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they risk exploitation by corporations and. trapped in a system with little hope of escape people in power investigate least 6 links on al-jazeera. russian opposition figure alexina of ali is being flown to germany where he'll be treated the suspected we. follow them nor says al jazeera live from doha also coming up libya's u.n. backed government announces a cease fire the rival parliament in the east also appeals to stop the fighting
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plus. this sacred duty is my number one priority between now and election day. a pledge to deliver election ballots on time as the controversial head of the u.s. postal service is questioned over maryland voting. i'm robert bright in jeju south korea suffering from the effects of devastating summer rains nearly 2000 kilometers away in central china. russian opposition leader alexina valmy is being flown to germany for emergency treatment for suspected poisoning the plane carrying him to left siberia just over an hour ago has more. loaded onto a stretcher and into an ambulance. a critically ill.
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to be flown to. a medical team and private plane. dissident for further treatment in britain. had initially said he was too sick to be moved. and then. a change of position to. the patient. about the diagnosis and condition of the patient ready to take the risks we've decided not to transferring the patient to another clinic on friday the opposition leader spokeswoman and another aide struggled to speak to the who'd just been. the delay in releasing him. and his system but the
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allegation that drank poisoned tea in the cafe at tomsk airport before boarding a flight to moscow is being denied by the hospital medics who. have come to the conclusion. on arrival in germany they will undergo tests and treatment given to confirm whether doctors outside russia share his opinion. st petersburg and other cities supporters have been gathering and getting detained they're convinced this was an attempt on of life and that. is to blame. i'll carry on as a senior fellow at the atlantic he says not only had many enemies at the highest
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levels of government who could have an interest and hamann him the volley is today the most prominent opposition leader i personally lost friends including the previous leading opposition figure boris nemtsov who was murdered in 2015 several yards from the kremlin and i warned him not to go back to russia he didn't listen he wanted to serve his country not violently was doing a lot of work exposing corruption including at the highest levels and he had a lot of people who hated him for that and this looks like what 2 the russian authorities were not saying who exactly yet but that's what they're thordis that are the target of this corruption investigation buying up all these organization this is what they do to retaliate to their critics so clearly
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being an opposition. outspoken opposition leader or being a corruption fighter and a whistleblower in russia is a dangerous business indeed. the head of the u.s. postal service has told a senate committee that mail in ballots will be delivered on time ahead of the november election general lost the joy has faced criticism for making changes to the service but of course mail delays democrats accuse him of being president donald trump's accomplice and trying to suppress the vote. reports. calling the accusations against him outrageous lewiston joyce says the cuts he's made to the u.s. postal service were long planned and aimed at making the agency financially solvent not to complicate mail in voting in november as we head into the election season i want to assure this committee and the american public that the postal service is fully capable and committed to delivering the nation's election mail securely and
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on time that's a reversal from what the postal service said last month in a warning to $46.00 states the agency had cautioned that millions of ballots may not be delivered in time to be counted and with the public fallout it joy announced further cuts to the postal service will be postponed until after the election the service will deliberately ballot process every ballot in. that it sees president trump claims without evidence that voting by mail can lead to massive election fraud that's despite voting by mail himself we're not prepared for this 51000000 ballots. it will be a tremendous embarrassment to our country it will go on forever and you'll never know who won so i say that for you say it for the cameras because they assume that goes but i will tell you that this is a very serious. problem for a great democracy democrats accuse trump of trying to sow doubt in an election that
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polls show him currently losing without a budget and doesn't want to vote by mail without a president elect as you pass the boat without a president who would like you to post those also serves not do well to joy was a trump mega donor before becoming postmaster general in june a postal service board member resigned in protest accusing the trumpet ministration of interfering with the independent agency now an internal watchdog is investigating and 6 states are suing the postal service for harming their ability to hold free and fair elections the house of representatives will hold a rare saturday session to take up legislation against the postal service changes and the joy will face a nother day of grilling before a house panel on monday. castro al-jazeera washington. u.s. presidential nominee joe biden says he would be prepared to shut down the country
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to prevent the spread of coronavirus he made the comments the day off to outlining his campaign platform the democratic national convention. i would be prepared to do it every takes to save lives because we cannot get the country moving until we control the virus that is the fundamental flaw of this ministrations thinking to begin with in order to keep the country running and moving on the economy growing and people employed you have to fix the virus you have to deal with the virus so if the scientists say shut it down i would shut it down i would listen to the scientist. libya's u.n. recognized government in tripoli has announced a cease fire as its rival parliament in the east aligned with warlord who has also called for a halt to the fighting but the troubling government says it will respond to any violence from have to us forces many of one of those of who can enter will have to will respect to cease fire where they will to guarantee he would respect to cease
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fire after the bearing talks or previous agreements if you respects this is fine we will welcome that because we do not want libyan bloodshed we call for peace however if you violate the peace agreement we're ready to fight and we will force him to leave like we forced him to leave western libya. let's remind you how the country is divided the tripoli based government controls the area in blue and or haifa huffed all who is allied with the east and palm it into brooke controls the area in red both sides have been gearing up for a battle over the city of sirte the gateway to libya's prized oil fields but there are now proposals to jointly demilitarized the area along with the i'll just for a base in the south crucially searches controlled by forces loyal to have to all who have imposed an oil blockade since january causing around $8000000000.00 in losses the cease fire calls for production to resume and it wants elections to take place in march as long as libyans agree on a course on a constitutional basis charles often takes
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a look now at this recent conflict in libya. libya has been in turmoil for nearly a decade. nato back to reach longtime leader moammar gadhafi in 2000 level the roots of what's often described as this rich country's civil war started after the disputed elections in 2014 disagreement between the then house of representatives and the general national congress made worse over a so-called roadmap for libya's future. the country split into 2 rival administrations the house of representatives led by the war lords relief after moved to the eastern city of 2 broke and what became the un backed government of national accord led by prime minister fayyad as raj remained in the capital tripoli in the west. thousands of people have been killed and many more forced to flee
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their homes 6 and a half years of fighting. the un accuses regional powers of repeatedly breaking a 2011 arms embargo on libya by supplying weapons to both sides egypt the u.a.e. and russia have supported hafta while turkey and qatar have backed the government of national accord. in april last year hoft old an offensive to take control of tripoli aiming at what he described as cleansing the western zone of terrorist groups. his forces have shut down or taking control of major oil facilities in eastern libya depriving the country of billions of dollars in revenue tripoli's only international airport has been repeatedly bombed using heavy artillery many civilians have been killed and wounded. areas of southern and western tripoli have been almost completely destroyed in the fighting repeated attempts at un bank cease fire talks of failed. a ceasefire is
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a decision made by the power brokers by the circumstances and it is not necessarily a libyan decision despite the fact that it's the genie and talk who announced this decision this time to decision is not a libyan decision is uniquely turkish russia with some input from some of the international powers and as long as it stays that way it's unlikely the cease fire will break. friday's cease fire announcement comes amid fears of an escalation by both sides mobilizing for a battle over the town syria the gateway to the major all terminals which are under the control of pro have 2 forces for now at least there's hope that agreement between powerful countries that many say have contributed to libya's suffering a backing a cease fire that could end its civil war chance transferred alger's their. lives because president andres manuel lopez obrador spoke to power in 2018 after promising to wipe out corruption but now his own brother has been implicated in a scandal off the footage appeared to show him accepting cash the president insists
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his brother is n. a sentence called for an investigation and all the reports from mexico city. a perfect clip but that's not what this is the brother of mexico's president receiving an envelope stuffed with cash in a restaurant money purportedly donated 20 to his money were lopez obrador political movement before he was elected people i think of the $26000.00 here i am cause controversy president will. run the promise to wipe out corruption. just to be clear this video doesn't prove anything illegal happened but it does raise serious questions for example was this money declared 'd to mexico's electoral dorothy's and most importantly where did it come from if this was public money from any area of government this is illegal. silat i'ma latinos the media outlets that published the videos claims that ivied lay on the man handing over the
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envelope mentions the government of chapel although that audio is not included the idea is to support that's the goal was number 2 was just that president lopez obrador said he didn't know about the money but that it could have been lots of small donations that lay on had collected though. i can tell you that the people supported me i had a bank account where they deposit money to keep the party going and that's when i got my salary that happened 4 years in the. context is important here the videos come out just as lopez obrador as attorney general is investigating a corruption case that could implicate 3 of the president's pretty decisive. videos been leaked of alleged bribes there too and the president's critics say he's using the case for political gain not just this in turn he claims this new video is there retaliate. in propose again is this could damage the government it does seem like a war of corruption videos a market for nando's part of
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a government watchdog says is only going to be one in past on fortunately the sick change of medias i mean is very likely that is going to reflect in a lower trust of citizens to work institutions their ocean of these institutions lower confidence in the market and greater satisfaction and now citizens want to go to jail and that loss of public trust is only likely to deepen as the politicians fight it out on social media john homan out does it or mexico city. still ahead on al-jazeera. i don't people by the time you come to the i.c.u. it's kind of late for you. warning for a latino border community at high risk because of the coronavirus pandemic. and an opposition leader. calls for more mass protests against the president lucas
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sanka. hello we have something of an east west split in the weather across the us at the moment because some rain over towards the east where we don't really need it but a spot in dry if it was west lots of sunshine where those wildfires continue to rage have to still get up in the forty's in fadec sets extensive hate across much of that western side of the u.s. even further north into the western side of canada we are looking at dry warm weather coming through here somewhere so whether those should make a way across the rockies sliding down through the prairie's we'll see some wetter weather over towards the lakes and there we go with ash i was anywhere from the appalachians pushing up towards the eastern seaboard for sas take going on into sunday sunday does look
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a little quieter but showers popping up in the heat of the day they will be big i bloody if you do get one of those and they are said to be the case to the eastern side of kind of the still no sign of any rain further west no meaningful rain he might catch one or 2 light showers if anything those are the kind of showers that will spark off yet more wildfires in squatting down there meanwhile across a good part of mexico or can genevieve's making its way out of the way but things looking live in the caribbean we've got this system here running up towards the yucatan peninsula could become a storm and another has been yoda. from fossil fuels to modern day renewables as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such demands as a global power development of investment company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against these demands we provide business growth promote
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social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and environmentally sound energy solutions for future generations the breastpin pioneering future energy. hello again you're watching al-jazeera has remind you of our top stories this hour russian opposition politician alexina volley is on his way to germany for urgent medical treatment has been in a coma in a hospital in siberia since thursday his spokeswoman says he drank poisoned tea. the head of u.s. postal service has told a senate committee that mail in ballots will be delivered on time for november's election as well as to general lewis to join he has faced criticism for the changes
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that have caused delays. libya's u.n. backed government has announced a cease fire the leader of the wife or parliament in the east has also appealed for a halt forces from both sides have been mobilizing around certain as the gateway to libya's oil fields. unprecedented summer rains in central china are threatening the livelihood of fish farmers and fishermen in neighboring south korea surges of fresh water have been headed towards the korean coastline the island of jeju has been particularly badly hit that's where our correspondent rob bride is rob tell us what's the situation there. that's right this tends to be a summer phenomenon but this a year people here too will tell you that it is particularly bad this island of jeju its way south of the korean peninsula it's on a very interesting latitude it is part temper it's part subtropical which makes it
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a very good bellwether for climate change basically very small environmental changes here have very big outcomes very quickly for example the growing of certain types of fruit which only used to be done on j g u that's now gone further north to the korean peninsula itself also we are seeing big sea changes here rises in sea temperatures which affect the way the oceans work and affect fisheries here the big concern though for people right now are these torrential rains again another product of extreme weather and climate change but more than nearly 2000 kilometers away in central and south western china dumping huge amounts of fresh water into the rivers there which is now headed in this direction. on the island of jeju those who depend on the surrounding waters for their living have reason to look anxiously out to sea and ocean expert coaching boehm has been studying the source of that anxiety unprecedented rains far away in
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central china sending surges of fresh water flooding out of the yangtze river here depicted in green reaching towards j juice coastline knowing that this year we have seen our president in the rainy front right across the korean peninsula and china we can assume the weather pattern will repeat itself in future years because of climate change. research is from this institute have been studying the changing sees as china's storms appear to worsen every year like many places in the world the island of jeju is having to adapt to the effects of a changing climate and that means in recent years the additional problem of rising sea temperatures it means some subtropical species are now better suited to jay juss waters to do with what is your land is becoming more stop tropical the surface temperature of the sea has risen by one half degrees so we are also looking into subtropical species of fish and helping farmers get prepared but for fish farmers
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like cho seung the already heavily invested in colder water species just surviving the present is the priority from the government can't lower the sea temperature when it goes up so the only way would be for the government to help us with subsidies if the situation continues they'll be more damage and the fish industry can only get worse and with the summer rains far from over this south korean island has many more days to worry about what china's weather has in store for them. now the bad news for people here in j do is that we know from record warm water levels being reached way on. in cities like chong ching for example in southwest china that the decision has been taken in recent days to release yet more voluminous amounts of water from the 3 gorges dam which surges into the yangtze now all of that water takes days to track across china but when it reaches the asteroid
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that feeds into the sea that's when we'll get an indication for monitoring stations of just how much water has been released and the big questions then are will it reach jeju and if so what impact it will have a lot of effects being felt downstream ok for the moment thanks very much for joining us there from judging. ellen number of wildfires in california has more than doubled in the past day around 560 fires are now being fought status saying the highest number of fires started by lightning in any 2 decades in any 12000 lightning strikes added to the total least 6 people being killed and dozens more injured 175000 people have been forced from their homes. by tomorrow maybe you know all no more but pretty much i'm just i'm thinking we're going to lose the house. i'm really worried. over burns down next few days.
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they've had 19 rates all soaring along the u.s. border with mexico a combination of poverty and poor public health is putting communities at higher risk than in other areas has the story. trying to stay one step ahead of death dr t.n. vo pays a visit to one of his covert 19 patients cynthia reyes i think one of my friends. think we're one computer program. tonight on a thing or a us family has suffered greatly in the pandemic my dorm room. my mother her on the. race mother margarita says she hasn't even had time to grieve for her husband everything that we've been through it's a nightmare for people need to take things like very serious think this is something real dr vo is on the front lines in imperial county california the community on the us mexico border and one of the hardest hit in the entire state
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the covert 19 positivity rate here is 3 times as high as in the rest of california we feel really really. you know desperate. when it really we need help when you do get better far from the bigger and better equipped hospitals of major cities doctors and nurses at imperial county's main medical center struggled to cope with a stream of covert 1000 patients it is the perfect storm and it includes things outside of our control i doubt people by the time you come to the i.c.u. with spinal age for you many people in this largely let tino border area have underlying health problems the community already had higher rates of asthma and diabetes recently hundreds of people lined up at a local food bank to receive donations imperial county is the poorest place in california with a per capita income of $17500.00. as in 2019 compared to the national per
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capita income of $45000.00 a year unemployment is nearly 30 percent and almost one in 4 people live below the poverty line is a 4 county you know. because. that would be. the state government has sent in extra medical teams and has transferred patients to other hospitals seem to reyes has a message for anyone who thinks the virus might disappear. entrenched poverty chronic illness and a neglected public health infrastructure make imperial county and other border communities from california to texas a coated killing zone rob reynolds al-jazeera. protesters in southern iraq have set fire to the local palm and talked to demanding justice over the killing of 2 activists. security forces fired or live
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rounds into the air as demonstrators marched on the buildings in the city of protests when the provisional government sachs after a series of attacks on activists by on a dent 5 gunmen mass rallies began last october and forced the previous prime minister to resign. thousands of people have been celebrating in mali's capital all from the president was overthrown in a military coup of the parties have backed the military's plan to eventually hand power to civilian transitional government it will have a carcase or announced his resignation on tuesday off the soldiers detained him welfare's it will destabilize regional security the u.s. has suspended cooperation with mani's military the west african bloc echo us is sending a delegation on saturday to discuss mali's political future. adamant address is following the story from the bhutto and explains how the modern military will want to handle the visit from echo us. i'm sure by the time the course delegation
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arrives mali or by michael tomorrow there will be one to show them that the people are with the new military leaders and they want to inform them that it was a necessity that the army intervene of course the narrative now is that they did not intervene bramble cricket and left and so they wanted to feel out of vacuum so as to stay the course of the country so but what is important for them is that they want as much as they can to show to the rest of the world but they still have been next day that they have been accepted by men by george of money and and of course they want to use it as a bargaining chip for whatever sanctions that may come their way especially now with the west african problem or the economic community of west african states to lock up some sanctions of mali either in. cutting financial flows imposing a london blockade on on mali as well as introducing some sanctions
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apocrypha of course are there somebody yesterday that exempted food and medication needed medical supplies from those sanctions so they wanted to use this as an evidence to show that money aside in support of what they're saying and that removing book at cape town was necessary to right the wrongs in money from the elections to the security challenges in the north and central parts of the country . the exiled belorussian opposition leader has called for more mass protests against president alexander lukashenko said lalage she calls for schuyler is leading the call for his resignation of been demonstrations for 12 straight days including some of the biggest anti-government rallies in the capital months since the fall of the soviet union. and fled to lithuania off the election she says was raped. she would know how people in belarus today are being beaten just for expressing their opinion people in bella reuss are being thrown in prison for
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taking part in peaceful protests my husband is in prison and bella ruse just for daring to dream about a country for life our common goal is simple we don't want to live with fear and lies anymore we want what everyone in the world is entitle to the right to live the right to be safe in the street the right not to be imprisoned without a fair trial and the right to fair free and transparent elections. and with al jazeera these are all top stories russian opposition politician alexina vali is on his way to germany for medical treatment he's been in a coma in a hospital in siberia since thursday and spokeswoman says he drank poisoned tea. doctors in russia had initially said he was too sick to fly but late on friday the a bench seat gave him the all clear after multiple requests from his family. even
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after considering multiple requests to not transporting the patient we understand there is a certain risk relatives including the wife and brother the patients aware of his diagnosis and condition but they're ready to take this risk we have taken a decision not to oppose the transfer of the creation to another clinic the one that the relatives will tell us. they had of the u.s. postal service has told a senate committee that mail in ballots will be delivered on time for november's election generalists and joy has faced criticism for the changes that have caused delays libya's u.n. backed government has announced a cease fire and the leader of the wyvil parliament in the east has also appealed for a halt to the fighting forces from both sides had been mobilizing around the gateway to libya's oil fields unprecedented summer rains in central china threatening the livelihood of fish farmers and fishermen in neighboring south korea surges of fresh water have been headed towards the korean coastline the number of wildfires in
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california has more than doubled in the past day around 565 and now being forced the state is saying the highest number of fires started by lightning in nearly 2 decades with nearly 12000 strikes adding to the total. protests in southern iraq have set fire to the local pol and demanding justice for the killing of 2 activists security forces fired live rounds in the air as demonstrators marched on the buildings in the city. and thousands of people have been celebrating in mali's the president was overthrown in a military coup opposition parties have backed the military's plan to eventually hand power to a civilian to transitional government abraham case or announced his resignation on tuesday detained him the west african bloc is sending a delegation they discuss mali's political future. as i had lines i'll be back with more news after. this edition of to al-jazeera we'll take you on
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a journey with 2 cultures 1st wildlife we'll be joined by i'm reading and also a conservationist will be discussing the impact the potential uncontrolled development could have on these diverse wildlife species living here if a project. has a big problem. one in 5. to be sure i know. you're not you should have. some results to drastic solution. to.
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