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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2020 8:00am-8:34am +03

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current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. russian opposition figure of ali is being flown to germany where he'll be treated for suspected poisoning. of them or kyle this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the government announces a cease fire the rival parliament in the east also appeals to stop the fighting. mexico's president who promised to wipe out corruption finds himself defending his own brother in a financial scandal plus. i'm robert bright in judges south korea suffering from
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the effects of devastating summer rains nearly 2000 kilometers away in central china the. russian opposition leader is being flown to germany for a merchant sea treatment for suspected poisoning the plane carrying him to berlin left just over 3 hours ago right here mohammed has. loaded onto a stretcher and into an ambulance. a critically ill alexei novelle in the in a coma given the all clear by russian doctors to be flown to germany at the airport in the siberian city of a medical team and private plane pants pulled the russian dissident for further treatment in both. doctors had initially said he was too sick to be moved off it was suspected the belly was poison. then. a change of position to.
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relatives the brother of the patient and have about the diagnosis and condition of the patient are ready to take the risks we've decided not to oppose transferring the patient to another clinic on friday the opposition leader. and another aide struggled to speak to the who'd just been to see. specks the delay in releasing him. and his system but the allegation that drank poison tea in the cafe at tomsk airport before boarding a flight to moscow is being denied by the hospital medics. we have come to the conclusion.
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of pressure. on arrival in germany they will undergo tests and treatment given to confirm whether doctors outside russia share his opinion but in moscow st petersburg and other cities the supporters have been gathering and getting detained they're convinced this was an attempt on of life and that. is to blame. well there's a growing list of kremlin critics who've been poisoned in 2004 journalist anna politkovskaya who reported on russian abuses in chechnya became ill and lost consciousness after drinking tea she recovered parts was shot dead outside her apartment building in 2006 later that year former russian spy alexander litvinenko died in london after drinking tea laced with
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a radioactive source substance the very near to 10 then in 2800 former russian double agent so his cripple and his story yulia were poisoned with a nerve agent another child in the city of souls pray they survived but a persist woman exposed to the chemical died ariel cohen is a senior fellow at the atlantic he says the 48 hour delay to transfer novelli could have been intended to conceal the poison the family and political associates of alexina violate said that they wanted to move him right after he fell you know they are suspecting poisoning and the reason he was delayed for 48 hours they said was because the doctors and the authorities expected the poison to dissipate and make it much more difficult for the western doctors in germany in the sheraton hospital to analyze
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if you were stories and if so by what and some news just sent in afghanistan 3 separate explosions have been reporters in the capital kabul early on saturday and one person is reported dead and several others injured all of the attacks targeted security personnel no clue group has claimed responsibility. libya's u.n. recognized government in tripoli has announced a cease fire as its rival parliament in the east aligned with wool khalifa haftar has also called for a halt to the fighting but the tripoli government says it will respond to any violence from have to us forces menu of one who can enter will have to with respect to cease fire where they will to guarantee he would respect to cease fire after the burning talks or previous agreements if you respects this is fine we will welcome that because we do not want to be in bloodshed we call for peace however if you violate the peace agreement we are ready to fight and we will force him to leave
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like we forced him to leave western libya. has more from tripoli. well the government of national accord this is the international you could name the government is declaring a ceasefire but yet the military operation of sudan their job for under the government says that it's abiding by this statement issued by the internationally recognized government but its fighters its the troops will remain in position with remain in defense of our position until after those forces withdraw from the area otherwise they will have the right to respond this is what operation military operation room says in the response to the statement by southern russia but meanwhile there is also a number of points that we can read between the lines in the statements this statement issued by the poor have to prove because department says that the oil will be exporting oil production will be resumed providing that
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a prerequisite that the oil revenues will be deposited in a separate special account in libya's. external bank abroad that. the speaker of the poor have to the parliament in top dog says in the statement that said it this to teach of course the city of said it should be of there to be forward new position council but in on the other hand here in tripoli says that parliamentary and presidential elections should be held in march based on in a situation of so each one is trying to maintain their position in in terms of money over in the statements and calorie counter statement. let's remind you know how the country is divided the tripoli based government controls the area gray and warlord who is allied with the eastern parliament into brick controls the area
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in red both sides have been gearing up for a battle over the city of the gateway to libya's prized oil fields but there are now proposals to jointly demilitarize the area along the alger for air base in the south crucially certis controlled by forces loyal to have to impose an oil blockades in january causing around $8000000000.00 in losses and cease fire calls for production to resume and it wants elections to take place next year in march as well as libyans can agree on a constitutional basis sami hamdi is as to and chief of the international interest that's a current affairs magazine with a focus on the middle east he says the ceasefire is likely to hold. i think that this is the 1st time in the entire libya conflict where by both sides we have a military stalemate whereby the military dynamics if you remember previously how there was a superior force and he was able to bulldoze all attempts at a cease fire but this time as a result of turkish intervention the western side in
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a government of national accord has enough power now to prevent have to from marching westward even if it doesn't have the power necessarily too much it used to is and that's why the ceasefire comes amidst this stalemate in which if if a battle does take place for sit which was being touted for many months if if one side loses the stakes are so high that nobody wants to gamble on it moreover the to keep power brokers that emerged after the turkish intervention which are turkey on one side and russia on the other side their interests are not necessarily libya or taking over libya turkey's interest was always the mediterranean russia's interest was always the mediterranean in the wider african continent in other words for turkey the cease fire is very good and it's been negotiating with russia for quite some time over the cease fire because it allows it to establish its military bases the naval base in the starter and the air base in a lot the in the west meanwhile the russians can cement themselves in the east in tandem with egypt which is trying to weaken have to have by empowering some of the
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other tribes in other words a ceasefire is a decision made by the power brokers by the circumstances and it is not necessarily a libyan decision despite the fact that it's the g.n.a.t. and talk who announced this decision this time to decision is not libya and the decision is uniquely turkish russia with some input from some of the international powers and as long as it stays that way it's unlikely the cease fire will break. eisel is claiming responsibility for and that has killed 3 russian soldiers including a major general in syria a convoy was attacked whilst on the road to damascus for a supply run soldiers were inspecting the damage when a 2nd explosive device went off killing them and injuring several others that. is the 1st russian general reported killed in syria since 2017 police have questioned the former prime minister of malta as part of the investigation into the murder of journalist. here joseph muscat stepped down earlier this year over the
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car bomb blast that killed in 2017 but said he was not under investigation 3 men suspected of place in the car bomber currently on trial was business when your gun fetish is accused of plotting the murder. mexico's president andres manuel lopez obrador swept to power in 2018 after promising to wipe out corruption but now his own brother has been implicated in a scandal after footage appeared to show him except in cash the president insists his brother is innocent and is called for an investigation on hold and reports on mexico city. because i well this is the brother of mexico's president receiving an envelope stuffed with cash in a restaurant money who typically donated 100. political movement before he was elected to record a good $26000.00 here. it's caused controversy president. promised to going corruption. just to be clear this video doesn't prove anything
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illegal happened but it does raise serious questions for example was this money because mexico's electoral dorothy and most importantly where they come from if this was public money from government this is illegal. silat i'ma latinos the media outlet that published the videos claims that i've read lay on the man handing over the envelope mentions the government of chapel although that audio is not included the idea is to support that's the goal with. president lopez obrador said he didn't know about the money that it could have been lots of small donations that lay on had collected though. i can tell you that the people supported me i had a bank account where they deposit money to keep the party going and that's where i got my salary that happened 4 years in the. context is important here the videos
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come out just as lopez obrador the attorney general is investigating a corruption case that could implicate 3 of the president's pretty decisive. videos been leaks of alleged bribes there too and the president's critics say he's using the case for political gain not just this in turn he claims this new video is there retaliate. in propose again is this to damage the government it does seem like a war of corruption videos a marker for nand this part of a government watchdog says is only going to be won in past or fortunately the sick change of b.d.s. i mean is very likely that is going to reflect in a lower trust of citizens to work institutions their ocean of these institutions lower confidence in the market and greater satisfaction and now citizens want to go to jail and that loss of public trust is only likely to deepen
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is the politicians fight it out on social media john homan outages into mexico city . still ahead here on al-jazeera promising a different approach to. presenting a united front often accepting the democratic nomination. and an economy on the verge of collapse we meet the people in peru are struggling to put food on the table. but. the weather is pretty quiet across the middle east at the moment we have got a little bit of cloud down towards southern most parts the usual drizzly rain there just around southern areas of a monsoon the a possibility further north around the caucasus we have got some big and thundery downpours around our main. and through georgia when as
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a light temperatures here in doha to around 42 celsius believes temperatures will fall back as we go on into sunday and you know a lot means it means it's going to feel a little more humid you can just pick out the window areas here they're tending to come in from more easterly direction was a more humid direction so i think it will feel a little more uncomfortable as because on into the new week on the other side of the red sable here we do have the usual showers rumbling away out of ethiopia pushing across sudan south sudan northern parts of the democratic republic of congo all the way across into cameroon some heavy showers set just moving across nigeria it became a fast so for the showers as we go on through sunday notice the showers i should do just started to sink a little further south was across a good part of the region's showers will also continue we want to coastal showers just drifting into northern parts of tansen the chance of some showers to the candia.
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when a mining company struck gold. the local community was promised a glittering future. but their dreams quickly tarnished. their farmland decimated and their pride assaulted the mind soon closed down the impoverished community are left searching for answers new gold for casaca witness on al-jazeera. loses. her the order. again you're watching al-jazeera has a reminder of our top stories this hour russian opposition politician alexy nobel
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me is on his way to germany for urgent medical treatment has been in a coma or in a hospital in siberia since thursday his spokeswoman says he drank poisoned. libya's un backed government has announced a cease fire and the leader of the rival parliament in the east has also appealed for a halt in fighting forces from both sides to be mobilizing around certain gateway to libya's oil fields. and the brother of mexican president andres manuel lopez obrador has been implicated in a scandal after footage appeared to show him accepting cash the president insists his brother is innocent as called for an investigation. the head of the u.s. postal service has told a senate committee that mail in ballots will be delivered on time ahead of the november election general list of joy has faced criticism for making changes to the
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service that of course mail delays democrats accuse him of being president donald trump's a compass and trying to suppress the vote either cast of reports. calling the accusations against him outrageous lewiston joyce says the cuts he's made to the u.s. postal service were long planned and aimed at making the agency financially solvent not to complicate mail in voting in november as we head into the election season i want to assure this committee and the american public that the postal service is fully capable and committed to delivering the nation's election mail securely and on time that's a reversal from what the postal service said last month in a warning to $46.00 states the agency had cautioned that millions of ballots may not be delivered in time to be counted and with the public fallout the joy announced further cuts to the postal service will be postponed until after the election both the service will to live every ballot and process every ballot in.
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that it sees president trump claims without evidence that voting by mail can lead to massive election fraud that's despite voting by mail himself we're not prepared for this 51000000 ballots. it will be a tremendous embarrassment to our country it will go on forever and you'll never know who won so i say that for you i say it for the cameras because they assume that goes but i will tell you that this is a very serious. problem for a great democracy democrats accused of trying to sow doubt in an election that polls show him currently losing without a budget and doesn't want to vote by mail without a president who like him passed about without a president who would like to post those options or not do well to join was a trump mega donor before becoming postmaster general in june a postal service board member resigned in protest accusing the trumpet ministration
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of interfering with the independent agency now an internal watchdog is investigating and 6 states are suing the postal service for harming their ability to hold free and fair elections the house of representatives will hold a rare saturday session to take up legislation against the postal service changes and enjoy will face another day of grilling before a house panel on monday. castro al-jazeera washington joe biden comma harris have given their 1st joint television interview since being formally confirmed as the democratic party nominees for november's election they were veils how they would approach the coronavirus pandemic in the us and what they think of president trump's insults shepparton see reports on a daily which the u.s. passed 175000 dead from the coronavirus democratic presidential candidate joe biden vowed to take a different approach to the pandemic if elected. i would be prepared to do it every
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takes to say why because we cannot get the country moving until we control the virus that is the fundamental flaw of this new straightens thinking to begin with in order to keep the country running and moving and the economy growing and people employed you have to fix the virus you have to deal with the virus so if the scientists say shut it down i would shut it down i would listen to the scientist budget speech at the democratic national convention has been widely praised however the parade of republicans he spoke in support of his candidacy with only 2 could appearances from the democratic party's progressive wing how is that the criticism from the left that despite his rhetoric about social justice and inequality biden remains always always been a center right politician and this interview will deepen that sense at a time of the largest nationwide demonstrations in u.s. history spurred by a black lives matter we've been calling for
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a redirection of the billions of dollars that go into funding an increasingly militarized police force into community investment joe biden reasserted that he was standing firm and on one of the fun police departments i think they need more help they need more assistance we have to make it clear that this is about protecting neighborhoods protecting people democratic vice presidential candidate carla harris shrugged off president drugs characterization of a as nasty and a sort of mad woman i think that there is so much about what comes out of donald trump's abound that is designed to distract the american people from what he is doing every day that is about neglect and negligence and harm to the american people and incompetence absolutely donald trump dismiss this week's democratic national convention and the outlined his line of attack against biden and hers but over the past week the democrats held the darkest and angriest. gloomiest
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convention in american history they spent 4 straight days attacking america as racist and horrible country that must be redeemed joe biden grimly declared a season of american darkness i'm the only thing standing between the american dream and total anarchy madness and chaos and that's what it is the republican national convention begins on monday she ever turns the washington. lebanon's gone back into lockdown for 2 weeks including nightly curfew that tries to bring down its corona virus infection rate the ministry of health is warning hospitals are running out of space many were damaged in the beirut port explosion 2 weeks ago aides and relief workers will be exempt from the rules. prize economy is on the verge of collapse ranking by more than 30 percent as a result of the covert 1900 pandemic millions of people have lost their jobs the
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government is trying to enforce measures to control the virus the paper breaking the rules as they desperately try to make ends meet as reports from lima. before you over to iraq are to the overall market today selling bamboo plants the businessman turned street vendor says he'll do whatever he can to put food on the table for his wife and children. i heard the small business but when the pandemic began i tried to stay home with my family and lost everything now i have no choice but to sell anything on the streets to make all the 6 or 8 dollars which is not enough for food. reduced national statistics institute says nearly 7000000 peruvians lost their jobs as a result of the government restrictions to prevent people from getting affected with covert 19 that's 40 percent of produce urban population out before in the last 3 months market by which of all the us there's so much poverty no work we have to
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sell whatever there's no money to eat. businesses especially retail and services have gone bankrupt analysts say the worst recession in more than 100 years throwing a comic achievements back 10 years surely the effects a brutal it's the worst recession since the 19th century the economy was shut down completely in 12 or $24.00 regions there wasn't one covert case instead of isolating them the quarantine was also imposed on them which reveals a lack of understanding of the effects of such a measure. since the pandemic began the government approved an aid package of nearly $36000000000.00 to reignite the economy including tax relief sent cheap loans the government is handing out more than $200.00 in subsidies to more than 5 and a half 1000000. distributed. and process is slow and inefficient and it doesn't reach everyone who needs it. simply. for any historic context including during
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a war the numbers are staggering and the long term effects a huge loss of human capital children with education and malnutrition problems we'll see the effects for the next 10 or 15 years since june 1000 cases have doubled the worst tell you that in america to brazil in the last 2 weeks more than 100000 peruvians were infected the government we imposed curfews and banned family gatherings and say they want to avoid getting infected without food on their tables the choice is tough but an aside just. south korea is set to re-impose tighter social distancing restrictions from sunday to cope with the resurgence of corona virus infections there the country is of course this 9th day of triple digit case increases with 332 recorded on saturday night clubs and churches will be closed again and large gatherings are to be banned protesters in southern iraq have
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set fire to the local parliament after demanding justice over the killing of 2 activists. security forces fired live rounds into the air as demonstrators marched on the buildings in the city of protestors want the provincial governor sacked after a series of attacks on activists by unidentified gunman. the exiled belorussian opposition leader has called for more mass protests against president alexander lukashenko. leading the call for his resignation have been demonstrations for 12 straight days. fled to lithuania after the election which she says was raked. people in bellerose today are being beaten just for expressing their opinion people in bella reuss are being thrown in prison for taking part in peaceful protests my husband is in prison and bella reuss just for daring to dream about a country for life. our common goal is simple we don't want to live with fear and
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lies anymore we want what everyone in the world is entitle to the right to live the right to be safe in the street the right not to be imprisoned without a fair trial and the right to fair free and transparent elections. unprecedented summer rains in central china threatening the livelihoods of fish farmers and fishermen and neighboring south korea rubber bride travel to the island of jeju in the waters separating a korean plants there from china's east coast so that more about a summer phenomenon is me being made worse by climate change. on the island of jeju those who depend on the surrounding waters for their living have reason to look anxiously out to sea and ocean expert co-q has been studying the source of that anxiety unprecedented rains far away in central china sending surges of fresh water flooding out of the yangtze river here depicted in green reaching towards j juice
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coastline knowing that this year we have seen our president in the rainy front right across the korean peninsula and china we can assume the weather pattern will repeat itself in future years because of climate change because i want researchers from this institute have been studying the changing sees as china's storms appear to worsen every year right now only places in the world the island of jeju is having to adapt to the effects of a changing climate and that means in recent years the additional problem of rising sea temperatures it means some subtropical species are now better suited to jay juss water is to do with what is your land is becoming more subtropical the surface temperature of the sea has risen by one and a half degrees so we are also looking into subtropical species of fish and helping farmers get prepared but for fish farmers like chosen the already heavily. invested
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in colder water species just surviving the present is the priority from the government counts lower the sea temperature when it goes up so the only way would be for the government to help us with subsidies if the situation continues they'll be more damage and the fish industry could only get worse and with the summer rains far from over this south korean island has many more days to worry about what china's weather has in store for them rob mcbride al-jazeera jeju south korea. there are these are the top stories russian opposition politician is on his way to germany for medical treatment he's been in a coma in a hospital in siberia since thursday and spokeswoman says he drank poisons but the chief doctor way he's been treated says no trace trace of poison was found in his blood. we have come to the conclusion that judging by the fact that there were no
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poisons found in his blood or other biological materials he has a metabolic disorder lowering of the blood sugar levels to be specific due to a rapid change of pressure everyone thinks it was during takeoff and afghanistan 3 separate explosions have been reported in the capital kabul. today one person is dead and several others are injured all of the attacks security personnel no group has claimed responsibility libya's u.n. backed government has announced a cease fire and the leader of the rival parliament in the east has also appealed for a halt in fighting forces from both sides have been mobilizing around sirte the gateway to libya's oil fields. i sill is claiming responsibility for an ambush that has killed 3 russian soldiers including a major general in syria their convoy was attacked whilst on the road to damascus for a supply run as soldiers were inspecting the damage when a 2nd explosive device went off killing them and injuring several others police
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have questioned the former prime minister of malta as part of the investigation into the murder of journalist daphne. here is that muscat stepped down earlier this year over the car bomb blast that killed in 2017 the brother of mexican president andres manuel lopez obrador has been implicated in a scandal after footage appeared to show him accepting cash the president insists his brother is innocent and joe biden come given their 1st joint television interview since being formally confirmed as the democratic party nominees for november's election biden says he would be prepared to shut down the country to prevent the spread of corona virus if that's what scientists recommend. those are your headlines more news here on al-jazeera. on counting the cost cracks in the global economy stocks soared to record highs despite the coronavirus that make billionaires become richer but the poor get poorer so is the time to
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finally come from capitalism plus remaking china and president she's been. counting the cost on al-jazeera. the explosion of plastic waste across the world threatens the very survival of the light on our planet. every year up to $12000000.00 metric tons of plastic and. from poisoning marine life to littering landscapes and cloaking waterways plastic waste in the environment is set to trickle in the next decades the problem is so vast it can seem overwhelming.


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