and of course appealed that violence should not be used and that they knew they were elixirs on this record so i asked the security
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organization of europe they always see to participate as observers of the lexer and also allow their representatives to come to the country unfortunately this is not yet the case but i think it's very important that we continually continuously are in contact with the leaders of. an appeal to them to to move on or create korean fair elections. hence time now for the way their hair is jenny with more on the wildfires in california yes it's a very active season this one came it's been hot it's been tried the winds have been gusty all the things of course that really just fuel 5 but you can see here on the satellite look at all these clear skies it's california in particular that has really been impacted because there's plenty of rain across the southeast and thunderstorms but in fact the storms have also been responsible fashion starting some of these fires that just have a look at this this is in the. san francisco bay area and you know already 5 people have died because of these fires and in this particular area one fire has burned
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over 53000 hectares 170 homes have been destroyed 50000 homes actually threatened and look at this this is up in the north into napa they are very widely scattered in these fires and in fact the whole state is really struggling to deal with them there's no real reprieve from the weather it'll be wholesome and dry and the winds as they've been very gusty is making very hard to fight these fires in the ring canyons it's a very hard it's a program to deal with meanwhile across the southeast in the middle usual rain the usual thunderstorms fairly typical for this time of year and also some rather welcome rain pushing into the pacific northwest but of course it doesn't make a great deal of headway and it stays clear and dry across much of the west meanwhile see more in the way of showers and thunderstorms across areas in the east now we head down from there across into caravans lots of heavy rain here and that is because the tickler area head this massive cloud and one also just coming into vision the just to the northern leeward islands these are 2 potential tropical storms we've got tropical depression 13 number 14 this is actually 14 here this is
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the one that does the most likely develop in the next couple of days on its way towards the yucatan peninsula and if it does develop this one came it's a few it's a few days early to say for sure but the national hurricane center saying this could become the next hurrican heading towards the south of the u.s. it will keep an eye on it ok i think that any. still ahead here on al-jazeera find out why people in the chinese capital beijing are being told not to wear a mask on thoughts. just judge this president on the facts. 5000000 americans are affected by covert 19 more than 170000 americans with dark. a blistering attack on donald trump by the new official democratic candidate for president joe biden. and in sport with joe action from the n.b.a. playoffs says the l.a. lakers strikes back against portland.
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bottles in cameroons rivers. on england's st. plastic is everywhere. but if bottles can be fishing boats. i'm bubble gum wellington boots what more can be done with this plague of polymers . earthrise reimagining plastic. on al-jazeera. frank assessment. of. what it means to live through it's an informed opinion which is ethiopia on the verge of a breakdown in many parts of the old will meet region are actually under a de facto state of emergency and critical debate after to use a proxy because look there are some big interest of the libyan people in depth
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analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al-jazeera. you're watching are just there a reminder of our top stories this hour libby is warring sides have called for a cease fire moved by the un recognized government in tripoli and the to book parliament allied war. is aimed at ending foreign interference. turkish president. has announced that major natural gas reserves have been found off the coast of the backseat he says the find is the largest in the country's history. the wife of russian opposition politician alexina has appealed to president vladimir putin
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allow him to be taken to germany for treatment but they say they found traces of an industrial chemical on his body russian don't just say there's no indication he was poisoned. or india is battling to contain the corona virus pandemic the country reported another day with nearly 70000 and fictions more than 900 deaths that brings its total number of cases past 2900000 so has the 3rd highest number of cases in the walls. and beijing is removing its requirement for people to wear masks outdoors the chinese capital has been relaxing its coronavirus restrictions after nearly 13 days with no new cases betrayed you have. a few months ago here in beijing it was difficult to find anybody on the street not wearing a mark but increasingly that's not the case china has not wanted any local jazz musicians of the crown of ours in the past 5 days and health authorities are starting to relax restrictions starting on friday people will no longer have to
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wear a mask all the outdoors walking or exercising and many residents here say they believe but some say that they will choose to continue to wear my oh you that most people are still wearing masks now so for safety i decided to keep wearing it for a while but. i feel very safe especially these new regulations so you don't need to wear any more i follow the message from the government this is the 2nd time beijing health or you have a locked mosque where your god lives there were initially loosened in april for change and you forming a 2nd outbreak now china's leaders say outbreaks in beijing and the province of the fishing junk and yelling under control define has been largely returning to normal in recent weeks sentiment and entertainment venues have reopened the beach with limited capacity and starting in september all schools and universities are set to reopen. lebanon is imposing a 2 week lockdown to contain a surge in corona virus infections ministry of health is warning that hospitals are
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running out of space 6 major hospitals and 20 clinics were damaged the by reporter explosion 2 weeks ago the country recorded 605 new cases and 4 deaths on thursday said one has more from by. a partial lockdown has been imposed authorities are hoping that they can flatten the curve there has been a dramatic rise in the number of corona virus cases a few weeks ago the daily average was between 10 to 20 and now the numbers are in the hundreds and for a country which health the health care system is already collapsing authorities fear that there is a need really to try to contain the spread in order to prevent and a total collapse hospitals. have been really suffering as a result of the port explosion just 2 weeks ago it really put a lot of pressure on the system because hundreds of people remain in intensive care units people who were wounded in that blast so even in wards dedicated to call the
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patients covered 900 patients they are already full now what happened what what brought about this rise well the airport was opened in july and many travelers who arrived in the country where they were infected and you have a population really which was were not being responsible they were not wearing masks they were not present respect the social distancing they were going to beaches there were wedding parties now. gatherings have been banned but the situation but the authorities are also making sure that the repair and relief work that that has followed the beirut blast will not be disrupted and that's why if this is just a partial lockdown so the hope is in the next 2 weeks the number of coronavirus cases will be reduced because up to 400 doctors and nurses have been infected and like we mentioned hospitals damaged and destroyed in the paper port
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explosion. the leaders of mali's military coup denying they forcefully remove the president from poa saying he resigned voluntarily bring him because announced his resignation on tuesday the soldiers to taint him he hasn't been seen since the military says he's being held at an army barracks for his own protection overnight he was visited by an official from the u.n. mission in mali. i think. he's doing very well as are all the others they aren't under arrest they had attained to keep in safety for their own security you'll agree with me that after this kind of situation and security for example after he left his home some people attacked his house after he'd left some people have even come to us on their own initiative for their own safety he is safe and can keep an eye on things. ok let's bring up my interest who is monitoring the story from a bridge i've made quite interesting turn of events the military now saying this was an acquittal the president stepped down voluntarily.
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exactly the military will try to find whatever legitimacy they can find from the people around to shore up their support locally so as to paint a picture of acceptance to the international community but on the side of the international community united nations united states europe leaders in africa and even the sub region where you have the economic community of west african state the feeling is that it was a cool the reason being that all the elements of an african coup are in play you have the president the prime minister the minute cabinet ministers as a last key offices of the government have been arrested you have the military taking over radio stations shutting down borders shutting down the international airport and these are the things we regularly see on military coups in africa so
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for them to come out at this time to say that it's not a cool i think a lot of people feel that it's more like the military trying to gain legitimacy meanwhile in a short while the minute to minute to representative will join members of the m 5 movement who have led demonstrations against former president bill walker cater for congregational prayer this friday shortly at the independence square they'll be attending that and after that we expect to see it as well right now we also have information that the delegation of the regional bloc the economic community of west african states may be arriving mali tomorrow to meet with the leadership of the army and the new government in mali and one of the key things one of the key demands is that the military should release. and key members of his cabinet who are in detention i'm sure at the moment the military would want to keep the bramble
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book a kid to. this is a big leverage for them for whatever negotiations they would have to have with the economic community of west african states and probably europe or the united states or even the united nations so far that's the situation in mali at the moment thank you that update there i'm and it's just some monitoring developments in mali from of those. here as presidential candidate joe biden has formally accepted his party's nomination promising to overcome what he called a season of darkness biden accuse president trump of failing to lead and failing to protect ellen fisher has more now from wilmington biden's home state of delaware. i accept this nomination for president of the united states of america 32 years after he 1st ran for president joe biden is no the democratic candidate the last month
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standing in what was a large field while be a democratic candidate i will be an american president and now he will face donald trump in november a man he's previously described as i have his depth incompetent and racist but a man he criticized without ever using his name in his speech the choice could not be more clear no rhetoric is needed just judge this president on the facts 5000000 americans infected by covert 90 more than 170000 americans have died by far the worst performance of any nation on earth. more than 50000000 people have filed for unemployment this year the acceptance was moved to a new arena in his home state of delaware it was delivered to an empty room with family watching backstage a nearby stadium was converted into a drive in theater to allow people to watch the speech on the big screen from the
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socially distance see 50 of their cars and the democratic challenger told the country he noised being the guy who is not donald trump isn't enough to win as president the 1st step i will take were to get control of the virus that has ruined so many lives will we be the generation that finally waves out the stain of racism from our national character i believe are up to it. i believe we're ready and he promised a different foreign policy in a biden white house i'll be a president will stand with our allies and friends and make it clear to our adversaries the days of cozying up to dictators is over. the final speech at a convention is normally marked with huge cheers and traditionally a balloon drop this was a different ending but what has been a different kind of convention. so joe biden has finally convinced the democratic
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party he should be the presidential candidate normally after the convention the candidate hits the campaign trail crisscrossing the country but because of covert that can happen this time around but still he has 11 weeks to convince the country that what he put on display in his speech his vision his policies even his personality is what america needs no alan fischer al-jazeera wilmington delaware. the u.s. postmaster general is testifying before a senate committee he's been accused of trying to sabotage the postal service ahead of november's election there was joy is an ally of president donald trump and was planning to make cutbacks there's a halt at some of the changes following a public outcry about the potential impact on mail in ballots donald trump has suggested that mail in vote will be susceptible to fraud. of the recent u.s. brokered deal between israel and the united arab emirates is being touted as
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a real game changer by the white house but there are still some hurdles to clear one sticking point is the u.s. made f. $35.00 fighter jets a senior iraqi official anwar ghosh said on thursday the deal should clear the way for the u.a.e. to buy the planes but israel has objected then there's the issue of iran which has longstanding economic links with the u.a.e. the tensions escalated this week after 2 iranian fishermen were killed by the m.r.c. coast guard. and ron's president has want to cancel what he called opening the path of israel to the region describing the u.a.e. deal as a big mistake. or. is it director of the gulf studies center at qatar university enjoys a sound scott from here in doha think the time what do you think do you think these issues that we just outlined there could derail the u.a.e. israel deal i think this is this is a short. term to please many parties please do
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example in station please please in the hole and save face and the pressure he's facing inside israel and also trying to. avoid. severe depression and about these because of the continuous failure. they have basically placed in many a matter that may be in syria. other files that basically this is an attempt to say we have done something and basically it was a big deal where there is this is a possibility of the british so it's a possibility one where the u.a.e. has real motivations with this deal do you think i mean they said it was about the palestinians but the palestinians have rejected this as a as a betrayal. i mean we have a history of the 2 this is the 3rd if it happens to be the 3rd the treaty of
4:44 pm
normalization. agreement but there's a we have a different case whether you're doing in case what has been achieved in those think history tells a lot 2 of them and ideas and someone can justify what happened that it is right egypt and jordan because they aren't you know surrounding country or palestine so that is that is sort of the rationale before that because the you know they they wanted to secure their own borders but in the case of the melodies there is a huge question mark you know and this is there are these 3000 miles away from palestine why they why they need this it's about basically it's about playing grown in that he did it about contribution and placing the arab spring on a vacation it's about facing iran it's about it's about other things that other than that but it's the u.n. calls. for this season basically palestinian state is already have rejected that and they said that it is sort of a jail today because i think this is such
4:45 pm
a situation is that just an indicator. that the deal of the century which already. started last year by the administration has failed and that is that the search for another victory even short short term victory through this kind of person in the donald trump when he announced the studio said he expected other countries to follow suit for the u.s. in recognizing israel and normalizing relations from what we've seen south father reaction the fallout do you see that as a possibility. only. made . against normalizations a man and a man had communication with israeli side of the house but you see there's nothing else being done and i think the. indicating that if there is no impact on
4:46 pm
that but is the u.n. . authority vested in people that has no meaning for busy having any kind of agreement with those. because of the when they talk about it. and so it is basically a bit they are in and that he is a mess but it's actually we have not heard any action after a few days we had that action that you know anything 2 basically within the frame for the notion of a resolution it's fine so look at that aside because. it clear that you know i dissolution with not acts of the but as the i were not accepted by them as well so it's very clear that there is a lot of doubts about the seriousness of the whole government the serious of having a serious peace think 2 beyond this season it will take some time and i think we had to wait and. see the outcome of the american elections and after. 74 days
4:47 pm
and see what would happen after that because all of this we should understand in the context of presenting a victory to. trump to please his base and then i can states thanks so much time so i had a there director on the edge of the gulf study center at catholic university. i was crowd control the 6 surrounding south korea's most famous square that says achieved while violent fame but the k. pop stars are facing questions about when they plan to do their military service as required by law of the bride reports. they are a global sensation as evidenced by this record breaking virtual concert reaching an estimated 750000 fans worldwide defying the pandemic as the most famous k. pop band b.t.s. has managed to connect to an audience far beyond south korea. would be different from typical keep up with the band because. the identity of. the hip hop band make
4:48 pm
them tell about their own life history their only experience can be shared by a global youth who have had to bury similar experience in their younger age part of that life experience for young south korean men includes this compulsory military service it's regarded as a jew to eat that all men over 18 should be proud to fulfill and that no one should skin. but there is a provision to delay your military service until you're 28 if you're studying and with the b.t.s. band members well into that twenty's all of them have now in rolled in online courses leading to suspicions they're putting off their service for as long as they can. it's helped fuel the debate about whether the k. pop stars should get an exemption often adored and hounded by fans wherever they go
4:49 pm
the stresses of k. pop stardom are well known and it's argued that they contribute to south korea's prestige abroad prominent sports stars like tottenham football players song men get an exemption if they win international tournament's sounded just a few weeks of basic training and b.t.s. fans have petitioned the presidential office for their idols to be granted the same exemption still the controversy goes on but in my opinion if actually the people except his country you know to the raising of the korean you know. i think a president who would you know agree and then there wouldn't you know quote mr service whichever way it goes it's a controversial decision balancing the need for fairness with a recognition that b.t.s. are more than just another band of bullies robert bride al-jazeera sold. still ahead on al-jazeera and spoke of
4:50 pm
a job preparations done got time to plan for into bonds manager to head off to europe and think the final. business leaders to buy the brass part.
4:51 pm
business leaders is both to buy now brass power. not a sport as came banking football 0 probably reaches its conclusion later on friday nearly a whole year after it started after a season disrupted by the credit virus pandemic into milan and sivia will do battle for the title and an empty stadium in germany david stokes reports. into milan of not want to trophy for 9 years but their favorites going into this one the forward
4:52 pm
partnership of romelu lukaku and literal martinez is firing on all cylinders with both of them scoring twice in a 5 nil thrashing of shutout the nets can the semi's into happy to be back in a european final for the 1st time since winning the champions league and the jo said marino back in 2010 given to not be to dinner is not just such as these need to become a habit of into just as they were 10 or 15 years ago into should always be looking to play in finals to compete for trophies and leak titles. enters manager antonio console you win this trophy as a player with your ventus in the 1990 s. and the champions league to the 51 years old he showed he still got some pace especially when out running a road sprinkler in training in his news conference contrary issued a strong warning to his team legend the man in a less thought as a player i played many finals i won but i also lost a lot i realize that people only remember when you win i want to champions league
4:53 pm
but i lost 3 in the finals in history only victories remain history is written by the winners. standing between inter and the trophy is the competition's most successful ever team severe the spanish side of one a record 5 times and never lost in the final they beat manchester united in the semi's and on their longest ever unbeaten run of 20 games leading them. the former spain and real madrid boss he's yet to win a trophy as a manager though. going on the field there are a number of sentences and famous lines that you can say about finals we've heard them all and we are calm and that's the calm that we need to make sure that we are balanced and focused in the final and it's not different from any other game except that there's a lot more at stake in the final is being played in cologne germany with no friends allowed in because of the pandemic those watching at home should not expect a high scoring game sylvia have conceded just one goal in their last 6 matches and into just one in their last 7 david stokes out 0 and see united captain harry
4:54 pm
maguire has been arrested on the greek island of make an ass the 27 year old england player was allegedly involved in incident in which police officers were assaulted after breaking up a brawl between 2 groups of tourists manchester united say require is cooperating fully with authorities. barcelona's new coach ronald koeman has been in charge for only a few days but he's wasted no time in building his team of coaching staff the dutchman has appointed henrik lawson as one of his assistants lawson spent 2 years with barcelona from 2004 winning the champions league 2 league titles and the spanish super cup he also played with coleman at dutch side filed. the n.b.a. playoffs at disney and the l.a. lakers have hit back in their series against the portland trail blazers paul and won the opening game but the lakers stars were on form in game 2 this was anthony davis setting up le bron james for an alley oop and then change returned the favor to set up davis who finished with 31 points the lakers won by 23 and portland star
4:55 pm
damian lillard dislocated his index finger it's not known if he'll be able to play game 3. in the eastern conference the milwaukee bucks also recover from a rocky start to their series against the london magic yanis at its grammar school $28.00 as they won by 15 type things up at one game each. of the n.h.l. ice hockey playoffs continue in canada and the new york islanders have won their eastern conference 1st round series against the washington capitals and the really a scored twice that are for nothing when the game 5 in that sealed the series victory games to one that means the season is over for the capitals with the stanley cup champions back in 2018. and the dallas stars are also into the 2nd round after a fight that win over the calgary flames they were 3 nothing down but came back to win 73 and win the series 4 games to 2 the stars will now face the clock colorado
4:56 pm
avalanche. the reigning n.f.l. champion kansas city chiefs have banned fans from wearing native american themed head dresses face paint or costumes this follows the washington n.f.l. team dropping its redskins name of accusations of racism the chiefs have been speaking with native american communities where they still haven't made a decision on the arrow head chop which friends use their arms in the chopping motion meant to simulate an enemy scalping current viruses cause more disruption the major league baseball this time the new york mets have had to postpone 2 of their games after 2 positive results in their in their camp the finale of the mets 4 game series at miami was called off an hour before it was due to start on thursday and friday as game against the yankees also off to allow for more testing schemes governing body has also had to make some tough decisions because of the pandemic the f.i.o.s. has confirmed that the world cup tools will not travel to north america in late november for 2 weeks of competition it will impact race weeks in lake louise
4:57 pm
killington and beaver creek. so with coronavirus hitting so many sports u.s. soccer is trying to fight back is donated some of its use team jerseys to be made into 500 face masks for frontline health workers the u.s. government's top infectious disease expert dr anthony found she also has one u.s. soccer also wants funds to wear a mask in their daily life. to cricket and england a batting 1st in the 3rd and final test against pakistan number 3 batsman zach crawley has hit 73 for the hosts in southampton but there will be a bit psalm 139 in the lead the series one no which means pakistan need to win this match to avoid the overall defeat. all right that is always full for now we'll have more for you later can't thank you. but it is the news article where i'll be back in just a moment with more of the day's news here on out as. they
4:58 pm
come in here and in search of work to provide a better life for the families they've left behind. but though their labor is vital to italy's food industry they risk exploitation by corporations and organized crime . trapped in a system with little hope of escape people in power investigates italy 6 links on al-jazeera. as countries begin easing coronavirus restrictions scientists warn of a 2nd wave of infections in the last few days and the next day in front of their neighborhood and many fear the economy is being poirot hoist the boat for human life that thought fall off before god yet in the court was and they are here that
4:59 pm
was like important like didn't exist we bring you the latest developments from across the globe coronavirus fundament special coverage on al-jazeera. in 2008 al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. we return to see how the students and the scheme of helping change the face of india. super 30 ananda's era. i was a hands on each other and working in asia and africa there'd be days where i'd be shooting editing my own stories than a refugee camp with no electricity and right now we're confronting some of the greatest challenges that humanity has ever faced and i really believe that the only way we can do that is with compassion and generosity and come from liars because of
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the only way we can try to solve any of these problems is together that's why al-jazeera is so important we make those connections. rival governments in libya agreed to a nationwide cease fire and there are separate demands for elections to be held next year. alone convert all this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. turkey and else is a discovery of large new natural gas reserves in the black sea. the wife of russian politician that they see in the valley center less said to president vladimir putin asking him to approve the transfer of her sick husband to germany.


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