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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 21, 2020 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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all right the world people pay attention to walk on here now does it is very good that bringing the news to the world from here. comatose russian opposition politician alexina valmy is given the all clear to be flown to germany for treatment. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching al jazeera live from our world headquarters here in doha also coming up libya's u.n. backed government announced a cease fire and its rival power in the east is also appealing for a halt to the fighting. turkey confirms it's found a large natural gas reserve in the black sea and expects similar discoveries in the eastern med plus. the postal service is fully capable of committed to delivering
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the nation's election manal securely and on time the man in charge of the u.s. postal service is grilled over controversial cost cutting measures. your top story the russian opposition leader alexina valmy has been given permission to travel to berlin for emergency medical care german doctors deemed novell need fit to travel after examiner's him in siberia he's been recovering in hospital there after suspected poisoning his wife has appealed to the president vladimir putin to allow him to be taken to berlin police say they found traces of an industrial chemical on his body but russian doctors say there's no indication that he was poisoned. alexandra steele you know which gulf war is a freelance journalist who joins us from moscow alexandra do you think you might be on a plane in the next few hours that. well what are russian doctors saying that it will
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take a couple of hours to prepare him for and this trip that they still think is a risky trip then that might in danger of his health but that they gave finally permission to will happen they say they have to prepare the patient then that the divine is still in a coma and he is still cook to the medical ventilator so what they are saying is it will take a couple of hours only to prepare him and then there is a method of or so for all sorts of permits and administer if thing which they claim in promise there's not going to be a problem in the case dr certainty of a green light or if it's a patient what do we know of this toxin that's been firm we understand on his hair and his hands well it seems to be a chemical which is used in and industrial production of plastics to make it light more flexible to make it well basically bent plastic and that what the.
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police is saying that it might have been from a plastic cap he was drinking could be the morning when he fell ill they found it in his here they found it on some on the clothes but all doctors are saying there were no traces of that found in his blood or in his urine samples as a matter of fact they to day before they gave the permission completely dismissed what is an end of any kind as a reason for not buying this condition the coma that he's in is not we understand a coma that he's slipped into it's a medically induced coma is part of the process getting him ready to fly bringing him out of that will he stay in the coma until he gets to germany. well what i understand and this is something that russian doctors actually insisted throughout yesterday and what is on the medical papers leaked. when he was
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when he was admitted to the hospital that he actually is in the next will comma and that he is in the deep coma and that this was not induced by them this is what they were claiming yesterday 'd that he fell into this comatose situation government state and what they're saying now is that his vitals will go a bit better in the brain activity is stable 'd and generally right results they will enough so that they're saying now we can give a permission because the family was so insistent and they are actually taking responsibility now for his well being ok alexandra we'll leave it there many thanks libya's internationally recognized government in tripoli has announced a cease fire as its rival parliament in the east also called for stop the fighting this potential breakthrough came as the warring sides were gearing up for a battle over sirte his chance stratford. libya has been in turmoil for nearly a decade. nato bank says over through its long time leader
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moammar gadhafi in 2011 for the roots of what's often described as this old rich country's civil war started after the disputed elections in 2014 disagreement between the then house of representatives and the general national congress made worse over a so-called roadmap for libya's future. the country split into 2 rival administrations the house of representatives led by the war lords relief after moved to the eastern city of 2 broke and what became the un backed government of national accord led by prime minister fayyad as raj remained in the capital tripoli in the west. thousands of people have been killed and many more forced to flee their homes 6 and a half years of fighting. the un accuses regional powers of repeatedly breaking a 2011. on libya by supplying weapons to both sides egypt
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the u.a.e. and russia have supported hafta while turkey and qatar have backed the government of national accord. in april last year hoft old an offensive to take control of tripoli aiming at what he described as cleansing the western zone of terrorist groups. his forces have shut down or taking control of major oil facilities in eastern libya depriving the country of billions of dollars in revenue tripoli's only international airport has been repeatedly bombed using heavy artillery many civilians have been killed and wounded. areas of southern and western tripoli have been almost completely destroyed in the fighting repeated attempts at un bank cease fire talks of failed. a cease fire is a decision made by the power brokers by the circumstances and it is not necessarily a libyan decision this spike the fact that it's the g.n.a.t. and the world who announced its decision this time the decision is not libya and the decision is uniquely turkish russia with some input from some of the
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international powers and as long as it stays that way it's unlikely the cease fire will break. friday's cease fire announcement comes amid fears of an escalation by both sides mobilizing for a battle over the town seared the gateway to the major all terminals which are under the control of pro have 2 forces for now at least there's hope that agreement between powerful countries that many say have contributed to libya's suffering a backing a cease fire that could end its civil war chance trafford al-jazeera turkey is announced its biggest natural gas discovery a 320000000000 cubic meter field beneath the black sea the country currently depends on imports for most of its energy needs president says this will now change . i really am delighted to bring this good news to you ticky has successfully found the largest gas field in the black sea this is the biggest exploration and the
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biggest discovery into history and i'm concern as an instant bull she says the government is hoping the find could be a much needed boost for the economy. the size of the gas reserves found by that by turkey is of course very small compared to energy giant countries like china or united states or russia but will it be a remedy for the ailing turkish economy that's the question and this is what the turkish government is very positive about turkey's and that energy imports are country for instance in 2900 took imported 45000000000 cubic meters of natural gas and it costs around $15000000000.00 u.s. dollars for turkey and it constitutes a police health of turkey's current account deficit so for a country like turkey totally dependent on foreign energy supplies even though it's a short term gain it's of course the size the scale of the. resource is not enough
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to be a game changer but it's going to provide turkey a lever it's in the black sea also a legitimate station of energy exploration in the eastern mediterranean this is how the government sees and of course this is good news for the ruling party to consolidate its electorate given a fragile economic turbulence turkey's going through. the bill a russian opposition candidate is calling for more mass protests to keep up the pressure on president bush and co so atlanta to going to sky is leading the call for the president to resign they have been demonstrations for 12 straight days including some of the biggest anti-government rallies in minsk since the fall of the u.s.s.r. to collapse gone and fled to lithuania across the border after the election which she says was rigged against her because she would know people in belarus today are being beaten just for expressing their opinion people in bella reuss are being thrown in prison for taking part in peaceful protests my husband is in prison in
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bella ruse just for daring to dream about a country for life. our common goal is simple we don't want to live with fear and lies anymore we want what everyone in the world is entitle to the right to live the right to be safe in the street the right not to be imprisoned without a fair trial and the right to fair free and transparent elections. following the news conference from the capital. she was asked if she is going to run for the presidency again if there would be a new fair elections but she was very invasive about this question she said it's a bit early days and it is indeed early days because the situation here in. significant significantly changed in the last couple of days it's very clear that. tightening his grip on power he's still very much in control of the security forces protests have still been going on but they are smaller than they were before there
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is this opposition council which also has been installed by sky and that's why i'm here at this theater because one of the leaders of this. council is now in hiding because he's fearing for his life members of the council have also been faced with charges criminal charges for an appeal to overthrow the government several members of this council have been questioned this morning there was fear that they would be detained but they have just. gone out of this investigative committee but there is also of course a lot of fear that this police crackdown that we saw just 2 weeks ago is going to happen again. once again blaming each other for another round of bricks that talks they have minutes of gone nowhere it's the sufferance time negotiations of this year disagreements remain on significant areas such as fisheries policy. too often this week it felt as if we weare going backwards more than
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folks given the short time left but i sitting on the new dry it remains true today a different page an agreement between you can do your communion seems and i. i simply do not understand why we are wasting your time still to come here on al-jazeera. a victory celebration in mali after the president steps down the question now is was it's a coup all voluntary plus. i don't people by the time you come to the i.c.u. it's kind of late for you by this mainly latino voter community in the us is fire risk because of the coronavirus pandemic.
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and. across much of the middle east to the south as in the years the months of cloud bringing the chiles of afternoon shabbat as we go through saturday is going to be to the north who can see some fairly persistent rain and at times it could be very heavy you can see this mass of blue hair all the way from the north east and turkey right the way across georgia on towards that rain could be heavy at times it could have some localized flooding and it doesn't tend to really caraway by sunday just means for the tools east and again some heavy rain really coming through as a santa faunal thiessen section of turkey away from there it's hot and dry the winds not quite as strong say in fact as we go through sunday it should be too much in the way of sand and dust which is because typically in the mid to high forty's celsius would assign a cooler day and with a high the over $36.00 then down into africa central areas plenty of activity in fact the rains quite extensive across much of the democratic republic of congo extending further tools the south and that is the case of scattered showers all the
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way through mozambique up through tanzania and on into kenya notice a bad couple of days across much of south africa those stormy conditions have caused by too much as tend to fluctuate just 18 celsius the capetown on port elizabeth and as you go through the next few days it will be morning folk in cape town than a nice day and when the showers of cheese. frank assessments what are you saying back in yemen 60 percent of the new poll relation why do we see with this it's an informed opinion is ethiopia on the verge of a breakdown many parts of the omeo region are actually under a de facto state of emergency and critical debate after the use of proxy because not every so be enters the bill if you do in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour the russian opposition leader alexina bounty has been given permission to travel to berlin for emergency medical care german doctors de novo only fit enough to travel after examining him in siberia he's been recovering in hospital there after suspected poison. libya's warring sides have called for a cease fire the move by the un recognized government in tripoli and the to brooke parliament allied with the war 25 after is aimed at ending foreign interference and the turkish president rushed up typo to one has announced that major natural gas reserves are being found underneath the black sea he says the find is the largest
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in the country's history. the u.s. postmaster general says mail in ballots will be delivered securely and on time for november's elections louis joy has been testifying today before a senate committee about accusations he's trying to sabotage the postal service ahead of the vote to joy an ally of donald trump has ordered financial cutbacks but he's now suspended all changes after a public outcry about the potential impact on mail in ballots mr trump has suggested that mail in voting could be highly susceptible to fraud as we head into the election season i want to assure this committee and the american public that the postal service is fully capable and committed to delivering the nation's election manal securely and on time this sacred duty is my number one priority between now and election day heidi joe castro has more now from capitol hill. lista
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joy is fielding the accusation from democrats that he is a socially trumped accomplice in trying to steal the upcoming election detroit has said that insinuation was outrageous today he said that he has had no communications with president trump or the trump campaign as far as these changes to the u.s. postal service that he has implemented he committed again to postponing further changes these cuts to services that he says are intended to bring the troubled agency to financial solvency and has nothing to do with complicating the upcoming elections with mail in ballots now the joy has bowed to the senators today on this panel that every ballot will be counted in time that is a dramatic departure from the warning that his agency issued to states a month ago saying that millions of votes may be uncounted because of these
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delivery delays opposition supporters are holding celebration rallies in the capital bamako days after the military coup that ousted the president over him but key to announced his resignation on tuesday after soldiers detained him the west african grouping echo also sending a delegation there on saturday to discuss mali's political future overnight say un mission in mali paid a visit to keep in detention. every 2 lizards he's doing very well as are all the others they aren't under arrest they had a time to keep in safety for their own security you'll agree with me that after this kind of situation this insecurity for example after he left his home some people attacked his house after he'd left some people even come to us on their own initiative for their own safety. and can keep an eye on things al-jazeera is a committed wrists is following the story from a budget and explains how the mali and military will want to handle the visit from
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ecowas. i'm sure by the time the course delegation arrives malia obama called to morrow the only one to show them that the people are with the new military leaders and they want to inform them that it was a necessity that the army intervened of course the narrative now is that they did not intervene you bramble took action left and so they wanted to fill up a vacuum so as to stay the course of the country so but what is important for them is that they want as much as they can to show to the rest of the world that they still have been x. there that they have been accepted by men by jordi of money and and of course they want to use it as a bargaining chip for whatever sanctions that may come their way especially now with the west african power block or the economic community of west african states to lob some sanctions on mali either into. cutting financial flows imposing land and blockade on on mali as well as introducing some sanctions apart from of
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course at their summit yesterday they exempted food and medication maybe medical supplies from those sanctions so they wanted to use this as an evidence to show that money is i in support of what they're saying and that removing book at kate was necessary to right the wrongs in mali from the elections to the security challenges in the north and central parts of the country. india is battling to contain the coronavirus pandemic the country reports another day with nearly 70000 infections and more than 100 deaths that brings the total number of cases past 2900000 as the 3rd highest number of cases anywhere in the world will cover $1000.00 rates to soaring along the american border with mexico a combination of poverty and poor public health is putting communities there a higher risk than other areas in the united states has rob reynolds. trying to stay one step ahead of death dr tindall pays
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a visit to. one of his covert 1000 patients cynthia reyes i think of my friends. think we are one computer program. tonight have been nothing but a us family has suffered greatly in the pandemic form from the womb. of. my mother or on the. way its mother margarita says she hasn't even had time to grieve for her husband everything that we've been through it's a nightmare for people need to take things like very serious think this is something real doctor vo is on the front lines in imperial county california the community on the us mexico border and one of the hardest hit in the entire state the covert 19 positivity rate here is 3 times as high as in the rest of california we feel really really. you know desperate. when it truly we need help when you do
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need to get better far from the bigger and better equipped hospitals of major cities doctors and nurses at imperial county's main medical center struggled to cope with a stream of covert 1000 patients it is the perfect storm and it includes things outside of our control i doubt people by the time you come to the i.c.u. with spinal age for you many people in this largely let tino border area have underlying health problems the community already had high rates of asthma and diabetes recently hundreds of people lined up at a local food bank to receive donations imperial county is the poorest place in california where the per capita income of $17500.00 in 2019 compared to the national per capita income of $45000.00 a year unemployment is nearly 30 percent and almost one in 4 people live below the poverty line this is a more county you know. because. now that would be. the state
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government has sent in extra medical teams and has transferred patients to other hospitals seem to raise this as a message for anyone who thinks the virus might disappear from. entrenched poverty chronic illness and a neglected public health infrastructure make imperial county and other border communities from california to texas a coded killing zone rob reynolds al jazeera lebanon's going back into long done for 2 weeks including a nightly curfew as it tries to bring its infection rates the ministry of health is one of the hospitals running out of space many would damaged in the beirut porting explosion 2 weeks ago about $70000.00 homes will also destroyed our correspondent stephanie deca is in beirut. it's been an increase of over 100 in the last couple
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of days which is why you're seeing these measures being imposed on busy hamra street and this on a friday night a would have been packed with people cafes restaurants bars and also the traffic would have been packed back to back it would be very difficult to move so before the explosion already you can probably see the shops here all of them shuttered along along most of them already had closed down because of the dire economic situation and then of course the blast happened many of them. actually got damage and clothes and the few the very few there's one restaurant just here that we'd occasionally go to have lunch in the last week or so now because of this lockdown having to close their doors so no gyms no restaurants offices as well having limited capacity what is allowed the airport remains open us journalists we can move around and of course the aid efforts continue this is a city that's been completely destroyed people remain missing also this is something that we wanted to remind our viewers are there are families that still are waiting for those killed missing in that catastrophic explosion this is one
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family's story i miss you because you can hug why are you ignoring my calls. probably because so many so pick larry so you want to let me hear your voice a phone call filled with playful love still there after years of marriage it was the last time it to some has a duty heard her husband's voice one explosion took place here was his duties. with whom. he talked just prior to the explosion her son has a duty worked at the grain silos of beirut port his family have had no news about him for over 2 weeks now. but not by you on my children want their father i want my husband back i can't say he's dead. he still missing but he disappeared for nothing
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we are all destroyed our bodies our souls our houses everything is destroyed the explosion was one of the largest non-nuclear blasts in history it was a mad rush to find survivors in the early days saleem is a dive instructor and immediately volunteered to join the rescue you see like all the building like skeleton can't see through them because there's no window and no furniture nothing so you can look at all of this and get this the semisphere here so everything was destroyed it was chaos he tells us maybe that is it he was like. over 2 weeks on and people are still missing and it's hard to identify them now at the beginning because the press. recently interviewed him and he. was time passing we had. shredded bodies or people on the ground because of we were all the men. and women and
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identification was stopped before. as we were finishing this report has a duty family got the terrible final news a son's body had been identified a father a husband there everything a mother who in her aging years has to bury her child. a son trying to hold it together. the family has told us they want justice an independent international investigation into what happened and who is responsible but they say that this was a senseless death. they've been left with an inconsolable pain and irreplaceable void that even if justice comes cannot heal stephanie decker al-jazeera. the police in thailand started arresting student anti-government protest organizers
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to prevent what officials fear was an escalation but for the 1st time a minister's son with some of the students in bangkok asked him how it went the month old anti-government protest was founded fronted and organized by thai students from high schools to university. i want democracy and equality where there is no difference whether one person has a higher social status than the other earlier in the week just after high school class dismissal 100 showed up in front of the ministry of education asking for the minister to resign and for reform of the education system. more democratic this after students said they were prevented from showing their support for the movement on campuses like using the 3 finger salute a symbol of the protest or wearing ribbons a sign of solidarity thailand's education minister not upon it. came out to speak to the protesters the 1st direct engagement from a top government official is this something that you think the top levels of
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government will continue to do kind of maybe follow your lead it's not follow my lead i think it's that dialogue that i have had with the prime minister and i think that by listening to them you. will minimize the damage that will be done if there were. they would be escalating you know level protests the minister says that he and others in the government are willing to continue and expand discussions with the protesters but there's a mixed message because more protests these are being arrested and it's clear that the call by some of the protesters for an overhaul of the monarchy is a no go subject for youth is one of the 1st and largest groups to start protesting i. have we have goals demands and a dream and a dream is to have a country that is ruled by a true constitutional monarchy like england japan didn't mark or norway with a monarchy is under the constitution and the highest power belongs to the people.
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although the movement is being driven by the students of this country others are joining the gatherings especially on weekends and they made organizing groups have already started to plan for the next round of weekend protests in september got harder al-jazeera bangkok. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories the russian opposition leader alexina bell name has been given permission to travel to berlin for emergency medical care german doctors deemed me is fit to travel after examining him in siberia he's been recovering in hospital there after a suspected poisoning. libya's warring sides have called for a cease fire the move by the un recognized government in tripoli on the brook parliament allied with the warlords. is aimed at ending foreign interference with up to one head has more from tripoli. both the statements from both bodies from the
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international recognized here in tripoli and from the pro have to parliament in the eastern city of kabul work they have a common consensus to hold the military operation but the government here says that parliamentary and presidential elections should be held by march next year in fact on the on the other hand after parliament says that this $36.00 city of senate should be their headquarters word of their new to be formed or to be a form of presidency council should be located the turkish president richard has announced major natural gas reserves are being found underneath the black sea he says the find is the biggest in the country's history the belorussian opposition candidate is calling for more mass protests to keep up the pressure on president lukashenko. is leading the call for the president to resign there have been protests for 12 straight days now the u.s.
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postmaster general says mail in ballots will be delivered securely and on time for november's presidential election louis de joy has been testifying before a senate committee over accusations he's trying to sabotage the postal service ahead of the vote to joy an ally of president donald trump had ordered financial cutbacks but he's now suspended all changes after a public outcry about the potential impact on mail in ballots opposition supporters are holding celebration rallies in the madeon capital bamako days after the military coup that ousted the president. announced his resignation on tuesday after soldiers detained him the west african grouping echo was descending into allegation there on saturday to discuss mali's political future up next it's inside story all have the news for you in a little under 30 minutes see that. the
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most prominent critic of the russian government is in a coma alexei of on his supporters suspect he was poisoned this is not the 1st time such an attack has occurred so russian critics risk more than a this is inside story. and i welcome to the program. the leading russian opposition politician. is fighting for his life at a hospital in siberia.


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