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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 21, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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like nothing you've ever seen. but we want to know how do you think people will revisit places. even when they're no international headline. really invest in that that's a privilege as a journalist. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching the news our live from our global headquarters here in doha coming up in the next hour the russian opposition politician alexina allen has given the all clear to be flown to germany for treatment. libya's u.n. backed government announces a cease fire and its rival power in the east is also appealing for the fighting to
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stop. the postal service is fully capable of committed to delivering the nation's election mail securely and on time the man in charge of the u.s. postal service is grilled over controversial cost cutting measures. and the belorussian opposition challenger. declares the people will never accept the current leadership again after disputed elections and i'm he said with only sports the stage is set for football's europa league final and because of coronavirus it's taken almost a year to reach this stage 5 time champion sylvia taking on into my lap. ok let's get going russian doctors have now given permission for the comatose opposition figure to be flown to germany. the reversal followed more than 24 hours
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of wrangling over how the prominent kremlin critic should be treated the 44 year old fell critically ill whilst on a flight on thursday supporters say he was poisoned the police have found traces of an industrial chemical on his luggage and his clothing but doctors at the hospital in siberia where he's still in intensive care say there's no sign of any poison and they've diagnosed a blood sugar problem earlier i spoke to alexandra. who is a freelance journalist in moscow she said the medical transport shouldn't take too long to organize. what are russian doctors saying that it will take a couple of hours to prepare him core of this trip that they still think is a risky trip and that might endanger his health but that they gave finally permission to happen they say they have to prepare the patient then that is still in the coma and he is still cook to
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a medical ventilator so what they are saying that it will take a couple of hours only to prepare him and then there is a method of course for all sorts of permits and administer dave's thing which to day the kremlin promised is not going to be a problem in the case doctors give a green light for his reputation what do we know of this tocsin that's been found we understand on his hair and his hams well it seems to be a chemical which is used in and industrial production of plastics to make it like more flexible to make it well basically bent plastic and that what. police is saying that it might have been from a plastic cap he was drinking tea the morning when he fell ill they found it in his hair they found it on some on the clothes but all doctors are saying there were no traces of that found in his blood or in his urine samples as a matter of fact they to date before they gave the permission completely dismissed
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or isn't it of any kind as a reason for not buying this condition ok that's the story out of moscow let's get the story as we think it might unfold in berlin dominic cain is germany correspondent dom hi there good evening when he goes into the building behind you don what happens to him. he goes into the building behind me he gets treated by staff who have direct relevant recent experience of treating patients who present with the sorts of symptoms the sorts of condition that we understand. the has been suffering since his ordeal began on board that flight in the course of the last week now the point to be made about that is the experience that those doctors those nurses have relates to somebody else who was perceived to be a critic of the government of president vladimir putin the person who was an
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associate of the pussy riot group who presented the same conditions and was flown out of russia on the same sort of medi vac flight medical evacuation that is to berlin brought to the shah it's a hospital behind me of my right shoulder and that was a few years ago that person recovered i'm speaking about his experience earlier today the interesting thing also is that the organization that flew that patient out of russia is the same organization responsible for sourcing the medivac flights in so far as mr novelli is concerned the cinema for peace foundation they give a news conference earlier today in which they suggested they did not agree that there had been no poisoning of mr vanney they believe there has been and they expect certainly they hope that when mr novelli arrives at the building behind me eventually the doctors there will be able to prove what they believe is the case because they believe he's been poisoned other people that have been treated badly
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shall we say by russia in the context of being an opposition to the opposition to the kremlin is generally taken them a long time to come back from that sometimes literally bearing the scars on their bodies are they expecting their charity that when mr novelli arrives we think in the next 6 or 7 hours perhaps he'll be there for some time. i think the important thing from their perspective is that if and when he does arrive they get full access to him and that they can perform the sorts of procedures that will be necessary to be performed on somebody who is who has gone through the ordeal he has gone through and is still going through as it were that's clearly their priority to stabilize the patient and then to work out what's wrong with him the interesting thing in so far as the political side of this story is
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concerned is that in the course of the last 2436 hours leaders of several countries have spoken about this certainly angle americal the german chancellor was asked about the case as indeed was the french president emmanuel mccann yesterday on thursday when in machall travels to mr mecum president michael's summer retreat they both were asked about the never any case both sent their governments were prepared to host mr nardelli to allow him to be medically evacuated from russia to either of their 2 countries and both of them said that they felt that arts as were necessary they had to ascertain what had happened to mr and what the circumstances were so that means what actually is in his system and how did it get that certainly that's the political side of this and then in so far as as as a say what the authorities in the shower hospital behind me will they just want to see mr so they can start working on him ok don many thanks dominic kane germany
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correspondent there reporting live for us to berlin well also in berlin dominic was mentioning the charity they're going to talk now to yucca bizzle he's founder of the cinema for peace that's the charity organizing this flight to germany from moscow to brazil welcome to the news hour here on al-jazeera can you give me a sense of what kind of medical equipment you have on board that plane to deal with whatever novelli has. hello you know you already mentioned 2 years ago when a similar case was it of as you know from pussy riot so basically repeated is procedure getting a medical plane with medical specialists will use to treat people who are in a coma who are. lost their consciousness ventilation. and it was pretty hard to organise all of this but in obviously we had the obstacle of dismantling the patient was not able to travel we have been told that he will not
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travel so as you have mentioned it was a huge struggle. and now at the end of today we are a happy it it looks like that we can fly out now the need to build into the sheraton hospital now we have got these reports saying they found deposits of some sort of industrial chemical used in the production of plastics and this is not speculation but these are just claims and reports to be completely transparent about that on his hair and his clothing is that concurrent with how you would poison somebody. to fit in many different stories over the last 2 days. i got him last yesterday at noontime went to syria peter van zyl of an idea to con about call me so our mission is a humanitarian mission bringing a plane making sure that he can come safely to bill and get his treatment all the speculations about poisoning a pretty good background is in lots read our business obviously the sheraton as
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is famous for doing a very good job in trying to save such people and obviously also to find out what kind of substances and waltzed so we will see what the charity will actually define and find out personally on my side was very important to have good german men medics with us who actually checked if she's able to fly nevertheless that she's unconscious that he's on dental ation and they came to the conclusion a difference in russian doctors the can fly and we will fly he's in a coma we understand still in a perfect world as far as the medics are concerned on board your aircraft should he or will he still be in a coma on the plane and when he goes from the aircraft side presumably on a stretcher into your hospital type building there in berlin. as much as i understand it would keep him in a coma but again i'm not
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a doctor. i'm just happy that things have been resolved often it looks very tough today you've mentioned before that many people been a lot of speaking of favor of his unitarian mission including medical in my craw and mirai happy that this is happening own we have just to watch out that nothing happens to them of ali and that he will he will. be saved today in a press conference the doctors told us that if there would have not been. interruption of his travel off of the flight to moscow he would have died a similar situation like with has lost 2 years ago it would have not found him in time he would have died so let's hope that death is far away and that's why bonnie will recover again based on your experience doing what you do with that charity and having worked with the people from pussy riot so closely in your heart of hearts do
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you think he was poisoned. let me put it this way if there is a strong man in his best age who the night before went swimming in a river and is in good spirits the very next day in one minute on the plane he call ups is cries of pain gets unconscious and if the plane would not have an emergency landing would die then obviously something's wrong and this was not just some normal occurrence of like you and me would have by falling sick so obviously desmond soon fall play but who why and were in the woods dimension i cannot tell but again i stepped in to help friends dog and as you would turn mission the political minds and analysis will have to have will have to follow by others especially on bill and. thank you so much for joining us here on the news hour and talking to us from. thank you much. protesters in southern
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iraq have set fire to local parliamentary offices after demanding justice over the killing of 2 activists security forces fired live rounds into the air as demonstrators marched on the buildings in the southern city of basra protesters want the provincial governor sacked after a series of attacks on activists by unidentified gunman. libya's internationally recognized government in tripoli today announced a cease fire rival parliament in the east also called for a stop to the fighting this potential breakthrough came as the warring sides were gearing up for a battle over the city is controlled by the warlords. it's the gateway for libya's oil terminals both that ministrations want have to blockade to end and for an agreement to be reached on how the revenue from the oil is distributed there are also proposals to demilitarize it and an airbase in i'll do for further to the south the government in tripoli says it wants to hold elections as soon as march of
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next year is charles stratford. libya has been in turmoil for nearly a decade. nato bank pulsars overthrew its long time leader moammar gadhafi in 2011 but the roots of what's often described as this old rich country's civil war started after the disputed elections in 2014. disagreement between the then house of representatives and the general national congress made worse over a so-called roadmap for libya's future. the country split into 2 rival administrations the house of representatives led by the warlord 34 have to move to the eastern city of who broke and what became the un backed government of national accord led by prime minister fayyad as raj remained in the capital tripoli in the west. thousands of people have been killed and many more forced to flee their homes by 6 and
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a half years of fighting. the un accuses regional powers of repeatedly breaking a 2011 arms embargo on libya by supplying weapons to both sides egypt the u.a.e. and russia have supported hafta while turkey and qatar have backed the government of national accord. in april last year hoft old an offensive to take control of tripoli aiming at what he described as cleansing the western zone of terrorist groups. his forces have shut down or taking control of major oil facilities in eastern libya depriving the country of billions of dollars in revenue tripoli's only international airport has been repeatedly bombed using heavy artillery many civilians have been killed and wounded. areas of southern and western tripoli have been almost completely destroyed in the fighting repeated attempts at un bank cease fire talks of failed. a cease fire is a decision made by the power brokers by the circumstances and it is not necessarily
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a libyan decision this spike the fact that it's the g.n.a.t. and the look who announced this decision this time to decision is not libya and the decision is uniquely takesh russia with some input from some of the international powers and as long as it stays that way it's unlikely the cease fire will break. friday's cease fire announcement comes amid fears of an escalation by both sides mobilizing for a battle over the town sears the gateway to the major all terminals which under the control of pro have to forces for now at least there's hope that agreement between powerful countries that many say have contributed to libya's suffering a backing a cease fire that could and its civil war chance transferred i was there ok still to come here on the news hour for you now here's to be able to say that the end of this chapter of american doctors began here tonight. presidential candidate joe biden promises to move past what he called the chaos and crisis of the trump white
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house plus. a victory celebration in mali after the coup the military jointer still insists the president went willingly. and manchester united's captain is arrested after a holiday ball details with peter in support in 30 minutes. turkey today announced its biggest natural gas discovery a 320000000000 cubic meter field underneath the black sea the country currently depends on imports for most of its energy needs president 31 says this will change . i really am delighted to bring this good news to you ticky has successfully found the largest gas field in the black sea this is the biggest exploration and the biggest discovery into history so i'm concerned who's in istanbul she says the
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government is hoping the find could be a much required boost for the economy. the size of the gas reserves found by that by turkey is of course very small compared to energy giant countries like china or united states or russia but will it be a remedy for the ailing turkish economy that's the question and this is what the turkish government is very positive about turkey's and that energy importer country for instance in 2900 took imported 45000000000 cubic meters of natural gas and it costs around $15000000000.00 u.s. dollars for turkey and it constitutes at least half of turkey's current account deficit so for a country like turkey totally dependent on foreign energy supplies even though it's a short term gain it's of course the size the scale of the. resource is not enough to be a game changer but it's going to provide tricky
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a lever it in the black sea also a legitimate station of energy exploration in the eastern mediterranean this is how the government sees and of course this is good news for the ruling party to consolidate its electorate given a fragile economic turbulence turkey is going through ok let's bring in cronus chapala this is a maritime security analyst who joins us on scott for oxford in the u.k. cronus welcome to the news hour is this the game changer that mr seems to believe it is. well to be honest from a of a scale of their exam and what we are seeing so far the information that we're getting this is not a big game danger but this could be the beginning of something that will boost the end of the very well and the very months needed boost to the decks economy so what we're seeing because their example could only serve to be for example for 6
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years it is not as big but it can be the injection in the economy the flow of cash in the economy that are. eagerly looking for the last few years could it in theory in the next say 345 years make turkey energy independent and if it does does that mean that turkey will be able to start punching above its weight in a way that it hasn't done before well it still has to be fair there are no lies to see the quality of the a finding but from the numbers that we are seeing so far you cannot make any independent energy use and certainly cannot make very key and energy exporter i was the desire of you so friends don't currently mr capello to stay with us i just want you to listen please to another sound bite from mr one talking today about exploration in the eastern mediterranean area. well. we've been
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making concerted if it's over the past 2 years both exploration business will be doing the same in mediterranean sea both missiles have drilled 9 wells in both the black sea in the mediterranean and by the grace of god we found this big discovery and i'm certain that we will have similar good news from the mediterranean. now broadly speaking groaners that's kind of all focused or centered around the territorial waters around cyprus be it turkey cyprus or greek cyprus but there are also other territorial claims is there a sense in which the black sea discovery is easier for turkey because that's in it on its patch whereas what's going on in the eastern med is a lot more problematic. well there is one big problem that these things the 2 cases in the black sea the border there are 10 boundaries and the economic exclusive zones have been said we thought the gondolas in their region starting from 1977 up to 9097 so more than 30 years ago now everything is good here
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every country knows its jurisdiction whereas in the military if somebody during the end currently we steered him dispute regarding the markdown bonders between the countries and that is the most important element in this equation because we have to consider that a lot of private oil companies will be coming into play in the exploration in the black sea and similarly in any future i think if occasion or resources in this meeting in these countries these companies sorry do not want to be seen gaves into an area which has high tensions don't want to go there they want to deploy their tools and do their job without giving any issues so it seems for now that the said distinction area for the cemetery and region when it comes to those claims and counterclaims particularly in this eastern med area what's your sense as to how far
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the different countries are prepared to push this if the ultimate reward is they get what's under the water. well it seems that that techie his taking the net has taken the next step and going beyond 10 people among the discussions to a projection of power what is no non-science gunboat diplomacy if you're deployed range to do research in the area about 2 weeks ago we are seeing devout international organizations return guys nations like the un regional and the countries in the region condemned that activity it can't be summed up the best way to resolve the issue needs for all the countries in the in the region to withdraw their military assets and sit down in the diplomatic table to discuss and come to agreement to further move forward and explore the region week seems to be veery from an energy perspective ok we have to leave it there cronus couple of us there
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in oxford newquay great to get your thoughts on that story thank you very much. turn our attention to the states the u.s. postmaster general today said mail in ballots will be delivered securely and on time for the presidential election louis de joy is testifying before a senate committee over accusations he's trying to sabotage the postal service ahead of the vote to joy an ally of president ronald trump had ordered financial cutbacks but he's now suspended all changes after a public outcry about the potential impact on mail in ballots mr trump or suggested that mail in voting could be susceptible to fraud as we head into the election season i want to assure this committee and the american public that the postal service is fully capable and committed to delivering the nation's election mail securely and on time this sacred duty is my number one priority between now and
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election day live now to capitol hill and al-jazeera as correspondent heidi joe castro hi there heidi so just process through what else he was saying today. surest so joy was defending himself today against what he calls the insinuations from top democrats that he is an accomplice of president trump and trying to sabotage the upcoming presidential election in order for the president to have political gain the joy said that is outrageous as a claim he also said that he has had no contact with president trump or the trump campaign in terms of discussing these changes that he's overseeing in his mere 67 days that he's been on the job as u.s. postmaster general he says that these cuts which include limiting workers' hours and removing more than $600.00 high speed mail sorting machines he said they were done to try to bring this agency into financial solvency and have nothing to do
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with wanting to complicate the upcoming november elections he committed again that these further changes will not take place for the postal service until after the election but he would not he refused to undo any of the changes that have already happened and that have resulted in documented mail delays he vowed to the senators on this committee panel today that the postal service would be able to deliver every ballot on time to be counted which is a reversal from what his agency warned a month ago in warnings to $46.00 states the u.s. postal service said that potentially millions of votes could go on counted because of mail delays and because of the public outcry detroit has been walking back on those changes president trump of course has been the adamantly opposed to mail in ballots he said again today without evidence that it could lead to massive voter fraud he said that it would be an embarrassment to the country and that quote he
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would never know who wins does that mean those pictures that we've seen to kill you on social media of mailboxes literally being put on the back of a truck and taken away overnight people saying that over time has been. people saying that mail boxes have been taped up on one side so you can't just drive up to it and stick your own follow up your postal vote in the mailbox as you used to is he not going to undo those changes or is he going to undo those changes. while the joy says that he will keep all of the retail locations all of a post office is open their normal hours he did not say that he is going to put back any of the previously removed equipment now all of this is still under investigation by an internal us postal service watchdog and today 6 states filed a lawsuit against enjoying the postal service claiming that these changes harm the state's abilities to hold a free and fair elections
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a lot is happening at the same time tomorrow the full house will be back in session to take up to take up a bill that would prevent more of these changes from going forward and we know that the joy will be facing yet another congressional committee on monday that will be a house committee for potentially more aggressive questioning as he is grilled again on these policies heidi thanks so much. on capitol hill reporting for the news out. ok here's a quick taste of what's still to come here on this program caught on camera the brother of the mexican president is filmed apparently receiving an envelope full of cash. i don't people by the time you come to the i.c.u. it's kind of late for you by this mainly latino border community in the u.s. is high risk because of the coronavirus kind them it. does drive on leon that a moment for the young 22 year old. comes out from sacramento century from the england
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batsman peter has more on the dominant performance in school. and. much of the middle east to the south in the years the months of cloud bringing the chiles of afternoon but as we go through saturday is going to be to the north who can see some fairly persistent rain and at times it could be very heavy you can see this mass of blue hair all the way from the north east and turkey right the way across georgia on towards that rain could be heavy at times we could have some localized flooding and it doesn't tend to really carry away by sunday just news for the tools east and again some heavy rain really coming through as a said the section of keep away from there it's dry the winds not quite as strong say in fact as we go through sunday should be too much in the way of sand.
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typically in the mid to high forty's to sign a cooler day with a high the over 36 then down into africa central areas plenty of activity in fact the rains quite extensive across much of the democratic republic of congo extending further tools the south and that is the case of scattered showers all the way through mozambique up through tanzania and on into kenya notice a bad couple of days across much of africa those stormy conditions have caused by too much as tend to fluctuate just 18 celsius the. on port elizabeth and as you go through the next few days it'll be morning fog in cape town of the nightstand when the showers of shoes day. from. the slums of manila. into an extraordinary community men who risk their lives telling garbage into cash so that their families can survive. even in the face of ongoing obstacles ricky cheetos and freddy never
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give up. al-jazeera follows the remarkable people who work and run the slum. on al-jazeera when the news breaks and the story builds the other says in terrifying weather explosion when people who need to be have to. leave it right and the story needs to be told al-jazeera has teams on the ground a major challenge are giving it away at the controls to bring you more reward winning documentaries and lightnings. on air and online. for me. in order.
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watching al-jazeera your top stories so far here on the news the russian opposition leader has been given permission to travel to berlin for emergency medical care german doctors dreaming about on the fly after examining him in siberia he's been recovering in hospital after a suspected poisoning. libya's warring sides have called a cease fire the move by the un recognized government in tripoli and the to prove parliament allied with the war. is aimed at ending foreign interference. and the u.s. postmaster general says mail in ballots will be delivered securely and on time for november's election to joy he has been testifying before a senate committee over accusations he's trying to sabotage the postal service ahead of the vote in november or the u.s. presidential candidate joe biden has formally accepted his party's nomination promising to overcome what he called a season of darkness mr biden accused president of failing to lead but also failing
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to protect alan fisher has more now from wilmington in biden's home state delaware . i accept this nomination for president of the united states of america 32 years after he 1st ran for president joe biden is no the democratic candidate the last man standing in what was a large field while i'll be a democratic candidate i'll be an american president and now he will face donald trump in november a man he's previously described as i have his depth incompetent and racist but a man he criticized without ever using his name in his speech the choice could not be more clear no rhetoric is needed just judge this president on the facts 5000000 americans infected by covert 90 more than 170000 americans have died.
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by far the worst performance of any nation on earth more than 15000000 people have filed for unemployment this year the acceptance was moved to a new arena in his home state of delaware it was delivered to an empty room with family watching backstage a nearby stadium was converted into a drive in theater to allow people to watch the speech on the big screen from the socially distance 60 of their cars and the democratic challenger told the country he noised being the guy who is not donald trump isn't enough to win as president the 1st step i will take were to get control of the virus that has ruined so many lives will we be the generation that finally waves out the stain of racism from our national character i believe are up to it i believe we're ready and he promised a different foreign policy in a biden white house i'll be a president will stand with our allies and friends and make it clear to our
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adversaries the days of cozying up to dictators is over. the final speech at a convention is normally marked with huge cheers and traditionally a balloon drop but this was a different ending but what has been a different kind of convention. so joe biden has finally convinced the democratic party he should be the presidential candidate normally after the convention the candidate hits the campaign trail crisscrossing the country but because of covert that can happen this time around but still he has 11 weeks to convince the country that what he put on display in his speech his vision his policies even his personality is what america needs no alan fischer al-jazeera wilmington delaware well president from criticized the tone of the democratic convention and joe biden's speech. over the last week the democrats held the darkest and angriest and gloomy is to convention in american history they spent 4 straight days attacking
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america as racist and horrible country that must be redeemed joe biden grimly declared a season of american darkness and yet look at what we've accomplished until the plague came and look at what we've accomplished and that we're doing. but a russian opposition candidate is calling for more mass protests to keep up the pressure on the president alexander lukashenko to come off sky he's leading the cold for the president to resign they have been demonstrations for 12 straight days now including some of the biggest and think of rallies in minsk since the fall of the soviet union taken off sky fled to neighboring lithuania after the election in which she says was rigged against. the. people in belarus today are being beaten just for expressing their opinion people in bella reuss are being thrown in prison for taking part in peaceful protests my husband is in prison and bella reuss
9:37 pm
just for daring to dream about a country for life our common goal is simple we don't want to live with fear and lies anymore we want what everyone in the world is entitle to the right to live the right to be safe in the street the right not to be imprisoned without a fair trial and the right to fair free and transparent elections the finnish minister for foreign affairs peca hobbies to explain some of the diplomatic efforts e.u. countries are making to support the people in bellows. but of course we have many quotes this one is that by a list has been used against the peaceful demonstrators and also that there are still political prisoners in the country including some key of course the leaders of course in these circumstances that we now see that people are continuing to demonstrate their most presence and also the coordination colace of the opposition i ski slope and of course we are afraid that the more free press and more we can
9:38 pm
eat more violence might might follow and of course we have been appealing but it's crawling with the leaders of belarus to release political prisoners and not to use violence against them if their cars. went last november means slease the current minister on lean there and had even a meeting with president lukashenko and of course this will be a fair election time place didn't happen now will i have to call tool bloody i'm ok the foreign minister of and of course at peace that violence should not be used and that they knew. once and this week or so asked the security organization of europe they always see to participate as the lexer and also allow their representatives to come to the country unfortunately this is not yet the case but i think it's very important that the continually continuously are in contact with their leaders the book with. an appeal to them to to move on or create korean fair
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elections the e.u. and the u.k. are again blaming each other for another round of talks that meant to go nowhere is the 7th time negotiators have met this year and now they're trying to settle on a trade deal before the brics a transitional period ends on december 31st but disagreements remain on significant areas such as fisheries policy. too often to speak the truth as we're going backwards more than 4. given the short time left but i said you don't turn to dry it remains true today at this stage an agreement between you can to your brain union seems unlikely. i simply do not understand why we are wasting valuable. opposition supporters have been holding celebration rallies in mali's capital days after the military coup that ousted the president
9:40 pm
abraham keiter announced his resignation on tuesday after soldiers detained him the west african bloc ecowas is sending a delegation there on saturday to discuss mali's political future overnight a un mission in mali paid a visit to quito in detention bought a clear view of it. he's doing very well as are all the others they aren't under arrest they had a tank and they kept in safety for their own security you'll agree with me that after this kind of situation there's some insecurity for example after he left his home some people attacked his house after he'd left some people even come to us on their own initiative for their own safety he is safe and can keep an eye on things . committed dresses following the story of a explains how the mali and military will want to handle the visit by echo us. i'm sure by the time the course delegation arrives malia obama could tomorrow there will you want to show them that the people are with the new military leaders and
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they want to inform them that it was a necessity that the army intervened of course the narrative now is that they did not intervene and left and so they wanted to fill out a vacuum so as to stay the course of the country so but what is important for them is that they want as much as they can to show to the rest of the world that they still have been next day that they have been accepted by men by jordi of money and and of course they want to use that as a bargaining chip for whatever sanctions that may come their way especially now with the west african power block or the economic community of west african states to lob some sanctions on mali or that include cutting financial flows imposing london blockade on on mali as well as introducing some sanctions a part of of course at the summit yesterday they exempted food and medication made medical supplies from those sanctions so they wanted to use this as an evidence to
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show that money aside in support of what they're saying and that removing book at kate was necessary to right the wrongs in mali from the elections to the security challenges in the north and central parts of the country. india is battling to contain the coronavirus pandemic the country reported another day with nearly 70000 and factions and more than 100 deaths brings its total number of cases past 2900000 it has the 3rd highest number of cases in the world. lebanon's gone back into lockdown for 2 weeks as off today including a nighttime curfew as it tries to bring down its infection rate the ministry of health is warning hospitals are running out of space many were damaged in the beirut port explosion 2 weeks ago about 70000 homes were also destroyed aid and relief workers will largely be exempt from the lockdown rules. could hit $1000.00 rights a soaring along the u.s. border with mexico
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a combination of poverty and poor public health is putting communities at higher risk than other areas the story from rob reynolds. trying to stay one step ahead of death dr tim vo pays a visit to one of his covert 1000 patients cynthia reyes i think one of my friends . think we're 100 over. here when i come on a thing or a us family has suffered greatly in the pandemic my son from the womb. of. my mother her own. race mother margarita says she hasn't even had time to grieve for her husband everything that we've been through it's a nightmare for people need to take things like very seriously this is something real dr vo is on the front lines in imperial county california the community on the us mexico border and one of the hardest hit in the entire state the covert 19
9:44 pm
positivity rate here is 3 times as high as in the rest of california we feel really really. you know desperate. when it truly we need help when you do need to get better far from the bigger and better equipped hospitals of major cities doctors and nurses at imperial county's main medical center struggled to cope with a stream of covert 1000 patients it is the perfect storm and it includes things outside of our control i don't people by the time you come to the i.c.u. it's kind of late. for you many people in this largely let tino border area have underlying health problems the community already had higher rates of asthma and diabetes recently hundreds of people lined up at a local food bank to receive donations imperial county is the poorest place in california with a per capita income of $17500.00 in 2019 compared to the national per capita income of $45000.00
9:45 pm
a year unemployment is nearly 30 percent and almost one in 4 people live below the poverty line. or county. because. that would be so great the state government has sent in extra medical teams and has transferred patients to other hospitals seem to raise this as a message for anyone who thinks the virus might disappear from. entrenched poverty chronic illness and a neglected public health infrastructure make imperial county and other border communities from california to texas a coded killing zone rob reynolds al-jazeera a former u.s. policeman dubbed the golden state killer has been sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison for $26.00 murders and rapes joseph james danja committing the crimes in the 1970 s.
9:46 pm
and eighty's terrorizing areas of california the 74 year old's identity remained a mystery and to investigators tracked him down through a public genealogy website and you know sentencing followed 4 days of emotional hearings in which victims confronted him in the court. to mexico now and a new twist in a corruption investigation which had already implicated 3 previous presidents now the current president's brother has been caught on camera seemingly accepting a lot of money john holeman has more now from mexico city. a perfect clip because this is the brother of mexico's president receiving an envelope stuffed with cash in a restaurant money puts of lead donated 20 his money. political movement before he was elected people of good $26000.00 here. it's cause controversy president will. run the promise to wipe out corruption. just to be clear this video doesn't prove that anything illegal happened but it does raise serious
9:47 pm
questions for example was this money declared 'd for mexico's electoral dorothy's and most importantly where did it come from if this was public money from any area of government this is illegal. silat i'ma latinos the media outlet that published the videos claims that ivied lay on the man handing over the envelope mentions the government of chapel although that audio is not included the idea is to support that's the goal for them which was just that president lopez obrador said he didn't know about the money that it could have been lots of small donations that lay on had collected though. i can tell you that the people supported me i had a bank account where they deposit money to keep the party going and that's when i got my salary that happened 4 years in the. context is important here the video has come out just as lopez obrador the attorney general is investigating
9:48 pm
a corruption case that could implicate 3 of the president's predecessors. videos been leaked of alleged bribes there too and the president's critics say he's using the case for political gain not just this in turn he claims this new video is there retaliate. in propose again is this could damage the government it does seem like a war of corruption videos a market for now and this part of a government watchdog says is only going to be one empowers or fortunately the sick change of medias i mean is very likely that is going to reflect in a lower trust of citizens to work institutions their ocean of these institutions lower confidence in the market and greater satisfaction and mousy distance. and that loss of public trust is only likely to deepen as the politicians fight it out on social media john homan now does it or mexico city.
9:49 pm
greenland's ice sheet the world's biggest melted a record level last year according to data from the great satellite mission about a 1000000 tons of ice flowed into the sea every single minute in 2019 breaking the previous record set in 2012 greenland's melting ice sheet contributes 20 percent to the world's rising sea level scientists say it may well have passed its tipping point. coming up next with peter the l.a. lakers turn on the razzle dazzle in the n.b.a. playoffs. the high flying action when we come back in a couple of minutes. 10
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9:51 pm
minutes away from kickoff in football's europa league final the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the competition so much that it's taken nearly a year to complete and the final will be played in an empty stadium in germany david stokes report. it's. into milan have not won a trophy for 9 years but their favorites going into this one their forward partnership of romelu lukaku and literary martinez is firing on all cylinders with both of them scoring twice in a 5 nil thrashing of shakhtar donetsk in the semi's into happy to be back in a european final for the 1st time since winning the champions league and the joe same arena show back in 2010 given to not be to do. with matches such as these need to become a habit of inter just as they were 10 or 15 years ago into should always be looking to play in finals to compete for trophies and league titles into as manager antonio
9:52 pm
consommé won this trophy as a player with ventas in the 1990 s. and the champions league to the 51 years old he showed he still got some pace especially when out running a road sprinkler in training in his news conference contrary issued a strong warning to his team legend the man in a less thought as a player i played many finals i won but i also lost a lot i realize that people only remember when you win i want to champions league but i lost 3 in the finals in history only victories remain history is written by the winners. standing between inter and the trophy is the competitions most successful ever team severe the spanish side of one a record 5 times and never lost in the final they beat manchester united in the semi's and on their longest ever unbeaten run of 20 games leading them. the former spain and real madrid boss he's yet to win a trophy as a manager though. there are a number of sentences and famous lines that you can say about finance we've heard
9:53 pm
them all we are calm and that's the calm that we need to make sure that we are balanced and focused in the final and it's not different from any other game except that there's a lot more at stake at its own. the final is being played in cologne germany with no fans allowed in because of the pandemic those watching at home should not expect a high scoring game sivia have conceded just one goal in their last 6 matches and into just one in their last 7 david stokes out 0 manchester united captain harry maguire has been arrested while holidaying on the greek island of make an os the world's most expensive defender was allegedly involved in an incident in which police officers were assaulted of the breaking up a brawl between 2 groups of tourists the 27 year old maguire is set to appear in court on saturday but also known as new coach ronald cumin has been in charge for only a few days but he's wasted no time in building he's team of coaching staff the dutchman has appointed henrik lawson as an assistant lawson spent 2 years with barcelona
9:54 pm
from 2004 winning the champions league 2 league titles and the spanish super cup he also played with cumin at dutch side fire in order. the l.a. lakers have it back in the n.b.a. playoff series against the portland trailblazers portland won the opening game but the lakers star stepped up in game 2 as was anthony davis setting up bron james for an alley oop and then james returned the favor to set up davis who finished with 31 points the lakers winning by 23 in portland stall damien allude dislocating his index finger it's not knowing if you'll be able to play game 3. in the eastern conference the milwaukee bucks also recover from a rocky start so they series against the orlando magic iana sente compost pool $28.00 as they won by 15 things up at one k.b. which. the n.b.a. draft lottery was finally held after a 3 month delay it was conducted virtually because of the pandemic and this was the moment we found out which franchise got the number one pick for the draft in
9:55 pm
october. the 2nd pick goes to. the golden state warriors and that means that the number one pick in the 2020 and be a draft goes to the minnesota timberwolves minnesota's gone through a lot here as the pandemic happened and whether it's the pandemic or the george floyd tragedy this is something for fans for our community you know we've done the little things right and the opportunity to catch a break like is it just feels right. the n.h.l. ice hockey playoffs continue in canada and the new york islanders have won the eastern conference 1st round series against the washington capitals anthony really a scoring twice in a 4 nothing win in game 5 that also sealed the series victory 4 games to one it means the season is over for the capitals who were the stanley cup champions back in 2018. and the dallas stars are also in the 2nd round after
9:56 pm
a fight back win over the calgary flames with 3 nothing down but they fought back to win 73 that also clinches the series for them by 4 games to 2 the stars will now move on to face the colorado avalanche. the reigning n.f.l. champion kansas city chiefs have banned fans from wearing native american themed head races face paint costumes this follows the washington n.f.l. team dropping its redskins name accusations of racism the chiefs have been speaking with native american communities although they still have not made a decision on the arrowhead chop in which friends use their arms in a chopping motion meant to simulate an enemy scalping. coronaviruses cosmo disruption in major league baseball best time the new york mets have postponed 2 of their games of the 2 positive results in the camp the last of the mets 4 game series of miami was called off an hour before was due to start on
9:57 pm
thursday and friday is game against the yankees is also off to allow for more testing. skiing's governing body has also had to make some tough decisions because of the pandemic the f.i.'s has confirmed that the world cup too is will not travel to north america in late november for 2 weeks of competitions it will affect race weeks in lake louise killington and beaver creek. zac rowley has had his 1st taste tons of putting in a dominant position of the 1st day of the 3rd and final cricket test against pakistan in southampton the 22 year old isn't based on 171 having school more than the hall full of england's rams he's put in a possible 205 with just back to take the team to 332 for 4 by stumps butler is on 87 not out england winning over geese lead the series by one single. that's what will leave the sports news for now i'll be here again
9:58 pm
a little bit later with another update feature peter many things merriam is the helmet from the top of the next from a pizza topping the league team here and we will see you very soon for the moment. stories of life. and inspiration. a series of short documentaries from around the wilds. that celebrate the human spirit. against the arts.
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al-jazeera selects palestinians. the slums of manila. into an extraordinary community men who risk their lives telling garbage into cash so that their families can survive. even in the face of ongoing obstacles riki chito pretty never give. up follows the remarkable people work and. the slow. on al-jazeera. this underwater treasure is a risk of disappearing due to coral bleaching caused by rising temperatures when we think about the great. strain the area cultural heritage is. under tourism industry based band stats we instantly if we have another bleaching event of
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the magnitude. continue they just won't obey the opportunity for the corals to recover in between those major. sites are supporting for stronger climate policy from the government to reduce emissions without the situation on the get worse ready. cleared to fly russian doctors say opposition leader alexina valley can be moved to germany for medical treatment. blair i'm maryam namazie you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program a new ceasefire is announced by libya's un recognized government and it has the backing of its.


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