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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2020 12:00am-1:00am +03

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revealing eco friendly solutions to comeback threats to our planet on al-jazeera the. 0. hello i'm maryam namazie you're watching the news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes cleared to fly russian doctors say opposition leader alexina valmy can be moved to germany for medical treatment. and you ceasefire is announced by libya's un recognized government and it has the backing of its rivals in the east. far from world class hospitals in major cities americans in towns on the southern border is suffering the worst from co that 19. past the point of no return
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2019 saw a record melt on greenland's ice sheet with irreversible consequences for the global sea level. european football thriller it's cool hand luke with a double strike helping. a record of europa league titles. hello welcome to the news our russian doctors treating one of the kremlin's biggest critics of agreed to let him fly to germany for medical treatment but doctors in siberia backed down after initially insisting alexina valmy was too unwell to be moved the opposition leader collapsed on a plane on thursday after drinking a cup of tea that his aides believe was laced with poison and vani supporters
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accuse russian authorities of trying to stop his evacuation or a challenge reports. what's going on inside this regional russian hospital is only slightly clearer than what's going on inside the body of its most famous patient with a plane waiting in to take it on conscious elects a no need to germany doctors spent most of the day saying he was too sick to move then late on friday a change of position also just to show my. relatives the wife and the brother of the patient who are fully immersed and have all the doctor about the diagnosis and condition of the patient ready to take the risks we've decided not to oppose transferring the patient to another clinic. it's expected in the valley will be taken to the airport and flown to belin nobody little bit earlier the opposition leader's spokeswoman had another great struggle to speak to the german
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doctors who just been to scene about only to. look at a moment ago with lisa force you know wasn't allowed to meet with german doctors as you saw they pushed me away just like they pushed her when she is the wife and has a full right to know everything about alexis condition which is the full right to speak to german talk shows you should transport him from this to a normal hospital soon as possible the valleys wife yulia suspects the delay in releasing him is so any poisons in his system would be harder to detect if it does this with this situation is outrageous authorities want to give alexei to us we think it's obvious that something is hidden from us but the allegation that never drank poison tea in the cafe at tomsk airport before boarding a flight to moscow is being denied by the omsk hospital medics if you will for. we have come to the conclusion that judging by the fact that there were no poisons found in his blood or other biological materials he has a metabolic disorder lowering of the blood sugar levels to be specific due to
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a rapid change of pressure everyone thinks it was during takeoff. when he arrived. in germany tests and treatment given to me will confirm whether doctors outside russia share this opinion but in moscow st petersburg and other cities supporters of being gathering and getting detained in stop poisoning people says this never alley live says another like the opposition leader's closest aides they're convinced this was an attempt on a nice life and the putin has to play. down to 0. bizzle is from the charity organizing alexina valley's flight to berlin and says his safety is the 1st priority. our mission is a human cherry mission i'm bringing a plane making sure that he can come safely to billin and get his treatment all the speculations about posing a pretty good background is not read our business obviously the sheriff.
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is famous for doing a very good job in trying to save such people and obviously also to find out what kind of substances and waltzed so we will see what the charity will actually define and find out personally on my side was very important to have good german medics with us who actually checked if she's able to fly nevertheless that she's unconscious that he's on the until ation and they came to the conclusion a difference of the russian doctors the can fly and we will fly. all dominate kane is in berlin for us and says the hospital the election of on is going to is one of the best equipped to change his condition. when alex in our valley arrives in berlin it is to this hospital the shall 80 hospital in the center of the city that he will be brought to world renowned institution of long standing that has relevant direct recent experience of treating patients who present with similar symptoms
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similar conditions to those we understand mr novelli has been suffering from since his ordeal began on that flight in siberia the point here is that the organization which has sourced his medical evacuation flight is the same organization that sourced a similar flight for another critic of the government of large emir putin in moscow a few years ago that time that person who is an associate of the pussy riot group was brought here by the cinema for peace foundation there were one sourcing less than are on these flights as well and they believe that mr van he has been the victim of a poisoning and that goes against what has been said in from the russian doctors perspective but they believe that they will be vindicated and that when the officials in the shite a hospital get to treat mr neavitt they will find what his side of the story believes is the case they say he's been poisoned we wait to see what will happen
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when mr advani arrives at the hospital. skye is senior fellow at the washington institute for near east policy and joins us now from the u.s. 1st of all what do you make of france and particularly germany's involvement now. well i think. look i think there are a lot of unanswered questions here this goes to the issue of u.s. u.s. russian relations and russia's relations with the west as well and also about just figuring out the truth this isn't the 1st putin critic who has been poisoned now well there's still a lot of unanswered questions but there's a pattern a clear pattern of putin critics being poisoned whenever they present a danger to the kremlin regime and certainly the timing of this incident especially in the context of protests in bella roast is quite significant why. it's very important because prudence fears popular uprisings we know that historically
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he is always afraid of color revels so-called color revolutions he believes there are sponsored by the by the united states he said the same thing about the arab spring and we're now seeing unprecedented protests very close to home and belarus so if you know it's not all going on isn't it a strange time to have allegedly orchestrated something like this. well look the volley has been has risen as a very strong voice and for you know you know for a leader who is afraid of popular uprising his word could potentially spark another uprising and that's something that worries putin but it is. if people perceive that he's been deliberately poisoned and should his condition get worse or should he even die from this that could cause even more problems for the kremlin it could sure sure could and again this is you know this is
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a pattern that keeps repeating but i think it highlights how how sort of where the kremlin's priorities lie in that is in silencing opposition voices is it plausible that an opposition leader who is as outspoken and well known as alexina valley might have enemies outside of the kremlin. it's possible and again there's a lot we don't know but there's a pattern of behavior you know everything about this incident just looks very suspicious in the fact that. doctors had up until most recently resisted transferring him to a better hospital there's just a lot of questions to be asked here what do you envisage might happen after he goes to germany he's obviously there for treatment and it depends on how his condition develops and obviously the hope is that he will get better and he will recover from
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this bot how soon might he return to russia do you think i you know that this i think depends on his to health condition and i'm certainly not a doctor i'm not in the position to comment on that but there's also the issue of you know certain poisons can't be detected after some amount of time has passed so the delay in allowing him to go to germany has might have something to do with that . how do you think the investigation will play out then do you think that will be possible to establish whether he categorically whether he was poisoned and if so what kind of substance was used. or again you know we don't really know i think at this stage we have to wait and see what happens once he gets transferred to the german hospital certainly you know this incident brings back memories of poisoning of alexander litvinenko in in that case he was treated by british doctors and they did establish. a case of poisoning obviously
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a different case but you know we'll have to wait and see at this point thank you an abortive skier thank you very much. we're mentioning baton rouge there and the exiled but a russian opposition leader has been calling for more mass protests against president alexander lukashenko svetlana to kind of skier is leading the call for his resignation i mean demonstrations for 12 straight days including some of the biggest anti-government rallies in the capital minsk since the fall of the soviet union taken off sky fled to the way of safety after the election which she says was rigged against her. as much at the boosh the future of fellow roosts and therefore the future of our children now depends on your unity and your determination so i ask you to go on and expand the strikes don't be fooled by intimidation unite we will make the authorities hide in their palaces to hear our
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voices which they stole from us our goals are simple stop the violence free the political prisoners hold transparent free and fair elections together we are strong a force that no dictatorship can withstand. and watching the news hour live from london most of that. is sacred duty is my number one priority between now and election day. a man at the center of the u.s. mail in voting control the sea tells a senate committee that ballots will be delivered securely and on time. turkey finds a massive natural gas reserve in the black sea a discovery which could dramatically reduce the country's dependence on energy imports. and that and then a bit later in the program in sport manchester united's captain is arrested off to a holiday brawl we'll have the details coming up with peter.
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some hope of spite in libya's civil war the internationally recognized government in tripoli has declared a cease fire it's also been backed by a rival parliament in the east in terms of how the country has been divided the u.n. back government controls this area in blue it's headquartered in tripoli and then $105.00 to who's allied with the east in parliament and tobruk controls the parts in red both sides were carrying out for a battle of the city of sirte the gateway to libya's prized oil fields they're now proposals to jointly did militarized the area along with the i'll just for a base in the south crucially set is controlled by. forces loyal to hafta it imposed an oil blockade since january causing around $8000000000.00 in losses a cease fire calls for production to resume and it wants elections to take place in march as long as libyans can agree on a constitutional basis for it but looks back every cent conflict. with the
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libya has been in turmoil for nearly a decade. have. nato bank full season overthrew its longtime leader moammar gadhafi in 2011 for the roots of what's often described as this all rich countries civil war started after the disputed elections in 2014. disagreement between the then house of representatives and the general national congress made worse over a so-called roadmap for libya's future the country split into 2 rival administrations the house of representatives led by the warlord. moved to the eastern city of who broke and what became the un backed government of national accord that by prime minister fayyad has raj remained in the capital tripoli in the west. thousands of people have been killed and many forced to flee their homes in the 6 and a half years of fighting. the un accuses regional powers of repeatedly breaking
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a 2011. on libya by supplying weapons to both sides egypt the u.a.e. and russia have supported hafta while turkey and qatar have backed the government of national accord. in april last year old enough fences to take control of tripoli aiming at what he described as cleansing the western zone of terrorist groups. his forces have shut down or taking control of major oil facilities in eastern libya depriving the country of billions of dollars in revenue. tripoli's only international airport has been repeatedly bombed using heavy artillery many civilians have been killed and wounded large areas of southern and western tripoli have been almost completely destroyed in the fighting repeated attempts at un bank cease fire talks of failed cease fire is a decision made by the power brokers by the circumstances and it is not necessarily a libyan decision this by the fact that it's the d.n.a.
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and the group who announced its decision this time to decision is not libya the decision is uniquely turkish russia with some input on some of the international powers and as long as it stays that way it's unlikely the cease fire will bring. friday's cease fire announcement comes amid fears of an escalation by both sides mobilizing for a battle over the town syria the gateway to the major all terminals which are under the control of pro have 2 forces for now at least there's hope that agreement between powerful countries that many say have contributed to libya's suffering a backing a cease fire that could end its civil war chance transferred al-jazeera up thousands of opposition supporters are celebrating in mali's capital bamako days after the government was toppled in a military coup president abraham the bekaa kater announced his resignation after soldiers detained him on tuesday the economic community of west african states or eco ass has closed its borders with mali and is sending
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a delegation on saturday to discuss the country's political future and would address is following the story from nigeria's capital of eco us is headquartered in he explains how the mali and military will want to handle this visit from the west african block. i'm sure by the time the course delegation arrives malia obama could tomorrow they only want to show them that the people are with the new military leaders and they want to inform them that it was a necessity that the army intervened of course the narrative now is that they did not intervene and left and so they wanted to fill up a vacuum so as to stay the course of the country so but what is important for them is that they want as much as they can to show to the rest of the world that they still have been x. that they have been accepted by men by george of money and and of course they want to use it as a bargaining chip for whatever sanctions that may come their way especially now
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that the west african power block or the economic community of west african states to lob some sanctions on mali that include cutting financial flows imposing london blockade on. on mali as well as introducing some sanctions apart from of course at their summit yesterday they exempted food and medication medical supplies from those sanctions so they wanted to use this as an evidence to show that money is i in support of what they're saying and that removing but what was necessary to right the wrongs in mali from the elections to the security challenges in the north and central parts of the country. head of the u.s. postal service says mail in vote is hoping to have it securely and on time for november's election the choice faced criticism for cost cutting plans which could have meant votes would miss polling day but has since made a u. turn now told a senate committee he wasn't part of a bed by president trying to suppress the vote i do joe castro reports. calling the
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accusations against him outrageous lewiston joyce says the cuts he's made to the u.s. postal service were long planned and aimed at making the agency financially solvent not to complicate mail in voting in november as we head into the election season i want to assure this committee and the american public that the postal service is fully capable and committed to delivering the nation's election mail securely and on time that's a reversal from what the postal service said last month in a warning to $46.00 states the agency had cautioned that millions of ballots may not be delivered in time to be counted amid the public fallout the joy announced further cuts to the postal service will be postponed until after the election the service will deliberately ballot process every ballot in. that it sees president trump claims without evidence that voting by mail can lead to massive
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election fraud that's despite voting by mail himself we're not prepared for this 51000000 ballots. it will be a tremendous embarrassment to our country it will go on forever and you'll never know who won so i say that for you i say it for the cameras because they assume that goes but i will tell you that this is a very serious. problem for a great democracy democrats accused of trying to sow doubt in an election that polls show him currently losing without a budget and doesn't want to vote by mail without a president who like him best of all without a president who would like to post those also serves not do well to joy was a trump mega donor before becoming postmaster general in june a postal service board member resigned in protest accusing the trumpet ministration of interfering with the independent agency now an internal watchdog is investigating and 6 states are suing the postal service for harming their ability
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to hold free and fair elections the house of representatives will hold a rare saturday session to take up legislation against the postal service changes and the joy will face another day of grilling before a house panel on monday. castro al-jazeera washington now some news on the coronavirus the pandemic has killed nearly $800000.00 people and the chief of the world health organization says he hopes it will end in less than 2 years ted just adding them get by a source says we now have better tools to fight that 1000 compared to when the virus 1st broke out but he also emphasized the importance of proper protection for those who are working on the front lines any level of court action is unacceptable or any type of court action is unacceptable however good option related to p.p.p. lifesaving for me it's
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a limited because if those workers work without p.p. we are risking their lives and that also risks the lives of the people they set. well more than 600000 people have contracted the virus in south africa it is the hardest hit country on the african continent although the infection rate has been decreasing since the outbreak peete in july nearly 13000 people have died that's around half of all fatalities in africa government ease restrictions this week to help revive the economy after the pandemic pushed millions deef into poverty lebanon has imposed a 2 week lockdown in a bid to contain a surgeon infections their ministry of health is warning that hospitals are running out of space off to 6 major hospitals and 20 clinics were damaged in the port explosion 2 weeks ago aid and relief workers will be allowed to continue under the partial lockdown mashes report from the associated press news agency says the
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coronavirus death toll in the us might be far higher than the official count and the people of color are disproportionately affected as many as $215000.00 more people died in the 1st 7 months of this year compared to the same period in 2019 but efficient coronavirus death toll for that time was only around 100 $50000.00 ethnic minorities form less than 40 percent of the american population but account for more than hoffa of the excess deaths the a.p. says some coronavirus deaths were mistaken be attributed to all the causes. well infection rates are soaring along the u.s. border with mexico the combination of policy and poor public health has put border communities in high risk capacity on the areas in the u.s. brunell's reports on this now from california. trying to stay one step ahead of death dr tim vo pays a visit to one of his coated 1000 patients cynthia reyes i think one of my friends
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. we're one preferred over. tonight from nothing but a us family has suffered greatly in the pandemic might form from the womb. my mother her only. for a it's mother margarita says she hasn't even had time to grieve for her husband everything that we've been through it's a nightmare for people need to take things like very serious think this is something real dr vo is on the front lines in imperial county california the community on the us mexico border and one of the hardest hit in the entire state the covert 19 positivity rate here is 3 times as high as in the rest of california we feel really really. you know desperate. when it truly we need help when you do need to get better far from the bigger and better equipped hospitals of major
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cities doctors and nurses at imperial county's main medical center struggle to cope with a stream of covert 1000 patients it is the perfect storm and it includes things outside of our control i don't people by the time you come to the i.c.u. it's kind of late for you many people in this largely let tino border area have underlying health problems the community already had higher rates of asthma and diabetes recently hundreds of people lined up at a local food bank to receive donations imperial county is the poorest place in california where the per capita income. of $17500.00 in 2019 compared to the national per capita income of $45000.00 a year unemployment is nearly 30 percent and almost one in 4 people live below the poverty line this is a mortality you know and if they could. send it out that would be so very the state
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government has sent in extra medical teams and has transferred patients to other hospitals cdrom is has a message for anyone who thinks the virus might disappear for some. we don't. want entrenched poverty chronic illness and a neglected public health infrastructure make imperial county and other border communities from california to texas a coded killing zone rob reynolds al jazeera well virus experts are concerned the rollout of a russian vaccine might encourage the krajina virus to mutate archon authorities say it's safe and effective although a full scale trials have not been completed some scientists say they're worried that deploying a vaccine that's partially effective could actually cause the virus to evolve more quickly such mutations are rare stronger vaccines give a virus or less opportunity to learn how to evade antibody defenses.
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still ahead on the news hour president who promised to wipe out corruption finds himself defending his i'm drunk in a financial scandal. how south korea's military is causing control to see if one of the world's most popular boy bands. does drive on neon what a moment for the young 22 year old. friends i made a test century for me and batsman peter will have done it before and that's. how we got plenty of some hate across central parts of here but i've it was a northwest well is still looking at some rather lively weather bands of cloud continue to wrists well away and from the atlantic deep area of low pressure this
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one more the sort of weather of expect in the autumn we'll see these showers long spells of re gradually getting drifted away as we go on through into the weekend say things will gradually quieten down that's the remnants of what was a storm allan that's a cold front last making its way further south which in the east which will see west of where the grass making its way over towards the baltic states latvia down across protos seeing some sundry downpours and breaking the heat whether those heavy showers they will extend their way all the way into austria and across the still blustery day for the northwest into the british isles as we go on through saturday 22 celsius in london 25 in paris much colder than of late in berlin at around 26 celsius in the civil picture as we go on through way into sunday what's the weather made for the south which in the swiss to the east of that right across southern parts of through the med it's fine and dry lots of warm sunshine that's the case too close northern parts of africa more heavy showers into the heart of
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africa a little further north. they should be running all the way over to the west. frank assessments what are you seeing back in yemen. relations what it means to this what's an informed opinion which is ethiopia on the verge of a breakdown many parts of the order me a region are actually under a de facto state of emergency and critical debate after the use of proxy does not the recent become to the bill if you prefer in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. ever come. back the headlines doctors in a russia say the opposition politician alexina valley can be taken to germany now for treatment a critic of president putin has been in and in joost coma after he collapsed on a plane is supporters say he was poisoned libya's opposing governments of both ordered cease fires the pause in fighting from the u.n. back to ministration in tripoli and its rival into
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a book could possibly create some space for negotiate. and the head of the u.s. postal service has denied claims he's been trying to undermine mail in voting for this year's presidential election it's off to concerns cost cutting measures could mean millions of ballots would be uncounted. or nearly 22000000 people tuned in for the final night of the democratic national convention but the true number could be even higher as the tally doesn't include online view as the main event was joe biden's impassioned speech where he said the u.s. will overcome a season of darkness off to formally accepting the democratic party's nomination in the presidential race al jazeera is alan fisher has more on this now from wilmington in biden's home state of delaware i accept this nomination for president of the united states of america 32 years after the 1st run for president joe biden is no the democratic candidate in the last month standing in what was a large field while be a democratic candidate i will be an american president and now he will face donald
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trump in november a man he's previously described as i have his depth incompetent and racist but a man he criticized without ever using his name in his speech the choice could not be more clear no rhetoric is needed just judge this president on the facts 5000000 americans infected by covert 90 more than 170000 americans have died by far the worst performance of any nation on earth. more than 15000000 people of filed for unemployment this year or the acceptance was moved to a new arena in his home state of delaware it was delivered to an empty room with family watching backstage a nearby stadium was converted into a drive in theater to allow people to watch the speech on the big screen from the socially distance see 50 of their cars and the democratic challenger told the
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country he noised being the guy who is not donald trump isn't enough to win as president the 1st step i will take were to get control of the virus that has ruined so many lives will we be the generation that finally waves out the stain of racism from our national character i believe are up to it i believe we're ready and he promised a different foreign policy in a biden white house i'll be a president will stand with our allies and friends and make it clear to our adversaries the days of cozying up to dictators is over. the final speech at a convention is normally marked with huge cheers and traditionally a balloon drop but this was a different ending but what has been a different kind of convention. so joe biden has finally convinced the democratic party he should be the presidential candidate normally after the convention the candidate hits the campaign trail crisscrossing the country but because of covert
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that can happen this time around but still he has 11 weeks to convince the country that what he put on display in his speech his vision his policies even his personality is what america needs no alan fischer al-jazeera wilmington delaware. now the number of wildfires in california has more than doubled in the past day around 560 blazes are now being fought the state is saying its most fires started by lightning in nearly 2 decades with nearly 12000 strikes adding to the total 6 people have been killed with dozens injured and 175000 people forced from their homes by tomorrow maybe no or no more but pretty much i'm going to lose out. are really we're close. to the birds the next few days. now greenland lost so much ice last year that could force scientists to rethink
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their worst case scenario for climate change a new study says a record shattering 532000000000 tons of ice melted in 2019 that's around $66.00 tons of ice for each person on earth it amounts to more than 532 trillion liters of water or that greenland could recover some of its ice sheet through fresh snow fall but it's already having an effect on our oceans last years melt added one and a half 1000000 meters to global sea levels that doesn't sound like a lot but if it goes on at the same rate 30000000 people could be affected by coastal flooding at the end of this century if the greenland lost all of its ice sea levels will rise by around 6 meters which would redraw the world's coastlines.
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well ingo sans gun is a scientist at the alfred wagner institute and he led the analysis on this in this report into the ice loss and joins me live now from bremerhaven germany so really some shocking numbers we were looking at there that you will be very familiar with in this report a record amount of ice lost in 2019 did did scientists predict this could happen. yeah thank you mary i'm so we already knew from where they turned also from field expedition so 2900 was a warm summer with a lot of melting greenland under some of the data we analyzed and finally gave proof that 2019 set the new record in terms of mass loss so we were surprised to some extent yes because the previous mass loss record in 2012 that had been considered like. event of the century repeated just within 7 years. what about that worst case scenario about the the entire ice sheet melting is that
12:37 am
is that something that could that could happen. it is definitely something that could happen but it may take some 1000000 you know 2 to really disintegrate the ice sheet to a large extent so all our study rather shows that we have a substantial ice loss in greenland a large part of this caused by melting and this is closely connected to temperature so. every fraction sort of we're safe in terms of arctic warming we will get back in terms of less sea level rise and also the risks that are coming with it at tell me more about those risks if this ice and ice loss from greenland continues to accelerate it at the present right. i think based on our study we don't have to revise our projections that are sort of that so that sort of show that green and come could contribute something like 10
12:38 am
centimeters by the end of the century so. obviously a lot of coastlines would be affected and as you pointed out 30000000 people those could be affected directly by the sort of seed of a rise but you should keep in mind it's not only green dent which is a sea level country we also have the arctic lei show as we also have an arctic and also the thermal expansion of the ocean that is related to global warming also contributes to sea level rise what do you advise governments today. so far on a global scale c o 2 emissions keep increasing so the planet is warming and temperatures in the arctic are rising disproportionately so we see summer temperatures that one and rising one and have times faster than the globe are at or global average so if we continue in the south way we will see something like fall centigrade higher temperatures than today in the arctic so yeah so i would advice to limit
12:39 am
c o 2 emissions limit the warming which will then keep the arctic lower temperature but you know melting and sea level rise is not necessarily the best indicator for the effectiveness of climate politics so we know the ice sheet even if we stop. mourning the arctic right now the ice sheet will loose for some time. thank you very much frank adding some more light on that analysis and that report for us and jason just joining us staff and the elf at wagner institute thank you thank you very much mayor. well now turkey has announced its biggest ever discovery of natural gas present measure type want to saying 320000000000 cubic meters have been found in the black sea and that the area's actual reserves could be even larger comes at a welcome time for turkey's struggling economy energy imports cost 41000000000
12:40 am
dollars last year president wants the gas to be extracted and used as soon as 2023 when turkey marks 100 years since becoming a republic and he hopes the to find more reserves actually in his controversial explorations in the mediterranean well muscled out of order we've been making concerted efforts over the past 2 years both exploration this is we doing the same in the middle to amy and see both pieces of gold knowing wells in both the black sea in the mediterranean by the grace of god we found this big discovery and i'm certain that we will have some of the good news from the mediterranean but there have also been warnings that it could take up to a decade to actually extract the gas the exploration took place in the black sea off the north coast of turkey analysts are saying that the reserves won't necessarily transform techies fortunes but will still provide a boost to the economy this is not the game danger but this could be the beginning of something that we boost and. very well and
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a very months need boost to the decks economy so what we're seeing because those areas could only serve 30 for example for 6 years it is not as big but it can be the exemption in the economy of the flow of cash in the economy that are. eagerly looking for the last few years. but xico is present under as manual as a bird or swept to power in 2018 after promising to wipe out corruption but now his own brother has been implicated in a scandal after footage showed him except in a wad of cash john heilemann has won this now from mexico city. a perfect lips with a well this is the brother of mitt's cruz president receiving an envelope stuffed with cash in a restaurant money put of lead donated to under his money. political movement before he was elected people but i think a good $26000.00 here. it's cause controversy president will
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run the promise to wipe out corruption just to be clear this video doesn't prove that anything illegal happened but it does raise serious questions for example was this money declared 'd to mexico's electorate of dorothy's and most importantly where did it come from if this was public money from any area of government this is illegal. silat i'ma latinos the media outlet that published the videos claims that i've read lay on the man handing over the envelope mentions the government of chapters although that audio is not included the idea is to support that's the goal for the. president lopez obrador said he didn't know about the money but that it could have been lots of small donations that lay on had collected though. i can tell you that the people supported me i had a bank account where they deposit money to keep the party going and that's where i
12:43 am
got my salary that happened 4 years in the. context is important here the video has come out just as lopez obrador the attorney general is investigating a corruption case that could implicate 3 of the president's pretty disservices. video has been leaks of alleged bribes there too and the president's critics say he's using the case for political gain not just this in turn he claims this new video is there retaliate. in proposing game is this to damage the government it does seem like a war of corruption videos a market for nand this part of a government watchdog says is only going to be one empowers or fortunately the sick change of b.d.s. i mean is very likely that is going to reflect in a lower trust of citizens to work institutions their ocean of these institutions lower confidence in democracy and greater satisfaction and now
12:44 am
citizens want to go to jail and that loss of public trust is only likely to deepen is the politicians fight it out on social media john homan how does it or mexico city now to developments in thailand the government has started arresting the organizers of massive student anti-government protests officials have warned they are preparing for an escalation al-jazeera scott hyder points from bangkok. the month old anti-government protest was founded fronted and organized by thai students from high schools to university. i want democracy and equality where there is no difference whether one person has a higher social status than the other earlier in the week just after a high school class dismissal 100 showed up in front of the ministry of education asking for the minister to resign and for reform of the education system less authoritarian more democratic this after students said they were prevented from
12:45 am
showing their support for the movement on campuses like using the 3 finger salute a symbol of the protest or wearing ribbons a sign of solidarity thailand's education minister not upon that assouan came out to speak to the protesters the 1st direct engagement from a top government official is this something that you think the top levels of government will continue to do kind of maybe follow your lead it's i follow my lead i think it's that dialogue that i've had with the prime minister and i think that by listening to them you. who many mines the damage that that will be done if they were. they would be escalating you know the level protest the minister says that he and others in the government are willing to continue and expand discussions with the protesters but there's a mixed message because more protest leaders are being arrested and it's clear that the call by some of the protesters for an overhaul of the monarchy is a no go subject for youth is one of the 1st and largest groups to start protesting
12:46 am
that if i. am known and patting her that we have goals demands and a dream and dream is to have a country that is ruled by a true constitutional monarchy like england japan didn't norway when the monarchy is under the constitution and the highest power belongs to the people. although the movement is being driven by the students of this country others are joining the gatherings especially on weekends and the main organizing groups have already started to plan for the next round of weekend protests in september got harder al-jazeera bangkok. local authorities in the chinese capital are removing the requirement for people to have mosques outdoor as has been relaxing its coronavirus restrictions often nearly 2 weeks with no new cases katrina you has mall. a few months ago here in beijing it was difficult to find anybody on the street not wearing a lot but increasingly that's not the case china has held more than any local jazz
12:47 am
stations of the corona virus in the past 5 days and health authorities are starting to relax restrictions sought on friday people will no longer have to wear a mask while they're outdoors walking or exercising and many residents here say they believe but some say they will choose to continue to wear a mask oh you know that most people are still wearing masks now so for safety i decided to keep wearing it for a while and soon as you want to feel very safe especially these new regulations say you don't need to wear a moscow door anymore and follow the message from the government this is the 2nd time beijing healthy for you to have a lot to moscow. god lines they were initially loosened and able for more change in june forming a 2nd outbreak now of china's leaders say outbreaks and aging and the problems of the shin john and yelling under control defiantly as the largely we're trying to move in recent weeks cinemas and detained venues have reopened will be with limited capacity and starting in september all schools and universities are set to reopen.
12:48 am
still to come on the news hour the l.a. lakers town hall of razzle dazzle in the n.b.a. playoffs the high flying action is just ahead of the tap dance ball and.
12:49 am
move. now there's growing controversy surrounding south korea's most famous boy band a.t.'s is achieved worldwide fame but the k. pop stars are facing questions about when they plan to do military service as required on the law in south korea from what dr reports. they are
12:50 am
a global sensation as evidenced by this record breaking virtual concert reaching an estimated 750000 fans worldwide defying the pandemic as the most famous k. pop band b.t.s. has managed to connect to an audience far beyond south korea. would be different from typical band because. the identity of. bad make them tell about their own life history they're only experience can be shared by a global youth who have had to bury similar experience in their younger age part of that life experience for young south korean men includes this compulsory military service it's regarded as a jew cheat that all men over 18 should be proud to fulfill and that no one should
12:51 am
skip. but there is a provision to delay your military service until you're 28 if you're studying and with the b.t.s. band members well into their twenty's all of them have now in role did online courses leading to suspicions their putting off their service for as long as they can. it's helped fuel the debate about whether k. pop stars should get an exemption often adored and hounded by fans wherever they go the stresses of k. pop stardom are well known and it's argued that they contribute to south korea's prestige abroad prominent sports stars like tottenham football players song men get an exemption if they win international tournament's sounded just a few weeks of basic training and b.t.s. fans have petitioned the presidential office for their idols to be granted the same exemption still the controversy goes on but in my opinion if actually the people
12:52 am
accept it is country butte the rays of the korean you know. i think a president who would you know agree and then it wouldn't you know called mr service whichever way it goes it's a controversial decision balancing the need for fairness with a recognition that b.t.s. are more than just another band of bullies robert bride al-jazeera soul. pieces here now at this point barry thank you so much severe celebrating 6 of the best the spanish kings have extended their record run of europa league football titles of the beating into man 32 in cologne the young was one of the heroes with 2 goals in a thrilling 1st half that ended a tool romelu lukaku was hero and villain for inter he gave the italian club the lead from the penalty spot before contributing to sylvia's winner deflecting diego carlos a spectacular says a kick into his own net. manchester united catenary maguire is expected to appear
12:53 am
in a greek court on saturday after a brawl on the holiday island of make an os the world's most expensive defender was arrested after the late night incident between 2 groups of tourists police say 3 british nationals face charges of verbal abuse and physical violence against police plus attempted bribery greek state t.v. says 27 year old maguire's brother and a friend have also been arrested but also as new coach ronald cumin has been in charge for only a few days but he's wasted no time in building his coaching staff the dutchman has appointed henrik larsson as an assistant lawson spent 2 years with barcelona from 2004 winning the champions league 2 league titles and the spanish super cup he played with cumin at the club fi and old as well zac crawley has had his 1st taste of putting linda in a dominant position after the 1st day of the 3rd and final cricket test against
12:54 am
pakistan in southampton the 22 year old is unbeaten on $171.00 having scored more than half of england drones he's put in a partnership of 205 with just butler to take his team to 332 for 4 at stumps but on 87 not out in england lead the series one though. so finally finally john runs there and then come back now i'll go on where there was a. little blood say the lads are all about. in our strategy but i'll try to keep it calm but inside out it's our absolute buzzing and it was great. they were just you know played pretty nice you know it was very calm actually out there. let's go to the 1st women's golf major of the year the british open with sweden's daniella home course to ease in the lead there at the halfway mark at royal troon in scotland at home chris is a shocked clear 32 year old hitting
12:55 am
a one under 70 on friday and she's also the only player who is under par for the tournament promises to be a closely fought next 2 rounds 15 players are within 4 shots of the leader. the l.a. lakers ahead back in the n.b.a. playoff series against the portland trailblazers pulled in when the opening game of the lakers star stepped up in game 2 this was anthony davis setting up lebron james for an alley oop and then james returned the favor to set her davis who finished that he won points the lakers won by 23 with 14 star damian lillard dislocating felix finger and it's not known if he'll be able to play game 3. in the eastern conference the move will be but also recovered from a rocky start of a series against the orlando magic yana sensitive compos school $28.00 as they won by 15 to tie things up at one game each. the n.h.l. i saw the players continue in canada and the new york islanders have won the
12:56 am
eastern conference 1st round series against the washington capitals and finale of a very a school that twice enough for nothing winning in game 5 and that sealed the season 34 games to one it means the season is over for the capitals who were the stanley cup champions back in 2080 and boy. and dallas stars are also into the 2nd round of the fight back when of the calgary flames they were 3 nothing down but came back to win 73 and win series 4 games the 2 stars will now face the colorado avalanche. the reigning n.f.l. champion kansas city chiefs have banned fans from wearing native american think head dresses face paint or costumes this follows the washington n.f.l. team dropping its redskins name of accusations of racism the chiefs have been speaking with native american communities although they still have not made a decision on the arrowhead chop in which fans use they arms in a chopping motion meant to simulate an enemy scalping
12:57 am
coronaviruses caused more disruption in major league baseball this time the new york mets have postponed 2 of the games of the 2 positive results in the camp the last of the mets 4 game series of the miami marlins was called off an hour before it was due to start on thursday and friday is game against the yankees is also off to allow for more testing skiing's governing body is also had to make some tough decisions because of a pandemic the f.i.o.s. has confirmed that the world cup too is will not travel to north america in late november for 2 weeks of competitions it will affect race weeks in lake louise killington and beaver creek. that's where we leave the sports news for now merriman's back to you in london. thanks very much well that's the news hour but i'll be back in a couple of minutes with a full bonus and news for you c.n.n. at.
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in 2008 al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking skiing. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. we were turned to see other students on the scheme helping change the face of india. supa 30 announces iraq. investigative journalism i got my i day look this
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is why are they on from the press down area but then let the local experts and discussion should reparations be paid to call. on people losing their support the 3000000 people if you leave giving voice to the voiceless it's like you're going to war zone every time you want programs that open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today on al-jazeera. meet maria driven by poverty into prostitution and drugs as an early age now as a mother she's turning her life around with the help of a theatre troupe a group of colombian women fighting the challenges they face. it was compelling series which showcases fresh from mighty talent of down the globe find a lot in america presents acting lessons on al-jazeera.
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revealing eco friendly solutions to comeback threats to our planet on al-jazeera. world war. cleared to fly russian doctors say opposition leader alexina valley can be moved to germany for medical treatment. and i'm mariam who was in london watching al-jazeera also coming up a new ceasefire is announced by libya.


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